Welcome to Screen Rant’s “Geek Picks,” where we collect the finest movie-related geekery from around the Web. Today you’ll find Thor: The Dark World as a romantic comedy; a Pokemon rap with all 718 Pokemon; an Ender’s Game fan film; Jimmy Fallon’s audience tells us what super power they’d wish to have; and a Blackberry meltdown with Dave Foley. All that and more on this edition of SR’s Geek Picks!

To kick things off today, FunnyOrDie has 14 Important Life Lessons You Can Learn from Al Bundy.

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Marvel Marketing Thor to Women


Superhero movies are known to do very well at the box office, but they’re primarily seen by men. So in an attempt to bring more women out to the theater this weekend, Marvel is changing their marketing strategy.

Thor: Treasures of Asgard at Disneyland Park

Thor: Treasures of Asgard is now open in Innoventions at Disneyland park! Here you can explore an epic collection of objects brought to Earth straight from Asgard, and then travel across the Bifrost to Asgard itself for an audience with the Mighty Avenger, Thor. Read more at the Disney Parks Blog: http://bit.ly/HJvyWl

Thor: The Dark World Posters


Thor The Dark World Oli Riches 512x1024 SR Geek Picks: Thor 2 as a Romcom, Best Indie Horror Movies, Doctor Who Quotes & More

Loki Oli Riches 512x1024 SR Geek Picks: Thor 2 as a Romcom, Best Indie Horror Movies, Doctor Who Quotes & More

Heimdall Oli Riches 512x1024 SR Geek Picks: Thor 2 as a Romcom, Best Indie Horror Movies, Doctor Who Quotes & More

Here’s my new illustrated poster series for #ThorDarkWorld. An iconic trilogy of character posters for Thor, Loki & Heimdall.

Thanks to Oli Riches for sharing these great illustrations.



Hashtags: #MySuperPower


Jimmy reads his favorite tweets with the hashtag #mysuperpower.

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The Third – An Ender’s Game Fan Film

This is a film I shot when I was a student, years ago. We were super ambitious and planned on a graphics heavy video, which ended up being too much for students to finish. So a few months ago when we heard the feature film was coming out, we thought we would release our version. I learned so much from making this movie and I think it helped us grow tremendously as filmmakers.

Thanks to SR readers Jacob + Katie Schwarz for sharing!

Blackberry Meltdown with Dave Foley

Blackberry Meltdown with Dave Foley from Dave Foley

Josh Fletcher, Blackberry’s last employee, introduces his company’s latest (and last) new device.

TnT Airlines

The pre-flight instructional video for TnT Airlines.

Apollo Robbins, The Master Pickpocket: Tricks of the Trade

Professional pickpocket Apollo Robbins demonstrates some of his theft techniques on writer Adam Green.

Read the New Yorker article profiling Apollo on newyorker.com.

PokéRap (With All 718 Pokemon)

Your dream of a new Pokerap is now a nine minute nightmare.

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Mission Report: Jurassic Park In Real Life

For our latest mission we drove a replica Jurassic Park Jeep through the streets of New York. Actors dressed like the characters from the film asked random New Yorkers for directions to Jurassic Park, eventually finding a T-Rex in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park.

Full Story.

Doctor Who Quotes


Doctor Who Quotes 570x1013 SR Geek Picks: Thor 2 as a Romcom, Best Indie Horror Movies, Doctor Who Quotes & More

Thanks to @zort70 for sharing!

Indie Horrors that Changed the Face of Cinema

Halloween may be over, but that doesn’t mean we have to take a break from checking out awesomely creepy horror films!

Katy Perry Retweets: Day Four


To mark Katy Perry passing Justin Bieber as the most followed person on Twitter, Jimmy asks his writer, @arthurmeyer13, to tweet the same thing Katy has tweeted in the past, and they compare retweet totals.

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