‘Thor: The Dark World’ Undergoing Reshoots to Add More Loki; Early IMAX Release Planned

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Thor The Dark World Tom Hiddleston as Loki Thor: The Dark World Undergoing Reshoots to Add More Loki; Early IMAX Release Planned

It’s definitely not too soon to start getting excited for Thor: The Dark World. The next major addition to Marvel Studios’ cinematic universe will not only see the return of the Norse god and his reunion with human astrophysicist Jane Foster, but also Tom Hiddleston reprising his role as Loki. The three form a fragile alliance in order to take on the much bigger threat of Malekith (Christopher Eccleston) and the Dark Elves.

Now there’s even less time to wait for Thor: The Dark World, as IMAX and Marvel have announced that the film will arrive in 3D IMAX theaters internationally on October 30th, more than a week ahead of its general release date. This puts the pressure on to get the film ready for release by then, as it seems that Thor: The Dark World hasn’t even finished filming yet.

Speaking in interview with Collider at Disney’s D23 Expo, Thor: The Dark World‘s director Alan Taylor gave some rapid-fire information about the ongoing production of the film, which is apparently still being shot despite the release date being less than three months away. Taylor said that Anthony Hopkins had been called back to shoot some scenes, and that he’s still working on getting the tone of the movie just right and ensuring that certain relationships “end the right way.” Could he be referring to the relationship between Thor and Jane or the one between Thor and Loki?

Not only are reshoots of scenes taking place, Taylor also revealed that scenes are still being written, and a new scene with Loki has already been added into the film. When asked where he was in the editing process, Taylor replied that he is “in the crazy, chicken running around with its head cut off phase,” which suggests that he’s feeling the increasingly urgent need to get the existing footage and the new footage that’s still being produced all cut together in time for release.

thor dark world movie poster Thor: The Dark World Undergoing Reshoots to Add More Loki; Early IMAX Release Planned

On the other hand, last-minute shoots aren’t exactly a new phenomenon in the Marvel movie universe. Joss Whedon famously shot the post-credits shawarma scene in The Avengers after the film had already premiered. Taylor didn’t seem too worried about the continued shooting and editing, though:

“It’s a not uncommon procedure at Marvel. They’re amazing, they will work down to the wire. Kevin Feige is always trying to make the film better, see if he can push it up. I saw them do this on ‘Iron Man 3,’ I saw them do this on ‘Avengers.’ They have to sort of come and pry the film out of Marvel’s hands to put it up on the screen, because he never wants to stop improving things.”

On another production, reshoots and rewrites this close to release might sound very ominous, but by the sounds of it, this is simply part of the process when it comes to making Marvel movies. Taylor explains that the reshoots and pick-ups aren’t being carried out because of things that were done wrong the first time round, but simply because Marvel reserves part of the film’s budget so that after seeing a rough cut improvements and tweaks can be made to “plus” the movie. In particular, he mentioned that Hiddleston is doing quite a few extra scenes, since Taylor and Feige “realized how well Loki was working in the movie and wanted to do more with him.”

Do you have faith in Kevin Feige’s approach to producing Thor: The Dark World, or does all this talk of reshoots and last-minute additions make you nervous?


Thor: The Dark World will be released in 3D IMAX theaters worldwide from October 30th, 2013, and will be out on general release November 8th.

Source: Collider

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  1. More Loki??? What’s not to be excited for? I can’t wait!

    • More Loki is a great thing!

      • Could not agree more :)

  2. Always trying to make the film better… Well I’d say they fell short on Iron Man 3. I don’t care what the box office says.

    • Nope. They didn’t fall short at all on IM3.

      • Agreed.

        • I truly hated IM3.

          When I watched the trailer, I didn’t know what to expect.

          When they gave me IM lost out in hickville with a kid trying to rebuild his self esteem, genuine cliffhangers in the trailer that were nothing more than action points, and a failed *FAILED attempt at creating a powerful impact with pepper pots, only to make her character so incredibly lame, I am exhausted.

