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While our readers are already talking about this film in the comments section of our The Wolverine review, this is the place where you can discuss spoilers for The Wolverine without concerns about ruining the movie for people who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, it’s safe for you to assume that anyone who’s participating in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the film, we would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have.

For an in-depth discussion of the film by the Screen Rant editors check out our Wolverine episode of the SR Underground podcast.

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The Wolverine is 126 minutes long and Rated PG-13 for sequences of intense sci-fi action and violence, some sexuality and language. Now playing in 2D and 3D theaters.

To hear the Screen Rant editors discuss the film amongst themselves, stay tuned for The Wolverine episode of the Screen Rant Underground Podcast.

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  1. I noticed a lot of people in this discussion thread seem confused about stuff that was very clear in the movie. What is happening here? I’m genuinely baffled by this…

    things like “why could the robot samurai cut through Wolverine’s claws?” Um you didn’t see the bright red glowing sword, indicated there was something special or powered-up about it? “Why did he have bone claws in the end?” Um didn’t you notice he has a healing factor? He’s not going to grow back metal claws, he’s going to regrow the bone.

    That’s just the two examples off the top of my head.

    • The Samurai and his sword were made of adamantium

      Adamantium is indestructible…

      but yet the writers continue to ignore these things in every movie….

      Wolvie fights Murikos dad and swords stand up to claws non stop….until Wolvie wants to chop them in half

      Arrows pierce the Silver Samurai helmet and shouldn’t.

      Adamantium doesnt chop in half other adamantium…if it did then it isnt INDESTRUCTIBLE.

      • The blade was infused with Tachyon particles, read up on silver samurai. It wasn’t JUST, adamantium vs adamantium.

      • Id like to point out here the reason th adamantium was able to be destroyed is because the adamatiam sword used has been super heated to just shy of the point where it would itself melt so that with enough force that it would destroy logans claws although unexplained it is blaitently obvious also adamantium is “virtually” indestructable not completly indestructable thats why william striker in wolverine origins managed to giv logan a bullet to the head thatcaused his memory loss because the bullet struck the skull and pierced the brain causing the brain to repair its self much in the way that the bone claws grew back after the adamantium ones were destroyed

        • I fully understand it all but is he ever going to get the metal back on them? I mean that will throw the whole series off cause in every fight against every villain wolverine had fully metal claws. There has to be something that will get his bone claws fully covered again or everything in the future fights against old and new enemies, robots, and maybe even a real life version wolverine vs Hulk. He can’t stab hulk, slice and dice robots, or any other strong or metal type villains without them. The metal claws was wolverine’s main thing throughout all of marvel. They can’t just get rid of them or marvel will just be destroyed.

          • First off, the companies for the Hulk and the Wolverine are totally different, and we might never see that happening. Second, even with his claws, he can’t do anything to the Hulk. He has the same healing factor. If every person who has fought the Hulk has taught us something is that the worst thing you can do to him is to fight him. Because he gets angry. And you do not want to see the Hulk angry.

        • I understand the whole claws thing, the memory thing is what gets me. In the beginning of the movie it shows logan in the hole climbing with bone claws, and in the original wolverine movie when stryker shoots wolverine in the head he had just got the adaman. claws. and erased his memory. So my question is this. He must have met yoshido before stryker, but stryker wiped his memory, so how does he remember mr. yoshido?
          PS I know my spelling is off on names.

          • I get your points and unfortunately the new trailer for Days of future past ruin the whole thing.

            Wolverine can be clearly seen with metal claws.

            • Because in the 70′s he had the adamantium. :P

          • Thank you. It ruined the movie for me. I mean how does he know who Mr. Yoshido is?

            • I hope, I HOPE, when you say “ruined” you do not say it like “it ruined the surprise” because if it is, are you dense? Are you mentally retarded or something? What are you doing in the SPOILER DISCUSSION comment page?! If that’s not what you meant, ignore and explain. I

        • Ok so why did wolverine remember the old guy after he lost his memory to striker?
          That is bugging me to no end lol

    • The problem is according to marvel true adamantium is unable to be manipulated once it is shaped except by godlike powers. They can even survive multiple nuclear blasts. http://marvel.wikia.com/Adamantium

    • But still, Silverstone shouldn’t have bone claws in the end scene. It should still be made of adamantium. Let me explain myself: in the x-men universe, there are three kinds of adamantium: primary (which is the strongest) True adamantium (artificial, but almost as strong as primary) and beta, which is the weakest. Wolverine is infused with beta adamantium, which integrated with his skeleton and acts like skeleton (I.e if he had lost an arm and he degree it, the bones would still grow back intergated with adamantium) so in all rights, he should still adamantium claws

    • Why does he have boneclaws at the start? 1minute 48seconds into the movie when he is in the pit

  2. During the bombing,when Wolverine first met Yashida he does not have Adamantium bones or claws,he still remembers that incident clearly .

