‘Thor 2′ Mid & Post-Credits Scenes Explained: What They Reveal About Future Marvel Movies

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Thor 2 Dark World mid post credits scenes explained infinity stones Thor 2 Mid & Post Credits Scenes Explained: What They Reveal About Future Marvel Movies

Thor: The Dark World is now in theaters (read our review and listen to our podcast episode), which means that the film’s big reveals are now out there for dedicated fans to sift through and decipher as story threads from the Thunder God’s sequel begin to weave their way through the larger Marvel Movie Universe.

We already dropped some pretty juicy news about the road through Marvel’s Phase Two and Phase Three story arcs, leading to an Avengers 3 featuring Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet – but we couldn’t get too deep into our analysis because, at the time, no one else had yet seen Thor 2 and we didn’t want to spoil the fun! Now that the movie is out, we can reveal more of what we’ve learned while peering behind the scenes of Marvel Studios in the last few months – starting with the big implications of the mid-credits and post-credits scenes included with Thor: The Dark World.


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Mid-Credits Scene: Meet The Collector

Benicio Del Toro The Collector Thor 2 Mid & Post Credits Scenes Explained: What They Reveal About Future Marvel Movies

As was rumored weeks ago, the mid-credits scene at the end of The Dark World features Asgardian warriors Lady Sif (Jaimie Alexander) and mighty Volstagg (Ray Stevenson) visiting the lair of the eccentric immortal known as The Collector (Benicio Del Toro). In the aftermath of the great battle with the Dark Elves, Sif and Volstagg bring “The Aether” – the power source Malekith (Christopher Eccleston) attempted to destroy the universe with – to The Collector for safe keeping. When questioned by The Collector why they are giving HIM the Aether, the Asgardians reveal that with the Tesseract locked in Odin’s vault, it would be unwise to keep two “Infinity Stones” in one place. Upon the Asgardians’ departure, The Collector states that he has “one down, five to go” – referring to the remaining Infinity Stones yet to be collected.

WHY IT MATTERS: This mid-credits sequence is quite possibly the biggest “button scene” we’ve seen yet, in that it reveals no less than the overarching storyline for Marvel’s entire movie universe – from the end of Phase One presumably up through the end of Phase Three and an Avengers 3 culmination.

By directly dubbing both the Tesseract and The Aether “Infinity Stones” we are getting a variation on the Infinity Gems – space, time, mind, power, soul, reality – that unite to form the godly Infinity Gauntlet. Clearly Thanos (the enemy glimpsed in the Avengers mid-credits sequence) is up to something, and as comic book fans know (and movie fans are now finding out) THIS is that plan: collect the stones, rule the universe.


Post-Credits Scene: Thor of Midguard

Thor 2 The Dark World Official Photo Natalie Portman Chris Hemsworth Earth 570x379 Thor 2 Mid & Post Credits Scenes Explained: What They Reveal About Future Marvel Movies

The post-credits scene in The Dark World picks up right after the events of the film’s conclusion, in which Thor declared to Loki (who is posing as Odin) that he is leaving Asgard to be with Jane (Natalie Portman) and defend Earth. In the post-credits scene, we watch a lonely Jane going through another round of post-Thor depression, until the Thunder God appears on her doorstep, thereby fulfilling his promise with a passionate kiss. Meanwhile, one of the Frost Giant beasts that was inadvertently teleported to Earth during the climatic Thor vs. Malekith battle chases a flock of birds (which were also victims of some extreme teleportation) across an empty lot. Laughter ensues.

WHY IT MATTERS: Obviously this post-credits sequence is of lesser importance than the mid-credits one, but it does carry some significance – namely in that Thor is now truly at home on Earth and with Jane, even while bigger and bigger trouble is amassing in the cosmos (and in his own back yard).


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  1. Yeah, I don’t think i’m sticking around for the post-credit’s scene, reading what it is is enough.

    • Coming from myself, a cosmic Marvel addict and more importantly loyal follower of Thanos over the many years, this is awesome.

      It is pretty obvious to say that the Cosmic Cube, or Tesseract, is going to be the same as the Mind Gem, and the Aether from Thor will be representative of the Power Gem.

      God thank you Marvel for bringing Jim Starlin’s masterpiece from his Rebirth of Thanos and his Infinity Gauntlet, Infinity War, Infinity Crusade saga’s to life.

      • I have been a true lover of Jim Starlin’s work with Marvel and delighted that his creations are now being embraced in the movies.
        I’d love to see all the Cosmic Characters come to life like Adam Warlock.
        If even somehow they were able to bring The Silver Surfer & Galactus in too….after FF2 – That would be incredible.

