New Action-Packed Trailer for ‘The Wolverine’ is About Honor

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Outside of a series of posters (and a few stills) for The Wolverine featuring imagery and a tone intentionally disparate from that of previous X-Men films, there’re only really been one trailer so far with a few variations for the international markets. An epic one-minute sizzle reel featuring new scenes played at CinemaCon played at the top of the month and today, a new full-length theatrical trailer has released. And it’s the most action-packed yet.

The first trailer for The Wolverine introduced fans to a grizzled and emotionally broken Logan (Hugh Jackman) who is convinced to go to Japan for reasons involving an old debt being repaid. It’s made clear that Logan’s no longer high on life and after seeing his loved ones over the centuries pass away (see: Jean Grey), his quasi-immortality has become a curse. That theme and the downside of living beyond a normal human life is reiterated in this second trailer above, the sliced away by the sounds of hundreds of blades.

Unfortunately for the fan-favorite X-Men hero, not having his full healing factor couldn’t have come at a worse time as Wolverine must fight off a legion of Ninja warriors, a giant (robotic?) Silver Samurai and a mysterious mutant named Viper, who – as teased in the new posters – actually has a tongue of a snake.

Moviegoers heading to theaters for Fast and Furious 6 this weekend will see the new Wolverine trailer the big screen, although not in 3D. The Wolverine is the first X-Men film to be post-converted into the third dimension.

Official synopsis for The Wolverine:

Based on the celebrated comic book arc, this epic action-adventure takes Wolverine, the most iconic character of the X-Men universe, to modern day Japan. Out of his depth in an unknown world he faces his ultimate nemesis in a life-or-death battle that will leave him forever changed. Vulnerable for the first time and pushed to his physical and emotional limits, he confronts not only lethal samurai steel but also his inner struggle against his own immortality, emerging more powerful than we have ever seen him before.

The Wolverine is directed by James Mangold off of Mark Bomback and Christopher McQuarrie’s screenplay. It stars Hugh Jackman, Svetlana Khodchenkova, Will Yun Lee, Brian Tee, Hiroyuki Sanada, and Rila Fukushima.


The Wolverine hits theaters July 26, 2013. X-Men: Days of Future Past hits theaters on July 18th, 2014.

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  1. Wow… WTF did they do to Silver Samurai? He/it looks terrible!

    • I actually liked the way he looked… Too each their own. It gives Wolvie a huge bad guy. He hasn’t really had the chance to defeat someone like that yet.

      • It doesn’t even look like Silver Samurai… it looks like a robot playing SS.

        Yeah, I don’t like it, especially if it’s not a human. But I guess I’m used to being disappointed with the X-Men franchise.

        • Well I for one doubt that’s the definitive silver samurai, because you see that other dude wearing the silver armor. But I guarantee you the twist with this one will be that the old man is the villain, and the silver samurai is a failed swordsman who is just pretending like he’s a real badass only he’s a pill popping junkie who spazes out on crack before performances but rather than just taking pity on him wolverine will lop his head off.

          • There seem to be two Silver Samurai, but yeah your theory seems plausible.
            The old guy probably suits up in the giant robot because he can barely walk otherwise.
            But the real Silver Samurai will make an appearance. He shows up in the trailer for like a whole 10 seconds.

      • Yes at least you can I identify that’s the silver samurai.

        • We don’t even know if that’s a faithful rendition or a movie robot bastardization of the Silver Samurai. Right now, it’s looking like the latter to me… I hope I’m wrong.

          • Not having ever read anything with the SS before, I thought that looked pretty cool. If there is a guy in there he must be huge or just have a big suit like Obidiah from Iron Man.

          • Wait so SS needs to ne a faithful rendition? This is coming from the same gut who loved the completelu unfaithful manderin? Hypocritical

            • I never said I loved it, but the Mandarin didn’t bug me as much as it did many others.

