‘Thor 2′ Deals With The Aftermath of ‘Thor’ & ‘The Avengers’

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thor dark world movie poster Thor 2 Deals With The Aftermath of Thor & The Avengers

Iron Man 3 took place months after the events of The Avengers and offered moviegoers a very isolated story about Tony Stark. Outside of dealing with panic attacks resulting from what Stark experienced in the infamous battle of New York, there were no story implications directly resulting or reliant upon Iron Man 2 or The Avengers.

For the next Phase Two film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe however, that’s not the case. Thor: The Dark World takes place a year and a half after the original Thor, a few monts after The Avengers, but in all of that time, the heroes of Asgard have had to directly deal with the results of the events of the original Thor.

Screen Rant visited the production of Thor 2 last October and on our first day on set, executive producer Craig Kyle walked us through the “war room,” a room full of conceptual art of the events, characters, locations, weapons and vehicles of the film. He briefly offered story details and introduced the film by letting us know status of the characters, Asgard and larger universe at the beginning of the story.

“What’s wonderful about these films, and so many of you guys know the books, you know, we read ‘em for the ongoing stories and then we love these big disaster moments that happen that draw all these lines together. And again there’re so many people out there that never read comics, so they didn’t understand how good these stories can get and that now we have a lot to draft off of after Avengers. Now our guys, who have amazing arcs coming in their own lives, had to step out, deal with this big threat, and now come back.

Well, now all those threats continue to send a ripple effects throughout our model cinematic universe. We have Iron Man, who’s Tony Stark, who’s pretty torn up from the effects of being in that combat. You have Thor, who had to take the prisoner, Loki, back Asgard to be dealt with, and this time he’s gonna be locked up in a cell where he’s not gonna have control. You have Erik Selvig who had a god in his head messing around for an entire movie, which probably isn’t good for your psyche. Lots of these threats continue to just spread outwards in ways that only deepen the stories we’re about to tell in these individual sagas.”

The Thor universe however, with Asgard and the other realms it aims to protect, has the most repercussions to deal with from the events of Thor and The Avengers. Thor for instance, ended with the Rainbow Bridge and Observatory being destroyed, meaning Asgard has lost its primary method of transportation between the realms, making those other planets vulnerable.

And for The Avengers, Midgard (Earth) has now been made known to the Marvel Cosmos (see: Thanos) where there are factions and unruly creatures who may not have the best of intentions for our home. Kyle continues:

“It’s truly our job to kinda bring the books to life in a way that made them so popular when we were all kids and, you know, it’s a big duty, but we’re doing our best. We brought Alan Taylor on and he’s done such amazing work in Mad Men, and Game of Thrones, and Sopranos, and Rome. And we had spent a lot of time in the palace since the Royal Family had come during a time of celebration.

The Bifrost was destroyed at the end of the first Thor. Odin had to break a lot of rules and laws, and take a lot of himself to send Thor to Earth in The Avengers. And during that time when they couldn’t jump from Asgard to the other worlds chaos reigned. And so we come into a time of real strife in the nine realms. You’ve got Marauders who are moving from world to world that are pillaging and attacking helpless planets, because they know the cops can’t come. And we just catch into a story in a way finding out where the hell is everybody, you know?”

The primary antagonist of Thor: The Dark World is the king of the Dark Elves, Malekith, and we know he holds a personal grudge against Odin and his ancestry which will play a part in the story. Odin “breaking rules” to send Thor to Earth to recover Loki and the Tesseract (Cosmic Cube) during the events of The Avengers will have implications on Asgard and Odin as well, we just don’t know how yet or if that plays any part in the reawakening of Malekith and return of his army.

The Marauders are another new faction to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. They’re a ragtag group of space pirates comprised of various alien races from the worlds outside of the nine realms. More on that from Screen Rant soon!

Alan Taylor directs Thor 2 off of Christopher Yost, Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely’s screenplay. The film stars Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Tom Hiddleston, Stellan Skarsgård, Idris Elba, Christopher Eccleston, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Kat Dennings, Ray Stevenson, Zachary Levi, Tadanobu Asano, Jaimie Alexander, Rene Russo and Anthony Hopkins.


Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on July 31, 2015, and unannounced films for May 6 2016, July 8 2016 and May 5 2017.

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  1. Thor broke the rainbow bridge :(

    • …and Agent Coulson died in the Avengers. I really don’t think it matters.

      • Why say that what he said doesn’t matter, Guy can’t voice his outcry for The Rainbow Bridge (BiFrost). Get out of here, Dr. Trollbender.

        • The point “Nick” is that nothing seems to be final in Marvel:

          “If you destroy the bridge you will never see her again!!!!!”
          …ummm, no.

