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sr underground 102 the wolverine The Wolverine   SR Underground Ep. 102

The Screen Rant editorial team is back with episode one hundred two of the Screen Rant Underground podcast.

Join host Ben Kendrick, fellow SR editors Rob Keyes, Anthony Ocasio, as well as special Andrew Dyce, as we review James Mangold’s The Wolverine, offer updates on the Fantastic Four reboot and discuss whether HBO has a right to influence George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones writing process. Plus answer your mailbag questions.

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Screen Rant Underground: Episode 102 - The Wolverine

We review James Mangold’s The Wolverine, offer updates on the Fantastic Four reboot and discuss whether HBO has a right to influence George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones writing process. Plus answer your mailbag questions.

[0:00] News: ‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot to Start Shooting in Louisiana This September and HBO Pressures ‘Game of Thrones’ Author to Finish Books.

[59:45] Rants and Raves: Mailbag – Batman vs. Superman movie follow-up, box office bombs, and the most iconic Marvel actor.

[1:28:35] Review: The Wolverine (read our full review of The Wolverine).

[1:52:54] The Wolverine SPOILERS discussion (join the conversation in our Wolverine spoilers post).

[2:20:17] Twitter Handles and Contact Information.

Hosts: Ben Kendrick, Rob Keyes, Anthony Ocasio, and Kofi Outlaw.



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Special Guest: Andrew Dyce (@Andrew_Dyce)

Music by Omarie B. Williams (@OmarieWilliams)

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  1. Pffffft. (^-^) That Wolverine pic looks really funny for a really rude reason.

    • Yeah, we actually changed it. Forgot about the “other” way of viewing that image.

  2. Like pretty much everybody, I just want Marvel to get FF back more than anything. Fantastic Four was the comic that started the Marvel universe and they deserve way better than the crap fest we got twice. The only redeeming things of the first two, Chris Evans and Julian McMahon. Michael Chikilis as Thing was ok but he looked so stupid. They messed up Silver Surfer and Galactus. Whoever came up with cloud Galactus had to be the same idiot that came up with sewing Deadpool’s mouth shut. CANCEL IT!!! If Marvel Studios got FF back, we could have Hulk and Thing fighting each other. And just imagine Tony Stark, Hank Pym, Bruce Banner and Reed Richards together in a room. Awesomeness!

    • See, that’s how I think you make Reid Richards interesting. Put him in a room with his other science friends.

    • You really think that a giant man floating through space would have worked better in a live action movie than that cloud thing? I don’t. It’s already goofy as hell in the comics and would have been goofy times 10 in an actual movie. Remember Green Lantern? Yes… it would have been a Parallax class pile of crap.

      • Galactus could work if done right. Granted it would take someone super smart to make it work. And Parallax, they screwed him up too. In the comics he’s a giant fear insect looking thing whereas in the movie he’s a giant floating space turd with a face.

  3. 1. The Wolverine
    2. The Smurfs
    3. The Conjuring
    4. 2 Guns
    5. Despicable Me 2
    10. The To-Do List

  4. It was much better then Origins and thats already good. But it wasn’t up there with other X-men movies. Still atleast now there is hope.

  5. I agree with the Wolverine review. It was a real good pleasant surprise. Way better than I was anticipating. The action was good but like everyone else, I agree the third act is not good. I always wondered in these X-Men movies why there is no blood anywhere. You have a dude with claws coming out of his hands slashing people. Fox should go full tilt and make a R-rated Wolverine, Deadpool or X-Force movie. As far as rip offs go, that insect nano thing inside Wolverine totally reminded me of the Matrix like Rob mentioned. But, I actually kind of hated Wolverine losing his adamantium claws. Now, I assume for most of DoFP that Wolverine will have bone claws. In the future now he’ll have bone claws and when he goes in the past he’ll have bone claws. So lame! But I’m sure the messed up time travel will fix that I guess.

  6. 1. Smurfs 2
    2. The wolverine
    3. 2 guns
    4. The conjuring
    5. Despicable me 2
    10. Pacific Rim

    • He also does yoga!

    • He also loves fish!

