Will ‘Thor: The Dark World’ Feature Multiple Realms?

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During Comic-Con we learned several new things about Alan Taylor’s sequel to Thor, the most telling of which is the film’s new title: Thor: The Dark World. Unlike the the subtitle for Captain America 2 (The Winter Soldier), Marvel Studios’ title for its Asgardian hero’s second feature isn’t as obvious in revealing its story.

We previously learned from a stunt man that Thor 2 may be featuring Dark Elves as a villainous threat, offering an explanation for the film’s title, but with the latest casting calls for film extras, they may only be one new faction of multiple for the sequel.

Of all the “Phase Two” films announced by Marvel Studios, The Dark World may have the most difficult task, having to not only tell a story that takes place on Asgard, Earth and potentially several other worlds from Norse mythology, but it also may serve as a lead-in to Guardians of the Galaxy and The Avengers 2.

The answer to how much further into Norse mythology the next Thor film may take us mighty be found from a little deduction based on the latest casting calls for extras for when Thor: The Dark World begins shooting in the UK next month. The following comes from The Casting Collective and Universal Extras and appears to be casting for Asgardian people (the blondes), soldiers, fire jötunn (men of fire) and elves (hot bodies and tattoos):

Thor The Dark World Logo Wallpaper 570x384 Will Thor: The Dark World Feature Multiple Realms?

Girls with “Hot Bodies” to be extras for major movie

  • This is for a new major action movie shooting in London in September.
  • If you fit the brief please apply on line with a photo that shows your full body. (Bikini or underwear)
  • Must have “Hot Body” by that we mean attractive figure and you are comfortable wearing bikini or skimpy costume on set.
  • Aged between 18 and 35
  • Dress size between 6 and 12
  • Any ethnicity
  • Be generally available in September in London

Women with Military experience aged 18 to 50

  • We are looking for women who match this brief:
  • Have had military experience, either Territorial or regular (You must be able to march in formation)
  • Aged between 18 – 50
  • Any ethnicity
  • Be generally available between September and December in London & the South East of England

Men with Military experience aged 18 to 50

  • We are looking for men who match this brief:
  • Have had military experience, either Territorial or regular (You must be able to march in formation)
  • Aged between 18 – 50
  • Any ethnicity
  • Be generally available between September and December in London & the South East of England

Extreme looking men and women

  • We are also looking for people with an unusual and interesting look/character. For Example Facial scars, Facial Birthmarks, Teeth missing, Facial disfigurement, Heavy facial piercings, Strong characterful faces, Weathered looking, Large Ears, Large Noses, Ugly, Bits missing etc
  • You can be of any Ethnicity
  • Be generally available between August – November and able to work in London & the South East of England

Natural Blonde Men & Women wanted

  • To apply you must match this brief:
  • NATURAL BLONDE Men and women of all ages (over 16)
  • You must have natural un-dyed hair with no highlights
  • Be generally available between August – November

Heavily tattooed men and women

  • You must be HEAVILY tattooed over your body
  • We would love to find people with tattoos on their faces in particular
  • You can be of any Ethnicity
  • You will need to be fit enough to run around
  • Be generally available between August – November and able to work in London & the South East of England

Men of Fire

  • For the a new Marvel Super Hero feature film we are looking for men who are skilled in playing with fire to pretend to be warriors.
  • You must be highly skilled with playing with fire example skills include – Spinning, Fire Sticks, Fire Breathing, Fire eating etc.

Bleeding Cool also discovered that underground shooting locations are being explored in London, which could facilitate sets involving Dark Elves. So, putting speculation about the imminent Thanos threat aside – we know he wants the Infinity Gauntlet hidden away in Asgard’s treasury – and focusing on just this extras casting, we may have our hints that not only will the Malekith the Accursed’s Dark Elves of Svartalfheim potentially be featured in Thor 2, but Surtur’s fire giants of Muspelheim (concept art from Thor: God of Thunder below) may be as well.

Thor Muspelheim Concept Art 570x275 Will Thor: The Dark World Feature Multiple Realms?

Of the nine worlds of Norse Mythology (see diagram below), it’s especially interesting that these two specifically, are the ones we can pull from the casting requirements. Why? If the rumors that Mads Mikkelsen was supposed to play Malekith the Accursed, the leader of the Dark Elves, then there’s a strong connection between he and Surtur from the books, one that also involves earth, the Warrior’s Three and flashbacks with Odin. The best part is that part of this plot was already seeded in the first Thor film.