          “Agent Coulson died for what he believed in”
          …ummm, no.

          “I’m Tony Stark and I don’t need my suits or my chest piece”
          …we’ll find out, but you get the idea.

          That’s all I’m saying. If the point about the rainbow bridge wasn’t what it did but how it looked, then my bad… yeah the thing looked cool and is gone now.

          • Captain America Died in combat.

            Loki died falling off the Bifrost bridge.

            Bruce Banner put a bullet through his skull.

            None of them really died. It’s like everyone in that universe is cursed to never die.

          • loki said the first one, he didnt know back then that a threat would rise on earth that odin would be forced to use dark magic to send Thor. He knew that Odin wouldnt do the same for Thor only so he could see his human crush.

            We don’t actually know if coulson’s dead or not

            At one point medical science caught up such that Tony did end up removing his chest piece.

            The great thing about the world building MCU is that they can create dozen small inconsistencies and yet end up filling them in the future while giving the excuse that they had this idea from before

            • Sounds more like they’re just painting over the cracks. Although Stark had the shrapnel removed, when he inevitably suits up in Avengers 2, his suit will still need a power supply or chest piece, so…

              What I’m trying to say is that Dr Mindbender has a point. Any impactful, potentially game-changing event does seem to get turned around or ignored.

              • Forget what you think about IM3, you can’t say anyone is painting over any so-called cracks, since they plan this stuff years in advance.

                War Machine doesn’t require an Arc Reactor to be imbedded in his chest, so why would Stark? Stark manipulated the Extremis virus in order to be able to remove his Arc Reactor, so I don’t get what the problem is.

                • War Machine still has an arc reactor powering it, as will any future Iron Man suit. I was being a tool and choosing a different interpretation of ‘chest piece’ to what was probably intended (Stark’s shrapnel-trapping magnet thing.)

                  I know they plan stuff years in advance (didn’t some Marvel guy said they had a roadmap into the 2020s recently?) but it does take away from the impact if Tony Stark destroys all his suits to make a point… then builds more later, probably. He’s in Age of Ultron after all. Or the Bifrost gets destroyed so Thor can’t see Natalie Portman… but then it gets repaired. These are big moments of personal sacrifice that are made kind of meaningless in hindsight.

                  They can plan stuff in advance – they have to for a successful franchise – but it sucks that they have to go back on several ‘big’ moments. I dunno, maybe I want them to write it in a way where the sequel doesn’t s**t all over what came before?

                  • It’s not s**tting on what came before, it’s called progression. Things change. Stuff is destroyed, then rebuilt or replaced. Happens all the time in the real world, so why not Marvel’s?

                    Tony got better (due to manipulating Extremis) so he doesn’t need an arc reactor in his chest. He’s built numerous suits before, he’ll build many more in the future (much like he did in the comics). Like he said: he is Iron Man after all.

                    Bifrost has not been repaired as far as I know (we’ll know more after Thor 2) I believe Odin pulled strings and used some form of “magic” to get Thor to Earth in the Avengers, and Thor used the Tesseracts power to get them back.

                    • But why destroy the suits? I know they were a symbol of his obsession/PTSD, but that doesn’t stop them from being useful! What if there IS another alien invasion? Iron Man was pretty effective against them last time, so imagine what Iron Man x40 could do!

                      At the end of Thor, the ‘big thing’ was that if the Bifrost was destroyed, then Thor wouldn’t be able to go back to the woman he loved. Obviously, he did what was best for the nine (?) realms, but he did so with a heavy heart… and he can pop back to Earth in the sequel.

                      In Captain America, Steve wakes up and is heartbroken that he never got to grow old with Peggy. He struggles to ‘get’ the modern world. In the post-WW2 world, Peggy is also heartbroken and just trying to do what she can to make the world a better place. If, in Cap 2, they reveal that Peggy got cryogenically frozen by Stark Sr. and thawed out so she could be with Cap, it’d be a bit… rubbish. Trash character development. You know?

                    • Well, yeah, your last paragraph, that would be ridiculous and cheap. That’s why it won’t happen!

                      Years have gone by since the Bifrost was destroyed. Odin used his dark magic to get him there in the Avengers, Thor used the Tesseract to get them back, and in Thor 2 they have found a NEW (I know you hate that word!) way to travel between the realms that just hasn’t been made public yet. I suspect it’ll be revealed in Thor 2.

                      Stark destroyed the suits, it was a fresh start for Pepper and him. He needed to focus on his love life instead of being obsessed with the protection that the suits provided. He’ll eventually have to build others (as we all know) and the months or years in between movies that he spent with Pepper are the main reason.

