Is This The First Poster For ‘The Wolverine’?

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The Wolverine 2 release date Is This The First Poster For The Wolverine?

[UPDATE: It turns out this is a concept art design that will most likely not be used in the marketing for the film.]

Twentieth Century Fox has successfully split their X-Men film franchise into two. The X-Men: First Class sequel is already in development, launching a new set of team-based prequels to the original trilogy and at the same time, X-Men Origins: Wolverine was able to secure a franchise of its own for poster boy Hugh Jackman.

Come next summer and Jackman will finally get his wish of being able to play the Adamantium-laced, rage-infused mutant on his travels to Japan in The Wolverine, something the Aussie actor had to delay in order to tell the character’s origin story first. Today, we have what may be the first teaser poster for the film.

The Wolverine has had a bit of a bumpy development road with some slight delays due to the weather situation in Japan, compounded by director Darren Aronofsky dropping out of the project for personal reasons.

With James Mangold (3:10 to Yuma) now set to helm the feature based on Christopher McQuarrie and Mark Bomback’s adaptation of the classic Chris Claremont and Frank Miller’s 1982 story arc in the Wolverine comics, production is on the right track with a solid release date locked down for next summer.

It is from Mangold’s offices where our first look at The Wolverine may have leaked through an Instagram photo which we’ve straightened out for a clearer image. Check out what may be the first teaser poster for The Wolverine, featuring the Japan flag in the background being sliced by Wolverine’s claws.

wolverine movie poster Is This The First Poster For The Wolverine?

The Japanese words for “Japan” are Nippon (most commonly used) and Nihon which translate to “Land of the Rising Sun,” hence the design Japan’s national flag and the tagline in the teaser poster reading “rising soon.”

The style of the poster screams ’80s (when the Japanese story arc was told in the books) and its simplicity and font of the title work very well to get the message across to fans knowledgeable of the books and fans who simply enjoy Jackman’s take on the character in the films.

We’ve contacted Fox to verify the validity of the image and will update accordingly.

The Wolverine slashes into theaters July 26, 2013.

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Source: Instagram

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  1. I like the play on Nolan’s movie!

    • Doubt that has anything to do with it. Japan is known as the “Land of the Rising Sun.”

    • Play off of what movie?

  2. 日本の国旗が爪で切られてるんだけど大丈夫かコレ・・・

  3. 日本人として国旗が引き裂かれるのは許せません

    • Calm down. That´s probably a fake anyway.

        • lmao the Japanese flag one is ok with me, but the US flag one is just plain out of line

          • “Out of line”

            It’s a poster. And a flag is just a ream of material.

        • Doesn’t both me one bit. Plus Wolverine is Canadian after all 😉

        • No. I´m from Germany. And if it was the german flag, I wouldn´t care either.

        • The tag line doesn’t make any sense witha US flag up there. “Rising Soon” is a play on “Land of the Rising Sun” aka Japan.

          And I don’t have any problem with it anyway. Wolverine does exactly that to ANY country he wants because he’s the best there is at what he does and what he does best is slice up flags.

          That said, Fake or not, I like the Japanese poster. And I love what it implies. Bring on Mariko and the Silver Samurai!

          Maybe the Hand?

          Maybe Sunfire?

          • “The tag line doesn’t make any sense witha US flag up there.”

            That´s not the point. Some think that it´s not right to do that with the american flag, but it´s totally ok to do it with any other flag. That´s double moral.

        • I was in the marines and slicing up the american flag doesn’t bother me, lighten up people, it’s a movie poster.

  4. I think that the simplicity of the poster is great, but rather than have Wolverine cutting the flag, it should have been just his fist/claws in front of it. Or maybe a pic of his claws blocking against a samurai sword. Idk, the just should have considered this causing issue IF this is a real poster.

    • Like I said, it’s entirely possible that this isn’t a finalized “heading to the movie theatre wall” poster. It has the feel of a production art poster, something created as a proof-of-concept for the director to take a look at, and they liked it enough to put it on the wall at the production office. It could also be a finalized poster. Either way, it’s awesome.

