‘Thor: The Dark World’: Jaimie Alexander Talks History Between Thor and Sif

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Thor 2 Jaimie Alexander Lady Sif Thor: The Dark World: Jaimie Alexander Talks History Between Thor and Sif

It may not be the first film of Marvel’s Phase Two Initiative to be released, but Thor: The Dark World seems like it may be the most ambitious sequel of the current crop of post-Avengers flicks. And as much fun as it may be watching Thor (Chris Hemsworth) swing his mighty hammer against foes of every race and realm, there’s one thing that he has which his fellow Avengers lack: super-friends.

The Warriors Three may have played a secondary role in Thor, but the Asgardian trio – and Lady Sif (Jaimie Alexander) in particular – seem to be getting a larger part in The Dark World. According to Alexander herself, the film won’t just be upping the action quotient, but giving some insight into the relationship between Thor and Sif, and the (possibly unresolved) history they share.

In an interview with IAR, Alexander gave fans a sense of the darker tale in store for Thor and his compatriots. We know that things will be getting grimmer for Asgard and its surrounding realms, and that Dr. Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) will end up as a princess of Asgard (at least for a little while). This time around, it seems the good doctor may have a bit of competition:

“It’s going to be a bit of a darker feel, and obviously a lot more action. We get to explore the different Realms a lot more and you see a lot more Asgard, and you get to know the people of Asgard. We sort of explore the Thor-Sif relationship a little bit. It’s more like getting a feel of who these people are, and the way they are with each other. It was fun for me and fun for Chris. Again, he and I are almost like brother/sister types too, so I was like ‘maybe that translates into ooh they love each other on camera.’ [laughs] We had a good time making that movie.”

Thor 2 Dark World Lady Sif Thor: The Dark World: Jaimie Alexander Talks History Between Thor and Sif

It’s good to hear that the bond between Thor and the only female warrior among his close friends will be explored further in The Dark World, given the seeds that were previously planted. The first film gave strong indications that there was at least some sort of romantic interest on Sif’s part, but the love story between Thor and Jane Foster allowed for little development; still, that question was left unanswered. And given Alexander’s indication that Thor and Sif’s past will be the focus, not a formulaic love triangle, we’re optimistic.

A stronger sense of romance or unrequited love won’t be the only addition for Thor 2, as Alan Taylor has also replaced Kenneth Branagh in the director’s chair. The Game of Thrones veteran already seems to be proving himself in the film’s massive battle scenes, but star Chris Hemsworth also had plenty of praise for the increased emphasis on Norse mythology and Viking culture.

While Alexander found the shift from one director to the next to be a difficult one at first, fans don’t need to worry that the finished result will suffer from the torch being passed:

“It’s always great working with new people, and Alan Taylor has brought a whole new vision to Thor. We’ve remained our own characters obviously, so there’s still that similarity between the first and second one. But there’s a darker feel to this one. A little more Gladiator-ish, a bit more viking-ish. So I’m really excited to see how it turns out.”

Thor Jaime Alexander as Sif Thor: The Dark World: Jaimie Alexander Talks History Between Thor and Sif

Previous set photos have shown Sif and Thor dispatching Dark Elves side-by-side, so there may even be a chance for a romantic subplot to take place amidst gruesome battle. If Marvel can pull that one off, then they’ll take the romantic comedy plot line seen in the first film to potentially richer territory.

As for the addition of Marvel up-and-comer Zachary Levi (replacing Josh Dallas as Fandral)? Alexander repeated her colleagues’ reassurances that they’re happy to have him on board:

“It was slightly different, because he’s not Josh Dallas, but he’s fantastic. I’ve been friends with Zach for years…so it’s great to have him on board. And I know he is that guy. There are many Fandrals in the world, he is definitely Fandral, and he’s such a lovely guy, team player and really sweet. Everybody welcomed him with open arms and he’s definitely a part of the family.”

