‘The Wolverine’ Motion Poster – Wolverine is Batman with a Katana

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Wolverine Motion Poster Released The Wolverine Motion Poster   Wolverine is Batman with a Katana

Despite being overwhelmingly panned by critics (and a great many fans, too), X-Men Origins: Wolverine was an unadulterated box office smash. Still, it’s fairly obvious that Hugh Jackman and company took the terrible reviews to heart in crafting the sequel, The Wolverine, as it looks almost nothing like the thrice-titled original.

For example – whereas the first film was all about slow motion, bright colors, and bombast  (the hallmark of the post-Matrix superhero film), the newly released motion poster for The Wolverine exudes grit, mood, atmosphere, and intrigue. In fact, it looks more like a neo-noir film than an X-Men spin-off.

Check out the motion poster below (and check out the official Wolverine website for some ambience to go with the poster):

You can also check out the plain version, if you so choose:


Wolverine Motion Poster 280x170 The Wolverine Motion Poster   Wolverine is Batman with a Katana

The poster depicts Wolverine as, essentially, Batman – shrouded in darkness and overlooking the city (in this case, Tokyo) from on high, propping himself up with his own katana. Could this be another example of the Christopher Nolan influence? We already know that the film will take its creative cues from Chris Claremont and Frank Miller’s Wolverine run from way back when, wherein Wolverine returned to Japan to deal with old flames, evil ninjas, Yakuza bosses, and more. The poster is just further evidence of that.

Visually, the motion poster is reminiscent of Frank Miller’s art work, but less from his run on Wolverine and more from his work on The Dark Knight Returns and Sin City. The rain, the kneeling, the silhouette (well, almost), and the subdued, practically black-and-white foreground and sky are all very Miller-esque.

Frank Miller Wolverine Art Work The Wolverine Motion Poster   Wolverine is Batman with a Katana

Much of what we’ve seen from The Wolverine is cause to have hope that the film might actually be – dare we say it? – not bad. Maybe even good! Not only is the story being adapted from one of the most revered Wolverine comic book runs ever, but the promotional materials have been pretty excellent so far (the motion poster included), and the writer (Christopher McQuarrie) and director (James Mangold) have a respectable track record (The Usual Suspects and 3:10 to Yuma, respectively).

Obviously, we’ll have to wait for a trailer to make any serious pre-judgments, but it never hurts to hope.

What do you guys think of the motion poster, Screen Ranters? Do you like the new cinematic take on the world of Wolverine? Drop us a line in the comments.

The Wolverine, starring Hugh Jackman as said Wolverine, hits theaters July 26th, 2013.


Source: The Wolverine Official Website

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  1. Okay,

    The reason that a lot of things get compared to Nolans Batman films, is just because they ARE copying the format.

    The Skyfall director openly admitted the influence of Nolan. So no one can complain about that being compared to Batman.

    Star Trek: Into DARKNESS…yes, Into D A R K N E S S…has a dark poster, what a surprise! Does it mean that its copied from Batman? Possibly, however what any movie fan should know is that if something sells…as in Nolans Batman trilogy, then Hollywood will want more of it until its bled dry.

    Its just being milked until the next craze comes along and I cant see it ending any time soon, Its not Screenrants fault that movies are being pumped out in the same vein as Nolans movies, so yes….chill.

  2. I am so unimpressed…..
    The Wolverine backstory, as with all X-Men character backstories, should be incorporated into the whole and not designed as a stand alone.

    In comparison The Avengers represent individuals, each with a distinct purpose that is not reliant on another, who come together
    -while each member of The X-Men are trying to find a purpose and only do so when they are all together.

    • Although I do feel the X-Men are individuals, you can’t expect FOX Studios to present them in the same way Disney/MARVEL did. Those characters can’t carry a solo film the same way The Avengers can.

      • That’s pretty much what he was saying. Though I will disagree with both of you by saying I think Wolverine is definitely capable of having a successful solo movie. But with what they put out last time, I doubt they will make one that will do him any justice.

        • I believe “everybody” already knows that he “is” a solo character, & can definitely carry his on franchise in any form. Given to the right people he could probably out shine most comic characters by far. Basing your doubts because of “1″ film is kind of looking at it from a narrow perspective especially since it does have a sizable fan base all it’s own.

