New Marvel One-Shot Title Revealed Alongside ‘Thor 2′ Blu-ray Details

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Official Marvel Studios Logo New Marvel One Shot Title Revealed Alongside Thor 2 Blu ray Details

After The Avengers hit theaters and became the third highest grossing film of all-time, we spoke with executive producer Louis D’Esposito about how Marvel Studios planned to continue that success on its home video release. The answer was simple and from their own research it came down to providing consumers with new and original content – short films we know as Marvel One-Shots. D’Esposito even directed the most recent two.

The One-Shots began in 2011 with the home video releases of Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger, both of which featured shorts starring Clark Gregg’s fan-fave Agent Coulson character. There have been rumors for years now that since Marvel is now under the Disney umbrella, Marvel Studios could perhaps one day embrace the Pixar short format where before theatrical releases they could use the Marvel  One-Shots to introduce other characters and storylines and see if they test well across wide audiences. That’s not currently in the cards, but more Marvel One-Shots are on the way, the next of which comes with the home video release of Thor: The Dark World.

Marvel Studios’ other 2013 release, Iron Man 3, is already available on home video and its Blu-ray release included a One-Shot titled Agent Carter which brought back Hayley Atwell’s Peggy Carter character – and some familiar supporting characters- from The First Avenger. It was well-received and is on its way to potentially spawning a live-action TV series on ABC

Thor 2 Dark World Interviews Chris Hemsworth Tom Hiddleston Natalie Portman New Marvel One Shot Title Revealed Alongside Thor 2 Blu ray Details

For Thor: The Dark World, which just recently finished its main run in theaters, the first details on its Blu-ray release have surfaced online thanks to the British Board of Film Classification. As expected, the home video version (on Blu) will include another Marvel One-Shot alongside the usual set of bonuses, from deleted scenes, a preview of the studio’s next big release (Captain America: The Winter Soldier), along with several featurettes. Complete list below:


It’s a safe bet that Marvel will be playing up the Loki factor as much as they can when Thor: The Dark World hits home video. Tom Hiddleston was the focus of their international press tour and for us at Screen Rant, Loki stole the show in the film, overshadowing Christopher Eccleston’s Malekith character – the marketed primary antagonist.

Ben Kingsley as the Mandarin in Iron Man 3 New Marvel One Shot Title Revealed Alongside Thor 2 Blu ray Details

As for the Marvel One-Shot titled All Hail The King. the title at first glance could reference Loki’s new position on the throne of Asgard. By the end of Thor: The Dark World, there are a few questions left unanswered – namely, where is Odin, how did Loki takover, and what does Loki plan to do as the leader of Asgard with his adopted father’s disguise?

We know that Ben Kingsley returned to work with some of the Iron Man 3 crew on an upcoming Marvel One-Shot as well, one that was rumored to potentially reveal/introduce the “real” Mandarin character into the Marvel Cinematic Universe since the character was used as a deception and twist in Iron Man 3 – one that some fans of Iron Man comics didn’t appreciate. So if the short film isn’t about Loki, Odin and Asgard, it’s possible we get to see Kingsley’s Trevor Slattery character return. Then again, screenwriter Drew Pearce went on record denying that possibility:

“One thing I know for sure: nobody’s going to be apologizing for the Mandarin twist any time soon.”

What would you like to see from All Hail The King?


More: Loki vs. The Mandarin


Captain America: The Winter Soldier hits theaters April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on July 17, 2015, and unannounced films for May 6 2016, July 8 2016 and May 5 2017.

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  1. I hope its about Loki as king he stole thor the dark world for me

    • “All Hail The King” is about Evil Dead and Ash !
      First thing that comes to mind !

      • “This is my BOOMSTICK!”

  2. If they used a real Mandarin then would that imply an Iron Man 4, or maybe he’d be the villain for Dr Strange?

  3. “one that some fans of Iron Man comics didn’t appreciate”…
    Some? Oh! by “some” you mean Millions of fans! ok.

    • I know, right?

