‘The Theory of Everything’ Trailer: Stephen Hawking in Love

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Though superheroes may be grabbing all the headlines this week, the march toward the latter third of the year means that a more somber sort of movie will soon be dominating cinema screens. During the autumn and winter awards season of the last few years, biopics have proven themselves to be almost as solid a bet as films about men and women in spandex.

Thus, The Theory of Everything – a narrative account of the life of physicist Stephen Hawking – is right on schedule for an early November release. The first trailer for the film shows off an impressive cast, stately photography, a rousing score, and much triumph over what could have otherwise become tragedy.

Starring Eddie Redmayne (Les Misérables) and Felicity Jones (The Amazing Spider-Man 2), The Theory of Everything focuses on the period of Hawking’s life in which he met his wife, began the work that would result in the class A Brief History of Time, and was diagnosed with the degenerative nerve disorder that would eventually rob him of his voice and confine him to a wheelchair.

On the one hand, this first preview seems to check off a few too many Standard Biopic Trope boxes, including the presence of a benevolently gruff mentor and a very familiar narrative structure. At the same time, Hawking remains a fascinating subject with an undeniably inspiring life story – one that could be teased out into a strong narrative.

The Theory of Everything Trailer Redmayne Thewlis The Theory of Everything Trailer: Stephen Hawking in Love

The Theory of Everything is a bit of a departure for director James Marsh, who has previously been better known for documentaries such as Man on Wire and Wisconsin Death Trip. These projects were captivating largely because they dug into the idiosyncrasies and strange details underlying their subjects. It will be interesting to see if Marsh bring that kind of eye to a fictionalized account of one of the greatest figures of modern science.

In addition to Redmayne and Jones, The Theory of Everything features Harry Lloyd (Game of Thrones), Emily Watson (The Book Thief), and David Thewlis (Stonehearst Asylum).

The Theory of Everything will appear in US theaters on November 7th, 2014.

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  1. Looks like it barely has a leg to stand on…in all seriousness, can’t wait to see it roll into theaters

    • lol too funny

    • Wow a powerful film about a valid and credible subject person, and you all have a go at it, well I’d like to see what NDT would have to say to your lack of respect of the sciences and its achievers, Benedict Cumberbatch was already brilliant in the same story telling on BBC, and this looks even better than that.

  2. 2 words : Oscar bait

    • Not always a bad thing. Plenty of great movies come out during awards season.

      • @Bennett
        I never implied being an Oscar bait movie is a bad thing. It’s just that some movies are waay too obvious/trying too hard to get the Academy’s attention.

        • I repeat, trying too hard to get the Academy’s attention isn’t always a bad thing considering at times these films that do that can turn out pretty great. Like the King’s Speech or 12 Years a Slave.

  3. Quite brilliant. This caught my attention and I’ll see this in theaters.

  4. I do very much admire Hawking’s struggle against this disease. However, his physics has been overrated. Hawking never developed a theory of everything, and neither did Einstein. Hawking made multiple errors too: http://astronomy-links.net/hawkingerrors.html Nevertheless, this movie, cast as a love story and focusing on the years before their divorce, does not need to be true to the questionable science that made him famous.

    • gtfo

    • Troll much? I don’t think the title of the film is implying Hawking hypothesized a ‘theory of everything’…it’s more a metaphor for his life.

      • Exactly.

        Besides, as with all science, advancements in knowledge and understanding continue to happen at a rapid pace, meaning that science follows the same law as technology in that everything we know has to become updated every 18 months or risk becoming outdated.

        That’s the great thing with science and scientists such as Professor Hawking. It/they KNOW that there will be flaws and discrepancies pointed out eventually, it’s the nature of the universe. As long as someone discovers a starting point, others can jump in and find the full truth of the matter.

        The Higgs-Boson was theorised in the 1960s but they only built the machines to find it in the 90s and as of now, are still trying to perfect a surefire way of discovering it for themselves. It’s not like religion where one person says something and then that thing remains as “the truth” after 2 millenia, despite the evidence proving otherwise.

  5. Benedict Cumberbatch’s first major role ten years ago in the TV film Hawking casts a long shadow. Eddie Redmayne and this version have a lot to live up to.

    • @ The big dentist finally someone remembers that he played that part,And he was very good as always.

  6. I find curious that they cast Hilary Swank to play Stephen Hawking. And what’s the deal with her alias Eddie Redmayne. Are they ashamed that they used her?

  7. I just found another film to see and add to my collection. Brilliant.

  8. dis is gonna b awesome.can’t wait.love d part when Felicity Jones says,”its american”,really funny.

  9. Hawking is an admitted Atheist. In his scientific brilliance he has determined that God does not exist. How does he know that? What discovery of his led to this determination? Lets see a paper explaining your findings on the greatest mystery in the universe Hawking.

  10. Hey starrxxfoxx i’m a christian but your question is incredibly ignorant. If you’r gonna be demeaning to one of the greatest minds of the 20th century and ask him to prove if god exist, then I’ll ask a ignorant kid like you to prove that god does exist.

    • First, with all due respect, I am not a kid, I’m 63. Second, at the end of his last weekly documentary series on the Science Channel earlier this year, he came to the conclusion, after explaining the entire birth of the universe (in his opinion I might add) that he believed God did not create it and that he has seen no proof that God does exist and he doesn’t believe God exists.

      I find THAT a pretty arrogant remark on his part as a way to close out a scientific documentary series because everything in the series was based on scientific fact as was his final conclusion saying there is no God. I am not demeaning him, I am stating the facts as he sees them. I respect his position, but not his Atheist beliefs and conclusion that God does not exist and couldn’t have created the universe.

      NOBODY can prove God exists or is real. One’s faith determines if they believe or not. Hawking was wrong for using this series as a platform to say that in his scientific opinion there is no God. That was just plain wrong and out of line for him to say, being one of the most brilliant and leading intellects of our time IMHO.

      I DO thank you for replying dylan, as it gave me the opportunity to provide a little more information regarding my previous post.

      Regards, SF

  11. Funny that you can’t respect other peoples beliefs or scientific OPINIONS but you expect them to respect yours. I don’t see how it is just plain wrong for someone to have an opinion on something. As an atheist myself, I don’t think people who follow a religion are arrogant in any way so why think this about an atheist. I have great respect and admiration for those who believe, but in what I SEE everyday, around the world I find it hard to believe that a higher power created this world and all living things in it, cares and loves us all (even abominations of pure evil?) and yet lets us suffer to test us? Hope I have not offended you. This is only my opinion.

  12. You have not offended me. I appreciate your honesty WS, I sincerely do.

    I don’t expect my opinions to be respected, just added to the discussion for thought. His arrogance I am referring to is NOT that he admits to being Atheist, but that he used a scientific TV documentary to make that point at the end of it.

    I guess the best way for me to explain this would be if, after discovering the formula E=Mc2, Einstein followed that with “OK I’m a genius, so by the way, there is no God”.

    It just seemed out of place and arrogant to me that Hawking did that. It completely ruined the documentary I had just spent weeks following. NOT that he admitted being Atheist (I could really care less about his personal beliefs) but he gave me the impression of “Here I am. I just explained the birth and creation of the universe. So based on those scientific conclusions I can state emphatically that there is no God who created it”.

    I hope that helps in understanding my new found dislike for the man. Like I said before, I can respect his position in the scientific community. I just don’t personally like him anymore.

    Best Regards,