Thomas Jane Talks Perfect Punisher Movie

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punisher header Thomas Jane Talks Perfect Punisher Movie

Thomas Jane (Hung) doesn’t think that The Punisher has gotten his due on the big screen. After portraying Frank Castle in the 2004 big screen adaptation of the Marvel character, Jane (something of a fan favorite) dropped out amidst much controversy of the 2008 (reboot? Sequel? Flop?), Punisher: War Zone.

While talking exclusively to MTV recently about his new movie, Dark Country, Thomas Jane addressed the subject of both Punisher films, what makes the character great, and what kind of film it would take for him to reprise the role of a character he seems to very much know and love almost as much.

Here are some exerts from what Jane had to say about The Punisher:

“My interest has always been based more in reality than in superhero fiction…The strengths of ‘The Punisher’ that I did lie in the reality that we were able to bring to the character, and the weaknesses of ‘The Punisher’ I did were all based on people trying to make this a ‘comic book movie’—with funny characters and goofball s–t that has no place in a ‘Punisher’ film.

‘Punisher 2′ went more in the direction of goofball comic-book world than in reality..that’s why I dropped out of ‘Punisher 2′—because I’m not going to make a ‘comic book movie.’ It’s just doing a disservice to Frank Castle.

Everyone gets it backwards…You don’t want to strengthen the idea that it’s a comic book in film, because film gives you the chance to actually bring it one step closer to reality—and that’s the direction that ‘Punisher’ wants to go in.

['The Dark Knight'] made $500 billion at the box office, so I felt vindicated…[that film] validates the idea that a Frank Castle movie needs to be a gritty, reality-based film.”

Now I’ve cut these quotes WAY down, and Jane has some pretty interesting things to say if you read the full transcript. Head over to MTV News for the exclusive look.

punisher thomas jane Thomas Jane Talks Perfect Punisher Movie

Jane as The Punisher

This whole “Punisher curse” really is a head-scratcher. The character is one you would think would be easy to bring to the big screen: hell, how many movies (The Brave One), TV shows (24) or video games (Max Payne) made since 1974 – when the Punisher was created – can YOU name that emulate (or at least make you think of) the character? Yet, somehow The Punisher has been unable to find a $olid foothold in any one of those forms of media I just mentioned. So why can’t the originator succeed where so many imitators do?

I don’t really have an answer for that, I’m actually asking you guys to think it over and tell me. We’ll discuss in the comments.

For now it doesn’t look like The Punisher is going to be back up on the big screen anytime soon – but if and when it does return, does it need to go in the kind of direction Thomas Jane describes? And is Jane the man for the role?

Source: MTV

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  1. Here’s the main problems with a good Punisher film from my standpoint. Where in time do you place this man. MAX gave Castle a birth date in 1950. That covers his time in Vietnam, however, now he would be an old man (as shown in the MAX comics). The original Jane film made him a gulf war vet, which was a war, but doesn’t lend itself well to his style (It wasn’t HIS war). So to make a truly accurate movie (with flashbacks etc to Vietnam) you need to set it in the 80′s or make it more like MAX. Putting him in the 80′s would be a big budget movie I would say, but Watchmen did this fantastically. He would be young and could be shooting Punk guys (mohawks peircings and leather)while accomplishing his goals. Doing a modern MAX version (Old man Frank) wouldn’t be bad either. I would give my nomination to Clint Eastwood to play the Punisher (Read The Cell, It looks like him anyway). This is coming from a guy who has almost every volume of Punisher… and maybe 15 other comics.

  2. I did not read every comment as I think the main reason it fails is for the first one the back story did not fit well. 2 the story was too touchy feely and the punisher has just lost everything and has nothing to lose thats what makes him dangerous. I does not care about death and has a kind of death wish but with his training and skill its unlikely to happen.
    Update of the character would be very important there are many black op missions he could have done, hell he could have been a spook within the government. The same one who now abandons him now that he is no longer needed, this could even be why his family was killed. start off with him retired 30′s or so and has a wife and nothing for 5 or so years and then start with the death of his family but give flashbacks to other family dieing from plane crash or car accidents and such. This would lead up to that the agency wants him back and is making it his only choice, once he finds this out its war.
    Take down the puppets and the ones who can be seen but the puppet master who is not seen brands him an out law using the very laws that he fought to protect. this would drive him to trust no one and to alienate everyone and an arch villain who he does not know and could never touch.