      It honestly feels like I’m the only person on this site who enjoyed and appreciated the twist instead of going down Cliche Street.

      • I loved it! It was so off the wall, ballsy, and unexpected. It blew me away and I was laughing my butt off in the theater. The “purists” are just a very vocal minority.

      • Cliche Street? Not sure if depicting a character all us fans have been reading about since its inception qualifies as simply, “cliche”. Seeing that character “as is” at least once on the Big screen would have actually been a refreshing change from the now overused, “we have to insert a needless twist in here” angle.

        Guess you must have been pretty bummed with Stark/Ironman because they used him initially right out of the box.

        • “Clit Street” is right, Mongoose, with ya there! I started reading Iron Man when he first was created, and red him all through the 60s and 70s. There is indeed a reason he became a movie hero, and the comics that made him famous during that era is it!

          • Re, um, “Cliche Street” {*ahem*}….never try to type fast when you are tired.

            • HA, I was wondering about that since it was more than a missing letter or something. I even thought you were mocking me for a min and I had misspelled the word somewhere. :D

            • :/

      • Nah. I wasn’t really that familiar with the character before, though I had been aware of him, and I admit news of the twist did sting me a bit. But when I watched the film I found it hilarious, if a bit unorthodox. But what people need to look at is that Marvel managed to pull off something nobody saw coming (whether that enhanced the film or not is YMMV). I had more of an issue with the excessive humor.

      • Not only did I find “The Twist” entertaining and particularly important in making an impactful social commentary, it was necessary for the character to be represented in live-action at all. I’ve commented before about how I’ve never thought The Mandarin was a great character to begin with, so his loss is not huge for me, but I can understand the plight of the Iron Man purists. Let’s face the facts folks. While domestically blockbusters make more than any other single country, they make more internationally in total. Especially while trying to appeal to Asian markets, in which Iron Man 3 was heavily targeting even going as far as to add the awkward extra 10 minutes into the Chinese version, it’s particularly important to stay as far away from anything that may be offensive to anyone as possible. It just so happens that communist China is not very forgiving in terms of what they allow their people to watch, so a true representation of the Mandarin would’ve never been allowed as he, in himself, is a racist characture of their people from a different generation. Comic book characters are unique to other forms of literature in that they constantly evolve over time The Mandarin is one that simply does not fit well in a globalized cinematic environment where tens to hundreds of millions of dollars are on the line.

        That being said, a One-Shot is an excellent way to appease the fans and avoid being overtly offensive to Asian markets. By making Trevor, who has already been acknowledged in the MCU as an intentional representation of Eastern stereotypes, happen upon some type of super powered rings, you introduce the comic canon of the Mandarin while simultaneously representing a parody of the same character.

      • I felt that it was an interesting way of making the character. They can’t always go by the comics, they gotta have fun with it.

      • @Dazz – It wasn’t a bad movie to me but I didn’t enjoy it as much as the first two. It was much darker (I know that was the point) and I was really hoping the Mandarin was the comic book version, so when he wasn’t, I was let down. Plus, my 7 y/o son went to see it with me and one of the characters says “G*dd*mn” and now I can’t let him watch it at home. That’s just one of my rules as a parent.

        Paul Young

    • @ Hyoga1001
      I totally agree

      • I thought it was wonderful. I don’t want to know what’s going to happen. I want to be surprised. I think it’s great.

    • Millions of fans didn’t like the Mandarin? By what metric? Not even 100,000 peeps buy Iron Man comics, lols. Meanwhile 300,000 ppl on IMDB average a good score for the film.

      Personally, I thought the Kingsley stuff was funny but if you check out the SR Underground podcasts, myself and the others would have liked to see the Mandarin from the books show up – crazy rings and all.

