Joss Whedon Rewrote Scenes for ‘Thor: The Dark World’

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joss whedon rewrites thor dark world Joss Whedon Rewrote Scenes for Thor: The Dark World

Marvel Studio’s Cinematic Universe architect Joss Whedon has, on a few previous occasions, been an active participant in the creative process on the non-Avengers installments released to date – like when he directed the post-credits scene in Thor or helped shape Captain America: The First Avenger so as to make sure it worked as a fitting prologue/lead-in to The Avengers – but otherwise, he tends to be more hands-off in his supervisory role, which shows in the final movie products.

Iron Man 3, for example, feels through and though like a Shane Black film (a good thing for Kiss Kiss Bang Bang fans – less so for others, maybe); meanwhile, the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy is expected to bear many of the markings of the previously-released (and decided not-mainstream) movie that’ve been written and directed by James Gunn (Slither and Super). Good news for Whedonites: this fall’s Thor: The Dark World will include a couple of scenes that have the Whedon storytelling touch, in addition to the Viking fantasy vibe imbued by director Alan Taylor.

Taylor spoke a while back with SFX Magazine, wherein he discussed (among other things) why he decided to bring a more “historical attitude” to the Nine Realms in The Dark World, following his experience serving as a director and co-executive producer on HBO’s popular TV fantasy series Game of Thrones. During the course of his interview, Taylor also revealed that Whedon ended up being called upon to bring his screenwriting expertise to the table for a few difficult-to-crack scenes (hat tip to Comic Book Movie):

“Joss came in to save our lives a couple of times. We had a major scene that was not working on the page at all in London, and he basically got airlifted in, like a SWAT team or something. He came down, rewrote the scene, and before he got back to his plane I sort of grabbed him and said, ‘And this scene and this scene?’ And he rewrote two other scenes that I thought had problems.

“Then finally we let go of him, he took off again, and we shot the scenes; and they were just much better and much lighter on their feet. Much more fun, much more surprising than what we had been trying to do. I can relate to guys who come out of the TV world, since that’s where I come from. And being able to land and work and solve a problem quickly… I really was grateful.”

thor dark world trailer Joss Whedon Rewrote Scenes for Thor: The Dark World

Whedon, of course, has years of experience working in the TV medium (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly, Dollhouse), so he’s surely used to knocking out good story material fast and efficiently like Taylor mentioned. Additionally, Whedon has more than his fair share of experience with fixing cinematic narrative problems – after he worked as a script doctor and/or contributing writer on films like Speed and the original Toy Story –  in addition to having crafted imaginative screen story material for movies like Alien Resurrection and Titan A.E. (okay, before his contributions were by and large jettisoned later on in development).

That said: you probably don’t need much convincing to agree that having more story input from Whedon is a good thing, assuming you’re a fan of The Avengers. If nothing else, this shows that Taylor possesses a willing collaborative spirit when it come to the filmmaking process – boding well for his own addition to the MCU with The Dark World (and helping to explain how Taylor landed the job of rebooting the Terminator franchise even before the Thor sequel has debuted).


Alan Taylor is directing Thor: The Dark World from a script written by Christopher Yost, along with Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely (Captain America: The First Avenger) and contributions by Joss Whedon. The film stars Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Tom Hiddleston, Stellan Skarsgård, Idris Elba, Christopher Eccleston, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Kat Dennings, Ray Stevenson, Zachary Levi, Tadanobu Asano, Jaimie Alexander, Rene Russo and Anthony Hopkins.

Thor: The Dark World opens in selected IMAX 3D theaters on October 30th, 2013, before it begins a general release a week later on November 8th.

Source: SFX [via Comic Book Movie]

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  1. Good news. All the more reason why Thor: The Dark World is gonna beat out Iron Man 3 in every way. Except box office unfortunately.

    • Good soldier our movies are not competing with one another, we’re on the same team here.

      • Good point.

        Save Hulk until 2015.

        …wait what?

  2. Pfff… No wonder a mediator had to be brought in back in June…
    “Here Alan, take this $$$$ and STFU”

  3. It’s very cool Alan Taylor was so ready to collaborate. A lot of writers don’t like having people come in and mess with their work.

