Other Aliens From The Marvel Cosmos

In addition to the Vanir (see: Realm of Vanaheim), the Marauders (see: Space Pirates) and the Kronans (See: Stone Man of Saturn), executive producer Craig Kyle explained that we’re going to see many other new alien races in Thor 2:

“You’re gonna see aliens from all over, uh, specifically, you know, it’ll be a wait and see. [LAUGHS] Like I said we are moving further out into the nine realms of the universe, so, you know, you can’t fly too far before you hit something else in the universe. So [lAUGHS] we’ll see.”

This was in response to me asking if we’d see fire demons introduced in Thor: The Dark World. For more on fire demons, their leader Surtur and what that could mean for Thor 3 – should it ever happen – read here. Don’t be surprised to meet some species that could show up again in Guardians of the Galaxy.

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