      • Surely Cosmic Cube is Space and Loki’s Staff has the Mind Gem?

        • The staff was powered by the Tesseract.

  2. Wasn’t the Infinity Gauntlet already glimpsed in the first Thor with all five stones intact. Locked away in Odin’s vault? Or is that another Incredible Hulk button scene with Tony Stark recruiting Hulk that we should just forget about?

    • Captain America’s shield got the same form of brief glimpse in Tony Stark’s workshop in the very first Iron Man movie, but nobody ever seems to complain about that. I keep considering that people (people in general, not anyone specifically) are too slow to realize that those two situations are exactly the same, and both acceptable (a “true” easter egg, not a “plot hint” easter egg).

      Also there is nothing wrong with the Incredible Hulk scene you mentioned. Logically speaking no information given in the scene contradicts anything else, you reached a false conclusion because you added a false, outside detail.

    • The official MCU tie-in comic ‘I Am Iron Man’ explains the shield in Tony’s workshop is a failed prototype from Howard Stark’s efforts in WW2. Tony uses an alloy from this to strengthen his suit. This is backed up by events in the ‘Captain America’ film.

      The post-credit scene in ‘The Incredible Hulk’ is further explained in the short film ‘Marvel One-Shot: The Consultant’, included on the ‘Thor’ Blu-Ray and availble online as well.

      The Gauntlet is in Odin’s vault with round shapes on it – but maybe they need to be filled with the power of the Infinity Stones?

    • as seen with the aether, its power can be transferred to other devices, the gems in the gauntlet are just cages for the power. this is how it will be expanded.

      • And the Tesseract was also used to fill other things with its power, like the weapons Hydra created. So both confirmed infinity stone is capable of that so far.

        So it add up for me.

  3. I think the stones activate the gems…

    • As in the gems are in the gauntlet already but the energy in the stones has to be transferred?


    • I’m wondering about this theory now. Perhaps the different Infinity Stones empower the gauntlet, and the gauntlet itself is a control mechanism or can be chargeable by the infinity stones.

      • Similar to Green Lantern’s ring/lantern thing?

        I was thinking along the lines of the gems were drained of their power and each energy was put into a different object that’s kept far apart for obvious reasons but either theory is good right now.

      • I think this is most likely.

  4. Im not sure 8f the stonea were intact in the gauntlet during Thor. What I really think would be great is if they left the avengers 3 with a cliffhanger and then did an entire infinety gauntlet movie or even a 2 parter filmed at the same time.

    • An entire two movies for the Infinity Gauntlet….. I Flarckin love it

    • im hoping avengers 3 is the empire strikes back of the mcu and thanos whips the floor with the avengers leading to an ultimate alliance movie where its the avengers ,gog, aw, and ih to fight and defeat thanos. thanos is way too big for just a one off bad guy

      • So everyone dies in Avengers 3 and then Adam Warlock shows up and gets the Gauntlet, kills Thanos and resurrects the Avengers?


    • I think that is how Avengers 3 should be filmed because there is just too much to be contained in 1 2.5 hr movie! we need a full 5 hours of A3/infinity gauntlet

  5. Yes it was in Odin’s vault and I thought the same thing! The only spin I can see is that if I remember correctly, only 1 (maybe 2) of the gems/stones on the gauntlet were “glowing”. So MAAAAAYBE, and i’m going out on a limb here, maybe the stones in the gauntlet just house these external powers. “with the Tesseract locked in Odin’s vault, it would be unwise to keep two “Infinity Stones” in one place.” “Maybe” it’s currently housing the tesseract currently? Again, all speculation.

    • I just re-watched Thor last night and it looked like either they were all glowing or none of them were glowing….they all looked the same to me!

  6. No great surprises there then.

  7. He actually says “Two down, one to go”, meaning he already has one.

    And they don’t call the Tesseract an Infinity stone, that’s just retarded.



      Tell that to the writers of this movie and Marvel Studios themselves. They’re the ones that had Sif and Volstagg name them as “Stones”.

      It’s weird but I didn’t mind the name change. Hell, I didn’t really mind that they called it the Tesseract instead of the Cosmic Cube.

      • gems are polished stones so i don’t think it really matters what they call them. dazz your a lucky bastard. I got to wait till nov 7th to see thor 2

    • No he doesn’t.

    • No he does not. He says “one down, five to go”. As the article says….

    • He says, “One down, five to go.”