              This, to me, is much worse if the SS is a mech or robot or whatever it is. Also, whether or not it’s a robot or human, the CG looks sub par. It’s 2013, Fox can’t make a movie with decent CG?

              • Its hard to say i disagree, when seeing trailers like pacific rim the SS looks like a junk yard of CGI

              • They’ve already cast Silver Samurai, he’s the guy that Wolverine is fighting on the train (and the dude in the armor earlier in the trailer) I think it’s safe to say the part at the end is some sort of robotic suit he wears. Point is, it’s a dude, not some robot. Do some research before flipping out, especially over a TRAILER.

                • Still lame… resuming freak out.

                  • @FILTHpig, at least you can stay riding on your high horse knowing that you can be proud to be just another small thinking comic book nerd.

                  • When he is fighting Wolverine half way through the trailer he CLEARLY has the classic comic armor. I’m a huge nerd when it comes to comics, but some just can’t be pleased.

                    • Yep, just read any IM3 article for proof.

                  • @FILTHPIG, has your spirit been completely crushed with these films? Because objectively,this looks really good from where I’m sitting (as someone who was disappointed with origins and the last stand).

                    They might yet right this ship y’know? I still think x1/2 and first class are great movies, I completely understand why you wouldn’t like them though.

                    • Pretty much… it’s difficult for me to trust Fox when it comes to these X-movies. Maybe I’m being overly sensitive, but they screwed up so many small details that the entire series has become suspect. Too many inconsistencies where if they would’ve stuck to the actual story, it would’ve been a lot better.

                      I liked all of the movies you mentioned when they first came out, but after a second or third viewing, they lost their appeal. It’s like their trying to fit a bunch of puzzle pieces together from completely different puzzles. They’ll never truly fit, so what’s the point?

    • i gotta agree with you there…although i thought it looked pretty cool, if that is silver samurai then it doesnt look right if it is a robot or something other than a human

      • Will Yun Lee is playing Silver Samurai, and yes he is human.

    • I said the same thing about Yukio…..She’s supposed to be a free spirited thief who lives life with reckless abandon. In this movie she looks more like a hired assassin or something, which to me just doesn’t fit.

      Silver Samurai looks like a robot……..he’s supposed to be an honor-driven samurai badass with an energy blade that can cut through anything by adamantium… disappointed

      • I realize the Mandarin ruined IM3 for a lot of people, but that was one movie. What ALL of the X-Men movies do to MANY their characters is just plain wrong.

        I won’t be paying to see this. Looks like Pacific Rim will have to do.

  2. I just don’t like it, you just can’t turn off or cure a mutantion, because it’s part of your genetic code. Plus the Sliver Samurai is 8 feet tall? Don’t get it, he suppose to be wearing a wannabe IronMan suit? And the suit looked like it kind of moves very clunky.

    • It looks like he’s a 10 foot tall robot or something… ridiculous.

    • @ Joker, yeah you can with Wolvie’s healing factor…

      You’ve got Carbonadium and the “only thing that can put him down for good” the 2nd Muramasa Blade.

      This film could see the creation of the Muramasa Blade and that giant Silver Samurai robot thingie could be S.H.I.V.A (or a variation of)

      Or not….

    • Didnt they cover this in one of the other Xmen movies and in the books? The gene can be suppressed/removed. Hence the loss of Mystique in the films.

    • It aint turned off its attenuated. Big diff. Essentially a poison is neutralizing his regenerative abilities.

  3. Is it just me or does Wolverine always seem to find himself in the same bar surrounded by the same a-holes?

    • Yeah, in almost every one he is in a bar then has to kick some butts.

    • well you see they are all drinking buddies. If Ronald Mcdonald didn’t interrupt they would’ve just said their goodbyes and arranged another get together where they smash bottles in wolvie’s face for laughs and giggles. :D

    • Isn’t that supposed to be the bar from the opening of the firse x-men movie? Makes sense to me.

  4. This Stand alone will be awesome

  5. whoa it’s the thing from sucker punch! lol

    • Ha! I knew that thing looked familiar.

