‘Thor 2′: Kat Dennings Returning for ‘Extended Role’

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Kat Dennings Returns for Thor 2 Thor 2: Kat Dennings Returning for Extended Role

At Comic-Con 2012, Marvel President Kevin Feige unveiled the next phase of Marvel movies – which begins next summer with Iron Man 3, and continues in November with Thor: The Dark World. While Iron Man 3 is already in the midst of production with Shane Black at the helm, Thor is still trying to get all of its proverbial ducks in a row.

We’ve already learned that – in addition to stars Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman – Idris Elba, Rene Russo, and Jaimie Alexander have signed on for the sequel, and now we have word of another returning cast member: Kat Dennings. Dennings will be reprising her role as Darcy, close friend to Natalie Portman’s character Jane Foster, in what is said to be a “more extended role.”

Dennings’ star has been consistently on the rise since her lead role in Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, and has reached a substantial peak due to the success of CBS’ sitcom, 2 Broke Girls. So it makes sense that Marvel has brought Dennings back on for Thor: The Dark World and even given her a larger role to play.

For some, however, it will be with gritted teeth that they welcome back Dennings, who provided much of the first film’s “comic relief.” Her relative aloofness and penchant for commenting on Chris Hemsworth/Thor’s body – while occasionally entertaining – wasn’t necessarily what comic book fans were looking for.

Still, there’s no denying the actress has a fan base now, and will help bring a different crowd to the theater. Of the Marvel movies released, Thor had one of the stronger debuts – but after the tremendous success of The Avengers, Marvel clearly wants to generate an even higher tier of box office returns.

Kat Dennings and Natalie Portman in Thor Thor 2: Kat Dennings Returning for Extended Role

Dennings’ casting isn’t all that bad for fans of Thor, though, since it gives us a better clue as to the type of story the sequel might tell. With the film being subtitled The Dark World, and given the nature of Asgard’s relationship with Earth after the events of Thor, some were expecting a film set completely in the fantastical realm created by Kenneth Branagh – or maybe even several different cosmic realms. There were even some questions – after Patty Jenkins lost the directorial job – whether Natalie Portman’s character would return, but now it’s almost a given.

There’s definitely some loyalty being shown by Marvel – yes, the same studio that pulled a bait-and-switch with Terrence Howard and Don Cheadle – and fans should admire them for that, at least. Hopefully the production paid attention to fan comments in regards to Thor, and will incorporate them in an effort to make a better sequel.

How do you feel about the return of Kat Dennings for Thor: The Dark World? Did her character bother you all that much?

Thor: The Dark World releases November 8, 2013.

Source: Deadline

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  1. Im going to go ahead and start the rumor that she’s actually the enchantress in disguise to make this more interesting

    • And I will follow you with that rumor. FOR THOR:THE DARK WORLD!!!!

    • or I’m at least hoping she is an Asgardian in disguise to protect Jane or something like that

    • I started that rumor when Thor came out to begin with. I’m still betting on it!

  2. Darcy is not Darcy (and she is not the Enchantress) Think “Family”

  3. Her character “bothered me” a lot.
    She wasn’t funny at all and IMO, she was one of the main reasons why the earth scenes didn’t work well.

    Thor 2 is supposed to be an EPIC… exploring other realms and creatures.
    I really have no interest in seeing Dennings again, or Thor spending more time on earth.

    • well earth is one of the nine realms.

      • Key word: “other”
        I think Thor’s spent enough time on earth…

        • That was the thing in the comics. Both you and Odin thought Thor spent too much time on earth.

          • Well, Odin is very wise… 😉

            • True, he plucked an eye out to gain some knowledge. Of course, in the comics he is kind of an arse and in the movie he is a caring, wise dad. Wonder if he’ll break bad??

              • Not in the MCU……he lost it in the war with the Frost Giants. Totally unnecessary if you ask me. He could have sacrificed his eye before the war and already had the eye patch and I don’t think a single person would have questioned it.

                  • yep, that’s what I was kind of indicating without going too deep into it. He basically had to give up one eye to Mimir to drink from the Well of Wisdom.

              • @Capnadolny, When the big reveal about Thor’s real mother and Balder come out, then we’ll see how well Odin deals with REAL personal family issues.