                    • My point was that the impact of a scene is kind of ruined when you see the next one. If, at the end of Thor, someone said, “Thor! Don’t worry! You can still get back to Earth!” then he would’ve destroyed the Bifrost without that much worrying. If there was always going to be another way to get back, why was it posed as ‘Save the day or stay in touch with your girlfriend’ when that wasn’t the case?

                      Instead of destroying the suits, Stark could’ve decided that, instead of feeding his obsession, he could use the suits to do what they were originally meant to do – help people. I also don’t want him ‘called out of retirement’ for ‘one last job’ because that’s a bit too clichéd for my liking. Again, it’s my internet browser that adds the accent over the ‘e’ and not my inherent grammar Nazi tendencies. Same with the capital n there.

                      I don’t mind ‘new’ things and I don’t mind clever little touches that hint at the future – for example, Sherlock is probably going to make me feel like an idiot for not predicting how he survived the end of Season 2. I just don’t like overwriting what’s gone before to make it ‘happier.’

                    • In answer to him destroying the suits, the Iron Legion were honestly just glorified prototypes. He was going through the armor- building as a way to deal with his trauma. The Mark 7 was probably worth more than the 42, in terms of effectiveness.

                      The House Party Protocol was a good idea in hindsight, but I don;t think Tony ever planned for those suits to be true upgrades from his earlier ones, especially since they were so specialized. Him destroying the suits means he’s ready to recover from the trauma, and it will allow him to build properly again.

            • “he didnt know back then that a threat would rise on earth…” A threat that he plotted himself, like the spiteful coward he is.

              They’re not creating inconsistencies, rather leaving plotlines open for future resolution. Creating an ongoing saga is not the same as creating one self-contained story. One-shot movies need a strongly cohesive structure. A multi-faceted saga in a shared universe is bound to be somewhat more loosely woven and have what may at first appear to be plot holes that will be filled in due time, whether it be with long-matured or brand new ideas.

    • It’s been repaired.

    • And Dorothy fell off on her way to Oz.

  2. Space pirates from OUTSIDE the nine realms, huh? Could Thanos be having a part in this, as well?

    • the first read through your comment I read “Zebian Space Pirates” haha

  3. Ok I’m so tired if people saying Tony can’t be Ironman anymore. First off he told Pepper he would “shave back” his distractions(the suits) not give up. Second Pepper in the final battle after she killed killan said she understood the need for the suit. So she understands. Yes he blew all of the suits up for Pepper as a gesture to show she comes first to him. Third he has all the blue prints to create more suits. It takes appx 5 hours to create a suit. Meaning in a 24 hour period Tony could create an army. Fourth answer this question – how does Rhodey power war machine/iron patriot considering he has no arc reactor in his chest? Oh yeah it’s in the suit. Duh. Really pay attention to the words of the movie and not just the actions and you will understand the story.

    • This!!

    • Not to mention Tony’s final words at the end of IM3: “I AM Iron Man.”

      • All good points. I think where most people got pissed at the ending was that if it were such a simple procedure to remove the ARC from his chest, why not do it in the first place?

        • Stark modified the Extremis virus to help him with his procedure, it wasn’t possible before without it. At least that’s what I got from the ending of IM3.

          • I thought the same, he (most probably) used the Extremis to help him in his recovery after the surgery, which would not have possible before.

          • Well i hate to say it but it was metal suspended in animation by magnets . At any time Tony could have turned up the strength of the electromagnet and reversed the direction of the metal shards removing them from his body. He choose to keep them in there. It was his connection, his excuse, to be Iron Man. An Iron Man addiction if you will just like building all the extra suits in IM3. It is psychological.

            • “At any time Tony could have turned up the strength of the electromagnet and reversed the direction of the metal shards removing them from his body.”

              Ok…sure, on paper…But if you know even just a little about human biology, no, not really at all that easily (definitely not like simply flipping a switch).

        • It IS a simple procedure to remove the ARC, it’s been done already in the movies. The difficulty was to surgically remove the metal shards he got from the attack at the beginning of IM1. In the comics, they got eventually removed because the progress in surgical procedures made the operation possible at last. I don’t remember if it was explicitly stated in IM3 but the cause is probably the same.