  8. Great, so the point of Marvel movies now isn’t what happens in the movie, but the 2 min scene that happens after.

    I can’t be the only one who is picking up on the vibe that the movie itself is unnecessary to the over-all narrative, with the only important bits being the mid-and-post credit scenes.

    If this is what it means to be “miles ahead,” then I would much prefer DC stay well “behind.” I don’t want to see another pseudo-shared universe, but an actual one.

    That being said, I am encouraged with Winter Soldier. That one actually looks like a story worth telling.

    • Uhhh…They defeated Malekith and got “The Aether” stone and in the mid-credits scene they gave it to the Collector. So the movie is connected to what Marvel is trying to sell with the Infinity Gauntlet storyline. It works for me. I think you are “over-thinking” here bro. Just sayin’

    • I don’t get why people go nuts for this stuff either, I mean they must be sitting in the cinema going “right in 2 hours I might see something about Thanos” what about the film your watching? “yeah but phase 3″ yeah but what about phase 2? I have read more about Thanos than Ultron recently?

      Winter Soldier does look like possibly the best Marvel film yet, however IM3 looked good in the trailers.

      • agreed, I think Marvel should ditch the end credit scenes all together. Sooner or later they will have 3 extra sequences. I think the movies need to be used to introduce the characters not a 2 minute snippet. I feel Marvel doesn’t necessarily care about character development for their villains and side characters. The only Marvel villain to get some development was Loki, and that is why he became more popular than Thor. From what I hear Malekieth is another underwhelming villain while the so called amazing villain Thanos is still sitting waiting for Avengers 3.

        I don’t understand how Thanos hasn’t made an appearance in other films to give him so more development. Instead they are going to shove him in a 2 hour and 30 minute avengers film and nobody will have a clue who he. Marvel has done a good job building a shared universe but to me they haven’t handled overarching story elements well at all, and their villains are all immensely poor.

        • The End Credit scene is a way of setting up for the future while tying in elements of the movie you just watched.
          It is means to keep the audience wondering what is going to happen down the line.
          People don’t go for the end credit scene, they go for the awesomeness that is the actual movie.
          The End credits is just a nice tap on the back by saying “hey thanks for watching this movie, let us show you what we go for you in the future”

          • Only problem is that as usual, most of the audience left the second the end credits started so only a handful of us were left to see The Collector (and then stupidly, I followed everyone else out to avoid being the only one in there sitting through the credits so missed the Thor/Jane scene).

            That’s why i too think these post-credits buttons should be dropped because 50-80% of audiences aren’t even hanging around to watch them.

            • But they create BUZZ. That’s the real motivator.

              • That’s true but it seems a shame to waste them because they’ve had these post-credits in their movies for years now and only the most hardcore movie or comic book fans even stick around, the majority of people walk out once the credits roll.

                It seems like the buzz is only amongst those of us on sites like this so they should really try to reach the mainstream, casual audiences and give them a reason to stick around because aside from flashing a huge “STAY IN YOUR SEAT, EXTRA SCENES INCOMING!!” message at the end of a movie, I noticed that people only tend to wait around near the door when they hear voices from the screen, turn around and notice there’s more happening.

                The only time I’ve seen more than just a handful of people (10 people, including myself) stick around was during MOS when the whole cinema was full of comic book fans and waited to see if there was anything extra.

                • when i saw im3 at least half the ppl there stayed same with avengers. it must be different in Europe

                  • It is, man.

                    Every time the end credits start rolling, it’s a rush to see who can get out first and when I know or suspect there’s gonna be something extra, I always feel a little disheartened that people miss potentially important scenes that set the future of the movies in motion.

                    IM2, Thor, Cap, Avengers, IM3, Thor: TDW, they were all the same here as far as audiences go. End credits begin, only 10 or less left in the cinema waiting for that extra scene.

                    The most I ever saw staying behind was during The Wolverine but that’s because the extra scene started and people didn’t get chance to quickly leave so we had maybe 40 people lined up along the floor and stairs watching it and waiting to get going like they were in a rush to go home.

                    • I really don’t get that attitude at all. I mean, if I enjoy a movie, I need some time to slowly get back to reality and the credits serve that purpose wonderfully. People nowadays go to the movies like they do the dishes: casually, absent-mindedly, in a hurry. I find these Jacks-in-a-box with springs up their a$$es highly annoying as their noisy lot forcefully pulls me out of the mood instantly. Missing the extra scenes is the least these effin’ lemmings deserve!

