Rumor Patrol: Doctor Strange May Have A Big Role in ‘Thor 2′

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Dr. Strange Marvel Movie Rumor Patrol: Doctor Strange May Have A Big Role in Thor 2

Before Marvel Studios laid out a crowd-pleasing series of confirmations and announcements during the Iron Man 3 Comic-Con panel in July, rumors ran rampant about the already-confirmed “Phase Two” films. Iron Man 3 was already in production, Thor 2 was getting ready to shoot at the end of summer and Captain America 2 had just gotten its official spring 2014 release date.

We dissected the information making the rounds on potential returning characters and plot points for Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Iron Man 3, but for Thor: The Dark World – seemingly the most mysterious and complex of the three – the rumors and speculation were too convoluted and scattered to make sense of until we learned more, and learned more we might have.

At the time when Mads Mikkelsen was still in the running to play the villain of the Thor sequel, The Playlist podcast discussed a variety of Marvel Studios rumors – from Edgar Wright shooting the post-credits scene for Iron Man 3 to introduce Ant-Man, to returning characters for the Captain America sequel. For Thor: The Dark World, many of the rumors failed to materialize, but some of them are starting to get a little more credence as of late.

Thor The Dark World Logo Wallpaper 570x384 Rumor Patrol: Doctor Strange May Have A Big Role in Thor 2

Mikkelson couldn’t take the villain gig – which many thought would be the character of The Executioner – due to his obligations on the Hannibal TV series. Replacing him is Christopher Eccleston, and that role, as we learned, is for Malekith the Accursed instead. Rumors also had Kat Dennings not returning, but it’s since been confirmed that she is. That’s two inaccuracies which made us skeptical.

Keeping in mind that the title of the film (The Dark World) had yet to be revealed, and the rumors above weren’t accurate, we held off on the biggest rumor of them all: that the Thor sequel would introduce and star Doctor Stephen StrangeThe Playlist claimed that Natalie Portman’s character Jane Foster could be working alongside Dr. Strange in a similar capacity as she did with Stellan Skarsgård’s Dr. Erik Selvig in the first film, and that Strange would be playing a big part in “all three acts” of the film, as opposed to being relegated to a cameo-type introduction. He would play a scientist (he’s a genius neurosurgeon in the comics) and someone who’s deeply interested in Foster’s stories and knowledge about Asgard and Thor.

Dr. Strange Character Art 570x220 Rumor Patrol: Doctor Strange May Have A Big Role in Thor 2

Marvel Studios understandably would want an A-list actor for the part, considering there’s a strong possibility that Strange could get his own solo film in a few years, and introducing him now (in a big way) works wonders for the future of the franchise. Not only does it help boost the appeal of Thor: The Dark World to match post-Avengers expectations – much like Iron Man 3 added Ben Kingsley and Guy Pearce to its roster (along with more budget) – but it lays a strong foundation to establish the Dr. Strange character as a mainstay for the Marvel cinematic universe.


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  1. That would be cool. And probably the best way to interweave his mystical powers into the Marvel Movie Universe.Hope it happens.

  2. I want Viggo Mortensen back in the spotlight! He is an awesome actor and I think is very underrated.

    • That picture at the top of the second page looks an awful lot like Mads Mikkelsen that would be awesome if he was dr.strange probably the best choice. *sigh* one can dream…

  3. I really hope this rumor is true. Dr. Strange is a great character, and his magic powers would make him diverse among all the other alien-gifted or mutant superheroes. Plus, Strange has a unique personality of being cool and collected, rather than being cocky and jokey or brooding and complex. I’d love to see him get his own film.

  4. Awesome. Read the guys twitter earlier and I hope this is true. Loki was a magic user in the first Thor movie. Now Malekith, so it would be perfect for him to be introduced in The Dark World. He wont feel left out.

  5. I love Doctor Strange and am all for this, but I agree with some of the comments from the podcasts that Thor 2 is going to suffer from Iron Man 2 syndrome. You got Thor 2 trying to go by its own story and fleshing out new and old characters while introducing the cosmic side of Marvel which includes Guardians of the Galaxy and Thanos has to be referenced. I think they’re going a little overboard but out of the 3 solo sequels Thor 2 I’m looking forward to most.