          It was a good attempt, and they cut a damn fine trailer… but…
          Retire the IM movies.

      • A matter of opinion Dazz 😉

      • Finally caught Iron Man 3 at the dollar cinema today. Thought it was solid, it’s just that I felt it should’ve been a bit more serious, especially for a plot like that. Didn’t think they made the right decision by making it family friendly and a comedy, but I have to admit it did make me laugh numerous times. My favorite part has to be Don Cheadle, thought he was a complete badass.

        • I think a lot of people forget what the meaning of comic is. Marvel comics should have some comical moments as well as serious. Going for a perfect balance is the key.

          • IM3 did NOT achieve that balance. It was crap.

          • I concur but not at the expense of the story or characters. IM3 (imo) was being comical at the expense of the story and characters.

            • Spot on Aknot.

            • @Aknot
              I have to agree with you. I felt the comedic timing was terrible but it didn’t stop me from laughing, it just stopped me from taking the movie seriously.

          • @Peaches
            In my opinion, they didn’t achieve a great balance.

            • …and that has WHAT to do with this discussion?

              • The Dark Knight changed the characters from the comics,they introduced new ones,and people have a problem with Iron Man 3 with the Iron Man 3 Mandarin twist and the tone of the movie,which is supposed to be like that

        • I felt the story had some interesting ideas and potential, but the film itself did not carry the balance between fun and seriousness as Iron Man carried.

          I feel cheated out of that grander story and character arc, which I felt was promised but never quite delivered. It is not to say the film failed entirely in that regard, but the comedy bits- which work on their own- sacrificed from the overall dramatic quality and character development of the Tony Stark character.

          It was almost as if I was watching a satire or parody due to the amount of comedy bits. I liked the risk of the film and themes it was exploring, but it all seems superficial. I am glad the film was not formulaic, but people seem to confuse surprising as smart.

          RDJ was great along with Ben Kingsley and Guy Pierce.
          The film just needed a balanced tone and some weight added to the events and arcs to make it more engaging.
          Experience vs simply watching.

    • Yes they did:p

    • Apart from what they did to the Mandarin I thought Iron Man 3 was a solid film. They used the Extremis plot fairly well and it was overall a fun movie.

    • The main problem with IM3 was the fact that it was “lethal weapon 6″ with Iron man in luau of Mel Gibson (Danny Glovers comedic partner role fell to Don Chedel)

    • They didn’t fall short at all. Iron Man 3 was almost as good as the first one and heaps better than the second one. It’s great that I don’t care about the original background stories from the comics, I suppose. 😉

      • Iron Man: Great
        Iron Man 2: Bad
        Iron Man 3: Okay

        It was a solid work. Better than Iron Man 2 by a long shot because it had actually had a story to tell.
        However Iron Man 3 fails where Iron Man succeeded- balance in tone to add dramatic weight to the character arc,

        I never read Extremis. I am actually glad they did not keep the Mandarin with all its gimmick.
        In my opinion, the film was just okay. Solid, but needed some more focused and clever execution in the dramatic quality.

    • I agree, iron man was garbage.

      • Iron Man 3 I mean, Iron Man 3 was terrible.

  3. I like my cinematic universes fluid, responsive and ever-evolving, I love the New Marvel Cinematic Universe!

  4. October 30th?

    Cool, I’m there although I’m not sure why this movie needs to be seen in IMAX 3D at all. I came out of MOS thinking the same thing (although Pacific Rim really looked amazing in that format).

    • I liked MoS better in 2D. Too much quick-cut editing for my eyes to adjust to in 3D. Oh, and it was noisy, repetitive, and lame for the last 15-20 minutes.

      • you weren’t entertained by the city-leveling fight?? wow!

        • I wasnt either. it was destruction for the sake of destruction, no purpose.

          • Unfortunately MoS imax was ruined by it being a crap film, in any format.

