‘The Wolverine’ Full Trailer: Mortality Has Its Price

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Twentieth Century Fox brought back Bryan Singer, director of the first two X-Men films, to help develop X-Men: First Class in an effort to course correct the lucrative mutant superhero franchise which saw two non-Singer films in a row score poorly among critics. First Class succeeded and was critically acclaimed, earning itself a sequel that Singer is about to begin shooting.

With the first franchise spinoff, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, suffering similar problems as X-Men: The Last Stand, the studio and star Hugh Jackman wanted to do something entirely different for their second outing. After a few hurdles, including a director change, we find ourselves itching closer to the summer movie season where the standalone story The Wolverine will attempt to holds its ground against stiff competition in Marvel Studios’ Iron Man 3 and Warner Bros.’ Man of Steel.

Does it stand a chance? The first full trailer for The Wolverine (above) is our first indicator and so far, it looks like an improvement. By all accounts, everyone involved with the production of The Wolverine knows and understands what’s not only important in telling a story about the Adamantium augmented, hot tempered X-Men hero, but the realize what went wrong with the origins tale from 2009.

BONUS: Check out the International Trailer for The Wolverine:

Never has Fox promoted a trailer for an X-Men film - which in itself is a promotion – as much as they have for The Wolverine. The week began late Sunday evening with new stills and new posters, followed by an unheard of 6-second sizzle reel which director James Mangold dubbed a “tweaser.” This was followed up by a larger, 20-second teaser trailer and a pair of awesome motion posters, all leading to today, for the full trailer release.

The trailer picks up where the teasers left off, showing more of Logan and his partner Yukio in action, carefully edited around other scenes of a prison camp and Logan seemingly losing his abilities. We now know how these scenes factor into the storyline (and timeline), but there are still some mysteries. The first official image of Viper did feature her with Logan in restraints (still don’t know what that’s about), while we have yet to get a full look at the villain, Silver Samurai. James Mangold also told EW that Viper “likes to play with toxins,” and that scene of her seemingly ripping her own face off certainly raises some questions (it reminds one of the character “Husk” from the comics).

[Click For Full Poster]

The Wolverine Poster Japan Logan Close up The Wolverine Full Trailer: Mortality Has Its Price

Outside of one poorly photoshopped poster, everything we’ve seen looks exciting, action-packed, and as promised, full of beserker rage. But most viewers were high on the trailers for X-Men Origins: Wolverine as well. Did The Wolverine trailer meet your expectations?

The Wolverine is directed by James Mangold off of Mark Bomback and Christopher McQuarrie’s screenplay. It stars Hugh Jackman, Svetlana Khodchenkova, Will Yun Lee, Brian Tee, Hiroyuki Sanada, and Rila Fukushima.


The Wolverine hits theaters July 26, 2013. X-Men: Days of Future Past hits theaters on July 18th, 2014.

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    • This post sounds suspiciously like it comes from a person who is not known to any of us, not a friend of anyone here, not an Xmen fan, and not on this website to celebrate his fandom, but to cynically fish the waters for for random people to make money off of in the guise of doing them a favor. I’d be delighted if I’m totally wrong, and he honestly just couldn’t NOT alert us to a wonderful money making opportunity, out of the goodness of his heart, and at no profit of any sort to himself. This being the net and all, I’m going to assume homeboy here is full of it.

      Back to The Wolverine!
      Looks nice and gritty!

      • Now that the “advertisement” is gone, it looks like I’m being mean to kranthi! I don’t mind kranthi at all!

  2. This is the first time in a long, long time that I have been excited for a superhero film made by Fox.

  3. Ill watch but please may this be this of this more grounded, realistic approach to superhero movies/shows. I dont like the Idea of nurfing a super powerful character so hes more of a match for crappy fodder characters. Disappointed that there wont be many or any other mutants in it. I know some people will think differently an might think me simple minded but for me super = cooler

    • Grounding a character has nothing to do with diminishing their powers.

  4. I’m not as hyped as I was when I saw IM3 trailers… but this one’s okay.
    Oh, and the international one is MUCH MUCH better… (is that Silver Samurai? Haha)

  5. Soo many people excited to see this movie *sigh! It looks terrible.

    Cheap SFX, cheesy Superman II premise and ALL? -There is little hope left.

  6. International trailer is so much better. What the hell.

    • No kidding. Major difference! The international trailer gives us a more cohesive tease on the narrative and showcases a lot more exciting stuff we’re gonna wanna see more of. I think this looks good but it doesn’t seem wise to have this competing with Iron Man 3 and Man of Steel.

  7. hummmmm……I was really hoping for at list a snippet of Silver Samurai. Would have really whet my appetite for who he will really be facing at the end and not just a bunch of faceless Ninjas.

    • see snippet in international trailer :)

      • Fail for not bothering to watch the International trailer! Although I’m not entirely convinced that’s him because there was no war flag on the chest.

  8. The international trailer was much better than the US version (actual glimpses of Silver Samurai). In one scene Logan is surrounded by loads of ninjas that brings to mind The Hand (if that turns out to correct I’ll be f**king ecstatic). If Logan’s healing factor is depowered or weakened, it would add an extra dimension to him (as it did in one of the comic runs where he lost the adamantium, his bone claws were broken and he had to wait for them to grow back and he was travelling around the world a lot). Him being the indestructible killing machine without the ability to heal would force him to rely on much more than just a frontal assault during fights.

