‘The Watch’ Red Band Trailer Serves Up Raunchy Talk & Alien Jokes

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Marketing for 20th Century Fox’s upcoming Summer comedy ensemble release, The Watch (formerly known as Neighborhood Watch) started off awkwardly, with a teaser trailer that went out of its way to not reveal the film’s true identity: a sci-fi/alien invasion flick that reads on paper as Men in Black meets The ‘Burbs.

Things only got worse from there, as the Trayvon Martin shooting suddenly made the idea of a laughfest – where a pack of mostly middle-aged, male suburbanites (played by Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, Jonah Hill and Richard Ayoade) use excessive force in the name of keeping the neighborhood safe, seem extremely insensitive and ill-timed.

Fox clearly recognized this; hence, the change-up in title and mad scramble (on the studio’s part) to completely turnaround the manner in which this flick is sold to the moviegoing masses.

As a result, we’ve ended up getting a red band trailer for The Watch that’s instead all about playing up the film as a wacky raunch-com-meets-sci-fi adventure – wherein, a group of foul-mouthed, but lovable, adult men are out to save their families, friends and neighbors from a covert extraterrestrial threat. That is, when they’re not worrying about relatable things, like warding off their daughters’ would-be boyfriends.

the watch jonah hill ben stiller vince vaughn richard ayoade The Watch Red Band Trailer Serves Up Raunchy Talk & Alien Jokes

Hill, Stiller, Ayoade and Vaughn in 'Neighborhood Watch'

The naughty jokes and sight gags – coupled with the strange mishmash of genre elements – featured in this new footage from The Watch bear the signature of screenwriting duo Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg (Superbad, Pineapple Express, Green Hornet). Similarly, director Akiva Schaffer looks to keep the jokes flying fast, much like he did during his days working on SNL (and feature-length helming debut, Hot Rod).

Once you adjust to the sharp contrast in the film’s new marketing, though, The Watch seems like a pretty standard R-Rated comedy in the vein of just about every movie featuring guys like Hill and Vaughn – with the “high concept” being aliens, this time.

That may help the film shake off its bad publicity, but it doesn’t guarantee the eventual box office returns will be any better than originally predicted (prior to the controversy).

We will see how it all turns out when The Watch begins a theatrical release in the U.S. on July 27th, 2012.


Source: IGN

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  1. my anticipation actually dropped after seeing this new trailer. i didnt find much of it that funny.

  2. I found this trailer to actually entice me to want and see the film now. I thought it was really good and funny. R. Lee Ermey!!!

  3. dont found this trailer intresting at all. also does every trailer now need to use Dubstep :(

    • Very good point, mace. I think they’ve discovered dubstep’s stolen squonky basslines have an “instant-hit” impact in the cinema. And that’s about all they’re good for. Depressing. As was this trailer. Love Richard Ayoade in The IT Crowd and Nathan Barley, but this was painful to witness, even if he hardly featured. Entire conversations or sequences that seemed to be going nowhere, like the ad-libbed nonsense of a group of stoned tossers who think they’re the embodiment of understated hilarity. Dire.

  4. Yes, my type of humor. I’ll watch this.

  5. omg, this funny is going to be off the chain. the first trailer seemed alright,but this one puts the movie on the map. Just like the dark knight rises. I was going to see the movie anyways, but there newest trailer makes the movie look like its going to be as good as the dark knight

  6. Good lord, this looks really stupid and really terrible. Why am I surprised about all the male organ/gay innuendo jokes? These idiots couldn’t find funny if it bit them in the butt. Ben Stiller hasn’t done anything funny since Meet the Parents. Jonah Hill is the complete OPPOSITE of funny. This will be a huge PASS for me.

  7. Richard Ayoade is in it so I’ll be there, hopefully he gets more to do in the film than he does in this trailer though…

  8. Vince Vaughn, Ben Stiller, and Jonah Hill.. be still my heart.

    Oh, sorry, that should have read “be still my stomach”.

    I enjoy off-beat humor, and vulgar humor, but for some reason, that trailer left me incredibly cold. I found it more offensive than funny.

  9. oh. my. god. no wonder we are hated. Watching this over-budgeted, self-indulgent pile was like eating black mold- pure toxin. I can just see the high fives among director and cast after every stale setup, every tired “hipster buddy movie dialogue” trope…. HOW does s**t like this get, and STAY, greenlit???? ALL of these guys suck in this.. they ALL look older and creakier and are “acting” exactly like the worst cartoonish caricatures of themselves… yet here they are again, revving up the “hilarious®” antics in another “edgy comedy” vehicle. These screenwriters should be put on outdoor workcamps for a year, without phones, internet or industry trades.. it would clean them out from all this same ol’ same ol’, all the tired “vulgar but hip modern dialogue” catch phrases… these movies are ALL THE SAME… it’s time for a serious change in Hollywood, starting with all the pampered man-boy “COMEDY WRITERS”.

    • Lets see you write a script

      • so, the only way you’re allowed to recognize that something is crap, is… to be able to write one better yourself?

        yes, we will ALL have to remember that when you start ragging on some film you didn’t like.

        I’ll have to remember your argument the next time someone tells me that Hans Zimmer’s music is so brilliant… because I CAN write something better than he.

  10. Took me beyond horrible, into a realm of pure indifference.

  11. Just wondering :when exactly will vince vaugn and ben stiller realize they’re not 20′s anymore.I mean, not that this is high value entertainment, I can give a break to Jonas hill and co. If they want to specialize in the hipster-stoned-gay-vulgar comic subgenre why not… But Vaughn and Stiller you’re 40′s guys. Your burned up wrinkled tired skin and your receding hairline don’t mix well with something that belongs to teenager. You look like caricature of your younger self . Grow up and move on. Take a look at steve carrel.

  12. I love Ayoade. I wish they would do a The IT Crowd movie. that would be awesome. Glad to see Ayoade breaking in over here now. Chris O’Dowd is doing great.

    That said, this looks like crap. But it’s written by Rogen and Goldberg; Neither of whom is known for their literary elocution prowess.

  13. Really classy touch with the Dubstep in there. Haha.