  3. I totally agree with Tom. His Punisher is in my top ten. When are we going to get a decent Blu-ray and a sequel with Tom Jane as Frank Castle? War Zone was not for me! PS. Can you bring back the Russian?

  4. Completely agreed with thomas jane,and war zone sucks

    • Totally. Some moments in that film seemed to be ripped right out of a parody. What was with Jigsaw’s voice, anyway? He goes from not really having much of an accent to having the thickest, most stereotypical, mafioso accent I’ve ever heard. Oh, Tom Jane… If I had the cash, I’d fund your dream Punisher movie out of my pocket… I hope we get one before 2020.

  5. I always thought that something more in line with the Professional would be more appropriate to the Punisher (minus the little girl). There don’t need to be a lot of special tricks, and the cinematography should treat the violence as grim and realistic. The movie doesn’t need a whole helluva lot of dialogue either. In the first several issues of the Punisher (still my favorite) Frank Castle says very little.

  6. Punisher deserves another shot just add more dialogue and choose a good actor to play the punisher.

  7. Wow, I’m glad another Punisher movie is being made, but I’m really surprised how much I disagree with Thomas Jane on this one.

    Yes, I really liked Warzone, BECAUSE it was more like the comics in my opinion. You had Punisher doing crazy shooting sprees and punching people’s faces in, literally.

    That’s the Punisher I remember reading.

    You can go totally reality based, but then what do you have, any other vigilante movie whatsoever. There is no point to having a license if you change the things that make it a license. If you just want to do a realistic vigilante movie do “The Brave One”. You don’t need a comic book license to do non-comic book movies.

    If you haven’t watched Punisher Dirty Laundry check it out. It’s likely the best Punisher on screen to date (and played by Jane), but I don’t understand how he doesn’t see that what makes it awesome is the total and utter lack of realism. One unarmed man doing his laundry takes out a whole gang of gun wielding thugs while literally breaking off limbs. It was badass and totally not believable in a “real” world.

    Lastly, please never cast John Travolta as a villain again.

  8. I want to see Thomas Jane back as The Punisher I loved him in the role he was perfect for it and he is an amazing actor. War Zone was a piece of junk in my opinion I couldnt even sit through it.

  9. Punisher warzone was an ok movie the violence was great and all but the story fell short. I agree with Tomas Jane, the punisher movie is not meant for goofball rolls like Billy and looney bin jims rolls were. the 2004 punisher, TJ had some funny lines but he brought the seriousness that the punisher needs. TJ did an outstanding job playing the punisher just his voice made the punisher successful “Gods gonna sit this one out” I mean that’s like the best line in the whole movie and if Ray Stevenson said it idk if he could have brought the same punch that Thomas Jane did and I hope he comes back as the punisher because I think that is a role he was born to play. And he has already proven that he can pull it off beautifully

  10. Well I read on another sight and found this interview with Thomas Jane about doing another punisher movie and it doesn’t look good. ETonline: Can you envision playing Frank Castle ever again?
    Jane: It was sort of my farewell to the character. I just wanted to get that out.

  11. Jane was a decent Punisher, but the movie was too drawn out, too
    light-hearted and not dark enough, and ruined further by his two
    oddball neighbors and a cast of pushover villains. Ray Stevenson
    made the perfect Punisher, not only in looks, but in presence as
    well (he’s a mix of Seagal and Eastwood). Unfortunately for
    Stevenson, the film was directed by an amateur who knew too
    little about Castle’s world, that and the two overly obnoxious
    antagonists that hammed up the entire film. I’m not sure when
    Jigsaw became the Joker.

  12. All the punisher movies were HOT garbage. And the Punisher is my favorite comic book character. Its not hard the movie should be basically Jason Bourne or John Wick. Find someone who looks like ex military.