    • I think the key factor there was that they have both been screen writers for the television world. I would assume that writing for TV is a much more difficult task because you have a “season” to write instead of a movie.

      But yes; very cool and humble of him to talk about it.

  4. Interesting…

  5. I don’t know why but I was picturing it while reading the quote and couldn’t stop chuckling. Either way, I’m glad they admitted they needed a bit of help and got a hold of Whedon. There is a lot of talented writers behind the Marvel Universe, take advantage of it.

  6. Whedon to me isnt a talented story teller For some reason i only imagine him writing comedic scenes. What he does know is the characters which i bet is why they broughr him in.

    • Same here.

      He can do light-hearted stuff and eye-rolling “comedy” moments but that’s it. Who knows though, unless they state specifically which scenes he rewrote for them and then we see the movie and say “Ahhh, yes, I see it now” then I don’t think anybody will really notice.

      • I’d disagree with that by referencing all the dramatic moments from Firefly and Serenity, as well as that great, intense scene between Loki and Black Widow on the Hellicarier.

        Joss can do the heavier moments, but I think the lighthearted stuff stands out more since it’s usually more memorable.

        • @ The Avenger

          +1 Shows like Buffy & Angel had their heavy moments.

        • +1

          Wow.. These two obviously don’t know Whedon’s work. Lol!

        • If these guys think Whedon can’t tell compelling serious stories they obviously haven’t seen anything he’s done aside from Avengers. Sure, all his work has a lot of humor, but there’s also generally a layer of darkness underneath all the quipping.

          He’s not flawless of course, I think plotting is his weakest point. But he’s one of the best there is when it comes to characterization and dialog.

        • “Great intense scene between Loki and Black Widow” Lol? Not intense whatsoever. Horrible dialogue. Also yes, Whedon is no talented writer story teller. The plot in Avengers was very bland/boring. He’s only good at comedy, which is unfortunate. He doesn’t know how to make superhero movies, he’s good with comedy and that’s why Marvel sucks, very unfortunate for me atleast.

          • Why the question mark after lol? Are you unsure of your own opinion? Reminded me of Ron Burgundy reading from his prompter.

            • The ? is after the Lol because I think it’s hilarious that he thought it was an intense scene. The ? is there because I’m completely dumbfounded

              • Have you ever LOL and questioned yourself for it in real life? I’m dumbfounded myself with your statement.


                I mean LOL?

          • Ok, so Avengers was bland, Whedon isn’t a talented story teller and Marvel sucks?
            Well, I’m glad you cleared that up for everyone ;)

            • +1

              What a silly guy. He has to be upset that DC can’t get their stuff together and keep rebooting the same material.

              • Well both fan club are right :
                - yes DC can’t get their s… together
                - yes Whedon isn’t relevant as a dramatic writer : to call the scene between Loki and BW powerful is beyond funny. It seriously make me wonder about people movie culture. Do you guys want to put it next to Hannibal/ sterling scene for instance?

                Marvel studio movie universe is childish in and out (Disney, whedon). There won’t be powerful drama because it would scare their target audience. I enjoy marvel movies but don’t try to make them what they’re not

              • Just throwing it out there: I happen to love Marvel AND DC.
                IMO DC has their “stuff” together, and I’m positive WB have something awesome in the works for us.

                Honestly, looking at 2015, I’m more excited for MOS2 than Avengers 2 at this point… but I’ll still be seeing both come opening day because even though I’m more psyched for the former, I’m still psyched to see both of them! :)

          • to be fair youre allowed your opinion.. a very flawed &obtuse one at that.. but youre allowed it nontheless

        • Those scenes between Loki and Black Widow both being two-dimensional archetypes, that ended on a joke?

      • Any long time fan of Whedon can pick his scenes and script changes. He used to do it back in his tv days. Someone else would write an episode, and he would change a line of dialogue or add something else. The writers were very open about which lines are Whedons, I loved watching the commentaries on his shows dvds, and after a while its gets easy to recognize.

        Also, the sky is red. That’s in your response to your Whedon can’t do serious. I’ve decided to respond by also saying something that is also obviously not true.

        • Whedon can definitely do serious, Buffy and Angel have huge examples of that. Is it as strong as his comedic writing? Probably not but it’s still up there.