There is still plenty about Thor: The Dark World that we have yet to fully uncover. Whether Loki truly redeems himself, for one. The opportunity to see more talented actresses flex their muscles in a superhero genre is something we’re always in favor of. Add in some swords and war axes – pass us the popcorn.

Thor: The Dark World releases November 8, 2013


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  1. sif/thor relationship>>>jane/thor relationship…natalie portman was kinda bland in the first one and isn’t as hot as Jaimie

    • It will be interesting to see how it develops. In the comics, Sif and Thor fall in and out of love many times, as do Thor and Jane Foster. I will also be curious to see if they rebuild Bifrost via ice from Jotunheim

      • Bingo. It seems odd to not address the relationship in the movie, since in one timeline I even remember them having a child together (look out, Jane)

    • id rather have a thor/sif relationship thor and janes relationship is just meh

  2. This woman really needs to be Wonder Woman. Who’s with me?

    • This.

    • I’m with you! (Although Lynn Collins isn’t a bad choice either).

      • Very true. And both Alexander and Collins have played warrior princesses, so I would be fine with either one.

        • I’m personally of the opinion that Katee Sackhoff should play WW.
          She’d have to dye her hair, but I think it could work.

    • Hadn’t thought of this before but I think you could be onto something here.

    • @ ezra: I had just started thinking this while writing this article. She’s been lying relatively low, but I’m not nearly as much of a Lynn Collins loyalist with her in the running.

  3. Epic! Can’t wait!! I’m gonna be listening to Amon Amarth all day now!

  4. I think this film is going to be great. The first one was good but could have been alot better. I wished they would just drop Jane Foster and replace her with Sif as the main love interset.

  5. “Thats true but I supported it.”

    • She does look uncannily similar, but she’s a model, not an actress.

    • Seems like you may be onto something as well. Can she act her way out of a paper bag tho?

  6. love that pic at the top!

    • She looks like a hotter ‘girl who played Lois on smallville who’s name escapes me’

  7. Why doesn’t she look that good in the movie?

  8. The first film gave strong indications that there was at least some sort of romantic interest on Sif’s part, but the love story between Thor and Jane Foster allowed for little development; still, that question was left unanswered. And given Alexander’s indication that Thor and Sif’s past will be the focus, not a formulaic love triangle, we’re optimistic.

  9. Woah, woah, hey…maybe a spoiler warning before posting significant plot details next time? Jane Foster ends up being princess of Asgard? I didn’t know, and now wish I hadn’t read this article. C’mon people not everyone sees set-pics and stuff. A lil’ heads-up would’ve been great.

    • Sorry guys, but that one isn’t going to be a ‘spoiler’ in the sense you probably think it is. The shot Paul refers to below is what we’re talking about, where she’s in Asgardian dress (we’re not using the term princess in a legal sense here).

      If you’re looking for serious Thor spoilers, those have been out for a while, which is why I didn’t even broach the subject, since those ones are HUGE. I’ll add a spoiler tag to be safe, but this speculation would have been brought up when the first trailer likely hits.

  10. @Polarboy – That has to be the biggest spoiler I’ve read in recent years. That gave away the ending of the Trilogy, I’m sure of it. With no Spoiler warning? Poor form there ScreenRant, poor form indeed.

    • @Skyler/Polarboy – If you click on the link for the Thor 2 Trailer Description you’ll see that Portman is described as showing up in the trailer dressed in what appears to be fancy Asgardian robes. The part of her as a Princess is pure speculation – not spoiler. If you consider trailers to be spoilerish (which at times they can be imo) then you’ll probably want to avoid the ones for Thor 2.

      Paul Young

      • @Paul Young – Thanks for the heads up, Paul.

        • @Skyler/Polarboy – Exactly what Paul said. We know she’s dressed as one, but the princess is just based on our speculation, not a released plot synopsis or leaked details. In a sad twist of fate, I think Marvel has already had the big turning point of Thor 2 spoiled, which I really wish I hadn’t already heard.