                • Haha, yeah, Odin is a player and it makes him nuts. Of course, he’s gonna take that out on his kids. I’d love to see a mock reality show about this family.

            • Not everything he did was “wise” though… the whole Loki thing is kinda biting them all in the backside (and will continue to do so in the future I’m sure).

              Odin is a great king… but he’s not that good a father. Probably because he is always king first and dad second, that’s why he comes across as a bit of a d**k sometimes. Just think of the deleted Frigga-Odin scene about Thor’s banishment.

              Besides what kind of father says “no” when your emotionally unstable kid is hanging off a bridge? First you drag him back to safety and THEN you can tell him that he screwed up. So yeah, I sometimes doubt Odin’s wisdom in MCU, or at least his parenting skills.

              • You’ve got to remember who we are talking about. This character was made during the age of the Vikings. Back then things were taught the hard way. It may not be conceived as caring, definitely not now, but they were hardened warriors. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think we should go back to those days, but I think we should maybe lean that way a little more often. Don’t know if anyone saw those kids on the bus disgracing the bus monitor, an old, sweet lady in her 60’s. I wish Odin could get a hold of them.

                Also, Odin was trying to save Loki and he said “no” when he saw Loki was going to let go.

                • Yes, you are absolutely right about that, the viking mentality is a huge part of all this (and the warrior culture), but I do think the main factor is still Odin being king first and foremost, so all of his actions are mainly for the good of his kingdom.

                  And that includes giving almost all of his attention to his heir, to make sure he will be a suitable king. Because that will ensure the safety and prosperity of his kingdom.

                  Both Thor and Loki bear the marks of growing up with their king (and sometimes teacher I am sure), rather than with a father in the traditional meaning.
                  A king cannot afford to be a caring father first, the kingdom and its people come first, no matter what he feels. And that always leads to trouble… usually betrayal and murder and war in the royal family.

                  Just look at all the Shakespeare Histories, very similar theme there. Tom Hiddleston talked about all the similarities in interviews often enough. XD

                  • Oh, I definitely agree that he was a king first. I guess what I meant to portray was that I don’t think many Viking fathers were probably what we would be considering good fathers. I understand the added pressure of being heir to the throne, even Loki who thought he had a shot, but most probably raised their children as warriors first and didn’t give them much coddling. I do think he is tougher in the comics by far, Odin I mean. In the movie when he collapsed after Loki was confronting him, I think that shows how much he cares, even for a child who is not of his own blood, and he had some other moments where he showed some compassion. From what I see in the comics, I would hate to have him as a father. What I see in the movies, he would be an excellent father. Just my opinion though.

                    • Oh I would pick movie Odin and Frigga over comic Odin and Frigga anytime.

                      They made mistakes in the movie concerning Loki, but there is no doubt that they love him as a son. Both showed how much they care.

                      In the comics Odin is so much worse that is true, there comes a point where even Thor is mainly just angry with him too(new Journey Into Mystery where we have young!Loki, Thor doesn’t seem too fond of him), and Frigga in the comics doesn’t really allow Loki to call her “mother” from what I’ve seen, so definitely no motherly love there either.

                      So yeah, both are a lot better in the movies, might be the reason why Loki is not as horrible as in the comics. Rather an anti-villain, and not a true evil villain. (again, it’s the way I see it)

                      It’s quite a difference, and I’m pretty sure it comes from the difference between the comic and movie versions of Odin and Frigga.

    • I agree. Her character was one of the things that dragged the first movie down IMO.

    • I did…think she was funny…
      Not haha funny but still…

    • her character was just annoying and pointless in the film.

    • We see eye to eye on this one.


  4. Chill guys,

    I belieive Dennings is playing one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe – it will work itself out

    • “Playing one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe”?

      Like who?

      • Thor’s Mom.

      • Squirrel Girl

  5. I can think of 2 BIG reasons why she should be in this movie. Damn I love her.

    • + TWO! ~Stark

  6. Oh come on guys! I couldnt stand Darcy in Thor. But we all know who she rrally is and she would be perfect. She is actually Hela, daughter of Loki and ruler of Niffleheim. No way she is the Enchantress. Thats a bad fit. But Hela is perfect. Watch the animated flick The Hulk vs Thor. You will see my point.

