‘Thor 2′ After-Credits Scenes, Box Office Forecast & New Images

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Thor 2 Chris Hemsworth Box Office Thor 2 After Credits Scenes, Box Office Forecast & New Images

Last summer’s The Avengers represents the largest box office haul for a comic book film, the third most successful theatrical release of any film ever, and more importantly, it holds the record for the largest weekend opening of all-time. Building of that success came this summer’s opening release in Iron Man 3, which saw similar success in its opening weekend and worldwide gross, joining The Avengers in the top 5 box office earnings of all-time.

Up next, and against high expectations, is Alan Taylor’s sequel to Thor. How will Thor: The Dark World fair againsts the last two franchise releases and its predecessor?

According to the tracking numbers (via THR), Thor: The Dark World is targeting  a$75 million domestic opening weekend, a bump of $10 million over Captain America: The First Avenger and Thor, the first two 3D post-converted films by Marvel Studios, which hit the $65 million mark in their summer 2011 slots.

Thor 2 The Dark World Official Photo New Observatory 570x235 Thor 2 After Credits Scenes, Box Office Forecast & New Images

Thor: The Dark World however, represents the first fall season release for the studio, and Captain America: The Winter Soldier marks their first spring release next April, lending credence to the idea that Marvel Studios may one day expand its operations to support more than two theatrical releases per year. However, Ant-Man which was slated for release in November 2015, was recently pushed forward to a July 2015 date, to better take advantage of the buzz surrounding The Avengers: Age of Ultron two months prior.

Thor, Marvel’s second most viable character franchise so far, made nearly $450 million worldwide after a $65.7 million domestic opening weekend and with the boost in brand appeal from The Avengers, The Dark World will easily surpass the half-billion mark but likely won’t come close to Iron Man 3’s $1.2 billion haul, emphasizing the importance and bankability of Robert Downey Jr. to the franchise.

As always, these numbers just cement the fact that Marvel Studios is only just beginning the second chapter of their growing franchises. Not unlike the films of “Phase One,” each Marvel movie going forward will feature an after-credits scene (referred to as a “button”). Iron Man 3 had a fun cameo by Mark Ruffalo at the end, which received mixed reactions as it didn’t tease any of the upcoming films, characters or stories.

For Thor: The Dark World however, Marvel Studios may have listened to the feedback and are going The Avengers route with not one, but two after-credits scenes. According to a commenter on JoBlo who claims to watched the film early, there’s a mid-credits scene that teases the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, followed by a post-credits tag that’s there for a few laughs, likely based on an in-joke from the film like the Shawarma scene at the very end of The Avengers. We won’t spoil it.

Whether the post-credits scene could tease the next Phase Two film, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, or help set the stage for the cosmic-based Guardians of the Galaxy, we’ll have to wait and see.

Alan Taylor directs Thor 2 off of Christopher Yost, Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely’s screenplay. The film stars Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Tom Hiddleston, Stellan Skarsgård, Idris Elba, Christopher Eccleston, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Kat Dennings, Ray Stevenson, Zachary Levi, Tadanobu Asano, Jaimie Alexander, Rene Russo and Anthony Hopkins.


Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on July 31, 2015, and unannounced films for May 6 2016, July 8 2016 and May 5 2017.

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Sources: JoBlo (Hat tip Chris), THR, TLCMG

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  1. So excited for this movie. Cripes we have our son’s middle name as Thor!! BRING IT ON! :)

    • I’m geeked for the thor marathon they are having at amc places. nov 7th. 230 pm thor 1 530 pm avengers 830 pm thor 2 for $25. im either going with my wife if she has off or by myself. Im geeked

  2. Be cool if the scene is Thanos breaking in The Odin vault and taking the infinity glove.

    • ^^This.

    • all of the yes.

    • Im counting on that too.

    • @Rome – What is this infinity glove you speak of?

      • Infinity Gauntlet, very powerful weapon. I believe he slaughters the Avengers with it at one point. You ll have fanboys explain it better than I have.

        • It is a glove that holds all of the Infinity Gems that control various things like reality, time, mind, and reality. When all these are combined it makes the one who weilds the gauntlet the highest of all gods within that particular timeline. (It would not work in another timeline.) In the Infinity Gauntlet mini series, Thanos kills half of the population of the universe to appease his mistress, Death. Adam Warlock, who was later in the Guardians of the Galaxy, was the one who was able to get through to him to stop him.

