First Teaser Footage of ‘The Wolverine’ Features Action & Jean Grey

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The Wolverine Hugh Jackman Teaser Trailer First Teaser Footage of The Wolverine Features Action & Jean Grey

Last night marked the beginning of the marketing campaign for The Wolverine and with it came two new posters and a series of stills taken from the film, officially revealing some of the central characters involved in Logan’s journey to Japan.

We met Viper, sporting a very comic book-esque green costume, and the live-action versions of Yukio and Mariko, two important elements of Wolverine’s history. Before the first trailer releases later this week, fans were promised a teaser, highlighting many of the action sequences in The Wolverine, and it’s now out a day early.

James Mangold promised a teaser before the full trailer and shared today this Vine clip over Twitter today, likely to address negative feedback surrounding one of the two new Wolverine posters. It’s a smart use of social media and the six-second teaser will be followed by the larger 20-second teaser tomorrow, and the full trailer Wednesday (Trailerception?)… While it’s extremely short, it’s very revealing and exciting.

[Click here to watch with sound!]

Swordplay, Wolverine captured by Viper, Jean Grey, Silver Samurai armor, Wolverine fighting an armored Ninja, Wolverine falling, Wolverine fighting with claws, etc. Wait, Jean Grey?

Hugh Jackman previously confirmed that there would be an X-Men cameo in The Wolverine so this is it, assuming there’s only one. One of the major themes of this “standalone” Wolverine story is in dealing with the repercussions of being immortal. Over the years, Logan has lost every loved one he had, including Jean Grey in X-Men: The Last Stand, and that’s the main reason why The Wolverine takes place after the X-Men trilogy. What’s shown here is likely a dream sequence or flashback moment.

With practically everyone from the X-Men franchise returning for Bryan Singer’s X-Men: Days of Future Past, there’s still no word on Jean Grey (Famke Janssen) or Cyclops (James Marsden) also returning, but with a story involving time travel, it’d be very odd for them not to be involved in some way. Perhaps the studio and Singer are waiting for a major reveal in The Wolverine to confirm it.

Seeing ninja combatants battling Wolverine in live-action, in a film Jackman describes as the definitive Wolverine, is something fans of Chris Claremont and Frank Miller’s ’80s Wolverine miniseries, and really, all readers of X-Men comics, can get behind.

The first Wolverine trailer debuts Wednesday and will be attached to G.I. Joe: Retaliation in theaters. Does this teaser make up for yesterday’s poster?

The Wolverine is directed by James Mangold off of Mark Bomback and Christopher McQuarrie’s screenplay. It stars Hugh Jackman, Svetlana Khodchenkova, Will Yun Lee, Brian Tee, Hiroyuki Sanada, and Rila Fukushima.

The Wolverine hits theaters July 26, 2013. X-Men: Days of Future Past hits theaters on July 18th, 2014.


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Source: James Mangold

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  1. Wow…

    That actually looks pretty good, despite it being so short

  2. Can’t wait….

  3. awesome!! cant wait to see the full trailer

  4. Hah, I knew it. These six seconds are already changing opinion from last night until now :)

    • May the force be with you Omg this movie looks so dope yo, altho nothing will ever be better than wolverine origins, that movie had gambit…best

      • “…nothing will ever be better than worlverine origins…”
        Th..this does not compute.

        I swear, I’ve seen VeggieTales episodes better than Wolverine Origins.

  5. I think if he had a costume Id be interested, but Im tired of shirtless and tan top and the black suit looks boring,

    cant really tell anything about quality from the quick cut gif tease.

  6. The brief close up of Famke Janssen and Hugh Jackman about to kiss, looks “fuzzy,” I’m going to guess that Jean Grey’s appearance in Wolverine is in a dream sequence.

    • Heustis is right! it’s Jean Grey.

      • Da fuq?

  7. Doesn’t look great from those six seconds, but still interesting. But who knows.. you never know what to expect when it comes to new X-Men movies these days.

    • Doesn’t look great from those six seconds”

      haha… wow. did you just say that?

      • I don’t know, did you read my comment properly?

  8. I’m courious as to now how many studios will start using vine to tease 6 seconds of their movies

  9. It’s actually not a soundless clip. If you click the little speaker, there is sound. Though it’s mostly just yelling.

  10. Coming soon: the teaser for the teaser for the teaser for the teaser. ;)

    • no, its more like a teaser for the teaser for the trailer.

  11. Looks to me like Jean’s cameo is a flashback of some sort…

  12. James Marsden made his bed with Lois Lane. Now he can go lie in it.

    • Hah, so did Singer, sort of. Now look where he is (again). Marsden will be back methinks.

