‘Thor 2′ Mid & Post-Credits Scenes Explained: What They Reveal About Future Marvel Movies

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Thor 2 Dark World mid post credits scenes explained infinity stones Thor 2 Mid & Post Credits Scenes Explained: What They Reveal About Future Marvel Movies

Thor: The Dark World is now in theaters (read our review and listen to our podcast episode), which means that the film’s big reveals are now out there for dedicated fans to sift through and decipher as story threads from the Thunder God’s sequel begin to weave their way through the larger Marvel Movie Universe.

We already dropped some pretty juicy news about the road through Marvel’s Phase Two and Phase Three story arcs, leading to an Avengers 3 featuring Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet – but we couldn’t get too deep into our analysis because, at the time, no one else had yet seen Thor 2 and we didn’t want to spoil the fun! Now that the movie is out, we can reveal more of what we’ve learned while peering behind the scenes of Marvel Studios in the last few months – starting with the big implications of the mid-credits and post-credits scenes included with Thor: The Dark World.

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Mid-Credits Scene: Meet The Collector

Benicio Del Toro The Collector Thor 2 Mid & Post Credits Scenes Explained: What They Reveal About Future Marvel Movies

As was rumored weeks ago, the mid-credits scene at the end of The Dark World features Asgardian warriors Lady Sif (Jaimie Alexander) and mighty Volstagg (Ray Stevenson) visiting the lair of the eccentric immortal known as The Collector (Benicio Del Toro). In the aftermath of the great battle with the Dark Elves, Sif and Volstagg bring “The Aether” – the power source Malekith (Christopher Eccleston) attempted to destroy the universe with – to The Collector for safe keeping. When questioned by The Collector why they are giving HIM the Aether, the Asgardians reveal that with the Tesseract locked in Odin’s vault, it would be unwise to keep two “Infinity Stones” in one place. Upon the Asgardians’ departure, The Collector states that he has “one down, five to go” – referring to the remaining Infinity Stones yet to be collected.

WHY IT MATTERS: This mid-credits sequence is quite possibly the biggest “button scene” we’ve seen yet, in that it reveals no less than the overarching storyline for Marvel’s entire movie universe – from the end of Phase One presumably up through the end of Phase Three and an Avengers 3 culmination.

By directly dubbing both the Tesseract and The Aether “Infinity Stones” we are getting a variation on the Infinity Gems – space, time, mind, power, soul, reality – that unite to form the godly Infinity Gauntlet. Clearly Thanos (the enemy glimpsed in the Avengers mid-credits sequence) is up to something, and as comic book fans know (and movie fans are now finding out) THIS is that plan: collect the stones, rule the universe.

Post-Credits Scene: Thor of Midguard

Thor 2 The Dark World Official Photo Natalie Portman Chris Hemsworth Earth 570x379 Thor 2 Mid & Post Credits Scenes Explained: What They Reveal About Future Marvel Movies

The post-credits scene in The Dark World picks up right after the events of the film’s conclusion, in which Thor declared to Loki (who is posing as Odin) that he is leaving Asgard to be with Jane (Natalie Portman) and defend Earth. In the post-credits scene, we watch a lonely Jane going through another round of post-Thor depression, until the Thunder God appears on her doorstep, thereby fulfilling his promise with a passionate kiss. Meanwhile, one of the Frost Giant beasts that was inadvertently teleported to Earth during the climatic Thor vs. Malekith battle chases a flock of birds (which were also victims of some extreme teleportation) across an empty lot. Laughter ensues.

WHY IT MATTERS: Obviously this post-credits sequence is of lesser importance than the mid-credits one, but it does carry some significance – namely in that Thor is now truly at home on Earth and with Jane, even while bigger and bigger trouble is amassing in the cosmos (and in his own back yard).

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  1. Why is no one talking about the cocoon in the mid credits scene?! ADAM WARLOCK

    • I noticed it, but I don’t know Adam Warlock’s story! what does the cocoon mean? would you elaborate?

      • Warlock was placed into a cocoon for centuries and hatched as the villain Magus.

        Warlock went to his own future, saw himself as Magus in charge of the Universal Church of Truth and tried to stop himself becoming that but everything he does seems to put him on a collision course into ending up in the cocoon.

        He helped usher the Cancerverse into our universe and it took Thanos, Nova, The Gladiator, Silver Surfer, Ronan The Accuser and the Guardians to try and stop it.

        • AHA, Thanks Dazz!

          • Holy… you’re right! Gah! That thing grabbed my attention at first sight, but all I thought about was how disgusting it looked… but it could be Warlock’s cocoon! @_@

            • Well, that confirmation enough for me. Adam Warlock will hatch in Guardians. Hopefully that’ll be their mid-credit scene.

        • It’s worth pointing out that Adam waking up from the cocoon as a crazy, evil version of himself is only one of the many times he’s been in a cocoon. Whenever he gets killed or injured badly, he surrounds himself with that cocoon to be reborn.

    • Could be! – what else was shown in the background of that scene – i can’t remember…

      • There was this weak looking man with what looked like skull implants standing listlessly next to the “coccoon”. And there was a botanical-garden like tank too, with what looked like a giant orchid (could also be a venus plant). Also a girl with a weird face; that one’s hard to miss, there was a shot on her.

        Someone here mentioned Groot, but I didn’t see him in my second viewing just now…

        • Just looked up spine Adam Warlock artwork and man Jamie from Game of Thrones would be perfect.