          • The blue Gem which can control minds was the blue sphere that glowed inside Loki’s Scepter in The Avengers. Which would make sense as Thanos and the gems inside the infinity gauntlet are closely connected.

            • Huh, I never really put 2 & 2 together on that one. I guess the blue gem would make sense for that septor since he did control people and was able to connect to the Chitari through space/time.

        • He slaughters madd people w/ it, marvels best of the best went up against Thanos when he had the infinity gauntlet and many have died. It was a cool saga. It gives him numerous powers, each gem on the gauntlet represents a different almighty power.

      • Since it is mentioned in the singular, you would probably have to ask Michael Jackson.

    • That happening would get a ticket purchase from me assuredly.

  3. Hey Vic, That new video add that pops up in the middle of every page is pretty annoying. Just a heads up. It’s irritating when I start to read an article and the page jumps 2-3 times to accommodate the add. Might just be me, I’m using Chrome.

    • I’m using safari and I get it too

    • I completely agree. I understand the need for ads but popping up in middle of a story like that really makes me wonder how much you care for your site. It’s becoming something more of a spam/pop-up site that I’d prefer to avoid. It’s bad enough the little ads at the bottom of pictures that block the picture itself, the ads on the right,the fake poll that lures you in with a geek question and then asks their real question for the second and then asks how old we are. This is just too damn much. Geektyrant.com has way more content but I’ve stuck with you guys for a good long while but it’s becoming a nuisance I’d rather not deal with. Please know this comes from a loyal fan of the site but loyalty is a two-way street. Don’t give in to the internet money craze and forget we’re actual people who have choices.

      • You guys should download ad blocker plugins for those browsers. I use internet explorer and I have my tracker protection activated having no problems with pop ups anymore or annoying ad videos playing in the background with the volume high.

        • +1

        • Thanks Ranter. I forgot that Chrome had an ad blocker. I got it, and on this page alone it blocked 11 ads. It’s a shame that I had to do that just to make this site bearable again. 11 ads proves my point though. When is enough enough?

    • I installed AddBlock and I haven’t seen any adds anywhere any longer.

    • Because it would be a spoiler! I for one hope this is not the case because you may have spoiled something for the rest of us… JERK.

      • If you consider that a major spoiler then stop reading websites like this

      • Dude it is pretty much common knowledge about the Tyr and Collector scene, I never heard it was a button scene but that would not surprise me either!
        He is really not a Jerk for just asking about it. Damn ppl are so thin skinned anymore….ABOUT STUPID SH*T no less

      • LOL if you’ve been kept out of the loop from THIS, then Good for you. But, as this is ON THE INTERNET, and free to be posted. Then I’d say I didn’t spoil anything from anyone, as neither does Clive Russell tease anything about said scene either.

        • Well, we HAVE been kept out of the loop because some of us only read Screen Rant and no one on here has mentioned anything about button scenes in Thor until this article.

          I hope both scenes are included in the UK release because we got the Thanos scene but they filmed the Shawarma scene after it had already released here, meaning we had to wait until it was leaked online to watch it.

          • I do believe that this Clive Russell Video WAS posted on this site. Keep digging.

    • But I did mention “We won’t spoil it.”

    • Thanks for posting that.

  4. I do not see this doing the targeted
    $75 million domestic opening weekend.

    Nor do I see this surpassing the half-billion
    mark overall either. Of course, I can be wrong.
    I am just not feeling the “big event” this go-round.

    • The time of year makes a difference. I think event movies like this will have to be truly remarkable to put up holiday numbers. At least, the first couple years of releasing them “off season.” Maybe after audiences are used to “finding” event movies at that time of year, or making room for them in their hectic schedules, we’ll see some larger box office returns. That’s my prediction anyway.

      • I think Thor will do well. I don’t see any movies that look too exciting or that have a lot of buzz going for them at the time of Thor’s release. Of course, I could be wrong. Maybe other movies at the time have some popular buzz and I’m just wearing blinders, focused on just the movies I look forward to.

  5. Fun post credit guess: Darcy brings coffee to Asgard!

    As to box office, I will stick with my 800 million max guess. Likely it will be much lower. Iron man is very popular and I don’t believe Thor was ever that popular. Captain America 2 should do better than Thor 2.

    GotG, I have no idea how that will do.

    • GOTG is already making the mistake of being too science fiction; only the characters and acting will save it.

