‘Thor: The Dark World’ Trailer: Earth Under Attack Again

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Thor gave his word that he would return and he did in The Avengers. Now he owes Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) another return to Earth and a very good explanation as to why he didn’t visit last summer.

With Iron Man 3 opening in select markets this week, the marketing campaign for Thor: The Dark World has begun and we already have the first teaser poster, new photos and a few key plot details to go with the very first Thor 2 teaser trailer.

An early description of the Thor trailer from a presentation in Italy and the more recent latest teaser description from another presentation in Mexico highlight similar key moments and themes. As it turns out, these were only partly accurate.

Thor is back, now more of a veteran viking warrior with a great sense of leadership and responsibility. He’s got longer hair to go with his ever-so-slightly redesigned armor and Mjolnir hammer. More importantly, he must face his greatest threat yet.

Official Thor: The Dark World synopsis:

Marvel’s “Thor: The Dark World” continues the big-screen adventures of Thor, the Mighty Avenger, as he battles to save Earth and all the Nine Realms from a shadowy enemy that predates the universe itself.  In the aftermath of Marvel’s “Thor” and “Marvel’s The Avengers,” Thor fights to restore order across the cosmos…but an ancient race led by the vengeful Malekith returns to plunge the universe back into darkness.  Faced with an enemy that even Odin and Asgard cannot withstand, Thor must embark on his most perilous and personal journey yet, one that will reunite him with Jane Foster and force him to sacrifice everything to save us all.

It’s not just the Dark Elves that Thor must battle, but the wrath of an angry stranded human love interest in Jane Foster, and the love triangle that forms thanks to Thor’s history with Sif. This is only teased in the first Thor: The Dark World trailer.

Along with brief shots of action on Asgard, Earth and other locations, we see Jane Foster taken to Asgard, a close-up of Malekith’s (Christopher Eccleston) scarred face, brief shots of Earth under attack, and a mysterious space vessel. The biggest highlight and the “hook” of the teaser is the rugged, imprisoned Loki, and Thor warning him that if he again attempts betrayal, he will be killed. After his scene-stealing role in The Avengers, Tom Hiddleston is essential to helping market the Thor followup.

Thor Dark World Official Marvel Studios Photo 570x379 Thor: The Dark World Trailer: Earth Under Attack Again

Even from the disjointed teaser which serves more as a brief sizzle reel, the overhaul of tone and style is evident. Director Alan Taylor’s influence is not only fitting, but welcome, and a touch of Rome and Game of Thrones is exactly what Marvel Studios needed to deliver the next chapter in the space viking superhero story. It’s more polished, more detailed and more fleshed out – and that’s key since Asgard (and the other realms) have an expanded role in the sequel.

What’s going on in the scene with Jane Foster caught in some sort of vortex sandstorm? Why is that truck floating in the intro? How does Thor travel freely between realms?

Iron Man 3 opens in U.S. theaters on May 3rd, 2013, followed by Thor: The Dark World on November 8th, 2013. Captain America: The Winter Soldier opens April 4th, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1st, 2014The Avengers 2 on May 1st, 2015,  Ant-Man on November 6th, 2015 and Doctor Strange sometime after.

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  1. My guess is Thor’s mother gets killed in this one. Hence why he and Loki both have some stake in fighting together (even though he’s adopted). The actress who plays Thor’s mom said she didn’t have much of a part and i believe its been said somewhere she might be killed off. Sif and Jane Foster are too important for future Thor films to kill off at this time.

    • I’ve heard that too. And, the actress’s is Rene Russo. She’s actually a good actress, but she hasn’t been in many movies in over a decade. I think that she was really good in Get Shorty and Major League.

    • Then again, she didnt have a large part in the first Thor

  2. The trailer shows a much improved Thor film that is more fitting for the titular hero and distinguishes itself among the other heroes.

    Thor the first film left lot to be desired in my opinion. It was mildly entertaining but overall did not reach the potential the film could have reached. I felt Thor’s quick transition in character was rushed and forced and many of the more dramatic element were cut short to cater to Super Hero- Blockbuster mold requirement. It tried setting up or table setting for the Avengers that it neglected some of the more important requirement of the then current moment.

    Thor: The Dark World seems to be taking things in the right direction. The set production, clothing, and overall visual style and tone is massive improvement in my opinion. It ties in more with what the audience and the real world expect to see upon legends of the Norse God yet is recognizable as the Mighty Avenger who helped save the Earth. Going from what I see in this short teaser and what seems to be the general direction of the Phase 2 films this film should be more of a personal journey for Thor and his allies which is much needed as the character got a rushed arc in his own solo film and had to share time with the rest of the Avengers for that film -which had to clean up mistakes from some of the solo film, hence less time beyond that which was expected.