    But, how can wolverine remember the things that happened before bonding adamantium to his bones ? He lost his memories when he was shot in the head by striker.

    • Like it says all over the comics and in various points in the movies, memories are fragmented things it’s possible to not remember whole chunks of his life but still remember small parts of it within that span. Professor X told him that his mind would heal as he worked on it and as time passed.

      • What pisses me off about the whole damn movie is: A.Why in the hell is he having these little moments with jean grey in his dreams. They were never an item. What the hell about cyclops. If all these movies are tied together than that means that she killed his ass and instead of being with him in the afterlife, she is trying to get with someone she kissed once and dry humped because she was all phoenix retarded. B. The silver samaurai was made of adamantium. they were in the facility the s.s. was created. that means they had the tech and the means molding adamantium. So why the hell when wolverine gets his claws chopped off and then grew bone claws, nobody had the sense to take some of the pieces of s.s. that wolverine tore off before he threw him out of the building, take them into the lab, melt the damn things down, and fix his claws before he left japan. they had a STOCKPILE of adamantium. OMG. they had the technology. OMG!!!!!! this was almost the first x-men movie that didnt suck. at least the other movies had the common decency to let you know they sucked within the first ten minutes, and didnt hold all the suck back until the end and then hit you with it all at once like this turd. These marvel characters were only worthy of making movies of in the first place because of comic book stories. Those are the only stories that are ever going to make good movies. You cant let some tard who has never picked up half a comic book in his life write a screenplay for a movie that already has a solid proven story to begin with. you cant take cliff notes on 30 years of story telling and make a movie that fans who have spent their whole lives keeping up with are going to like and not critique. Let me write the next movie. the only people who will have problems with it are people that dont know an x-man form a rock. we live in an age where the technology (cgi) exists to do a movie accurately but we dont use it. WHY??????????????

        • While I am good and mad (just seen the craperine) let me go on to say the x-men 3: the last stand was the biggest piece of motion picture s**** that was ever spat across the big screen. They took my favorite x-men story(the phoenix saga) and they wiped their ars with it, folded it into a neat square, and then set it on fire. it is really hard eatin’ popcorn with the smell of burning poo filling your nostrils. The phoenix saga in its unchanged entirety could have been on of the greatest comic book trilogies ever made. Yes, they could had made three movies on that story alone. I have now seen 5 x-men movies. that is around 8-10 hours of my life i will never get back. i promise you when DOFP comes out I shant be watching it. when the next movie comes out, instead of watching it i will do something more worth-while with my two hours like hitting myself in the coin purse with a tack hammer. I HOPE YOU ARE HAPPY WITH YOURSELF DISNEY! HEY, AFTER YOU GET DONE CRAPPING OUT THE NEXT STAR WARS TRILOGY, MAYBE YOU CAN BUY THE RIGHTS TO THE LORD OF THE RINGS AND MAKE THE LORD OF THE RINGS TRILOGY PART TWO ELECTRIC BOOGALOO!

          • Only, Disney and Marvel Studios had exactly nothing to do with any of the X Men movies. Nothing. At. All. Usually good to know your facts.

        • You cannot remelt adamantium…once it hardens it becomes indestructible…..

          Indestructible also falls under the category of not being melted back

          • If you couldnt work with hard adamantium, than their wouldnt be any on wolvies bones to begin with. it would be useless.

