‘The Wolverine’ Extended Clip: Logan Battles the Yakuza on a Train

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Another summer of superhero movies is upon us, and with Man of Steel comfortably in the middle of its theatrical run, it’s time to look forward to the double-whammy of  The Wolverine and Kick-Ass 2, which will have to tide comic book fans over for a few months until Thor: The Dark World hits theaters in November. The Wolverine also serves as an interim between X-Men: First Class (in which Wolverine was featured only as a cameo, with dialogue consisting of three brief but poignant words) and next year’s X-Men: Days of Future Past.

One of the scenes that has frequently been glimpsed in trailers for The Wolverine involves the clawed mutant engaging in what looks like a highly risky battle on the roof of a train, and Fox has now released an extended clip of this scene, with eighty full seconds of crazy high-speed stunts. It’s unclear exactly which events lead up to this moment, but it’s been heavily implied that relations between Wolverine and the yakuza go sour at some point, leading to this rather ill-advised ambush. Don’t feel too sorry for these goons; they’re the kind of people who wear sunglasses indoors.

The last time Wolverine got into a train fight on the big screen, things didn’t go too well for him (to be expected, really: in Pokémon terms, Wolverine is the Charmander to Magneto’s Squirtle), so it’s fun to see him in a battle with slightly more even footing. Much of the battle consists of Wolverine and his opponents each doing their level best to dislodge each other from the high-speed train, whilst at the same time trying to keep from being thrown off themselves.

Hugh Jackman fights on a train as Logan in The Wolverine The Wolverine Extended Clip: Logan Battles the Yakuza on a Train

It’s an interesting sequence that will probably succeed or fail based on individual preferences when it comes to action scenes. There is a very pervasive awareness of the fact that the actors are simply leaping about in front of a green screen, and the slightly goofy jumps through the air that probably break several laws of physics don’t add much to any semblance of realism, but if realism isn’t a deal-breaker for you in a superhero movie then you’ll probably have a lot of fun watching this scene.

In short, the train clip is much like the rest of the promotional material for The Wolverine, in the sense that it makes it difficult to get a real idea of what to expect from the rest of the film in terms of quality. The trailers so far have been good, if not outstanding, but have given away very little about the plot. Depending on whether we’ve been seeing the prime bits, or whether Fox is holding a lot back, The Wolverine could still be the best superhero movie of the year, or it could be the flop that finally kills Wolverine’s stretch of standalone films.

It might not be the Wolverine vs. Silver Samurai battle that everyone’s waiting for, but leave your thoughts on the action choreography of this scene in the comments.


The Wolverine rides into theaters on July 26, 2013.

Source: Machinima

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  1. I will of course watch this one and buy the DVD, but nothing will beat the fight-scenes of Spiderman against Dr. Octopus and Green Goblin in the first two Spiderman movies…some of the best battles in ComicBookMovieLand!

    • + INFINITY

    • Better than Hulk vs Loki?!?

      • Weird.

        I thought Hulk/Abomination, Spiderman/Lizard in the school and Blade/Stephen Dorff’s character were the best Marvel movie fight scenes so far.

        • Hulk vs Abomination was average. Spidey vs Lizard were cool but they didn’t have tension as much as Spidey vs Octopus(even theatretical cut).
          The whole reason why i still like Raimi’s Spidermen is that he done it in cinematical way. He always changes camera angles, always concentrating on details when needed, always have some music changes, these pieces really help to sell it.

          • Mind telling me how Hulk VS Abomination was “average”? Curious. I think it’s one of the best fights in Marvel. Last I checked cinematical =/= better. Sure it had different angles.. but it wasn’t THAT exciting. At least not to the point of calling an equally good if not better fight average.

        • Blade as a series had some of the best fight choreography overall due to Snipes being a student of martial arts.

          Blade vs. Nomack is still my favorite fight. It had a good balance of practical real life technique with some CGI mixed in. The last fight in Hellboy 2 was pretty good too.

    • Punisher (Jane) vs the Russian imo

    • No one thought that Batman vs. the Joker in The Dark Knight’s interrogation was the best??

