Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: November 10, 2013

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Nov 10 Box Office Thor 2 Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: November 10, 2013

Marvel dominates the box office once again, while the rest of the top 10 holds relatively strong.

Thor: The Dark World (read our review) comes in at number 1 with $86.1 million, a solid improvement over its predecessor’s $65 million debut – not to mention the film is doing extremely well overseas and has amassed $327 million worldwide.

While Thor 2‘s opening is well behind Iron Man 3‘s massive $174 million debut earlier this year, it still proves that Marvel’s stock is on the way up in a post-Avengers world. We’ll see how high Thor can soar in the coming weeks.

Coming in at number 2 is Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa with $11.3 million. Now at $78 million total, this Jackass spin-off is the second highest grossing film in the series and should finish somewhere around $100 million.

Not far behind is Free Birds in the number 3 spot with $11.18 million. As the only kid-friendly option in the top 10, Free Birds held well and is now up to $30 million.

Last Vegas Douglas Freeman Kline De Niro Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: November 10, 2013

And not far behind Free Birds, in the number 4 spot, is Last Vegas with $11.1 million. The senior-focused comedy has surpassed its $28 million budget and is now at $33 million total.

Falling to the number 5 spot this weekend is Ender’s Game with $10.2 million. The film showed promise coming out of Comic-Con, but a paltry $44 million after two weeks is well below expectations.

In at number 6 is Gravity with $8.4 million. There isn’t much more to say about Gravity besides the fact it has grossed $231 million domestic (#7 for 2013) and $472 million worldwide (#10 for 2013).

12 Years a Slave holds at number 7 with $6.6 million. The film expanded to 1,144 screens this weekend and saw a 37% bump in grosses. It’s now at $17 million domestic.

The number 8 film this weekend is Captain Phillips with $5.8 million. The film is now at $90 million domestic after 5 weeks.

About Time McAdams Gleeson Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: November 10, 2013

Jumping up to the number 9 spot this weekend is About Time (read our review) with $5.1 million. The time-traveling romance from director Richard Curtis expanded to 1,200 screens this weekend and seemingly provided decent counterprogramming to the other films out there. About Time is now at $6 million total.

In at number 10 is Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 with $2.8 million. Sony’s animated sequel is now at $109 million total.

Outside the top 10: the Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone team-up Escape Plan opened in international markets this week and has reportedly grossed about $53 million so far. It appears the aged action stars still have a fanbase after all. Additionally, Dallas Buyers Club (read our review) expanded to 35 screens and pulled in $629,000 ($27,000/screen).


[NOTE: These are only weekend box office estimates - based on Friday and Saturday ticket sales coupled with adjusted expectations for Sunday. Official weekend box office results will be released on Tuesday, November 12th - at which time we'll update this post with any changes.]

Source: Box Office Mojo

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  1. Thor was played down way too much in The Avengers. He took down that rock guy at the beginning in one hit but couldn’t take Hulk on the ship? Thor could easily destroy everyone in the Avengers but they made him almost just an extra. Seemed like they introduced Thor just so they could have Loki. This time Thor was an absolute tank. Loved the movie, he’s definitely my favorite Avenger.

    • Are you joking? Hulk can take down 5 of those rock things.

    • You do realize that Hulk in marvel lore is basically the most powerful superhero?

    • Zachary WhoDat Collier

      Lol @ you thinking he could beat The Hulk.

    • Okay then, why can’t Thor beat the Hulk?

      • Because t. Comes after h

      • There is no way Thor can beat Hulk that easily ’cause Hulk could take down couple of those rock guys with one smash as well. Hulk is the third strongest Avenger in marvel universe after Thor and Sentry and the most powerful version of hulk is physically almost equal to that of Thor. Besides Thor is a warrior of honor so he always holds back and tries to give his opponents a fair fight specially if the opponent is his teammate/friend. In the Avengers Thor seemed so weak against Hulk because he was not trying to beat the Hulk but just slow him down. If he had gone all against Hulk nothing could save SHIELD’s flying fortress. Also, you did see in the final battle Thor was taking out a bunch of those space whales coming out of the portal with the thunder from his hammer like those were nothing. So no, Thor played his part in Avengers just fine.

