Is This The First Poster For ‘The Wolverine’?

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The Wolverine 2 release date Is This The First Poster For The Wolverine?

[UPDATE: It turns out this is a concept art design that will most likely not be used in the marketing for the film.]

Twentieth Century Fox has successfully split their X-Men film franchise into two. The X-Men: First Class sequel is already in development, launching a new set of team-based prequels to the original trilogy and at the same time, X-Men Origins: Wolverine was able to secure a franchise of its own for poster boy Hugh Jackman.

Come next summer and Jackman will finally get his wish of being able to play the Adamantium-laced, rage-infused mutant on his travels to Japan in The Wolverine, something the Aussie actor had to delay in order to tell the character’s origin story first. Today, we have what may be the first teaser poster for the film.

The Wolverine has had a bit of a bumpy development road with some slight delays due to the weather situation in Japan, compounded by director Darren Aronofsky dropping out of the project for personal reasons.

With James Mangold (3:10 to Yuma) now set to helm the feature based on Christopher McQuarrie and Mark Bomback’s adaptation of the classic Chris Claremont and Frank Miller’s 1982 story arc in the Wolverine comics, production is on the right track with a solid release date locked down for next summer.

It is from Mangold’s offices where our first look at The Wolverine may have leaked through an Instagram photo which we’ve straightened out for a clearer image. Check out what may be the first teaser poster for The Wolverine, featuring the Japan flag in the background being sliced by Wolverine’s claws.

wolverine movie poster Is This The First Poster For The Wolverine?

The Japanese words for “Japan” are Nippon (most commonly used) and Nihon which translate to “Land of the Rising Sun,” hence the design Japan’s national flag and the tagline in the teaser poster reading “rising soon.”

The style of the poster screams ’80s (when the Japanese story arc was told in the books) and its simplicity and font of the title work very well to get the message across to fans knowledgeable of the books and fans who simply enjoy Jackman’s take on the character in the films.

We’ve contacted Fox to verify the validity of the image and will update accordingly.

The Wolverine slashes into theaters July 26, 2013.


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Source: Instagram

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  1. I like it. Hopefully this turns out better than the first Wolverine film

  2. Not that I care at all… but doesn’t this seem like it could be offensive to the Japanese? And it’s not like Logan goes there to take on Japan… and that’s what I sort of get from the poster a bit. Seems to send a weird message. I love the typeface they used for “The Wolverine” that looks great as does the entire poster. I like it… but if I were from Japan and looking at this I think it would send me the wrong message. Like if it were a Japanese character cutting through the American flag… that would definitely not persuade me to see the film.

    • bioshock infinite has a torn american flag on its title. not offending me….

      • Jack7 that is completely out of context. Bioshock doesn’t relate to the subject matter here at all. This poster shows a Japanese flag being shredded by an “American” character. (Obviously of Canadian decent but you know what I mean) it’s an American film. Like I said, I don’t care but I was just wondering the marketing mindset behind it seeing that this movie has the potential to draw a great deal of Japanese viewers and it would appear and/or seem logical that Japan would view this poster negatively as if Wolverine is coming to take down Japan. … A torn American flag on a bioshock video game has no comparison to this poster at all.

        • It’s extremely unlikely that Wolverine will be taking down Japan. The character nearly married a Japanese woman, was trained by samurai and has a rich history in their culture. He’s more likely to ‘save Japan from itself’ than do damage to it.

          • A whole “save Japan from itself” storyline is more offensive, in my opinion, than from anything I’m taking from the poster. While Wolverine isn’t just some regular white Westerner, such a storyline would still have that old, overused, and Eurocentric “Only a white guy can save the colored people from themselves!” bent.

            But, having said that, now turning my attention to strictly the image itself… I agree that, yes, it could be construed much differently by Japanese people. I’m of Japanese descent — I’m Japanese-American, with both a Japanese mother and father — and I’m very concerned with how Asians and Asian-Americans are represented in American entertainment.

            I think Hollywood has done much worse in how people of Asian descent are represented in movies and shows (and how Asians and Asian-Americans are very much marginalized when it comes to roles) and they continue to do so, so it doesn’t surprise me that they wouldn’t see anything wrong with this imagery.

            It’s not the worst I’ve seen, but if I’m working for the studio, I would raise the same point: Just imagine, if it’s the American flag, being shredded or sliced up by, say, a Japanese character, how would Americans react to such a promo poster?

            And, besides, Hollywood movie creation and marketing are both done with international audiences weighing heavily on the executives’ minds.

            Generally speaking, it’s not a bad image, the general concept is neat but, as you say, Travis, it’s not like Wolverine is going on to take one the the empire or country of Japan.