      But nah, I agree that Spider-man vs. Doc Oc in SP2 is great, along with Spider-man vs Lizard in TAS. They’re tied to me – SP2 was great and amazing overall (probably better overall) because of the span/scale of it and also how both characters use their abilities. But I really liked TAS becuase it showed MORE of what Spider-man is capable of and how he deals with a bigger villain, and how he shows/utilizes more of his spidery characteristics. I would like to imagine TAS as Spider-man Movie 1, and SP2 and Spider-man Movie 2.

      • Maybe not the greatest fight scene ever, but I also kinda liked the moment in Spiderman #3 when he pushed sandman’s head up against a train and shaved some of Sandy’s head off. What a way to get a haircut!

        Fight with Wolverine above shows what happens, speaking of trains, when you try to hop a ride and ride the rails without buying a ticket!!

        I seem to recall a few fights nearly as epic as all these between me and a couple of my jerky bosses over the years at my job at Wal-Mart! (Well, it seemed like that, anyways! Hee-hee!).

  2. This looks much better than when the earlier footage of this scene was shown, I think so anyways.

  3. Wolverine is an awesome marvel character but we wont see the best until he goes
    to mcu. This will be the six wolverine movie without his vintage costume and mask……

    • I like that fact though.

      Would be nice to see the classic costume but only if it were an allegory for his hiding the parts of his past that he remembers to avoid others getting too close to him and ending up hurt like Silver Fox and Yuriko were.

    • Sort of agreed. I’d like the X-men properties to stay with Fox just because it means more superhero movies for all of us. But I’m definitely with you on his costume. I don’t understand why they’ve refused to show it at all.

      • Other than the fact that it looks garish and ridiculous?

      • I kind of think they would need someone shorter and kinda stockier for that. Tall Hugh Jackman in bright yellow and blue? Idk…

        Well…maybe this way: X-Men, Days of Future Past. He gets caught up in a vicious battle with a lot of bad mutants. The X-men have also been on the mutants’ trail, and they catch up with Wolverine in the battle. They split, overwhelmed, and are forced to wind up in the closest safe location they can find – some bunker or whatever, but specifically it is wherever they stored the flight gear they had in First Class – the yellow and blue jackets (sound familiar?) Wolverine’s clothes have been ripped apart so he puts one of the jackets on. But it looks ridiculous, so he rips off the arms. And there you have it – homage to the classic Wolverine suit.

        Or just do something like Wolverine meets Kill Bill’s stylist in Japan, idk. And as for the whole mask bit or blue boots? I know that Hugh Jackman will never get stuffed into those.

      • In a comic book someone in a costume is just accepted as the norm and there is no need to explain it. The way Wolverine’s character has been played in the movies (an to a certain extent in the comics) it really does not make sense for him to wear a costume if and when he is hiding out or really does not want to be a “super-hero”. There is also the point that Logan did not really have a secret identity to hide, which was one reason other characters donned costumes.

        From a film stand-point most comic based characters have moved away from certain aspects of some of their traditional print costumes probably because it just might not look that great plastered on a huge movie screen in high definition. Batman went the way of the whole suit/body armor look decades ago, and I doubt it will ever go back to anything resembling spandex. Spider-Man is the only character I can see staying close to the original look because it is part of the mythology of the characters development and built into the origin story.

      • Probably still dead…..

  4. Not really a fan of the soundtrack but the action seems pretty cool.

  5. I’m sure the action is going to be phenomenal but I worry about the story. It looks like a far cry from the Frank Miller story it’s supposed to be based on. I’m also not to excited about the Silver Samurai being a big robot. But I will definitely see this and I hope it delivers.

    • I’m not worried at all about Silver Samurai but my only reason for going to see it in the cinema is because I’m worried about not seeing that lead-in scene that links it to DOFP and that clusterfudge of a movie releasing before The Wolverine airs on TV.

      • I dunno. He was never a big robot. Harada was a mutant in the comics with a similar power to Gambit’s except he doesn’t blow things up. Just charges them. I hope it’s not what it looks like because if they do to Silver Samurai what the other writers did to Deadpool I’m gonna be pissed.

        • I always saw it as more of a big suit of armor than a robot whenever I’ve seen the trailers so far. I mean, if he’s going toe to toe with Wolverine, he’d need all the help he can get to protect himself from those claws.