            • The funny thing about opinions is that everyone has one, like in my opinion Iron Man was the biggest crap film of the summer.

          • I did not find it destruction for the sake of destruction.
            I felt it fit in the context.

            It did go on in some places, I would agree.

      • That’s why I was glad to see The Wolverine in 2D because honestly, most films still work better in that format.

        I agree about the last 20 minutes though and would also add the first 20 minutes as being equally as boring (talking about MOS).

        • I enjoy the IMAX screenings although the 3D parts does get boring after awhile.

          Although in Man of Steel I was captivated by the visuals and kinetic experience of it in 2D, in regular 3D it was kind of hard on the eyes. IMAX 3D had that problem but lesser in degree, maybe from the larger screen I am not sure.

          Iron Man 3’s final fight did not give me that issue in IMAX 3D thankfully but despite the visuals I did not get a rush out of it. Kind of dragged with Killian surviving everything- I mean everything- and all the conflict in the background.

        • I would said that Iron Man 3 was two hours of boring.

  5. Thor one still has the one of the worst post conversion 3d ive ever seen. Ill watch in 2d

  6. this movie is going to suck. all ive been hearing about thor 2 is the problems with production and creative differences.

    • Then again WORLD WAR Z had those problems too but look how surprisingly well it turned out in the end. So I suggest you wait to see the film.

      • World War Z was awful.

      • World War Z was actually pretty good, caught me by surprise.

        • I liked World War Z too, I read the book and while there was so much missing, I actually liked WWZ better than MOS.

          • +1

    • Don’t buy into every rumor you hear my friend, a lot of stuff is very fabricated. I hardly doubt “Thor: TDW” will suck, I expect it to at least be good if not great.

    • I was waiting for someone to write this statement. I’m glad that I wasn’t proven wrong. Ty (never fails) 😀

    • In this very same interview Alan Taylor debunked most of these rumours that were going around online. They were nonsense.

      He stated that the only problem they actually had was that he wanted a specific composer, but Marvel did not. And the composer change is already something we heard about.

      Everything else you heard is just stupid rumours. Alan Taylor literally laughed at them. Some random person claiming to have “insider info” started these rumours about production problems and internet sites blew it up.

      This movie is going to be pretty damn amazing in my opinion. It’s weird to label something and saying it will suck just because you heard a couple of rumours that had as much evidence behind them as most gossip rag “articles”.

      • @scyllaya – It is indeed weird to say something will suck because you heard a rumor. Only an idiot will write off a film based on a rumor they heard, before seeing the film in a theater first to judge for themselves. Hell all of those rumors are just fabrications made up by clowns that want to name a name for themselves, like you said the only thing proven true was the composer situation, that’s it. Now if this films turns out to be great which is entirely possible, all these fools flapping they’re jaws will be the first ones jumping back on the bandwagon saying how great it is, lol.

      • I have all my faith in Alan Taylor.
        He seems to understand what Thor needs as a character and as a cinematic event.

        I am very excited, this is coming from someone who was underwhelmed by the previous film.

  7. This movie is going to be amazing. Whenever someone says a movie is going to suck I always think about the travesty that was Green Lantern. Lol this movie can’t be any worse than that. Ill be there on the 30th

  8. More Loki? An Early IMAX Screening?

    I am one happy camper.
    I am a bit worried of adding, and rewriting scenes this close to the finish line, but I am being optimistic. On the other side, I saw Iron Man 3 😉 and that their moving the finish line closer.

    If Thor: The Dark World promises in delivering a more engaging, more grounded visuals and design with strong character interactions and a tone as promised by the trailers- darker, but still fun and a comedy more organic than forced in- then I will be pleased.

    I have faith in the actors and director :)

    • In Nolan we trust… oh, wait.

  9. yes more Loki. just make the movie about him!

