Idris Elba Talks ‘Thor: The Dark World,’ Wants to Play a ‘Real’ Superhero

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Idirs Elba in Thor Idris Elba Talks Thor: The Dark World, Wants to Play a Real Superhero

For many fans of the Marvel’s Thor, one of the best things about the film was Idris Elba’s performance as Heimdall. The British actor is a veteran of high-caliber TV drama (The Wire, Luther), and while his starring roles in films like Obsessed have yet to propel him into super-stardom, he has been a powerful supporting presence in Prometheus, Takers, and even Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance.

While his role as Heimdall, the Gate-Keeper of the Bifrost in Thor, did not require much more than standing still and glowering, it was nonetheless an important character within that universe. Elba recently talked about the role as it pertains to Thor: The Dark World and hinted at a desire to play a more significant superhero down the line.

Speaking to IGN while promoting Pacific Rim, Elba acknowledged that he had something of a limited role in the original Thor and indicated that he had more to do in this year’s sequel. When asked how much more action Heimdall will have this time around, Elba replied:

“A little bit!”

It’s a coy response for sure, but since the movie won’t be released until later this year, he can’t exactly spoil the movie.

Idris Elba in Pacific Rim2 Idris Elba Talks Thor: The Dark World, Wants to Play a Real Superhero

One of the more exciting aspects of the Thor sequel is the presence of Game of Thrones alumnus Alan Taylor in the director’s chair. Elba explained how Thor 2 will expand the view of that world (presumably with a larger, more inclusive look at Thor’s homeworld, Asgard, along with the other nine realms) and discussed the differences between his previous director and Taylor:

“Kenneth Branagh’s ‘Thor’ had a certain angle and it achieved it. This is different, it’s coming from a different place. But it’s still really exciting, I’m looking forward to what people think.”

Perhaps most interesting, though, were Idris Elba’s comments about wanting to play a more significant superhero in the future. Said Elba:

“I’d like to play a real one, you know, one who gets to do some real superhero work, but we’ll see.”

Is this a very subtle reference to yet another sidelined role for Heimdall in Thor 2? In the comic books, Heimdall has largely been as a strong, loyal, reliable presence, always to counted upon when Odin or Thor or the realm of Asgard itself required his unyielding adherence to his duty. Will we see something like that in Thor 2? Or just more standing around and glowering?

Luke Cage Hero For Hire Issue One Idris Elba Talks Thor: The Dark World, Wants to Play a Real Superhero

Idris Elba has stated that there is a “story” for Heimdall this time around, but with his talent and charisma, he could – and should – carry his own franchise. Would Marvel be inclined to cast the actor elsewhere in the Marvel Movie Universe – perhaps as Black Panther or Luke Cage?

If not, he could always jump ship to DC, where a whole host of un-cast superhero roles are just begging for a presence like his. (Martin Manhunter? Cyborg? John Stewart/Green Lantern? The list goes on.)

Which superhero would you like to see Idris Elba take on, Screen Rant readers? Let us know in the comments.


Thor: The Dark World hits theaters November 8th, 2013.

Source: IGN

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  1. I think he would be perfect for John Stewart/Green Lantern whenever they introduce that character in the new Green Lantern movie coming out whenever

    • +100000

    • I completely agree with that, he would make an excellent John Stewart/Green Lantern. I don’t know what WB/DC is going to to do to fit the Green Lantern mess they have, but they should grab this guy and reboot GL with him.

      I don’t think Marvel would re-use him in another role, so he should be available to DC. I would watch a Green Lantern movie with him in it.

      • Come to think of it.. He actually WOULD be a perfect GL.

        Bring it!

    • I am a huge Green Lantern fan. GL, that is, with Hal Jordan as the Green Lantern. They need to keep the GL franchise franchise going full-throttle (with Jordan). They do need to correct some mistakes and mis-steps they had with GL#1, but for a first attempt, it was not that bad; I kind of liked it. However, the cornball humor has GOT to go! Keep Reynolds, but make him ALOT more serious this next time, and give him a better script to work with. After all, he is heroic, fearless, and has a universe to save, not be a gee-whiz, what’s-happening-dudes guy on Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Or like Jim Carrey with a zap-ring, or be like the guy from 50-Million First Dates, or anything like that. Everyone deserves a first try that will be less than perfect, as long as they get the hang of it after “training”. As far as I am concerned, Hal Jordan is the original, best, and main GL for earth and the surrounding universe.
      Now, having said that, *IF* they were to add a second Green Lantern, Stewart probably would be the next choice among the various Gls, and Elba might be able to pull off the part. He’s not a bad actor. However, we still have a long ways to go with developing and presenting Hal Jordan as Green Lantern, before anyone even thinks about “replacing” him (Don’t You Dare!). Simultaneous with Jordan would be a better option, if not exclusively Jordan. I still think we need more GL action before Justice league, and a Flash flick, and then a Justice league flick, before we start tinkering with the green Lantern personnel/character, though.