                      I don’t know how that disrespectful trend came to be… When I was younger, people didn’t act like that. A few rushed out, yeah, but an overwhelming majority stayed until the end of the credits. Now, the theater personnel are so used to everyone racing for the exit that the other day, the projectionist abruptly stopped the credits of the movie I was watching halfway through! I couldn’t believe it as I stared at the blank screen, dazed and angry at what had just happened…

                    • Depends on the cinema as to how many people leave. I went to a midnight showing of Thor and 90% stayed right till the very end.

                  • It is NO different there than here, 90% stay after any Marvel film here! Im sure it is not like that everywhere but if they are Marvel fans they stay.

                    I am completely surprised that so many ppl on here are bitching about the buttons, when Marvel said they were not sure about keeping them in their movies after phase 1 I heard a lot of ppl bitching that they wanted and expected them from Marvel movies! I really think ppl just hate waiting the 5min. for the credits to roll…
                    When I saw MOS on its opening night here in (MI), almost everyone in the theatre stayed…I was walking out when I saw that ppl were not leaving and thought they knew something I didn’t so I sat back down and waited for all the damn credits for NOTHING, It is just something ppl expect now from a CBM and I personally like them, it is different and IMO in most cases worth the extra few minutes to wait!
                    I for one would be disappointed if Marvel quit doing the buttons!

                • If you remember the Marvel comics of the 60′s & 70′s usually the last frame or two (sometimes last page) was dedicated to tie in other comic series or editor’s notes to the reader. This formula is what helped Marvel sell other story lines.
                  You may be reading Amazing Spiderman # 107, but the last frame would say you could see Marvel Team Up #36 or Powerman & Iron Fist # 62 for more info on XXX…
                  This formula served Marvel well since the days of Jack Kirby & Stan Lee, no reason to change now. Nuff said

                  • Excelsior!

                  • I could not have said it better. At some point in my life,had to quit reading comic-books,was going insane waiting for the next tie-in comic-book on stand.

                • How was it dazz?

            • These were cool when they were a surprise. Now that we expect them I think most of us would just prefer they give us the whole movie, then credits. Do any of you more savvy movie-goers know why this trend has become so much more common in films of all types? How does it serve the studios better to have us waiting for these?

              • It’s usually to set up sequels instantly instead of making audiences go home and have to wait months or longer to find out if there may or may not be another installment.

                I guess it’s early advertising and sucking you into paying money for the next one before you leave the first one.

                Batman: Arkham City did it too, having a secret Harley Quinn thing where she’s singing to a child and setting up for a downloadable “Harley Quinn’s Revenge” story add-on. The song got people interested and then the demand was there when the add-on released.

              • It’s become common with more films besides Marvel because they’re incredibly popular with movie goers, and they also keep butts in the seats while credits go by.

                You should remember that the “ooh this is a surprise” was a small part of the enjoyment, and now that it’s not a surprise there’s still a big level of enjoyment.

                • Butts should remain in the seats anyway, if only for the reason of not disturbing the dwindling few who actually WATCH the movies instead of merely seeing them.

                  Anyway, I’m not typing another rant on the subject. I’ll just say that I, for one, don’t want these extra scenes to go away. Even back when they weren’t a common practice, I’ve always found these bits to be pretty cool. They serve as nice (often funny) epilogues to what you’ve just seen.

                  • I agree, I like them, it’s just sort of annoying for me because I think about what these people are going to be missing out on and studios need a reason to keep people in their seats until the very end.

                    • The post credit scenes being missed by a lot of people is probably something the studios are banking on.

                      When a person leaves and doesnt see it, then they are told by a friend who did happen to see it, I bet a lot of those people at least consider going back to see the movie a second time to see that scene.

  9. Gnarly

    Stark was sent to ross, because s.h.i.l.e.d wanted him to recruit the abomination not hulk. Watch the one shot called ‘the consultant’.

    • THANK YOU!!! I didn’t feel like giving the explanation but I’m so glad someone did!

  10. I wonder… there was talk a while back that Marvel was working out some deal to get the rights to Galactus back. With the whole Infinity storyline seeming to be in full swing now, the appearance of Thanos, and the GotG debuting soon, to me it seems we might get to see the Planet Eater on the big screen pretty soon. If I were a betting man, I would say in Avengers 3.

    • That would be the best thing to see Galan of Taa on the bigscreen in his real form, not that Ultimate universe form.
      Highly doubt it though since i think he is owned by Fox still since he goes with Fantastic Four.
      Would be better if Fantastic Four reverted back to Marvel, but it seems they are fast tracking the casting and stuff recently.