  7. I don’t believe Hugh Jackman will be back after Days Of Future Past. I think Days Of Future Past will lead into a new team. I can’t see Mccavoy & Fassbender wanting to play this role for much longer, so I believe we will get a new team, maybe the X-Force. And now that they told this story, what else can they do for a solo Wolverine film?

    • Next Wolverine solo flick, Savage Wolverine.

      • Reading the summary alone leaves me to believe that that will never even be considered.

  8. Tay- Wolverine in Russia against one of his his greatest villain Omega Red.

    • I don’t know if he can hold a film by himself

  9. 1. The Smurfs
    2. The Wolverine
    3. 2 Guns
    4. The Conjuring
    5. Despicable Me
    10. The Heat

  10. 1. The wolverine
    2. The Smurfs 2
    3. 2 guns
    4. The conjuring
    5. Despicable me 2
    10. Pacific Rim

    I liked The Wolverine, but i felt the 3rd act kinda fell apart for me…I love Hugh Jackman, he is one of the most genuine people in Hollywood…I am still kinda on the fence about X-MEN:DoFP, i hope the story comes together..

  11. I guess if they wanted to do something different from those other Fantastic Four movies I would suggest going cosmic and embrace outer space. They could be a NASA crew in deep space exploration(Cue cosmic storm giving them power ) or they could already have powers(no origin story) & now have them deal with aliens & be on alien planets. It might be a fresh way of rebooting the franchise without rehashing same/similar story-lines but it’s tough to make MR. Fantastic’s powers cool on film(cant crack that code).

    My friend told me about the claws & that kind of turned me off on going to see it because it’s kind of lame but either way if he’s going into the past he will probably not be any version of the X-Men movies before.

  12. I liked Wolverine. It was fine. And I agree…. The big final battle was underwhelming. You guys nit-picked the heck out of the science and physics behind The Wolverine, but gave a total pass to Superman in MOS…….. Superman has got to be the most illogical and physics ignorant superhero of all time. Indestructible, flying without wings, x-ray vision, heat vision, freeze breath…….. ridiculous! No wonder WB is trotting out Batman all over again.

    Do I feel a Cash-Grab coming on?!

    As for the Fantastic Four….. Or should I say “The Barely Adequate Four” It seems to me that the farther away from the comic book source material that the movie script goes, the better and more successful the superhero film. Just look at Iron Man…… Or Thor…… Or Captain America…… The Avengers….. Nolan’s BM trilogy. The origin comic books for all these characters actually kind of suck. No offense to Stan Lee or Bob Kane….. The stories are shallow. So if a good writer re-imagined the origins of the FF, and their back story, it could only improve the reboot IMO.

    • is Superman suppose to be realistic? I think the point of the film was to have an unrealistic character that defies logic and physics placed into a world where we have never seen that stuff. But Wolverine is the same way it’s not right to nitpick the physics of superhero/mutant films

      • I don’t think anyone was attacking the ‘physics’ of the Wolverine, just the inability of the writers to play by the rules they’d established. I can go along with any unbelievable superhero fiction if they explain it and stand by that, but the Wolvie healing powers/extraction are just goofy.

    • yes that’s kind of the thing they should do. Reimagine the origin story but stay as true to the source as tastefully possible. Problem is no one is doing such. The Wolverine completely deviated from the story it was based on, and that story was far better then this movie. Yes the 60s stuff is shallow because that’s what comics were back then, you could say the same about most old movies. Plus im sure ol Stan and Jack never thought things would get this far. The Wolverine was a major flopp in my book. He didn’t even fight the ninjas.

  13. Thanks for answering/discussing my question, guys!

  14. 1. The Smurfs 2
    2. Wolverine
    3. 2 guns
    4. The conjuring
    5. Despicable me 2
    10. Pacific Rim

  15. Only reason im not hoping for Cable in Days of Future past or X-Force is the SLIM chance that hes in the Deadpool movie if it ever gets made

    But i think we have a better chance of Terra Nova season 2 happening than Deadpool ever getting made

  16. 2 guns
    Smurfs 2
    The wolverine
    The conjuring
    Despicable me 2

  17. Anthony Ocasio is a pointless addition to the show. Every time he speaks he goes off on a pointless diatribe that leads absolutely nowhere. I don’t like the way Kofi Outlaw bullies the other hosts of the show but at least he offers valid opinions and he stays on topic.