          • Nikolaj Coster-Waldau… he really does remind me of Adam.

        • Haven’t seen Thor 2 yet, but from the sounds of it, the woman could be Mantis (or Moondragon as a stretch). Could the “weak looking man” be Maxam (or, again as a stretch, Pip the Troll?).

  2. So the Casket of Ancient Winters is not just for freezing stuff, but also for dimensional travel. It was basically the “Bifrost of the Jotnar”, it’s what they used to travel to other realms. Also, as far as I know Jotunheim is covered in darkness and slowly dying because Odin took it from there, so it also powers the realm itself in a way maybe.

    Could it be also an Infinity Stone? I mean, Loki had it in Thor and he probably stashed it somewhere before the events of the Avengers.

    That’s the only powerful mythical/cosmic object that was included in the MCU so far. It would be cool if it played a role again.

    • I don’t think the Casket of Ancient Winters was one of the gems. It seemed pretty clear that it’s “power”/purpose was freezing things, which doesn’t relate to any of the infinity gems, to my knowledge.

      The Tesseract has the ability to open wormholes and allow people to travel across space (i.e. the space gem – although, the tesseract was blue, not purple) and the Aether seemed like it granted ultimate power to whoever wielded it (the red power gem?).
      Apparently since the “stones” aren’t really stones/gems in the movie universe, I’m also kind of thinking that Loki’s scepter may in fact be the mind gem, as has always been the theory.

      • Yeah, the stone hinted at in Odin’s vault was the Tesseract/Cosmic Cube.

        I wonder which stones The Collector has already.

        • Well, seeing as he said “one down, five to go”, I’m guessing he has one? 😉

          • LOL!!

        • the collector has the aether

          • Yea it appears that he only has one.
            In my opinion as a Thanos freak, the Cosmic Cube aka the Tesseract is representative of the mind gem, while the Aether is representative of the power gem. This is just my opinion based on their powers, both in Avengers and Thor 2, and the colors they give off, blue for mind, red for power.
            That end credits scene was beyond awesome!!! The movie itself was okay, hated how they made Jane so integral to the story.

            • Well I would hate it if she was just there sitting pretty and doing nothing much else. Like the original Spider-Man series with Tobey Maguire where MJ was always playing the damsel in distress.

              On a different note, I wonder if they’ll brainwash Jane in the next film. I know it wouldn’t make sense, but it could still happen in different circumstances.

              • Yes I understand what you mean regarding the fact that Jane needed to be in the movie, but I just feel like The Aether could have been discovered by someone else other than her.
                My other thing with the movie was how Malekith and his Dark Elves spoke in their own language for about 90% of the movie. I don’t have a problem reading the screen but I feel it takes away from the overall tone. Just my opinion of course.

                • “My other thing with the movie was how Malekith and his Dark Elves spoke in their own language for about 90% of the movie.”

                  That was actually a relief. Now, if only Asgardians did the same and spoke some Norse dialect between them instead of modern english! How can more authenticity (if that can be said about imaginary people) possibly take away from the overall tone?

            • Only reason I say no is because the cube allows interdemensional travel as well. So if it allows both the space and mind gem powers then logic points to it possibly being the reality gem. Wouldnt surprise me at all that the most powerful gem was the tesseract/reality gem.

              • Yeah that it true, I was just putting those two together because of how the Aether was said to be this source of great ancient power and that its red, which is why I thought power gem, and I thought the cosmic cube could represent the mind gem because of the way Loki was able to brainwash Hawkeye, Selvig, and as well transport himself to talk to The Other without actually leaving.

                • Kevin Fiege stated that the colors of the gems in the comics are not a good way to figure out which one is which in the movies… meaning the colors in the movie stones don’t match up with the comics in some cases. It’s possible that the Tesseract is space or something else. Yes, Loki’s staff took over the minds of people, and his staff was said to be powered by Tesseract energy. But the main power of the Tesseract was wormholes.

                  All very interesting stuff for Marvel nerds.

                  • I was forced to look it up in Wikiedia. The Tessaract is not considered a stone but an artifact w/ unlimited energy for wormholes and mind control.

                    • Raul, the wikipedia article is based on what the creators of the Marvel films decide to put into the script and on screen. So that means the Tesseract is one of the infinity stones. Marvel said so.

                      Did you watch the Thor 2 after credit scenes? What happens in the movies overrides a not-updated-yet Wikipedia article.

                • It’s a little bit of a plot hole, that Loki’s staff allowed mind control when it was powered by the Space stone. I’m not sure how they would reconcile that if they were asked about it.

                  • What if mind control resulted from some sort of wormhole directly connecting one’s brain to another, like in Being John Malkovich?

                    • Or the staff contained the Mind stone AND had a connection to the Tesseract as well.

                    • Yeah, an early disply of combining the power of the Stones…

      • I just don’t know how to react to that mid-credit scene.

        It was like watching a scene from some 1967 episode of Star Trek. I mean, the flamboyant and eccentric behavior of Del Toro and that cheesy-acting “female robot assistant” has really kinda’ caught me off guard.

