‘The Wolverine’ Motion Poster – Wolverine is Batman with a Katana

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Wolverine Motion Poster Released The Wolverine Motion Poster   Wolverine is Batman with a Katana

Despite being overwhelmingly panned by critics (and a great many fans, too), X-Men Origins: Wolverine was an unadulterated box office smash. Still, it’s fairly obvious that Hugh Jackman and company took the terrible reviews to heart in crafting the sequel, The Wolverine, as it looks almost nothing like the thrice-titled original.

For example – whereas the first film was all about slow motion, bright colors, and bombast  (the hallmark of the post-Matrix superhero film), the newly released motion poster for The Wolverine exudes grit, mood, atmosphere, and intrigue. In fact, it looks more like a neo-noir film than an X-Men spin-off.

Check out the motion poster below (and check out the official Wolverine website for some ambience to go with the poster):

You can also check out the plain version, if you so choose:


Wolverine Motion Poster 280x170 The Wolverine Motion Poster   Wolverine is Batman with a Katana

The poster depicts Wolverine as, essentially, Batman – shrouded in darkness and overlooking the city (in this case, Tokyo) from on high, propping himself up with his own katana. Could this be another example of the Christopher Nolan influence? We already know that the film will take its creative cues from Chris Claremont and Frank Miller’s Wolverine run from way back when, wherein Wolverine returned to Japan to deal with old flames, evil ninjas, Yakuza bosses, and more. The poster is just further evidence of that.

Visually, the motion poster is reminiscent of Frank Miller’s art work, but less from his run on Wolverine and more from his work on The Dark Knight Returns and Sin City. The rain, the kneeling, the silhouette (well, almost), and the subdued, practically black-and-white foreground and sky are all very Miller-esque.

Frank Miller Wolverine Art Work The Wolverine Motion Poster   Wolverine is Batman with a Katana

Much of what we’ve seen from The Wolverine is cause to have hope that the film might actually be – dare we say it? – not bad. Maybe even good! Not only is the story being adapted from one of the most revered Wolverine comic book runs ever, but the promotional materials have been pretty excellent so far (the motion poster included), and the writer (Christopher McQuarrie) and director (James Mangold) have a respectable track record (The Usual Suspects and 3:10 to Yuma, respectively).

Obviously, we’ll have to wait for a trailer to make any serious pre-judgments, but it never hurts to hope.

What do you guys think of the motion poster, Screen Ranters? Do you like the new cinematic take on the world of Wolverine? Drop us a line in the comments.

The Wolverine, starring Hugh Jackman as said Wolverine, hits theaters July 26th, 2013.


Source: The Wolverine Official Website

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  1. Firstly, it is ‘The Usual Suspects’ and not ‘The Unusual Suspects’ for Christopher McQuarrie.

    Secondly, a good platform like Screenrant needs to stop comparing everything to Batman, least of all Wolverine. Hugh Jackman & the team are owing up to the shortcomings of the previous iteration and I think we should let it play out before jumping to averse similarities.

    Also, Wolverine is not even overlooking the city. He is looking down at his feet, probably deep in thought or meditation.
    Not everything is Batman-esque. This throwing around of the term often leaves a bad taste.

    BUT THE LIVE WALLPAPER LOOKS FANTASTIC. I hope they nail this one. I hope this is the badass Wolverine every X-Men fanboy has wanted.

    • I’m not throwing around the term – the poster looks pretty Batman-esque to me. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, and it doesn’t mean the movie’s going to be Batman-esque, either. I think I was pretty clear that I like the poster and I actually have some confidence that it’ll be good.

      And I think you’re splitting hairs with regard to Wolverine overlooking the city part. His head is tilted downward so he’s not overlooking the city? Agree to disagree, I guess? I mean, I doubt he climbed high atop the city with his eyes closed, so he probably went up there to, you know, look at the city.

      • Ben,

        Screenrant titles don’t have to consistently mention Batman or Christopher Nolan just because a film is “dark”. It’s annoying. And more so, in this case, since the poster did not remind me of Batman.

        His gaze seems more meditative, as opposed to overlooking the city. Also the city may be a bit in the distance.

        • I think I pointed out why I thought it was reminiscent of Batman in the article, and it wasn’t just because it was “dark.”