  10. For me, this news is kinda good news. It’s cool that their satisfied with the original cut but they liked some aspects of the film so much they’re adding more of it. Not a bad idea at all if you ask me.

    How many times do you submit an assignment to a teacher or boss and feel like you could’ve done more with it?

    This is probably the first Marvel film that I am actually anticipating despite me not really thinking the first film was all that.

    • Same here.
      Thor was just like Iron Man 3 to me. Solidly entertaining, but could have used a bit more of a serious dramatic quality in the interesting character arc.
      So I was pretty underwhelmed.

      However, Thor: The Dark World seems to a major improvement and the director Alan Taylor sounds like he knows exactly the areas in which to improve from the first outing of Thor.

      The sets and design seems more tangible.
      The comedy will be more organic and stemming from the characters than forced.
      A darker, serious tone to the adventure story.

      • They cut so many scenes with Loki and also with Frigga in the first movie. Loki’s character arc was a lot better if you consider those scenes.

        Like Thor and Loki before his coronation and Frigga handing the throne of Asgard over to Loki. Very important scenes I think, I still don’t know why they cut them. They said a lot about the characters and their relationship to one another.

  11. Yep, Alan Taylor is thrilled about all of this.

    No Marvel movie to date has been messed with to this extent.

  12. I don’t see a post from Dr. Mindbender yet so I will go ahead and say it for him. Here is the article about reshoots you were waiting for. You just have to be patient. I have your back good Dr. Haha.

    • He made a valid point didn’t he?

      • *ahem*

        • Haha I thought of you as soon as I saw the article.

  13. They did fall short in iron man 3 otherwise there would be no reshoots, iam almost certain that all the films were going to be standalone
    as they could be until iron man 3 divided the fans. And good job aaa of saying whats true, bust what shane black’s girlfriend dazz
    has to say about iron man 3. Needs to read some marvel saga and get a marvel education.

    • I don’t get your point. Not one single comic needs to be read to comment on a movie sir.

      I don’t think the previews for Iron Man 3 said “read some Marvel Saga first”(In trailer voice).

      Iron Man 3 was enjoyable, a little too light, but still enjoyable. A comic book would not change my opinion or Dazz’s probably.

  14. If this weren’t a Marvel movie people would be extremely skeptical about it. Reshoots happening 3 months before release, rumours of strained relations between the director and the studio, and before that the loss of the composer on creative differences….

    Due to how much control Marvel exerts to ensure its films are commercially successfully I guess it’ll turn out okay, but…

    • The rumours are just that… rumours. They have no evidence being true whatsoever.

  15. Hiddleston’s portrayal of Loki was the bright spot of the Avengers for me, so I can see why they are giving him more screen time. From the looks of things having another strong personality on-screen might be needed if they are going to be fighting one main villain with an army of expendable crash test dummies like many films do these days.

  16. What needs to happen is a movie based solely on Loki

  17. well, I would be somewhat nervous if I’m an Odin son fan with it looking like this might turn out to be a replica of the dark knight dynamic, with Loki in place of heath ledger’s joker pulling the spotlight from the main attraction in Thor. I hope I’m wrong and this was purely a quality over quantity move.

    but honestly, I’d swap more Loki reshoots than romantic ones shoved down my throat. I felt burdened by it in superman returns and somewhat in the first Thor movie. in Captain America first avenger it felt much more natural and the final scene with Cap and Peggy kissing before he took on the red skull felt like a pay off to the tension that was built up between the duo throughout the film. with Thor at one point I felt I was watching basketball wives LA with the constant Thor – Jane foster – Darcy adulation material.

  18. More Loki :)

  19. The best part of “Thor” was the story of the two brothers and their relationship to their family. It’s something I loved in The Avengers too. The Thor-Loki scenes were all incredibly good.

    Even Alan Taylor said that since the first film this has been “the story of two brothers”. So I’m happy that they seem to focus on them.

