The Wolverine: First Poster, 3D Confirmation & Live Chat Highlights

Published 2 years ago by , Updated February 15th, 2014 at 4:26 pm,

After set photos revealed the various looks sported by star Hugh Jackman portraying The Wolverine’s titular character at different points in the X-Man’s life, the buzz surrounding the standalone is-but-isn’t sequel to X-Men Origins: Wolverine hit a new high with the latest reports. From rumors of X-Men franchise star Famke Janssen making an appearance in the film to confirmation that the film is based after the X-Men trilogy, these were only a few tips of the proverbial iceberg.

The first official look at Hugh Jackman’s abs Wolverine debuted a month ago and today we have the very first official poster to go along with news that The Wolverine will be the first 3D X-Men film.

Twentieth Century Fox has begun the marketing campaign for the next Wolverine solo affair and today star Hugh Jackman and director James Mangold sat down for a live chat with’s Ryan Penagos (Agent M) to discuss the development of The Wolverine and answer loads of fan questions. The video can be watched up top and here are some of the interesting bits covered:

  • Villains get to Wolverine in ways other characters haven’t in the previous films
  • Mangold’s aim was to avoid the “super-duper abilities” and keep the film “grounded” in that what Wolverine does feels physical and possible for someone with his “credible abilities” - bring things down to earth, no less visually exciting, little less dependant on CG
  • Action is very physical, fight choreography is amped up big time.
  • Hugh: Wolverine’s ultimate weapon is his rage and that shows through more than ever.
  • Mangold compares to The Bourne movies and The Dark Knight
  • Hugh talks about training harder, eating better and starting earlier.
  • Wolverine deals with Yakuza, industrialists, politicians, etc.
  • Jackman and Mangold talk their favorite Wolverine comics and superpowers
  • The Wolverine is more action-packed than any other X-film
  • For Hugh, film and its development feels fresh, even after starring in four series installments already

Perhaps the juiciest highlight for moviegoers following the film’s development is when Mangold talks about why they placed The Wolverine after the X-Men trilogy, explaining that they chose this path so it doesn’t have to follow a narrow path and setup one of the previously released films. We’ll find out more on the implications of this decision soon, but it’s becoming increasingly clear that The Wolverine isn’t quite as “standalone” as first pitched. Not only is it a sequel of sorts to the stories told thus far, but could very well lead-in to X-Men: Days of Future Past the following summer.

The live chat ended with the unveiling of the first official poster for The Wolverine, one that embraces a minimalist black and white sketch design:

The Wolverine Movie Poster 570x845 The Wolverine: First Poster, 3D Confirmation & Live Chat Highlights

This image of course, is not to be confused with the unofficial one-sheet we at Screen Rant discovered before shooting began – the same one-sheet which sparked a tad bit of controversy from some Japanese fans of the character none too happy with the idea of the mutant’s adamantium claws shredding Japan’s national flag.

We’ve also learned today via Stark Industries RU that The Wolverine will be post-converted into 3D, marking the first time Twentieth Century Fox has embraced the money-making format for one of their Marvel films. X-Men: First Class, despite releasing against Green LanternCaptain America and Thor which all came in 3D last summer, did not come in 3D itself. Much of that was due to the highly rushed nature of the prequel’s production but Fox won’t miss that opportunity going forward.

For a film seemingly dark in visuals from the imagery and set photos made publicly available so far, and the fact that the film wasn’t shot in native 3D, there will justifiably be plenty of skepticism behind this decision by the studio, especially considering Mangold’s emphasis on reducing reliance on CG effects – the type of effects that actually are easy to post-convert and would benefit the most from the process.

The Wolverine is directed by James Mangold off of Mark Bomback and Christopher McQuarrie’s screenplay. It stars Hugh Jackman, Svetlana Khodchenkova, Will Yun Lee, Brian Tee, Hiroyuki Sanada, and Rila Fukushima.

The Wolverine hits theaters July 26, 2013. X-Men: Days of Future Past hits theaters on July 18th, 2014.