      • Exactly, Fox is not giving up any of their main characters any time soon

      • Are you talking about the weird cloud in FF2 that had a vague galactus silhouette inside?

        The Ultimates version of Galactus was a swarm of cybernetic/robotic ships flying in formation.

      • Yeah, probably with a black Johnny and a MUCH too young Reed! Doesn’t sound exactly more respectful than the previous adaptation, for the moment… Well at least I hope they’re making a CGI mocap Thing instead of that terrible foam suit we got last time around!

        • That’s exactly what I’ve been hoping for since they announced the reboot.

          The advances in CGI now would make it possible although I still loved Chiklis in the role.

          • Yes, Chiklis was pretty good despite the ridiculous suit, even though there are some moments when he’s visibly wondering what the hell he’s doing in this mess. I think the best part of these two movies was Chris Evans who nailed Johnny’s character spot-on.

  11. I could see Wakanda having one of these “Infinity Stones” Bring on a Black Panther movie!

  12. I have to say that damn, Darcy was hilarious this go around. Her cry of “Myurmur!” during one of the London scenes was great.

    An early scene in Asgard with training Asgardians could’ve been lifted directly from the Red Keep in Westeros too. I liked the visuals and the colour palettes used to distinguish the different realms shown and got kinda excited that a certain realm was shown prominently during the Convergence. Seemed like a pretty big hint towards the location of Thor 3.

    • HAAAAH The realm of Muspelheim… I was pretty geeked also!
      I really liked that part with Darcy as well! when the hammer was chasing Thor all over the realms, I loved that! That one got a pretty big laugh from the crowd here, and yes Darcy was the funniest person in the film I thought!

      Dazz, What do you think happened to Odin? do you think Loki killed him?

  13. Very disappointed to learn that Loki will be ruling Asgard (in Odin’s guise?).

    • Yeah but Thor will be on Earth so you wont really see much of it? probably, maybe, massively speculating..

      • Sequel baiting.

        Thor’s on Midgard, Loki’s taken over Asgard and needs Thor’s help when Surtur manages to find a way in and during the chaos, certain items in Odin’s vault go missing.

        • I’d rather #3 being against the Enchantress and Skurge the Executioner, #4 being Thor and a redeemed Enchantress against Surtur, leading to Ragnarok in Avengers 4 (with Stark getting the Iron Destroyer armor from the Dwarves). The stuff in the vault could very much likely be stolen directly by Loki while he’s in charge, anyway.

    • I actually thought that was a good surprise. Didint expect that Loki would be ruling asgard

  14. Thor was fun, fun, fun.. Absolutely loved it as well as the button scenes. I really think they’re nailing the balance of action and comedy now. I couldn’t be more pumped for Guardians.

    • Just watched Thor 2, it was really good much better than iron man 3

      The 90 second scene at the end though was amazing, i wouldve sat through 2 hours of white noise to see it

      very excited!

      • I thought it was slightly less than IM3 in terms of quality but still a good movie.

        The humour was definitely balanced nicely and not forced and it seemed all characters had a chance to shine, which is good considering the ensemble cast (and doing it much better than The Avengers did in my view, which placed its spotlight firmly on Stark followed by Cap, Widow, Thor, Hulk and Hawkeye in that order).

        Darcy and Ian reminded me of the only decent thing about that horrendous Agents Of SHIELD show….Fitz and Simmons. They were hilarious and the gags and quips made sense rather than being there for the sake of it (Whedon, take note).

        I was worried about the amount of Loki before I went to see the movie because I’m scared that people will completely overrate him and make me bored of seeing him constantly on screen but this movie had just the right amount to make sense but not enough to roll my eyes so I’m glad they didn’t go the easy fanservice route there.

        Did you guys think the visuals during a particular scene I won’t spoil were amazing to look at? The “lights in the dark” scene (biggest hint I can give without giving away what happens).

        • Better than the first thor, on a par with iron man 3. To put that in context I think iron man 3 is the best of the 3. I really enjoyed Darcy in this, a lot of the best gags come from her. Thor himself has some hilarious moments, one in particular standing out that reminded me of a funny moment in the avengers Korvac saga. More than anything I’m impressed with how they’ve managed to anchor the nine realms in a sci-fi universe… Making GOTG seem very plausible. I loved the spectacle and physics of the final battle.

          • The only thing I could nitpick with that final battle was that Malekith’s final moment reminded me of certain scenes in both Prometheus and the ending to Goldeneye but that’s not much of a nitpick at all because it didn’t take me out of the movie, just reminded me of those films for a few seconds.

