8 Actresses Competing to Star with Johnny Depp in ‘Thin Man’ Remake

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W.S. Van Dyke’s The Thin Man is considered by many to be a film classic on par with The Maltese Falcon or Alfred Hitchcock’s very best. Its combination of an intricate mystery, endearing characters, and genuine humor made it way ahead of its time and unique to this very day.

Currently, Rob Marshall (Chicago, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides) and Billy Ray (The Hunger Games) are developing the remake with Johnny Depp as Nick Charles, and that leaves the other half of the equation – his wife, Nora – yet uncast. Apparently, it’s a role so sought after that eight high-profile actresses are vying for it.

According to Deadline’s Mike Fleming, that shortlist of actresses includes: Amy Adams (Man of Steel), Emily Blunt (Looper), Isla Fisher (The Great Gatsby), Eva Green (Dark Shadows), Emma Stone (The Amazing Spider-Man), Carey Mulligan (Drive), Rachel Weisz (The Bourne Legacy), and Kristen Wiig (Bridesmaids).

As played by William Powell and Myrna Loy, Nick and Nora Charles  – a former detective and his younger, very rich wife — are one of the most beloved onscreen couples in cinematic history, due to their endlessly witty banter, their palpable chemistry, and their hilarious bouts of blatant alcoholism. So it makes sense that all these lovely ladies are lining up to take part, even if the chances of this film matching the quality of the original are slim-to-none.

Having said that, Rob Marshall could certainly do a lot worse than the actresses on the above list. While Carey Mulligan has yet to really prove her comedy chops – frankly, I fill with unbearable sadness just looking at her – and Isla Fisher is a bit of a lightweight next to Johnny Depp, pretty much everybody else on that list could pull it off. (That is, if anyone can.)

It probably doesn’t bear repeating that remakes have a pretty disappointing track record. Still, it’s hard not want a remake like this to do it right – especially with characters as wonderful as Nick and Nora Charles. So, let’s hope they do it right, or at the very least, not embarrassingly wrong.

What’re your thoughts on The Thin Man remake, Screen Ranters?

The Thin Man will likely go into production sometime after Johnny Depp finishes The Lone Ranger.


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Source: Deadline

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  1. Though not so old, I think Rachel Weisz might be too old for the role and she doesn’t make me think comedy. In terms of Banter, I’d lean towards Emma Stone, Emily Blunt or Kristen Wiig if only because I think they could pull-off what you refer to as “hilarious bouts of blatant alcoholism.” I’d give major points to the studio if they allowed this to be filmed in black and white, too.

  2. Emily Blunt. Hands down.

  3. many of these women are way too tall for depp

  4. Emily Blunt.
    Even though I like Emma Stone and the role calls for a young actress she may be to young.

    • “..the role calls for a young actress..”

      Myrna Loy was 29 when she first played Nora Charles and went on to play her in several sequels over the next dozen years or so.

      Emma Stone is what, 24?

      Personally, as a fan of the whole original series, I think Rachel Weisz would do the clipped speech, snappy wit perfectly. Unfortunately, Americans – even Upper East Side New Yorkers don’t speak that way any more. Weisz could do the Brit thing though, and that could work.

      I wouldn’t throw myself under a bus if Emily Blunt got the part though. Other than that, I can’t imagine any of the other gals as Nora Charles.

  5. Emily Blunt hands down!

  6. I’d have said Emma Stone… cause Emma Stone is awesome ;) – -but she’s a little too young IMO
    -Therefore, I’d say Emily Blunt should get the role. Without a doubt.

  7. As a fan of the original… in fact its my favorite movie of all time, I find it hard to see a remake. But if your going to do a remake make it right. These two were classy and funny. Johnny can pull it off but he needs a classy girl to banter with. Rachel Weisz was my wifes first choice even before they listed the actresses up for the roll. And if you can get her to be as firey as she was in the original Mummy I’m all for that. Emma Stone is not right for it she’s amazing but no. Eva Green looks to be listed just because of Dark Shadows and he does like to rework with past actresses. Cary Might be the only surprise one to watch out for.

  8. I believe, it they do an ADAPTATION of the original source and NOT a remake, they’ll be ok. I believe Nick in the book was 42 (Greek ex-New York detective), Nora was 26 (Tall, socialite). Don’t compete with the original film but go with an adaptation and make the mystery tighter. The original mystery wasn’t one of the strongest by Dashiell Hammett but truly about the relationship. All interesting choices…. Emily Blunt or Rachel Weisz.

    • I think Johnny Depp could pull it off, but with something as near perfect as the original film why not do an adaptation, but fully utilize CGI and cast digital recreations of William Powell and Myrna Loy, unless there may be some legal reason that they would not be allowed to do that.

  9. What a f’ing stupid idea, how can that movie do anything but fail?
    That whole movie/series is build on the foundation of the chemistry between Loy and Powell, which you don’t just re-create.

    Since this IS happening i take Blunt or Weisz.

    I really don’t understand the point of remaking classics. 10 out of 10 times, the remakes fail to even be a decent picture.

    • Yeah I dont see the point in remaking it either, it’s simply not possible and completely unneccesary. I would say Weiss or Green though if it has to be done.

  10. Unless The Thin Man takes place in the 30s or 40s
    I do not see this film working no matter who is cast.
    The foundation to all the humor in the originals was a
    great romance with a certain style that is not of today.