  6. awesomeee

  7. Wow! That looks fantastic!

    Anybody else here read Essential Wolverine vol. 3? Brilliant comic, one of my favs. Storyline with Silver Fox was amazing in that one, and you basically had Mark Texeira (I believe) drawing Clint Eastwood as Logan. Unfortunately they’ve squandered that storyline slightly with Origins (which I seem to be the only who I enjoyed). Anyways gotta like classic Wolvie!

    • Actually Hugh Jackman looks a lot like clint eastwood

      • +1,000,000

        Thought the same thing! Jackman has that perfect look and voice for westerns

      • I’ve always believed that since I first saw him, it’s unbelievable how similar they are.

  8. This movie will end up surprising a lot of people after all the Superman hype has died down by July.

    • If it does indeed die down Tony. MoS could still be a powerhouse come July… the same way TDK was when it choked out that entire summer. People would go to see it a 3rd and 4th time before spending money to see something else.
      Will that happen with MoS? Who knows…

      • And you’ve got the other half of the WB one/two with Pacific Rim.

        Not up to date with the latest release info who’s first in July, Wolvie or PR??

        • PacRim comes out first on the 14th. The Wolverine comes out on the 26th or so.

          • Hmmm interesting, Wolvie could have it tough, gonna count a lot on die-hard Wolvies and preview audience reviews.

            I’m going regardless, just sayin’ he might get lost in the shuffle with the old general pub, there’s a stupid amount of good stuff out this year…. lovin’ it, skint but lovin’ it.

      • @ Dr Mindbender

        By the time Wolverine comes out, I’m sure the hype will have died some for MoS. MoS will not carry the summer, there is just way to much good competition this summer for that.

        It was just a simply observation about Wolverine, not a slam on MoS.

        I just cannot understand all the hyper sensitivity toward MoS. if there is even a comment in any threads even hinting at this movie being bad, not doing great, his new outfit, the sound track scores, or anything at all even slightly negitive or whatever, it’s defenders just come out in droves with their fangs out and start blasting away. Grow up people!

        Geeez…….., it’s a movie, that we have no idea whether it will even be good or not. I know WB/DC’s future is riding on it but people really need to lighten up. I know you only get one DC movie every few years, but geeez, chill out a bit.

        • @ Tony

          Have you been burned on some recent threads, your a bit prickly.
          Old Dr M was quite mellow in his response.

          No name calling, “MOS could still be a powerhouse…” could, not is or will.
          I’ll give you the “people would go see…” instead of might as being assertive.
          “Will that happen with MoS? Who knows…” Passive, expressive, questioning, inviting response, not aggressive or hyper sensitive at all.

          This could of been a general reflection on the response of some MoS supporters apart from the @ Dr Mindbender.

          Lets all play nicely and put the spikey away.

          • Okay ammendment, just re-read and “people would go see…” was a statement regarding TDK not MoS so that’s null and void

          • @ Jonathan

            Actually I haven’t been, I’ve just been reading a lot of them. I wasn’t blasting Dr. M, I actually like the Dr., he posts some interesting stuff and I enjoy reading him.

            Again I was just making an observation that the MoS fans are so over protective and hyper sensitive about this movie, based on what I’ve read, that it just seems silly to me. I like MoS just as much as the next guy, but I’m not going rip somebody who thinks differently about it.

            My intent was not to be prickly toward the Dr. or anybody else, (although I can be), it was just an observation in general, that’s all.