Much like Odin kept the Casket of Ancient Winters locked away in his vault to prevent the Frost Giants from acquiring its power, we saw in Thor the Eternal Flame in Odin’s Vault as well – something Surtur (the fire giant leader) desperately wants to reclaim in order to enchant his sword and burn the nine worlds. In Marvel Comics, specifically in the ’80s run of issues of Thor #344-350 (which includes the The Casket of Ancient Winters saga), we see several important things happen. Loki, Malekith and Surtur all work together – to a certain extent – and this sees Malekith come to Earth.

Nine Worlds of Thor Will Thor: The Dark World Feature Multiple Realms?

Without getting into too much detail, Malekith – in the comics – is a bad dude who wants the Casket of Ancient Winters (the blue glowing box from Thor) to use as a weapon to freeze the nine worlds. He was exiled by Odin but later freed by big bad Surtur who sends Malekith to use the casket on Earth, creating a massive winter snow fall – this ties into previous rumors which had some enemy faction trying to invade Asgard and to get to Thor, they attack Earth (and Jane Foster), knowing its importance to him. Surtur also had Malekith meet with Loki and make an agreement to have him help with the Asgard invasion – this is where Loki’s redemption can come into play as he deceives Malekith knowing Surtur intends to destroy Asgard.

If the film draws from any of these stories and character arcs from Thor comics, there will be some needed changes. The character of Eric Willis for example, a human who protects the Casket of Ancient Winters will likely be traded for Erik Selvig (Stellan Skarsgård) and Balder, an important Asgardian soldier, could be substituted for Fandral the Dashing and the Warriors Three, giving Zachary Levi more screentime (he’s taking over the role from Joshua Dallas). The same can be said for the Asgardian goddess Lorelei who’s used as bait against Thor – she can be traded for Sif (Jaimie Alexander).

There’s plenty of complex Thor history to draw from for the sequel. Don Payne and Robert Rodat have a very challenging task of making sense of all of this for their screenplay, while at the same time working within the confines of the Marvel cinematic universe to work towards other future films. With shooting on Thor 2 beginning as early as next month, expect to learn more concrete details soon to replace all of this speculation.

The Thor sequel is being directed by Alan Taylor and stars Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Natalie Portman, Anthony Hopkins, Idris Elba, Stellan Skarsgård, Zachary Levi, Ray Stevenson, Jaimie Alexander and Tadanobu Asano.

Iron Man 3 releases May 3, 2013, Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014 and Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014.


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Sources: Bleeding Cool, Marvel, The Casting Collective, Universal Extras (via CBM)

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  1. Wow. This could be unbelievable if handled correctly. Thinking LOTR type fantasy big. *Crosses fingers*

    • I agree. A bigger “epic” scale to it. I think the first film was brought down by how much down time was spent in New Mexico.

      • Agreed, Can’t wait for this! :)

  2. Sounds good, apart from GotG, Thor has me most excited… just cant get over Rocket Raccoon being in it and Thanos being possibly the villain :D

    • GOTG is 4th on my anticipated phase two films. I think I need to hear more news on this one to get excited such as casting and story.

      • The trailer will make or break GotG

    • I honestly think it is a sign that when I started my failed campaign against rocket Raccoon, I had to call animal control about 2 raccoons in my back yard. They were fighting and screaming and freaking my wife out. They growled at me when I went out.

      So, I called animal control and expressed my hatred of raccoons and asked if it would be legal to shot them. I am in a neighborhood so it was not. I feel like my life is being taken over by raccoons and this is driving me insane. Please, Thanos, kill the rodent quickly.

  3. Super excited for this film. I can’t wait for more casting news! My ultimate wish is that there is more of a Thor and Sif relationship that Thor and Foster.

    • *than Thor and Foster

      • Sif and Jane catfight hello Jerry Springer!!!

  4. Don’t like the title, Dark Realms or The Dark Realm would have sounded better.

    • Maybe it will make sense and Earth’s sun with be darkened by dark elves. Or maybe I’m nuts. Regardless of the title, this sounds like it could be a very interesting fantasy movie…and I hope it is.

  5. Well most of this is fairly easy to figure out:

    Girls with “Hot Bodies” to be extras for major movie – Asgardian women/Valkerie background.

    Women with Military experience aged 18 to 50 – Asgardian women/Valkerie foreground.

    Men with Military experience aged 18 to 50 – Asgardian men.