          • Further more just because he can doesn’t mean the rest of the team can also. That’s why I said they’re not like the Avengers.That’s a group with legitimately “4″ superstars not just “1″.

  3. @ Ben Moore “The poster depicts Wolverine as essentially, Batman.” Maybe I missed a few Comic-Cons… but I have NEVER heard or read call Wolverine — Batman, until now :P

    Logan and Bruce Wayne have virtualy nothing in common. Logan is a former Black-ops soldier and lovable ruthless killer. Whose good with kids and tries to steal other guys women. Okay maybe they do have a few things in common ;)

    But the connection to Japan is one that they both share. At least with Batman from the Animated Series from the 1990`s. Kioti ( I probably spelled his name wrong) and all that good stuff. But Batman`s a ninja. Wolverine`s not. Batman`s attached to one city. Wolverine… not so much.”I go. Where I want to go.”

    • Son of … the comparison to Batman (via this poster) is visual. I never compared the characters, though that’s not entirely out of the question either. The characters were similar enough that they were combined in the DC/Marvel comic book crossover, wherein Wolverine and Batman became “Dark Claw.”

      • In that case then why not compare it to Spidey 3′s poster ad. Very similar indeed. As far as comparisons go….Bruce Wayne/Tony Starks have waaaay more in common than Batman/Wolverine.

        • Because NO ONE’s taking their inspiration from that movie.

      • I got the comparison Ben, I think the OP is just being deliberately obtuse.

        • Thanks, Jeff.

          • Sorry, if I came off as complaining. I do see the comparison in the visual representation, but it also reminded me of Underworld and The Crow as stated earlier. I do agree about the inspiration being taken from from Nolan, TDK, or Batman.

            Thank you mentioning Dark Claw. :)

            • Nah, you’re good, you didn’t come off as complaining to me at all.

              I’m a huge fan of the two Dark Claw comics, especially the one that took after Batman: The Animated Series.

  4. Batman is a bat…but wolverine is a honey badger! WOLVERINE DON’T CARE, wolverine doesn’t give a s***…
    I am loving the poster! i just keep staring at it..if he wasn’t wolverine, his legs would’ve cramped by now.. But he’s badass and indestructible..so yea…

    • “..if he wasn’t wolverine, his legs would’ve cramped by now.. But he’s badass and indestructible..so yea…”

      This made my day, off to work now.

  5. Wolverine is similar to Batman
    Wolverine is similar to Jason Bourne
    Wolverine is similar to that guy with the shiny claws from X-Men
    Wolverine is similar to Hugh Jackman
    Wolverine is similar to Clint Eastwood

    You can go on and on about these ridiculous similarities because even the slightest things can relate to it.

    Now apparently, if I go stand out in the rain after someone close to me has died, I’m Batman.

    • HAHAHAHAH!!! I love that ACW!

    • Its pretty clear the writer is making a comparison to the imagery – a shadowy figure looming over the city-scape at night, that IS the Batman and that is the imagery that this poster is trying to rip off.

      • Yes, only Batman has permission to do that…

        • It’s not about permission. There’s nothing wrong with a Wolverine poster doing this.

          • Exactly. I just don’t see why we have to compare it to Batman. I love Batman and all, but there’s just been this sense of negativity coming from a large amount of people because they feel like it’s somehow similar to Batman. It is, but should that even matter to even mention? No offense

            • Well, yeah, I think it’s worth mentioning. To each his/her own, though.

              • Why do you think that? As a Dark Knight fan, or because you feel that it has some sort of relevance towards eachother.

                • It’s always worth pointing out (what someone believes to be) the artistic influence of something, be it a movie, a book, a comic book, a videogame, a motion poster, or whatever. In my opinion, it’s important to see where these things came from, if for no other reason than it’s just…interesting. It’s interesting, in my opinion, that you could easily swap Wolverine for Batman in this poster and he would fit perfectly. Of course, I’m also a fan of The Dark Knight, but that has less to do with it.

                  Like I said, there’s nothing wrong with this poster exuding Batman-ness. It’s not doing it in a rip-offy way.

  6. You guys are all a bunch of f****** nerds.

    • And?

      • I think “Lawl” is an F’N Jack@$$. Pardon my french.