        • “Darcy and Ian reminded me of the only decent thing about that horrendous Agents Of SHIELD show….Fitz and Simmons. They were hilarious and the gags and quips made sense rather than being there for the sake of it (Whedon, take note)”….are you kidding me?,that was the WORST of this film. Marvel should refrain from doing these stupid and idiotic scenes!! We the hard-core fans would appreciate it!

  15. I cant believe anyone is gonna see this crapola. Unless they sneak in the movie. Im sure it will be better than the 1st Thor. Since it was a turdfest. I expect the same old Marvel crap.

    • The first Thor was a great movie and so was The Dark World. Not mind-blowing but a lot better than you’re making them out to be.

      • @dazz.. I wouldn’t rise to the bait. This dude’s the biggest troll on here. He’s pretty much posted the same comment slightly changed on every marvel thread. He might be crazy. He’s definitely got problems.

        • Troll you mean truth teller Excuse me if my comments interupt you from tossing Marvels salad @MarkBarlett

      • The Ice giants fight was good but it was all down hill after that, as far as the 1st Thor. They just made him weaker than he is in the comics.

    • Superlad huh? I am guessing your a DC fangirl?

    • No he is an A-hole, just trying to get ppl going!

  16. Hey Kofi,

    Did they say that the Tesseract was a gem? I think the soul gem will be the one on Loki’s staff

    • Surely that is the Mind Stone since he used it for mind control?

      • No.
        In the Avengers it’s clearly stated that Loki’s scepter is powered by the Cosmic cube very much like the Hydra weapons.

        • That was conjecture on Cap’s part though… Although the Cube and Loki’s staff do share the same gamma readings… Plausible.

          • no its not capt who says it it’s Nick fury. He’s the one who says that its powered by the same energy as the cube capt only says that it works a lot like a hydra weapon.

  17. What exactly is the Aether? Is it like a stone or a gem, or some non-physical mass of energy, or would knowing before seeing it be a bit of a spoiler?

    • The Aether – without spoiling too much – is a dark red version of the stuff that Franklin Hall was covered in at the end of Agents Of SHIELD episode 3. Best way I can describe it. Floating liquid.

    • According to Odin’s brief voiceover, whereas most power sources (like the Tesseract) are solid-based objects, The Aether is different, fluid, liquid in form.

      Think red snot that shoots out of your orifices.

      • So…in a manner of speaking, kinda like the slime in Ghostbusters 2?

        • Yeah but completely CGI and more liquid in form that ripples and flows in mid-air.

  18. Can’t wait! I personally thought IM3 needed two button scenes, the one with Banner could be kept at the end, but I felt another one was needed to expand the universe further, and it would’ve been placed after that kick- ass credits montage.

  19. Spoiler Alert

    How the Heck did Loki usurped Odin? Even with his tricks, he would be no match with his Odinforce. Or does the Infinity “Stone” play a part in this.

    • **SPOILERS**

      He’s the master of trickery and probably used his anger at a certain event to focus his abilities even more and hide himself from Odin when he became the palace guard.

      The Aether was flowing through Malekith at that point and the stone container that kept it in check was still on Earth, meaning Loki didn’t get his hands on either “object” at any point in the movie.

      So it was all him.

      • Spoiler Alert

        The aether was one, remember Sif and Volstagg giving one to the Collector saying Odin’s Vault should not hold TWO. I think Loki had additional help. The Aether and it’s container can be considered as ONE.

        • Odin looked ill during his argument with Thor, before Thor went on his suicide mission. I remember him yelling at Thor and then wincing as if in pain.

          My theories are either Loki managed to overpower and kill (?) Odin, or Loki waited for Odin to enter the Odinsleep (which Odin looked like he needed) to usurp the throne. Maybe cast some sort of illusion to hide Odin’s sleeping form.

  20. So The Colector has The Aether…but can he be trusted?!

    Hmmm, I wonder if the mandarin could power his rings with the Infinity Gems (or chips thereof?)?

    At least the credits scenes aren’t as goofy as eating weird food (The Avengers) or playing bored shrink (IM #3).

    When do we get to see Goliath and Wasp?

    I’d take SIF over Jane Porter…SIF is hotter.

  21. I wasn’t too keen on del Toro’s portrayal of The Collector (but to be fair, I don’t like The Collector in the comics, either). I also find it hard to believe that the Asgardians’ would leave such a powerful entity in the hands of anybody but themselves.

    • As they said themselves, they already have the Tesseract and wanted to keep both objects apart for safety reasons and since The Collector is older than Asgard, I assume they trusted him.