        I was expecting something more ominous and threatening. Instead, I feel like I just watched an Adam West BATMAN villain being introduced… :

        Something else,Thor: The Dark World Director Unhappy With The Mid-Credits Scene
        I am very happy not to take responsibility for that (scene).
        It’s a different tone. I would have shot it differently.
        …that sequence in the credits, I would say, is the only part of the movie where I’m happy to give the credit away…

        • The way it was shot didnt seem to be totally high quality but del Toro is putting his own take on who Taneleer Tivan , The Collector, is and if you think about a guy who is one of the oldest living beings in the universe needing to collect to keep him alive basically, he just very well might be a lil flamboyant and crazy. The same with the pink alien girl, maybe that is normal how they act on her planet, obviously I’m not saying she is real, but we can’t just say that it was overaccting when we are talking about an alien species.

        • I totally agree, it was like something out of Flash Gordon. If it wasnt for the substance within the scene (i.e. confirming the existence of the Infinity Gems), it would’ve been unbearable

        • Agreed! I thought it was completely cheesy and out of pace with the rest of the movie. Del Toro looked ridiculous and Jamie Alexander and Ray Stevenson appeared to want to be anywhere but in that scene.

          Just really badly done.

      • five to go — foreshadowing of the Infinity Gauntlet?

        You seem to be pretty knowledgeable about the Marvel Universe. In the mid-credit scene,who is that woman (not the cheesy-acting robot)that appears w/ something on her mouth?,pretty scary. Could you elaborate? Thx!

        • She’s not anyone from the comics that comes to mind.

          • Thx,bro! You are pretty knowledgeable about Marvel stories. I was 14 back in the 60’s when I started reading these comic-books. However, at some point in my life,had to quit buying and reading these stories. Had to go college,no time for it.

  3. Did anyone else notice the presence of EXTREMIS technology on Thor???

    • It was pretty BLATANT

      and I mean Thor: The Dark World, not Thor 1.

    • I missed it…where was it?

    • You’re clearly making this up or misinterpreting something else.

    • I think you are talking about the method in which the dark elves turned into the beasts like Kurse? That was not Extremis technology, if that was what you are referring to.

      • The mistake is understandable, though, as it is visually very similar. I knew it couldn’t be Extremis but I figured they could’ve made it look a bit different, if only to avoid confusion.

        • Might it be because, like most of the Dark Elves’ tech, it’s somehow derived from the Aether? Hence the reddish glow? I noticed that Dark Elven energy output is mostly red: engine glow, energy bolts…

          Wouldn’t be the first time the power of an Infinity Stone has been coopted for some other purpose: the Tesseract itself seems to be behind many of the tech we’ve seen. Hydra weaponry. The Arc Reactor (which was probably designed using notes left by Zola; the engines for the Valkyrie looked a lot like giant Mark 1 Arc Reactors).

          Even the Bifrost, possibly: the ability to open wormholes? Plus in the prelude comic, the Tesseract’s what used to jumpstart the Bifrost again.

    • Didn’t notice, because it wasn’t there.

  4. I was not sure I would like the mid credit scene, but I loved it! I cannot wait for GOTG, I personally did not like the way the collector looked and the way he acted but I really did like the first glimps of the guardians world, and now we know that world is connected to Thors world in a way which is very significant! I think.

    I thought the end scene was quite lame and very generic.
    about 75% stayed at my theatre for the first scene and only about 6 people stayed for the end scene…which was a big disappointment in my mind but I still love the button scenes, especially when they show something that is relevant to an upcoming movie!

    • Yeah, but its just an initial impression of The Collector.
      When I see people leaving after a Marvel movie I want to shout at them and tell them “YOU’RE GUNNA MISS IT!!” but I digress.
      Can’t wait till Guardians of the Galaxy comes out and we get to see the beauty of space and the cosmic marvel universe

    • When I went to see it, only a few people left before the mid-credits scene, maybe 45-50 percent stayed for the end scene. I don’t think a lot of people realized there would be a 2nd scene.

      What really made me laugh though, was when about 10-15 different people stayed almost all the way through the credits, then left way at the end when it was showing the songs. I didnt’ get it. You’re staying THAT long but now you’re leaving before the reason for staying occurs?

  5. I understand the significance of the mid credit scene, but I can’t say I was that crazy about it. Just felt really weird seeing Sif and Volstagg in that kind of setting. It didn’t gel at all.

    Also, The Collector looks like a pretty shifty dude. Why would they entrust something that powerful to a guy like that? Something about the whole thing felt off.

    • Yeah, felt like a cop out for story purposes. Surely there’s somewhere better to keep such an item that no one can get to it? Probably made sense to a good ten to fifteen percent of people in the theater last night that gasped at the mention of the “Collector” but I couldn’t see why they’d be just throwing these items around like it’s no big deal who owns them. I mean, it’s not like some ancient bad guy just tried to use it to engulf the universe in darkness or anything…

      • The Collector is very protective of his stuff. That’s the one defining thing about him beyond his absolute obsession with collecting that stuff. Odin would know this, he would want to send the Aether to the safest place besides his own vault.

        • Thanks Ken, I knew a little bit about the collector but I did not know that he was so protective of it all.

          The more I think about how goofy looking the collector looked the more i’m starting to like it, I think we all know that Gunn has a very distinctive way of Directing, and the other day when I first saw what the collector looked like I have to admit I was very miffed!
          But I think that in the tone GOTG is gonna have he will probably fit right in, I still wish he was a bit more menacing looking instead of a SPACED out Liberace, I’m more intrigued in GOTG now than I was even before seeing that scene! Maybe I should not have flipped out the way I did the other day because, even after seeing it it is still a bit out of context, YES it did not look like Thor 2 but I’m betting it will all come together when we finally get to see the Guardians!
          Hopefully we will se a trailer around Christmas or just after the new year, I HOPE we don’t have to wait until CA:TWS for a trailer.
          James Gunn said in an interview that we don’t have much longer to wait to see a trailer, but he is working 18hrs a day and time kinda flies when that is all your doing…I really want to see more NOW!