    • Yeah I get what you mean. The trailers and other promo materials so far haven’t done anything to impress me on the story front. I’m worried that it’ll be less the classic Japan story, and more of another Wolverine action piece set in Japan. The action scenes so far look just okay to me. There’s nothing particularly inventive there.

      I actually think the jumping on the train is pretty okay, they seem to have gotten a good feel for the sound and the look, so despite the questionable physics it looks all right. But I’m not sold on the rest of the movie – plus, the music was pretty bad IMO. Sounded messy.

    • Is that the Silver Samurai armor or is that the Vadhaka?

    • At least the story, set in Japan, will have Asians in it (**…still muttering about the Iron Man #3 Mandarin situation…**).

  6. pfft. Asian punks got nothing on the Wolverine!!!

  7. Looks great, hopefully it all connects with First Class at the end. I honestly love X Men: First Class, even with it’s continuity problems, I think it is a top 3 movie made by Marvel. I just wish we could all watch and enjoy these comic book movies.

    • *Fox, not Marvel.

      I think all of us watching and enjoying all comic book movies is virtually impossible because we all have different tastes.

      Some say Citizen Kane and The Godfather are masterpieces, I say they’re boring and not a lot happens in them.

      Likewise, I’d say Arnold Schwarzenegger’s best movie is Commando while others will say Terminator 2. Differing opinions etc.

      • Yes made by Fox, but still it is a Marvel movie. And I agree with you on the different tastes we have. But still, I will enjoy this and DOFP I know that for sure.

        • Yeah but if we’re gonna use all Marvel properties turned into movies as simply “Marvel” then I know my top three would be something like Blade, Iron Man and The Amazing Spider-Man.

          I thought First Class was good on the first viewing but subsequent viewings have left me wanting so much more than it actually gave us. Which is how I feel about all X-Men movies so far.

          • When you say you’re felt with wanting more from First Class, I think that’s what DOFP will give us.

            • Really not sure about that.

              I felt like FC lacked decent character interaction, coherent plot beats and shifts from scene to scene and proper characterization that should make you care about the characters involved.

              DOFP having 3 times the amount of characters as FC doesn’t make me hold out any hope on it giving me what I felt has sorely lacked the X-Men franchise outside of the fantastic Wolverine/Sabretooth dynamic from that terrible Origins movie.

              • Alright there was very good character interaction between Professor X and Magneto. Raven and Professor X. I though that was a very strong part of the film. You must simply not like the film and I understand that. That is fine, but do not try to sound smart and say things that are clearly not true about anything. Things you are saying simply you trying to sound smart. I truly hate trolling on this site but the character interaction bit you brought up was simply and outrageously incorrect.

                • Those were the only times I felt the character interactions worked.

                  I just find it telling about yourself as a person that you have to resort to name calling and questioning my intelligence just because I don’t agree with you on other aspects of the film.

                  There’s also the assumption that I “must simply not like the film” which is also false and therein lies the problem. I only “liked” it, I was never wowed by it like I hoped considering the talent involved in making it, both behind the camera as well as in front of it.

                  I’d liken it to Maniac Cop, which I saw again last night, in that it’s good for a first viewing even if it isn’t quite what you expected it to be and that you can’t capture that initial enjoyment again until a long time has passed, otherwise it’s just a movie that exists on four great actors (Fassbender, Bacon, McAvoy, Lawrence) and the interactions between their characters rather than a fun and engaging movie based on the first mutant team up.

              • WHy do I always always hear about the need to “care about the characters”? It’s such an oft-repeated sentiment yet there are very rarely many characters I “care” for, and even rarer when it’s necessary for me to do so in order to enjoy the movie. What’s a movie you HAVE cared about so vitally? I really need some examples to get where this sentiment is coming from.

                  • Caring about characters is an antiquated idea that was important in those things they used to have printed on paper. It clearly is not entirely important in films considering some of the more popular films over the last decade have had characters that were about as personable as the animal bands at Chuck-D-Cheese.

                    On the subject of First Class, interaction between the some of characters was not as lacking as was the lack of depth of the characters themselves. Like most of the X-Men series the secondary villains were basically Storm Troopers with powers, and some of the X-Men team members were very forgettable, which is probably why they are not in the new film.