        • non, non.. you forgot the accent and mispelled “Jack”: it’s “Jacquesà$$”.

          • HAHAHAHAHA!!! Very funny Mike. I guess I should work on my french then.

    • Erm, i don’t see any “motion” on my smartphone…
      It’s still an amazing poster though.

      I’m really hopefull for this movie. The more I see, the more psyched i get!

      • Sorry, that was supposed to be an independant comment, not a relpy.

  7. i still don’t get why he need a katana

    • So he can decapitate fools from slightly further away.

    • Because he is in Japan, and the villain will be Silver Samurai.

      It will make sense when you read the about the plot, or watch the movie.

    • THIS.

      I’m confident this movie will suck. They’ll press the reboot button after this flop.

      • I’m so glad to know Fox has placed the future of Wolverine in the hands of your confidence

        • Tell me about it ACW. People hating on this film already are using a narrow-minded point of view to voice their displeasure.

    • Because Nolan’s Batman had a katana. See? I can do it too. Yay me.

      • And Wolverine has three claws coming out of his hand like Batman has three “claws” on a gauntlet.

  8. People are comparing this to Batman, but what it’s really a direct copy of is the teaser site graphic we got for Spider-Man 3 back in 2006. Spidey in the black suit on the church spire, in basically the same position, with the animated rain and everything. That being said, this isn’t a bad poster. I’ve just seen it before.

    • YES!!!! I was thinking Spiderman a while ago after I made a few posts on here earlier. This feels more Spiderman inspired than it does Batman.

    • AHHHH good catch. That is very similar

    • I thought Spawn had the church spire looming rights?

  9. Er Star Trek nu også en mockbuster på Nolans Batman trilogi, hold dog mund, hvis der er noget originalitet i Batman Begins, The Dark Knight og The Dark Knight Rises, så er det ingenting, det eneste der gør Batman movies får så meget omtale dér i USA og her i Danmark ( bor i Danmark ), er et unødvendigt stort budget, kendte skuespiller, en kendt instruktør og intet andet, altså plottet er meget plat, efter min mening kan jeg sammenligne det med Batman & Robin.hvordan kan i være så dumme at tro Wolverine er en Rip-Off på Batman, ja faktisk tror jeg bare på at i prøver at trolle, jeg har været en troll på Filmz det endte så katastrofalt at jeg blev slettet hvis i vil se det så her http://filmz.dk/stan-lee-alle-mine-tegneseriehelte-bliver-lavet-til-film ( i burde nok oversætte den ), nu prøvet jeg ikke på at være en troll men sagde bare min mening. og svar mig venligst. This commentary is on Danish.

    • Errrr… I don’t think Screen Rant is a Danish site.

      But now, you’ve got my hungry for a mouth watering, delicious danish!

      • How cannibalistic of you! Let me know where you’re Finnish.

  10. I just hope its better than X3 and xmen origins. I thought both those movies were crap. “I’M THE JUGGERNAUT B****!!” That was when I checked out of X3, if not before that. But that point in the film was when I lost all hope in it being any good. That point came sooner when I watched xmen origins for the first time. That one was so bad I walked out of the theatre furious. I really want wolverine to be good, I really do.

    • @movieDude. As far as “The Last Stand” I agree it wasn’t good, but not for the same reason you gave.When a movie script kills off 3 of their main characters (Cyclops,Jean,& Xavier) that usally means the film will be garbage. When it comes to “Origins” I know I’m in the minority here, but I actually enjoyed it for what it was…..minus the Deadpool transformation at the end.

      • @B.Dubb yeah I hated the ridiculousness of killing off several main characters as much as you did. There were scads of things wrong with X3. The effects looked awful, the script was attrocious. It didn’t even feel like it related to Xmen or X2 at all, both of which I thought were great super hero flicks btw. The stupid Juggernaut line was just the first thing that came to mind. In the animated series (that I grew up with in the 90s) Juggernaut was a genious that rivaled Xavier in intelligence. So when they portrayed him as a big cussy bafoon I was kinda peeved. But yeah I agree X3 had alot more things wrong with it than juggernaut.

        I wholeheartedly agree with you about enjoying origins for “what it was.” I will never hold it in the same esteem that I do X2, the original Xmen, or first class, but I enjoyed it alot more than 3. But yeah that katanas in deadpools arms idea was bullcrap. I hope someone got fired for that.

