‘Game of Thrones’ Director Alan Taylor Now Helming ‘Thor 2′

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Alan Taylor Thor 2 Director Game of Thrones Director Alan Taylor Now Helming Thor 2

Three weeks ago we learned that Monster director Patty Jenkins would no longer be stepping into Kenneth Branagh’s shoes to helm Thor 2. Shortly thereafter, as more details poured out on situation, fingers pointed towards Marvel Studios as the source of the controversy, indicating that they had fired her from the job, much to the displeasure of Natalie Portman, who was an advocate of Jenkins getting the gig in the first place.

Jenkins marks yet another names joining the quickly growing list of directors separating with the studio over “creative differences.” Marvel, in a hurry to lockdown a replacement, reportedly had TV directors Alan Taylor and Daniel Minahan on their shortlist, both of whom worked on Game of Thrones. As it turns out, one of them got the gig.

Heimdall, the all-seeing gatekeeper of Asgard Deadline has the scoop which reports that Marvel has decided on Alan Taylor to fill the Thor 2 director’s chair.

Taylor’s resume primarily consists of TV work, directing key episodes in a variety of top tier programs including Boardwalk Empire, Rome, Mad Men, The Sopranos, Lost, and most recently, five of the first 12 episodes of Game of Thrones. It’s the latter that earned the eye of Marvel and hence, his first big budget feature film with Thor 2.

The sequel is again on track for its pushed-back release date of November 2013, where Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston both return after their stint as Thor and Loki, respectively, in next year’s The Avengers. Natalie Portman is also contracted to return and we can expect the rest of our favorite Asgardian heroes to return as well.

As for Jenkins, when news first broke of her departure, it was on good terms with word that Marvel was considering her to direct another movie down the road, one that wouldn’t be a sequel. Whether that remains true, we’ll just have to see. Perhaps she’ll be in charge in one of the mystery movies coming from Marvel Studios in 2014?

Thor 2 hits theaters in the on November 15, 2013.


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Source: Deadline

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  1. This, is good news.

    • SHATNER COMMAS: Oddly placed commas that don’t seem to serve any actual purpose in punctuation, but make it look like you should take odd pauses, as William Shatner does when delivering lines.


      When, we get to, the restaurant, we should, order some, tasty, beverages.

      • Christian,

        Really? Anything to add about, you know, the actual NEWS?


        • Oh no, I see the grammar police are at it again.

          Judging by what he’s been working on this news bodes well. Until we hear he’s left the project for some innocent reason ;)

          • At the end of the day it’s a marvel film and it will be another tame cautious film where they take no risks and try to appeal to every one..Man. it is Good. I am beautiful woman and int;erracial romance is my dream.so I joined Bl-ack-whi-te’Pla-net.C0Mit’s a co;mmunity to co;nnect with beautiful and nice people! You wanna get laid tonight? Maybe you wanna check it out.The nudity in Game of Thrones had little to do with the directors at all. The main factors were the book was highly very mature reading and of course the most important factor is that it was an HBO series where nudity is basically required.

            • you had me at “beautiful woman and int;erracial romance is my dream” and then lost me at “Bl-ack-whi-te’Pla-net.C0Mit’”

              Vic, please drop the BanHammer ten fold, this constant reminder still haunts me of what couldv’e been.

      • Where?

        • Think he’s talking about lastdragon’s comment: “This, is good news.” Not your article. :-)

          • Oh wow, even worse, lol.

      • Without an edit feature you have GOT to give people a little leeway. I make spelling and grammatical errors ALL the time and only get away with 100% on a forum post about half the time so give people a break ;)

      • more like…

        “This news, i like it! ANOTHER!!” *smashes laptop*

  2. I guess this means there will be a lot of unnecessary nudity jammed into the next Thor

    • Nudity is never unnecessary, my dear BMW.

      • Touché

        • Nudity and Natalie Portman in the same movie? Why, this ones gonna be even more fun than the first!