    Extreme looking men and women – Malekith’s (or possibly Hela’s) undead troops

    Natural Blonde Men & Women wanted – Light Elves

    Heavily tattooed men and women – Dark Elves?

    Men of Fire – Surtur’s demons.

    The heavily tattooed men/woman are the only thing that confuses me a bit because, afaik, the Dark Elves are not tattooed but whom else could they be?

    • Heavily tattooed men and women – a biker bar in New Mexico?

    • …I was literally just about to post the EXACT same comment! :o

      • except why would they film a NM biker bar scene in England? I guess it’s not out of the question but could be done much easier back in the states.

        I’m thinking all the “outer realm” things are being done in England.

        • I think these are going to be the villains recruits on Midgard. Interesting though, but more so the disfigured people. Can’t wait to see this freak show.

    • Most of these could apply to almost every Thor story. I’m still hoping Hela. The fire and Valkyries would work with her.

  6. If they haven’t cast someone to play Malekith (who is such a COOL villain – can’t wait to see him in action), I’m hoping they’ll go with one of these up and coming British actors: Jack Huston, Ben Barnes, Max Irons, Matthew Goode, Ben Whishaw, Vinnie Jones, Henry Cavill or Benedict Cumberbatch. I don’t want them to go with an American A-list actor. Please give a newcomer a chance – we need a new face. I’m getting tired of seeing the same actors all the time.

    • Well Henry Cavill has no hope of being in a Marvel movie onsidering he’s Superman right now.

      It’s a shame, I fit the heavily tattooed criteria, I just won’t be available.

      Oh well, maybe next time.

  7. Whoa!! Wish I could make it to England around that time. I fit the military casting and possibly the extreme look because I’m really tall and I have a facial scar (which I hide with a beard.)

    Looking forward to TTDW.

  8. Love all this stuff – I thought Thor was brilliant and could never have imagined Marvel could pull off bringing him to life – the Asgardian universe opens up so many doors for future villians to appear – superb idea !

    Bring on Thor 2 !

  9. The more I re-watch ‘THOR’, the more boring it becomes. Still a great CBM IMO, but it just gets a little old after repeated viewings.

    That said, I hope Thor: TDW will be different. I’m hoping it’ll be on an epic scale where Thor visits multiple realms/worlds. I also hope earth won’t really factor that much in this one… it can still have a part, but I think this one should just blow the lid off of the nine realms (and not constrict it to one or two realms)

    So yeah, I completely agree with INK, there’s a lot of potential for this flick.

    • I respectfully disagree. The more I watch Thor the more I like it. But I have High hopes for the sequel. Thor was I think my favorite pre avenger marvel movie.

      • “respectfully disagree”????

        If this was a Marvel vs DC debate, you would never see that type of statement. Well done good sir.

    • Thor is starting to bore me as well. I turned it on the other day and found myself walking away for long periods of time. Most of that was him on Earth.

      I think the reason is because he lost his powers. Let’s be honest, Thor is awesome because he is the God of Thunder! Take that away, he’s just a 6’5” dude with a washboard as a stomach.

      • Well, I think Thor without powers can be good (and for parts of THOR it was IMO), but the earth-scenes in New Mexico were definitely dragged out… and Kat Dennings and Natalie Portman didn’t help to liven things up either.

        Still a great CBM though. I just hope the sequel will improve on the first one – from what I’ve seen and read, it seems like it very well could.

        • It wasn’t as epic as it could have been, but now Pandora’s box has been open (or whatever the Norse equivalent to that is) and it could either be the best Marvel movie yet, or the worst. They have to tread carefully with this much material, but I have faith in them.

          I am still thinking that Hela and the Enchantress will be involved in this. Surtur is an amazing villain and even killed Odin in the books making Thor king (he went crazy and Asgard came to Earth) but I don’t know if they are ready to do Surtur yet. I would hold off until the 3rd movie. After all, they are going to have to top Thanos eventually and Surtur could move in during the chaos.

          • Well Surtur is more powerful that Thanos. He is also powerful as Odin but give Surtur Twilight and then the Eternal Flame……..of course then you pile the Infinity Gauntlet and Cosmic Cube onto Thanos and things get very subjective.

            That’s why they really can’t have Thanos as the main antagonist in Avengers 2, there would be no where to go but down.

