‘The Wolverine’ Finds Its Silver Samurai

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The Wolverine 2 release date The Wolverine Finds Its Silver Samurai

Marvel films have been making big buzz all year long, with The Avengers and The Amazing Spider-Man both seeing major success at the box office and speculation about spin-offs and sequels dominating the headlines. While Sony/Columbia and Disney/Marvel enjoy the spotlight, Twentieth Century Fox is about to begin work on the next installment for the X-Men franchise with Hugh Jackman returning to his career-defining role in The Wolverine.

The film begins shooting next month and conveniently timed on the eve of Comic-Con 2012, the same venue where Hugh Jackman told Screen Rant last year that Silver Samurai would be The Wolverine’s main villain, we find out that multiple actors have joined the cast in key roles.

The news comes from Coming Soon, The Hollywood Reporter and Variety who report that five Japanese actors (and one American-Korean) have signed for the X-Men Origins: Wolverine sequel. CS claims two newcomers in Tao Okamoto and Rila Fukushima, and two veteran actors in Hal Yamanouchi and Hiroyuki Sanada have signed, with Hal Yamanouchi playing crime boss “Yashida” and Hiroyuki Sanada playing “Shingen” – in the books, those names together (Shingen Yashida) is the name of the  father of the original Silver Samurai and their report doesn’t clearly explain who’s playing who. The second Shingen in the comics is the son of original Silver Samurai Kenuichio Harada who goes by the name of “Shin” (short for Shingen Harada).

wolverine 2 silver samurai The Wolverine Finds Its Silver Samurai

According to Variety, it’s Will Yun Lee (Total Recall) – the only non-Japanese actor reported to join the cast today – who will step into the shoes as the mutant antagonist Kenuichio Harada, known as the Silver Samurai. The character has the ability to charge up his weapons in such a way that it can cut through any metal, including (conveniently), Wolverine’s Adamantium bones and claws.

Tao Okamoto is playing Mariko Yashida, love interest of Wolverine and daughter of Hal Yamanouchi’s character who we can safely assume is Shingen Yashida, leader of The Hand organization. Rila Fukushima is playing Yukio, an assassin and ally of Wolverine. THR has word that Brian Tee (Crash) has also joined the cast as Noburo Mori, a corrupt politician who Mariko is supposed to marry as arranged by her father.

The casting at least offers further credence to the idea that The Wolverine will follow the source material closely, which in this case directly refers to the popular ’80s Chris Claremont/Frank Miller Wolverine series set in Japan. It also seems to indicate that the leaked plot/character details for the film (that Fox asked us to take down) were rather accurate.

The Wolverine hits theaters July 26, 2013.


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Sources: Coming Soon, Variety, THR

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  1. OH LOOK the superhero movie nobody cares about anymore..

    • it’s unwritten rule if first movie is bad, second one will be just a little better, but still s***…

    • I’m still looking forward to it same with Deadpool…..sorta. :/

      • Who cares about the haters. Hope they make it “R” rated though. To remain true to the original “source” material.

        Meanwhile, the haters can go watch 50 Shades of Grey instead.

    • i care.

      • As do I!

        • Me too

          • I don’t.

    • Lmfao TDKR

  2. Didn’t Will Yun Lee already play a marvel baddie in Elektra?

    • Yeah, he was Kirigi

  3. The first Wolverine movie, as awful as it was, gave us the freakin’ awesome PS360 game. So my biggest hope for this movie is that I get a cool follow up game.

    Seriously that game is the only game I’ve played where you really feel like Wolverine. Any Wolverine fan needs to play it, just ignore the connections to that Wolverine film that never happened.

    • Totally agree, hands down the BEST Wolverine game.

      • LOVED the game. One of the underrated games of 2009.

    • I agree, that was a good game

  4. All i want is brutality…dark brutality

  5. Another X-Men movie? Awesome!

  6. Grit has been missing from the Jackman characterization of Wolverine since X-Men. He acts the part, but the Primal instincts of the character are missing. The script and director for Wolverine were better suited for Voltron

  7. The first Wolverine but character cameos over the actual plot progression. This one should be better as long as they focus on Wolverine. The orginal Silver Samurai outfit could also use a twenty first century update.

  8. Samurai might trim his nails. In the meantime, I will order up some carry-out from “Whang Dang Doodle’s Chicken Emphorium”, and get ready to buy the DVD.

  9. Hope it at least show sabretoothe and william stryker looking for him as a cameo, and showing magneto recruiting sabretoothe.

  10. Hope they don’t try to turn this into another special-effects, let’s throw unrelated characters onto the screen projects. Silver Samurai was part of the later Japanese stories, but they could have used Ogun too if they wanted to. One thing though, I don’t remember Silvers tachyon field being able to cut through Adamantium. The one issue I had when he fought Wolverine in a hospital he got the living daylights beat out of him and his arm broken.

    • Or the, “lets select one character because we can come up with a clever in joke about him and just dump the kitchen sink of powers into him” ploy.

      • Yeah X-3 and Wolverine clearly suffered from a few million dollars being spent on special effects and a few hundred dollars being spent on a script that justified 70% of the characters and their screen time.

    • Me too . The only one that could damage wolverine’s adamantium skeleton was magneto when he tore the metal out of him .