        • I should amend that by saying when the Aether was sent to the Collector, it was not Odin on the throne but Loki pretending to be Odin. So clearly Loki would have his own reasons for sending it to The Collector.

          • Loki and The Collector work for Thanos. Remember,Thanos at the end of Avengers? He said something about “collecting” the stones. He probably was referring to The Collector.

            • The Collector working for someone like Thanos isn’t exactly in character. More likely, Thanos will let him collect the stones then forcefully take them from him.

        • Or was it Loki that sent it to him? Mmmmmmmm

      • Hey, that’s me! Just came home from the movie and I’m doing my homework right now! Which is how I came to this article and your comment. Great observation and thanks for explaining it to us movie verse folk!

    • Because Odin ordered it and he is now Loki, and as we know from the Avengers Loki is working for Thanos

      • If Loki is still working for Thanos… why send it away? Why not keep it where he can guard it?

        But if Loki’s no longer working for Thanos… why send it away? Can’t imagine Thanos would be pleased with him after Avengers. Surely Loki’s smart enough to realise that the Aether could protect him should Thanos come for him…?

        • The only reason I think Loki isn’t working for Thanos any longer is because, since the Collector DOES work for The Mad Titan, The Collector would’ve said “Two down, four to go,” unless Collector has no clue Loki ever worked for Thanos in the first place. It’s all pretty theoretical right now. That’s just my two-cents, though.

        • Thanos will likely be collecting these gems individually, and will likely be smart about collecting them. I am sure he will have a gem or two before he gets to the Aether and will use their powers to get it.

    • They certainly looked out of place, but they were obviously transported they from Asgard! The Collector was not on Asgard, so assuming that the Collector does not have the same taste as everyone else then his décor would be quite different from EVERYONE elses and he is kinda a goofball…

      It is like a Viking from 1200 years ago walking into one of our grand museums, they would be very out of place as well!

      I’m also not too sure they completely trusted him but he is the Collector and they knew he would keep it there “in his collection”
      Obviously not knowing that he is working for/under Thanos….
      Do the Asgardians know who Thanos is? HMMM. I assume they would, but Thor was not even aware of who Malekith was even though his Grandpa straight up saved the universe from him once before! One would think that Tale would go down as one of the great stories in Asgardian lore!

      • Maybe Bor didn’t want it told in case there were people who questioned if the Aether was really destroyed and went looking for it…?

        Where DID he hide it though? The place looked like a ruined underground city… Nidavellir?

    • Hey, you got your Farscape in my Thor!

    • They are entrusting him because in the comics The Collector becomes aware of Thanos’ desire for the gems and uniting them.
      They obviously arent going to be bringing the rest of The Elders of The Universe in the movies, so the Collector is the main man.
      Flarking Loved that mid credits scene! Like a school girl at a bieber concert.

    • Benicio del Toro resembled a hybrid between Mr. Spock and The Grinch in a Halloween costume for grown ups.

    • “Just felt really weird seeing Sif and Volstagg in that kind of setting. It didn’t gel at all.”

      Why exactly? Are you expecting them to only be in battles with bad guys out on a burning field? Or in a drinking hall getting hammered?

      Emissaries of a powerful, space-faring world would go visit other aliens in other environments.

    • Don’t know if this has been said by anyone yet as I haven’t gone through every comment here, but let’s not forget that the Collector originally had one of the Infinity Gems. Makes sense for him to have one here.

  6. Was a good movie, but yet again the mid credit scene turned into a homework assignment for a good eighty five percent of the audience that didn’t gasp in surprise when he got called the “Collector”. Personally, he looked like Bowie in Labyrinth and I was then forced to look at wikipedia for the rest of the trailer to figure out what the hell…

    • That’s why they put it at the end of the movie…so that u can leave if u dont want the homework assignment…. Its a tease….

    • I could say the same about The Avengers though.

      Soon as the post-credits scene started and we saw a certain person grinning, my first thought was “Thanos”, despite honestly never even knowing of the character’s existence before I saw him on the screen.

      That’s why I was so surprised when I checked on Wiki when I got home and saw that I got the character name right.

      Then I said on SR that Thanos wouldn’t appear in Avengers 2 as the main villain and would likely be the main big bad in Avengers 3, which no one here believed until 12 months later (April 2013) when Feige himself confirmed the same thing.

        • I have heard that Thanos will be appearing in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy next year. I think it’s also definitely possible that he could have more to do in a mid-credits scene for Avengers 2, and possibly show up in other cosmic movies leading up to Avengers 3.

          That way you’ll get to see him more, and have him introduced so everyone knows he’s the main villain before A3.

        • Or have Avengers 3 and 4 get released in two consecutive summers?

    • look at wiki for the rest of the trailer?? HUH?

      Scenes like that are meant more for the hard core CB fans! the other 85% don’t know, and wont look it up, and most don’t care! BUT when it is time for Guardians of the Galaxy they will see him and say, aha! Now I know what that meant at the end of Thor 2!