    • I agree. John Stewart. Or a quality remake of Spawn. I would stay away from Luke Cage or Black Panther.

  2. I think we have our new Green Lantern…

    • Perhaps. Assuming that Warner Bros. actually has a plan, which I doubt. I wouldn’t be surprised if Marvel used him again since his role in Thor is so small.

  3. Id love him as green lantern, but just as the idea of him being bond is relevent maybe it would hurt considering him for bruce wayne?

    • Nah… don’t see it working. Besides, then the new Batman would be pretty similar to the inevitable BP movie rolling out from Marvel.

    • I don’t see why not. And what’s BP? British Petroleum? Oh! black Panther! Oops, I forgot him.

  4. He could play steel in the dc universe

  5. Like most, I think he’d make a sick John Stewart and Luke Cage. I think triple A would make a great Black Panther though. WAIT! Idris Elba as Black Manta for the Aquaman movie! That would be epic.

  6. He is absolutely the best choice for Martian Manhunter.

    • I never really thought about it but that would be amazing. Good call. I personally wouldn’t mind to see Benedict Cumberbatch CGI’ed all up in green as MM since his voice and presence is so powerful. But good call Idris Elba, just another superhero he would nail.

      • He wants to nail superheroes? That sounds like a complex he should address with a therapist.

  7. when you said John Stewart/Green Lantern, I just thought of The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart as Green Lantern. You guys should do a list of that. Famous comedians as superheroes. my picks, Jon Stewart as Green Lantern, Jimmy Fallon as Iron Man, Ray Romano as Hulk, Bill Engvall as Wolverine, Kevin James as Thor, George Carlin as Odin, Eddie Murphy as Nick Fury, Conan O’ Brien as Black Widow, Andy Richter as Hawkeye, Jim Gaffigan as Captain America, George Lopez as Aquaman, David Spade as Spider-Man, Louis C.K. as Ant-Man, Charlie Sheen as Wonder Woman, and of course Jerry Seinfeld as Superman.

    • …what?

  8. I notice how everyone suggests black characters that wouldn’t even be right for him. He would be an excellent Batman or James Bond. I would love to see them finally play up the aspect of Batman being the world’s greatest detective. But since Man of Steel was so bad I could really care less about the DC movie universe. They (Snyder & Goyer) pretty much sucked all the joy & heroism out of a great character which could have made for an excellent movie.

    • I agree with you that he would make an excellent James Bond. But, I think Michael Fassbender should be the next 007 after Mr. Craig. Either way, Idris Elba doesn’t seem to get the kudos he deserves. He’s a fantastic actor. He was great in Obsessed, and his role in Prometheus was one of my favorites. I’m looking forward to seeing him in Pacific Rim. Here’s to hoping that he will get the boost to A-List starring roles he deserves.

      • I agree. He was probably my favorite part of The Wire, and that was an excellent show.

    • That’s just your opinion that MoS was really bad. I, and millions of other people, thoroughly enjoyed it.

      • I would honestly like Elba to be the one who starts the start the franchise of the (for lack of better words) black 00 agent. I really think instead of making him 007 they should have him be the beginning of 00? line. That way Elba gets the honor of starting a line of black 00 agents. To me that would be a much bigger honor than being the first black 007.

      • I also enjoyed it. I think what most people failed to grasp is that he wasn’t Supermsn yet. That whole film showed his growing pains and getting ready to tske on the mantle of Superman. Of course he wasn’t going to be the hero we all know right out of the gate.

  9. He already has a role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so DC’s the best bet. Martian Manhunter, John Stewart, Steel or Black Lightning FTW.

    • I truly believe Idris Elba would make a perfect John Stewart/Green Lantern, and for Martian the Manhunter I think Lance Reddick from White House Down, Fringe is perfect for Martian the Manhunter/J’onn J’onzz

  10. Mister Terrific, nuff said.

  11. green lantern…Orrrrrrrr my fav BLACK PANTHER!!!!

  12. Not not enough said. Mister Terrific isn’t gong to be getting a standalone movie or a part in one anytime soon (sound of the record scratch). Their worried about Wonder Woman not doing well & you are talking Mister Terrific, lol. Mister Terrific doesn’t even get any attention in comics anymore.
    I wouldn’t mind him as John Stewart, but if I am him I would stay away from the Green Lantern & maybe the DCCU as a whole.
    Lance Reddick would be awesome as MM. Got those creepy eyes.
    I like to hear who people think should be the next Batman? Seems like everyone now a days has the same cookie cutter answers.

    • Lance is another underused resource. They wasted him on Fringe, but he always delivers the material well. Got a better idea for Bond? One reason Elba and Fassbender are being bandied about is because they have been proposed specifically as possible replacements, so people are reacting to the notion. Unlike the Star Wars forums where most people seem to have entire cast lists worked out in their minds, and shockingly they are all the most famous and popular stars and flavors of the month. Exasperating!