      • Maybe they were hoping to exploit the hoarder part of his nature? I mean, he’s CALLED The Collector. Maybe they believed that he wouldn’t risk drawing attention to himself by using the Aether, and instead keep it hidden and secure somewhere he could gawk at it before going to bed.

  22. I am excited about this like crazy!! As a kid, Jim Starlin and Ron Lim turned me into a Marvel addict with the Infinity Gauntlet. Thanos was obviously Marvel’s knockoff of Darkseid, but he carried his sadistic nature up several notches from Darkseid, (whom I still believe is the better villain)and actually succeeded in his plan. Thanos is in my top 10 comic book villains of all time simply because his plan was just so simple and effective that it bordered on genius. He is simply too big for a single movie. There are going to have to make a trilogy.

    Oh yeah. Women and minorities Marvel. Carol Danvers and T’Challa need to be up on the screen ASAP. While DC is twiddling their thumbs on Wonder Woman you guys need to jump the gun and get your “PC” (politically correct) points. And make a couple of good films while your at it.

  23. From looking at the existing Infinity Stones (Tesseract, Aether and assuming one from GotG) that leaves 3 left to be discovered in upcoming movies. I don’t see Captain America introducing one, and Avengers 2 is about Ultron so I don’t see a connection there either. Antman doesn’t really bring to mind Infinity Stones as well, so I am guessing the next reveal will be Dr Strange (maybe Dormammu has one?).
    That leaves 2 post Doctor Strange.
    There will be a Thor 3 (maybe another Infinity Stone)
    There will be a Captain America 3 (probably no Stone)
    Then of course Avengers 3 but that will like be the Infinity Gauntlet so all of the Stone should be collected by then.
    So what movies will introduce the new stones? Thor 3 would be the safest bet.
    If Guardian’s does well then I assume there will be a sequel so that would be a good bet as well. Truthfully I could see Guardian’s 2 getting the last release spot before Avengers 3 as a final battle to stop Thanos from getting all of the stones, failing and then leading into Avengers 3.
    That would be all six but it seems to me that Thor being yet another source of a stone is a little too predictable. So I would guess there is at least 1 new movie that introduces the last Infinity Stone. I am also guessing that it will be a cosmic character since Earth has not produced any of the Stones so far (Odin hid the Tesseract on Earth not from there). So who is it?
    Adam Warlock?
    Ms Marvel?

    • If he said “five down, one to go” like the other guy said (I can’t remember the exact wording) then I assume the only one he needs to collect next is the Tesseract from Odin’s vault.

      Meaning that we may see most of them in The Collector’s possession in Guardians with just the Tesseract and the gauntlet to collect.

  24. If you want to see the mid credit scene go to followthenerd.com they have it there

    • Sorry about the followingthenerd.com

  25. Just watched the movie, he says “One down, five to go”…

  26. Here’s a theory about the infinity stones/gauntlet that myself, NovaCorpsFan, and bropous of CBM have come up with. Bare in mind, there are spoilers:

    The gauntlet itself appeared in Thor, as is plainly seen in the image above, in Odin’s treasure vault. It would appear at first glance, that the gauntlet contains the Infinity stones already. So, surely the gauntlet should be capable of functioning. Well, perhaps there is a fundamental reason why it is unable to.

    The gems are indeed in the gauntlet, there’s no doubt of that. Again, why is it then, Thanos hasn’t just taken the gauntlet already? Well, what if the gems require some sort f power source in order to function. Perhaps each gem requires a particular stimulant in order to get itself working. These stimulants are the Infinity Stones. So far, we have seen two Infinity Stones in the MCU, with a possibility of a third and fourth. These Infinity Stones are the Tesseract

    and the Aether


    The aether in Thor The Dark World, is a fluid, yet it is still classed as an Infinity Stone. The Tesseract is also called an Infinity Stone in the movie. It would seem that these Infinity Stones are some sort of power source for the Infinity Gems contained within the gauntlet. Evidence of this fact can be deriven from the Avengers, where we learn that Loki’s sceptre, which supposedly contains the Mind Gem, is powered by the Tesseract. However the stones also appear to possess their own abilities. The Tesseract makes portals to other ends of space, while the Aether is also capable of this as well as projecting raw power. So, both Stones are capable of creating portals or wormholes and both have their own specific capability also. There is something else in the MCU which possesses the ability to open wormholes. The Bifrost.