            • If they are truly going by the comic story then this won’t have any of the overtones you are concerned with. The story of him in Japan had more to do with his personal fight with his girlfriends family, who was involved in the underworld.

        • No they wont view the poster negatively.. ur just butthurt…

        • Waaay overthinking this fellas. Seriously.

      • word.

    • I’d like to think Japanese people wouldn’t find this offensive. I’m sure they won’t. Wolverine is one of the most famous Western comic characters that they are familiar with. Also, I think wolverine’s claws are very similar to the ninja claw weapon and also kinda in the same vein as a Japanese Katana. Katanas are a major motif in Japan and I don’t think they will take it the wrong way.

      Japan has a long history of natural and nuclear destruction that has seeped into their psyche and storytelling. They have destroyed their country thousands of times in comics, anime and movies so I don’t see them getting upset over a poster like this. If anything, it’s a shame it isn’t all going to be filmed in Japan anymore because of the Tsunami. The same goes for pacific rim.

    • And the Japanese eat dolphins, I find that offensive. See, it is easy to be overly offended!

      • I am japanese
        Most Japanese do not eat dolphins and whales
        You are ignorant.

        • If the majority of Japanese do not eat dolphin or whale then why hasn’t your government passed more strict laws then?

          • then, stop eating and killing cows and pigs before saying so.
            And you should know who killed whales the most.

            • Difference is Cows and pigs are domest animals and more importantly NOT becoming EXTINCT.

              Sorry but killing dolphins, whales and sharks into extinction just to eat as a status symbol is plainly re#$@ded… especially considering how unhealthy their meat is!

              • Are you saying that if an animal is dumb it’s okay to eat it? What makes you think cows and pigs don’t have complex feelings or thoughts?
                I’m not sure how you came up with your claims, but whale meat is actually pretty healthy. It is a very good source of high-quality protein, low in fat, and has less calories than cow meat or pig meat.
                Also, not just Japan consumes dolphins, whales, and sharks. I find it a bit weird how a lot of people attack and focus on only Japan, and ignore the other countries or regions that also consume whale meat.
                I’d also like to make it clear that Japan has never killed any type of dolphin, whale, or shark into extinction.
                If you want to go against something, please get your facts straight before posting unintelligent arguments online.

                • Pretty healthy? I guess you just ignore all of the news stories about the high mercury levels that are found in it all the time.

                  • Yes, I have heard of the “high mercury levels” of whale meat. However, the vast majority of the whale meat consumed in Japan is minke whale meat harvested from Antartica, which have mercury levels safely within the national limits compared to other kinds of whale meat.

                    If people want to say that whale meat should be banned just because it is claimed to be unhealthy, I believe most Western junk food should be banned as well.

              • Minke whales aren’t anywhere near extinction. Nor are the species of dolphin that they hunt. Striped, spotted, Risso’s, bottlenose, false killer whales, and short finned pilot whales are all not endangered and have populations in the millions.

                It’s a common misbelief in the west that all cetaceans are endangered… Which they aren’t.

              • You sure they are in danger of extinction? If so, who were the people that had hunted whale for their oil into extinction way before this was an issue?? Do you even know the fact that the population of some whale species are increasing to a point where they compete against other fish for food?

                Eat whale for status? Do you also know that there is a shrine where every whale that has been hunted is enshrined as god that saves people from starvation? What about the fact that commercial whaling was the only source of protein for many school children after WW2?

                Oh wait, yes, it’s all a part of conspiracy and propaganda so Japanese could whale again…or wait, was it Iceland or Norway? No, they already whale commercially!!! Which is not a problem because…they are so up north and cold up there so that’s alright…right??? Yep, that makes a whole lotta sense.

            • I eat LOCALLY GROWN (usually from within my own state) meat and pole or troll caught fish (which I don’t eat that often), not animals that are trapped in a lagoon and slaughtered.

              • So you eat animals that they necks are sliced and their blood is drained onto the ground? Or maybe they get shot in the head, or they suffocate from lack of oxygen?

                Meat is still cruel however you look at it. But humans have to eat. Things have to die, so we as humans can live.

              • While I don’t agree with the slaughtering of any animal, it is very rude to say all of Japan is offensive. Most of the time and EVEN in America dolphin meat is cheap and packaged as fish and mislabeled ,so people buy it. There are so many things wrong with the country we live in(the U.S. Maybe you should take up a cause here, and try to fix what’s happening in our own country.

      • Well the Americans eat beef and deer, so since I am a Hindu, I’m offended. See, that kind of attitude that it’s ok because someone eats something you disagree with isn’t gonna solve the world peace problem anytime soon.