    The teaser did just that a teaser. I will try to catch the film either way and the teaser shown me that improvement were “seemingly” made, but after Thor itself I am not overly excited. I am sure at the very least Thor: The Dark World would mildly entertain me as summer(fall?) blockbuster as its predecessor did, but hopefully as this teaser points out I would finally see the Mighty Avenger Thor be done great in an epic scale

  3. I don’t know why everyone is so excited about this trailer. It’s an improvement on the first Thor, but it really doesn’t look like an AMAZING movie, just ok. I was expecting to read more Nerd Outrage

    • We’re just excited!! :D

    • Personally, I’m storing all my very limited nerdrage for the release of Man of Steel (MoS). I am confident that I’ll enjoy Thor 2. I’m less convinced about MoS, and I so want them to hit a home run.

    • People where getting excited about the MOS teaser trailer and hat showed basically no footage.

    • Most people realize the first trailer of a big film is just teasing the good stuff, not showing it. If the first trailer is this great already, then that means there’s a whole other level of goodies we haven’t even gotten to yet. Thus, the nerd happiness.

  4. So I watched this at 3 AM after being up with the baby. At that time, I was very underwhelmed by the trailer. Watching it a few times it is pretty darn good and builds the excitement for this movie.

    I do have to agree with someone who posted this that it’s your basic first trailer, nothing too big is shown. Marvel has the great reveals on the 2nd trailer so I’ll be looking forward to that, say in September.


  5. I am in love with this trailer! I’m so happy to see Colin playing Malekith, and I’m elated to see Kat back (to some extent). I really love this darker tone they’re taking for the movies now. IM3 looks significantly darker from the trailers, and Thor 2 looks pretty serious as well. Cannot wait!

    • I think there’s a difference between “dark” and “serious”. I’ve read the early reactions and reviews for IM3 and they are saying it’s the funniest of all the marvel movies but it’s being portrayed as “serious”. Just saying. :)

      • The biggest problem with Iron Man is they had the opportunity to go dark but Disney cut it. Shane BLack said in an interview they cut his alcoholism

        • There was a decision made way before Disney got a hold of Marvel to not go too far into “Demon in a Bottle.”

        • Disney is very, “hands off” Marvel and allows them the freedom to develop their IP the way they see fit. Not that Disney wouldn’t have something to say if they decided to turn the next Avengers into a porn movie or drop F bombs left and right but that isn’t Marvel either.

          Marvel is owned by Disney but isn’t controlled by them.

    • Christopher Eccleston plays Malekith.

    • Who’s “colin” ?

  6. Have to say I’m a little unimpressed. Certainly looks like it’ll be at least a match for Thor 1 or better but there’s just something a little bland about it all. They don’t seem to be upping their game in any way shape or form.

    Also, why can’t marvel seem to create any great villains? apart from Loki all of their villains have been incredibly one note and ultimately very disposable. They always get the hero side of the equation correct, but it seems they don’t want any villain taking even a little of the spotlight from their heroes.

    With this first trailer for thor 2 this clearly seems to be the case, which is unfortunate as some of the best superhero sequels have had cracking villains to spice sh*t up. Dock Ock, Stryker, the crazy mutant vampires in Blade 2, the penguin in Batman Returns, the Joker from TDK off course, General Zod etc.

    This heightens my fears that aside from Avengers 2, Phase 2 might just be a selection of churned out sequels that are good (but not great). Anyway, will wait till the next trailer…

    • Malekith is a serious baddie, he’s caused a lot of trouble for Asgard over their history. I’m not sure where you get the “no serious villains” thing from, unless you’re just talking about how they didn’t show much in this trailer. That’s par for the course, naturally. The trailers amp up the closer to release we get.

      • I agree that Malekith is deserving of the title, “badassed villain”.

        I don’t however particularly like what they did with his look. Between the stupid rubber skullcap and scarred face, I am just not liking it. He has always had long flowing and free hair, not to be trapped under a skullcap. And afaik, his 2 colored appearance has something to do with his duality of being half undead, not disfigured but some fireball.

  7. Wwwwwwwwwwwwwooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    … okay, with that out of the way ;), I have to agree with @boogoo.
    The footage looks incredible, but the trailer feels sloppily put together. The sound effects are also a little confusing at times.

    Still, that trailer definitely hyped up my excitement for the movie, which in my books means job well done!

    • Definitely disjointed. But it ‘looks’ cool.

      I actually found myself digging it more upon rewatching a few times in the highest definition available on Apple.

  8. I have never been a Thor fan but the way Hemsworth portrays him makes me interested.

  9. The trailer looks good, only thing that’s still bugging me is that they have yet to explain why THIS attack on earth isn’t important enough to call in the Avengers, let alone even one. I thought this would be a problem after the Avengers and just assumed that the stories would be more personal, but if there is another invasion there must be a good explanation why the Avengers didn’t assemble.

    • Something I was thinking, yes we know that this is a solo movie and you just have to except that they will not always be a team without too much of a rational explanation, but if there is a very large attack on earth other avengers would be present. Shield may show up I guess, cameos from the new TV series characters might boost the TV show when it is eventually released.

      • That is the biggest predicament that marvel has to face, at any point they should be able to call for backup… They are a team! I understand Tony calling for help because he has 10000 pieces of armor on his side. If Cap or Thor gets in serious trouble then its hard to explain why he didn’t just call for some help. Thor could easily just get tony and take him to Asgard for help.. instead of trusting the one who put you in such a terrible situation

        • People say this a lot but it doesn’t hold together if you just apply some “what would happen in real life” to it. Tony’s got his own stuff to deal with, and likely also can’t just disappear and leave 100 other things alone without him. Same goes for any other Avenger. The whole point is that they aren’t just sitting around waiting for the call to assemble.