        • Not so much fired, but never puts his hands on another comicbook script as long as he lives.

          Although the first 2 were good, comparing them to what we’ve seen in the last few years ( X-Men:First Class & Marvel C. Universe) they too had room for improvement, but not too much. My only “BIG” hangup about that series as a whole are the “Uniforms” they choose to make them wear. X-Men don’t wear “All Black”, & even though First Class was a big upgrade they still all looked like eachother. At the end of the day these are “Individuals” & they should dress accordingly. I don’t want everybody looking like Wolverine all the time.

          • fair enough… the true-to-comics xmen uniforms could be awesome they have alot of potential I’ll give you that. They also could have been a complete disaster if translated poorly to the screen. I applaud their more conservative approach to the Xmen property in 2000, especially because it (predating spiderman in 2002) ushered in the modern era of superhero movies. Without the influence of Singer’s Xmen films the super hero movie genre wouldn’t be what it is today. I agree with you though, it would be pretty cool to see the Xmen in their real uniforms on the silver screen, only if its done well though.

            sry for commenting so sporadically I’m at work haha

            • If you think about it “First Class” kind of showed that would be possible to pull off if done correctly. Those uniforms although not “Identical” to the comics were similar in some regards (Banshee especially), & they definately had a more comic look & feel than the black leather.

              For that matter I want them to change Batman’s look as well. Enough with the “ALL BLACK” already. One of the biggest reasons why these characters get separated from one another is there choice of appearance. If everyone just started wearing all black outfits how dull would that be visually.

  11. All the memories of X-Men Origins will be lost in time, like tears in rain…we hope:)

  12. They need to re-name this movie, “The Wolverine: The New Hope Rises”

    This is gonna be epic!!!

  13. I think it looks awesome, especially the motion poster!!

  14. Motion poster for this is cool, but not as well done as the Hunger Games: Catching Fire motion poster.

    And im in the minority of people who actually LIKED “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”. I meen, I didn’t LOVE it or anything, but I still liked it, and I thought it was definately MUCH better than “X-Men: The Last Stand”. Anyways, im definately looking forward to “The Wolverine”. :D

    • I completely agree with you Rob about “Origins” & trust me you’re not in a very small minority. That movie did make $373,062,864 in worldwide ticket sales for a reason. The people who bash it does so only because of how the script handled Deadpool. I didn’t like it either, but at the end of the day it’s called “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” not “X-Men Origins: Deadpool”.

    • I feel it was an alright film. I like the beginning of the film up until he walked way from the unit. It kind went flat from there. Some small elements here and there. Over all though an solid movie for what it was.

  15. A lot of people here really need to get laid!

    • If you’re volunteering yourself then I have to tell you that no one here swings that way….sorry.

  16. Anyone know why Wolverine’s teeth are not Adamatium colored?!? lol

  17. Say whatever you like, but as long as Wolverine films remain PG13 or less, it’s no reason to watch any of them. A badass dude with adamantium claws that cut through anything, and yet no blood or flying body parts. Lame. Plus, I still think the guy who’s playing Wolverine whatever his name is, is just too tall and good-looking to be a feral animal.

    • I’ll watch any movie that has wolverine in it and I’m not too fussy about the height issue, but if there was ever a marvel character that deserved an R-rated film, it’s wolverine (deadpool too I guess).
      The countless decapitations and amputations performed by the man in comics should be respected on film.

      • That “maybe” true but just remember one thing. Just because a movie has an R rating with lots of blood & gore doesn’t automatically mean it’ll be good. Even an R rated Wolverine film has the ability to suck.

  18. Am I in it?

  19. As far as Im concerned this so called “inspiration” or dark theme used these days
    has been on Ground for as Long as I can recall, but only a few made use of it, Talk of blade, Crow, V, underworld, vanHelsn, and so on, but not all of them were really Hits!
    But just because Nolan tried it and was able to make a major boxoffice hit with it, Everyone’s now using it,
    because thats what hollywood wants, I wont be suprised if Disney(who are known for all their colourful themes) takes that route as well!
    So if you are hating on this, prepare your self to be swept away with the sands Oblivion, cos this is gonna trend for a while!.