          • Haha, of course:

            “The poster depicts Wolverine as, essentially, Batman – shrouded in darkness and overlooking the city…”

            • You forgot about the comparison to the art of The Dark Knight Returns and Frank Miller’s post-Batman art style.

          • I agree, hes only missing a cape.

            Also as long as Batman/Nolan are the bench mark in filming I don’t have a problem with the comparison. Maybe everybody that is tired of hearing a comparison should talk to the studios as they are the ones making the product.

            • I agree as well. People need to chill out.

        • I actually agree with this statement, the multitude of reviews that seem to revert our attention back to Batman or Nolan is so trying that I cringe.

          Even the term ‘grit’. Had man reviewers studied the evolution of recent cinematography, one of the strongest attribute contributing to the ‘gritty’ *roll of eyes* look, is simply that its been shot on film in a new era where many other movies are shot on Alexa or Epic, even the new Sony gear, which is all clean digital cinema, take The Avengers, it has a clean aesthetic shot on Alexa, had it been shot on film it would posses a ‘gritty’ (bang head on wall)feel from the film negative and post treatment.

          To be very clear, not targeting you BEN, I think its great your contributing and keeping us entertained, so thank you, look forward to more. It’s just bad timing as your touch on stand points that I’ve seen so many times before, and yes SR is notorious as a collective, of making reference to bloody Nolan and Batman.


      • looks to me like he’s mourning the loss of someone important to the story not overlooking the city just using it as a striking image for the.

        • The combat scenes are definitely something WB/DC can look to improve in JL or the batman reboot.

          • I must be in the minority, but I really thought the fight scenes were excellent esp. in the TDKR.

            I tihnk comparing Wolverine’s poster to Batman is a little, I think Dark Claw is a better comparison. :)

            • You’re in minority if you think non-martial arts fights are excellent for a character that’s supposed to be a “MASTER” of them.

              • The last fight of the movie was excellent, very “real” or ahould I say reflected what an actual fight looks like between 2 people who know what they are doing imo. Quick and to the point, not a long drawn out fight where the combatants should be dead from the amount of punishment taken or don’t seems tired.

                Sure the first fight was pretty much a brawl with Bats swinging for the fences, I chalked it up “ring rust” or beating up criminals rust”

                I understand it is a movie, but I appreciated the fight sequences for not having flashy acrobatics. Maybe JL will be different and the future DC movies.

                  • Very true, minus the Crouching Tiger comment, but I feel that Batman used his techniques skillfully in the last encounter with Bane.

                    The choreographed fight sequence that I really enjoyed was from The Last Samurai and if the fights were along that same vein that would have been sweet.

                    • Not to get off the subject here, but you actually thought Crouching Tiger was a “Good” representation of that genre!?

                    • In reference to Crouching Tiger, no not for the genre, just a fun film with some cool sequences.

                      You know has bothered me? I thought Wolverine trained in Martial Arts while in Japan, but in the cartoons and movies and always gets pushed around, maybe it’s just me.

                    • Maybe not kicks and/or punches, but there others ways to display his combative training/instincts such as how he moves. Wolverine’s back ground has been brought up during many coversations, maybe not here, but it has been brought up.

        • I’m also a little tired of the Nolan references to every ‘dark’ movie poster. (I love his work, just getting sick of the pedestal he’s being hoisted on.)

          Birds of Prey was put on TV back in 2002, with the Underworld movie in 2003. Those were basically the same dark posters, moonlight, hunter(ess) looking over the city, dark/black costumes, etc.
          So why isn’t Len Wiseman or Brian Robbins credited with directing the foray into ‘dark’ and ‘gritty’.

          I could even go back to ‘An American Werewolf in London’ director John Landis (except there were no superheroes). Talk about dark and gritty!

          Anyway, rather than using the above terms, I suggest when referencing Nolan’s work, people use the term ‘realism’ or ‘grounded in reality’.

          • I was typing almost the same thing about Underworld which reminds me of The Crow.

        • I mean, The Crow wasn’t inspired by Nolan, but it was certainly inspired by Batman.

          • That’s probably why I loved them so much during my childhood and continue to do so.