    • Well even if you accept The Mandarin as a smoke screen device devised by Killian, there is still the plain fact that this ultimately /was/ an Extremis adaptation. At the beginning, when Hansen came to visit him Tony should have met with her. In doing so, fixing and infusing the serum in his system then. By doing so he then creates the perfected serum as well as the nano bots for the MK 42 reacting to his whole skin by this point. The attack on his house then happens and the 42 takes him to TN for further investigation. Now here is where I started having additional problems with the movie…if Tony is the Bruce Wayne of Marvel, wouldn’t he have bunkers set up in each state? If not that a call to Rhodie where he could get a set up in a garage with no outside interruptions. Moreover, I’t behooves me to no end why the what would now be the finalized MK 42 or 43. One new suit, he would just have the same fire power that comes with Extremis.

      End credits.

      • MK 42 or 43 rebuilt at Stark Tower in New York or another site*

    • Lol cuz BILLIONS of audiences don’t care!

  4. It’s a shame us DVD owners have to miss out. I got IM3 on DVD as a Christmas present, no One Shot at all. That annoyed me.

    • Same here. What a shame :(

    • Ya, that sucks. Home video releases are super expensive too in general.

      • Yes and the biillionaire studios gets all worked about about copy right, when they rip off fans with their super expensive products and editions, have to mention the TDK trilogy ultimate edition, what a let down WB

  5. As much as I detested the Mandarin thing in Iron Man 3, I hope they don’t throw together some bullsh*t plan to reintroduce a new Mandarin. They f*cked it up, now just move on to the the next Iron Man villain, Melter or Titanium Man or somebody. It would just feel like a repeat story line if they decided to do the Mandarin all over again.

    • That’s something that annoys me.

      “They f***** it up, lets move on”.

      How did they f*** it up? Mandarin turned out to be an intelligent guy who completely fooled everybody around him and was a massive threat to Tony financially, mentally (with his breakdown) and physically, taking him on hand to hand without needing to wear a suit like previous IM villains.

      We all expected Mandarin to either wear a suit or need that tank from the Lego set to even stand a chance in a fight against Tony and Marvel gave us a breath of fresh air by doing something completely unexpected and brilliant.

      I still hold the belief that those who didn’t like that twist are incapable of understanding it, like the people who despised Copernicus for saying that the Earth moved around the Sun and not the other way around because they just didn’t understand something that, years later, is pretty much common sense.

      • Yes they did make Killian more in line with the modern incarnations of Mandarin but they turned classic Mandarin into a drug addled idiot all for the sake of an extra laugh, not because it was something from the comics, not because the fans would appreciate it, its just a joke and it only works because Kingsley is a good enough actor to make it work. Iron Man 3 is a good Shane Black movie but a bad Iron Man movie. It doesn’t honor the comics or the share universe in the ways it should and its filled with wasted opportunities, Mandarin being one of them.

      • …or maybe, the “twist” as presented in IM3 was just stupid and pointless and actually took away from the idea of a real antagonist in the movie. Of course, that was not even its biggest problem as a movie. There were others that, with the poor Mandarin joke, made for a crappy waste.

        • or….

          There’s the fact that people, millions of people, simply enjoyed. They enjoyed it so much that they saw it multiple times. They saw it over and over and then bought it.


          Because it was fun.

          You should try *fun* sometime.

          • People went to see Iron Man, not for Iron Man but rather to watch RDJ do his bit on screen again.

            Like people went to see PotC to watch Depp do more Capt. Jack…not really cause the story was all that good…as evidenced by the fact that the 4th installment which came out a long while later after the Capt. Jack hysteria died down did not make as big a splash.

            The RDJ thing is a blessing and a curse….once he leaves the arcs the movies will stop being as profitable….back down to more normal levels…of course by then everyone is going to be saying the movies are now flops since they are not making billions.

            But at the end of the day, it was an RDJ movie…with Shane Black playing up some stupid bits so RDJ can have some RDJ moments and less the brilliant “creativity” that people are citing it for.

            But that is me.

          • Oh, I did try fun…In fact, I HAD fun watching WELL-DONE and ENTERTAINING movies this year. If you enjoyed IM3, good for you…I found EVERY other movie I watched this year to be much better.

