Viking Ships

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, vikings based their designs of armor, weapons and vehicles (longships) on what they perceived to be Gods, who we now know are the people of Asgard.

Exec producer Craig Kyle told us, while showing us concept art of the Asgardian vessels, that Thor: The Dark World features an exciting sequence involving one of the skiffs. They operate using a “different type of sail”

“And we’re actually gonna be put in some boats in the seas and the skies in this film, and you’re actually gonna see where the Viking ships came from. In the MCU we’re going with the idea that the Asgardians came to early man at the beginning of the Viking people. They had ships like this, and their technologies that inspired the Vikings them to begin building their long boats and their various structures. So, we’re turning history inside out. Instead of the Vikings praying to the Gods, it’s the Gods pray to the Vikings. So, we get to see what’s the Asgardian take that would’ve inspired what we know on Earth so well.”

“And then when you see one of these skiffs, you know, move through the water and then suddenly take flight and move towards Asgard without using the water at all it just keeps that whole curvy, [Stan] Lee- [Walter Simonson] kind of Asgard alive. “

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