  6. Ill say it falls below man of steel, around 500 million world wide. Wont be overly aucceasful in the ums due to the hunger games 2 weeks after but it will make bank worldwode

  7. Thor is by far my favorite Avenger from the movie, they under used him. Hopefully they don’t completely pull a Fox and make it Iron Man and The Avengers like they did wit Wolverine and The X-Men

    • Marvel studios is irritated by Downey Jr. so that will not happen in a million years.

  8. i believe the Guardians of the galaxy will make a cameo somehow in one of these post credits scenes

    • If I had to bet, I would agree with you.

    • Please be true!

  9. I hope SR fixes the image links soon, I want to examine the hi-res versions more closely.

  10. Excited for this movie. However, let’s not waste after-credits Easter egg scenes on dorky humor. The Shawarma scene and the Stark tells Banner his troubles like a shrink were wastes of time and just pissed me off. Marvel should not waste time and celluloid on those after-credit scenes unless they make serious sense, like preview a hint of their upcoming movies.

    • That’s what I hope too, less of that, more teasing future movies.

      Bit of a testament to post-credit button scenes though when lots of people walk out of Marvel, Sony and Fox comic book movies as soon as the credits start to roll with only a handful of people waiting around but everyone waited for Man Of Steel to end but there was no post credits button at all.

    • No worries, there is a lot to tease at so I’m sure both post credit scenes of thor will pertain to Avengers 2 and GoTG.

  11. Making more money does not necessarily mean the movie is a great film.

    Our expectations most rely on how the story develops. IM3 received a great boon due to The Avengers. I’m confident Thor will have a better story and that the post credit scene will have something related to Captain America.

    • That first line is very true, we shouldn’t equate financial success to movie quality (just look at the box office Adam Sandler makes, none of his movies are of any quality above mediocre).

      Saying that, I wouldn’t put IM3 there because it made loads of money but was very well deserved because of how good it was as a movie.

      • The Mandarin actor part ruined Iron Man 3 a lot, I think. I don’t even necessarily mean the bait-and-switch part a lot of people were upset about; the discovery that The Mandarin is really just some actor. I think it was bad more for how they portrayed the actor. The movie right at that moment took a tremendous nosedive that fell out of Iron Man’s skyline and landed in the 70’s with Austin Powers, complete with the thick accent.
        Iron Man 1 and 2 had some decent humor in them. Iron Man 3 added more humor and then pulled right from the Austin Powers franchise, causing comedy overload in the “action” film. I don’t care Mandarin was a fraud but I wasn’t prepared to sit through an Austin Powers movie disguised as Iron Man.

  12. Bold prediction time, Thor will Surpass The Avengers and even Avatar’s all time box office gross, Boom! I said it.

    • That’s definitely bold 😉

    • Thanks for the evidence; it will be an all around good movie but not ground shaking.

  13. I think everyone is wrong about the Mark Ruffalo scene at the end of IM3. I still think its a prelude to Age of Ultron because Tony Starks is talking about how disturbed he is. Ultron’s story is that he has daddy issues which is also a theme in IM3 and am I the only one who picks up JARVIS sad and surprised answer TS ordering the destruction of the Iron Legion? Also, we can’t forget the brain scene with Killian and Pepper Potts

    • Does anyone care about that? Iron Man 3 was terrible!

  14. Getting really freaking tired of the after credit scenes. Pretty soon they’ll have entire movies hidden in the credits, with thirty plus minutes of extra footage broken up by different sections of credit. Will Thor survive this predicament? Find out after we give credit to the CGI department.

    • Poor baby…. Don’t watch them!! WOW NOVEL IDEA!!

      think Marvel has done (mostly) great things with the button scenes and I also think Most ppl love and look for them!! But if you don’t Jeff, NO ONE FORCES YOU TO WATCH and Then b**** about them, that is ALL on you pal!

      • The only b****ing going on here is by you
        over an opinion that differs from yours.
        Jeff’s opinion a perfectly valid one.

        • Jeff’s opinion is 100% a perfectly valid one, just as mine and the Hundreds of other comments I have seen on the MANY many different threads/articles that have mentioned the button scenes (on this site) and how 98% of these other opinions fall right in line with mine in that we actually like MOST of the buttons and look forward to them….
          I will say it again if you don’t like them….Why whine about them? just DONT watch them, (This was an article about Thor: TDW button scenes) they are at the end for a reason, If you don’t want to sit thru the credits….DON’T!! It is absolutely that damn simple!