  7. phase two of marvel films should be serious, no more im2 humor.i want gritty and despair, i want the heroes to get hurt and rise and fight.NO MORE KAT DENNINGS

  8. It is very possible that she and Jane could be kidnapped and taken to one of the nine worlds .
    So I dont think her presence guarantees a lot of time on earth .

  9. That’d be neat if there were a twist behind her character but it’d also be very forced and convenient.

    At least it may be more entertaining though.

    • You would hear fans of the first movie audibly groan if she suddenly revealed she was somehow masquerading as a goddess, etc. It would feel very soap opera-ish and frankly silly, something I don’t think anyone wants to see.

      I’m all for a bit of levity but this would be a joke for all the wrong reasons.

    • I prefer her to be who she actually is. That kind of twist would make me roll my eyes really hard. I don’t want every single character to be something big and supernatural. Plus this ain’t a soap opera, despite all the family drama in the Palace of Asgard.

      I think she will be kidnapped along with Jane perhaps, maybe because the dark elves or whoever don’t know which one of the two is actually Thor’s beloved, so they wanna make sure and grab them both, her presence would be fine that way.

  10. Not forced at all – look at Darcy’s performance and timing in Thor – she has been consistently portrayed in a very subtle way to be somewhat “mommy” like. Because she is portraying a Mom. A rather powerful one with a son she gave up to be raised by another so to speak.

    • your words confuse and intrigue the boulder

      • Let’s just say that Frigga (renee Russo) is only Thor’s Stepmom – His real Mom often disguises herself “as a young woman with dark hair and blue eyes”……….. That is all.

        • @Moraga, Then that would make the scenes were Darcy was too eager to give Thor CPR and googling over him a little….creepy. Ew! I doubt very highly she’s Gaia. Hela…That could be possible.. But occupying space in Hel and Midgard at the same time..Eh.I don’t know about that one either.

          • I agree; just edgy enough to keep up the screenplay illusion – I’ll be shocked if she is not The Elder Goddess of the Earth though.

  11. I find the idea of having Darcy be someone else in disguise all along, a little confusing…
    Sure, it would be a nice twist, but it would make absolutely no sense at all.

    I mean, no one knew who Darcy or Jane Foster were until they ran over Thor. Is the audience really supposed to believe that an Asgardian spent years in disguise just in case of the small possibility that Thor would one day be banished to earth and run into this girl in a small town in the middle of a desert?! – that’s silly.

    • Who said she was Asgardian?

      • Asgardians, Jotunns, Vanir, Valkeries, Light Elves, Dark Elves, Dwarfs, Demons, etc. – doesn’t matter which race, it’s still too crazy for me to believe that a create/humanoid/god/half-god/alien/whatever from one of the other realms spent all that time disguised as an annoying FaceBook using, LOL-ing and IM-ing woman just in case of the small possibility that Thor would one day be banished to Midgard and run into her in the middle of a desert.

        Furthermore, if, as you say, the person disguised as Darcy was keeping an eye on Thor, why the hell didn’t she do anything when the Destroyer attacked? The Warriors Three were outnumbered and Thor had no powers (and no one knew that Mjornir would fly towards him as he was dying). Thor could have died, but his mother didn’t help at all.

        With all due respect, the theory just makes no sense to me personally.

        • You miss the point – Thor’s mother is the The Elder Goddess of the Earth – I don’t believe it was an accident that Odin banished him in the vicinity of his birth mother (would he banish him to Earth and not give her a “heads up” so to speak?). You ignore the Marvel Universe at your peril. And, Mjornir was being help by what before being released (the Earth).

          • I just don’t see it happening, sorry.
            Her character was there merely for comic relief. If they were planning on having her be more meaningful, then they would have alluded to it at some point.

            Plus, this isn’t the comic books. I’m pretty sure with all the restrictions that goes with movies like this (run time restrictions to be more precise) they won’t delve into Frigga only being the stepmother. There’s only so much that can be done in a film and I just don’t see Thor’s mommy-problems fitting in with what the MCU is aiming towards… at least, in this sequel (who knows about Thor 3 or 4).

            If anything, I would be inclined to believe that Darcy is Hela or the Enchantress in disguise (maybe one of them kidnapped Darcy AFTER the events of ‘THOR’ and took her place), but IMO, I’m just not seeing it being Thor’s mother secretly being Darcy the whole time.

