‘Thor 2′ Casting Adds Asgardian’s God of War; Hints At Much More

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Tyr Asgard God of War Thor 2 Thor 2 Casting Adds Asgardians God of War; Hints At Much More

Four of the upcoming five Marvel Studios productions with confirmed release dates are sequels to established properties and of them, Thor: The Dark World may have the most complicated story to tell. Due to its otherworldly origins, the Thor comic has its own rich continuity and large array of characters based on Norse mythology to draw from, and from the sounds of it, director Alan Taylor is attempting to explore much of it in his first big budget feature film.

Even if we ignore rumors about a Dr. Strange appearance in Thor 2, the film will attempt to introduce other realms and new villains into the cinematic universe. The latest news about the sequel has UK actors Richard Brake and Clive Russell joining Thor: The Dark World as Asgardian characters who may help the titular hero against his newfound foes.

Deadline has the scoop that Brake and Russell will play an Asgardian soldier and Tyr, respectively. Brake (pictured below) will play a captain in Asgard’s elite Einherjar (an army of dead warriors in the mythology), who in the comics team with Thor on several occasions, most notably with the U.S. military to defend Earth against an assault by Surtur and his fire demons (keep this in mind). This fact harkens back to early casting calls we covered which indicated the production was looking for actors and stunt people who are comfortable or trained in using fire to play “warriors” which hint at fire demons playing a part in the film.

Richard Brake Thor 2 Casting Adds Asgardians God of War; Hints At Much More

Richard Brake (Doom, Batman Begins)

Knowing that Christopher Eccleston is playing Malekith the Accursed, and from casting reports for extras, it’s plausible that Surtur and his Fire Giants from the realm of Muspelheim will play an important role in The Dark World, or at the very least, will be introduced. It’s Surtur who in the comics works with Malekith and Loki and their shady goals may be a key story thread for the followup. More on this in a moment.

Russell on the other hand, who played Captain Tanner in both of Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes films and is joining season 3 of Game of Thrones, has been cast as Tyr, the ill-tempered older brother of Thor. Tyr and Balder, who like Thor are biological children of Odin, weren’t included nor name-dropped in the first Thor but that can be explained away depending on which parts of Marvel Comics history are adopted in The Dark World.

Clive Russell Tyr Thor Thor 2 Casting Adds Asgardians God of War; Hints At Much More

Clive Russell (Tyr)

Tyr is Asgard’s bloodthirsty God of War and at times has opposed both Odin and Thor – mostly due to his desire for battle – but at other times due to jealousy over Thor’s relationship with Sif and his title of being Asgard’s greatest warrior. Where Thor wields the mighty hammer Mjolnir, Tyr uses a sword in his one able hand but at one time had in his possession (through questionable means) the Mace of the Myth-Wars, a weapon comparable in power to Thor’s, and one that would certainly allow Tyr to stand out in the film’s large-scale skirmishes.

Tyr has defended Asgard from otherworldly foes on several occasions but has also worked against it in teaming with Loki. We’ll have to wait and see on which side of the line Tyr makes his mark, but of note is that he also teamed with The Avengers and the Einherjar in defending Earth from Surtur and the fire demons.

Thor vs Surtur 570x291 Thor 2 Casting Adds Asgardians God of War; Hints At Much More

Thor vs. Surtur

Knowing each of these characters’ histories, if Thor: The Dark World is going to go as deep into the nine realms as we think, then we can start to piece together a theory of where these characters will find themselves in the next movie(s). Set photos from the UK production already reveal Svartalfheim, home of the Dark Elves and Algrim the Strong (ruled by Malekith), where a major battle will take place.

Asgard, Earth and two additional realms for the Dark Elves and Fire Giants are a lot of ground to cover in one film so another workable theory is that Thor: The Dark World could setup another Thor sequel where he would battle Surtur, arguably one of the most menacing of Thor’s villains. If we want to get really deep into wild speculation, we can take Feige’s recent quotes about Thanos and Phase Three as a sign that Thanos won’t be the primary villain of The Avengers 2 and instead, like its predecessor, Thor 2 could be serving up another villain for The Avengers to protect earth against – something like Surtur and the Fire Giants for example.

Just like The Avengers where Thanos hid in the background, he could be doing the same in its sequel, although Surtur doesn’t at all fit Whedon’s approach to The Avengers 2 (going smaller and more personal). Thanos, Surtur, Malekith and the Guardians fo the Galaxy are however, all connected by the mystical artifacts hidden away in Odin’s Vault and this is yet another reason why Thor: The Dark World is an important and challenging project in telling its own complex story while also potentially serving as a launchpad for multiple other films. There’s a reason it’s positioned before Guardians of the Galaxy and The Avengers 2. Thoughts?