          Honestly, Mr. Palmer I don’t give 2 squirrel balls if you agree with my OPINION or his, as it is his right to type his opinion, it is my right to type mine, Ppl all the time disagree with others opinions and that’s just the way it is!

          THANK YOU very much sir for your OPINION, I will consider and kindly disregard as it is yours and not mine!

          • Wow. Where are you getting your fake #’s from?

            Your azz or from comic book movie geek sites which form the minority opinion?

            The after credit scenes are an old tired over played gimmick….period!

            • I def do not agree, every single person I have ever spoken to in real life, not on forums loves after credit scenes. There just fun and get you even more excited for something if its a good scene that is.

          • The only one whining and b****ing is you. No one else.

      • Your opinion sucks too, so waaaaah, be a b**** online about someone making you wet your pants over a comic book movie.

        • Yeah…and I’m the one who is crying?? OK!.!.! :)

          • Yes. You are the one who is crying. A crying Banshee, actually.

    • I never liked after credit scenes and they are
      overplayed at this stage amounting to a gimmick.

      • Exactly! Marvels gimmick is getting old. Thor 2 is not receiving great buzz. I haven’t heard anyone talking about Thor besides the minority of geeks here and there. 60 million opening weekend at best and then a a big drop after Hunger Games.

        • Hahaha what a joke. Open less then the first? Okay.

      • I like the serious ones, like for instance the one after Iron Man where Nick Fury firt appears. I did not like the one where the Avengers all sat around laconically and distractedly chewing their cuds and looking truly miserable, like someone needed to pass them the hurl-bucket or something. They seemed truly depressed. I also did not like where Stark was telling Banner all his troubles, and Banner looked like he would have more fun turning into the Incredible Bulk while wearing tight Speedos. Let’s keep the after-credit blips, but keep them relevant.

        • oops. “first”.

        • Maybe you didn’t like that one because you totally missed what was happening there…

          You’re telling us that you’ve never worked hard (possible overworked yourself) and all you wanted was to sit down and stuff your face with something good? They weren’t depressed or about to hurl. They were wiped out and happy to be partaking in something simple & good. Food hits the spot.

      • The head guy ( cant rememberhis name atm lol) said “After the avengers was released that we dont need to do them now because everyone knows about the avengers. On the other hand, everyones expecting them so we have too.”
        Or something like that.
        Dammed if they do, dammed if they dont.

  15. These forecasts are right just about the same amount of times they are wrong. Here are a couple of recent examples

    1. The Wolverine forecast prediction around 80million actual number 53 million
    2. Kick Ass 2 25 million…actual number 13 million

    Thor 2 will still make a ton of money but I’m not getting the feeling or seeing the buzz for this film as some of the other releases from Marvel studios

    • I think this film has very little buzz behind it. Not saying it will tank cause it surely wont but I believe the Hunger Games will kick whatever momentum it was gaining when it’s released. 2 weeks at number 1 then will be dethroned and drop off heavy when the hunger games is released.

  16. I am truly excited to see thor:the dark world and it will the best marvel movies of all time and i can,t wait to see it in theather and also it will bring more marvel movies in the future marvel movies.

  17. Im going to have to disagree with your statement that “Iron Man 3 had a fun cameo by Mark Ruffalo at the end, which received mixed reactions as it didn’t tease any of the upcoming films, characters or stories.”. While yes, the cameo was fun and recieved mixed reviews I do believe the cameo teases more than we think it does! If you put several of the pieces together properly, I believe it tells alot. Think: Why would Tony feel the need to talk to Banner about the events that happened to him in IM3? W

  18. Post Credits scene = LAME


    • While you are sleeping in the theater seat, I will be picking your pocket and snatching your wallet. After all, I am originally from Chicago….

      (well….the suburbs thereof…)

  19. It’s been a while since this article was posted and the image links are still broken. What gives, ScreenRant?

  20. Not feeling this one. Except for the sheer personality of the guy playing Loki, this movie doesn’t seem to have anything going for it from the trailers and info they’ve put out on it. Probably not going to do as well as the first. Director seems inexperienced and amateurish on the big screen. Need to face facts, main reason Whedon worked on Avengers is because all the prep work with the other Marvel movies and lot of fanboys have a serious man-crush on anything he does no matter what the actual quality. And by no means does the name Alan Taylor overshadow his lack of ability.

