Rumor Patrol: Doctor Strange May Have A Big Role in ‘Thor 2′

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Dr. Strange Marvel Movie Rumor Patrol: Doctor Strange May Have A Big Role in Thor 2

Before Marvel Studios laid out a crowd-pleasing series of confirmations and announcements during the Iron Man 3 Comic-Con panel in July, rumors ran rampant about the already-confirmed “Phase Two” films. Iron Man 3 was already in production, Thor 2 was getting ready to shoot at the end of summer and Captain America 2 had just gotten its official spring 2014 release date.

We dissected the information making the rounds on potential returning characters and plot points for Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Iron Man 3, but for Thor: The Dark World – seemingly the most mysterious and complex of the three – the rumors and speculation were too convoluted and scattered to make sense of until we learned more, and learned more we might have.

At the time when Mads Mikkelsen was still in the running to play the villain of the Thor sequel, The Playlist podcast discussed a variety of Marvel Studios rumors – from Edgar Wright shooting the post-credits scene for Iron Man 3 to introduce Ant-Man, to returning characters for the Captain America sequel. For Thor: The Dark World, many of the rumors failed to materialize, but some of them are starting to get a little more credence as of late.

Thor The Dark World Logo Wallpaper 570x384 Rumor Patrol: Doctor Strange May Have A Big Role in Thor 2

Mikkelson couldn’t take the villain gig – which many thought would be the character of The Executioner – due to his obligations on the Hannibal TV series. Replacing him is Christopher Eccleston, and that role, as we learned, is for Malekith the Accursed instead. Rumors also had Kat Dennings not returning, but it’s since been confirmed that she is. That’s two inaccuracies which made us skeptical.

Keeping in mind that the title of the film (The Dark World) had yet to be revealed, and the rumors above weren’t accurate, we held off on the biggest rumor of them all: that the Thor sequel would introduce and star Doctor Stephen StrangeThe Playlist claimed that Natalie Portman’s character Jane Foster could be working alongside Dr. Strange in a similar capacity as she did with Stellan Skarsgård’s Dr. Erik Selvig in the first film, and that Strange would be playing a big part in “all three acts” of the film, as opposed to being relegated to a cameo-type introduction. He would play a scientist (he’s a genius neurosurgeon in the comics) and someone who’s deeply interested in Foster’s stories and knowledge about Asgard and Thor.

Dr. Strange Character Art 570x220 Rumor Patrol: Doctor Strange May Have A Big Role in Thor 2

Marvel Studios understandably would want an A-list actor for the part, considering there’s a strong possibility that Strange could get his own solo film in a few years, and introducing him now (in a big way) works wonders for the future of the franchise. Not only does it help boost the appeal of Thor: The Dark World to match post-Avengers expectations – much like Iron Man 3 added Ben Kingsley and Guy Pearce to its roster (along with more budget) – but it lays a strong foundation to establish the Dr. Strange character as a mainstay for the Marvel cinematic universe.

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  1. Rob, didn’t you say that what you initially assumed was the Eye of Agamotto is actually the Warlock’s Eye?

    • Yeah, he did say that (I just re-read the article Rob wrote up last year about the artifacts), but the artifact in the picture above isn’t the Warlock’s Eye, or the Eye Of Agamotto, it’s the ORB of Agamotto.

      • Yeah, both the Warlock’s Eye and Orb are in Odin’s Vault. The image in this post just combines a few of the objects.

  2. Dude seriously? Viggo as Doc Strange, freaking awesome…just freaking awesome.

    • Hell yeah. He’d be amazing.

      • It really is freaking awesome casting! I literally swore the second that pic of Viggo loaded. They do this, and they got me (hell, they already got me!). As much as I’d like to see Edgerton (fellow Aussie!) do well, I really think Viggo has the ‘maturity’ needed to pull the character off.

  3. I was squealing like a little girl while I was reading the article ;)… until it got to the point where it said “He would play a scientist”.

    We already have Stark, Banner, Selvig, Foster and then there Pym and T’Challa (who’ll probably get introduced at some point as well).
    Do all the heroes have to be scientists? Obviously I know that a LOT of the marvel heroes are scientists, but I think Dr Strange should stay a doctor… it’s a big part of his origin IMO.