            Hope that helps you sleep better tonight…

            • yes, yes it will. Whew… Thanks.


              • Good. :D

      • Your whole analogy of comparing people who hated the Mandarin twist and Copernicus is insulting. People hate the twist because thief was no need for it and not as you put it” incapable of understanding” it. A better analogy would be comparing the analogy twist to say, Nolan changing Jokers origin in ” The Dark Knight” to being Tobias Whale( don’t know who he is,google it.) just for the sake of it. The mandarin to ironman is like how the joker is to batman. Imagine how people who watched “the dark Knight” would have responded if Nolan did something as stupid as what black did with the mandarin? The reason people hate the twist is not because they are”incapable”, it’s because it’s a unnecessary change. Next time before you decide to type something insulting, DONT.

      • The real Mandarin was The Riddler from Batman Forever. Stupid stupid stupid. And the Metric for millions of fans are people who have been reading Iron Man and the Avengers for 30 years. You know, the reason the comics got turned into movies in the first place.

        • So… you’re saying that they need to make movies we already know the punchlines to? That’s no fun.

          • Nah…They just need to make GOOD movies instead of crap. TtDW was a vast improvement, regarding Phase 2 movies…for example.

            • I suppose that I come from a different angle.

              One thing that I’ve enjoyed with all of these movies is how I can bring my kids to see them. They love them, and, for the most part, don’t get an eye full of extreme behavior… instead, it’s fun.

              So I like that.

              Will I take them to a deadpool movie? No.

              • Fair enough…and don’t get me wrong : I still HOPE for the best from both universes, so I will see all of the upcoming movies. Ultimately, I am a fan of CBMs, as a genre…

          • That’s just it, why did IM3 need to reduce the major villain to little more than a punchline? Why was that ok?

            I think the point Jeff is trying to make is, many people over the last 30 odd years supported the Iron Man comic so that it would be economically viable to turn into a film. Cheap twists like the one in IM 3 is a slap in the face to those that supported IM for all those years.

            Nobodies saying that it should be verbatim, but it should at least resemble the character from the source material, which is clearly not the case because of the twist.

      • Wow, sure am glad you don’t think the world revolves around your opinion or anything like that. /rolls eyes.

        It’s perfectly valid for people to have disliked the “twist” as much as you liked it so trying to equate your opinion with correct is, to say the least, complete BS.

      • IM3 was straight up garbage.

      • Your whole analogy of comparing people who hated the Mandarin twist and Copernicus is insulting. People hate the twist because thief was no need for it and not as you put it” incapable of understanding” it. A better analogy would be comparing the analogy twist to say, Nolan changing Jokers origin in ” The Dark Knight” to being Tobias Whale( don’t know who he is,google it.) just for the sake of it. The mandarin to ironman is like how the joker is to batman. Imagine how people who watched “the dark Knight” would have responded if Nolan did something as stupid as what black did with the mandarin? The reason people hate the twist is not because they are”incapable”, it’s because it’s a unnecessary change. Next time before you decide to type something insulting, DONT.

    • Personally, I think it would be interesting if they flipped it yet again and wrote the script so that Mandarin was actually the real one and just fooled Stark when Stark came to face him. Given the Mandarin’s history of scheming and occasionally posing as someone else this would fit the character.

  6. At least the trying to make up for the abomination that was iron man 3

  7. It should turn out that ‘Trevor Slattery’ was the Mandarin all along and he just allowed Killian to use his name. Either that or the Mandarin is an organization. Either way I’m waiting for the next big franchise movie villain a la Ledger’s Joker or to a lesser extent Loki

  8. I think it’s hilarious they might be correcting themselves. What an awful thing to do to one of the coolest bad guys in Marvel. And you know this wasn’t the plan all along. It’s not like they sat down and said,” Alright so we’re gonna make everyone think that the Mandarin is fake in the movie, but we’ll tag on a little short flick to Thor 2 that shows the REAL MANDARIN!” Mandarin aside, that movie was a colossal let down. It needed a laugh track.