  11. If Weisz has the same chemistry w/ Depp as she did w/ Frasier in the Mummy, then it might work…

  12. ISLA FISHER is the right height, age and spunky personality to match JD.
    I hope they give her a shot as I am so bored with the others

  13. Really nobody is gonna say amy adams? She is a fantastic actress

    • I have thought, from the first that I heard of this, that Amy would be the only choice, though Rachel might be able, but she feels too old. Amy has the verve and the timing, as well as the potential to wear the 30′s look with style and not mockery. I’ve studied the first two movies over several years, for the manners, the men’s attire, and the witty dialogue. I’m distressed that the callow Mr. Depp has the gall to think that he can shoot a period piece with modern sensitivities. That, to me, sounds like a recipe for a Deadwood style abomination; Nick and Nora swearing and screwing. Has Depp ever played a normal, well-adjusted adult American? The Tourist doesn’t count – does he really speak with such an Indiana/Kentucky twang when not in character?
      As they say, “Hope for the best, but plan for the worst”.

      • “Callow?” Really? Look it up again.

        As for the other, we don’t necessarily go to the movies to watch a “normal, well-adjusted adult American.” Kind of boring, as characters go. But he’s done some pretty impressive characters, as his A-list status will testify.

        Have a look for yourself. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000136/

        • Dear Rogue,
          I stand by my use of the word. I am a prosecutor with 23 years experience in the largest prosecutorial agency in the US and I know which words to use.
          Don’t be too literal. I suggest you look to definitions in printed volumes, and not the internet.
          As to his A list movies, perhaps they don’t appeal to me. That might be apparent if you consider that I think that the original Thin Man is a real piece of movie making. Clearly, the modern codswallop that passes for entertainment doesn’t strike me as terribly awe inspiring.
          Impressive characters, indeed; I never said otherwise. But that doesn’t mean that he has any depth as an actor, just a knack for odd characters.
          Have you such a personal interest that you take my comment as a personal affront? Are you unable to take a step back for an objective look?
          Are you old enough to know that the truly great actors, (and I don’t mean the ‘method’ actors), had a great range and used it in many different roles? Are you one of those who think that Marlon Brando and Orson Welles were messianic figures?
          I respectfully suggest that you spend some time with TCM and see what actors were able to do when movies were able to entertain without promiscuous profanity and plots that didn’t revolve around sex and explosive special effects.

  14. Give it to Ryan Gosling

    • so you’re saying make it ryan gosling and johnny depp, ala brokeback thinman?

  15. How about Helena Bonham Carter?
    She had that Nora Charles “something” in The King’s Speech.

    “The first time, you call me Your Royal Highness. After that, you may call me ‘M’am.’ Rhymes with ham.”

  16. If Eva Green has chemistry with Depp in Dark Shadows
    and Depp likes her, which I sense he does, Eva will get it.

    • i hope that does happen

  17. Eva Green should play the lead female role in everything, She’s a goddess!

    • Ditto.

  18. If people don’t think Rachel Weisz has the comedic chops, I’d advise them to see ‘The Brothers Bloom’ and even the ‘Mummy’ films. I do love all the actresses but Rachel really is the only one, I believe encompasses all the qualities needed to do the part justice (this film, at the end of the day doesn’t need remaking).

    • I agree, the movie is in no way needing remade. But if they must Rachel is the definite best choice, she has the right type of humor and the ability to be sophisticated but not have a superior attitude. Although Eva Green may do alright as well…

  19. interesting that there is no Jennifer Lawrence here; I’d imagine she’d be the hottest property around right now and would clear the field if she was interested.

    Would love to see Carey Mulligan in this one, but I think it will come down to either Amy Adams or Emma Stone. Both have the comedic chops to handle it and are young enough to pull it off. Kristin Wiig just doesn’t have the star-wattage for this one but that might be a pick out of left field.

    • Yeah, I don’t see Wiig getting it, but I think she’d do a great job with it if she did.

      • Frankly, I’d say Eva Green, Emma Stone, and Kristen Wiig have the best chance of getting the role if they really want it.

  20. Aubrey Plaza

  21. Helloooooo keep the costs down bring in a new actress. HELLO here i am Lyricgirl xXx

  22. uh…they need to move to the back of the line and let me up in there. Ok. if anybody’s playing alongside JD is DJ, savvy ? XD lol

  23. Is Debra Messing were a little younger, she would be perfect for this part, IMHO.

    • Messing is five years younger than Johnny Depp. Isn’t that about right for a married couple? If the age difference got any greater, wouldn’t you find it kind of creepy?

      • That’s the couple, though. She’s supposed to be quite a bit younger than him. Also, I don’t know how, say, six years difference in age is much creepier than five years. Twenty, sure, maybe.


  25. Emma Stone would be perfect! She naturally has the attitude and looks and whit.

  26. Question, is this a period piece or a modern interpretation? Is this a remake of the MGM movies or an adaptation of the novel?

  27. I don’t truly believe any of them would make a good Nora Charles. They are all wonderful actresses in their own right, but not right for “The Thin Man” in my opinion. Except maybe Rachel Weiss?

    • I totally agree, none of them have the right presence but she’s the best candidate.

  28. Bugger Johnny Depp as good as he is I’m tired of looking at him.

    Reteam Tom Welling And Erica Durance they got chemistry, baby!

  29. Being an enormous fan of the originals and firmly believing that no one will honestly do quite as excellently as Myrna Loy, in my opinion the only women on that list who could really pull off the dialogue are Rachel Weiss or maybe Eva Green. The others are great actresses but I dont think they would do the subtle humor and one-liners that make up those movies correctly.