    Other than that detail, this is amazing news if it turns out to be true!
    I’d like to see Liam Neeson as DS, but Viggo is a pretty awesome choice as well.

    • “He would be a scientist”

      Then it isn’t Doctor Strange. While I wouldn’t rule out cameo, why have him as a scientist when he’s already “Sorcerer Supreme”?

      Scienists Erik Selvig and Darcy Lewis return. If there is another “scientist” or assistant, why not “Donald Blake”?

        • Dr. Strange was a renown genius surgeon who had an accident. In this accident his hands were damaged badly making it impossible for him to operate on anyone. Therefore he travels the world looking for a way to cure his hands, until he ends up in an ancient temple full of mystics where he learns the ways of magic and eventually becomes the sorcerer supreme.

          • thank you very good info,and it fits in the storyline if he has a cameo or plays a bigger part in -thor 2 -.

            • the reason i think it could totally fit in the story line of thor 2 is well, dr strange practically monitors the worlds magic uses and watches over everything and when something goes a bit to wrong he pops in to help out. plus thor and strange are always poppin up in eachothers comics. or atleast the ones from the 60s i been reading. not to mention that strange can travel to different dimensions and worlds almost instantly

    • They can make him a doctor who’s also involved in medical research (which would essentially make him both).

      Viggo Mortenson would be beyond great in the role. I’ve been keen on the idea of Patrick Dempsey getting the job, but I don’t think Marvel could lose with any of the players on the fans’ collective short list (including Cumberbatch (sp), Nesson and Caveziel).

      • There’s some good choices for the role of Strange, personally I’d like to see Cavezeil or Mortenson. I think either of the two would be a great choice.

      • You know what, after you mentioned Dempsey, I have to say that is an awesome idea. Not the biggest fan of his projects (not due to him but the material itself) he is an amazing actor who I believe could do justice to the role.

      • Caveziel! Caveziel! Cumberbatch a GREAT #2!

    • I hope to God they don’t do that. Everything about his character is his Dr. God Complex & his loss & rebirth. Who needs another scientist, I would like to see the movie be a lot like Batman Begins with half the movie focusing on his retreat & training. As bad as it was, I still remember the old tv movie & liking it when I was a kid.

  4. Viggo can do anything, he would be an excellent Stephen Strange. I’m guessing he won’t “become” the sorceror supreme until his solo film, seems odd to have his origin in Thor:TDW. At the end he’ll probably end up with the orb of agamotto in the post-credits scene, leading to a Dr. Strange film.

    I still think he would be a great Starlord, and be the headliner that film needs, like others have said… an anchor. He has a distinctive raspy voice that they’d need behind the helmet. Much like Tom Hardy as Bane, acted with his eyes, Viggo could use his voice well, more like Hugo Weaving in V for vendetta.

    • “At the end he’ll probably end up with the orb of agamotto in the post-credits scene, leading to a Dr. Strange film.”

      I would be thrilled if this ends up being the case. Tell his origin IN Thor so we can skip it in his own solo movie. That would be genius.

      • Theres so much story to tell in THOR 2, is there even room for a Dr. Strange origin? It would be nice to get right into the action in his solo film though.

        • I was thinking more of just introducing his human character and build on that then in the post-credits scene, like you said, he finds the orb or some how comes into possessing it. Then, in the Dr. Strange movie, show the Dr. Strange origin, ie him learning his powers and such ala batman begins.

          • That’s probably the Marvel plan.

          • That doesn’t sound right to me. As a doctor he was completely self-absorbed, so to have him participate at all in any heroics would go against the whole origin story. It’s not just “he gets magical powers.”

            I hope they just have him in there as Dr. Strange. Trying to connect an origin to the story sounds like too much. It’s Thor, for Asgards sake. If you’re going to have magical realms and mystical elves, an earthbound sorcerer won’t be out of place. Get into the origin later. In the comics his first adventure didn’t have any origin or explanation.

            On a side note, the first time I saw BB, the scene with Bruce climbing those snowy mountains made me immediately think of Doctor Doom and Dr. Strange.

            • He could play a self serving part of a team though.

              • Sure, or any other wild supposition.

                • Well I wouldn’t say any…

                  I’d expect some shoehorning may be required to get him on screen, but I trust Marvel will treat his origins just as fairly as the characters so far.