      • Hahaha so true. I saw it 4 times in the movie theater

    • I find what you say pretty hypocritical of you! You have been the same way over every Marvel movie, especially Iron Man 3, which by no means was even close to being great despite all the hype! They had no reason to bastardize The Mandarin, none whatsoever! and this is coming from someone who isnt even a comic book nerd. They mad him into a drunk actor! LOL. just awful. They though having an alien spaceship crashing and then him finding the rings was non sense? OKay yet in The Avengers they had an alien invasion in NY! Makes no sense…Anyways, everytime someone criticizes a Marvel movie you comment right in and defend them with your life and your always bringing up on how they rake in money. That doesn’t mean they are great. All those movies just ride on hype, except for The Avengers which was an okay movie. Avengers and Iron Man 1 were good, every other movie by Marvel has been pretty wack and mediocre. I saw Iron Man 3 and thought ehh. Nothing special! I wanted to like it so much but I just couldnt with how comedic it was, they clearly advertised it was going to be dark but it wasn’t, if that isnt false advertising then i dont know what is! Back to my point, don’t criticize the people defending MOS, because your the same way “Stark”. and no i am not a DC fanboy! I love DC and Marvel! but honestly i tend to usually lean towards DC when it comes to movies because Marvel has not done anything special with the exception of The Avengers! I am only saying that because The Avengers had multiple heros in it. And i wouldnt be surprised if you responded to this by saying “No, Marvel movies don’t live off hype, look at the money they are making blah blah blah” ! That’s like saying “Ohh Lil Wayne is the best rapper ever because of all the money he makes!” Pshhhh. yeah right, hes the worst!He does make alot of money, don’t mean hes any good hes horrible. Money isn’t everything. I hope you understand my allusion i am trying to make here.

      • @ Stark

  9. I’m surprised no one has said anything about Viper and the fact shes now a mutant with a snake tongue.. Which I find kinda odd.

    • I found it kinda lame, unless Wolverine was hallucinating somehow. But I guess I was more shocked about SS.

    • Shes deff more snake-like. They went for a more literal interpretation.

  10. I’ll go see it , but just for pure entertainment value. Not expecting anything grand. I’m more of a fool me once kinda guy. Fool me twice shame on me.

    It looks to me , like they screwed up Silver Samurai just like they did Dead Pool. Oh well.


  11. Well…. Hopefully the SS will actually be the SS, and not some drunken actor……what is up with superhero movies lately? Iron Man and Now wolverine suffering from PTSD-like symptoms? And the whole “battling ninjas, sliding backwards in Ice” thing was already done better in Batman Begins. I’m hoping this is the BEST definitive Wolverine Epic, Hugh Jackman is an awesome actor, and so far the screenwriting/directing has been subpar. I’m hoping this is a great film, and the horrible CGI in the trailer is somehow great in the context of the movie.

    • Michael Shannon looks like hes gonna win best comic book villian this summer

  12. *reads comments*

    man you debbie downers suck

  13. Looks good i like vipers powers interesting, she kinda reminds me of Husk when she pills her skin off but husk has different types of skin beneathe every time she pills her skin. would love to see Husk, and Beak in a X-men film as well as more of the original X-Men,Gambit,Nightcrawler,Archangel,Cyclops,Blob,Juggernaught, and newbies like Sinister,and Apocalypse.

  14. Where’s the wedding?

  15. viper looks like she has the same ability as a snake with the shedding of scales …, her tongue, …

  16. Will say that the train scene looks to be way more polished than the previous trailer. Thats a good thing. Overall each trailer is looking better and better. Silver samurai looks to be a robotic exoskeleton with the dude inside. Meh. Ironman with a sword vs wolverine, should be interesting.

  17. Hot diggidy-dog! *cogh-cough.ehem….Excelsior!

  18. Personally, I think it looks awesome

    • put him in the mask already!!!!if they can pull off batmans mask logans will look sic!!!

  19. I will go see it cause I’m a fanboy and support Marvel and DC. But Origins wasn’t all that but hopefully this is better. Silver Samurai, looks a little bit off but hey can’t judge it before you see it right.
    Stocked for MOS though lol

  20. “Why doesn’t he just call the rest of the X-Men?!?!?1″


    • Hilarious!

    • He did….JEEEAAANNN!