    Not to say that the romantic sub-plot was completely awful (although it was one of the weakest parts of the first Thor film), but it’s better to focus on Thor and Loki than Thor and Jane. (IMHO)

    So yeah, more Loki, that is awesome. After all these two are going to be brothers-friends-enemies long after a mortal like Jane is gone. She’s like a mayfly compared to them. Unless they make her immortal, but if I remember correctly that did not work out all too well in the comics.

  20. Rushed reshoots to pander to initial audience reactions… always a great idea to make a movie worse. The writers will have had their reasons to only include as much Loki as they did. Ah well, hopefully they do it right.

    • It says more Loki scenes and they were getting Anthony Hopkins to film an additional scene…so maybe it’s just a father/son moment being added. Maybe they’ll go fishing. Marvel movies don’t have enough fishing in them…that was one focus group response.

  21. More cowbell!

    • I have a fever… and the only cure is… more cowbell!

  22. Loki should be fine. No Hulk smash in this one!

  23. “Not only are reshoots of scenes taking place, Taylor also revealed that scenes are still being written, and a new scene with Loki has already been added into the film.”

    So they didn’t believe in success after watching the other movies. And now they’re rushing it to the max. No serious movie is making reshoots of lots of scenes when they got few months on their nose. We know that they remade some battle scenes it means that VFX will be remade too.
    From one point of view it means they will have a better fighting etc from another however it means their own original ideas fell short after they saw what other companies are doing.

  24. If they kill off loki it better mean something and thanos should resurect him at some point or find some other cosmic reason to bring him back. I think the relationship ending is odin dieing. Lack of him in the trailer suggests to me he gives his life for asgard and midgard at some point.

    • I’m not sure if Odin will die though. Natalie Portman said that he’s very excited for Thor 3, so maybe he’ll live.

  25. More Loki just for the money.

    • IM3 could have scored over a TRILLION dollars…I would still find it a badly made, badly presented waste of effort, film, and time. You liked it? Great. I did NOT. I believe it started Marvel’s Phase 2 off on the wrong (limping, unbalanced, stumbling) foot. It was crap.

      Move on.

      • Archaeon…..

        I’ve read your comments for a while now and they always make me laugh. You always try to write so perfect, and answer so eloquently but in all of you imagined intelligence, you still have dumb answers, comments and replies. You continually trash IM3 and the people that liked it, while unabashedly confess your man love for Snyder, Nolan and MoS, as if they walk on water, and MoS was the greatest movie ever made. It’s getting old.

        Of course, in your intelligent and superior way you always try to end you silly comments with an even sillier smart a$$ quip. If you were as smart as you think you are, and as you’re trying to prove to us that you are, your comments would be smarter (not just written smarter), and you would need to end it with a quip. What exactly is it that you’re trying to prove?

        A few things for you to do Archaeon….

        1. Grow up.(This one is very important)
        2. Stop talking down to people, you are certainly no better than they are.
        3. Look up the word “Humility” in the dictionary that I know you have sitting next to your keyboard, and try practicing the definition you find there.

        I know you’ve read this comment, of that I have no doubt (because your huge ego won’t allow you not to). Whether you choose to responed or not, I do not care, just take what I said to heart so you stop looking so bad and immature. It’s for your own good.


        • Jason Seaver,

          I do not pretend to respond of Archaeon’s behalf, nor do I pretend to know exactly what you are thoughts on his posts- I am only responding to what have seen/read here.

          You call him a “tiny little man” with “imagined intelligence”. You go on commenting on his writing style juxtaposing what you imagine his intelligence to be, and calling his opinions and comments as “silly”.

          Archaeon was responding to the original comment by Zolthar in which the latter proposed he was tired reading “Iron Man 3 was crap” and postulated that the film must be good because it was critically praised (source?) and that it made over a billion dollars in the world-wide box office.

          You say Archaeon was making a silly comment, when he simply refuted that the film must be great because of the reasons given by Zolthar.

