Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: July 28, 2013

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July 28 Box Office The Wolverine Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: July 28, 2013

The most iconic member of the X-Men took control of the box office this weekend, but posted lower than expected numbers.

The Wolverine (read our review) is number 1 this weekend with $55 million. While a $50 million+ opening is nothing to scoff at, analysts expected the film to do much better. That being said, the film has grossed $141 million worldwide, which suggests the latest adventures of the Wolverine might end up doing just fine.

For comparison’s sake, though, it’s important to point out that the abysmal X-Men Origins: Wolverine opened with $85 million and went on to gross $179 million in domestic markets.

It’s likely that the reception to Origins negatively impacted The Wolverine‘s potential, but perhaps strong word of mouth could help carry it to decent overall box office numbers. Regardless of how things turn out with The Wolverine, the character will return for X-Men: Days of Future Past next summer.

Coming in at number 2 is The Conjuring with $22 million. Although horror films tend to have a steep drop off after their first weekend, The Conjuring only dropped 47%. The film is now up to $83 million, which is nearly quadruple its budget.

Despicable Me 2 is the number 3 film this weekend with $16 million. Now at $306 million, Universal’s animated sequel has passed Man of Steel as the number 2 highest grossing film of the year. Despicable Me 2 is also the third highest grossing 2013 release worldwide – behind only Iron Man 3 and Fast and Furious 6 – with $660 million.

despicable me 2 review Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: July 28, 2013

In at number 4 is Ryan Reynolds’ animated snail movie Turbo with $13 million. Although the film only dropped 37% from last weekend, its $55 million over two weeks is on the low end for animated films.

Rounding out the top 5 is Grown Ups 2 with $11 million, which brings its domestic total up to $101 million. Say what you will about the quality of this sequel or the talent of its stars, but Grown Ups 2 is Adam Sandler’s 14th movie to cross the $100 million mark.

Red 2 comes in at number 6 with $9 million. Bruce Willis’ star-studded sequel is now at $35 million after two weeks, which is unfortunately well below its predecessor. It’s safe to say these former CIA agents are probably going to stay retired for a while.

Coming in at number 7 is Pacific Rim with $7 million. We had high hopes for this one, but alas, it has only grossed $84 million domestic. That being said, the film has grossed $224 million worldwide, which might justify a sequel if demand is high enough.

Jaeger Gypsy Danger in Pacific Rim  Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: July 28, 2013

The Heat holds strong at number 8 with $6 million. The Melissa McCarthy/Sandra Bullock buddy comedy has accumulated $141 million over 5 weeks.

R.I.P.D. is the number 9 film with $5 million. Ryan Reynolds’ other summer release of 2013, which cost $130 million to make, has grossed a very low $24 million over two weeks. Ouch.

Rounding out the top 10 is Fruitvale Station with $4 million. The Sundance winner stars Michael B. Jordan (who is rumored to be up for the reboot of Fantastic Four) and has been getting nothing but stellar reviews from critics. It is now at $6 million domestic.

Outside the top 10: The To-Do List (read our review) earned $1.5 million on 591 screens, which is not bad but isn’t great; and Woody Allen’s latest film, Blue Jasmine, grossed $613,000 on 6 screens for a huge per screen average of $102,167.


[NOTE: These are only weekend box office estimates - based on Friday and Saturday ticket sales coupled with adjusted expectations for Sunday. Official weekend box office results will be released Monday, July 28th - at which time we'll update this post with any changes.]

Source: Box Office Mojo

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  1. Well.
    You know what I think hurt the movie’s potential?

    We’ve seen it.

    Four times.

    We’ve seen alot of Wolverine movies.

    Kinda getting old.

    Jus sayin.

    • Thanks for

      Writing like this

      Its totally

      Necessary to type like this to

      Get your point across

      And it’s totally not at all, annoying to read either.

      • +


  2. I’m glad Despicable Me 2 has done so well. I love that movie so much. I know they’re making a Minions movie, but I also hope they make a Despicable Me 3, and a Minions TV series too. I would totally watch that.

    • +1

    • You bet they are coming out with No.3. In my neck of the woods people are going absolutely nuts for minions toys. A minions tv series is entirely likely coz it’ll be totally ka-ching.

  3. Box office analysts have been way off the mark on a LOT of movies this year.

  4. Interesting that Pacific Rim and The Wolverine are actually doing better internationally.

    • Its’ now commonplace for nearly all blockbusters to gross more internationally than domestic. Foreign markets are expanding all the time and studios know that that’s where the money will be made.

      • Right. I get that.

        I suppose I was thinking about “The Wolverine” in particular.