    • I hear ya. The only reason this Thor might make a profit is because once again….it will ride the coat tails of the Avengers. The shameless new TV spots are even saying….”the return of an Avenger” and all that crap. Basically marketing the film to the kids who and Marvel fanboys who are suckers. I don’t think families will like the title of The Dark World either.

      Thor 2 will be destroyed by Hunger Games anyhow.

      Will you admit that you defensive and sensitive Marvel plants….I mean fanboys?

  21. Sick of the post credit BS.

    • Agreed. Marvels act is tired. Can’t wait to see Thor the comedian in Thor 2. Jeeeeez! Ridiculous.

      I can’t wait to hear a delusional Marvel fanboy respond. They get so defensive about their arrogant products don’t they? Lol

      • Don’t forget to wipe yourself.

        • The irony, Rock… is the poser *ahem* POSTER you are responding too is our resident SR guy who does the very thing he is accusing you of doing.

          It’s why he started the post the way he did.

          I think I’m going to start referring to him as Waldo.

          When he posts, I’ll respond to let everyone know that I’ve found Waldo.

          • 😀 I think your perception is spot on, Doc.
            And great idea on finding and calling out Waldo.

  22. Well, since you’re sick of the post credit then they should just stop doing them.

  23. THEY ARE SOOOOOO GOING TO KILL OFF IDRIS ELBA!!! D-Bags just had to do it.

  24. I agree w/ the consensus that the waiting is annoying. However, my annoyance comes from the fact that up until THE WOLVERINE, I had not seen one leaked/spoiled & @ least back on Iron Man there was the is it/isn’t it real question. I am often enlightened as to the fan/popcorn flick viewer query based on who gets up to leave before the cast list starts to roll. Iknow this is a forum and opinions vary, BUT I agree w/ the faction that say “if it bothers you…LEAVE” it will be leaked soon enough if you care @ enough, the TSA proctologists that scan yopu in theaters can’t stop the tech that can make it happen!

    as to what the foreshadowing is, that may greatly depend on which movies are in what stage of production and Thor’s actions affect on and pertinence to C:TWS (could these events awaken The Winter Soldier?) & A:AoU (could these events force The Councils hand towards Artificially Intellegent weapons) or since Del Toro is listed, will it feature The Collector or Rocket Raccoon or Groot’s first appearance or could we indeed see Thanos looting Odin’s Vault, if so, w/ or w/o Loki’s assistance?. The possibilities are endless IMHO!

    • Why should Thanos have the infinity gauntlet to fight the Avengers? There is no need for the gauntlets at this point and also they wouldn’t stand a chance by themselves…..that story arc will need several movies to build into. I think they should use Thanos as the main baddie in Avengers 3, a semi-villain in 4 (they can bring in Galactus and Surfer as his rivals) and then in 5 or 6 he can have the gauntlet and make crazy time.

      The gauntlet is not something that they would rush into and obviously the way they do things they’re gonna try to stretch out as much as they can from every single character. i.e. Avengers 2 will only be a filler movie that has nothing to do with Thanos.

      • Ultron is no filler. He is one of the best villains of the Avengers, if not the most powerful after he finds his A.I.-legs.

  25. so the story is we know about the end credit scenes but were not telling you ?
    good job on the iron man 3 end credits ,by the way, loved that guardians of the galaxy clip you told us about

  26. Does anyone within the general movie going public know who the hell some robot with daddy issues named Ultron? Doubt it. Marvels’ over saturation of their characters onscreen will cause them to implode.

    • Yep, because everyone knew Thanos, Thor, Iron Man, Hawkeye, Black Widow…. Might as well go with characters and villains that all the general public knows, which includes… um, nobody that Marvel owns the rights for.

      • Hahah this is so true it hurts

  27. I’ve seen the film and I can tell you Thanos does show up in the end credits breaking into the vault at Asgard, the other credit scene is a scene between Thor and the now forgiven Loki….. But for how long forgiven

    • Just saw Thor 2 and have to say, I don’t have slightest idea what you are talking about?!

  28. Isn’t Thanos more like a poor mans Darkseid?

    • He’s a copy in some sense. Not really a poor mans anything seeing how the character is part multimillion dollar comic franchise and billion dollar film franchise. The two have their similarities but are different in many ways and actions. BOTH ARE AWESOME CHARACTERS!!