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Sources: Stark Industries RU, Marvel, Fox, We Got This Covered

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  1. Nice poster. Would like to add that it’s inked Japanese style with broad brushstrokes, it almost looks like a kanji symbol, very smart design. Also look at the “X” the image forms.

    • Almost? Looks just like that style, it was a great idea for them to do this.

  2. love tha poster. cant wait for this movie.

  3. How can you have a movie without using CG? I mean, come one!!! Look at MY movies, loaded with CG and explosions, and if they did not have those in it, it would be like… IDK, “Citizen Kane” or “Godfather” did those movies have a ton of explosions? No. No they did not. :(

    You should have Wolverine a robot from an alternate reality from the past! Make him get sucked in a washing machine and get tossed in WW2 for some reason.

    Wolverine = lots of money.
    Lots of money = LOTS OF EXPLOSIONS!
    Lots of explosions = noises so annoying your ears bleed by the 55 minute mark of the film.
    Megan Fox’s bad acting = sex appeal.
    Sex appeal = Running in slow motion when things all around her go BOOM!

    See where I am going? Maybe I should have made this movie instead of this guy.

    • so when does the michael bay shtick you play on every board start to wear off?

      • …start?

        • some people just dont have anything better to do

      • It wears off the moment a reader sees “the real michael bay”

      • Aw, don’t hate. It’s fun.

  4. If you are wondering what the little square is no it’s not a QR code, it’s the stamp of the inker like a signature.

  5. Best poster I’ve seen in a while

  6. It is a pretty sweet poster. Glad they are going easy on the CG.

  7. “Mangold compares to The Bourne movies and The Dark Knight.”

    Why the hell is every f***ing director of a comic book movie (except for Whedon) advertising their movies using Nolan as reference? Can’t they just do their own thing? I don’t want a pseudo realistic Wolverine. I want this to be an actual comic book movie in which the protagonist is over the top just like in the comics. I’m so damn sick of this comparison (spell?).

    • i hear ya scape. i’m almost sick of nolan’s name now. yeah he made some good movies, lets move on now please.

      • Yeah, but you do realize by making a point out of it, you are just calling more attention to it. Gonna see the word Nolan written all over this board now.

    • You’re in luck, they’ve already made one. “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” is probably right up your alley.

      I dont understand why people get so worked up over comparing films to other successful ones. It’s a quick and easy way of describing the tone and style they’re going for.

      • Agreed :)

      • But why does the comparison always seem to come back to Nolan these days. They did good with the Bourn comparison. Why not go for another like that to convey the grittier realism of the movie? Maybe something Liam Neason has been in recently.

        He’s in Japan with all those powerful Japanese families so I guess they just passed up the chance to reference it being like a japanese version of the God Father with wolveriene or another gritty mob type movie.

        Perhaps he could say its a tonned down version of the movie Sin City with major Japanese overtones. Heck with the gritty realistic tone the Bond movies (Casino, Solice, and Sky Fall) have these days I might have even gone for something like that.

        Maybe something else like that if I’m not off with any of those references being similar to how this movie is gonna be. But no it always comes back to the director or whoever saying “Yep, this is gonna be just like another Nolan.”

      • Agreed. Maybe Mangold has no idea that Nolan is public enemy no. 1 with comicbook fans. Nothing will get comicbook readers in a hysterical fit of rage like mentioning the name Nolan.

        • I’m not filled with rage and people at the comic book store weren’t either last time I heard. Actually, I heard alot of positive things regarding Nolan.

          I hate to say it, but this site has alot of Whedon/Marvel nuthuggers. Seems like there is nothing they can do wrong, but people will go ballistic over a rumor from DC and start bashing them. As a comic book fan I hope DC can get some ground and get going with their superheroes. Going to the movies would be like going to the comic book shop on Wed., enjoying great stories from both DC and Marvel.

          I love the Batman movies, yippee for me. I like the Marvel movies, yippee for me, why like & not love, well because I was never a huge fan of the Avengers’ characters except Captain America. I’ve always enjoyed Spider-Man, X-Men, & X-Force much much more.