            • Two words: Eric Lenscher

          • That doesn’t make sense at all. How could they melt it the first time and not the second? Then can y’all please stop saying indestructible cause once again his claws were CUT OFF, that show that they are not indestructible. Y’all say it is then y’all say it ain’t. In every comic I’ve seen and every anime x men, wolverine never loses his claws not even against another adamantium so nothing y’all say makes sense. Everything in marvel has been destroyed. The Thing isn’t as big and strong as he was in the comics and anime, Abomination doesn’t look scaley and green, Deadpool looks like Frankenstien, in usable woman gets hurt too easily with her force field, Lady death strike appears to not have robot arms, doesn’t talk, and gets injected with adamantium which apparently kills her, cyclops gets killed when he is one of the main characters in the whole marvel series, Hulk in the second movie doesn’t jump as high and nearly gets his dark green butt kicked, and Xavier comes back after being shattered in the exact same form and disabled state as before(which I think he made the entire death scene an illusion). In all the comics I’ve seen and all the anime that I have not seen anything close to these. So I’m just at a complete loss.

            • I made a few grammar errors in my last comment so watch out.

            • You weren’t paying much attention, were you? His claws clearly stood against the Samurai’s adamandium sword and they could take the damage. The thing they addressed was that the sword should be extremely hot to melting temperatures in order to cut off the claws. Also, the Xavier thing. In X3′s after credits scene, it shows that before he died, he transmitted his conciousness to the man he was talking about in his class (the vedgetable). I do not know how his form is back (I guess they will explain it in “Days of Future Past”), but there are rumors that the man was Xavier’s twin brother.

        • I just wanted to point out that in the Movie wolverine origins, when the crazy military dude who gave wolverine his adamantium shot him with the gun and ended up shattering his memory. The guy clearly says that the only thing that can pierce adamantium is adamantium. So in sequence, wouldn’t a robot whatever with adamantium be able to cut wolverine’s if it is of the same substance? You know …. just for the record. Fails to all of you who didn’t pay enough attention for that little convo in the movie. Toodles.

    • strong point , even i misses this point he lost his memory when striker shot him in x men origins wolverine

    • Prof xavier was helping wolverine to get some of his memories back in diff sessions it doesnt come out all at once like bang here is your memory it is just pieces of it..

  3. I will admit you are right. My attack on disney was mainly focused towards the wolverine and not the older movies. I thought that was their baby. Turns out it wasnt. I am sorry for being ill informed. That being said, any production company who takes on this kind of undertaking always drops the ball. I know you cant adapt a comic book word for word and expect anyone to watch it, but i truly believe the events they choose to portray in the film should reflect the comic book. I will even go as far as to apologize to twentieth century fox. I know they didnt care about the accuracy of the films as much as the profit that could be made. My wife loves all of the films. She has NEVER touched a comic book in her life. And I also understand that no matter how much they work at making these comic book movies accurate, the die hard comic fans will still find problems and flaws and be disappointed. But at this time it is as if they dont care and dont try at all.

    • Here’s the thing… many comic book fans want the movies to be exact reflections of the comics, but many comic fans take another view, that it’s okay for things to be changed and adjusted to a certain point when adapting to a different medium. An illustrated book and a movie are very different mediums. Yes, it’s important to be “faithful to the source” but that does not mean no changes can be made, it does not mean “has to be exactly like the source material.”

      • Ken, I have no problem with a little tailoring of a story so that it comes across more effectively on the big screen. But lets face it (using x-men 3: the last stand as an example) they change just too damn much. Sometimes they change just for the sake of changing. Why? When a comic book becomes so popular that a production company decides to spend millions of dollars to turn it into a motion picture, that must mean that the story is pretty special and impressive already. Who are they to think they can do better? They were trying to “build a better mousetrap”. That particular mousetrap ( the x-men ) was as good as it is ever going to get.

      • My opinion on that is a little different. They can make changes but I think that they are going a little to far. Wolverine losing his metal claws, completely new and unexplained looks for some of the characters, and finally deaths of the most important characters not to mention favorites so early in the series by the wrong villains. Ex. Cyclops dies by Phoenix but in all the comics and anime I have seen, he doesn’t and Jean appears to be the Phoenix but not evil in some cases. What’s next, are they going to make nick fury die by a thug and have a white nick fury take his place? The changes are too big for most fans of marvel to handle. In Ultimate Avengers anime, captain America get frozen and has a grudge against an alien shape shifter, but in the comics and avenger emh, he fights the red skull. Do y’all see the big difference? Abomination has been green and scaley in the comics and anime but in the real life version he is a yellowish brown and has bones sticking out every where, I can’t tell if he is just so skinny or buff. In the Ultimate Avengers hulk lifted Thor’s hammer and threw it at his face but in all the other anime and comics hulk couldn’t move it at all. These are animations but they are doing the same thing with 3D.