  6. maybe its for a role in Guardians of the galaxy….he would work as Vance Astro well if he’s in the movie

    Regardless i love him as a choice on any marvel movie…you can’t go wrong with a habs fan like him :)

    • He’s a habs fan?

      I can respect that as a Canadian :)

      And ya, putting him in Guardians would be brilliant to help sell it.

      • apparently he was wearing a habs jersey under his costume throughout the filming of lord of the rings….

        and yes the guardians need one or more big star to sell the movie to the average movie goer

        i dont think they would use him as star lord since it looks like they are going back to him having blond hair again

  7. Uu guys finally put it up, buy what bout the red skull rumor?

  8. Good news if true….I really want a Dr. Strange movie….I think he has a potential like Ironman to really gain popularity once he gets a movie.

    I’d love to have Viggo on board as Strange, though when I saw those rumors on Wardell’s twitter I thought it was more likely he’d join CapTWS as Doctor Faustus or maybe not as likely Baron Zemo.

    Faustus is a psychiatrist, and tries to defeat those who appose him by breaking their minds because he is no physical threat. He manipulates people minds, usually to kill themselves, but it wouldnt be a stretch to think he could turn Bucky into a deadly assassin to fight Cap. It would really make sense to have him be the reason why Bucky becomes the winter Soldier in the MCU. It’s better than amnesia for the reason Bucky becomes the Winter Soldier in my opinion. Viggo would kill this role.

    But I’d gladly take him as Strange instead.

    • It’s very possible and we’ve been saying the same chatting about it behind-the-scenes. I’ve added that in at the end.

  9. It’d be sweet if Mads could come back as the good doctor. I know he can’t but it’d be cool.

  10. liam neeson for doctor strange

  11. Viggo mortensen would be a excellent pick for the role of Dr strange. He would have been a pretty good Ras Al Ghul as well. Hope marvel doesn’t screw it up and is able 2 land him for the role of the supreme sorcerer.

  12. This would make my day. NAY! my year! Doctor Strange, along with Black Panther, are two of marvels characters most deserving of movie adaptions. If Doctor Strange is confirmed for this movie I will preorder a ticket for the midnight release IMMEDIATELY!

  13. I can see Viggo playing Doctor Strange, but if that doesn’t pan out, I’d like to see Jeffery Donovan (from Burn Notice) to play him. He wouldn’t be a bad choice either.

    • Yeah mr michael Weston is awesome just add in an voice over about how to build things I would watch him but viggo seems the better pick

  14. Dr. Strange has a great back story and origin. A Dr. Strange film is right up Guillermo Del Toro’s alley and I expect there to be significant interest in bringing Del Toro into the fold somehow.

    The man’s plate is as full as can be though, but if he took the personal interest in it as he did with Hellboy, I could see it happening.

    Folding him into the current Avengers universe could work just fine, given the proper treatment, and I would welcome such and addition big time.

    Introducing the mystical element into the current Marvel movie universe could open up a can of worms or be a welcome touch. We shall see…

  15. I never even thought of Viggo being in a Marvel movie. He is an incredibly good actor. I had always thought Liam Neeson would be the only one and when Viggo was mentioned, heck yes all the way.

  16. i just can’t see viggo as strange.

    • I can. He has both the general look and the gravitas to pull it off.

  17. I think Vigo mortensen would make a great doctor strange but I wouldn’t mind seeing Liam Neeson play him because it’s hard to find a Liam Neeson movie that he isn’t good in. I watched Hellboy a few weeks ago and liked it lots I think Del Toro would be a great choice of director for a strange flick.

    • The problem with Liam Neeson as Doctor Strange is that Neeson played Ras in The Dark Knight. At first, you might think it as an apple to an orange. Now think about the comics origins of Doctor Strange, and the “new origin” of Batman in Begins and compare.

  18. ¡¡¡Cool Rumor!!!