            • That’s true, Adam Warlock was the only one to defeat him in the comics (I have no interest in the version where Spider-Man stole the gauntlet from him) and he had help from all of the heroes of the known universe, including entities like Galactus. Eternity, Chaos etc. I’m pretty sure they aren’t going to introduce him in the Avengers at all because, like you said, that would be no challenge for him if he already has the gauntlet. Without it, maybe.

              I love Surtur, he is one of my favorite villains, but I wish they would delay bringing him in until at least the third. In actual Norse mythology, during Ragnarok Odin and Surtur fight for eternity. I think they should have the fight between the two but they need to build to it, and have Odin be killed while sacrificing himself, just like in volume 2 of Thor. God, I really let my nerd flag fly when it come to Thor.

              • Well don’t give up hope just yet. There is nothing that says Surtur can’t be a part of Thor 2 AND 3. They can release him in Dark World and have him building his strength and regaining Twilight. Then he can be a force to be reckoned with in 3.

                Man, they could do so many things……I don’t recall if Thanos and Surtur ever worked together but imagine if they did team up to break into the vault to claim the Eternal Flame, Cosmic Cube and Infinity Gauntlet?

                • I don’t ever remember a time they teamed up, but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen in the movies. Of course, I’ve never read any of the Ultimate universe books.

                  I agree, there are so many directions they could travel and most of them would make for a great movie. I wonder if they will ever tell us how Odin acquired all those relics. It seems like he is the most powerful of all the gods with these at his disposal.

                  They mentioned in Avengers how dark energy or something allowed Thor to travel to earth. Why not just will him there with the Infinity Gauntlet, or will another Rainbow Bridge into existence? Also, when will Thor realize he can create portals with mjolnir?

                  • Well not to wax too philosophic but the saying, “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely” can be applied here. Odin is one of the more wise beings out there so he knows those items are better left under lock and key to be used only in time of special need.

                    And you found one of the loopholes in the Thor cinematic paradox. I don’t think this “ability” will ever be used in the movies because it would prove to be too continent a plot device. Plus if they started using it people would wonder why he didn’t use it all along.

                    • I agree with your reason Odin doesn’t use these powerful relics. It seems to me he should convene with the hierarchy of whatever pantheon they have in the movie universe and secure these relics much better than they are now. I mean, now they at least know Loki is running around the place and he is not to be trusted and he has the power to teleport himself or others in Odin’s vault. If he is wise enough not to use the relics, he should be wise enough to secure them.

                      As far as your paradox keeping Thor from using mjolnir to open portals to, well, anywhere, I don’t know if this will come to be or not. We have to realize that Thor is very young at this point. He was just the immature boy that was tossed out of Asgard a few years ago, and a few years to the gods is like a few days to us. Or hours, minutes, etc. So he could evolve and find that his hammer can be used as a tool to construct or deconstruct. However Odin phrased it.

                      It will all be fun to watch and this is why I love the fact that they have constructed this universe. If you think about how great Batman or even Spider-man were, all movies that we knew had an expiration on them, they could only give us so much. Now, we can look forward to them like comics. Anything is possible and we know they will keep going as long as they are putting out quality stuff. Let’s just hope they do. I know I will like the movies either way and it looks like the mainstream is on board. But they can be fickle.

                    • haha, we reached the reply limit.

                      Yes, you would think Odin would make the vault a bit more secure and “Loki proof”, if such a thing is possible, after the last incident. For all we know he has but we will have to wait and see.

                      It’s just a shame they toned down the Destroyer so much, he is a force unto itself, forged by the Skyfathers to combat the Celestials. Admittedly that would be a bit too deep to delve into the canon for the general public.

                      and I get the idea of learning new powers but portals are something he was always able to do so it’s exclusion was intentional. They could have used it in the Avengers to explain how he got there and returned. That would have been the time to introduce it, imho. Using it would also remove the need to see Hiemdall and to use the Bifrost.

    • `i agree with you on the “getting boring” thing. the last time i tried watching it i fell asleep, and it was only 9 pm. and branaugh has the most boring directors commentary ever. joe johnston’s would be a close second

  10. I will enjoy all the stuff for the thor :the dark world and dark elves,light elves ,surtur, many demon and other monster, loki team -up other vilain to destroy asard and to destroy earth as well and the thor:the dark world is truly great thor sequele title.

  11. Im hopeing Ulik the Troll makes it into this film as well as Enchantress.

  12. would be pretty cool to see maybe the try to take over another realm or join forces to take over Asgard, but have some humans from earth find a way to travel between realms and get caught in the middle of a huge battle.Lets see we have seen earth,Asgard,and Jotunheim, bring on the other six realms.