For more on the story of Thor 2, join our discussion on the other realms and Surtur.

The Artifacts and Relics of Odins Vault in Thor Movie Thor 2 Casting Adds Asgardians God of War; Hints At Much More

Fun Facts:

  • Clive Russell appeared in one episode of Drew Pearce’s No Heroics, the same Drew Pearce who was tasked with writing Runaways for Marvel before helping write Iron Man 3 with Shane Black.
  • Richard Brake played a role alongside Thor: The Dark World co-star Ray Stevenson in The Outpost.

The Thor sequel is being directed by Alan Taylor (Game of Thrones) and stars Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Natalie Portman, Anthony Hopkins, Idris Elba, Stellan Skarsgård, Zachary Levi, Ray Stevenson, Jaimie Alexander, Tadanobu Asano, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje and Christopher Eccleston.

Iron Man 3 releases May 3, 2013, Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014 and The Avengers 2 on May 1, 2015.


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Source: Deadline

Tyr art  by Mico Suayan & Billy Tan (Thor #609)

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  2. I am truly happy that we ave more asard warriors and the fire demon surtur will appaers in the thor:the dark world as well dark elves,frost giants as wel and many othe monster from other relm.

    • Bring on the Desir!

  3. Whoa…I think the “Epic-ness meter” just broke.

  4. I don’t like the idea of thor 2 setting up the avengers again? Surtur is amazing and all, but using him in avengers 2 would be a waste in my opinion when there are so many other villains they could use. Ultron, Kang, the High Evolutionary, the Masters of Evil, and so many others.

    • I dont see how Thor set up the Avengers any more than CA or IM2. They each had elements that led to The Avengers.

      • hello? loki (from thor) was the main villain/antagonist for the avengers! how does that not set anything up for the movie more than the others?

        • Yes, but Loki is primarily an important character in ‘Thor’. Him being in the first movie was not “setting him up for the Avengers”. The movie simply introduced the brothers.

          You cannot do Thor without Loki, simple fact. When they were shooting ‘Thor’ they didn’t even decide whether Loki would be the main villain in The Avengers or not.

          They had to introduce Loki at the same time as Thor, Avengers or no Avengers.

          Cap movie w/ the Tesseract and the introduction of SHIELD in IM-IM2 and ‘Thor’ was the “setting up for Th Avengers”.

  5. So much info! I love the fun facts (hope to see more of them in future articles).

    Awesome article Rob.

  6. That’s not what I was hoping for when I read “God of War” in the title, but this is good news, not great, but good…

    Rather have Ares or Hercules instead of this character I never really heard of. If they are gonna explore other realms, then why not include Mt Olympus as well?

    Anyone else disappointed that “God of War” wasn’t Ares?

    • Olympus isnt one of the nine realms of norse mythology. As much as I would love to see Hercules and Ares (heck, an all out war between asgard and olympus) thats not what theyre going for this time. maybe the third time around we’ll get some cross pantheon goodness (and beta ray bill… and the enchantress and executioner)

    • I’m not disappointed, no.

      Ares was the Greek God of War.

      Tyr is the Norse God of War just like Mars was for the Romans.

      It’s like saying you’re upset because a movie about Jesus Christ doesn’t have Allah. Totally different name/religion even if it’s more or less the same god.

      • I know he was the Greek god of war notice how I said “If they are gonna explore other realms, then why not include Mt Olympus as well” In other words, I know Asgard is not Mt Olympus, I know the comic history, read my comment again and think about it. Never said they were the same mythology.

        If they would use any God of War, they should use Ares, just my opinion, but Ares IS a bigger name in Marvel then Tyr.

        • Why not? Because adding yet ANOTHER pantheon of aliens posing as gods would probably be a bit too much for the general audience to handle.

          • God of War (to someone who has read the comics) means Ares, nobody else… So AS A FAN and A READER, it was misleading and just voicing my opinion.

            • If you wanted ‘Ares’ as God of War maybe you should rewatch Wrath of the Titans

              • Read a Marvel comic, tell me how many times Ares is called God of War compared to anyone else, Tyr is not a big name like Ares. I heard of Tyr once before, I heard of Ares TONS in the comics.

                So if you wanted to throw mud, don’t do it with someone who reads the comics. I know what I am talking about.