    • I agree. Comparing everything to Batman is getting a little old…

      • Then maybe you have a problem with the studios taking inspiration from the movies?

    • In case you haven’t notice already Akshay, but the Nolan/Dark Knight trilogy butt kissers were released a long time ago, & they’re never going away.

    • I agree with you on comparing everything to Batman. It’s getting a little old.

  2. Thank god he won’t be wearing that god awful yellow spandex costume, the mask alone would look hilariously cheesy on film xD

    • What “yellow spandex costume”? You mean the one that you & everyone else has never seen before on screen, but are so quick to judge unfairly about? Is that the one?

      • Yes.

  3. Although whatever we know of the story so far has me encouraged, I won’t be sold till I see the trailers first :)

  4. I don’t get the batman reference

  5. Again with Batman mentions? I’m sorry, but I’m tired of this. Batman isn’t the first film to have a dark tone and ‘Miller-esque’ presence. It was stupid saying Skyfall and Star Trek Into Darkness (both the film and poster) took from The Dark Knight, and again with Wolverine. The Dark Knight Rises isn’t the first film to have a poster like this, so why don’t people just STOP MENTIONING THE DARK KNIGHT. Yes, it’s sucks its over but do we have to compare to everything dark toned now?

    • maybe you should read up on the Screen Rant article that has Sam Mendes saying in plain English that The Dark Knight was an influence on Skyfall.

      And all you people who are sick of the stylistic comparisons to Batman need to just deal with it. The fact is that The Dark Knight was a watershed film for the superhero and action genres, so of course it’s going to be the inspiration for the new dark and gritty angles that a lot of action films are taking these days. For the moment, the film is sort of the poster boy of this new age of dark and gritty superhero and action films, so of course that is going to be the reference in a lot of articles. Would you rather every action director take stylistic cues from someone like Michael Bay? Then we’d not only have every film being inspired and compared to films like Transformers and Pearl Harbor, we’d have little to no other choice than to sit through new films like Transformers and Pearl Harbor.

      In any case, I like all the tips of the hat to Batman on the site, because I’m a huge Batman fan and the Screen Rant people probably are too, so keep up the good work :)

      • I’m a huge fan of Batman and I’m getting tired of all the comparisons.

        • +1

  6. Of course, the Nolan effect. The darkness in lightness etc….

  7. Is this the Dark Knight influence on Screenrant comment threads??

  8. Poster looks awesome, hope the movie turns out good. I hope all upcoming X-Men movies turn out well

    • Nolan, Batman, dark, sorry but your comment left out these wolds and it looked out of place on this thread :P

      • Mike101′s comment will be removed unless these words are added.

        Chris Nolan

  9. Cool poster look forward to the trailer

  10. Yes, the comparisons are kind of getting old and I’ve always thought Wolverine is a darker character than Batman. The poster looks awesome by the way. Let’s just hope they come up with a great movie :)

  11. sick to death of hearing “the Christopher Nolan influence” just because he done it doesnt mean others werent thinking it in the first place, is every dark gritty film from here on it gonna be influenced by Nolan

    • Well then they should do it, make it better and become the new benchmarks.

  12. I’d also add this, stop raving about The Dark Knight trilogy. It is not a benchmark for superhero movies. It’s a standalone story by Nolan dealing more with the city of Gotham and Batman as a symbol than Batman as a character.
    This fact does not undermine in any way the quality of the story. It’s just that it is not exactly loyal to the mythos of Batman. Yes, story ideas have been borrowed and molded to frame the movies. But this could easily be about a man who takes up a mask to save his city, and pass on the mantle when he’s done his part. The man behind the mask does not have to be Batman. It could be anyone. Phantom or any other hero from any source material for that matter.
    Anyhow, I digress.

    Treat the Nolan trilogy more as a separate Batman iteration. It is a great trilogy with Batman in the lead and not a superhero movie.
    Superhero stories are supposed to be larger than life, that’s what comic books are all about. Grounding the superhero story into reality is not exactly a deed worthy of great acclaim. It’s just making the superhero more accessible to the skeptic audience. As fanboys we should appreciate Nolan’s iteration but not revere it as there are much better storylines and iterations, in comic books, videogames, animated movies and series; you know what I’m talking about.