    I must say, he looks as though he fights a lot better in this one and I really hope he says the immortal line “I’m the best at what I do…”

    All in all, I have been reserving judgement about this movie, but with the Hiroshima flashback sequence, bearded Logan at rock bottom and a fight sequence on a bullet train that has the potential to rival the train scene in Spiderman 2, I am feeling a lot better about things now. I just hope the finished product lives up to the hype.

    • It would be great if he did get his immortality back after losing it and then he said the immortal line… would really cement that aspect and make it super effective.

      Looking forward to this film SO MUCH!!

      • that would be soooo awesome!!!

  9. looks great. I hope it does well and they make more x-men films after this and das of future past.I would love to see Cyclops,Beak,Nightrawler,Scarlett Witch,Beak,Husk,Stacy-X, and Archangel, as well as villains like Sinister,Apocalypse,and John Sublime in X-men films. If they do more solo Wolverine films i would love to see Sabretoothe return and have a bigger role, and i would love to see Omega Red as a main villain too.

  10. I think Blob ,Deadpool,and Juggernaught need to be redeems too. Bring them back and do them justice.

    • 3 amazing characters in the comics that were totally and thoroughly messed up in the movies

  11. How could i forget Gambit too?

  12. Gambitttttt. That’s who I wanna see

    • Nah, not after what they did to him in Origins.

      A non-Cajun Ragin’ Cajun? Pass.

    • Did you watch the trailer? He seems to be fighting pretty well.

  13. Different.. Hopefully a good different.

  14. I think this looks absolutely FANTASTIC. Can’t wait.

  15. Mother of God… if this lives up to the Miller comics in any way, it will be incredible. If it lets me down… I am done with fox and the x-men films. Unfortunately. I was pleasantly surprised by 1st class and I am a HUGE fan of Bryan Singer, so I want Days of Future Past to be awesome. The simple truth is; if Jackman is going to produce and star in bad movies about one of the most famous and iconic characters in the X-men universe, why should long-time fans care? Why should we pay our hard-earned money to be insulted? (Origins) The answer: We shouldn’t.

    • I mean, it’s not Jackman’s fault. And to be honest, if not for him, Origins would have been downright awful. But this one looks like it’s gonna be sick.

  16. I’m hyped for the movie but will a few thoughts. Will Wolverine be able to remember saving the old japanese man because if we all remember correctly from Origins, his mind was erased from the adamantium bullet. And if he does remember wouldn’t that contradict Origins?

    • He seemed to get a lot of memory back in the original X-Men trilogy, and this will be set after the trilogy, so I don’t think it really contradicts origins at all.

  17. This looks like more of the same to me.

  18. Trailers look interesting, but since the Wolverine mini-series was the first comics I ever bought I know that this will be only loosely based on Miller and Claremont’s story mixed in with a lot of other elements.

    I am only guessing based on the trailers, but the old man he saves during WW II is probably some take on the Lord Dark Wind character who originally was credited with creating the Adamantium bonding process and was also Deathstrike’s father. Since they used a really watered down version of Deathstrike I guess they just went with a Yukio/Mariko variant for the movie.

    How Viper is really supposed to play into this still makes little sense and I am starting to suspect that Silver Samurai may end up being some kind of cyborg. I hope I am dead wrong about that last one….

  19. This looks sweet, but I’ve been fooled before. I know this is wishful thinking but how cool would it be to see a wolverine movie where he goes after the Hulk? I know it’s probably just me but I’ve wanted to see that aince I first saw him in incredible hulk comics

    • It definitely isn’t just you. My favourite part of avengers was the brief fight between Thor and Hulk and it got me thinking how ridiculously awesome would it be to see live action wolverine vs hulk. Sadly, it might not be possible in my lifetime.

  20. I’m hyped for the movie but will a few thoughts. Will Wolverine be able to remember saving the old japanese man because if we all remember correctly from Origins, his mind was erased from the adamantium bullet. And if he does remember wouldn’t that contradict Origins?

  21. The international trailer was way more impressive.

  22. Maybe the cameo of Jean Grey is only a flashback/dream sequence and/or a mask that we see shed off in this trailer… I am concerned that her presence may feel stretched, shoehorned in for continuity and sequel teasing, or just a clumsy rewrite of her death in TLS. I liked that death. Hopefully they will tread carefully and use her artfully, but some of these post-credit style reveals are leaving me cold and uninspired these days. Can they bring her back in an organic way that serves story and character, or one that only really serves fans of her? We’ll see soon.

    If Marvel and DC can be careful about solo movies then I love the divergent characters, but it’s more fun to have a separate dignity to a character in my opinion. I like Wolverine and Iron Man in all films, but I just can’t see taking the Dark Knight from Nolan’s trilogy and trading him up for a Justice League version with Wonderwoman, Aquaman, Robin, Superman and others all high fiving and saving the world. They all become weaker when they coexist, unlike Xmen and now Avengers who have made the team thing work. I’m dubious that anything but silliness can come from such a film, and if that is the current status of Batman for the foreseeable future, then I continue to mourne the death of his best era.

  23. Yeah it definitely looks like its going to be better than the first one.

  24. I give it a resounding “Meh.” I’ll go see it however because it’s Wolverine and i can’t get enough of seeing Hugh Jackman shirtless and sweaty as my favorite mutant.

  25. I just don’t know what to think. :( It’s neither here nor there.

    I was like, huh, Shredder then I remembered Silver Samurai, I kinda dislike Ninja’s and karate movies lately.


  27. They need to get under his skin in this one to keep it interesting. He’s mysterious, half-mad and angry for a reason. Let us see why or stop it.

  28. It’s an oficial The Wolverine Trailer?