  19. Jon Hamm should do Dr. Strange! He’s got the looks, acting chops, and charisma!

  20. Yeah, Jon Hamm would be good, since he has the look, acting chops, and gravitas necessary.

    I also think Patrick Dempsey, who has lobbied for the role, would be a good choice as far as the right look goes, though I’m not familiar enough with his acting and range to comment otherwise.

  21. Viggo as Strange? Not my first choice, but I still like it, would love to see John Cusack and Patrick Dempsey (who actually wants the part).

    I think Viggo would have the voice (if they altered it a bit to make it sound more robotic) for Ultron. Or as the role of Giant Man/Ant Man. Not saying he couldn’t do it, I think he is a great actor, and is underrated, just I think that Dempsey would be the best for the role, mostly because of it seems that he is passionate about it.

  22. viggo would be awesome as strange

  23. In my opinion, I would like to see James Caviezel as Dr. Strange. I think he could pull it off. He currently stars in “Person of Interest” on CBS.

  24. Viggo Mortensen would be good as Doctor Strange.

    But my first choice is Benedict Cumberbatch! Him and Steven Moffat (Doctor Who writer AND co-creator of Sherlock) visited Marvel back in May 2012.

    Here’s a pic:

    • I put him down on my list of Ant-Man candidates but I do think Marvel needs to get Mr. Cumberbatch in one of these major roles. He could totally pull off a younger Strange working with Jane Foster.

      • I agree!! Cumberbatch has shown he can do the brainy hero with style. Perfect for Stephen Strange.

        Isn’t Thor 2 filming in England? Benedict Cumberbatch is a Brit. He can ride bus to the set. One of those red doubledecker jobs. Put him in his Doctor Strange cape on the upper deck. Cue the music……. ACTION!!

  25. If that Wardell guy is the real deal then Marvel has a Black Panther script already worked out but they just aren’t sure of his marketability as a solo film, which is total BS

    • I agree that not having a Black Panther movie in production, not having a director and actors attached to the film (at least) by now, total BS.

      Black Panther is, to me, one of the greatest heroes in Marvel, who said that he couldn’t be marketable? Before IM, IM’s comic sales were nothing in comparison to Hulk Xmen and Spiderman, but after IM, the comics sold better then the ones just mentioned, so why not include Black Panther?

      If the tagline to Black Panther was something like “An Avengers Movie Tie-in” then there would be no way the movie would be “Too risky”. People would read that, and know that this guy is the real deal and then buy a ticket, just by reading a tag-line.

  26. Frank Grillo from The Grey and Warrior would be my first choice. He’s a damn fine actor who could be a major star. I’d rather Viggo play the commissioner in Nemesis. The artist obviously used him as a visual reference.

  27. In my opinion Patrick Dempsey, James Caviezel, and Benedict Cumberbatch all would be great for the role. But Vigo doesn’t fit well for the part. As for Neeson if he where to appear in the Thor movie he would potentially steal Odinson’s thunder.

  28. I could possibly see Viggo play the role but he would be a bit on the scruffier side. It’s unfortunate however that “we” have collectively decided Viggo will be playing Star-Lord in the upcoming GotG movie ;)

    Liam Neeson is the best possible choice to play the Sorcerer Supreme, imho.

    • much as I love liam, he’s too old. especially if they want to make a solo movie series out of doctor strange

      • But the good doctor isn’t exactly a young guy. (note he is always portrayed with perpetually grey temples). I believe the character is also supposed to be in his 80′s and is prolonging his life through magical means.

        Add to that that if Sir Kellan (age 73), Michael Gambon (age 72) AND Christopher Lee (age 90…that’s NINETY) can ALL manage to play wizards, then Neeson shouldn’t have a problem playing the role for a long time. ;)

  29. I want Viggo as Dr Srange, I think he can pul it off after I watched A Dangerous Method, I think its time he gets a major role bcos he is an incredibly actor, if he isn’t Dr Strange, he could be up for Dr Faustus. I’m still not interested in a. black Panther film unless they film it in Africa.