      Do you think non CB fans knew what Nick Fury meant when he said he was putting together a team at the end of IM? I know that was not quite a Button, at the end of the credits but it is the same thing… the real comic book fans knew EXACTLY what he meant but the rest of the ppl didn’t get it for another cpl of movies.
      I do think that a lot of ppl that were not big CB fans know by now that Marvel is building to something much bigger, If a person was not a CB fan but has seen All of the movies in the MCU so far they may still not be big CB fans but have an understanding that these movies are all leading somewhere and are not just stand alone movies! They may not know what it is leading to, but they know it is going somewhere!

      I was not really a CB fan myself, I knew the main characters, IM, Hulk, Thor and Cap, but I knew nothing of Thanos, or the Infinity Gauntlet but I’m figuring things out as they move along further into the MCU, It is not hard to see something is happening unless you are a complete moron!

    • More likely,Del Toro looked like a hybrid between Mr. Spock and The Gringe……What the hell was that all about?

    • Hey, that’s me! Just came home from the movie and I’m doing my homework right now! Which is how I came to this article and your comment. Great observation and thanks for explaining it to us movie verse folk! :)

      • Marvel nerds love answering questions about the smallest details of the Marvelverse. Whatever you can think of, ask here. People would love to jump on it (including myself).

        All this Thanos/Infinity Gems/Thor cosmic stuff is some of my favorite.

        • Thanks so much! I think the backgrounds and origin stories are just as interesting as the movies themselves :)

        • This might not be the correct place to ask, but what were your thoughts on Iron Man 3? Like how does it compare to Thor 2 in the sense of the phase 2 MCU? As a big fan of the movies, I’m happy with both of them but as a CB enthusiast, did it hold up?

          • IM3 had lots of cool stuff in it, but the Mandarin twist was like a twist of the knife in the back. Non-comics people sometimes don’t get what the big problem is (not saying you, I’m just saying other people I know). The big problem is that The Mandarin is Iron Man’s main villain, it was a wasted opportunity to play it out the way they did in IM3.

            They’re fixing it as we all know… The “real” Mandarin is supposed to be showing up in one of their One Shot films.

            • Wow. I liked the twist in the movie but I never thought how that change must have felt to the hard core fans. I definetly can see the dissapointment and frustration. I hope they can fix it but not half ass it. Do you think a one shot can do that though?

            • Killian’s Mandarin was still Iron Man’s most dangerous foe, so this argument doesn’t stand. It all amounts to a bunch of psychorigid fanboys who felt butt-hurt about the changes. I, for one, have been a huge fan of ol’ Buckethead since childhood but I’ve always found the original Mandarin quite ridiculous to say the least, so these changes were a relief to me. Ben Kingsley was outstanding, both pre- and post-twist. My main regret is that Extremis was not as awesome as in the comics but still, the movie in itself was a pretty solid thrill-ride after the disappointment that was episode 2.

              Wasted opportunity? Killian may very well still be alive (healed by Extremis), so we might not have heard the last about the Mandarin just yet. I don’t know what they’re planning with that Kingsley One-Shot but I seriously hope they don’t give in to fanboy whining.

                • Well, Killian admits to Tony that he’s the real Mandarin, so unless he was brainwashed into thinking so by the REAL real Mandarin, it seems pretty unlikely he’s not him – since he’s been explaining everything to Tony in classic villain style, I doubt he’d consciously lie to him about something this big.

                  Anyway, as much as I love Kingsley and his performance, I’d find it pretty sad to see Marvel give in to fan pressure by retconning Kingsley’s role into the actual real deal. Slattery is an actor, so I’m thinking maybe, just maybe, he could’ve gone real nuts after the events in IM3 and become… Mysterio? I know he’s more of a Spidey villain but since Sony is apparently still not using the character AND Marvel has a “failed actor” character on their hands…

                  • When he says “I AM the Mandarin!” it really doesn’t seem like he’s saying it in a literal sense. It seems more like he’s saying “I am the force you’ve been fighting. I’m the mind being that Mandarin facade. Here I am.”

                    • I think what he means encompasses both notions. The guy clearly has a thing for chinese culture, what with his massive dragon tattoo and all, so him embracing the Mandarin persona might fall right in character. Also, his words mirror Tony’s absolutely literal “I am Iron Man.” Anyway, this is all pure conjecture, I guess we’ll know the truth when that Kingsley one-shot is released.

                    • Trevor did say he was given plastic surgery… Maybe the real Mandarin’s out there, somewhere, and Killian just co-opted his legend for his own purpose? We know he’s not above exploiting people’s fears, so it makes sense that he’d base his lie on an actual, existing group…? There were already news reports on the Rings (from the first Iron Man), so they’re not exactly unknown to the general public…

                    • I didn’t mean to start an argument but I enjoy reading the discussion on both sides of the coin.

                    • I guess I picked the wrong place and topic to talk about IM3. So as far as The Collector goes is he someone’s arch enemy? Is he someone from GOTG? Am I even allowed to ask this question? 😉

            • It felt like more of an insult to the Iron Man hard-core fans. Making The Mandarin,who is the most powerful foe Iron Man has encountered,a fruit-fly,was a big SLAP on the face. I got the impression that Kevin Feige did not have a clue of how important The Mandarin is. It equates to making Bane a basket-weaving princess. What a waste of a great opportunity.