        • HELLO! This is not about the Greek mythology, Thor follows the Norse mythology…THEREFORE why in the world would they put in Ares…???…

          • Ugh… Its Marvel… Marvel has Ares, you know what, nevermind, I must be the only one who knows that Marvel has both characters, and I must be the only one who reads the comics. So I’ll forgive you all of your ignorance this time. Ares is the god of war in the Marvel universe, so when the title says “God of War” I got excited and thought Ares, I don’t think of anyone else in the Marvel Universe that shares that name, IMO there is only one god of war in Marvel, his name is Ares.

            Granted, the title says “Asgardian’s God of War”, but I thought that was just a typo, since I never heard of a second god of war.

            And I said before, I know whos in what mythology, I never said that they were both Norse or Greek… Never said that. Look for yourself.

            I want you all to see if I said that they were both from the same mythology, go on, look. Tell me if I said it was. Ill wait. It’s REALLY annoying that people read what they want to read.

            If they plan on exploring new characters, then I think adding Ares would be cool to see in the movies.

            Do I need to repeat myself? Or should I type slower for all you feebs?

            • Ares isn’t “THE” God of war in the Marvel Universe and Ares isn’t the only one to hold that title. Each Pantheon in Mythology and in the Marvel Universe has it’s own God of War and most have been shown in the comics. So nevermind your talk about ignorance and feebs. I guess you don’t read that many comics after all…

            • Ares as an active character is a relatively new addition to the Marvel U. Yes, he was around, but Hercules was the Greco-Roman “deity” upon which Marvel focused in its various comics.

              Surely you KNEW that…you being the Marvel expert, and all…?

              BTW, you came across as an obnoxious twit in your final few lines…not going to convince or (ahem) teach anyone THAT way…

              Just sayin’…


                It is not meant to make sense, it is meant to fool any feebs and anyone who doesn’t get it, (i.e.: You). Get it?…

                Just sayin’…

                • You might want read MY comment before you go off on some imbecilic virtual shouting rant.

                  Speaking of feeble-minded…sheesh.

                  Got it. You? Doubt it.

                • These people cant read, Brandon!!!! LOL!!!!

                  • Can YOU?

                    • MY OPINIONS are:
                      1. I would take Ares over Tyr any day.
                      2. I said this over and over again, so anyone who keeps insisting that I think they are the same are feeble minded fools.
                      3. If I have to say it over 3 times, then you must all have troubles reading.

                      Facts are:
                      1. I never said Norse mythology and Greek mythology was the same thing.
                      2. Herc Ares and Zeus are Greek, Thor Odin and Loki are Norse. No duh?
                      3. If I have to say it over 3 times, then you must all have troubles reading.

                      And BTW Archaeon, Did you read the last three lines of my last comment? THAT was intended for you. Let me refresh your memory:

                      “It is not meant to make sense, it is meant to fool any feebs and anyone who doesn’t get it, (i.e.: You). Get it?…

                      Just sayin’…”

                      Get it? You? Nooooo… You can’t.

                    • Brandon…

                      Did you, perchance, notice I never said anything about your preference for one over the other, nor did I decry your understanding of the basic mythologies (perhaps, others called you out on that; I did not)?

                      I AM wondering why you keep bringing other deities into a discussion specifically about the Norse pantheon and a film that WILL (your wants aside) concentrate ONLY on that very pantheon.

                      Even more, however, I am curious why you felt the defensive need to insult everyone else with a claim of their feeble-mindedness…THAT was just pathetic.

                      Oh, and as for your final statements above: So, you PURPOSELY made no sense…and you think this shows you in ANY sort of intelligent light? Seriously?


                      I believe I’m done with you and yours…Anymore effort clearly would be wasted.


            • DAMN your a jerk…..

            • does someone need a nap?

      • Dazz, speak for yourself comparing Jesus Christ to Allah. You have it wrong, sir.

    • I agree, Ares and Hercules should both be introduced, especially Ares as an Avenger, but Tyr is awesome in his own right. I really want to see Hela and Enchantress as well.

      • And if they introduce new Panteons, I want Mikobashi!

      • Thank you, Tyr is not a big name like Herc or Ares. Only heard of Tyr once before this article.

        Herc or Ares in the Avengers would be great, especially if the Hulk leaves the team (which is quite often in the comics)

        • Ummm, you DID notice the focus of THIS article was Thor, not the Avengers, right?