      • The Hulk is the strongest one there is ! The madder he gets – the stronger he gets !

      • I have been reading Marvel comics on a weekly basis since 1992, and have read older back issues and trades, and can say with some accuracy, that the two are evenly matched. Every battle between them ends in a draw, a team-up, or an intervention via outside force. This is one of, if not thee, most heated discussion between Marvel comic fans, “Who would win in an all out fight, enrage Hulk or warriors madness Thor?” and in my opinion, I think the Thunder God may edge him out, but only slightly…

    • Rudy Mechekoff

      Thor was holding the Hulk back rather than fighting him. Thor in Warrior Madness would wreck Hulk imo… Especially this version of the Hulk. Post Planet-Hulk would be a different story. Also Galactus would murder both of them. I can’t wait to see a Juggernaut movie… If they can get someone other than Singer to direct it -_- obliterated the Juggernaut in X3. So retarded. Same with Phoenix.

      • Singer didn’t direct “X-Men 3″.

        • lol. Now people criticize a director because of a movie he didnt direct, lol

      • Thor has battled Galactus, and held him at bay, but your right, neither truly has a chance against the Devourer. Neither Hulk nor Thor could take out the Silver Surfer either.

    • Emmanuel Nwogbo

      You underestimte the Hulk.

    • Read more comics.

    • Lads I am a nerd but rowing over the traits/powers of fictional characters? who have had a myriad of different writer/incarnations to mess around their canon….

  2. Wasn’t all that great.

    • Danny Christopher Chan

      I agree.

  3. I think it was better than the first

  4. Jóhann Guðmundsson

    WAY better

  5. Great movie! I loved how they kept the same feel in the beginning as the first film (Odin narrating the war against the Dark Elves). But, there was a few problems I came across. HERE ARE MY COMPLAINTS:

    1. Jane is absolutely useless, and using her as a plot device is a pure example of that.
    2. Not enough Sif. I’m afraid she will never get the screen time she deserves.
    3. It is never explained how Thor is returned to Earth in The Avengers, well, never touched upon.

    • He just briefly mentions that Heimdall found a way then changes the subject by asking if Jane’s alright.

      • That was probably a scene that Joss Whedon rewrote and helped the crew with. I don’t know if you remember the article that mentions that.

        • Yeah, I walked out after the mid-credits scene wondering which one he rewrote for them. Probably was that one.

    • 1 I agree. I was hoping they would kill her off.
      2 also agree. Hoping she would be the love interest, in Norse mythology she is Thor’s wife.
      3 it was kind of explained in The Avengers. Odin used “dark energy” to send him to earth.

      • I went into this movie with a list of things I wanted to see accomplished, and Jane Foster kicking the bucket was definitely on top of the list.

    • It was explained in avengers when loki asked “how much dark energy did the all father have to conjure up to get you here”.

      For those that think avengers was a bad movie all i have to say is you should have your urine tested because you are on some powerfull drugs. For the dc fan boys hold onto your dark knight trilogy it is fanyastic and seemingly the only property wb is good at making into movies. Mos is average at best and if the rumors of dc smashing characters into mos 2 is true prepare to get rocked by marvel for years to come. Not giving core characters origin/solo movies will confuse the casual fan. Not everyone are nerds like us. It will reflect in lower than marvel box office receipts.

      • It’s all okay man I understand your concern. But I am pretty sure 90% of us here on rant loved the Avengers.

      • I like how you make broad, sweeping generalisations there in your comment. Maybe it’s you that needs to take a urine sample?

        I didn’t like The Avengers, I thought it was a bad movie. I didn’t think MOS was anything above decent either.

        Mashing characters in MOS2 is bad? Was it bad when The Avengers did it?

        You’re also giving way too little credit to the intelligence of audiences by thinking they’ll be confused (unless the writers don’t explain it properly, which I have faith they will if they want to make bank).

        • Since it’s under moderation for whatever reason, I’ll give a shortened version.