  13. Stringer Bell as the Green Lantern? Yes, please. Been saying this for the longest. Idris Elba would be an awesome John Stewart. If Marvel’s intent is to keep him around as a token minority I see no reason for him not to push harder for a part deserving of his caliber. And WB/DC has a lot of openings for starring roles last i heard…

    • Recently watched the first and part of the second season of The Wire. Season one was great, season 2 ruined it. Why did they go to the docks? They had a perfect set up for the Barksdales, and then they only gave them somewhat of a peripheral role. I didn’t like how Jimmy was operating on the outside the majority of the season, the whole thing didn’t click with me. Are 3, 4, or 5 any better?
      On the subject of Idris Elba, I think him being in Thor really negates the possibility of him being a MCU player, but I heard one of the lanterns was black? I have never read a comic book, so idk. I don’t think he’d make that great of a Batman. Bruce Wayne, yes. Batman, no. I feel like it would clash with the suit. Leaving the superhero realm, he’d make a great 007, and now I’m torn between him and Tom Hardy. Nolan should direct after Craig leaves, regardless. He has a tendency to make very epic-feeling movies. That whole scene in Inception with the zero gravity vaguely reminded me of a 007 movie. Off-topic, sorry.

      • Season 3 of The Wire is probably the best piece of television ever filmed. It gradually winds down after that. David Simon did a great job at displaying how various facets of society influence and depend on one another and that the infrastructure of a city is a living breathing organism. You can’t alter one with out having consequences in another and so on. It’s my favorite show and I’ll go on to say probably the greatest ever if we’re talking critical acclaim.

        • Dang right it is!

        • Season 3 was great, but season 4 is also fantastic, possibly the best season of the Wire.

      • Season 2, in my opinion, is still better than 90 percent of the stuff on tv today. The Wire is one of my top ten shows of all time.

      • From what I know about Idris Elba and his personality I’d say he was born to play John Stewart (Green Lantern). He’s the only Lantern that doesn’t hide his face. He’s a no nonsense military veteran turned architect (the latter making him more effective at using his powers). And he’s concerned with setting a good example. It fits like a glove.

  14. I’ve been working on a DC “superhero” script with Idris as the lead going on a year now. Sounds like I better kick it into high-gear!

    • I should clarify: a spec script with Elba in mind.

  15. green lantern would absolutely do but do they have to go for john stewart look hal is never a bad gl yesterday i saw gl the movie well some scenes are good in the film but where the film lacks is directing and action scenes script is brilliant at some points as i mentioned above the villain that sucks most was prallelex no the screen time was not so less better than galactus in rise of silver surfern

  16. Isn’t most of his face covered throughout Thor and most likely TDW. He could easily play another character in the MCU.

  17. Omg black aquaman… help im drownding cant swim :-) serioisly i see aldris i think of black panther

    • ^^^^ LOL!!! I felt a little guilty for laughing at that.

  18. JOHN STEWART! He is perferct for green lantern.

  19. I’ll take him in anything, But I’m loving the idea of him as John Stewert or Martian Manhunter. Luke Cage would be pretty awesome too. And though this is extremely unlikely, how about Black Lightening?

    • The first part of your comment sounded kinda dirty. Not sure if that’s what you were going for, but I thought I’d point it out nonetheless.

  20. Wait…what? Why would they cast the same actor as two different characters when it takes place in a shared universe?

  21. He should play John Stewart or James Bond

  22. I could definitely see IE playing Black Panther.

  23. John stewart for Green Lantern in the JLA movie would be my pick for him.

  24. Idris Elba for John Stewart in The Justice League!

  25. Love the suggestions of Lance Reddick and Benedict Cumberbatch for MM just because of their voices.

    And WB/DC, Idris Elba says he wants to be Green Lantern, sign him up quick!

  26. Honestly idris shooda been nick fury as my second option

  27. Idris is a fantastic actor (check him out in Luther if you haven’t already) and I have no doubt he could bring a strong lead performance in the superhero genre.
    Regarding the article though; I’m just wondering who MARTIN Manhunter is! Perhaps it’s the Martian Manhunter’s older, geeky brother.

  28. Idris is a fantastic actor (check him out in Luther if you haven’t already) and I have no doubt he could bring a strong lead performance in the superhero genre.
    Regarding the article though; I’m just wondering who MARTIN Manhunter is! Perhaps it’s the Martian Manhunter’s older, geeky brother?

  29. He shouldn’t play cyborg! If Michael B. Jordan doesn’t get hired for fantastic 4,
    then he should consider the role. Who do you guys think should be cast in a teen titans movie?
    I hope they don’t actually call it “teen” titans

    • Michael B. Jordan is great also.

      By the way, so far I’ve heard Idris Elba for Green Lantern, Lance Reddick for Martian Manhunter, and Michael B. Jordan for Cyborg. 3 The Wire actors FTW!