‘Thor: The Dark World’ Extended TV Spot Includes ‘Avengers’ Reference

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Isn’t it annoying when your boyfriend comes to town for a visit and has time to fight an army of aliens, but not enough time to come and visit you? Astrophysicist Jane Foster may not have been around to join the fray in The Avengers, but she and Thor will finally be reunited when the Norse god comes back to Earth to find her in Marvel’s next superhero sequel, Thor: The Dark World.

Whereas last time it was Thor who find himself a stranger in a foreign land, this time it’s Jane who gets whisked away to Asgard in order to help Thor and Loki take on Malekith the Accursed (Christopher Eccleston) and his army of Dark Elves. Fans who missed Jane in The Avengers, however, will at least get to see the pair thrash out the issue of her non-involvement before they set out on their journey.

This new extended TV spot for Thor: The Dark World begins with the scene of Thor and Jane’s reunion, with Jane challenging him over the fact that she saw him fight alongside the Avengers, but that he didn’t take time out to come and see her while she was in S.H.I.E.L.D. custody. Thor explains himself and fortunately it seems like they get past the issue without too much conflict.

Jane Meets Loki in Thor 2 Thor: The Dark World Extended TV Spot Includes Avengers Reference

Beyond that are a number of clips that we’ve seen before in both TV spots and trailers, including Jane’s fiery first interaction with Loki, and indications that the battle between Thor’s forces and Malekith’s will impact upon both Earth and Asgard. The Dark Elves still look quite a bit like Doctor Who monsters, but Eccleston is a solid choice to play the villain and Thor: The Dark World definitely looks like it has a lot of potential.

Were you also disappointed that Jane wasn’t in The Avengers, or do you think that the movie’s plot was already too full to find room for a romance subplot?


Thor: The Dark World is out in theaters on November 8th, 2013.

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  1. I thought The Avengers was full enough not to include Jane. It was nice she was mentioned & seen via computer screen. But the film already had Pepper & Tony and Jane & Thor sharing their affections again would be too much during the events going on.

    • Totally agree!

    • Yes, I agree as well. There was enough other stuff going on on the screen that i didn’t really have much time to think about where Jane was.

    • Agree as well. In fact, Pepper was originally not going to be in it either. It was RD Jr who asked for Paltrow to join the cast.

  2. I’m annoyed she’s IN the Thor movies.

  3. Portman being in The Avengers might have given me something other than ScarJo to admire and hold my attention through that movie. Hate to sound misogynistic here but ScarJo’s outfit and the thought of seeing more of her on screen is the only thing that kept me watching.

    Can’t wait for this though. Sucks the trailer I saw on TV earlier only said “October” instead of telling us when in October it releases. Thank god Screen Rant said “October 30th” some time back but it makes me wonder because it seems like the movies that are predicted to struggle in UK cinemas are given over a month of promotion (Pacific Rim, Man Of Steel) while those predicted success get a week (Dredd, The Avengers, TDKR).

    All of those movies hit the number 1 spot, sure, but MOS is the only one to drop so fast after a week of release.

    Makes me wonder if the advance promotion for this film over 30 days before release is a bad omen.

    • Iron Man 3 made a billion dollars. The Dark World probably won’t, since it’s not really riding the ‘Avengers Hype Wave’ as much as IM3. Disney/Marvel still want it to do really, really well though, hence mass advertising.

  4. I’m hoping the action is improved from the first Thor movie. That was my big complaint. The Destroyer scene let me down big time and the final fight with Loki was good but not for a finale. Dark World looks much better, hopefully Thor will be as badass as he was in the Avengers. Thor vs Hulk still gives me chills. Such an awesome scene.

    • A good scene, yes, but I think my favorite was Thor against Iron Man, and also when Cap comes in to break them up.

      • @ Goldilocks

        That was one of my most favorite scenes aswell in the film with the 3 of them.

      • the shockwave of mjolnir hitting cap’s shield was the coolest thing i’ve ever seen in a superhero movie

  5. This TV spot was great, me and my bro during SHIELD were like holy s*** that looks amazing lol. The free fall battle at the end looks epic also.

  6. No glad she was not in avengers, the movie made over 1.5 billion without her in
    it, sending the strongest signals that the heroes sell these movies. Her being an
    Academy winner, she would have demanded a higher salary like halle berry did
    With xmen until they figured wolverine was selling the tickets and not her.

  7. I am so ready for this movie…!
    And that comes from a guy who was really not a big Thor fan in the comics at all.

    • I’m souper excited too!

      • Not as eggcited as me!

        • Part 2 better bring home the bacon!

  8. Does anyone have a picture of Zachary Levi in Thor? I’m so curious!

    • It’s not him in costume, but you can see him with dyed hair (AND BEARD!) in a few places, like the developer diaries for the Tomb Raider game released earlier this year.

  9. I think Surtur will be the mind behind all the madness in THOR:TDW, and the final installment will be THOR: Revenge of Surtur, or something like that. Maybe the button will show Surtur delivering the Infinity Gauntlet to Thanos!

  10. This film looks pretty good. It definitely has the potential to be better than IM3.

  11. The whole slapping thing, I think, is kind of a clue. When Cap punched Loki in the Avengers, his head kinda did the same thing as it did in the trailer and in the spot. Considering that Loki has superhuman strength and that Cap was enhanced to the peak of human ability, does that mean that Jane’s strength has also been enhanced in some way (i.e. giving her Asgardian abilities)?

    Regardless, I really loved that free fall fight in the spot!

  12. Hopefully this film will deliver more wit than what IM3 did. Really looking forward to watching it.

  13. I like the scene where she mets Loki.

  14. “I saw you with the Avengers!”-Are you kidding me? Is that the best they could do with that! How selfish does that sound. Not impressed with that at all. I mean; I get she’s not the damsel in distress ’cause she punches Loki but really….

    • Well, think about it. Say your loved one can’t come to you, you don’t see this person in over a year, then you see this person suddenly on the news fighting with a group of superheroes–then afterwards disappears again. A year after THAT, then your loved one comes back to you. How would YOU react?

      • Yeah but I would hope that my loved one would take into consideration that:
        1) I’m not from around here. So it’s not like I can just pick up the phone, take a cab,send a text or e-mail. Oh and by the way the Bifrost bridge is broken. (How much dark magic did the father have to conjure up just to get you here?)
        2) I’m out saving the world.
        3) I’m a prince on the verge of becoming King. I have a WORLD to run.
        4) I was told that you were in protective custody & had planned to return once things settled down!

        So Ms. Foster put your big girl panties on and grow up!

        • Well put k black!!! Lol *snaps*

  15. This will be an all around good movie like its predecessor, but it may not offer anything that we haven’t seen before and I doubt it will out perform Iron man 3 or Avengers in the box office.