    • I completely agree!

      • +1

    • Shuddup! They are all great in their own way. Anthony made me laugh so many times that he’s anything but pointless. The podcast is supposed to be entertainment, you know?

      • No, you Shaddup.

    • Haha, Ocasio is the WORST!

      Who plays with LEGO while recording, geeze.

      • Seriously though, he’s right about the LEGO. There is no feeling like dunking in both hands. #HurtsSoGood

        • +1

          And the worst feeling ever is when you see a lego piece but don’t take it out, and then a few minutes later you realize you need that very same piece. But it’s gone forever.

          Or when you step on a piece of lego with your bare foot.

    • @SkidMark

      What you are experiencing is the feeling of unchecked Ocasio. Without old Uncle Outlaw there to bully people, these dudes tend to get out of pocket.

      • LOL. Hopefully you’ll make your return on this weeks show.

  18. 1. Smurfs 2
    2. Wolverine
    3. 2 Guns
    4. The conguring
    5. Despicable me 2
    10. The heat

  19. I’m pretty excited for the Fantastic Four reboot, especially with Josh Trank at the helm. I think you guys are just having trouble with the bad taste the last two FF movies left behind. I think Trank can bring a cool modern edge to it and he’s had a good amount of time to develop it. And Mister Fantastic is actually one of my favorite Marvel characters. His stretching powers can be a little goofy at times but he’s mainly known for being one of smartest characters in the Marvel Universe, which can add a lot of interesting aspects to him. I’m pretty interested to see who they’ll cast for him.

  20. Game of Thrones showrunners/producers have stated in interviews that George RR Martin has told them the ending of his books, just in case he kicks the bucket before he finishes the books.

  21. To be honest, I have an HD Television at home with a decent sound system.

    For me to go out of my way to go to the theater every time is becoming a hassle.

    I also foresee that in the future movie theaters should be more boutique or risk going bankrupt, Especially when 4k televisions become the norm.

    One thing Lucas and Spielberg (or James Cameron, can’t remember) had mentioned is charging based on movie costs as well, with varying ticket prices for blockbuster movies or just comedies.

    And from a business perspective I can’t help but feeling that if the studios skipped the theater experience all together and opted for content delivery systems like, Blu Rays, Xbox Live, Netflix, Hulu, Youtube and even television (with commercials making up for costs) that they’d make way more money.

    The movie theater in my opinion is now the equivalent to an arcade, technology has caught up and it’s just a matter of time before the numbers justify this future.

    I’m also noticing that movies aren’t selling anymore based on actors alone those days ended when they started to become greedy (asking for ridiculous fees) and fans started to notice. And Will Smith and Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp are some actors finding out the hard way.

    It’s based on the event of the movie and the actor’s ability to sell that character we love.

    A good example is Robert Downey Jr. I don’t think he’ll do all that well after Iron Man. He just got good luck to have been in the right place at the right time, but we all were in awe when we saw the commercial of Iron Man flying against the jet.

    We all wanted to see THAT. The same way we all wanted to just see Superman versus Zod or Batman face off against the Joker. I expect the trend to continue especially with studios now focussing more on franchises, getting better at creating long term events, and wanting to James Bond them all.

  22. As I wrote in the Open Discussion (because that comment was actually meant for the podcast):

    I think 3D plays a big part in all these big budget movies bombing. The novelty of 3D has finally worn off and people become aware of all the downside. They aren’t willing to pay a premium for it anymore and since the 3D version is the only option to watch in most cities, because cinemas don’t even provide a (cheaper) 2D version anymore, people rather wait for the home release.

    I’m not going watch Man of Steel and Pacific Rim in the theater, for example. Too expensive and no 2D showings. I’m going to wait until they come out on Blu-ray.

    • Could be right. I want 3D to be an occasional or somewhat rare and special experience. Most of the movies this summer didn’t benefit from it, and for my friends and I, absolutely not worth 30% ticket price premium.

  23. 1) You should do that April Fool’s story! And then all the podcast listeners will be a part of the joke and then when you add the UPDATE the next day, you can add a link to this episode of the SR Underground and maybe you’ll get more listeners.