      • I guess you must have missed the last Conan movie. The nudity was there to get an R rating and it looked like it.

    • That really doesn’t make sense. The nudity in Game of Thrones had little to do with the directors at all. The main factors were the book was highly very mature reading and of course the most important factor is that it was an HBO series where nudity is basically required.

      At the end of the day it’s a marvel film and it will be another tame cautious film where they take no risks and try to appeal to every one.

      • Agreed. Pre-Avengers films (with the exception of IronMan&TIH) have been pretty tame & lame. I was hoping post avengers they would stretch the creative muscles but it looking like these films will serve as a bridge for theAvengers given their choice in directors.

      • Umm… no. If you’ve watched Game of Thrones you know that almost every scene with sex/nudity seems tacked on and completely unnecessary, marring an otherwise excellent product. That’s not due to the director, however. It is due to it being a pay-cable show that increases its market by appealing to prurient interests.

  3. Well I can agree with the Artistic craving of really going all out with an “Adult version of THOR and the Asgardians. It would be great for HBO..but alas were trying to make a *better film for the General Domestic /International audiances we cater too.. So..to continue and improve on the character and solo universe he inhabits. The concentration should focus on the Writer and Story. Unlike Ironman..who Mr. Downy thinks the first one was so great..when you study the film,it was simple and relied mostly on improv and Mr. Downy’s personality. THOR isn’t set in the regular world atmosphere. So being a Rich -Smartass won’t work here…
    It’s got to have a Story and plot in which Thor’s personality comes through, why He’s the Hero’s Hero. A Monumental problem that brings forth the power and courageous attitude of THOR. The simple /direct dialog that is used in Ironman is good for Ironman. The lone gun ..thing works for improv and Robert Downey. Ken brought forth Thor to the modern public admist all the negative comments made by people not working with the studio and by some working with the studio. He also had to plug in the Avengers and other character intro’s.. not easy.
    We may have short memories but at the time..fantasy pSuperheros weren’t the flavor of the moment. Nolan’s Batman and Ironman actually started conversations about Thor, Ironman can’t really be in the same room.. alas smarter heads thought better than personal preferences. There was the ‘Making the Asgardians Aliens thang ..that I didn’t approve of.. for future Thor characters..Hercules, Zeus, Olympus..etc..etc..That type of reasoning wouldn’t hold up if you say all ‘Earths Patheons were somehow aliens related.

    THOR 2′s ultimate mission is to go beyond the introduction phase with a good Director and great script..
    We got the Director ..let’s get a great script…Disney/Marvel Studios have got to go foward with Thor in a great way. There’s a large LOTR , Game of Thrones, Clash of the Titans and Spartecus Audiance out there that would easily attach itself to the character. It’s just gotta be done right…Thor’s rich in characters and history..there’s really no excuse but to present a great 2nd-3rd and 4th film


    • Agree! Methinks ’tis about damn time the Odinson step forth and become a huge franchise for Marvel. Thor1 was entertaining, albeit the story-telling is a little old fashioned, but enough of the avengers prologue…it’s time to make a THOR MOVIE worthy of the God of Thunder! Show us battles with trolls led by Ulik! Unleash the billion-billion beings strength of Magog! Seduce us with the ever alluring Enchantress with Skurge the Executioner at her side. And most of all…usher in the end of days…RAGNAROK with the elder demon-god SURTUR! All these for Thor 2! Hahaha…well, maybe Thor 2 and 3? Come on Marvel…Step up! Thor1 was a little mediocre (even if I did enjoy myself), but even then it was very profitable, which shows that Thor has an audience. Now, entertain us!

    • Agree on the fact that they have to put the focus on THOR in Thor 2. And make it all feel less “advanced alien” and more “otherworldy beings” — i.e. it would be awesome if they put a LOTR and Game Of Thrones spin on Thor 2 (IMO)

      What I don’t get is… why are you tactfully/secretly bashing Iron Man and RDJ in this comment?