    And quit comparing Wolverine to Batman. They did the wrong thing with the first one, and with the X-Men movies I believe too. But they seem to be learning with what Marvel has done with The Avengers. You have to appreciate the way Marvel has set up its cinematic universe, it is nothing short of excellent. Which other movie series has set up an event a grand as The Avengers, even with standalone features that respected the source material and came out with great movies.

    Twentieth Century Fox needs to set its house in order, as Superhero movies need to be consistent and there has to be a connect within the universe. You can’t have a Fantastic Four story that is in a different universe from that of the X-Men universe. You get the idea. All of it is part of the same comic universe and there has to be consistency. That’s the main goal.

    Nolan made a great trilogy but he completely removed the Batman mythos from the DC universe, making it hopelessly difficult to link his story with that of the whole DC. If they go forward & make JGL Batman in a DC film it would defeat the purpose. Bruce Wayne is Batman. Understand everyone. He hangs up his boots when he is old and can’t fight. Not like the Christian Bale Batman. Inactive for 8 years when fit and fine, understandably not in the prime of his life, but still. Give me a break.

    Also, gritty and edgy has always been there. Some characters like Batman and Wolverine have always been dark. They are loners and have lived hard lives. What else do you expect if both of them reflect a somewhat similar tone?
    Every superhero has a different tone. Cap is all patriotic and an overall good man. Thor has his head held high, being royalty. Iron Man is narcissistic as he made himself a superhero. Banner is troubled. You get the idea.

    Comparing a Marvel character with a DC isn’t really the best thing to do. Not calling any of the publications superior, it’s just in bad taste.

    That be all.

    • You just typed a whole essay of crap while at the same time trying so hard to hide your marvel fanboy boner. Who the hell are you to tell people to “not revere” the dark knight triology? Name one superhero trilogy out there that you believe should be given that.

      Even if you hate Batman as a character, you have to admit his iteration in the Nolan trilogy was miles above any superhero movie ever put on screen. Talking about larger than life scenarios, the joker alone ha to be the most grandiose supervillain. I’m guessing by larger than life you mean aliens and s’plosions and lasers right?

      Nolan did something that’s never been done before. He made movies that adults and kids could love without anyone having to check their brains in at the popcorn stands. The same can’t be said for any marvel outing.

      He set a standard where by super hero movies have become relatable. If that’s not something worthy of recognition then I don’t know what is.

      • @ sly I agree about your assessment of the TDK trilogy.

        I hope The Wolverine has some emotion where you feel for the character whether it be tragedy or triumph. I love Wolverine and so, I will hold my Blue Lantern ring high and hope for the best.

      • Technically Brian Singer set the standard. Nolan just expanded it. Just like the X-Men trilogy, the Batman trilogy had a third film that sucked beyond measure. Maybe they should just make two movies and call it good.

    • Nice book. I especially enjoyed chapter 2.

  13. Also, the whole point of the Japan storyline is to make Wolverine a samurai, someone who is a little more in contol over himself. Hence the pensieve, meditative state on the rooftop. He doesn’t seem like he’s waiting to strike someone with the Katana or if he’s peering over the city to find assailants or something. He’s just there.
    That’s the whole point of this poster. I can’t help but believe that marketing material always has a point to make. This is what I understand of the new poster here. Simple line of sight also dictates he can’t really look beyond the edge of the rooftop.

    So unless Wolverine gets new powers where he can roll his eyeballs all the way to the back of his head or something and somehow see everywhere without really peering that side…

  14. I agree…Nolan did not even start the “dark and brooding” superhero movies. You can thank Tim Burton when they decided to go with the black Batman outfit rather than the traditional blue and grey. Heck, even the Superman movie with Nick Cage was going to have a black outfit if I remember and of course the XMen had the leather.

    I swear, every single movie that is coming out is compared to Batman if it is 1) in the dark at some point in the film 2) rains or there is some sort of moisture at some point in the movie or 3) the character is in the foreground with some sort of city in the background (bonus points if it is raining and also in the dark when this happens).

    Besides, these are more comparisons to Batman movie posters which I think Nolan did not personally create so maybe we should be comparing everything to the graphic designers work instead?