          • I found the black widow loki scene cringeworthy, there was nothing tense or special about it, then black widow said something stupid like your a monster or something bad like that. Ive seen all of firefly, serenity and buffy and he is rather poor at dramtic sequences. Hence why the avengers lacked imo

            • “then black widow said something stupid like your a monster or something bad like that.”
              … that leads me to believe that you didn’t really understand that scene :/

              • Your a monster is such a lame line. I understood it just fine. The avengers suceeded on many levels i feel emotional sequences was the one thing it didnt. It was my only problem with the film

                • Yeah… no ;)
                  The line made complete sense in the context of the scene.
                  Your choice of word with “emotional” leads me to believe that you think that scene was supposed to be an emotional one. It wasn’t… at all. Black Widow was playing Loki. There was no emotion at play (aside from Loki’s anger/rage – which was brilliantly done by Hiddleston, you have to admit). Black Widow, in reality, was completely calm and calculating throughout that scene: She acted afraid and vulnerable because she wanted to get information out of Loki.

                  • lol stop trying.. he obviously not only didnt grasp THAT line.. but e likely doesnt graso ANY of the nuance of most of the plot especially the Hawkeye Natasha scenes etc.. the very fact he said “your a monster is a lame line” tells you all you need to know tbh

                    • Are you really trying to put up an argument for “The Avengers” being a film with any sort of nuances? Really? We are both talking about the same movie right, “Ironman 2.5: Ironman Meets and Greets”?

              • @ The Avenger

                I caught on to what she was doing from the very beginning of that scene. The way she snuck up to him & just stood there.

            • I thought the Black Widow scene was solid. I didn’t think it was great or anything, it only really got the job done for me. It’s maybe the tone of the rest of the film though. Serious in a film like The Avengers is sort of semi-serious in general I find. Same with Buffy, though Buffy did have few episodes which were pretty intense. Specifically the episode, “Family”, or something like that, in season 5. I also thought Angel was much more dramatic than anything I’ve seen from him. The show had less of Whedon’s stamp.

          • @ ColdSc

            Glad to see we agree on something.

            • +1
              Aha finally!

    • He knows how to deliver things that are (actually) ridiculous to a wider audience. He can use humor to let your guard down and drama to hold you in place. My opinion.

    • Your not far off. He’s good for a comedic guy and he can patch some holes with his funny bits and pieces but he’s no David Mamet and he’s no QT. He’s been fortunate and maybe been carried along because someone obviously likes him in Hollywood but i wouldn’t call him the best of the best.

      Though i liked serenity i didn’t like the tv series and i didn’t like buffy nor anything else he’s done except for avengers and speed.

      the dudes a 7 out of 10. But he fits perfectly for stuff that is light hearted kids stuff.

  7. I can’t see thor 2 beating iron man 3 in the box office.

    • The original Thor wasn’t that big a hit, so this will be the true test of how much Avengers will help the rest of Marvel movies. I liked IM3 but I’ve got to think there was some coattail riding that helped it.

      For me, Thor is Marvel’s iffiest property. I’ve always thought Thor was goofy, even in the comics. Again, my opinion. I’ll still see it.

      • So, it won’t come close to IM3, but if it’s around MOS territory then that’s pretty major. If Thor gets there, again I’d attribute a lot of that to Avengers (also to Thor’s increased exposure and popularity from said).

      • The original Thor is 3rd after Iron Man and Iron Man 2 in the box office when it comes to Phase 1 (not counting The Avengers of course). It was maybe not that huge in the US, but the international market more than made up for that. So it was a big hit (here in Europe for example), only not in the US. Maybe because of all the Norse Mythology elements we Europeans feel closer to. Since it’s “our culture” in a way.

        Now that The Avengers sold Thor to the US audience even more, I expect this to be a big hit.

        • Actually it wasn’t so far behind the first Iron Man. I suppose it did okay. I know I didn’t care for it so much and I remember some mixed reactions (and a lot of rabid fan condemnation of bad reviews).

          Anyway IM3 performed far above what a third installment to a series should do, especially since the second one wasn’t well recieved. So I have to believe Avengers coattails are in play. If Thor is halfway decent, I think it could easily outperform MOS. Honestly I don’t know what to make of the movie so far. If it’s not so good, it will still probably do okay, but Marvel will need to step things up with CAWS.