              • I see Dr. Strange getting sucked into the happenings because he senses, probably powerfully, something going on in the “mystical realm.” “BY THE ELBOW OF THE VISHANTI!” and such. So if he’s there with Jane Foster, as a neurosurgeon, then it’s a cover. He’s really there because he’s Dr. Strange. Or Darcy could take Jane to an alleged “mystic” in Greenwich Village to contact Thor. There could be initial skepticism on Jane’s part.

                Dr. Strange’s origin took years of training. He isn’t bitten by a radioactive charm bracelet. There’s no way to fit his origin into this movie chronologically. They can just have Dr. Sevig make reference to what an A-hole he was a long time ago, how he had a career ending accident, then disappeared, now he’s some charleton in Greenwich Village, etc.

                That said, an older actor would be suitable if they depict a full-blown Master of Mystic arts.

                I like the idea of Dr. Strange being in this. I wasn’t crazy about Thor, so to me it’s a welcome addition. In Iron Man II I never liked the idea of War Machine. But this could work. Or not. But it could.

                • I don’t see how feigning co-operation, if it serves his personal interest would negate his anti-moral stature pre-sorcery? If you can clear that up?

                  • ^Sorry was meant to post this a few comments back…

                  • Sambo, I’m not sure what you are saying, or if you know the origin of Dr. Strange. Wikipedia gives a nice summary, although it doesn’t really convey the story as well as the original Stan Lee, Steve Ditko telling.

                    Dr. Strange doesn’t serve his own interests generally. If he feigns co-operation it’s probably for a higher, good purpose.

                    His origin involves a dramatic change of character and years of training. All of this would take place over some period of time. It wouldn’t fit into a two-hour movie that is highlighting another character. He doesn’t simply discover magic.

                    However, and most would agree, Marvel did a pretty weak job of Thor’s character transformation. I hope they don’t try that with Dr. Strange.

                    • o.k. I hit up wiki.

                      So this would be an example of what I was proposing.

                      Say Strange crashes his car and busts up his hands, he searches the globe for cures and hears of some kind of relic that may be able to heal him, but in seeking it out he finds out that Shield have it under lock and key.

                      He hears that Shield are seeking a neurosurgeon to study and interpret brain dissection data collated from the autopsies of dead Chitauri, and to work with Selvig, who is studying the Chitauri weapons for reverse engineering, to better understand ‘whats out there’. Strange seeks the job, feigning co-operation, when really, the whole time he is just trying to steal the relic when no one is looking.

                      Selvig grows suspicious of Strange, Shield gives him the boot, and puts the relic beyond his reach forever, defying him the potential cure for his hands.

                      Strange is angrier than ever, goes back to searching for cures around the world, and Thor 2 finishes.

                      The Dr. Strange film gets released in Phase 3, and the character is developed through the next 2 or 3 Phases slowly gestating into the sorcerer supreme.

  5. I think David Tennant should play Dr Strange

    • ^ this

  6. i swear, the marvel unverse is becoming the biggest thing in movirs ever. If Doctor stange was introduced in thor i would be ecstatic. i cant wait to see if it happens and how it turns out.

  7. Aragorn!!!! This is too cool to be true. Hope it happens

  8. I think in some ways, Thor 2 has to suffer from a bit of the Iron Man 2 syndrome mainly because Thor is the conduit for all the cosmic stuff that is being hinted at as being the main storyline of phase 2. Therefore, they’re just going to have to deal with that, and we’re going to have to accept it. It can’t be Cap, because he has his own stuff with the SHIELD and Winter Soldier stuff, and Iron Man 3 is doing his own thing so, it’s Thor by default. Also, they need Dr. Strange to show up eventually. He’s a very important connecting character. He opens up all the additional occult and fantasy aspects that can play into future storylines. He should be an older actor, someone with heft and real acting chops. He can’t come off too cheesy because it’s very easy to go cheesy with Doc S. Yeah, I know, there’s already way too many scientists/doctors/genius types in the MCU.

  9. i’m surprised noone has mentioned nathan fillion for the role haha

    • hahaha no never : )

    • And prevent him from playing star lord?! how dare you suggest such blasphemy?! how DARE you?!

      • no no no. “We” already have Viggo earmarked to play Star-Lord!