        The point is that the changes that they are making are too big that it throws the entire storyline off. Would y’all like it if 50 years from now they were to make a movie of Mikel Jordan but they made him white instead of black? Or made Superman faster than the Flash in every way?

    • But doctor, I have to submit that I didn’t have much of a problem with The Wolverine! It redeemed the character from the previous outing, and that button scene in the end brought dignity back to the X Men franchise. First Class wasn’t half bad either.

      I think at this point Singer has an opportunity with DOFP to make up for his colossal mistake of abandoning the franchise before to go mess up Superman. Only time will tell if he gets it right.

      In the meantime, The Wolverine played Logan’s ronin storyline in more faith than, say, Marvel Studios has done with Tony Stark’s ‘Demon in a Bottle’ story. At least that should be noted.

    • By the way, Logan LOVES Jean! That’s true to the comic. It makes sense that she’s in there. Think about it, this is a pretty much immortal brute who has enjoyed the affection of maybe three women in his long, hard life. Every little bit of attention a woman gives him will be groundbreaking, and a massive reprieve from the constant, contrasting roughness of his daily life. Jean never had to really throw herself at him to achieve an iconic stature in his mind. All she had to do, and did, was project the possibility of true love.

      • True love, and salvation. This, in part, is what makes Logan such a great ronin in the first place. In my humble opinion, of course. I only share it because I respect yours.

        • Your opinion is very much respected. It was certainly more mature than mine at the time. It seems like I get madder and madder the more x-men movies I watch. After you explaining the Jean Gray dream sequences, I really feel sorry for wolverine now. I know you cant translate a comic word for word into a motion picture. Most of any comic is dialogue. That much dialogue in a movie would put any movie goer (comic fan or not) into a deep coma. But it is the other parts, those key blocks of the story that keep you turning the page, that have to be respected when making the movie adaptation. And lets be honest, they have not been respected. X-men 3: the last stand disappointed me the most. Now I understand that as a movie alone it was awesome. If you asked anyone who is into the action sci-fi genre, but not a comic reader if they liked the movie, they loved it. Ask anyone else and you will probably receive a rant similar to mine yesterday. What makes me mad is that it didn’t have to be that way. In x-men 2 you glean that the phoenix saga will be the focal point of part 3. So comic fans imagined what it would be like when it came out, anticipating how close the film would be to their expectations. I cant believe that any x-men fan wanted what they got. As for the Iron Man franchise (my favorite marvel movies) I dont think they really touched on the demon in the bottle story line. So I dont think they messed it up ( at least not yet anyway). I read somewhere that they were going to kind of dance around that story line when making the movies because they didn’t feel it would make for a good movie. They were probably right. I may just like the Iron Man movies better because I didnt read that comic as much as x-men and therefore didnt catch as many mistakes. But I am pretty sure I like them better because they are just better.

          • I like the Iron Man films too, but I think they have sort of been dancing around the storyline and that’s worse than ignoring it entirely. Alcoholism is no joke, and its a powerful thing to watch a superhero wrestle with and overcome.

            I didn’t like X3 at all. lol. So the less said about that one, the better. I am holding out a little hope for Days of Future Past. Good things happen when people acknowledge their mistakes and seek to make amends for them. That’s where Singer is right now with the franchise, so we’ll see if he achieves his redemption.

    • What u could do is shut up get a life, forget about the comics; and think of this a sort of parallel universe where it does not follow the comics because it would be F**KING BORING. Who gives a s*** if wolverine possibly shouldn’t remembered that or if he should have claws, or even if he should be learned in the ways of the samurai. Honestly nobody cares is not like “jonnothan livingstone seagull” at least it follows a decent storyline. Think of it as comic wolverine and film wolverine 2 different people

      • Oh my effing god. Nerdslayer, you sound like one of these shitbirds that are responsible for these crappy movies. Do you work for fox or disney? You obviously dont know a comic book from a dish rag. If those comic books were so boring, you would have never of gotten to watch your turd-bomb movies in the first place. I have always thought of it as two separate wolverines. THATS THE DAMN PROBLEM. THEIR IS ONE WOLVERINE. NOT ONE GOOD ONE AND ONE THAT SUCKS ASS. As far as my life is concerned anyone that is still commenting on this movie has a questionable life. And for the record, I am a DC man. Marvel is awesome but it is not my thing. I am on here defending comics and not poorly thought out motion pictures. VIVA LA BATMAN!!