        “X Men Origins: Wolverine” actually did better than “The Wolverine” domestically.

        That was four years ago. But “Origins” raked in about the same domestically and internationally.

        But, yeah. The more studios make deals with international markets like China, the more they will make abroad.

      • Yup. That’s why the studios smartly think ahead and include Asian stars and locations in their movies. The East is the new West.

    • It also depends on the genre.

      Action/SciFi movies always almost do better considering you are combining the rest of the world against the US.

      But stuff like comedies don’t… probably due to the translation of American humor.

      • Aand let’s not forget the growing stupidity of us Americans

        • @AmazingFantasy#15

          I’m SO glad you as an American said that because I was gonna say something like “every country outside the US knows what a good movie is” or something similar but your comment summed it up nicely without me having to sound xenophobic.

          • You still sound like an a$$h0le, don’t worry :3

        • AmazingFantasy#15 GTFO of my country you Anti-American prick!

          • No wonder other countries don’t like us.

  5. It’s too bad that the previous Wolverine film hurt this one. It’s actually a pretty good movie. The first Wolverine film to me wasn’t as bad as some believe it to be. Wasn’t great but wasn’t terrible. It would be cool to see a pacific rim sequel, but at least it is a well contained story line. If we never see another one made we’ll always have PR on Blue Ray.

    • I never got the hate for Origins. I loved that movie.

      • I thought it far better than Pacific Rim for example. Origins is far from awful, it’s a lot better than the last stand! I’d say it was more of a missed opportunity than anything else.

        • X3 is great. Anyone who says otherwise is wrong.

          • X3 was great???

            Woah. I guess most of us are “wrong.”

            • It was sarcasm on his part.

        • Nah dude. X3 was better then Origins. In Origins they screw the story(and made it non canon to previous X movies), characters,dialogs and logic as well. Also they didn’t really expand on Wolverine’s character at all and i am not even talking about others. Also Gambit was facepalm worthy. Actors play was terrible.

          In X3 they screw up story though not as much. Its presentation that suffered alot. They brought some mutant levels and some other kids stuff. They screw up some characters and actors play wasn’t at the top. They screw up logic but not as much. And X3 was more entertaining to watch while on Origins i felt boring and sleepy.

          • @guiese

            That’s what was so disappointing about Origins. Wolverine has such a wealth of backstory to be explored and the fact that they chose to ignore large parts of it just made it even worse. Gambit, Cyclops other X-Men etc, should’ve been no where near that movie.

            X3 also suffered badly from messing up from the source material, especially when it was Dark Phoenix Saga – one of the most revered comic book storylines ever.

            If they going to keep doing CBM movies, do them right and to the source or don’t bother.

  6. I’ve kept reading different articles where people are saying that it wobbles at the box office. I understand that it didn’t meet their opening expectations, but the movie has gotten solid reviews and it definitely has legs. Include the global sales and the appeal of the Japan setting, the money margin will be fine.

    • Right on.

      Even though it under performed here in the states, it has already made it’s money back internationally. ( as Taorima has pointed out )

      The production got a lot of financial breaks in Australia. The budget was only about 120 million.

  7. Catched fruitvalle station today, easily the most controversial film of the year. As far as the film itself (not going into the right or wrong of the event) i thought it lacked a story to be told. 93% on RT and critics rave about the craftsmanship blows my mind. the first hour of the film had jarring editing and just jumped from fabrications to real stuff that didnt work for me, it was bland. Its a terrible thing but i feel a 60 minutes showing would suffice not enough of a story for a feature length film. The climactic moment was very well made tho. 3/5

    • I respectfully disagree
      This is easily the most crafted, artistic movie I’ve seen all year and I’ve seen MUD
      My favorite scene is the pitt bull scene
      The pitt bull is dying on the street, the director kept the establishing shot long enough to hear and see a BART train going in the background
      This is called foreshadowing
      Michael b. Jordan excellent performance mirrors how society sees pitt bulls. Yep, the director, with the scene I mentioned above, compare blacks with pitt bulls… Pitt bulls are gentle creature easily influenced by their environment and capable of sudden rage
      There are plenty of scenes where Michael b. Jordan character goes to perfectly calm to sudden rage like the one where he’s talking to the store manager and the one where he’s talking to his mom in jail…
      There weren’t any dry eyes in the theaters at the end of this great movie
      Fruit vale station is easily the best movie I’ve see this year and I’ve seen MUD and BEFORE MIDNIGHT

      Ryan coogler is the real deal
      Michael b. Jordan is a star in the making

    • It wasn’t bland, there aren’t any wasted seconds on the screen.
      How could you find it bland ???
      Every performance was top notch and easily relatable

      • Nothing happens, there is no story. The performances are great. I hated the pitbull scene becaus it wasnt real. The metaphor sounds nice and everything but it didnt work for me. we can just agree to disagree. Mud is still the best movie ive seen all year

        • I felt the movie was an hour and 25 min long, and still reaching for filler scenes. The scenes with his child were beautiful not cause the writing but cause jordan. The movie didnt have a story just a very sad ending. Like every other murder in that year its terrible, i just felt the before wasnt compelling or interesting enough to hold up to add to the story as a whole. I believe thats why the cell phone footage was shown, to give show you what the film has in store foe you

    • @Trey.