    • I liked the first two X-Men flicks, but thought they went downhill from there, spin-offs and all. Sorry to disagree, Emerson Lake, but I think First Class was a “Palmer”!!!

  8. I don’t think it’s that bad. I would like to see it. Unfort’, my local theater probably won’t show it, so it’ll be a video rental. I’ll heartily smack down my $6 for that.

  9. I still don’t understand why people think Jackman is a great Wolverine. Honestly, he has ZERO traits that Wolvie has in the comics, and he doesn’t resemble him at all. Plus, I want his yellow/black costume to make an appearance sooner or later. If they’re worried about covering Jackmans face, they could always have him pull back the mask like he does in comics.

    • And I don’t see what makes Origins as terrible as everyone claims it is -_- .

  10. I always saw it as more of a big suit of armor than a robot whenever I’ve seen the trailers so far. I mean, if he’s going toe to toe with Wolverine, he’d need all the help he can get to protect himself from those claws.

  11. Did Gavin Hood direct this garbage? Second unit direct perhaps? Sure looks like it. This doesn’t look like an improvement from Wolverine Origins at all. No Wolverine costume, no purchase.

    • So I guess that all of the pther X-Men movies must have sucked because Wolverine didn’t wear his canary unitard, huh.

      • Well, not because of that so much ; I liked X-men #1 & #2, but they all really needed to dress exactly like in the comics…and that goes for all the other superhero movies from everybody as well. Green Lantern, Spiderman, Iron Man and Man Of Steel all wore something more than black leather, and it did not detract from the character at all. Batman also, for that matter (even though the Batman movies themselves did not impress me as much as some other people). Some costumes like Captain America’s, while looking super-hero-ish, could have used more work, tho.

  12. SMH

    Any hope I had for this movie just evaporated when I saw Jackman and the other stunt doubles do Wire-Fu in front of a green screen pretending to be on a bullet train.

  13. Is it just me or does the score sound very Die Hardish?

  14. I thought that ,of all the battles i’ve seen in cinema, Neo vs Agent Smith was the best 1 on 1 moment… Until i recently saw Man of Steel.
    By far the most spectacular battle in the movie business for me…

  15. The train scene just looks so cringe worthy, I didn’t find anything special about it. It’s like a green screen nightmare. Also in the beginning when he encountered the thugs all it seemed Wolverine was doing was just throwing his arms around, it also looks like they are downgraded him even more from this clip. Not judging the movie but if your going to release a first clip at least make it descent. Yet again one if the main problems is how Wolverine’s claws had been inconsistent in every single film he has been. The clip just reminded me of origins all over again which isn’t a good thing.

    • I think you meant “decent”, CH. Or did you mean by “descent”, that something is “going down” (uh…the movie, I meant, Hard Charlie)?

  16. The costume looks well on the comics and the cartoons but that’s where it belongs. It would be ridiculous to do it the same way on the film(s). Why do people think that having Wolverine wearing spandex would make the story any better or worse; just enjoy the film when it comes out. It’s no use sulking over a movie you haven’t even watched.

    • Batman without his cowl
      Superman with out the s
      Iron man without the armor
      Black widow without the tights
      Hulk without the muscles
      thor without his hammer
      thanos without his purple skin
      captain america without wings and shield
      Etc etc etc
      Heroes costumes is what makes these characters unique.

  17. First class was trash and the only reason they are bringing back original cats and
    sentinels is to try and save the franchise and because the young xmen cant even
    fight its way out of box moneywise at theaters, vaughns young xmen trilogy on its own is dead pure and simple……

  18. Wolverine’s costume is the lease of FOX’s problem’s with Marvel films.

    The last Wolverine sucked because FOX thought shoehorning in random characters in a film with a poor story and poor editing would fool must fans.

    This film is definitely a pass for me. Nothing about the 3 clips shown have changed my mind so FOX’s Marvel films are strictly a Redbox or netflix release if that. Really hope that Marvel gets the rights back to this and F4 sooner rather than later.

  19. Why is the silver samurai a giant.

  20. Any news on the development of a X-Force film?