  4. Thor is a Superhero first .
    You need to mix the story with Asgard and Midgard to make it successful.

    • Thor is actually an asgardian warrior and Heir to the throne first. Superhero’ing is more like a hobby to him. Like glass bottle boats or model airplanes.

  5. Awesome, he worked on Rome? Rome was awesome, he didn’t direct that terrible “boo hoo for the serial killer” movie Monster? Alright, I’m optimistic about Thor 2…

  6. By Crom’s blood!!!! Finally some news on Thor!!!!

  7. Thor is my favorite superhero movie.
    Game of throne is my favorite tv show.
    And this news is awesome.

  8. Good luck, Alan Taylor. I hope you deliver us an awesome Thor movie!

  9. Tra8, i don’t understand all the hatred toward RDJ and ironman in a new post about Thor. did RDJ steal your girlfriend or something? it just seems no matter the conversation, you post something negative about ironman. i just find it puzzling.

  10. Glad they got a director to get Thor 2 started. As a fan of the first Thor, it will be intresting to see what will happen. Mabye how he gets back to earth before the Avengers.

    • They’ll obviously explain how Thor gets back to earth in The Avengers

      It probably has a lot to with the main plot of the movie (the teseract/cosmic cube)

      And they’ve already said that Thor 2 will take place after The Avengers (Thor takes Loki back to Asgard to stand before Odin… in Thor 2, we’ll probably see Loki escaping and wrecking havoc on Asgard and the nine realms)

  11. The guy doesn’t really have enough experience to direct a multi-million dollar movie…. so I’m a little skeptical.

    Still, I’m crossing thumbs, I hope this guy can give the fans what they want.

  12. As far as Thor getting back to earth they will use the Cosmic Cube. However for us long time Thor fans we know that Thors hammer has the ability to travel back and forth through dimentions. And it used to be able to travel through time and space. However the time travel enchantment was removed. He could still pop over to Asgard or Hell, or Jupiter if he wanted to. Perhaps odin will add these enchantments

    • Ah, someone else who knows the character! Unfortunately Marvel has been powering down Thor for a long time. They fail to realize that for him to succeed, his powers _must_ be god like. Currently they are too wimpish and misguided to even call him the god of thunder.

  13. Wow..
    No Gentlemen..no hatred towards Ironman or RDJ..
    He couldn’t steal my girlfriend..not Big enough ..and you can take that in everyway..LOL!

    I’m just trying to getting on the Thor Train …
    Once again there was a time when..if certain People had their way ..We wouldn’t have a Thor film. They expressed themselves at every turn on how people couldn’t,wouldn’t relate to a Norse Mythological character. How the “Real World aspect was the best way for CBM’s to go. Think of all the characters you wouldn’t be able to see if this personal preference was adapted. That’s all I’m saying..It’s hard to accept this theory when other Studios are making “Clash of the Titans, Immortals, Conan, somehow that’s Ok..but God forbid Marvel actually makes the Asgardians of old myth. Marvels audiances won’t accept mythological characters..that’s what was being pushed by certain people. Plus I see the jealousy with Thor by other Actors when it comes Thor. He’s the Top Dog!!!

    Nuff said,
    Bully for Thor..
    Gentlemen Let’s go to work..FOR ASGARD!

    • “I’m not hating on RDJ, and I’m going to prove that point by making fun of his size.”