      How is it controversial? Altercation on Subway. Black Males….Conflicting reports…Handcuffed…Cop Pulls guns…Think it his tazer…Kills Black Male.

      Nothing Controversial, it is how it happened. Does the movie proably take liberties to fill the movie, yes. Is it controversial, depends on our view, Public or Police.

      I see it as a cop made a tragic mistake, then had the nerve to say he made a mistake with his sidearm and tazer.

      • I will agree with that completely. It was a mistake, nothing but it. Depending on your viewpoint of the subject it will depict how you feel about the movie

  8. I’m glad Despicable Me 2 has done so well. I love that movie so much. I know they’re making a Minions movie, but I also hope they make a Despicable Me 3, and a Minions TV series too. I would totally watch that.

  9. I’m glad that Pacific Rim made the top 10. I had a feeling it would be facing stiff competition.

    • Still underperforming domestically, at least the international market is keeping it from becoming an RIPD.

    • I read that it still hasn’t opened in China and Japan. They’re projecting that its going to kill in those areas once it opens like this Wednesday I think. It’s finally making money past the $190 million budget mark as well. So thats good.

  10. I finally saw the conjuring
    This movie is really really well made and it doesn’t insult his audience’s intelligence like many horror movies tend to do

  11. I also saw Turbo
    It wasn’t bad
    The movie was so cute

  12. Critically, it’s a winner. It was a good, solid film, and there’s no denying it.

    Box-office-wise, it could have done much better, and the simple fact is, the studio cannot complain because it was 100% their fault, their choice, and is a direct result of their failure to advertise the film to any serious degree.

    The marketing for this film was next-to-non-existant. They got as much out of it as they wished to invest, and since they invested little, they received little.

    Based on the complete and utter lack of serious promotion, there are only two rational possibilities:

    – They do not consider this film to be of high economic importance, in which case it is performing just as well as they expected, if not better.

    - They consider this film to be of great economic importance, and had pinned high hopes to it as one of their main, marquis productions, in which case several people in charge of marketing and production management should probably lose their jobs, given their spectacular failure (possibly the most massive marketing failure of the decade), which has directly cost the studio millions upon millions of dollars.

    It is embarrassingly pitiful how many fans of Marvel, X-Men, Wolverine, actually had little clue this movie was even being made, or were highly confused as to whether this was a re-make, a re-boot, a sequel, a prequel, or what the hell.

    And to no small extent, a major factor that contributed to this general confusion/ignorance/apathy was the IDIOTIC choice for a title. A ridiculous number of people could not wrap their mind around this being a new and different movie (much less a new sequel in the X-Men continuity, much LESS an important tie-in to the upcoming major film X-Men: Days of Future Past), and simply couldn’t find very much to get excited about, perceiving this to be just some odd, tangental, minor, low-key continuation/sequel to “Origins: Wolverine.”

    Good job, Marvel. You were too scared, too paranoid and too hesitant to even give this film a remote fighting chance at blockbuser success, so you pre-packaged and sold it as “Miscelaneous Medium-Budget Hero Movie Featuring Wolverine #5″ (or #6 counting First Class). The advertising slogan might have been: “Great for taking the kids, but you serious fans need not worry about missing this one.”

    But all things considered, I’m glad it’s doing well, thanks to some serious word-of-mouth, and to the enduring power of one of the best characters and one of the best character-actor combos of all time (sorry, but I say Jackman-as-Logan is even more iconic and more entertaining than Downey-as-Stark, any day).

    • Two things. First, I wouldn’t lay the blame on Marvel since Fox is completely in charge of X-Men on cinema (including marketing and promotion). That being said, I completely agree that the marketing for this film left a lot to be desired. I remembered seeing a promotional poster for the film. No date. No actors. Not even the name of the film. The only thing on it was a picture of Hugh Jackman on it. In fact, a bunch of people with me had absolutely no idea what film it was for (some actually thought it was just a placeholder).