  8. In other words (*in my best Sean Connery voice)
    “He came in and saved our arrsses!”

  9. My crazy theory for today is…

    Thor 2 will be the best out of all Marvel films to date.

    That’s crazy talk, I know. Especially with The Avengers and Iron Man standing atop Marvel’s CU it’s hard to imagine anything ranking above but with every new piece of footage or trailer we see I find myself thinking holy cow this looks amazing.

    • I totally agree with you. Every new piece of footage or even another viewing of footage I’ve already seen makes me think “Man this is going to be epic”. It just seems like its a huge story. Almost more than just an alien invasion in New York ya know. It’s god-like creatures invading other realms. Not just earth but Asgard and who knows what else. So it’s going to be huge. I just know it!

      • I don’t know what you guys are talking about. I’ve seen every Thor 2 trailer and to me this film looks very very boring. Absolutely nothing new. The setting looks boring, medieval times s*** and also the villain looks so ridiculous! All we see is Thor about to fight in slow motion, there’s absolutely nothing exciting in these trailers so far. There’s nothing NEW or SPECIAL. Another weekly pg-13 action movie, just like the Avengers, so overhyped

    • As long as it’s better than the first Snore, sorry, Thor film, then I’ll be happy. Talk about the simplest of 3 act plots. It edged the Hulk film for me, but only just.

      • Talk about the simplest rhyme based pun! Thor’s my favourite of the phase one films, whats wrong with a standard three act structure? How is it different to most comicbook movies? Did you expect Memento?

        • Oh idk ironman is in my top 3 favorite superhero films. Its unmatched so far for me and nothing ive seen from this film makes it seem on that level

  10. So people, assign a % to how likely it is that thor breaks a billion. I’m of the thinking around 70% and that it’s gonna close on almost 900 mil. Is that crazy talk?

    • Everyone is expecting at least a $800-900 million box office, so I don’t think a billion is THAT far fetched. We’ll have to wait and see of course. The marketing is about to pick up some more and Marvel is good at that.

      • Yep, crazy – it seems Thor is no where near as popular as Ironman due to RDJ – Hemsworth looks the part but the character of Thor is just dull and they really don’t come much more boring and average than Natalie Portman. $400m the first one took, I assume this will perform somewhere close, maybe even under that – Im not going to the cinema to watch this but will happily watch it at home at some point.

        • C’mon man, that’s not even realistic no matter how you feel about the film.

          • Thought the film was ok, no complaints but no raves either

            • Ah, I meant unrealistic in terms of possible box-office. I’d say it’s a certainty that it’ll do more than the first one did.

        • I think even if it’s a stinker it will perform better than the first movie. There is a lot of Avengers coattail riding at play.

  11. Whedon better not have done anything to screw it up like Iron Man 3 He better make sure thor defeats Malekith and NOT Jane or anyone else because of Gwyneth being retarded not being dead killing Killian in IM3 we don’t want Marvel spoiling it with the same idea

    • If you can’t understand the basic narrative shape that meant Pepper *had* to save Tony, then all is lost on you.

      • Lol, Pepper saving the day was awful, and the way she killed him was awful. Just stop.

        • Pepper has defeated more villains than Iron Man has.

          • Oh yeah, she’s the one who actually killed Stane at the end of Iron Man, by blowing up the big arc reactor and she got Justin Hammer arrested too, so go Pepper.

            I liked that she kicked-a$$ at the end of IM3. I think it was awesome.

            • And Vanko killed himself, Ironman is a bit crap really – though he killed that ship in Star Wars Episode 1 to make all the robots stop – I mean the Avengers!

        • “Awful” like a fox, maybe. 1.2 Billion worth of “awful.”

      • Don’t even try to defend Iron Man 3, the whole Pepper idea was atrocious

  12. Why don’t they just get Joss to direct and write everything…it seems that regardless of who is directing the movie Marvel considers him to be the boss. Really, what director, other than a newbie, would want to direct a future Marvel picture if they know that one day Joss Whedon may fly in and “improve” your movie for you?