    • From writer Drew Pearce:
      “One thing I know for sure: nobody’s going to be apologizing for the Mandarin twist any time soon.”

      • Just because someone doesn’t apologize for something doesn’t make it ok. That makes them a jerk.

        • No one apologizes for something they are not wrong about. No matter how unacceptable a choice group finds it to be.

      • Some people never learn. They should not apologize…they should beg forgiveness! What a disappointment! When you mess around with “canon”, you often get blown away….ka-boom!!!

        • After the series of debacles found in IM#3, I guess now those of you who dissed Green Lantern (which I mostly liked, but yes, there was room for improvement) now see what a real messed-up movie looks like. Don’t get me wrong, I prefer marvel over DC, and I love the iron man character in general, but if you compare IM#3 to Green Lantern, I’m afraid this time by a slight margin, DC wins that round.

          • Green Lantern was the worst comic book movie made in this modern era of cbm’s. IM3 had enjoyable things, GL didn’t.

        • That’s a very interesting way to look at it.

  9. I’d go for it being a Loki one shot. I’d make sense to release it with Thor:TDW and it’d be cool to see how Loki rules Asgard in disguise and possibly show where Odin is now.

    They might have also already filmed a Mandarin one shot while the IM3 production team was still around, but they also have the right to release it at their leisure, possibly alongside Captain America:TWS or Guardians if they don’t have other one shot plans.

  10. I really liked Iron Man 3, and thought The Mandarin twist was awesome. Hate on me.

  11. Wow

  12. Aldrich Killian was the Ultimate Mandarin, they disguised the actor as the comic Mandarin so that the people would have never known it was Aldrich Killian. I hated the twist the first time but now that I looked back, I should’ve known it from the beginning….

  13. “All Hail the King”……of Wakanda!

    Black Panther would be a great One Shot, but I am not expecting it. I am guessing its Loki.

  14. While I don’t have a Blu-Ray player and thus am out of the loop for actually watching the one-shots, I would think that it should be something *other* than Loki. Isn’t the point to include something different, that isn’t just like another end-of-credits scene from the film in question?

    So yeah, I’d like to have it be the Ben Kingsley one. Maybe they aren’t “apologizing” for IM3, but simply continuing to develop the character as planned all along?

  15. I want to see Ash vs Loki.

  16. King, eh? Black Bolt would be awesome, especially if we get an Inhumans movie in Phase 3.

    • So good!

      It’s be blown away if it’s Black Bolt or Black Panther, but it’s highly unlikely.

  17. It’ll be something disappointing like ‘Trevo Slattery’ impersonating Elvis and performing in prison.

  18. Here’s the thing. The mandarin was aldrich killian in the adaption for ironman 3 . Plain and simple. No one is complaining about how the mandarin is a multinational company in the ultimate story lines. The mandarin is an implied villain, a symbol, a mantal.

    • If I had known the Mandarian was a company in the ultimate I might have started complaing before now…now Romney’s “Corporations are people too” comment makes soooo much more sense.

      • Mandarin is a type of canned orange slices in my kitchen cupboard, and that would prove more of a threat to iron man than the one they had in the IM#3 movie.

        • +1

  19. The Black Panther is King of Wakanda. This could be the new character angle.

  20. To me a great twist would have been if they would have simply made it where Trevor Slattery turned out to be a ruse perpetrated by the mandarin to fool people and to keep him close, but in a position that people didn’t really think he was important. Basically I think they should have had it where the Trevor Slattery was simply a character the Mandarin was playing.

  21. I, for one, fairly enjoyed the Mandarin twist, a little overboard, but unexpected, which was nice. That being said, I would love to see a double swerve(extra twist, rewind?) where Kingsley is actually the real Mandarin. “You’ll never see me coming.”

    • Well, that might help a little, if it is not a case of “too little, too late” for Marvel to save face. The best thing they could do at this point to rectify the situation is have a *real* Mandarin battling it out with Iron Man, I mean costume, rings zapping away, the whole 9 yards. That might assauge their major fumble’s pain a little bit.