  15. Wolverine har altid været min ynglings helt ( sammen med Hulk, Batman og Tintin ), jeg kunne huske at jeg læste wolverine tegneserien hvor han befandt sig i Japan som i den nye film er baseret på ;-) :-) ;-/ , men det jeg ikke kan lide er filmene er meget forskellige og usammenhængende, jeg synes de 3 første X-Movies er gode nok , de styrkede Ian Mckellen’s karriere, det samme med Patrick Stewart’s karriere som Professor X og Magneto, men så kom X-Men Origins: Wolverine, som officelt har fået negativ anmeldelser og X-Men First Class giver ikke nogen mening, hvordan kunne Wolverine få en Cameo, hvor han snakker med en ung ikke skaldede Professor X, mens i X-Men Origins: Wolverine er Wolverine’s første møde med Professor X en gammel Skaldede mand, det eneste de her filmstudier tænker på er om den har indtjent godt nok ” Oh den har fået generelt negativ anmeldelser, men det er ligemeget så længe den har indtjent godt, så laver vi bare en efterfølger ” det er virkelig dumt synes jeg. This commentary is on Danish :-)

    • (google translate)
      Wolverine has always been my favorite hero (along with Hulk, Batman and Tintin), I remembered that I read wolverine comic where he was in Japan as in the new film is based on;-/, but I do not like is the films are very different and inconsistent, I think the first 3 X-Movies are good enough, they strengthened Ian McKellen’s career, the same with Patrick Stewart’s career as Professor X and Magneto, but then came the X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which officially has received negative reviews and X-Men First Class does not make sense, how could Wolverine get a cameo, where he talks to a young not bald Professor X and the X-Men Origins: Wolverine is Wolverine’s first meeting with Professor X an old bald man, the only thing these studios are thinking of is whether it has earned good enough “Oh it has received generally negative reviews, but it does not matter as long as it has grossed well, so we make just a sequel” it’s really stupid, I think.

      • normalt er jeg på Filmz en dansk filmhjemmeside men har lige hørt om det her og synes det er en god hjemmeside, men nu synes jeg det for meget det her, at nu vil Fox lave en Fantastic Four remake i 2015 samme år som Avengers 2 og Justice League og Avatar 2 og Star Wars 7, det for meget må jeg lige sige, men håber på den er god, desuden håber jeg også de stopper med Wolverine med Hugh Jackman Prequels, jo længere tilbage de går jo ældre se han ud, skørt!. Oh ja Filmz er virkelig en god hjemmeside og kan lige fortælle jer at i kan gå ind på det en dag. This commentary is on Danish :-)

      • Remember Wolverine’s memory got erased by the adamantium bullet to the face, so he wouldn’t have remembered meeting Xavier. Besides he didn’t even turn around to look at Xavier in FC, he just told them where to go.

        • oh yeah, det kan jeg se, men alligvel forgår FC før XO:W og Hugh Jackman ser ældre ud der end han ser ud i den første Xmen som forgår længe efter FC og XO:W

        • Ah but Logan must have smelled them, what with Charles & Erik being so close to him when they tried to recruit him. So Wolvie getting shot in the head and losing his memory should have no effect on his superior sense of smell recognizing Magneto & Xavier if he ever encountered them again. But I` m no Nuerologist ;)

          • Ah, I think you maybe onto something there Prometheusson. I did think about his sense of smell but chose to ignore cuz it made my argument void :)

      • hahaha normalt er jeg på Filmz en dansk filmhjemmeside men har lige hørt om det her og synes det er en god hjemmeside, men nu synes jeg det for meget det her, at nu vil Fox lave en Fantastic Four remake i 2015 samme år som Avengers 2, Justice League, Avatar 2, Star Wars 7,The Penguins of Madagascar, Ant-Man og The Smurfs 3, det for meget må jeg lige sige, men håber på den er god, det samme med de andre, desuden håber jeg også de stopper med Wolverine med Hugh Jackman Prequels, jo længere tilbage de går jo ældre se han ud, skørt!. Oh ja Filmz er virkelig en god hjemmeside og kan lige fortælle jer at i kan gå ind på det en dag og se hvad det er. This commentary is on Danish :-)

  16. Up high, above the city, in the rain, looking down, a melancholy moment…… That’s old hat. Done many times before. The loner hero thing AGAIN.