  4. Im really curious that noone have noticed this, (if i didnt miss any comments)

    Wolverine,while having that (insect?) in his heart, doesnt have his “healing factor”. so how the hell can he use his claws?his fist should have bleed from that.

  5. Just wondering….about the whole bone claw thing. 2 questions I guess.

    1. What wolverine universe does this follow? In origins his bones are NOT just coated or covered in adamantium like some people are saying; they are actually bonded (his bones are now adamantium..as show by the x-rays and dialog in origin). So where are his bone claws coming from?

    2. If he has plates, or devices allowing him to stick out his claws, then how does he grow bone claws out at the end? If his adamantium claws are cut off…then the base of his nuckles would be covered by blunt adamantium…stopping any bone claws from growing.

    I’m confuesed…………..corse, I still haven’t figured out why the F#$K gambit can fly like a monkey in Origins either.

    Any insite would be appreicated.

    • I reckon he grew a “second set” of bone claws after the Adamantium Covered ones were destroyed. Part of Wolverine before Weapon X was Healing, the Wolverine senses etc and his Bone Claws. It would make sense they would “regenerate” if he pushed hard enough.

      • If you remember x men origins wolvernine victor breaks off 3 of the claws but when adimantium is bonded there are 6 claws

    • As far as I can tell, Gambit doesn’t fly. He uses his charging powers on a staff and bounces in the air with it. And judging on how he made all those cards spin around him and fly into wolverine, I would assume he can control where anything, charged up by him, goes.

  6. Wolverine struggles to remember Nagasaki, When yashida’s name is mentioned he remember an atomic bomb and saving someone he still doesn’t remember anything he has done with yashida.

  7. Will they somehow reatach the dimantium by removing the bone from inside them and slotting them on to his new bone claws and somehow seal them on

  8. The writer is just very bad at making an ending, every marvel fan knows his adamantium is indestructible, how can a fan be confident pitching wolverine to someone OP as superman when even a man-made invention can destroy adamantium, just like how they show hulk looked like he only has limited strength. what part of unlimited strength they can’t understand?

    • None simple as that.

  9. What is going to happen with Spider-Man? They changed the actors and the suit a little and the powers and the storyline. Everything in marvel and part of DC is messing up. The Joker talks very slow and boring and has yellow hair after he is captured and looks a little zombified. Jim Carry would be perfect for the Joker in every possible way. Batman now had armor??? Why haven’t they made Flash’s story line along with the Justice League??? There is so much changes that I just don’t think I will ever watch another DC or Marvel movie again.

  10. Anyone else think there’s to many wolverine based movies on his character and just him alone… How many other back stories of the marvel heros have we made? 0? I guess wolverine is just that amazing. I also think he should have died on this movie, just sayn, as I agree that this was crap and the confusion rate has passed my understanding.. Adamatium vs bone claws, he’s MOST LIKLY never getting those back? Could there be any more interest factors of his life we need to portray? What’s his reason to live now?

    As for me I liked this movie but not that much, Japanese people in these wolverine films are getting seriously high not that that’s a problem, just pointing it out. As for jean… Jean.. Jean was a friend with benefits, o he loved her, not to sure the other way. Cyclops? Vs Jean? My opinion? She didn’t give a rats as about him there “relationship” was never EVER explained and was basically nothing.

    I don’t read that many comics about wolverine but seeing this movie, reading these critiques.. I’m gonna go look over them and self rant on how much everything went to crap

  11. this is the worst x men movie the story wasnt convincing and the and was horrible . i didnt like the idea the yashida want to hurt logan in spite of logan saved his life in the past.

  12. Just a quick not. Watched the trailer of X-Men Future past. It shows a rief second with Wolverine having his metal claws. Pfeewww lol Just saying.

  13. What’s frustrating me, is why the bullets penetrated wolverine, I understand his healing factor is gone but his skeleton is made of admantium, wtf?

    • You do realize the skeleton is on the inside, right?

