The Warrior’s Way Review

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warriors way review The Warriors Way Review
Screen Rant’s Vic Holtreman reviews The Warrior’s Way

I didn’t have much in the way of expectations heading in to see The Warrior’s Way. I figured hey, cowboys vs. ninjas, wire-fu… what’s not to like as long as that’s all you’re expecting.

Well one thing I didn’t expect was an ill-placed attempt at comedy mixed in with the above ingredients.

The Warrior’s Way starts off like it’s going to be some semi-epic, mystical story – telling us about the ultimate swordsman (played by Dong-gun Jang), and how he was within reach of killing off the last of the enemy clan. Problem is the remaining member is a tiny baby girl, and in a moment of humanity (for him) she wins his heart and he decides to take her with him. This sets his own clan against him and he escapes to America, to find himself in a tiny, mostly abandoned and dying town filled with misfits (really, like, a tiny circus).

Our warrior meets a podunk Western young lady (Kate Bosworth) who takes him under his wing. Among the other residents of the town are the drunk (Geoffrey Rush, who is in this film for some bizarre reason), a midget mayor (Tony Cox), and an assortment of old west rednecks. Our hero transitions from being the outsider to being a member of the strange little community.

At first it seems like the film will try its hand at being a parody of kung-fu films, with some odd captions floating on-screen stating the title of “the ultimate swordsman,” and scenes of Jang effortlessly avoiding assassination attempts while taking care of an infant. Once he arrives in the U.S. the “comedy” antics continue with Rush as the comic foil, complete with a shot of him passing out from booze with half his butt hanging out of his pants (it’s a laugh-riot, I tell ya).

Ah, but then throw into the mix a dark past for Bosworth’s character, involving Danny Huston as a villainous bad guy, chewing the scenery like John Travolta when he plays a baddie. While it’s all over the top, it shifts gears from an attempt at goofy comedy to a dark story of murder and attempted child rape. As I said: Bizarre combination in this film.

Jang eventually teaches Bosworth how to properly wield a knife in combat, as she is woefully bad prior to his arrival despite the fact she practices every single day. She wants revenge and Jang gives her the skills to allow her to possibly achieve that goal.

Of course the old clan follows our hero from overseas using kung-fu/ninja movie supernatural-seeming methods to locate him. If you don’t mind beyond-reality wire-fu martial arts, the film is actually quite impressive visually once the assassins arive – except for the addition of CGI blood, which in my book always is always a weak substitute for Karo syrup and red dye.

The film actually improves once they drop most of the comedy attempts and focus on revenge, violence and ninjas vs. cowboys. Instead of the annoying close-in quick cuts, we have here the use of long-shot slow motion scenes of choreographed battles. Now this is not to say that the film actually gets “good” – it just gets better from the silly mess that comes before.

This movie was written and directed by Sngmoo Lee, who has no credits other than this film. While it has some beautiful imagery (green screen, I would estimate), really it’s a pretty ridiculous film. Not the sort of ridiculous that will make you angry that you sat through it, but ridiculous as in “silly.” Frankly, I’d say that eventually, this is worth a watch as a goof and for the battle scenes towards the end – but save it for a rental and invite over some friends who bring a couple of six-packs as the price of admission. simple smile The Warriors Way Review

You can see a trailer for The Warrior’s Way here:

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Our Rating:

2.5 out of 5
(Fairly Good)

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  1. Wow I thought the movie would be bad, but I really didn’t see that coming lol. A shocking read it almost feel like it’s a joke hard to believe anyone would make this movie or allow it to see the light of day from the way it sounds at least.

    • Guess I should be thankful we couldn’t find a babysitter. Glad I read this. Don’t feel as bad for not making it out.

  2. I thought the movie looked like it was going to be horrible just from the trailers. Disappointed to hear I was right.

    • I gues I’ll have to wait for Dreamworks to wake the Hell up and do something with the rights to Ninja Scroll, thats is if they still own them.

  3. I really didn’t think that these two genres would mix well lol. after reading the review, now I know I’m right. Now I gotta watch Red Sun just so I can make up for this.

    Just think Vic that’s two hours you wont get back, ever lol.

    • Thats 30 seconds YOU wont get back ever for typing that,heck 30 seconds i wont get back ever for typing this. *sigh* LOL 😀

  4. i have a sweet tooth for ninja revenge flicks, so i might hunt for this either online or wait for it to hit shelves.

    hey vic is the CGI blood as obvious as ninja assassin ?

    • jwalka,

      I didn’t see Ninja Assassin, but yeah, it was pretty obvious.


    • I would say it’s about the same. It had potential while it was in Japan but when it got to the old West, it just came apart. I still think these 2 genres can mix; I thought the show Kung-Fu did that well. I suppose we won’t see a decent ninja flick until the right director decides to don the chair.

    • I did think this movie was better than Ninja Assassin.

      • it wasn’t even close. N.A was/is the best Ninja flick produced. The Sho Kushogi (first one) comes in second.

        • Opinions vary but for me, NA had horrible acting with very little plot. There were some good action scenes in NA but WW had a better plot and direction.

        • Hate the CGI blood. Damn.

  5. This is a great review of this film. The hubby and I watched it on opening weekend and we liked it/didn’t like it but couldn’t really articulate the reason why. The best I could come up with was “I can buy the dvd and just scene jump to the cool parts.”

    Thanks, Mr. Holtreman!

    mac :]

    • macbrooks,

      You’re quite welcome. And you’re the second person who’s told me that. :)


  6. It wasn’t actually a bad film and it wasn’t a “Good” film. It is what it is, a chance to escape for an hour or so. I actually didn’t mind the comedy attempts. The baby was kinda funny actually. I didn’t expect anything from the movie. Once you see the opening sequence and you have experience with Kung Fu/HK action/Korean swordsman flicks, you can make some educated guesses on what’s coming.
    Ti Lung’s appearance was the only surprise for me.
    I will add this: They could have left the ending out.

  7. @ Vic, have you heard anything on the Ninja Scroll live action movie from Dreamworks?

    • Luis,



  8. Do not want. Thank you.

  9. Can’t wait to see this movie and also write a comment. Since I will be visiting the cinema tonight will be back to review it properly

  10. I just saw the movie yesterday nite, it was alright with me, it
    could of been better yes, a longer final showdown scene towards end
    would of boost the rating up a bit, i can’t see a Warrior’s Way 2 movie being made, i say make another Ninja Assassins movie instead.

  11. See the problem now a days are people’s standards are at an all time low. I walked out of this movie after the first 25 minutes, I demanded my money back. I felt like it was a Dumb Dumb flick, when you dumb down the characters in a movie like this it turns the whole thing into a joke. Ultimately the joke is on us for having paid money to see it, most of us stay because we’ve already bought ourselves a drink and maybe some popcorn, So screw it, right? The sooner we exercise our right to walk out and take our money back from these people, the sooner the quality of cinema will be re-evaluated and turn out something worth paying for, instead of just trying to turn a dollar.

  12. I liked it.