  11. can I explain something, though the movies divert somewhat from the comics they are still the base so here is a bit of background. Sif was thors love interest long ago, but through several circumstances, it has been unrequited for quite some timne. originaly Jane Foster was a secratary/nurse to Dr Donald Blake( a man with a limp and a cane, who was really Thor’s alter ego that he would revert to if he was away from his hammer for more than a minute or two), eventualy they do fall for each other, and she actualy was brought to asgard, and given a chance at immortality, however she failed, got her memory wiped and then its a long story from there. so the movie ought to be interesting. k hope that helps clear up some stuff

  12. Let’s hope zach levi isn’t in it too much. He was a little overrated and hyped up on Chuck. That show was good cos of the writing and Yvonne.

  13. Darker? Nolan effect anyone? lol

    • @Acein210

      Let’s not start this up again…

  14. dont even start that crap

  15. I am the number one Thor and Jane supporter but I agree that Thor and Sif also need to be addressed. I feel like MCU Jane might not accept immortality if offered. That could make Thor reevaluate things. On the other hand, comic book Fandral was once faithfully married to a mortal who died of old age. That would make a nice heart to heart between Fandral and Thor. It also explains a lot about why fandral is not exactly a relationship guy now.

    Hemsworth and Portman have a lot of chemistry. I also got the sibling vibe with Thor and Sif as well as Snow White and Huntsman, probably because they see him as a brother irl.

    Whatever happens, I hope Jane is the one making choices about what she does with her own life.

    Additionally if you want more clues, check out the original Thor script. One line cut from the end had him telling Jane that their fates were entwined. Kind of epic coming from a god to a mortal.

  16. I have already said so much on Thor 2.

    But yes, That was one of the things I was most peeved about in THOR. Not only did they not address SIF and THOR, in favor of THOR and JANE. They did not even write and initiate Thor and Jane properly. The time-line was all bleargh and it was rushed and just plain stupid. More like a mutual crush and not ‘love’ at all. That in my opinion is not the kind of relationship you defy boundaries of realms for.
    Thor and Sif on the other hand have so much more potential. There is the mythic and comic past between them. Remember when Loki cut Sif’s golden hair out of jealousy and then she grew black ones similar to Loki’s? …lol…
    I’m just saying. Loki does not get jealous of just anyone, when it comes to THOR>..
    So, yes in the end you can say that though I believe Thor/Loki plot is rich enough. Unless they are planning to really elaborate and dig deep stuff with Jane. Thor and Sif do have a lot of potential to give us that real romantic dose. Even if its in the past.

  17. Thor/Sif relationship – I think they had a thing one time but now they are just friends, at least on Thor’s end. If he gravitates back to Sif is because Jane is out of reach. I look at the same for Jane and potentially Richard. Sif and Richard are Thor’s and Jane’s consolation prizes for a broken heart and longing; and it’s not really fair to either one of them, no matter how compatible they look. to others For the triangle, I hope they don’t make Sif ratchet and go Real Housewives to break up Thor and Jane. It demeans Sif; but it looks like they may. And Loki, he would exploit this triangle to the hilt, most likely needling Sif. Loki would throw it in Sif’s face that she has to compete with a mortal for Thor’s affections. In some clips seen around the internet Frigga looks like she is getting along with Jane and taking her under her wing, making Sif more insecure with her position with the royal family. And if anything happens to Jane Sif would be the person of interest. I don’t want Sif going out like that; she’s a strong female character. In the end Jane gets her “god”. Let Sif come out of this with dignity.

  18. I would really like to see Thor and Jane together he can get to her they have proven that why would they put siff with Thor after this long with jane. Jane loves Thor and i want to see it that way only i would like to see that Thor has either brought jane to asgard or he stays with her for a little while. They have already set up Thor with Jane it would be stupid to change it now on the 3rd show and how can you just take jane and the others out of the storyline if that is the case they should never have put them in it to begin with because they are in already. jane and eric and the others are in the movies to and it would look bad to just drop all of them now besides i think it is better to have a super hero love a mortal there is something special about that and not just another couple of super heros together. Thor and Jane all the way please.