  5. “The Japanese words for “Japan” are Nippon (most commonly used) and Nihon which translate to “Land of the Rising Sun,” hence the design Japan’s national flag and the tagline in the teaser poster reading “rising soon.””

    Just a couple of notes……Nippon/Nihon does not mean, “Land of the Rising Sun”, it literally means “suns origin”. The other is a sort of loose embellishment (but doesn’t make it correct) and originally relates to China’s position relative to Japan (who would view the sun as rising from Japan).

    Nippon is also not “more commonly used”. It is more of a national/personal pride thing. The Japanese use Nippon for more official uses and to refer to themselves but internationally, Nihon is used almost universally. It is also more contemporary so you will find Japanese of the younger generations using it more often.

  6. Using the 20th century Fox logo as a hanko mark (sort of a stamp) was clever 😉

  7. I think it looks cool real or fake (I think its fake though). Also I don’t think the flag ripping is a big deal either. Lighten up people its not being crude just saying wolverine is in Japan.

  8. I like it but I definitely think it’s a fake. It’s way too soon to be getting visuals on this since they’re in pre-prod so there’s no reason for anyone to get offended.

  9. wow, looks like this will start an international incident.

  10. Butterflies!

    [Ed. for profanity]

    • I do not understand the words coming out of your mouth!

      • I didn’t either, but I looked it up and SR should look into this; it’s not flattering, especially to people like me or Kofi.

        • I just used google translate and wow… Im white and that was uncalled for, SR, you should do something about this guy

          • Okay… i just used google translate as well (to see what all the fuss is about) and I agree: “No Name’s” comment was pretty harsh – and I’m not even one of the people he was targeting with that offensive comment.
            Things are getting a little out of hand here IMO…

          • OMH please don’t use that PoS Google translate. I don’t know where it came up with the “N” word but I assure you it is not in there.

            • Agreed. The Japanese translator on Google translate is. I’ve had nothing but problems with it. This does bring up some points though. The Nihongo responses.. R they really?

              I did not find it offensive. My view was Wolverine leaves his mark on Japan. Which, I think, is true. He is very big there.

              The tag, to me, is in reference to Nolan’s 3rd. But, yes, it could be Wolverine rising — in competition with The Rising Sun Japanese motif.

              • “He is very big there”

                … says the guy who clearly can’t speak or understand any Japanese.
                BTW, there is no online translator which will render a sensible translation between English and Japanese. The best you can do is something like Jim Breen’s dictionary, but that requires you to already have an intimate knowledge of the syntax.
                You either know it or you don’t.

                I’m not surprised that all of these people speaking as if they have knowledge of Japan and Japanese are proven to be completely ignorant.
                Cultural Imperialism and the White Man’s Burden lives on!

              • why is everyone taking this so literal. its a comic book movie. the poster is symbolic for leaving his mark or tearing through japan. either way calm down and stop instigating. Thats my job!

    • Maybe you should go to school again.

      1. Your comment insults afro-american people
      2. The languae you posted in is chinese, not japanese


      Total fail.

      • Um, sorry but that is Japanese there and in no way are they insulting Afro-Americans. 😉

        • Then the Google translator failed me.

        • Then what was he really saying?

          • You need to read what other people have posted about something first before perpetuating an error.

            As I said above, Google Translate did a horrific job at translating that sentence. About the ONLY remotely offensive thing used was “sh*t” at the end but Japanese really doesn’t have curse words like we colorful Americans do so it’s perfectly acceptable.

            I would suggest bablefish if you want a better translation.

            And you should really avoid using a translator to post in a language you are unfamiliar with, it’s in poor taste.

            • Then what was “No name” saying?
              Because obviously you seem to understand the language, but the rest of us don’t… And the #1 translating software in the world is giving us quite offensive feedback on his comment, now who are we supposed to believe?