            Guess we’ll find out soon enough…

            • Hemsworth mentioned his “Earth Mom” in an interview recently. You are right; we will see.

            • When you say “the whole time,” what exactly do you mean? The whole time of the film? It is revealed through dialogue in at least two instances that Darcy has not been in the company of Jane or Selvig for long and gives us every reason to believe she joins them just before the events in the film: in the car during the the event that was Thor’s initial transport to Earth and later when she clearly doesn’t understand the terms Selvig is tossing around and he looks quizzically at Jane who states something along the lines of Darcy having been the only applicant.

              While I don’t necessarily give credence to the theories, at would appear enough has been set up to head in such a direction should they choose to.

              One could also have the opinion that these dialogue choices *were* subtly alluding to a more meaningful application of the character. The only reason I feel that may be far-fetched is knowing that mainstream American films have no concept of subtlety and generally beat you over the head with obvious visual clues or exposition that specifically spoon-feeds the desired intended perception of events.

            • You people are really reaching.

              To do what is being suggested would be a silly and unnecessary twist to the plot.

              • You must have deliberately ignored where I stated: “While I don’t necessarily give credence to the theories…”

                All I am saying is that it’s not as if she had been with these people all along and therefore couldn’t be anyone other than who she is, which is what The Avenger posits.

        • Maybe it’s not disguise, maybe it’s like Loki’s ability to control or Enchantress’s ability like Mystique’s

  12. I didn’t mind her in Thor at all. She was the character that the non-fan audience could relate with. We fans can’t have everything we want the regular audience has to be catered to also. Besides that she’s hot, got juicy big lips and some Big ‘Ol “Mams”.

  13. She’s very pretty but ruined the Earth based sections for me, there was enough humour from Hemsworth without the Darcy character. This is disappointing news to say the least.
    I was hoping Portman would return but she would end up in Asgard with Thor.

  14. Firstly about the whole “another realm” thing. Earth based characters are included in Thor 2, so the whole movie cannot be based in another realm, something is putting earth at peril again and the earth based characters must have something to do with the process. Add to that the whole thing needs to link into Avengers 2 somehow. Whatever the Dark World is it has a direct effect on phase 2. Its possible that Loki is punished for screwing up in Avengers and Thor rescues him from said Dark World.

    Secondly Kat Dennings was useless in Thor, she added nothing to the story and generally was an annoying hipster, so how this is big news is beyond me.

  15. I loved Dennings and I love this news (:

  16. I like kat/darcy and I approve.

  17. I love Kat. I do admit her role was less than perfect but she is just gorgeous to me. Nice eye candy. Looking forward to Thor no matter what the story is. Just gotta have more of the Thor from Avengers.

  18. The Earth scenes were the dullest part of Thor. There’s no reason to return to Earth. You could give Jane & Thor’s relationship weight by having Thor resist Sif & Enchantress, and have Thor explaining why she is so special throughout the movie.

    But if they must Hopefully it will atleast give Thor and Jane some sort of depth to their relationship. Jane just threw herself at Thor from first sight

  19. I enjoyed her and the Earth scenes in Thor despite not seeing anything else she’s acted in.

    I’m not complaining.

  20. I like Kat waaaayyy more than Natalie Portman. She was fresh and fun in the movie.
    Portman has zero acting chops. It was Natalie Portman that pulled those Earth scenes into mind-numbing garbage, and only the dry humor of Kat Dennings and the superb acting of Stellen Skarsgard saved them.

      • It’s not that Portman cannot act, it’s that Jane’s character had very little dept in ‘Thor’ and I didn’t see any sort of real deep connection between Jane and Thor. That’s what bothered me for example.

        I couldn’t believe that this random scientist chick smiling at Thor for two days changed him so much, I couldn’t see the connection or the chemistry. It was Jane acting like a blushing maiden, giggling when Thor kissed her hand etc., and somehow that was enough to fundamentally change who Thor was for the past centuries? I couldn’t believe it, it didn’t make sense.

        I couldn’t see anything special between them. But that was not “bad acting”, more like bad storytelling. She was supposed to have a radical impact on Thor, but I didn’t see it, we were only told that it happened.

        The Jane-Thor storyline was the weakest in the whole ‘Thor’ movie, so I am wary about how it’s gonna continue in ‘Thor: TDW’.