      I have no idea what the whole argument here is, that’s between you and those people you’re replying to, but that was freakin’ classic…

  14. IM2 fell seriously short of the quality of IM. I am hoping Thor2 will not make the same mistake. I hope it wont just be “filler”. I also hope it will answer alot of my questions about Asgard. For example, why are a race of warriors trying to make peace with the frostgiants, who seem to be nothing more than a race of big blue monster people who live on an icy blue planet, with nothing to do but fight? With whom does Asgard fight anyway? Are all their enemies light years away? Why does a race of advanced alien warriors, who can travel light years thru space, wage war with medieval weapons? They are supposedly more advanced than earthlings, yet they have no laser weapons. Hell, they apparently dont even have gunpowder. I am not bashing, I enjoyed Thor alot, but I have questions. Avenger, I will check back later for your formally outlined, well researched answer. :)

    • Actually, I have no “formally outlined, well researched answer”, because I completely agree. I have those questions as well.
      That’s the main thing about ‘Thor’ (the movie) that I didn’t like: the Asgardians were basically ADVANCED ALIENS in the movie (BIG mistake).
      They needed to make ‘Thor’ more like the comics: with magic, old castles, horses that can fly, etc. NOT “science that hasn’t been explained yet”, high tech buildings, etc.

      And I, just as you yourself, am really hoping they bring Thor back to his origin (the comics) in the sequel: with more magic (Loki and the Enchantress) and a different setting (to make it feel a little more like the comics – kinda like LOTR or Game Of Thrones)

      • I also like the idea of Thor being done like LOTR, but,(as SR asked about a year or so ago), how would that merge with the high tech world of IM and subsequently ,The Avengers?

        • My question is: Why does the elements have to merge!?
          That’s the whole thing.
          In the comics all these elements DON’T merge (and there’s nothing wrong with that).

          Even though they made Thor more “alien” than “god”, there’s still a HUGE amount of difference between Iron Man and Thor (and there always will be) – so in the Avengers, I can assure you, there’s gonna be a lot of awkward tension and remarks in relation to the members of the team (a genius, 2 assassins, a god/alien, a green monster and a super-soldier)
          So IMO, they might as well do it right (make Thor a LITTLE bit more like LOTR or something) and have that awkward tension between the different elements (it makes it more believable and funny IMO)

  15. Ken J !
    That’s real talk Baby!
    I comment on many sites..never slander another opinion..some People like Brocolli…it takes all kinds..
    Keep your Bromance..

    But when someone takes a shot, to look cool to the masses..and then shoot at the Manhood at that..WHOA FELLA! Keep it Pro…

    Happyman is only saying what I was saying. The Nolan, Favure robots can have their opinions about the culture of CBM’s and the type of characters they think work or don’t…
    I just offered the other side of that Coin..It’s not about RDJ, the Ironman character. It was about seeing a CBM with Characters that actually(In the Film) have super powers. There’s nothing wrong with Street level characters..but there’s nothing wrong with superpowered ones either.

    That was it..do the Homework..certain People, publiclly politiced against Thor..I’m not making it up..Do the research..Jeff Kelly said I was negative to RDJ..well wasn’t some people negative to the Thor film concept too? And not just Zack Synder..Some in the fold also…
    They said the G.A. wouldn’t accept the concept. I got pissed when Feige bought into that opinion and made them Aliens! With the bail out of saying they were advanced beings…

    Just the facts Man, just the facts.

    • @Tra8

      Um, in case you didn’t notice it the first time:

      “I have no idea what the whole argument here is, that’s between you and those people you’re replying to, but that was freakin’ classic…”

      I don’t know what you are trying to argue, or who you’re arguing with, and I really couldn’t care less to be honest, so save your opinions, I honestly don’t know or care what you are arguing about. Just wanted to point out one funny ironic thing you said. So don’t assume I’m on the opposite side of the argument, or on your side of the argument, I’m on neither. I don’t know what you’re blabbering on about and I honestly don’t care. Get it? Good, so don’t go ranting at me about whatever topic it is you were blabbering about just now, I didn’t read that anyway and not going to read any in the future so don’t waste your time. :-)

    • Look dude, I agree about the Thor-thing (they should make it more “mythological” and less “alien”), but you just bashed RDJ again!

      I don’t get why you think it’s okay to bash RDJ because some people were bashing the idea of a Thor movie a few years ago…

  16. Tell ya what. Why dont we just enjoy the flicks. I know i am.