  13. I thought Captain America was little boreing at some points. I was hopeing for a huge fight between he and red skull. that said im hopeing the sequels are far better.Hopeing Ultron,Enchantress,Ulik,Gianmant,WarBird,Fin Fang Foom, and The Leader make it into future films.

    • dont hold your breath for Fin Fang Foom, unless he’s a giant mech piloted by ben kingsly in iron man 3

      • when will we see Beta ray Bill

        • I think I saw Rocket Raccoon riding Beta ray Bill off into the sunset. They said something about how Marvel shouldn’t introduce ridiculous looking characters like them because they would lose all cred with the mainstream.

          Are they going to find Mr. Ed and dress him up like Thor? If it works will DC counter with Aquaman on his seahorse? Tuesday’s coming. did you bring your jacket? I’m so cold.

          • I take it you don’t like the Beta Ray Bill origin story then? While the reason behind using an equine head is a bit earth-centric, I really liked it overall.

            • I do like the story. The only other being capable of wielding mjolnir. It’s the same problem I have with RR. The visual of seeing a walking, gun wielding raccoon is just as bad as an alien with a horse head named Beta Ray Bill. If they changed these stories around to make them work for the mainstream, or even comic fans like me who enjoy a little more believable stories, then I would be fine with them. Say a furry little bad-arsed alien instead of RR and an ugly, yet noble alien with a decent name instead of Beta Ray Bill.

              I know what you’re gonna say. They are comic book movies, not real life. This is true, but I think a lot of the appeal is that they are at least believable in a fantastical sort of way. Even Thor being a highly evolved people who were considered gods to the early Norse culture. To me, these 2 characters were created when the writers were just a little too stoned to think of a better idea.

              • To be fair, BRB only has a vaguely horse-like head. Those lipless teeth aren’t exactly horsey (horse SKULL, yes) He was meant to be more monstrous than anything so I think they could make him real good while keeping the “horsiness” to a minimum.

                If they did something like this http://static.hypable.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/beta-ray-bill-300×285.png?f0f9df I think it would work.

                I’m not going to try and defend the names. There are just too many silly ones; Beta Ray Bill, Fin Fang Foom, Mr. Fantastic…and the list goes on. Then there was Stan Lee’s penchant for naming characters using the same letter for the first and last name. ><

                And don't think for a second DC can get away unscathed. They have just as many silly named characters. At some point you just have to accept them or your brain will start to hurt.

  14. Surtur and Malekith? I dont know… I mean, it would be amazing if it happens, but then what would they do for Thor 3? you really cant top Surtur when it comes to Thor villains.

  15. Maybe Seth will appear in Thor 3. I remember Thor issue 400 was epic Odin comes back and fight Seth while Thor Fights Surtur. Issues 395 – 400 were great issues.

  16. You know who could play as malekith if he was younger. David Bowie I mean he already looks creepy and elfish like. In excited for all of the phase two films!

    • I would’ve picked Christopher Walken over David Bowie if the film was being made in the early 90′s.

  17. Those girls with “hot bodies don’t need to travel clear to London, for the love of tea and crumpets…I’ll be glad to take their picture right here in the good old U. S. of A.! Just send ‘em, bikinis & all, to Hancock, Upper Michigan!!

  18. Just show me Thor’s true power potential. I used to think that the X-Woman Storm could match skills with Thor. they’re pretty much th same when it comes to controlling the elements of weather, but there arent too many beings who could block a blow from the HUlk and his speed is Phenomenal. Just show it on film. and to think than THANOS must be one bad mOFO, if he could defeat the likes of thor and the avengers, in fact, destroy the universe and then undo its destruction. I can’t wait

    • That AvX was a joke. If Thor can’t beat Storm to where she can’t move for at least a month, then it’s a joke. He held his own for a while against the Phoenix then is almost stalemated by Storm??? Maybe he was trying to get some action.

      • You are being kind, compared to Thor, Storm is just a minor leaguer. She might be able to control the weather but one full hit from Mjolnir and she would be dead. That’s where the two differ greatly, Thor is nearly invulnerable while Storm still has a relatively normal human body.

        • According to Marvel Universe Thor has 3 times the density of a normal human being. Also he is in the 100 ton class with Hulk and Thanos. So, yeah he’ll crush Storm with his index finger.