  11. I want to read something that will actually get me interested though. Not a bunch of Japanese names that don’t register to me, that I have no idea about (what do they DO?), not the fact that, although it’s a bunch of Japanese actors in a Japanese movie, but the main antagonist is non-Asian…(Last Samurai anyone?). These are minor irrelevancies/irritations respectively, but the thing is – why should I be excited about this?? And this is coming from someone who actually liked Wolverine too.

    • Well the basis for this script is supposedly the Wolverine story Frank Miller and Chris Claremont did back in the 80′s that was the jumping off point for the characters popularity. It was considered pretty adult even for Marvel back then, and got a lot of people into Wolverine and the X-Men. My friends older brother was a big X-Men and Daredevil collector at the time and the first two issues of the Wolverine series happened to be the first comics I ever bought.

      The original story really has little or no super powered characters beside Wolverine, and it played more like a kung-fu/karate flick with the main action being Wolverine killing a lot of members of the Hand. The Silver Samurai angle came later and he wasn’t even originally connected with Wolverine (kind of like Sabertooth). If they do this movie anywhere near the comics the majority of the cast will be Japanese, so that’s why the cast is made up the way it is.

      • Yeah, I believe it was his first miniseries with 4 issues and the beginning of The Hand material which later moved into Miller’s Daredevil era.

  12. Now, wouldn’t it be cool if we can get a full Wolverine costume? Head gear and all. Come on make it happen!

    • What would you prefer, yellow spandex?

      • oh, no more like x-force wolverine suit

      • Not spandex. Leather and detailed like the X-Men Origins: Wolverine game (which looked awesome btw) or Snyder’s Watchmen.

  13. Sigh. This movie could be so good but it will no doubt be hampered by the PG action that it will be constricted to. And if we consider how Wolverine-Origins turned out, chances are that the story and characters won’t exactly be the strong point of this film either.

    Wolverine needs to go the Samurai Jack way. Fight robots, or rather humanoid robots. That way, there can be all the unrestricted hacking and slashing Wolverine’s so well known for without the R-rating. As a matter of fact, wouldn’t Wolverine films be the perfect opportunity to use the Sentinels? Wolverine tearing those robots to shreds could make for some great action.

    • Don’t even need robots, hand ninjas turn to dust when they die.

      • The one thing they got right in Elektra…..

        • Reminds me of a comic I had a loony time ago. It was a What If: issue, What if Wolverine Married Mariko. He kills a whole squad of Hand ninjas, they do their thing and Wolverine starts laughing and says ” I never will get used to seein’ them dry up and blow away like that.”

  14. Marvel films have been making big buzz all year long, with The Avengers and The Amazing Spider-Man both seeing major success at the box office and speculation about spin-offs and sequels dominating the headlines.

    • yeah, but the x-men franchise is made by fox, not marvel studios.

      hence all of the dick sucking over the last 3 movies they’ve put out.

  15. Okay the cast is good and the main villain seems cool so let’s hope
    The Wolverine is R rated.

    No wires, No CGI, just pratical effects would be great.

  16. I get it, We will see the same blood effects as we did with Ninja Assasin.

  17. this movie is age 15 movie. not 18 years old no blood scene.

  18. YAWN

  19. I’m still very hopeful for this movie (partly because I’m so starved for a Samurai-epic: I was hoping 47 Ronin would do the trick, but now it’s been delayed which probably means it’s gonna be crap)
    I don’t think it needs to be R-rated (although, as a Wolverine fan, I would prefer it), but they definitely shouldn’t go kid-friendly on it either.

    Can’t really comment on the cast since I don’t know any of them… I’m just hoping this one finally captures the essence of Wolverine.

    • Go watch 13Assassins on Netflix. Best Modern samurai movie and up there with the greats.

  20. I think you’ve mixed up the actresses roles screenrant.

  21. man, I was really hoping for this and IM3 to just stop production lol. Four the five films of Jackman playing Wolverine, i have only seen him appear onscreen for 7 minutes in the attack on the X-Mansion in X-2.

  22. The biggest thing missing from the previous films is the ferocity of Wolverine. The only way to show the real Wolverine would be an R-rating cause everything about the character is in no way kid friendly. I have high hopes for this but it’ll probably be toned down just like origins.

  23. So…Baraka cameoed in the last Wolverine outing, so what Mortal Kombat character will be in the sequel? I’m thinking Shao Kahn, Shang Tsung, or Kano.

    • You forgot Raiden, they can recycle Storms lightning effects and save some money.

  24. this will be awesome…

  25. If you don’t want to see Silver Samurai or Wolverine in a movie your not a Marvel fan. You haters are just people who jumped on the Marvel bandwagon cause Avengers and Spidey is so popular. You never read a comic book in your lives. If you did you would know that Wolverine is pretty much a god, anyone who survives getting ripped in half by the hulk is a god. He’s probably the most bad ass character ever created. That’s why real Marvel fans will keep watching wolverine movie after wolverine movie! I will NEVER get sick of seeing another wolverine movie or another movie of any Marvel character. Also, I’m hoping for an R rating too, his kills definitely need to be way gorier! Those claws call for more than a few sprays of blood!