    2) I agree with Anthony…the Fantastic 4 are boring characters! I have no faith in this film because the only thing that makes these characters interesting is the villains like Doctor Doom and Galactus. I think the only way to make the reboot work is to center the story on Doctor Doom and make the heroes secondary characters. I don’t think Galactus can make a big screen appearance.

    3) I like the multi-verse idea…but only in the future, not now. When they bring up the multi-verse in an Infinite Crisis type story, they could use footage from Burton, Schumacher, and Nolan’s versions…and Donner and Singer’s Supermen. They can create this convoluted story to link all their films so they can sell a box set of them all together. Just like FOX is doing with the X-franchise. Maybe I don’t like the multi-verse idea…and I’m still not sold on X-Men Days of Future Past story. We will see how that goes, but as of this moment…I’m a fan of reboots.

  24. LOL @ ‘The Incredibles was the best Fantastic Four movie’ (#truestory)

  25. 1. Smurfs 2
    2. The Wolverine
    3. 2 Guns
    4. Despicable Me 2
    5. The Conjuring
    10. Pacific Rim

  26. I just find fantastic four and xmen the most boring bottom of the barrel comic book stories and characters ever.
    I just cant get xmen, perhaps because Ive had one too many biology classes to know that a mutation doesn’t mean you can get a diversity of powers.

    Also haven’t watched game of thrones, so all in all this weeks podcast was not for me I guess.

    • I agree! every other superhero is based on sound biological principles. Why not the X-men? laziness I tell you! laziness! :)

      • no but at least they all have individual unique power origins
        not, oh we all have a mutated gene
        oh us four were bumped by cosmic rays in space.

  27. You guys were way too harsh on the Fantastic Four. It’s my second favorite Marvel franchise after the X-Men. I was excited for the news that filming was going to start soon but then became disappointed that you guys decided to trash on it for what seemed like over 20 minutes. I get that it’s your show and you’re entitled to your own opinions but you do realize that fans are listening right? Also, Mr. Fantastic doesn’t just stretch, he’s a brilliant strategist and inventor and the character dynamics of the four make for a great team, if they find a way to involve Franklin Richards in this that will be great to. I think every F4 fan was let down by the last two movies so we’re looking forward to this one. I love the Screenrant Underground podcast but the opening of this show was seriously disappointing.

    • Sorry Drew. The Fantastic Four hurt us… bad. They’re almost villains now ;)

      Nah, we WANT it to be good, just as much as everyone behind it does. And like I said on the cast, I do have faith in Trank and if he can do characters like he did for Chronicle, then it’ll be a big win for fans.

      As for Mr. Fantastic being smart – it’s just been there, done that with all of the scientists in The Avengers. It just goes to the point that the movie definitely needs to be new and different.

      • @ Drew: to be clear, I think our hate on the movies was partially informed by how badly they made the most out of the comics’ best features. The tone of those movies (in my opinion) was all wrong. Especially Mr. Fantastic.

  28. The Fantastic Four is, simply speaking, the foundation of the entire Marvel Universe. Stan Lee and Jack Kirby literally changed how comics were done with FF, and most of the major concepts of the Marvel U were originated in FF. The 100 issue Lee/Kirby run is still considered one of the greatest comic book runs of all time. Whoever said they should concentrate more on Deadpool than making a good F4 movie…I don’t even know what to say, except “ugh. Kids.”

    • lol, I know where you’re coming from, but what makes great OLD comics doesn’t necessarily make for great modern movie stories. Not saying it won’t with FF (I think it actually will), but A Princess of Mars is the foundation of sci-fi fantasy and John Carter – as an example – was incredibly outdated in its themes, because it’s been done better by newer sources.

      • Well said Rob

      • well, they’re just as old as the rest of the Marvel Universe,more or less, and I don’t see why a family that suddenly has superpowers thrust upon them is a dated concept at its core. The only character who to me has “cheesy” powers is maybe Reed, but we all know Reed’s real power is his brain. Being a super strong monster, a fire being, and having the power to create powerful invisible force fields all can be bad ass powers, and often are in the comics. I mean, everyone loves the Incredibles, and what is that if not the FF?