              • He said “Don’t slice the nation flag, bastard!”
                Not polite words.
                The poster is ok. All Japanese who know X-men would understand, and think it is a cool poster.

                • How magnanimous of you to speak for the lowly minorities.

            • OK, this is what bablefish said (if this is Japanese):

              The national flag it cuts and don’t you think? it has torn, – the droppings

              If it’s Chinese, this is what it says:

              The national flag cuts り the crack い て ん じ ゃ ね ー よ excrement が

              I don’t see any racial slurs in any of those. How on earth did Google Translate screw that up so royally?

              • And my apologies, No Name.

                • @No Name: I’ll have to say sorry as well. Next time I won’t rely so much on (obviously faulty) translating software.
                  Best to not know what a person’s saying, instead of thinking you what he’s saying and then making a total a$$ out of one’s self 😛
                  Again, sorry No Name.

                  • It basically says they think it was crap that their country’s flag was torn up. Nothing more.

                    I also don’t agree that Google is the #1 translator out there. It may be more readily accessible since everyone uses Google but just like McDonalds, that doesn’t make it good. It may do fine with Indo-European languages because of their similarities but it does horrible with Asian languages (as was evidenced).

                    • Never it was “good” (clearly it isn’t – as I’ve just discovered ;))
                      But it is the #1 translator in the sense that it’s the #1, most commonly used and most famous translating software out there… as you said, it usually does a good job of translating European languages like German, French or Italian, but from now on, I will most certainly never use it to translate a language like Chinese or Japanese ever again.

  11. Could just be a cross-promotional gimmick with Target.

  12. For a Japanese, it is a very regrettable picture.
    However, since it does not have the impact like Hull Note in this picture, Japanese people do not get angry.

  13. Nowhere is cool?
    It is sad to be torn up the national flag

  14. Cool?I shred US flag.
    What your feel? rotten to the movie!!

  15. Geez, looks like this comment section is lost… lost in translation!
    [*Crickets chirping*] 😉

    But seriously people. This poster isn’t some political message with a deeper meaning. It’s a (fake?) teaser poster for a comic book movie – Treat it as such.
    I’m sure no offense was meant towards any country, it was simply a reference to the fact that The Wolverine will take place in Japan.

  16. Despised

  17. Hey Rob, why did you delete Leonida´s comment?!

  18. I see this poster (real or not) as being just a way of announcing that Wolverine is in Japan. I could quite easily see the Canadian flag shredded in the same way with no problem (or the Union jack/flag in my case). It’s kinda Logan’s signature. Instead of a Bat-signal or a Spiey-web, you get three slashes.

    It’s a real shame if people are getting offended. I am positive that was not the intent. The character of Wolverine has nothing but respect for Japan.

  19. When I first saw the flag, I immediately thought: “The Japanese people won’t like it.”

  20. Proof positive that the White Man’s Burden and Manifest Destiny lives on, and is reinforced by the American Media Industry.
    Only the white man can teach those evil ignorant Asians how to live properly.

    Also a lot of lies and misinformation here about whaling and whale meat.
    – Minke whales have never been endangered and are in no threat of ever being endangered.
    – Norway is the #1 hunter of whales, not Japan. But they have white skin so it’s not popular to point that out.
    – America is the #1 hunter of endangered whales (bowheads). But they have white skin so it’s not popular to point that out.
    – Canada is the #1 hunter of cetaceans total. But they have white skin so it’s not popular to point that out.
    – Mercury is only an issue with dolphin meat, not whales.
    – Naturally-occurring Hg in seafood and Hg from industrial spills are entirely different issues. There isn’t a single case of Hg-related illness resulting from natural seafood in the entire world.
    – Americans and Europeans have an unhealthy obsession with “cute” marine mammals and this causes them to be close-minded bigots.
    – Most Animal Rights activists don’t actually care 1 iota about animals, they’ve just discovered that it’s socially acceptable to be bigots and misanthropes if they claim it’s “for the cute animals”.
    – Japanese whaling has never been an issue about the environment or conservation considering that none of the animals hunted are endangered. When your countries outlaw all forms of hunting deer, kangaroo, fowl, etc. please feel free to get on your high horse.