    Alan Taylor sounds very grateful but this sounds alot like the Marvel bosses did not like the dailies and had a sprict hit job done. It shows a lack of confidence in any director other than a guy named Joss. Should Marvel really have ALL of their eggs in one basket? I mean, other than Avengers, which had a built-in audience and was a happy relief for some critics from the gritty TDKR, what has he done that was successful? Much Ado About Nothing did exactly that in June.

    • there’s a lot of nonsense in this post

      • Thanks…I guess I will have you approve all of my next posts before I submit?

        • To be fair to deezy, yes, yes you should.
          Your post is ridiculous.

          • You guys not remember Marvel hiring Joss to be an overseer for all the Phase 2 Marvel movies? I could be going out on a limb here, but I’d assume that this is just an extension of him doing his damn job, as he has been contracted to do. Especially him doing this, purely by request as it would seem.

            • I remember, Dean. I remember.

    • “Why don’t they just get Joss to direct and write everything”

      They really should.

      • And make every Marvel movie into a comedy, right? Joss Whedon doesn’t know what a superhero movie is.

        • Most marvel films embrace comedy. DC doesn’t. Both are great. It’s called diversity. I enjoy a cheeseburger from time to time, if I was only allowed to eat that and nothing else ever again I’m pretty sure I’d lose it pretty quickly.

        • Oh and Joss Whedon obviously knows what a superhero movie is because he made one. I have no idea why I’m rising to this troll bait. I guess it’s because I want a better quality troll with stronger arguments. There are criticisms that can be thrown at Marvel films, but criticisms based on tone? That’s absolutely subjective.

          • Too bad you have sh1t taste in movies then and are completely clueless when watching them. But ofcourse that’s how Marvel fanboys watch their films, with their brains off. How do you do it? How can all these children keep defending Marvel’s garbage? Every single film they pumped out SUCKED except for Iron Man 1. What happened ever since the first Iron Man? Uhh derp let’s do comedy guys! Fck superheros! And no…Marvel does not know how to make a superhero movie. No emotions, no inspiration, nothing that’s influential or heroic really. It’s just bland CRAP

    • Being collaborative and asking the guy who was hired to look over all movies in phase 2 is not a bad thing. Being stubborn and doing it your way when there are people to help with the creative process is a bad thing.

      Also, it was already said that Feige had Hemsworth and Hiddleston join in on the creative process, so the actors pitched and suggested scenes and rewrites as well. Joss adding his own touch for a few scenes is just as good.

      Taylor is great for allowing others to pitch in to make the story better, instead of stubbornly clutching it in his hand, not allowing anyone to “interfere with his vision” or whatever nonsense.

      Kudos to Taylor.

  13. Really looking forward to this movie! For sure DVD sale to me!

  14. I’m sorry but all the trailers have seemed bland. Not one trailer has the “epic” feel to it. Hell, the John Carter trailer was better than any Thor 2 trailer.

    • Thank you very much. Someone is speaking some sense finally. All these Marvel fanboys really overhype EVERYTHING. Especially the VERY AVERAGE, Avengers.

  15. My only problem with the Black Widow and Loki scene was when she says “I have red in my ledger” then Loki repeats it… I didn’t think an Asgardian would know what that ment…. Do gods use ledgers… And red ink?

    • Yeah, they could have added some back-and-forth with BW explaining it, perhaps pulling up images on her smartphone, and Loki explaining the Asgardian equivalent of that idiom. That wouldn’t have needlessly and painfully slowed down the movie at all.

    • Too bad The Dark Knight trilogy and Man of Steel surpass every Marvel film to date easily. DC knows how to make superhero movies. You enjoy your comedies from Marvel.

      • Lol at Man of Steel passing every Marvel film haha. Not even close. And TDK is the only one that blows Marvel, not BB or TDKR.

        • Don’t squeeze the Shaman.

        • Batman Begins alone is superior than every Marvel film. Man of Steel is better than every Marvel film except Iron Man 1. Marvel’s best film is Iron Man 1. You sir, have sh1t taste in film and need to stop watching movies.

  16. This is why Whedon has that iron clad contract. To make it happen. I am really confused as to why he let Shane Black ruin IM3.

    • Because he didn’t.

      Iron man 3 was great and clearly the movie going public thought so to.

      They don’t make movies for the minority, sorry.