          * You’re being ignorant
          * Avengers and MOS weren’t very good movies
          * You’re quick to insult the intelligence of audiences to suggest they won’t understand anything
          * Putting several characters in a movie isn’t a bad thing at all, you’d complain if they spent years on the solo movie method and claim they’re copying Marvel, thus finding another way to make a pedantic comment

    • In the scene where Loki and Thor are talking on the cliff in The Avengers it is explained how Thor came to Earth. Loki says this:

      “With the Bifrost gone, how much dark energy did the Allfather have to muster to conjure you here, your precious Earth?”

      So it was explained. It was Odin and he used dark energy. In the tie-in comics they expand upon it. Odin explains it to Thor that this is a one-way journey and that Odin will be weakened significantly if he does this and even so it will be more dangerous than the Bifrost. And if Thor cannot get his hands on the Tesseract he cannot return to Asgard and Odin won’t be able to send anyone else after him.

      Even without the tie-in comics, I thought Loki’s comment was a good enough explanation.

  6. they’re so cute together

  7. IM3 was the worst marvel movie yet. This was way better then IM3!

  8. Better

  9. Boris Contreras iron man 3 was awesome

  10. Kal Tourette

    I’m sorry, too many flaws and convenient plot devices. Ironman 3 was terrible so of course this was better, but not The Wolverine.

  11. wow Enders Game seems to be getting smoked

    wtf going on with a flood of new people, im tryin to stay out of Thor articles till i see it

  12. At least Thor 2 was good after a very dissapointing Iron Man 3. Phase 2 back on track……

    • Phase 2 was always on track. Not Marvel’s fault you didn’t enjoy a great movie.

      • Dude, I get that you really like that movie (as you won’t let anyone forget), I don’t hate it as much as other people either (I mean one of these movies naturally has to score lower than 1st place when you rank them right?). But it’s the whole attitude of: “you don’t know good football, because you don’t like my team, and my team plays good football” being the point where you begin to come off as a d-bag.

      • Lol. Considering your hatred of The Avengers and how you take every opportunity to take shots at it in comments as well as getting upset when others rebutt your opinion, it’s funny how you get all snippy when someone disses Ironman 3. Most people liked The Avengers, some didn’t. Most people liked Ironman 3, some didn’t. Personally I think most peoples problem with The Avengers, those that hated it I mean, is that it had Whedons name was attached and if it had someone else’s they would like it, exactly as it was. I also think that if IM3 changed The Mandarin to the actual villan, but left the rest of the movie as it was, most of the haters would have liked it. But you can’t please everyone.

  13. Its a shame to me that just cause thor 2 was funnier its considered a better movie to most people. As far as a cohesive and interesting story Thor the first one is leagues ahead of thor 2. The story for thor 2 was stupid, and lacked any original idea. Besides the amazing cap cameo, and a very strong loki story arc thor 2 lacked anything from a story standpoint that a solid film should have. a villian that is underdeveloped and lacks motivation along with a muddled story and rediculous plot holes. Say what you want about thor 1 but its one of the more cohesive and holeless films in marvel history.

    • I agree that Thor 1 had the better and more interesting story. In terms of action there is nothing in Thor 2 that comes close to the frost giant fight in Thor. Still the best depiction of his powers yet,imo. I did think Thor:TDW was a great show though, in some ways better than the first, and worse in others.

  14. It was awesome and I’m sooooo moving to Asgard

  15. Chris Mac

    It was a lot better than the first film, however I wish they’d ease off the comedy relief. Felt like it took away from some serious parts of the movie especially towards the end

  16. Thor was a really good movie :)

  17. Johann Hollar

    Totally better

  18. It was ok first one was better though better directed, the 2nd had too many cheesy moments plus u take loki out of it thor 2 is worst than IM3

  19. Dylan Godejohn

    Awesome seen it both in 2D and 3D totally worth seeing in 3D

  20. Gabriel De Jesus Atienza

    It surpassed the first movie !

  21. First I must say I’m a Thor fan that goes back to the Kirby and John Buscema days. I thought the movie was better than the first one. So I will give it 2 1/2 stars. To much cheesy comedy relief,Volstagg should be heavier, I could go on and on. I think Ulik or Mangog could have been more intriguing villians. I was actually not impressed. Most Thor fans that are in their 40′s and up I’m sure feel the same.