  13. Ok, Time for NEW X-Men movies.

    Give Wolverine a rest during two years, and give us X-Force, First Class 3, X-Men 4, Deadpool, XForce 2…

  14. Hate to see wolverine in this unmarvel-like box office state but this is fox’s fault
    for being greedy. 2nd straight xmen film to underwhelm at box office.

    • Huh? XMEN FC grossed about the same as cap and was more critically recieved. It did good at the box office for being a 60′s mutant film

      • X-Men FC did gross almost as much as Cap did, you’re right about that. But you also have to remember X-Men had four previous films and big screen history where ‘Cap’ did not. You also have to keep in mind that both Cap & Thor made more money at the box office than First Class, and those characters we’re not nearly as popular as they are now. There’s pre ‘Avengers’ and after ‘Avengers’ as we’ve seen with ‘IM3′s’ insane box office numbers already. Now ‘Thor 2′ & ‘Cap 2′ won’t bring in as much money as ‘IM3′ did, but both films will have significant post ‘Avengers’ bumps to their box office, and anyone who doesn’t believe that has lost their damn minds.

  15. i finally saw the lone ranger and one of funniest and action packed movies
    of summer. i take back what i said about armie hammer and after this movie
    he should be considered for batman. i was surprised by his dramatical
    element which going into the movie i did not think he could pull it off.

  16. Wolverine can’t carry Iron Man Jock!

    • Wolverine would carve Stark into ribbons. Really Wolverine could basically kill any non-cosmic/god/Hulk character in the Marvel universe. The dude can’t really die and he’ll just keep coming for more. Capt. America? Dead as a door nail.

      • I don’t know; I think Magneto could probably kill Wolvie. Think about it; Magneto can control metal at the atomic level. He could make the adamantium just engulf Wolvie.

  17. If the Wolverine was so good it would have done better at the box office. Looks like it was just another overrated Pacific Rimjob.

    • With that logic Transformers 2 was an awesome movie.

    • @Carlos Danger

      Wolverine and Pacific Rim were fantastic movies (I’d hazard to say they’re my number 1 and 2 movies so far this year, in reverse order because PR was just too amazing).

      It’s not that they weren’t good, it’s that as far as US-only sales, they did badly because of the age old “stupid American” syndrome that causes great movies to seemingly falter or fail in that one market.

  18. The Wolverine was overall a solid movie. Far from perfect but not many films are. I believe it is better than Iron Man 3 and Man of Steel. The post credit scene was great! I think word of mouth will carry the movie. Looks like my call at the beginning of year of Thor: The Dark World being the best superhero film of the year could be right.

    • Dont hold your breath, tho people praised the game of thrones esc battling from the comic con trailer it ended up being very mixed regarding the reaction. Unlike the cap 2 footage which is supposably very impressive.

    • @Blue Marvel & Trey – It definitely looks like ‘Thor: The Dark World’ has the potential to be a great film, but that’s something we truly won’t know until it’s released. At worst it should at least be good, and it’s definitely going to be a big hit, that much i’ll guarantee.

  19. pacific rim at least has a leg to stand on, with no true money actors to
    bring in at least the guaranteed audience on opening weekend, and to top it
    off there was no name recognition to this new franchise. its a miracle this film has made 224.0 million after its slow north american start. 6 science fiction/action/comic related films have made over a 100 million plus three
    that cameup a little short. so the rim had alot working against it but managed to it least recoup its money back.

    • Unfortunantly that isnt enough anymore. I can guarentee WB was hoping for an Inception like turn out. Legendary and WB allowed Del torro to make a film that he was passionate about much like with nolan. But pacific rim didnt even reach
      the same ballfield as inception

    • No, the budget only accounts for the production of a movie, and not the promotion. They spend just s much money promoting the film, so a movie has to make back double it’s budget in order to break even. Then anything after that is profit.

      • @Straight Dave:

        I’ve seen you post this “break even equals double your budget” thing a few times.

        Can you cite your source? Google tells me that marketing is usually only half of production costs, and that many times, the advertised budget includes the marketing expense.

    • @rod22 – And there’s more to go, “Pacific Rim” still has openings left in China, Brazil, Japan & Spain I believe. It’s conceivable the film could take in 150-175 million from those four countries, plus you count in the 140 million it’s made overseas and counting and the film should have no problem grossing 300+ million overseas. It should clear 400+million worldwide in the end, not too shabby.

  20. Spoiler






    • WHAT??!! How could you?! There would have been no way I could guess that the man behind those glasses was Superman!


  21. I’m sorry RIPD didn’t do better, but $130 million? Seriously? On what?