    • And Silver Samurai wears the red sun on his chest, who do you think Wolverine will fight in this?

    • He’s Canadian. Not our problem.

    • who cares its just a movie poster…

    • Actually, we do care. This poster has come to the knowledge of Internet users in Japan. We appreciate your delicacy and kindness though, I wish those showing indifference or ignorance toward this issue to think how they would feel like when the flag shown on the poster was their own. I am not accusing Americans, we know who might do so and such custom is very limited all over the world, limited within our vicinities.

      • I am American, served in the marines in fact, and if it was an American flag, I wouldn’t care. You know why, it’s a flippin’ movie poster about a comic book character, get over yourself.

        • you’d better retake from hist.101 then….

  3. FANTASTIC poster. I hope it’s the real thing.

  4. Very nice poster. Much better than those Xmen first class posters

  5. It’s gorgeous, but yeah, is it an issue that he’s shredding a Japanese flag? I know people wouldn’t be cool if it was an American flag but I don’t know if the values are the same…

    • Most countries aren’t quite as obsessive about flags as the USA.

      • But flags are still very important to their respective countries, as are anthems and any other official representation of a country. Simply because one country’s people may or may not be as obsessive or sensitive as Americans are doesn’t mean it’s easier to “shred” another country’s flag.

    • “I know people wouldn’t be cool if it was an American flag but I don’t know if the values are the same…”

      Why not? Is the american flag worth more than the japanese flag?

  6. This is so cool!

  7. that whole story arc sucked and i have zero faith in this movie being any good at all,i wish Marvel had control of all their characters

    • you think the Frank Miller story sucked? Really? That’s great. I think you’re awesome.

    • wow. anyone who thinks tha wolverine in japan story isnt good must be somewhat damaged in the cerebral cortex area or maybe somewhat retarded.

      its the BEST wolverine solo story of all time.
      if they keep it with the same tone as the original comic series and actually have wolvie kill folks and show some blood, the film cant lose.

      but the first one was a horrid rape of the character and his origins.
      please, dont f**k this one up.

      • I never read the arc.. they wont have many cameo like last movie will it? i onnly like Hugh jackman vs Liv

      • “Wow. Anyone who thinks tha wolverine in japan story isnt good must be somewhat damaged in the cerebral cortex area or maybe somewhat retarded.”

        And that comes from someone who´s username is ‘smarterTHANyou&YOURwhoreMOM’.

        • and “horrid rape…” really?

    • I don’t know what you’re talking about. That arc was one of the best in Marvel’s history.

  8. I think Japanese peeps that have no clue about Wolverine kicking some ninja butt would be a little offended. But Wolvie’s Canadian anyways. Ha

    • Yes the character is from Canada but it’s an American movie… what I was referring to is the Japanese audience viewing the poster in that way. Knowing it’s an American made film. Just sends a weird message I think. Wolverine isn’t their to tear up Japan… he’s their to find himself and in the process ends up taking on the Silver Samurai. I personally love the poster… think it’s great… just wondering if it would hurt ticket sales in Japan.

      • yeah that’s a good point. If this is a worldwide promo older Japanese people might decide to not take their kids to see it. Knowing what I know from the Frank Miller story, this works for me though.

        • Well notice the source. If it’s indeed valid it’s an industry sheet and isn’t for consumption. It’s sorta like, getting your companies pen set or internal brochure, or an artistic exercise to be graded…

  9. when is this supposed to start filming? or has it already?

    • Start of filming has been delayed due to tsunamis and nuclear meltdowns. They’re in pre-prod right now (writing, casting, etc)

  10. ever been soooo angry…you cut Japan???
    Wolvie has

  11. I think travis has a point. The poster may look fine to a non-Japanese but actual Japanese may take offense to it. It may have been better if it were a picture of Silver Samurai being ripped by Wolvie.

  12. That Wolverine mini-series was one of the best comics to date with FM’s art and XMen scribe Claremont. ‘Thar’s money en them comics!’

    • it was such a great story. Wolverine was this out of control, animalistic berserker whereas the culture of Japan was a contrast to that. But, through the tyranny of Silver Samurai and those ninjas Wolverine learns that sometimes, while it’s honorable to live and die by the sword, you have to still trust your instincts. Am I good? I’m good.

  13. I like it. hopefully this movie will bring us the wolverine we all want to see, because origins wolverine was such a letdown in terms of what could have happened and what did happen. mangold seems capable since i really liked 3:10 to yuma, so lets see some samurai fights and blood.

