The Stone Man From Saturn

We’ve heard numerous references in the trailer and on the set to a time 5,000 years ago when the Dark Elves were last seen, and in the second official Thor 2 TV Spot, Thor warns: “Every 5,000 years the worlds align, allowing an ancient darkness to strike.”

Coincidence or not, in Marvel Comics lore it was 5,000 years ago when the Kronans attacked Earth, failed and retreated to one of the moons of Saturn where they set up camp, hence the name the “Stone Men of Saturn.” One of them is included in Thor: The Dark World as a tribute to Thor’s very first comic appearance in Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s Journey into Mystery Volume 1, Issue #83 from August, 1962. This also marked the first appearance of the Kronans.

Said producer Craig Kyle, while showing us artwork of the Stone Golem:

“We have the Stone Man from Saturn in this film [LAUGHS] that does face off with Thor. You’re the only ones who see the picture that actually understand what that is. [LAUGHS] Those of you that don’t these are the first guys that Thor fought in the comics. So, it’s pretty epic that we have to bring ’em out.”

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