      • IM will be back in The Avengers #2, and I would not be surprised if there is one more after that. I just bought IM #3 and watched it, and aside from the infuriating Mandarin debacle, the rest of the movie really did not impress me that much, either. There were some good things, but it could have been much much better. Shane Black takes alot of the blame, and deserves it. He better not mness up Doc Savage, or I am gonna be pi**ed as a giant kidney. If Whedon or anyone else had anthing to do with IM#3 (someone had to approve it as well as write it), they unfortunately deserve some blame, too. No one should be immune. Don’t misunderstand, I still love Iron Man, but it pains me to see a movie stray straight from the canon and step right in the poo-pile. I thought Avengers was pretty good, so we will see on Avengers #2.
        Oh, I was gonna mention Thor. Pretty pumped for Thor #2 Just thjought I’d throw that in there since this is actually a Thor article in the main.

        • im kind of hope that by avengers 4 iron man and thor aren’t in the avengers any more and are in the gog. I want a hole new avengers line up by the time part 5 comes out

    • Agree, just like Rhodey, Tony doesn’t even need the arc reactor in his chest anymore to use the Iron Man suit. Mark 42 was even remote-controlled by him which bring to a very clear and logical answer: the arc reactor was only there to keep him alive, that’s all.
      Some people tend to miss out this small details and ‘assume’ that Tony is no longer Iron Man by a simple scene *sigh*

      • Just take a couple Tums, and don’t worry about that strange feeling in your chest. Probably just acid reflux from eating that foreign food at the end of the Avengers flick.

    • 4 and 4/5 suits in a 24 hour period.

  4. So, I guess the chronological order of the MCU now:
    – The Avengers
    – Iron Man 3
    – Thor 2
    – Agents of SHIELD (considering Coulson took time to ‘heal in Tahiti’ and the fact that he already knew about Extremis
    – Captain America 2 (ScarJo’s interview mentioned it happens 2 years after The Avengers)
    – Age of Ultron

    • Yeah That’s Right

  5. Aftermath of Avengers #2: the whole team eats at the Charmin restaurant (or whatever that foreign food was called), and all need to run to the loo and use a few roles of Charmin afterwards! That scene, seriously tho, was a stupid waste of time. Better to serve up a true Easter Egg teasing the next movie for the fans than that (or the IM#3 after-credits scene which was dumb as well).

    • Shawarma…like fish and chips it is a “foreign food” as you say

      • Shawarma…sounds like a Sci-Fi channel movie about an attack of killer bees!
        Did you notice in the clip of the Avengers team sitting around eating they looked like they were having a miserable time trying to get it down, kind of like the sullen moment on National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation when the family was trying to choke down the Christmas feast of rubber turkey, etc.?

        • A scene is not a waste of time when it has a purpose. Its purpose was to be funny and it delivered. And they didn’t look like “they were having a miserable time trying to get it down,” they looked like they were utterly exhausted from the battle.

          The IM3 post-credits scene served the same purpose and also explained Tony’s voice-over throughout the movie.

          PS: “Hamburger” probably sounds weird in the Middle-East too, so…

          • I didn’t find the shawarma scene funny at all so it respect I don’t think it delivered, everyone I saw the avengers with didnt find the scene to be funny either
            they were just sitting around eating and none of the characters looked like they wanted to be there
            And the im3 post-credit scene was such a waste of time
            Really hope they improve these scenes in future

            • Not everyone shares the same sense of humor, so it’s not because these scenes eluded you that they’re irrelevant. They made me and a lot of other people smile and some even thought they were downright hilarious, so… Granted, I found the IM3 scene a little less good than the Avengers one but not every writer has Whedon’s knack for comedy.

              Also, try going through what the Avengers had just experienced and see how you fare afterwards.

              • i think my issue with the shawarma scene was that it didnt feel to me like the avengers were sitting at the table eating but it was just all the actors, who had been asked to suit up for this extra scene and couldn’t really be bothered

                the scene was funnier as an idea or concept – the audience thnks what is shawarma? some find out ‘its a kebab place’ then come the idea for the scene that is funny of seeing the avengers go to a kebab place like a group of mates at the end of a night out
                instead we get a scene where they are just sat around not doing or saying anything and looking like they just lost the battle

                but next time the aliens invade i’ll make sure i’m there though – get the experience
                something tells me that if i survived a similar experience to the avengers i’d be pretty chuffed and not just head to a kebab place and sulk while eating the food

                • Well I don’t feel it like you do at all, so I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree on this one.

                  • thats fair, people dont always have see things the same way after all
                    i agree to disagree on this point

  6. Thank goodness at least with the partial government shutdown, no one deemed the Agents of Shield as non-essential personel and sent them home! We need every one of them!

  7. You guys don’t know nuffin. Ain’t no more iron man. He go away for good now.

    • Uh, no. Tony’s last line in IM3 is “I am Iron Man.” Am, not was. Also, RDJ has signed for Avengers 2 and 3 and the guys at Marvel are thinking of making at least one more IM movie, perhaps two.