  10. good news on the marvel front,very good news. i like the idea to introduce him in -thor 2-, because his character fits good in the thor movies. at least he is also a mystical person.

  11. I know Neeson’s name gets tossed around for about every role it seems, but he’d be great. I think Jason Issacs could pull it off. Plus he’s already played a wizard/sorcerer!!!

    • No offense, but Keaneau Reeves can not pull off Doc Strange. He might have a little of the look but no way does he have the genuine intensity or acting chops to pull off a character like that. Plus I don’t think Dr. Strange would ever say “Dude”. For that matter, Patrick Dempsey is too vanilla for the role as well. I want to see a heavyweight play the role!

  12. Neeson would of course be great, but it is too obvious a choice. Hugh Laurie would be great, as would Benedict Cumberbatch if they cast the role a little younger.

    However, if it’s Mortensen, well, that is just brilliant. He is on of the hardest working actors, not to mention one of the best actors, in Hollywood today.

  13. I hope he won’t be in it. I hate him so much.

    He’s just a terible character, IMHO.

    • Care to give a reason?

  14. When i think Dr. Strange, immeadately a better name comes to mind, The Dredd Dormammu.

  15. Aiden Gillen would make a good Dr. Strange, and Thor 2 is the Game of Thrones director…

    • Love Aiden Gillen. I’d have no issues with him in a Marvel flick.

  16. I think Viggo Mortensen would be a perfect Strange!!
    And Thor is the right movie to introduce “magical/mystical” elements and characters into MCU.
    Setting him up for a solo movie by introducing him in Thor 2, I think it’s brilliant.

    I really want them to be able to sing on Viggo for this role *fingers crossed*

  17. Connecting Dr. Strange to Asgard would be really cool. How about Strange unlocks his sorcerer powers from Odin’s vault? I know it wasn’t that way in the comics but it would make Dr. Strange closer connected to MCU.

    Also great call on Viggo Mortensen as Dr. Strange. Awesome casting choice.

    • I would be opposed to that simply because having the eye doesn’t give him his powers. He learned the magical arts through years of training with “The Ancient One.

      I wouldn’t however have a problem with Odin awarding Strange one of his most powerful artifacts from the vault.

      • Maybe his origin will be similar in all ways except for how he acquires the Eye and he will be already trained and empowered for his quest for it.

  18. If Viggo doesn’t do this, I could happily see him as Vandal Savage, if WB/DC ever get their act together that is!

  19. Viggo is perfect but he’s 53

    • That’s not really a problem though.

      Dr Strange has always come across as someone in his forties/fifties anyway: with his high standing position in the medical field and the gray around his temples.

      Plus, DS’s powers aren’t based/reliant on his physique. He uses magic and illusions – he doesn’t really run around and punch people all that often 😉

    • Which might actually be a perfect age for Strange, actually. He is not a young man.

    • Sorry but no, just no. While I have nothing against Dempsey, he just doesn’t have the commanding stage presence and voice necessary to pull off the role convincingly. The first time he utters the incantation, “I bind you with the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak”, I would be laughing (as would the rest of the audience)

  20. Not buying Edgerton as Strange. Would rather see Mortenson in the role. But I think Daniel Day-Lewis would make the perfect Strange.

  21. viggo would be awesome, would luv to see him in a superman film as one of supes villians, i still think ed norton would be a great doc. strange or johnny depp would be fun and different as doctor strange and viggo as the villain in his solo movie.

  22. Adrien Brody. Nuff said.

  23. Doctor Strange is my all time fav character, Marvel should either do him right with proper origin or not at all.

    I want to see his training with the wise one and maybe Mordred too, but he’s got to have the arrogant surgeon origin or it simply isn’t him…. and I’d be very disappointed if they screwed Strange up.. VERY disappointed. Marvel would hear me scream.

  24. Charlie Sheen…….

    • winning

  25. Hugh Laurie can make an awesome Doctor Strange. How is that sound ?

  26. I about smacked my cousin up side the head. He said George Clooney should play him. He does have the hair though. Agh! What am I thinking.

  27. this is s*** reporting. just cause you have some crazy fan theory on the perfect characters for a movie doesn’t qualify it as news worth reporting and meaninglessly discussing