    • What does a fake poster for a comic book movie have to do with whaling or animal rights?
      This whole thing is being taken COMPLETELY out of proportion.

      • “What does a fake poster for a comic book movie have to do with whaling or animal rights?”

        Maybe you should direct that comment at the individual on the first page who stated it was acceptable because he finds Japanese offensive for eating whale meat.

        • Didn’t see that comment… still doesn’t change things though, when someone makes stupid comments (like that guy on the first page made), then it doesn’t help to give an entire lecture about the subject – best just to ignore those guys (or if you find it’s necessary, respond to his comment directly/personally – no need to assume that every “white man” has the same opinion or view on the subject).

          • “then it doesn’t help to give an entire lecture about the subject – best just to ignore those guys”

            No, you’re totally right.
            We should always completely ignore bigoted misinformation and let it proliferate unchecked.

            I never assumed every “white man” had any certain opinion. I merely pointed out the common misconceptions and the truth, and why the truth isn’t generally mentioned in American media or known.

    • Way to be comletely and totaly racist, you sure showed those bigots a thing or two… /sarcasm

  21. I am a Japanese citizen, and I found the image extremely offensive. I don’t know about you all, but for us, the national flag is *the* sacred symbol, period. We are raised to treat the flag as such with respect and honor, and we just don’t mess with it. I would imagine that the way we feel about an image of the shredded Japanese flag is akin to how devout Christians would perceive an image of Jesus Christ smeared with s*** all over. If the image of the flag is real, and I am hoping it is not, this just shows how clueless and culturally insensitive the movie staff are as to what kind of message they are sending to a nation that is still recovering from a major national crisis.

    • Ah yes but Christianity is a religion and Jesus gets smeared with s*** all the time…its called Atheism

      • True. Perhaps, in a world gone bad, the shittiest hero is the real one.

  22. Who even said it was a flag?

  23. Simultaneously with a shock, it is strong anger.

  24. Are you serious, the guy who directed Knight and day will be making “The Wolverine” I’m a huge wolverine fan, but he has sucked in all the movies except X2, and his representation in Xmen first class was the best depiction of him so far in his small cameo. This Mangold guy better step his game up because the reboot phenomena that is taking the comic movie realm by storm should certainly have tainted the wolverine character considering he was on the darkest, and most disgusting heroes in existence. He’s a psychopathic murderer who happens to have sided with the good guys. I will not be seeing this garbage unless its pg13 pushed to the max or rated r.

    • umm what wolverine are you talking about?. I think you mistook him for Sabertooth on the few occasions that he is one of the “good” guys. just because wolverine is a gruff loner doesn’t make him a “psychopathic murderer”. yep definitely Sabertooth

  25. I don’t think even the people of Japan would be offended by this, if they knew about the history of Logan while he was in Japan. Fake or not, I like this

    • You’re not Japanese,don’t think selfishly.
      This poster make me anger.

  26. If it is real, then I think it could be a publicity stunt. Of course it’s going to offend someone, it’s going to offend a lot of people. Then there are people who will think it’s not offensive and feel the need to confront those who do, then vice versa, beginning a cycle of discourse. The image is going to generate discussions that will contribute to the film’s buzz. It’s risky, of course, but when I see things like this I immediately think publicity stunt.

    • Or, like I said before, if it’s real, it’s a production art piece that someone involved with the film decided to keep in his office. Every film production ends up with hundreds of unused art bits that end up somewhere, and producers/directors/etc sometimes keep the ones they like.

  27. Ha! I translated this from an earlier post on here:



    Being torn apart as a Japanese national flag does not permit
    Should be corrected to the 20th century FOX apology!
    Do not lick the eight million gods of Japan are woven without!

    Now THAT is a demand for an apology. And don’t lick the 8 million unwoven Japanese gods!