        • So let’s pick the one ‘so-so’ movie she did (Black Swan) and use that to judge her, rather then a career of crappy acting…..
          (in BS she basically played a schizophrenic dancer, and that was more of an ‘Artsy’ film than actual entertainment)

          Black Swan


          Mars Attacks
          Star Wars I
          Star Wars II
          Star Wars III
          V for Vendetta
          The other Boleyn Girl
          Thor (great movie, but her acting sucked, as I previously stated)

          If she didn’t have a pretty face and an ‘innocent’ look about her, I doubt she’d ever get another acting job.
          She doesn’t even rate ‘crappy actor’, she’s more like ‘robot pretending to be a crappy actor.’

  21. All those people speculating about who Denning´s character is… My idea: She´s Darcy Lewis, intern for Jane Foster and Eric Selvig. Nothing less, nothing more.

    • I agree….but would add “annoying” intern for Jane Foster and Eric Selvig

    • ^ Most reasonable suggestion I’ve heard all day.

    • I doubt that they put that much thought into the Darcy character originally, so yeah this does sound like fan speculation at best. That said there may be a temptation at Marvel Studios to play to the fan boys a bit and call an audible with this character and add an Easter Egg like other movies have lately. I don’t think it’s necessary, but who knows what they might decide to do.

    • Dude, stop being all rational and NOT reading the book searching for the hidden code that isn’t there!

      • Maybe she’s one of the incarnations of Valkyrie/Brunnhilde, in a much shorter body. Boy this is fun…

  22. Not being a Thor comic fan, I thought the movie was an absolute blast from beginning to end. Kat Dennings is, in my opinion, right on par with Christina Hendricks as being one of Hollywood’s great beauties with an out-of-this-world body. I think she fits right in. I’m being completely superficial here, but I’m most certainly glad to see her back. I have high expectations for Thor 2 (it’s my most anticipated movie in the phase 2 films, except for Avengers 2).

    • i prefer her front to her back, but that’s just me.


  23. I’m pretty happy about this. Darcy was what kept me watching despite the terrible dutch angles in Thor. Kat Dennings is funny and adorable.

  24. Hopefully her character dies along with Portman’s character by a bus at the beginning of the movie and toward the end Thor goes to Hel to bring them back. Leaving everything in between epic war scale combat across other realms.

  25. She better be the enchantress because who the f*** is Darcy in the comics….. No one! It would open the movie up for a conclusion with enchantress reveiling herself halfway through this movie and at the post credits have her getting possessed by surtur which could lead into the balled of beta ray bill ending the trilogy

    • If they make her Amora I will boycott this film.


    • “because who the f*** is Darcy in the comics?” That´s a poor argument. Who´s Eric Selvig in the comics? Nobody complained about him…

      • Eric Selvig was clearly that guy who worked with Bruce Banner on that thing, at the place, you know that science project thing when they interned for Howard Stark……

        • Huh? Did I miss something?

          • I’m just playing the wild speculation game, it’s fun.

      • Darcy is the Elder goddess of the Earth dude – Thor’s super powerful mommy.

        • I don’t see how or why they would try and delve into the subject matter of Gaea. I also don’t see how they would pull of Kat Dennings playing the role without it looking a bit cheesy. Selvig was in the Avengers, but they didn’t turn him into another character so I don’t see why they would do it here except to swerve people.

    • “because who the f*** is Darcy in the comics?” Don’t make me laugh. Who the hell was Phil Coulson in the comics? Both were made by the writer for a purpose. Start complaining about him please.

  26. She didnt bother me. I tend to like comic relief in a movie. Even an epic like Thor.


    Kat Dennings was atrocious in the first one.

    • atrocious is such a strong word….


    • love Kat, and frankly in the comics there was always someone commenting on how hot or big thor was, they are just playing to it, i enjoy her and will do again. i am very unsure of all this god in disguise stuff tho. but i do hoppe that they dont spend the whole movie on earth

    • Yup.


  28. Even though i felt Darcy didn’t really contribute any thing in Thor I will pick her over Jane any day.

  29. It’s a mixed bag here but notice how mostly fan-boys disliked Kat/Darcy in Thor but most of if not all the non-fanboys love her. I’d be considered a “fanboy” but I understand the reason for her character and the way she was portrayed being in the movie.

    • She’s cute, so what. I HATED her.