          The amount of money a film makes is no indication of whether or not the film is actually good. Which critics praise the film? 77% on Rotten Tomatoes? That is just the amount of critics who enjoyed the film- not the rating. Rating it could have a positive review but not one that praises the film. In the end, it is all opinion base.

          So why Jason Seaver did you not say that was a silly and shallow comment? Why did you target Archaeon?

          Archaeon never presented his opinion as fact. He only made the point that just because the film had made such amount of dollars, it does not mean its a master piece. Avatar is currently the top grossing film of all time yet it always criticized for it’s “simple and cliched” story.

          Archaeon presented his opinion and the reasons for it. He did not call Zolthar;s opinion wrong. In fact he encouraged him. Then he simply stated to Zolthar to “move on” from the topic because it is never going to end.

          Archaeon never mentioned Man of Steel here. Why do you bring it up? Because you disliked that film and do not agree on Archaeon’s opinion?

          Okay. Then follow your own advice.
          1)”Grow Up”. Or as Archaeon stated- move on.

          2)”Stop talking down to people”. You obviously have your opinions and they are not those of Archaeon and thus you distinctly respond to his post but not the one above in which the content is even sillier. Archaeon did not talk down to anyone, but you clearly are to him.

          3)Perhaps you should learn “Humility”- as you are the one who insulted the intelligence of a fellow commentator simply because you do not agree with his thoughts and opinions.

          If you are still reading, thank you. I tend to ramble on and rant here. Please take to heart what I am telling You.
          You look self-contradictory. You also type eloquently, yet you seem very superficial and pretend to be smarter than others because you seem to consider your opinions better?

          I do not know what your opinions are or what kind of person you are in reality. I am giving you advice to think objectively before you write. Consider the context and what others actually say.

          Please and thank you for reading, now we can agree to disagree and move on. Lets all behave as mature and capable movie fans.

          Film is subjective.


          • Archer…

            THANK you for actually reading what I wrote. You were correct in your perception of my response. Jason? Not even close…

            To be fair (something Jason might consider trying at some point…if possible), I DID say IM3 was crap even earlier in the Comments section, BUT even at that point, I was merely responding to someone who had said they found IM3 balanced, so…

            I responded to you because you are being rational. Jason? Not even close…

            • Snip snap.

            • @ Archer and Archaeon

              My comment was in response to MONTHS of watching Archaeon belittle and insult other people on this site, and I decided somebody had to say something about it. My insults toward him were designed to show him how distasteful it is. I’m glad you picked up on that as that was my point.

              I couldn’t care less if Archeon likes IM3 or not, that was an example and that wasn’t even the point of my comment. It was much bigger than that.

              My point was, if Archaeon is as smart as he seems to be, why does he have to write in such an insulting way? Intelligence or being smart doesn’t mean being an a$$ to people, in fact it means the exact opposite. I find him and some his comments humorous, I really do, but looking over the course of how he writes, he is NEVER nice. NEVER.

              That has nothing to do with differing opinions, it has to do with displaying a condescending, superior attitude. I’ve read plenty of comments from Archaeon to others like Dazz, or WallyWest among others that are simply cutting and mean-spirited because they disagree with him, and they always end with “Try again” or “Tootles” or some kind of parting insult. That is not right.

              Can you, Archaeon, have a pleasant disagrement/conversation without snarky and cutting dialog? If so, I have yet to see it.

              A sign of true intelligence is courteous dialog WITHOUT insults, much like Archer displayed above. Hurling insults in disagreements either indicates a weak argument or immaturity.

              I dare say Archaeon that the computer screen makes you somewhat braver, as I’m sure it does all of us, but I don’t think that you would speak to another person the way you do ( write your comments) were you to be face to face with them.

              Your opinions are your opinions, and that’s fine, just don’t be insulting; it will get you more respect.

              Both of you listen, instead of feeling attacked, stop and think about what I’m saying. I’m actually trying to be helpful to Archaeon. There is no need for Archaeon to act that way.