            • I’m DEFINITELY not a fanboy of the Marvel Thor. The reason for my comment is that the article specifically concentrates on Thor’s supporting cast, as played by actual Norse gods, but “Bright Boy” above keeps trying to criticize the characters chosen while offering nothing better himself…and not getting the exceedingly simple point several people have tried to make on this very subject. If he wants to talk about other Avengers, why doesn’t he just go to one of the 500 or so Avengers threads? Yes, Thor is an Avenger (you MUST be a detective with such a brilliantly keen grasp of the obvious…ummm, yeah), but THIS thread is actually about the Thor film.

              Looks like Brandon has found himself a special little friend…aw, how cute.

              • So why don’t you go troll somewhere else and go eat your pizza rolls in your moms basement while you try real hard not to get a job and be a productive citizen.

                • THAT is the best you can come up with? Really? Sad.

                  I’m not trolling, I’m staying (at least as long as Vic and the staff allow me ;) ), and I have a very comfortable home of my own and a great (extremely productive) profession.

                  Quit your blathering, and take your own advice.

  7. <<>>

    In Thor I, at the interrupted ceremony at the beginning, Odin introduces Thor as his “first born.” Hmmm.

    • Yeap, definitely going to need some explanation in the movie. Either he’s been hidden by Odin, or they’re changing who Tyr is.

      • I’m not gonna be surprised if both Tyr and Baldur gets turned into “cousins”.

        Because ‘Thor’ only showed Thor&Loki being together as brothers, so it would be really weird if they would suddenly go “Oh hey, here’s your other two brothers that didn’t attend your coronation and have been conveniently away from Asgard all this time”

        Forced… I have no problem with cousins or something along those lines. Family members, but not brothers.

        • Totally agree.

        • @scyllaya, So your saying, it’s fine to change the centuries old mythos.

          • It SHOULDN’T be, but otherwise, the movie will having a glaring error in continuity.

          • We’re not changing century old myths, we are changing comic book canon. There’s quite a difference.

            If we were following the myths Loki would be Odin’s brother and Thor’s uncle, just for one. Because that’s how it’s in the Eddas (which I read btw).

            The marvel movies are based upon the marvel comics and the comics are based upon the myths. But they do not follow it to the letter.

            So yes, it’s okay for Marvel to change their comic canon, since MCU is a different universe. MCU is Earth-199999, while the comic books are set (mainly) in Earth-616.

            So all differences are acceptable. They are building a parallel universe after all.

            • While no, they do not follow the myths exactly, there isn’t exactly a lot of info to base an entire comic story group on. You can’t fault them for embellishing and changing a couple things to get more mileage out of the source material.

              That being said, I think they were pretty darn faithful to the myths and only changed about 15% of the material (rough guestimate and not an official number). Changed Loki’s origin, gave Sif black hair, made Tyr a blood thirsty god, not a huge deal imho.

              I don’t know how I would feel if Tyr was made a cousin, stepson or just another Asgardian though. They could easily just explain that Tyr was simply disowned by Odin and officially stripped of all title (including his recognition of being Odin’s eldest son). It’s happened in the comics before so there is some precedence.

        • it’s like chip, the missing big brother of richie and joanie on happy days.
          maybe odin dis-owned him, which they could show in a flashback

    • You said it before I could, gaminette. The first Thor movie specifically said “first born” when relating to Thor. If my memory serves me Odin also said that Thor and Loki were his only 2 sons. If they change this too much it will hurt the franchise as a whole. They stuck to one idea in the first Thor and they need to live with it and get characters in these movies that do not go against what they have already laid down.

      • I agree, especially since (has anyone else noticed this?) Marvel’s Loki has the characteristics of both Loki and Baldur. In both the Norse tales and in Simonson’s Thor, Baldur is the beautiful, tragic son, Loki is just a trickster and a mischief-maker. Introducing the beautiful, sorrowful Baldur now would take away from the power of Hiddleston’s portrayal of Loki.

        • Yeah, it’s like they put comic Baldur and Loki toghether which created MCU Loki.

          I think because we “met” Loki first, portraying Baldur like that would make him look like “another Loki”, at least pre-adoption drama Loki.

          You are right, MCU Loki is both the trickster and the beautiful tragic younger brother… so what more is there for a Baldur character?

          I kinda start to feel like there would be more trouble with him than worth. Does he have any vital role in the comics? If not, I think it’s better to just let him stay out of the MCU version.

  8. I hope Thor 2′s runtime is at least 2hrs 15 mins or more cause seems like there’s going to be a lot going on. I don’t want the feel of a rushed plot, I want everything to run smoothly and at a good pace.