          • Yep, but it’s up to the current writer and AvX dropped the ball making them even closely matched.

            • I admit I didn’t quite understand the AvX reference (Avengers vs X-men) until I did some googling. Now i know why, it only just came out and I’m out of touch on current things.

              So if they did indeed match up the two and Thor didn’t trounce her in 10 secs, then yes, someone dropped the ball (ok, threw the ball away)

              • This is another example of Marvel having to bow to the PC / liberal hippy crowd, just like they did by killing Peter Parker to replace him with a gay, Hispanic, African American kid. They want to show they are in with the feminist movement by having Storm stand her ground against Thor.

                I have no problem with them introducing some of this stuff as long as it’s not just for the sake of appeasing liberals. For example, Peter David’s X-Factor introduced Shatterstar & Rictor as a gay couple, and the story was amazing. Then, you have Wiccan & Hulkling in the Young Avengers & Northstar now in the X-Men (formerly Alpha Flight) and these stories SUCK. I mean, the Young Avengers is alright, but Northstar just plain sucks. He made a great series that Joss Wheden created, Astonishing X-Men, into a horrid disgrace. They just wanted to get another GLAAD award for having a gay wedding. Gay for the sake of having a gay should offend the gay community. Sorry, had to get that off my chest. I know it’s off topic.

  19. Can we get a beer drinking, womanizing Herc in this one please?! I want to see Stark and Herc party in the Avengers 2!

    • Dude, I’ve been calling for Herc since the beginning. Fight, drink, bang, in no particular order. Who doesn’t love that?

    • I’d LOVE to see a massive Hercules show up.

    • I think Marvel will stay away from Hercules. I don’t think it would be wise to interject yet another pantheon of “god” aliens. Plus with movies like Clash/Wrath of the Titans and other Greek related material (like say the immortals) and DC having ties to them through Wonder Woman, it would just get a bit too strange and unnecessarily messy for the cinematic universe.

      • That’s a good point.

  20. I want michael sheen or tom wlaschiha AKA jaqen h’ghar from game of thrones as malekith the accursed.

  21. ah i live in london and i have miltary exprience…..can anyone tell me how to apply to work as an extra? it would be awesome if you can becuase thor is one of my favourite characters and would absolutely love to be part of it….thanks :-D

  22. They should just leave earth out of the sequel and show more asgard

  23. Two things,

    Bring on Beta Ray Bill to be the Han Solo to Thor’s Luke Skywalker

    Leave Earth out of it (seeing earth in trouble is getting old)

    I am ready to give Marvel a mulligan for that 1st Thor movie, to me, it was anemic in badassery. The best scene in that movie is the attack on the Frost Giants. Everything else was meh.

  24. I agree that Thor’s use of the hammer, and his strength and speed is enough to overwhelm Storm. Their powers are equal when it comes to controlling the weather, but if for some reason or way Storm could get the Hammer away from Thor, the battle would be more interesting,

    Just looking at their abilities in marvels hero wikipedia, it’s amazing what each could do

    • even if she took the hammer away from thor he still would crush her. just look at avengers movie when thor stood his ground against the hulk one of most strongest beings in marvel universe. (thor #385 thor vs hulk).

  25. I am really Hoping the Amora (The Enchantress) and Skurge (The Executioner)will be making an appearance in the Thor sequel next year.

  26. You know what would have made Thor truly great? The absence of Jane and her dragging amount of screen time. Sure, she’s ‘needed’ for Thor to grow up, but it was Loki who ultimately forced him to pull his head in, not Jane. If Thor was centered solely around Thor and Loki and their struggles, I’d have been mega happy. Instead, we get a potentially epic movie that lags majorly because, typically, Earth is weak and a God apparently just has to fall in love with a damn mortal woman. Jane, you’ve served your purpose, now kindly exit stage left.

    And damn it, Loki better get some serious screen time in this one. Or, you know, give him his own movies. Make them movie rivals! I think you’d find Loki as a movie would do amazingly well, given his army of fans and all.

    As to The Dark World. Go with the Avengers approach. Desert the lovey dovey approach and bring on the badassery! And the hair. Evolve the hair…again. And keep up with the emotional hits to the feels whenever Thor and Loki are in a room together.

  27. thunderbolt can make 2000000000c in only 10 sec. all thing in the word be destroy in 10000000c. but editors of films never now it.
    sory for myy bad english. i don’t no speak much english. i’m indian.