‘Thor 2′ Set Photos Reveal UK Shooting Locations & Sets

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 Thor 2 Set Photos Reveal UK Shooting Locations & Sets

One of the things that was most intriuging about Game of Thrones director Alan Taylor being brought onboard to helm Marvel’s Thor movie sequel, Thor: The Dark World, was that Taylor created such a grounded and tangible vision of a fantasy world in HBO’s acclaimed series – and would conceivably do the same for Thor 2.

Recent interviews with franchise stars like Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston have echoed the idea that Taylor is going to be using more location shooting and less green-screen work to better realize the mythical realms of the Marvel cosmic universe – more so than director Kenneth Branagh did with his digital landscapes of Asgard and Jotunheim in Thor 1.

Set photos of a Thor 2 shooting location in the Bourne Wood, UK, have popped up online – and they immediately establish a different aesthetic and feel for the sequel:

For more images, head over to SHH.

Of course the photos don’t reveal much – but at this early stage that’s to be expected, as details of Saving Private Ryan writer Robert Rodat’s revised script have yet to leak out. Again, the real value of the pictures (and the many like them that are sure to follow as production gets underway this fall) is that they are showcasing a vastly different approach and aesthetic than the original film did.

This UK locale conveys a real sense of ancient, mystical ways and beliefs. It seems like The Dark World will be a grittier film, whose fantastical characters and realms lean more towards actual Norse mythology (save Idris Elba as Heimdall), rather than the hi-tech alien culture Asgard was portrayed as being in the first film. We are always for having more actual greenery than green-screen scenery in the movies we watch (see: The Star Wars original trilogy vs. prequels).

What we do know about Thor 2 so far is that Loki will be hoping for redemption for his naughty ways; Thor will be battling the dark elves of Svartalfheim, their leader Malekith (Christopher Eccleston), queen Alflyse (Alice Krige) and deadly warrior, Algrim the strong; there could be even more realms explored, such as the fire realm of Muspelheim and its fire giant ruler, Surtur; Earth will be featured as well, including returning characters like Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) and Darcy (Kat Dennings).

Thor Muspelheim Concept Art 570x275 Thor 2 Set Photos Reveal UK Shooting Locations & Sets

With Marvel studios going cosmic with these Thor 2 realms and film franchises like Guardians of the Galaxy – all of which will converge in The Avengers 2 – there’s been some worry around our bullpen that The Dark World could suffer from “Iron Man 2-itis.” That basically means being a film which is trying to serve too many narrative purposes at once, with not enough core development or focus. It’s starting to look like Thor 2 will be covering a lot of space (quite literally), but whether or not the journey will be well-plotted remains to be seen.

Thor: The Dark World will be in theaters on November 8, 2013.

Source: SHH

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  1. Who’s parked their blue van on my lawn? Right in the middle of my pergola too.

  2. Well, it ain’t New Zealand but I guess it’ll have to do.

    Great article Kofi… I just hope you’re right and that this sequel will have a different tone and feel from ‘THOR’ – I really liked that movie, but this one needs to be different. It needs to be, as you mentioned, grittier, more mystical and less sci-fi.

    All the elements are there (Dennings excluded ;)), now Taylor just needs to put everything together and give us an EPIC Thor film…

  3. i am curious if this phase two movies will have end credit scenes.on a side note i watched the avengers for third time, didnt realise that jon favreau was executive producer on the film.i guess he somewhat made the avengers possible cause if ironman was a flop chances are we wouldnt have gotten the avengers.

    • I’m sure the future Marvel movies will have post credit scenes: it’s pretty much tradition now.
      What I’ve been wondering is, will the future Marvel Studios movies just have mid-credit scenes, end-credit scenes, or both…

      • my vote is for both

  4. I’m so happy Alan Taylor is directing this, Who better to flesh out the fantasy realm of Thor? As much as I liked the Thor movie I wished they’d made Asgard look bigger than just one palace sitting atop an ocean with no life happening outside the throne room. I’m looking forward to Thor 2.

    • Yeah Thor.. The next 1 should be wild and filled with action..

  5. I got Thor and I realized watching it at home that the world tree is only in the end credits. I don’t care if they use real locations as long as it does address the rich cosmology of that universe. At worst it could end up looking like an Italian Hercules movie but if they stay true to the organic tech of Kirby’s designs and keep everything in scale it should be okay.

  6. Getting excited! But I’m not sure why this picture means that there will be a vastly different look to the film, though — there are plenty of realms to explore, and I doubt they’ll change the look of Asgard all that much. Besides, those Asgard interiors in Thor were actually real sets. It was mostly the exterior shots and Jotunheim that were green-screen.

  7. Again with the Iron Man 2 bashing. I liked the movie and there are plenty who did. I thought it delved into Stark’s personal problems well and the intro into War Machine was well done. Sure, the fighting scenes could have been better, but whatever.

    As far as Thor goes, this really doesn’t tell us anything about the movie. I know that Taylor will be creative in giving a more realistic look, but there is no way of recreating Asgard without CGI. This looks like the outline for some important place for the Elves. I wonder if they have raccoon problems on set? Maybe one with big rocket launchers who get into their trash?? Haha, sorry, the RR comments are like tradition for me now, just like the post-scene credits.

    • “Sure, the fighting scenes could have been better, but whatever.”

      The action scenes could not have been much worse either. For only having two fight scenes, and neither being very long and ending without it even beginning (Whiplash gets defeated in ten seconds) it could not have been much worse.

      • I honestly look at it as a setup movie. I already conceded that the fighting scenes were a little absent of climax, but the movie as a whole kept me engaged. I feel it did a great job of tying the whole Avengers franchise together and to me that was worth it. Whiplash is a much more hardcore character, but no movie is perfect. I just see on here how they reference it as the model for crap movies. I think that’s far from the truth.

  8. I think this set may be Svartalfheim. Those columns looks elvish to me with all that nice almost-Celtic motives and also those yurt-like houses. All that green dark forests and rain and mud… I think I’m gonna like the realm of the dark elves.

    I wonder if the rumor that they’re going to shoot in Iceland too is true. There is some really amazing scenery there. Does anyone know?

    Also the London underground location I heard about… tunnels or something… maybe that could be Muspelheim… the surface can only be CGI if they’re doing that realm, because of obvious reasons.
    Or maybe the dungeons of Asgard (or something, because Loki is back and probably locked up), that seems plausible too. Do we even know for sure whether there will be Muspelheim or not?

    Asgard has to be mostly CGI on the outside, the interior were real sets in the previous movie too, but I doubt we’re gonna see that much of Asgard, the majority of the movie will probably be on Svartalfheim.

    Probably Jane and Darcy will be kidnapped to lure Thor out of Asgard or something, so maybe we won’t see much of Earth either.