              • Who do you think you are to speak in the name of the hardcore fans? It’s not because YOU and some other loudmouths got pissed that we all feel this way. My being a huge Iron Man fan for more than 30 years (he’s my 2nd fave after Spidey) doesn’t mean I should leave my brain at the theater’s doorstep, and I’m sorry but the Mandarin as depicted in the comics is waaaaay too ridiculous to work in a movie.

                Also, like I said yesterday (I shouldn’t have to repeat myself), Killian’s Mandarin is still Iron Man’s most dangerous foe, but your spite apparently makes you unable to grasp that fact. Fruit-fly? Where the hell did you get that nonsense? Jeez, talk about clueless…

                • As just a follower of the MCU, am I allowed to enjoy IM3? I found it very entertaining. I liked it very much but is that an insult to the hardcore fans?

                  • I enjoyed it too, it’s just problematic. People around here seem obsessed with “either or” so people who recognize problems in a film often decide they hate the movie. Me, I don’t do that binary-thought-process BS.

                    • I guess since this site is called screen rant that’s what happens when one offers their opinion. Thanks for being kind! And as far as the collector scene goes, it was a decent attempt to introduce him and the next link in the MCU. Unlike IM3, though the scene with tony and banner was highly enjoyable there was no tidbit for another movie. Unless I missed something. I wish there was something else to think about or look up, haha

                  • Everything that doesn’t fit their narrow-minded view is an insult to a certain type of hardcore fan. The thing is, they don’t own the characters, they only think they do. Feel free to like what you want, Darcy, and don’t care about these guys: they only bring shame upon the rest of us hardcore fans.

                    • You’re welcome. If you like the characters, you should try the comics someday.

  7. Phase 2 doesn’t seem well thought out…its kind of a plot hole that two infinity gem’s cannot be together when prior to this film, chronologically it would mean that both the Aether and Tesseract were on Earth.

    • Nope, the Tesseract and Aether could be on the same planet, just not in the same general area (like Odin’s vault) because if someone broke in, they could steal both items easily.

      That’s why The Collector mentioned having a few already and only needing one or two more now. Sif and Volstagg didn’t know that when they gave him the Aether or they wouldn’t have given it to him.

      • Yeah but I think Thor 1 and Thor 2 showed anyone can break into Asgard and likely the vault.

    • The Aether was not on Earth… Jane fell through one of those holes to a different realm…

    • At what point was the Aether on Earth? I didn’t see that in Thor 2 at all.

      If you are referring to the vault where Jane was infected with the Aether, she got there through one of the random portals that were linking Earth with other realms. The location of that vault was not disclosed.

  8. They should do a Civil War Arc for Phase 3 then lead to Infinity Gaunlet after that. It would be a perfect event for all characters to come back together for one mighty common foe

    • I don’t think Civil War would work right now. They need more characters to make it a “war” and Marvel just doesn’t have the rights to Fantastic 4, X-men/Mutants or Spiderman, which are big players in the MCU.

      There are definitely ways around it, but I don’t think they need it.

      Also, speaking of Civil War, did you see the big number 42 on one of the helicarriers in the Winter Soldier trailer? I thought it was a civil war reference, and I guess it would be appropriate with SHIELD tearing itself apart.

      • And cap’s “That’s not freedom” line… I got chills when I first made the connection. =P

        And you’re right about Civil War not working… With the characters we have now, and the practical limits of how many new heroes we can get in the next few years, there just isn’t a cast big enough to justify calling it Civil “War”. Civil Scuffle, more like.

        • I’m kind of scared now of how Captain America 2 will turn out after that fantastic trailer. I really hope they don’t go for a comedy route, at least not to the level in IM3 and Thor 2. I hope they keep the seriousness to some degree but balance it with appropriate and appropriately timed humour. What I mean is don’t undermine the big dramatic moments by flooding humour right after it, follow through on the dramatic moments they’ve built up and worked towards. Don’t undercut those moments. I wanna get sucked into the characters and go through their despair as well as their triumphs.

          Also kinda getting leery of the tone of some of the initial marvel trailers as of late, IM3’s first? trailer seemed like they were going for a deep character study movie and Thor 2’s trailer seemed like they were going for something more epic and somewhat dark. But both of em turned out to be undermined by too much injection of humour. Cap 2’s trailer seems to be going the same route judging from the first trailer. I’ll be really angry if this trailer is another bait and switch.

          All of this my opinion, of course.

          • Both Thor 2 and Iron Man 3 ARE more epic and somewhat dark. Neither are outright comedies. Still, they remain Marvel movies, which will never be as serious as DC’s approach since Nolan. I happen to like both visions. My hopes for Cap 2 are similar to those for Thor 2, in that it won’t be the cheesefest that The First Avenger was. Thor 2 delivered big time in that respect, so there’s hope for The Winter Soldier. At least, Cap is wearing his cool alternate, less US-centric costume.

            • I’m not saying to go as serious as DC’s approach since Nolan, I was just talking about the big dramatic moments being undermined by them going for a cheap laugh soon after the moments. And don’t really know what you’re comparing to when you say more epic and somewhat dark.

              Not really understanding, but your hopes for Thor 2 were that it wouldn’t be a big cheesefest like The First Avenger? Why would Thor’s sequel be related to First Avenger or is that your big overall subheading/hope for all future Marvel movies, that none of the new marvel movies are a big cheesefest like Marvel?