  14. How did the bullets penetrate Logan if his skeleton is made of admantium????!!!!

    • His skeleton is made of adamantium, not his skin and muscle tissue.

  15. I’d just like to point after I just finished watching the movie I was pissed. I then proceeded to watch the trailer for DOFP and I wanted to see if wolverine hot hid claws back. I personally didn’t see them but people are saying they did but after reading many of your comments I’d like to point out a couple things 1. Adamantium the strongest metal in the marvel universe can cut through a weaker version itself ex: the silver samurai probably was made up primary A as wolvie was injected with primary A which later after melding to his bones and such turned to beta A. Its like steel cutting through iron all they are both very strong 1 materiel will always be strong 2. As far as the claws coming off I saw it like this wolvie had thin claws and S.S had a huge (probably couple hundred pound) sword which cut them off. Period. Its done most of you think omg you can’t do that well they did and I think it was a great twist. At first I hated it but after realizing that they’ll give him his claws back I thought will it was a twist and it’ll all be ok. In case you couldn’t tell this movie didn’t follow any comics, I believe they nailed it with the end the idea of the movie is to show wolvie at his weakest and making him both mortal and lose his claws (at separate times of course) made him learn to deal with normal life. In the end he threw the guy off the edge which showed that he didn’t need his claws or immortallity to be a hero. 3. As far as his memories go he remembered striker so he can remember this 4. The arrow piercing the armor. That is one thing I cannot explain the best I could come up with is that being an expert archer he found a chink. 5. As far a jean goes its not her back from the dead its wolvie kinda going crazy with guilty (once again showing weakness but this time its a mental one)
    This was a great movie I’d consider it the best and the reason is I looked at it from the directors eyes I saw a movie were wolvie was at his weakest. If you look at it like that theny you’d see its a GREAT movie. If you have any other questions or comments email me at leahs5535@yahoo.com

  16. One thing I didn’t understand is that at the end of The Wolverine with the cut scene when Magneto came into the picture and wolverine pulled out his claws they were bone and magneto was still able to keep him (wolverine) from attacking himself (magneto). What’s up with that? Now we all know there will be a continuance to the Wolverine.. Will Wolverine get his adamantium claws back in the The Wolverine 2? Questions nobody knows yet but is mind boggling to every reader, original X-Men comic fans. I also agree that there could have been a series of Phoenix movies alone with how long the story was in the comics. And with comparing the X-Men movies.. It’s just too much to type. I could say so much and combine everything in so many ways.

    • His claws were bone, so Magneto just controlled the rest of his body.

  17. One thing I didn’t understand is that at the end of The Wolverine with the cut scene when Magneto came into the picture and wolverine pulled out his claws they were bone and magneto was still able to keep him (wolverine) from attacking himself (magneto). What’s up with that? Now we all know there will be a continuance to the Wolverine.. Will Wolverine get his adamantium claws back in the The Wolverine 2? Questions nobody knows yet but is mind boggling to every reader, original X-Men comic fans. I also agree that there could have been a series of Phoenix movies alone with how long the story was in the comics. And with comparing the X-Men movies.. It’s just too much to type. I could say so much and combine everything in so many ways.

  18. Also when he was fighting yoshidas son a reg sword cut him in half and he super heals when his bones are covered by the metal not possible the blade would have broke or got stuck on his spine he does loose his claws but bye apocalypse or magnito also thought silver samurai was a mutant with time dilation powers which could freeze super fast

  19. After the first 3 horrible movies were made I did a lot of reading up on wolverine. If im not mistaken his adamantium is removed and put back on atleast 3 times, by different people. The only thing I can think that would happen is maybe magneto puts adamantium back on his claws. Cause I was trippin out on how silver samurai broke them too. In the comics there was something called the miramasu blade, I know this blade could weaken logan, but I dont know if it could destroy adamantium…

  20. After reading a lot more comments about the other X-Men films, I do agree that there were a lot of changes that pretty much killed storylines. With that said look at X-Men 3 The Last Stand, in the series, pheonix does not kill scott. Also about the mutant kid that relieves other mutants powers if they are close enough to him. The Juggernaut is not a mutant, he gets his powers from a certain gem, (forgot what its called,) so he would have been able to crush through the last wall in the kids room. Just pointing that out….

    • In the X-Men movie universe, Juggernaut is a mutant because there are no superhumans other than mutants.