    Even Ben Affleck’s Daredevil did that pose way before Nolan’s Batman.

    I agree with Akshay.

    • Haha! The comparison was to Batman, not really Nolan’s Batman. The popularity of Nolan’s Batman films is just what’s making this style…well, so popular again. Daredevil IS Marvel’s Batman, and that film in particular was Batman-esque.

      • Give me a break man. Sometimes it’s okay to admit you might have over-stated something. Don’t be so stuck up in your ways.
        I don’t even think you’ve read enough of Batman and Wolverine comics to start comparing the two.
        Also, know this – Batman and Wolverine are my favorite comic book characters. Batman before Wolverine. Each has their own place and dedicating the whole title of a post to drawing a massive comparison among the two is just demeaning. Let Wolverine set his cinematic house. Batman has come and gone, leaving a great story behind. But that Batman is over. This Wolverine has a good future ahead.
        Watch the movie and draw comparisons later.

        Realize that people come here to read the post ’cause they revere the site. Respect your readers. I’m not an idiot to have been coming on this site on a daily basis since the past 3 years. I trust the site and don’t go elsewhere to catch up on movie news. Part of the reason I come here so often is because of the superhero movie new finesse. Don’t degrade it.
        Be nice to you readers.

        • Geesh! I’m not sure what I did to make you so angry here.

          First of all, I don’t believe I’ve overstated anything. The poster brings to mind Batman. That’s my opinion. You can have yours, too, and it’s okay if we don’t share the same opinion.

          Secondly, I really can’t stand playing the “I know more about comic books than you do!” game, but I think my long history of writing about comic books speaks for itself. I know a lot about comic books. Maybe more than you, maybe not – but frankly, I don’t know you, so that’d be difficult to ascertain.

          Thirdly, I love Batman, I love Wolverine, I love comic books. Saying this poster is reminiscent of the Batman aesthetic is not demeaning to either property and probably shouldn’t hurt your feelings or make you angry. You are well within your rights to be looking forward to The Wolverine – as I am. But no, I don’t have to wait for the movie to come out to say that this poster is reminiscent of Batman’s aesthetic. I get paid to analyze things like posters, so, you know, that’s what I’m going to do.

          Fourthly, I just do not get how I was being mean to anyone. Please, show me. You seem to be far more irritated in this conversation than I have been (which is to say, not at all).

          Fifthly, how am I degrading superhero movie news? Again, I love superheroes, comic books, Batman, Wolverine, and so forth, and news pertaining to all of the above. It was never my intent to insult you in the multitude of ways that I clearly have, but I am not going to take back my opinion that this poster exudes Batman-ness.

          • You go boy!!

      • Erm. From the article written by Ben Moore:
        “Could this be another example of the Christopher Nolan influence? ”

        Sorry, but you *were* comparing to Nolan and not Batman, Ben.

        • That’s a question, is it not? Not a statement.

          And the point of the comment I wrote – the comment you just responded to – was that the comparison was to Batman, and the popularity of Nolan’s Batman is what’s making this style so popular again. I don’t make any conclusions as to how much Nolan’s films influenced this The Wolverine, if it even did.

  17. Wow you guys are overreacting he mentioned Nolan once and he said Miller_esque just relax. The fact is clearly it’s taking cues from frank Miller who just also happened to write an amazing similar dark and gloomy Batman graphic novel. I’m tired of the Nolan references even though I’m a fan of Nolan. But directors are the ones you should get pissed at they’re explicitly talking about dark knight influences. It’s not that far off that he said could this be another Nolan influence based on what were looking at.

  18. And here I thought I would get to read one comic article without a Nolan reference. I was wrong. While I enjoyed the Batman movies for what they were I am with everyone else in being tired of everything being compared to Nolan’s work. TDKR was not that great. Really liked it but to me it was a letdown after the first two. So I didn’t run out and buy it when it came out last week. Anyway can we get one article without a Nolan bomb please?

  19. Hey, dont shoot the messengers. To us, this is a direct echo of Nolan’s work. I didn’t see Wolverine doing poses like this in any movie posters (or comic book panels for that matter) before those Batman films.