  9. Bring back Red Skull as Avengers 2 villain!

  10. Tyr can be Thor’s stepbrother. Same mother. Different father.

    That will get around the inconsistency from Odin’s dialog in Thor 1, without totally breaking the connection to Norse mythology.

    • I can live with that.

  11. I would like to see Tyr, Balder, and other Gods and goddesses from Norse Mythology appear to expand the worlds of Asgard, etc. I hope Tyr is a good-guy. There is still lots of room to branch out here in Thors-ville, and i must confess, i probably would not be adverse to seeing Dr. Strange make an appearance as well.

    • The semi-unfortunate thing about Marvel’s version of Tyr is he’s not really that “good” of a guy. Traditionally, he was known more for his lawfulness and justice rather than being just the god of “war”. Next to Heimdall, Tyr is the most trustworthy person in Asgard (which is why he volunteered to sacrifice his hand to Fenris)

  12. I have an idea for an XXX version….
    Whor 2: The Red Morno Stick

  13. The Blackfish is playing Tyr? Cool!

  14. Sort of surprised to not see any concerns that Thor 2 is going the IM2 route in setting the stage for Avengers 2. I’ll be honest, and I realize this is all speculation at the moment, it almost sounds like they might be trying to bite off too much. Certainly sounds like they have a lot to work with but I hope it doesn’t become too convoluted.

    • Well you can have a completly self contained Thor story and still have it tie into Avengers 2. The only thing Marvel would really need to do is show at the end it was Thanos that put all the events into motion. I think there is enough awareness of who Thanos is to just have him appear at the end of Thor 2 and people will understand the tie in.

      • Thanos working with Surtur would be interesting as well, toss in Mephisto, Dormammu, and Nightmare and you’ve got one Hell; pun intended, of a villain squad.

  15. lol I read Clive Russel as Clive Owen & then saw his picture & was like “?!”

  16. They will not tease the Avengers 2 villain in Thor 2. Its two early, and they’ll probably do it in the last film in phase 2 thats before Avengers 2.

  17. The scale of this movie seems much to big to me.
    I’m not aware how much of the original norse mythology, the comics are covering, but asgard’s elite Einherjar is the army of the best midgard warriors, fallen in war, which are “collected” by Odin, to battle for him at Ragnarök (the End of the World, Apocalypse).
    Odin and his Einherjar must fight at Ragnarök against Sutur and his army.

    So is this movie about the Ragnarök, or what? That would be a cool theme for Avengers 2, but not Thor 2 IMO. But this is not a small and personal theme for Avengers 2, as Joss wants us to believe, his movie will be (but Thanos, conquering Earth isn’t either).
    Maybe Thanos plans are equivalent to Ragnarök.

    If only half of this turns out to be true, all the Star Wars and LotR-Movies combined, are looking like little, tiny Movies in regards of epicness.

    I really hope that Marvel isn’t biting off more than they can chew, and that they are able to keep up, or even rise the quality of their movies.

  18. Surtur Rising!

    “Destroyer of the Universe!
    Bringer of flames and endless hurt
    Scorcher of men and Earth.” -Amon Amarth

    They better cast a member from Amon Amarth. This movie’s gonna be epic! The treat will spread onto another galaxy on which will bring in the Guardians of the Galaxy.

    • threat*

    • Amon Amarth rules! They should at least be in the sound track.

      • Hell yeah! \m/ The Thor 2 soundtrack should consist of Amon Amarth’s greats hits, only. Have Johan Hegg play Beta Ray Bill. I’d love to see Odin honor Johan Hegg.

  19. I hope they don’t get so wrapped up in 9 Realms stuff that it loses connection to Earth. Also Thanos sending another army out in Avengers 2 would be too familiar and we know he wants to “court death” so I expect him to be more gloves-on in the future.

  20. cant wait and can´t wait ! i can´t say more about it,i will wait till parts of the script/story are released. the world of marvel-thor is so complex and big so let´s wait and see.

  21. From all the info we are getting for this movie I see no way of Marvel making this any shorter than 2 1/2 hours without it feeling rushed but I am super excited! :)

  22. they should just leave earth out of the sequel so they could cover more of the other realms

  23. the picture of Thor and Surtur above would be incredible to see in a movie

  24. This movie is shaping up to be something special. I know everything has to fall just right to pull this off and I have high hopes the team in place will get it done.

  25. Well, what I want to see more than anything is Loki redeem himself and fight with the good guys and have to deal with guilt over what he’s done and not die.