          So as an X-men fan all I can do is hope for the best as well as hope that The Wolverine revamps things for the X-men in a positive light.

          And really, if an Antman movie is getting released can we get a Deadpool movie?

          • +1

            If Antman movie is gettin released can we get Black Panther film?

          • “Whedon/Marvel nuthuggers”

            Hahaha, loved that.

          • You are confused. There’s no actual binary choice between Whedon and Nolan. People who like one don’t automatically hate the other. I realize A LOT of people like to think in those binary terms, “I bought an Android phone so Apple sucks!” but if you deconstruct it, it falls apart and seems silly. It’s like when people were leaving comments like “TDKR is going to kick Avengers ass!” and vice versa.

            How about….”I like them both, they each had their own strengths.”

            • How? If you think I’m confused I believe you’re in denial. I am stating what I have and continue to see here, I don’t think one can deny that.

              ”I like them both, they each had their own strengths.” I pretty much stated that, actually I did state that, obviously not at concise as your quote, but nonetheless I stated that.

    • While I enjoyed Nolan’s take on Batman, I do not feel the need for every comic book movie to try to do the same by making it “Dark” “Realistic” and “Edgy”.

      I think that CERTAIN characters should be dark and edgy. Batman, Punisher, Dare Devil, Moon Knight, Ghost Rider and a few others. I think that a Wolverine COULD be dark and edgy, but not nearly as much as the examples I listed. The only thing that should be dark in Wolverine is the amount of bloodshed (Has he shown blood on the claws in any of the movies? I do not remember, if I had to guess, I would say no.) and language.

      Batman is one of the characters that should be more realistic, after all, he is not a mutant. He was never bit by a radio active spider, and he never came from a doomed planet and is powered by a yellow sun. Batman is just a man, so he SHOULD be more realistic then most others. Wolverine is a mutant, what is realistic about that?

      Keep a few characters dark and edgy (I listed a few examples) but each of the ones that COULD NOT HAPPEN IN REAL LIFE, should be fun to watch and not “grounded in reality”.

      • You may not like nolans batman. or w/e. but the reason it gets so many comparisons cause its highly appreciate throughout the business. the dark knight changed the way superheroes were depicted and made. this want the comment of one Nolan fan but everyone in Hollywood. wether you agree or not the dark knight is one of the most influential films of this decade. and according to most lists one of the best.

        • *isn’t not wanted

        • Totally with you trey. What comicbook fans must understand is that The Dark Knight trilogy has been a seismic event in the film industry. Professional filmmakers like James Mangold and Sam Mendes will reference, much to your anger.

          • I just can’t shake the image I get, for all the numerous times a movie is referenced to be like TDK, of people wandering out of the theater, having just seen TDK, with a ghostly expression on their faces and while staring blankly into the middle distance constantly saying to themselves in a strangly flat and toneless voice: “everything has to be like this now”.

            I like Nolan pretty well. I believe that he did indeed to a superb job with the dark knight trilogy. It was a movie way too far above par to really undermine in any way, IMO.

            But, that doesn’t mean that everyone should rush to copy what he did, which to me (I emphasize: to me), seems to be exactly what is happening with the shere volume of references it has gotten whenever other directors are coming out with their own new movies that may share some simbialance of the “darker grittier style”

            I think any good movie should, at anytime, be able to stand on its own by its own description. Not by bumming off of a comparison to another movie. The director can say that his new work shares some similar aspects to other previous works in material and style (and more than just one other work). But it should be a good movie for being its own, unique, peice of movie craftsmanship.

    • Gaaah…. couldn’t agree more X(

    • Hollywood compares a movie they are releasing to another successful existing movie all the time. I guess they figure it is quicker and easier to sell the film using something people won’t have to think to hard about, and a movie they have already seen is a way to do that. As for the comparisons to Nolan’s Batman upsetting people, would everyone rather they say it was like Batman Forever? I’m sure that would inspire confidence among fans of the character.