    Whether you like his work or not, Nolan changed the game for comic book films. Brooding, grounded, character intensive superhero films were NOT the norm before Nolan – and now they are.

    Sorry if you hate us for calling out this fact, but we calls ‘em like we sees ‘em.

    • Can I dare say it be original and they came up with it on their own? Or maybe they are depicting it from another source besides Batman? I have seen anime pics similiar to this.

    • you guys certainly aren’t wrong there. The first thing I thought of seeing that poster was Batman. Especially when the lightning flashed

    • “Nolan changed the game for comic book films”. Maybe Maybe Not. That doesn’t mean this should be the standard for “All” movies of this genre though.

    • Gimme a break. If anything, this reminds me of comicbook covers than Nolan’s posters. I’ve seen comicbook covers and posters and pinups that look like this since before Nolan even directed “The Following” (his first ever -short – film).

  20. Films in the superhero genre just keep getting better. The box office bankability has attracted top talent and it seems each film in the genre builds off of the success of the previous ones. The Wolverine looks like a deeper film experience. It’s something that a complex character like Logan has greatly needed. Looking forward to this one !

  21. I think they should have had the claws coming out on the right hand too.

  22. EXCELSIOR! :)

  23. Have to agree with some of the comments here, Batman/Nolan comparisons are just thrown around way too often. Maybe it’s because it just too fresh in peoples minds or maybe because those are the types of “superhero” films you want see but either way there needs to be a boarder perspective when comparing.

    First off Nolan’s Batman story wasn’t even original. It was just an amalgamation of different perspectives and storylines from the comics. As far as the physical appearance of Batman goes shouldn’t more credit be given to Tim Burton for that?

    Some where along the path of making a more “grounded”, “realistic”, superhero movie Nolan got tagged with the word dark. Now anything, even a movie poster, with any kind of perceived dark tone is compared to Batman/Nolan.

    Some reviews which got or are currently getting compared to Batman/Nolan. :

    Wolverine poster
    Star trek 2 poster
    Iron man 3 comic con teaser
    Thor 2 script speculation
    JLA script speculation
    Man of steel teaser/ poster/ script speculation
    Amazing Spiderman posters
    etc, etc…

    Seriously, if something reminds of you to another movie that is great. It’s an easy way to reference something but when everything reminds of the same movies then you need to broaden your references. The majority of these movies you can guarantee will not turn out like Nolan’s films in anyway.

    • touche on the list of comparisons…nolans formula of 1 part dark + 2 parts funny accents = grounded/gritty
      not a genre changer

  24. Next we’ll have a dark and gritty Nolan take with Smurfs 2. Gargamel steals all of the Smurf berries and Papa Smurf will rise(see what I done there) up to stop Gargamel at all cost. It will be the Smurftastic event of the decade.

    • hahahahahahaha det tror jeg nok vil være plottet til The Smurfs 3 :-), synes faktisk at The Smurfs er en vildt dårlig film, platte jokes osv.

  25. that looks awesomee

  26. SoI’m thinking the return of a cooler Lady Death strike and more wad wilson/deadpool action! right on

  27. I read everything that has batman title on it.. so keep them coming. I don’t mind :-)
    I welcome any news regarding batman and superman.. I think lot of us are like that and satisfying majority is not a bad thing..

  28. Look, hate it or love it any film that involves a superhero on top of a building looking dark is going to get the Nolan comparison because it’s what comes to mind as it’s the most recent/successful film of that ilk. No need to be dou**ey about it.

    If this poster came out in 95, SR writers would compare it to The Crow. Agreed you could name multiple comic book films that are similar that came out prior to Nolan’s Batman (Crow, Spawn, hell even the first Hulk has a similar tone and there is a night scene with Hulk in the rain on a cliff). The fact is that the new Batmans must be the stadard for films such as these going forward. I’m all about Marvel and will be the first to remind everyone that Avengers CRUUUUSHED DKR in the box office, and will admit that Nolan really can’t do detailed fight scenes. However from a dramatic standpoint, acting standpoint, atmosphere standpoint, Nolan’s Batman stands alone.

    I can only hope that it can be somewhere in the same ballpark to as good. A quick ? for those at SR…I remember hearing Jackman talk about an R rated director’s cut…have we heard anything more about this??