  21. Looks awesome looking forward to this

  22. This movie looks really good. This is truley better than the other trailers.

  23. Looks very good. I reckon it’ll finish close to 600 million. Seems like there’s an actual story going on this time too

  24. i hated X3 and origins, but i love Hugh Jackman in the Logan/wolverine role, he genuinely loves the character and is super nice when it comes to the fans. I’ll be seeing this movie, so far it looks good and james mangold is a great director so hopefully they finally give a definitive wolverine movie like jackmans always wanted to make. the solver samurai being a possible robot doesnt bother me as much as the ruining of deadpool because SS isnt as famous as DP is and doesnt have nearly as much of a devoted fanbase. if its a robot/guy in robot im ok with it, its still silver, and still a samurai and the showdown should be pretty awesome on screen.

  25. Well this movie looks better than X-men Origins. I won’t judge until I see it in theater.

  26. So far the stuff we’ve been hearing about the story has me thinking it’s going in the right direction…BUT, the trailers just haven’t been nailing it for me. I’m not quite sure why. It’s something about the visual aesthetic of the trailer, and how stuff looks. Logan in Japan somehow doesn’t look as awesome as it feels like it’s supposed to look – some of the stuff looks pretty obviously CGI (like the huge mecha-samurai thing, if that really is SS). Either way it still looks a better than X-Men Origins, but part of me still wants to see what the Aronofsky version would’ve looked like (admittedly it could’ve been way weird).

    Also… if he wanted to lose his immortality so badly, couldn’t he just have taken the ‘cure’ made from Leech in X3? I know it’s not really a cure, more of a suppressant, but they don’t know that (yet?). The whole ‘I can take away your immortality’ thing doesn’t seem so major when he could’ve achieved the same in the past movie.

  27. Um…OK. It looks entirely TOO slick and modernized. Why can’t anyone get the gritty, multicultural signature that was the Claremont era? Hugh Jackman will save this in spite of being given an inferior platform (unlike RDJ who has had a relatively solid creative backdrop to work with), but only just.

    I haven’t read any spoilers, but in a nutshell, I’m guessing the old guy’s alterior motive is to steal Logan’s power and become young again.

    Logan has his mortal “existential” crisis, almost dies, and realizes being Wolverine is positive and the world needs him. The attempt to strip his healing factor fails and he recovers.

    The attempt by the old guy to recapture his youth probably backfires and makes him an immortal invalid so he builds the “Iron Man” suit version of Silver Samurai. Wolverine and the “real” Silver Samurai proabably end up working together to fight him…

    • It’s modernized because they are setting it after X-3 which I guess means the time period is somewhere near or after 2013. This is not a hard retelling of the 80′s comic at all, if it where Silver Samurai and Viper would not be in it.

    • @ Rob

      Your thoughts run the same as mine apart from the SS team up to fight the boss battle at the end, didn’t think of that.

      Sounds pretty plausible based on what we’ve seen so far…. and remember the nice old fella in any movie is ALWAYS the bad guy.

  28. Yukio’s appearance seems to be based a bit off of Lady Deathstrike from the 90′s comics and television show. They made Deathstrike a weird combination of Mariko and Deathstrike in the cartoon, and this movie version seems to be a bit of the original Yukio from the mini-series, they would have more than likely used Deathstrike if they hadn’t already put her in X-2.

    The Silver Samurai in this movies looks like it might be another hybrid concept. My guess is that Logan cuts the Silver Samurai guy up the first time they fight and they pull a Robocop with him. It is a play on the three guards Wolverine cut up in the Hellfire Club that ended up becoming Reavers. Fans have to face the fact that these X-Men movies are very loosely based on certain comic book stories, don’t expect a faithful adaption.

  29. WHERE’S CYCLOPS!?….oh, that was not quite what we were going to talk about…well, I was simply say that when Wolverine wakes up all hairy in the trailer clip above, at first I thought it was Ben Kingsley! (Mandarin, where are you???)

    • I think Cyclops is dating Lois Lane now. Him and Superman can have am eye laser fight…

      Oh wait they scratched that version of Superman…..