  22. One-shot features should be included on the regular non-Blu-Ray DVDs as well as on the Blu-Rays., Why should those of us willing to plunk down money for a DVD be penalized and deprived of the extra-content mini-stories, just because we do not own a Blu-Ray player? I had already bought countless Beta tapes back in the day, and years later switched over and converted to VHS. Then when technology said, “No, you need a DVD player”, I converted over to that. I really do not have the money to reconvert over to Blu-Ray, only to find that something new after that will be the “next big thing”.

    • Same thought here for me too Goldilocks! Your comment is exactly what I think. I’ve never upgraded to the gimmick Blu-Ray either. DVD has always been just fine to me. I quickly upgraded from VHS to DVD because there was a major difference. Not so much DVD to Blu-Ray or Sheep-Ray. It was just another ploy to make money for the movie distributors when they started the format war. They probably thought hey we will charge a lot more and not put special features on DVD and that will make people redo their whole collection from DVD to Blu-Ray. I didn’t fall for it. I’m pissed that they started that ploy of not putting special features on some full price DVD releases but the Blu-Ray has tons of em that I’d love to watch. I will jump ship to 4k though, they are working on 4k capable Blu-Ray’s now and I’m sure they will be labled as 4k disc. 4k Looks amazing compared to 1080p.

    • We can always just wait for someone to convert it and stick it on the net for the “poor masses” to watch for free :)

    • Welcome to the world. You can always use youtube.

  23. Interesting.. They already had the Winter Solider on DVD & BlueRay in 2011 but it doesn’t come out in the theaters until this year?? Amazing!! Way to do your homework on this one. 5 Year old Fanboys wouldn’t make that mistake.

    • It was a typo from writing while in a conference call. My bad. Fixed! Trust me, I know what movies have come out and haven’t ;)

      Just like I know you meant Blu-ray when you said BlueRay.

      • Hah!

      • ^^+1

  24. We know there’s gonna be more Iron Man films. They have to resolve the Justin Hammer storyline and introduce Crimson Dynamo, Firepower and Detroit Steel. As for the One-Shot, I was hoping for the Howlin Commandos. Be glad when they announce something on the Agent Carter project.

    • i think Mickey Rourke’s character was a amalgamation of Whiplash and Crimson Dynamo

      • It was, you’re correct :)

    • Firepower was in IM3

  25. i doubt it’s Loki, usually the One Shots are not directly related to the Movie in the DVD/BluPay from what i recall

  26. I swear some of are your arguments are really pissing me off. I visit Screen Rant multiple times a day in the hopes that I get to have/see some good debates on one of my favorite things, film! Our likes and dislikes. But you guys complain on here so much it takes away from the fun of ‘Ranting’

  27. I’m looking forward for the deleted scenes… more Malekith and especially Loki wearing Cap’s suit (that’s the original scene, before Chris Evans took over).

    And to people who are still complaining about Mandarin… Give it a break, the movie’s done and out for months already! It’s actually very amazing to know that such twist can make you feel irritated for such a long time though, that means the goal of the twist WORKED!

  28. Honestly the twist as people are saying caused me no pain or joy…I’ve stoped careing for iron man after im2… I saw 3 with the wife cuz she wanted to…even she was disapointed at the twist. And she abhores my comic obsession as she calls it.

    And she is not a comic fan. I’m worried for marvel..I’m worried that then have an epic villian…who will be hard to find another. Otherwise we will see loki in every marvel movie.

  29. I know I’m way behind on the new releases, (actually just haven’t watched Thor), but I would appreciate a spoiler alert! Other than that, great site guys! My number 1 source for movie news!

    • Sorry KJ,

      I’ll be more conscious of that going forward – most posts regarding this stuff have spoiler tags but we assume now that both films are finished their theatrical runs, that fans who read and search for news regarding their home video releases, followups and such have already seen it. I know that’s not always the case.