      • You obviously haven’t been keeping up with the feedback from the “movie going public”. The re-imaging of one of the greatest threats to Iron Man was a disgrace.

        What a witless statement. Good day.

  17. Marvel: Alrighty then! This is the first thing we have to follow MoS and Wolverine… what do you have for us Alan?

    Alan Taylor: Check it out! I turned Asgard into Westeros with lasers!

    Marvel: ….

    Alan Taylor: Well? What do you think?

    Marvel:FIRE EVERYON…*ahem*
    …what we mean is…

    …thank you for your cooperation, Mr. Taylor. Mr. Feige and Mr Whedon will take it from here.

    Sincerely yours~



  18. Joss blah blah blah Whedon blah blah blah… Blah…

  19. I would like to see Joss Whedon take on Star Trek once the Abrams crew are done with it.

    I never saw Firefly on tv but I did see the movie and remember thinking at the time that this move is what Star Wars could have been in terms of depth (Star Wars was always very shallow and silly to me).

    Whedon could be perfect to take Trek to the next level.

    • Hell to the FCKING no. Joss Whedon is a horrid director and needs to stay the hell away from the Star Trek universe

  20. Joss can do anything!

    • Except for making a great superhero movie.

  21. Will there ever be a time when a decision moviemakers make WON’T be criticized?

    I’m serious here. Every decision made by Marvel and/or DC filmmakers is instantly leapt upon by the sharks who want it THEIR way, and no other way. I’m not going to argue with the trolls, only point out that those people are always seeking something to critique, even if the point of criticism is ridiculous.

    That being said, I’m glad Joss Whedon rewrote those scenes, whatever they are.

  22. Looks like the only character Marvel didnt ripoff will have a turd of a movie now. All the rewrites and new scenes I wont waste my money on anything Marvel anyway but its kind of sad.

  23. Mr O, you’re only speaking for the very loud forum based fanboy minority I’m afraid (and only a portion of that to boot).
    The Iron Man comic has sold roughly 50-80,000 copies per month (depending on the team) over the last 10 years. The most popular Avengers book tops out at approx 300, 000.
    Even during the 80′s and 90′s at the peak of the comics boom Iron Man books couldn’t pull anywhere near even half a million readers.

    With 1.2 million in receipts you’re looking at 50 million people at least who have paid to see it. This includes my parents (who had never heard of Iron Man prior to the first film) who loved it. My dad later in conversation said his favourite part of the film was the twist and referred to Ben Kingsley as the Tangerine.
    The Mandarin hasn’t infiltrated popular culture and was never popular in the first place.

    Crying about it is the equivalent of some nerd alone in desert screaming for help with a broken megaphone.

    • Bravo for showing us your Google skills and a story about pappy.

      You totally went off course. I hope you don’t drive or fly anything.

      Selling comics and reimaging a character for a movie are 2 opposite topics. The “twist” is where the film lost some momentum. It was unexpected no doubt, but not a pleasant surprise to real fans.

      • How am I off course? So, I’m interested in what it takes to become a ‘true fan’? It sounds like a really cool exclusive club you belong to. I’ve already been reading the comics for 20 years and love the movies. What more do I have to do? Sleep with Downey or will a fu manchu-esqe mandarin tattoo suffice? I really REALLY want to be a true fan… PLEASE HELP!

      • It’s also not my fault that you can’t digest the point I was making.

        RE: MR O-”You obviously haven’t been keeping up with the feedback from the “movie going public”. The re-imaging of one of the greatest threats to Iron Man was a disgrace.”

        The “Movie Going Public” is not a couple of angry dudes on the internet. The movie-going public are the countless millions who have never read a comic before and far more so who have EVER heard of the Mandarin prior to seeing Iron Man 3. Vitriolic negative nonsense you spew sir!

        Either way, this is now wildly off topic. Thor will be awesome. Can’t wait for all the Melekith the Accursed fans to come screaming from the woodwork, it’s gonna be hilarious.

  24. You lot get so tribal over comic book movies haha, some of these comments are hilarious… It’s like, agree with me or ELSE!!! You should move here to the UK and pick a football team, you’d get your teeth kicked out every Saturday haha. I’d say marvel are man city, won but with a dull team, DC are man united, won playing attractive football :)