  8. Pretty interesting. It doesn’t sound like a movie that’s going to be the most action packed when the director just put an emphasis on the grounded action and less special effects.

  9. Will there be actual blood this go round since it will be grounded? I’m tired of seeing a guy with razor sharp claws not draw blood when he guts someone.

    • You would think that a guy with claws coming out of his hands would at one point, draw some blood. Exspecially if he stabbed a few military people while they raided the X-Mansion or cut off the head of “Deadpool”

      Off topic, maybe the “Deadpool” head will be called “Headpool” (like in the comics) but is only refered to once and then the REAL deadpool jams a grenade in its mouth (after he cuts a hole and waited for it to heal up, when it does heal, only the pin is showing he pulls it) and tosses it in the ocean. I know, off topic. :D

      • Exactly, about the blood.

        That’s the good thing about shredding ‘tin cans’ though.
        Wolverine V Sentinels = Fun For The Whole Family.

  10. He described a scene where you see Logan’s silhouette against a flash of lightning. I really hope that is in the movie. That’d be sick!

  11. Coolest comic book movie poster since cap TFA I THINK. It’s a awesome look. I hope this is a lead in to days of dustier past. They need some anticipated lead in.

  12. Poster is pretty cool. But I don’t care how “controversial” that fan-made flag poster was, cause it was AWESOME! And does anyone know when we are going to get our first trailer for the movie?

    • I cant wait for the teaser trailer! :P

  13. The poster looks incredible and the live-chat details has gained back my interest in this movie.

    It sounds good… can’t wait to see some footage!

    • +1

  14. I’m Glad James Mangold Not Wasting His Time Making This Wolverine Movie another pointless prequel to try to connect it to the original X-men Movies, As Bad As X3 Was, I Belive it’s Time To Move On.

  15. Looks like he has his head on straight. Practical stunts are the best, especially when it comes to bringing out emotion and suspense.

    And I guess Wolverine will be having his Dark Knight moment. lol. aka a superb story.

    • Nice.

    • I hope they have some decent fight choreography this time around, they need to watch the first two Blade movies if they want to see how to mix good martial arts into a comic movie.

  16. Sounds good to me, Wolverines story is similar to that of Connor Macloud in Highlander, although not immortal he’s been around for a while and faces the same challenges that come from not aging or dying, lots of adult themes being treated in an adult way, comparing his style to Bourne or Batman is the best way to convey his approach, if Mangold said he was going for a something less well known people would end bemused

  17. Count me as one of the skeptical fans. We shall see…

  18. You know, I love Wolverine as much as the next fan but I am still not convinced this movie will be better than what we have seen in the past. It seems like Fox is just going to keep trying different things untill they get a movie both fans and casual movie goers love. And I think that is the problem over at Fox. They just really are not sure what exactly they need to do with these movies. Sigh. But at the same time I will hold judgement for the final product. I really do want a good X-film.

  19. Anyone Can Say what They Want But Is One Of Most dedicated Cast In The X-Men Series To Date. I’m Really Looking Forward To This Movie.

  20. I really look forward to this movie, my first exposure to wolverine was when I was a little kid maybe 5 or 6, I was at the local library with my mom and I was just looking for a book and it was one of those times where I was asking myself what do I really like and is there any of that in any of these books. And my mother finds a kid book about the X-Men battaling sentinels and she asked me if I wanted it, and at first I was like “oh god that’s not age appropriate” but on the cover was wolverine in his yellow suit, and I saw those claws and I was like, forget age that guy on the cover is badass (I didn’t actually say that just to let you know lol). And I took it home read it and just kept reading it over and over again checked it out thousands of times drew pictures of wolverine and I fell in love with the character so much.

    I’m cyked for this movie, it sounds like they’re going in a fantastic direction one nobody has ever seen before (in movies at least) this sounds great can’t wait to see wolverine take on ninjas and Japanese mob bosses. You can’t tell me that doesn’t sound awesome

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