              All I’m saying is, try a little humility and try to be a nicer. Show everybody how truly smart you are Archaeon, by not being a jerk, that’s all I’m saying.


              • *eats popcorn*

              • Okay, Jason…

                You decided to keep running your big mouth even though we could have just let things go after all three of us had our says. Fine. Let’s clarify a couple of things…

                First of all, you were NOT trying in the slightest to help anyone; you simply wanted to come across to everyone on the thread as some kind of fair-minded crusader for propriety and good manners, so as to impress them. Your rabid rant, instead showed you acting like an asinine, obnoxious twit…and a hypocrite. You see, I too have tried to “educate” those whom I’ve thought were being arrogant, insulting, or just plain dumb. I’ve done so using brief expressions, comments, quips, etc. Now, whether those people “learned” anything from my words was really not my decision. The long retaliations I’ve employed have been delivered specifically when someone was attempting to vomit their bile on me…or those of like mind, none of whom were attacking anyone else (sometimes even WITH provocation from those who had attacked them).

                YOU, on the other hand, stated your innocent intentions to call me out for my behavior, even to the extent of giving me a taste of that behavior. The revelation of the hypocrisy I mentioned earlier came with exuberance with which you delivered not merely a taste but TWO badly prepared large MEALS of your tripe. You, thus, clearly showed your own uppity buffoonery.

                Secondly, you kept repeating that I was trying to impress everyone with my words. Why would I want to impress people I do not know and will likely never meet? I DO speak civilly with them USUALLY, as they do with me. True, I have let my mouth and/or emotions get the better of me on occasion and even been called out for such…and I have apologized to whichever person I’ve offended (whether SR staff or commenter) EVERY TIME. I do not try to sound smart. I simply speak here the same way I speak to my family, friends, coworkers, associates, and the general public. If people consider me intelligent, great. If not, that’s their issue, since I cannot do anything about what roils around inside their brains.

                Finally, you think I’m some kind of evil demon…judging by your above blathering, “pot calling the kettle black”. If you had bothered to READ my comments of these past few years, you would have clearly seen that while I can be passionate about my opinions, I ALWAYS understand and acknowledge the fact no one’s opinion is better than anyone else’s…mine included. I also constantly try to be hopeful about various upcoming projects (in fact, the comments you likely saw from me to Wally West…since you named him as a specific example…had to do with my perception that he continued to be SO negative about so much rumor/news coming out that he was taking away a bit of my enjoyment coming to this site…he responded, and we came to the point that we are fine…Dazz, another person you brought up, chose not to respond when I called him out for talking down to/about those who held opinions contrary to his own about certain matters…I’m fine with that, and we’ve both survived). Have I erred? OF COURSE. All of us have. Maybe once you’re able remove your head from your own butt and comprehend simple truths, including your own blubbery hypocrisy, you’ll apologize; then, we can carry on a reasonable conversation.

                Good luck with that.

                • @Archaeon, Jason – I let this go a little further than I should have but I thought you two would end the conversation. It’s apparent that’s not going to happen without some prodding from me so let’s end the conversation right now. This thread is to discuss Thor – not throw comment darts at each other.

                  Paul Young – Moderator

                  • Thank you for the reminder, Paul. I’m done…sorry for the detour.

                  • @ Paul

                    I think my points were proven very clearly.

                    Sorry for any inconvenience Paul.


    • That’s what I’m thinking too.

  26. As long as “more Loki” is for the sake of better story, and not just Marvel buckling under because Loki/Hiddleston is a pop-culture icon right now, I’ll be as happy as a clam.. ya know, if clams could be happy n stuff.

    • Agreed. We don’t know what the scenes are about, but they might be very important or they wouldn’t film them to begin with.

  27. I am glad they are smart enough to reserve money to “plus” the film.
    Finally a studio with a head on its shoulders.
    “plus” away Marvel!