              Eh, just was saying, in my opinion, for them to not shy away from their big moments that they took the time to build up and set up and not to undermine them. Nothing related to DC or Nolan at all.

              • And here I had hoped a slightly abridged sentence would be clear enough… silly me! What I meant was that I hoped CA: TWS would be a huge improvement over CA: TFA in a similar manner than Thor 2 is over Thor 1. Both first movies (especially Cap 1) were very cheesy but Thor 2 isn’t one bit.

                I don’t think the humor in Thor 2 and IM3 undermines the drama at all. On the contrary, I think it makes for an even wilder emotional rollercoaster. About the “more epic and somewhat dark” bit, I was comparing them to their predecessors in their respective franchises, I thought it obvious much.

                • I think TFA was meant to be cheesy: it’s a callback to a more innocent time, where morality wasn’t so grey and things were as simple as “there’s the bad guy, go out there and punch him into submission”!

                  • I understand that but it’s no reason for depicting ridiculous talk-show Nazis or much overly plastic-looking costumes and make-up (the worst being Red Skull’s, uh, skull).

        • With the Cap 2 trailer and the rumors about Ultron possibly being some sort of attempt to “replace” the Avengers (remember, the World Security Council never liked the idea of them in the first place), I’m beginning to think that Cap 2/Age of Ultron will be the MCU’s version of Civil War. But instead of being hero vs. hero, it’ll be Avengers vs. SHIELD (or at least, corrupt elements within SHIELD).

  9. so was the red aether was space stone?
    and the tesseract the soul stone?

    • Kevin Feige said the Tessract’s the Space gem. And speculation is the Aether is the Power gem, since it seems to grant unlimited (or a vast, vast amount of) power.

  10. captain america was in the movie

    • So…?

  11. The reason Sif and Volstagg were the ones taking the Aether stone to the Collector was because Loki, disguised as Odin, told them to. They wouldn’t question the all-father. That means Thanos has The Collecter, Loki, and who knows who else, gathering stones for him. Or maybe they all think they can gather the stones in the end? You have to love the way all of the movies tie in to each other. I’m glad they are making changes to stories some of us know already. Add in Age of Ultron, Winter Soldier, GoTG, and it appears they are trying to do alot. But there are so many more story arcs to be made still. After all is said and done, they can start making up their own stories.

    • Yep, I think Loki has been in on it since the beginning (before the first Thor) and everything is working out perfectly according to Thanos’ plan.

      Thanos is a mad genius after all.

      • Loki doesn’t have the power to pick up Thor’s hammer, Odin takes it from him when he castes him out (also Loki cant do).

        • Yes.

          What does this have to do with the discussion at hand?

  12. GROOT WAS IN ONE OF THE TANKS!!! HOLY SH*T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Was he?

    • Oh crap, did I miss it? Do I already need to watch it again?? Maybe tomorrow???!!!

    • Really…did not see that…are u sure..?

      • I am 90% sure. Where Sif and Volstagg were standing the tank was to the right of them. It looked like a trunk of a tree but with a face. It might not have been Groot himself but I know I saw a tree with a face.

  13. Maybe I’m crazy, but an episode of Marvel “Agents of Shield” with a powersource that was put away by Shield. Can’t remember its name, but would it be one of the stones?

    • I think you’re referring to gravitron …. I don’t think that could be a one of the infinity stones… That’s another Marvel villain…

  14. So if Loki is still working for Thanos and he is posing as Odin in Asgard , then he can easily steal the tesseract. Now the Collector has the Aether. That means Thanos needs 4 more Infinity gems

  15. Just out of curiosity, who directed the midcredit scene with the Collector? Was it Taylor or James Gunn?

    • Gunn. Taylor spoke publicly about his dislike of its inclusion in his film and how he would have handled it differently.

      • I’d be really curious to hear what Taylor will have to say, if anything, in the future after he’s severed ties with Marvel and Disney about all the reshoots and what his original gameplan for Thor 2 was.

        • And I’m especially curious to watch that Director’s Cut we’ve been hearing about. It will most likely cover the “original gameplan” issue.

  16. I have a few questions id like anyone to chime in on. For one, do u think it could be possible that Shield has some secrets to stones under wraps? Another question is do u think Agents of Shield will in any way tie in with the future Avengers movies?

    • AoS will deal with Thor 2 aftermath this week and the last episode(s) are rumored to go along with Winter Soldier

      • Im def tuning in this week.

    • My guess is as an ending credit scene or a cameo in winter solider or GoG. Can’t see Marvel just throwing them in the fire of Avengers 2 without prior introduction

  17. Another question, How r they gonna introduce Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch?

  18. Sorry i asked that twice my phone is screwy sometimes. But i agree. Im think a credit scene

  19. I think Loki will return in Avenger3, maybe earlier! But I think the Avengers will need all the help they can get to defeat Thanos and his Infinity Gauntlet!
    I really like the way Thor and Loki worked together in Thor 2, and did anyone else notice that Loki jumped on Jane to shield her from one of the grenades that open up some inter-dimension portal? He almost got sucked in because he was shielding Jane and Thor saved Loki.