  13. Are we seriously not every going to get Wolverine in costume? One of the coolest looking masks in comic book history and he hasn’t worn it once. Hopefully someone reboots this crap 10 years from now and we get the Wolverine everyone wants to see.

    • I personally have no interest in a seeing a grown man in yellow and brown spandex.

      • Same interest I have in white tank top and horrible black suit with overcoat.

    • It is a badass costume…on paper. I’ve seen someone use it in a fan film, a really well done fan film and…it was just silly

    • No costumes. It’s Wolverine in the “real” world on his own, so normal attire :)

    • In the context of these movies it really makes no sense for Logan to go out and get a bright yellow and blue or brown and tan costume since the impression is that he really does not want to be some kind of superhero, i.e. the whole anti-hero slant.

  14. Judging a movie off of a costume is pretty childish.

  15. Looks good! … er, I think (that was really short).

  16. The teaser for the teaser for the trailer looks pretty good lol. Ever since the first xmen movie Ive been waiting for Wolverine to don the gold and blue wolverine outfit, but as the years went by I realized how stupid that would look on film. UNLESS, they altered it a bit to be more “realistic” and not goofy like some geek wearing a cosplay outfit at comic con.

    • I saw this one video where it was a fan-made Wolverine vs Batman video and instead of the cheesy gold and blue, the costume was all black and it fit in pretty nice.

      • That doesn’t look bad, but when costumes are used in more realistic live action comic flicks you have to ask the purpose of stuff. Batmans costume has a purpose. Wolverines, not so much. Like the bladed things around his eyes and head. What’s the point of those? What purpose do they serve? I’ve always loved Wolverine in the comics, but his costume doesn’t translate well to live action.

  17. I am in tears. Days of Future Past has always been one of my favorite X-Men story lines!

  18. love everything but the airplane scene. hope its not as cheesy as the Wolverine origins’s motorcycle/aerial scene

  19. Hmmmmmmm…………

  20. im sure alot of people thought captain americas costume would look stupid .. but i thought it was fine .. everything in black leather .. yeah its hard to tell singer is gay ..

    • Avengers cap looked stupid imo

    • They did not use Caps’s original costume in Avengers (obviously you think it was) but He did wear it,for a brief moment, in the First Avenger. Spandex, cuffed gloves and boots…And yea it looked LAME! That was the point though.

  21. If we look at that session with him and jean, it looks like he is in the basement of the xaviers mansion, because I am pretty sure Xavier had more crossing with wolverine before, i.e first X-men movie, “well hello logan, old friend”

    So I think at that point maybe he has left Japan or something.. maybe I’m way off, but time line wise, he hasn’t met Jean grey yet.. while in Japan I thought, so hence end of the movie?

    • This movie is supposed to take place after X-3, it does not follow the comic book timeline.

  22. “Page not found”


  23. Wolverine’s costume doesn’t have to be yellow and brown spandex, or yellow and blue spandex. That would obviously be ridiculous looking on the big screen. But a modern, updated, live-action friendly costume could look insanely badass. Some sort of black & yellow leather outfit and that awesome mask could look really good.

  24. Oh well yeah Mangold can cut action but can they deliver a consistent story, or is this whole thing just going to be one giant WTF once DOFP comes out? That’s been my contention now for months and nobody can give you a straight answer, not even the great Fox honcho of the STORY enterprise, Millar. You have these characters your’re counting on to give you some depth and context and DOFP is going to come along and turn them into irrelevant cardboard. Yeah, keep feeding them bread and circuses…

    • How many movies give a complete break down of plot before its released? Will this fit in with what Millar is trying to accomplish for Fox? Will it end up making cohesive whole of all the X movies which came before? Who knows?

      But who knew if The Avengers was gonna work before it came out? Who knew if Nolan was going to provide a satisfactory wrap up to his Dark knight trilogy before The Dark Knight Rises was released?

      Watch it and find out.

      • You’re not going to know if this works until DOFP comes out. What a great strategy! Yep this is better than Joss and Nolan combined. Look, they don’t have to give a blow by blow just get Milklar to say something about it ” Don’t worry we got it” Something, Anything…

  25. Was reading up on Jean Grey as The Phoenix,found out she can manipulate timelines,resurrect the dead and control life energy.Three key elements that will probably be involved in Wolverine and DOFP.This is my OPINION.

  26. Damn I wish it were longer it looks sweet

  27. Hmm, maybe jean grey comes back to life at the end, or maybe loganson is poisoned by madam hydra’s toxins and he think’s he’s seeing jean?

  28. If anyone is interested in the upcoming wolverine trailer like what exactly is on it. The shmoesknow channel on youtube does a breakdown

  29. People really hope The Phoenix who played by Famke Janssen would return in X-men Days of Future Past, she can be reincarnated as White Phoenix of the Crown that she is more powerful than she did in X3