    In Thor The Dark World, you get a brief glimpse of the Bifrost’s power source. It is a glowing yellow orb, not unlike the Reality Gem. Of course the Reality Gem is contained within the gauntlet, so this is not it, but an Infinity Stone, possibly. At one point, the Bifrost’s energy is used to create a shield around the Asgard palace. Perhaps, the stone in the Bifrost is capable of altering reality, as the shield appears from nowhere. As well as that, it possesses the same qualities as the other two Infinity Stones as it is capable of creating portals or wormholes. However, this can be contradicted as in the mid-credit scene, Volstagg says,

    “‘T’would not be wise to keep two Infinity Stones so close together.”

    The theory works if the Bifrost’s power source is an Infinity Stone, and the Asgardians do not know that. Or it is a shard of an Infinity Stone. The last possible Infinity Stone is the orb in Guardians of the Galaxy.

    A theory surrounding the orb hit me today. What if this is the Infinity Stone which powers the Time Gem? My reasonins for believing this are:
    - Peter Quill is trying to obtain the object in the film
    - He is a child of the 80′s and clearly yearns to hold onto that era (Sony Walkman, Blue Swede – Hooked On A Feeling)
    - He learns of this object, capable of time travel and time alteration
    - He sees an opportunity to return to the 80′s and live out a normal life on earth.

    If the orb is indeed an Infinity Stone and does indeed provide the power for the Time Gem, that still leaves us with two gems without power sources. The Space Gem and the Soul Gem. Now, originally I thought maybe Adam Warlock was the energy provider for the Soul Gem, before remembering that Odin says in Thor The Dark World, that the Aether is a fluid, unlike it’s brothers, which are all stones. Then I had another think. The Soul Gem contains souls. What if the Infinity Stone that powered the gem used those souls to create a living creature in order to keep the gem itself safe. If the soul gem’s Infinity Stone is the last to be found, then perhaps the Stone will use it’s own energy and the souls contained within it to create Warlock. Thus, the power source can remain mobile and is made harder to get a hold of. As for the Space Gem’s Infinity Stone, who knows how that’ll come into it.

    I’m sure some of you may be a little confused right now, so here’s the theory in a nutshell:

    The Infinity Gauntlet contains all the Infinity Gems. The gems are powerless. They require Infinity Stones to power them. Two of these have become quite evident. The Tesseract powers the Mind Gem and the Aether powers the Power Gem. Two other possibilities stand. The Bifrost’s power source is the Reality Gem’s Inifinity Stone due to it’s ability to conjure a giant force field from nowhere. The orb in Guardians of the Galaxy is the Time Gem’s Infinity Stone due to a possibility of Quill wanting to return to the 80′s and resume his life after growing tired of life in space. The Space Gem’s Infinity Stone is yet to surface. The Soul Gem’s Infinity Stone, if left ’til last, may create Adam Warlock from the souls contained within it in order to keep the power source from being used to power the gem in the gauntlet. It’s possible that the gems actually absorb the Tesseract and the Aether into them.

    Read more at EDITORIAL: The Infinity Gauntlet/Stones In The MCU Theory

    • The only problem with that is the it was destroyed in the first thor film and they’ve rebuilt it. So if it can be rebuilt from new materials it won’t make use of an infinity stone.

      • In the The Dark World prelude comics, Odin says that the Bifrost cannot be rebuilt without the Tesseract. Could it be that the Bifrost is an adaptation of the Tesseract? A cheap copy? That’s why it can only reach 9 realms, because it’s not powerful enough to open doorways to other realms? (Yet it’s powerful enough to destroy entire planets…)

        And the first Cap movie showed that the Tesseract can be manipulated, with Zola siphoning its power to charge his designs.

  27. You can watch Thor The Dark World’s end credits scene here:
    (it’s with turkish subtitle)

  28. Saw this movie last night. 20% stayed for the first one, 0% for the second. Myself included and I knew there was going to be two. I think it’s gotten old, just fit your foreshadowing into the movie.

  29. My personal theory. Kevin Feige said he has a long term plan for Marvel movies through 2021. Avengers 3 is 2018. So with the credits in Avengers 1 and Thor 2, does this mean Infinity Gauntlet in 2021? And further more, this gives Marvel/Sony/Fox time to come together and create one big ass Marvel universe for one epic event. Many people in Marvel already said its a possibility down the line. Imagine Marvel/Sony/Fox getting together for a multi-billion dollar profit movie, all against Warner Bros. and DC.

    And this isn’t being a Marvel “fanboy”. This is about MONEY. And we all know these studios aren’t gonna be all buddy buddy with Warners. The potential of a multi-billion dollar film(s) would possibly get Marvel/Sony/Fox highly eager to work together.