    I still think Loki is his mischievous self but I don’t think he would want Thor to Die, and Thanos could easily kill Thor with the Gauntlet!
    Loki makes a great villain, but he really makes for a good hero? as well

    • Loki is an amazing character whatever they do with him will be good in my opinion. I loved him as the evil Loki in Avengers and the first Thor but i also really enjoyed how Loki was the comic relief to the serious tone of Thor

  20. I’m noticing a fascinating pattern here. People who dislike the mid-credits scene are knocking it for exactly what Gunn was trying to achieve. “The Collector was weird and over the top, and Sif and Volstagg seemed out of place and seemed like they wanted to get out of there.”

    Yep. Precisely. The Collector is a billion years old, and is an alien besides that. He’s a weird character, even eccentric. We would expect him to act in a strange way and be offputting. That’s what we would want out of the scene.

    The Asgardians delivering the Aether would also be weirded out by him, and they would want to get out of there after achieving their task. With all those collected specimens and everything going on, I’d want to get out of there as well. Did you see the funny expressions Sif and Volstagg made after The Collector made his weird bow? That was a big fat clue from the director that “yep, this is weird and offputting.” It wasn’t accidental and it’s not a “bad” thing.

  21. What happened to Odin? Did Loki kill him at the end of Thor 2.

    • Either Loki killed him, or imprisoned him, or sent him off world somewhere to be imprisoned there.

      I don’t think Loki killed him, because he still wants Odin’s approval though he would never admit it. All his schemes are about making his brother and father realize he’s good enough to rule. He would want Odin to be able to witness how well he’s going to do as King, masquerading as Odin Borson.

      That’s just my opinion of course, the folks at Marvel would have many different options.

    • I’m guessing we’ll have to wait until Thor 3 comes out to know the answer to this question.

      • My guess is Odin is in the Odinsleep again, only Loki’s cast some sort to illusion to hide it from the Asgardians. It wouldn’t have to be too intricate; I doubt few Asgardians would be allowed near a sleeping, vulnerable Odin. I wonder if Loki has some way to stop him from waking up again?

  22. Really surprised none of these fan sites mention Adam Warlock.

    In the first post-movie scene with The Collector, Adam Warlock’s cocoon was among The Collector’s collection. In the second iteration of The Guardians of the Galaxy (which has Rocket Raccoon in it), Adam Warlock was an original and significant member – don’t be surprised if Adam Warlock pops up in The Guardians of The Galaxy movie.

    In the second post movie scene, after Thos kisses Jane Foster, the giant creature running around loose in the abandoned factory will be in an episode of “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”.

  23. Bcuz these are the “stones” and not the “gems” allows me to believe that the stones will hold different attributes from the gems. Therefore the stones won’t have the powers of mind, power, soul, reality, time, and space but be something different for the MCU. This way, even the comic reading will be somewhat in the dark. The studio doesn’t want to spoil everything.

    • Kevin Fiege has already stated that the Tesseract is the space stone. This indicates that they’re not changing the time/space/mind/soul/power/reality dynamic of the stones.

      • Yes, he did say that but it hasn’t really been established in the MCU. He also said that ideas will change. Once established in the MCU then it will be true.

        • Well… In Cap: TFA, the Skull was “bifrost-ed” somewhere by the Tesseract. In The Avengers it allowed the opening of wormholes to deep space. And also allowed Thor to return to Asgard with Loki.

          In Thor 2, one of the concerns Sif raised when they were trying to break out Jane and Loki was that, with the Bifrost shut down, and the Tesseract in the vault… there was NO WAY OFF ASGARD, implying that the Tesseract DOES allow instant travel to other places. And finally, the Tesseract was what jumpstarted the rebuilt Bifrost, in the prelude comic.

          • He’s not saying the Tesseract isn’t the space stone. He’s saying that other stones could have different aspects than they do in the comics.

  24. The Collector also had the power of prophecy, allowing him to foresee the rise of a being powerful enough to pose a threat to the Elders: Thanos. To protect life in the universe, the Collector created a massive museum of countless life forms to keep them safe from Thanos. For a time, he even possessed one of the six Infinity Gems, unaware of its true power, until Thanos took it.

    • What if… And this is a massive stretch… What if the Thanos in the MCU is actually an illusion, and he’s really Loki? Just think. What if they Mandarin’ed Thanos and just made him Loki?

  25. So what happened to Odin?
    He’s not dead, because if he was, wouldn’t Thor automatically absorb the Odinforce?
    I almost felt like it was Loki that was tonguing down Jane foster at the end.

    This movie was far better than IM3, but couldnt they have given a little more story on the Powers of Thor’s Mother other than the fact that she is the one responsible for Loki’s magical abilities. Isnt she like Odin’s sister and Thor is really a child of Incest/pure blood? Just asking

  26. What about the actual gauntlet being in the first Thor… that forgotten about now (it was in the vault, our first Thanos hint before actually seeing the red titan)

    • Nothing to say it has been forgotten.

      Becuase people have read the books they are jumping ahead but the actual films have only shown us the Guantlet and revealed two Stones. I expect the other Stones will feature in future films (Guardians of the Galaxy, Thor 3 etc) and their connection to the Guantlet will also be revealed.

  27. Thanos heal/revives loki (Thanos is a friend of death).

    Thanos or Loki create a new agreement…
    Thanos obtains (directly or indirectly):
    – The Tesseract.
    – The Aether.
    – The Infinity Gauntlet.
    – Odin as prisioner.

    Loki obtains:
    – Thanos forgiveness for his failure.
    – Asgard’s Throne.

    • If there was a thumbs up button for this response, i would give it. I could get with this answer.