          • Exactly! They all have their own “villains” and other personal stuff to deal with, they don’t just sit by the phone in case one of the other Avengers needs them as back-up. Maybe they could call for the other Avengers, maybe not. None of them expect the others to be on their back and call.

            Also, there are things they just need to deal with on their own.

  10. This was a disjointed, uninteresting, flat trailer with a generic and lame soundtrack and typical piss-poor villain voice over. This is the worst superhero trailer i’ve seen BY far. With the others being TDKR’s initial trailers and the Avengers first (“Iron-man Ad”) trailer.

    • The voice-over was Odin was it not?

      • He’s talking about Malekith’s voice over later in the trailer.

    • Its just a teaser, relax.

  11. Alan taylor was the right choice to helm a thor movie, he brings that game of thrones vibe to it (which is much needed)

  12. I hope this movie spends more time in Asgard rather than on Earth.

  13. I LOVE IT! It already looks exciting and the new feeling already comes through. It’s only the first trailer, but it already promises a great story :D

    I’m sure that the more trailers come out, the more excited I will be!

    I cannot wait to see this!!

  14. Excited for this too, for me it is the visuals that sold it – real scenery where possible makes a huge difference. The scene at the end where the camera is panning along to Loki’s cell was cool, I think they were going for a hannibalesque feel in that scene.

  15. Definitely wasn’t a fan of the first film but this trailer looks pretty good! I’ll probably check it out!

  16. How to get a reluctant star to return (even if there’s a contractual obligation) Kill Em Off.

    Rumor had it that Miss Portman (is she a Mrs yet???) was reluctant (stamping feet etc.) to return.

    Guess they swayied her with a promise of the death of her character and release from her multipic contract (anyone with any idea how many she was signed up for?)

    “force him to scrifice everything to save us all” Foster come on down the time is right

    Enough of that. One last thing….


    • I’m okay with this. Her acting was very flat in the first film. Give him less of a reason to return to Earth.

    • Portman does all kinds of quirky interesting projects when she doesn’t have to, seems like your rumor of her not wanting to do it doesn’t hold water. She can pick and choose what she wants to work on, if she didn’t want to be involved I don’t think she would have.

      • She signed a multi-picture deal before the first movie and Marvel insisted she does the job she agreed to do even if she wanted to back out when the director was changed to Alan Taylor.

        There was another director in talks before Taylor, someone Portman wanted to work together with.

        So the rumour about her not wanting to do this might be accurate, but once she signed a contract she had to. You can’t just back out from an agreement like that, no matter how famous you are.

        I don’t know. I don’t care that much about her character, so I would be fine with her not returning again.

  17. Can anyone tell me which character can be seen at 0.27 please?

    • Correction at 23 seconds? Sorry bad typing mistake by me

  18. Amazing!
    What a cool trailer! This is the Thor movie I wanted. I cannot wait for this to get here. :)

  19. holy crap got the chills when thor said to loki the moment u betray me i will kill u. I hope they spend most of the time in asgard and very little on earth. this looks frikin awesome

  20. I am a DC fan and I loved the first Thor. It wasn’t the best Super Hero Movie but it was definitely good. It looks like this one will do even better than the first. I can’t say I will see it in theaters but I’ll see it eventually.

  21. Damn Loki really looks like garbage.

  22. For a while after seeing Thor I had it ranked as my least favorite of Marvels films so my anticipation for Thor 2 has always been sort of low.
    But since watching it again on Netflix my appreciation for Thor has increased and the only real issues I have left are mostly with Kenneth Branagh’s directing choices.
    My point being that after seeing this trailer and especially the hire of Alan Taylor as director is all a good sign for what to expect from Thor 2.

  23. Like most have stated the footage looks quite good but feels disjointed as if it didn’t know what it wanted to show or do. Hopefully an inexperienced director doesn’t make the film disjointed but it definitely is worth seeing. After all the great trailers from IM3 to MOS this one isn’t as prominent as the others but its only the first trailer.

    • Inexperienced director? Taylor’s directed a ton of stuff.

  24. Oh my God, oh my God, Phase 2 looks like it’s off to an amazing start.

  25. Natalie! You need to open your wormhole!

    For stuffing!^^

  26. Great trailer, my only problem was the ‘Noooo!’ by Thor. It’s extremely cliched

  27. I’ve been waiting for this trailer for a while. I love the end where Thor says “WHEN” you betray me, not “IF.” He just assumes going in that he’ll have to put Loki down.

    I love the idea that after Earth gets attacked, he comes and takes Jane to Asgard, that’s what I would’ve done.

  28. I love the more “grounded” and grittier aesthetic of this film as opposed the first one, which had too much cg effects.

  29. Loved the first film, mainly the dynamic between Thor, Loki and Odin. This one looks better. The brothers relationship is intense :) Also looks like Jane dies and is revived?