    • and if we don’t see blood, save it for the video game!!!! Awwww yeah

  14. nice poster ,great start,now get the script right

  15. What about the whole PG-13 thing? I remember growing up, when PG-13 meant it might as well be rated G. What does it ACTUALLY mean these days? No nudity, no swearing…..what else?

  16. Awesome poster.

    Some Japaneses would find this offersive.

    Still I hope The Wolverine gets Logan’s origin story right with a good script and the film is R Rated.

    • I’m hoping there isn’t some female Japanese character who just exists to be Asian finger food for the white male lead, and also hoping that all the other Japanese characters aren’t just some token Asian weaklings who don’t even know how to hold a sword properly nor protect themselves in any way… even though Wolverine is a mutant with special powers.

      They need to bring out some original story and handle it differently rather than trot all the old, tired racial and cultural stereotypes that plague just about every book, TV show or movie that mixes East and West, Japan and America…

      • Given the source material, it seems likely that the Japanese culture will be treated with great respect & honor. Comics source material has been corrupted when coming to film before (we all know this) but I have high hopes that the underpinnings of the source story make it through in this case.

  17. It’s far too clever to be a studio made poster. Plus, it hasn’t started filming, it’s many moths away from that. We haven’t even got a poster for The Man Of Steel yet.
    So I’m calling fake.

  18. Not really impressive if you think about it.

  19. Okay, as a movie poster, I don’t really like it. It’s very clever and all (suggesting Wolverine will be tearing up Japan in the new installment), but this isn’t the type of poster that’ll get me excited for a movie…

    I think it’s a fake (and the whole “Rising Soon” thing… a little too reminiscent of TDKR IMO).

    As for the Japanese finding this “offensive”: I really doubt so (most people aren’t as easily offended as the Americans – and as DSB said, most nations aren’t as protective of their national flags either. Don’t get me wrong though… I admire how proud you guys in the US are about your country, it’s a good thing IMO – wish I could be as proud about my country as you guys)

    • The ‘rising soon’ line probably refers to Land of the ‘rising sun’.

      • Yeah, I read the description Mongoose (? – think it was him) gave on page 2, but still… you have to admit, if you saw those words written on a banner in a city, you’d think about TDKR, not The Wolverine.

        • I didn´t.

  20. It’s good to remember in this, producers sometimes keep non-final artwork around because they like it, not because it’s finalized or official promotional material. Personally I hope this is an actual poster for the film, but it could just be one of the versions the art department came up with, and he liked it enough to keep it in the office.

  21. Kinda wishing for a more reveling poster… But this is good, at least its not a black poster with the words “The Wolverine” on it…

  22. They really should think about recasting Logan. I’m not saying that Hugh Jackman to too old, but he’s played Logan in five different movies now. It’s time to give someone else a shot.

    Jackman’s cameo in X-Men: First Class was HILARIOUS, and it is exactly how he should go out (think Michael Jordan hitting that final shot in a Chicago Bulls uniform).

    If FOX and MARVEL really want to generate some buzz for this new film and help us to forget X-Men Origins, cast someone else as Logan.

    • It’s not going to happen until Jackman is tired of it. He’s the driving force behind the character at this point, having been involved in production for the films he’s appeared as Logan. It’s not just some actor they cast, and they can change whenever they want. He’s more involved than that.

    • nooo.. this isnt superman we are talking about.. plus isnt it a complete different take on wolverine? i get most ppl who dnt read comics will think its a sequel but just no.. btw ur dad sucks

      • It’s not a “completely” different take, it’s still Jackman. And it’s a sequel.

        • It´s not a sequel. Kevin Feige said more than once that once that Origins is no longer canon. Hence why they had the White Queen in First Class.

  23. the only thing i think the poster was meant to mean is that wolverine is in Japan, but i do see how it could be offensive but its not meant to be.

  24. I am noticing there are a few people who don’t seem to know anything about Wolverine’s history with Japan, specifically the amazing Frank Miller series.

    Here you go…

  25. Well if there using that story, i hope they bring back lady deathstrike for this story arc, because shes in that story as well as silver Samurai in the comics

  26. Just hope that its not gonna end up like origins

  27. Well if this poster is real and people are offended by then they will more then likely changed it. As others have stated too, if they used the Silver Samurai then any use of the Rising Sun image might need to be taken off of the character, so as not to offend anyone. Granted they have an anime of Wolverine right now that is somewhat based off of the Miller/Claremont arc that nobody seems to bothered by, so maybe it’s just people jumping the gun.

  28. I don’t think it is official – no MARVEL logo. Even if were a teaser/promotional, it would have that. It could be simply an unfinished – but liked – design. One thing I like about it is that it reminds me of something I might see on the cover of a graphic novel and/or collection volume.

  29. Wow! The poster looks cool