  21. Steven. Wolverine still has his adamantium bonded all through his body.Therefore, Magneto can control him. It does not matter if the adamantium is no longer on his claws.

  22. I liked the movie! But I was disappointed with the claws..as far as I know that the wolverine is my fav superhero! I hope they bring back his metal claws!! I just hope! But the movie….I loved how hugh jackman played it out:) it was GOOOOD:)

  23. What leaves a question in my head is that…does the wolverine still have his healing power? Coz that motherF tried to steal them! Soooo does he still have them or just a little? An answer will be appreciated fellas!

    • Are you serious? Of course he still has it. Yashida did not complete the process. I mean, how else would he regenerate from being semi mummified and get his actual bone claws back?

    • He does still have his healing powers. His skin goes back to freshness and he looks in quick shock at his knuckles which are heeled. It was really quick, if you blinked you would have missed it. I didn’t see it till the 5th time I watched it.

  24. Wolverine can have his claws broken. He had adamantium beta claws. Upper class beings (Zues) and high level mutants (Magneto) can break it. Captain Americas shield is made of the strongest stuff. Wolverines claws are the best they could make and they bonded with his healing powers making them stronger, but not unbreakable. In the comics magneto does rip all of the metal out of wolverine and that is how magneto dies. (Bone clawed)

  25. Wow, must be a lot of non-comic readers on here. Wolverine had his adamantium removed by Magneto and had a series dedicated to him with his bone claws AND minus his healing powers. He did eventually get his adamantium back. (Via Apocalypse) I’m not sure why Marvel, or DC at that matter would let money dictate the original storylines but they jacked them all up.

    In the end of The Wolverine there is a scene where Yukio is handed a large case before she gets on the plane but doesn’t have it in the next scene. I was thinking they may have been his claws presented to Logan but was cut. Any thoughts on that?

  26. At the end of Origins, Wolverine was shot 3 or 4 times with adamantium bullets, which can pierce his adamantium skeleton. When he is x-rayed in X1, there is no sign of the entry wounds from the bullets. Let’s assume this is not a continuity error, but the result of his adamantium truly being beta, thus regeneratable. This means Logan’s bone claws are a continuity error in themselves.
    In addition, according to Stryker, shooting Logan in the brain will caused him to lose him memories. Does this mean the writer of Origins wants the movie going audience to believe he was never once shot in the head, despite being depicted fighting in every U.S. war, starting with the Civil War? This is confusing because his memory is fully intact throughout the movie (his nightmares of every war he’s fought in is evidence of this). This means one of two things. Either Stryker is wrong, or Adamantium affects Logan differently than normal bullets (which begs the question of why Zero didn’t prep his sidearms in case his old teammate went berzerk after the experiment). If Adamantium affects Logan’s brain differently than regular bullets (the comics given an explanation of Adamantium being poisonous, but didn’t affect Wolervine much due to his healing factor and, later, Hank’s serum), this would explain why it takes so long for Logan’s memories to return and why it is in patches.
    At the funeral, Logan took a 12 gauge shotgun blast point blank to the stomach, but this seems to be completely ignored thereafter. Any ideas?
    Not that anyone cares, but how did Logan’s chopsticks end up vertically back in back the bowl?

  27. On the flashback to Nagasaki atomic bombing: why did the Japanese officers commit hari-kari? It was only two American bombers, no one in Japan knew about the atomic bomb. This would not be seen as a major threat that the an officer would free the American POW’s and join with the others to commit suicide?

  28. So in days of futures past how does Logan have his adamantium claws back if they were cut off by silver samurai?? I don’t get it

    • I’m pretty sure Wolverine 3 will show us how he gets his admantium claws back. I’m going to assume Wolverine 3 will take place before the distant future of DOFP.

  29. Wolverine had boneclaws at the start…… 1minute 48seconds into the movie when he is in the pit
    So when do u think this part of nagasaki took place ….after x-men origins wolverine which is imposible as he had bone claws in the pit or while he was with sabertooth in the battle’s which they fought together but if he was with sabretooth then he would never leave logan behind ……
    I am really confused at this part…..

    • Maybe he went to japan after he left stryker’s group which is difficult as he met kayla or after the wolverine origins part where it is shown that he is sitting in japan having a drink trying to remember but if that was the case then it would contradict the bony claws part