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The Walking Dead Trailerjpg The Walking Dead Official Trailer

The recently deceased walk again in the trailer for The Walking Dead, a new TV series from AMC, which was based off the comic book written by Robert Kirkman.

Frank Darabont was the auteur responsible for the acclaimed Stephen King novel adaptations The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, and The Mist.  He is also the creator of The Walking Dead TV series, which will premiere with a 90-minute episode on Halloween night this year.

The series revolves around officer Rick Grimes (played by Andrew Lincoln) who is gunned down in the line of duty.  Grimes awakens in a hospital sometime later, only to find that the world has been devastated by a zombie epidemic.

Trapped in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by flesh-easting monsters, Grimes sets out in the hopes of finding his wife Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies) and son Carl (Chandler Riggs) still alive.  He eventually encounters other survivors, including a young woman named Andrea (Laurie Holden) and Glenn (Steven Yeun), an expert scavenger.

Check out the full trailer for The Walking Dead below (NOTE: The following contains several grotesque zombie monsters and a brief bit of NSFW language):

There are definite shades of 28 Days Later in the plot synopsis of Walking Dead, though the TV show looks to lack the low-budget aesthetic of that Danny Boyle pic.  Most of the footage on display in the trailer looks pretty standard for the zombie movie genre, though that final overhead shot of zombies swarming around a tank like ants is an effectively unsettling image.

If you read our live coverage of The Walking Dead Comic-Con panel, then you know just how much love there is for this series. The comic book has garnered a LOT of attention, with it’s great characters, intriguing spins on the zombie/horror genre – and yes, its utterly gruesome nature. AMC will apparently be bringing everything that made the comic a hit along to the small screen, making The Walking Dead one of the more anticipated shows to keep an (heh) eye out for this Fall.

The Walking Dead premieres on AMC on October 31st, 2010.

Source: AMC

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  1. This. Looks. Awesome.

  2. I just finished the 9th TPB and I want to go to the store right now to buy 10 and 11 right now. This has become my favorite comic series and the trailer looks unbelievable. Mr. Darabont is my hero! And Kirkman has said that his outline was written before “28 Days Later” came out:


  3. I like the inside joke in the last line of the story too, hahaha!

  4. I’m on board simply for the choice of “The Sun Ain’t Gunna
    Shine Anymore” by The Walker Brothers in the trailer.
    One of the greatest songs ever that never gets
    old and takes me home every time I hear it.
    A timeless classic of endless memories.

  5. was that michael rooker i saw in thr trailer??

  6. Looks great… but why “Graphic Novel”? Wasnt it just a comic book? I dont recall it ever being a graphic novel.

    Maybe they are afraid “Comic Book” will turn people away.

    • Its the same thing.Graphic Novels are considered by many to be a term for stories told on an epic scale of sorts.Either way,graphic novel or comic book is the same thing.

      • I always thought a Graphic Novel was a self contained story? A “one” shot if you will.

        “The evolving term graphic novel is not strictly defined and is sometimes used, controversially, to imply subjective distinctions in artistic quality between graphic novels and other kinds of comics. It suggests a complete story that has a beginning, middle and end, as opposed to an ongoing series. It can also imply a story that is outside the genres commonly associated with comic books, or that deals with more mature themes. It is sometimes applied to works that fit this description even though they are serialized in traditional comic book format. The term is sometimes used to disassociate works from the juvenile or humorous connotations of the terms comics and comic book, implying that the work is more serious, mature, or literary than traditional comics.”

        The Walking Dead was an ongoing series. It was/is a comic book. A mature comic? Sure… but a comic book series none the less.

        “The Walking Dead is an monthly black and white American comic book series published by Image Comics beginning in 2003.”

        I understand what you are saying but I tihnk they say that to keep it away from the view of it being a “comic”. Which to me is meh kind of crappy since it was the comic book readers that put this where it is.

  7. might be a reason besides cleveland show and Family guy to turn back on TV around the corner

  8. I can’t wait for the first episode. I am drooling with anticipation now

  9. This trailer is seriously awesome.It honestly made me feel very unsettled with the zombies and fearful for the characters.Not to mention the emotion of the characters as well.This genuinely has to be on my list of must sees!!!!

  10. I’m loving it. “DON’T OPEN, DEAD INSIDE” = spooky.

    One of my favorite comics and has SO MUCH POTENTIAL for future stories and a lot of material to cover so the series can last a long time.

    Also, Frank D + AMC = recipe for success

  11. Looks perfect to me.
    I was worried they’d do something stupid like make the zombies run.
    Glad to see I was wrong

  12. Zombie horror is this only “horror genre” that actually scares me anymore. I tend to be overly rational and critical of most movies and the horror genre has just become silly and over-the-top gruesome since I was a kid. But there is something about zombies that terrify me. So I probably won’t watch it, because it looks like a well done zombie flick and will probably give me nightmares just from watching the trailer…I think that is the whole point of horror isn’t it?! To know that it isn’t possible, but just maybe it could be…

  13. Zombie situations – Im not seeing anything unique here except it’s in a tv series format.

    • There is a reason Darabont is doing this series, the zombies are just a backdrop. The real horror is what the surviving people do to each other.

      • I would say that the real horror is in fearing the unknown. This man wakes to find everybody dead and has no clue of what the Hell happened. That in it’s self is just terrifying. Where is your family? Are they dead? Nope, they are just another Zombie? That one dude looks like he was shooting at his wife or daughter, that has to suck.

      • That is why I love this series. It is about how ugly humanity can be. The zombies just become a thing that they get used to. It is all the horrors of the people they meet that make this series shine.

  14. I think the plus for it, is that like Romero movies, I want to see what happens next and next and next… how would culture and humans survive? What mental toil would this have the human psyche? This comic visits those questions, and the TV show taking it even further and poking into stories and avenues not covered in the comics, is very exciting. It’s not about the zombies, per se, but about the characters, and Grimes and company are character I really care about and want to know what happens to them. I want to see them make it through it, but will they? I think we’ve got a winner on our hands.

  15. Check out the mini series “dead set” it’s a british zombie show that is super awsome!

  16. I like that they are saying some of the things that have passed through my mind while watching zombies. For instance that a single zombie isn’t much of a threat only packs are dangerous. Or the emotional turmoil of having to shoot a child. Or having a person feel sorry for what has happened to what was once after all a human being.

    There’s a lot of stuff in the comics that further explores the details of a zombiefied world that should be interesting if it makes it into the series.

  17. While I was not fond of them “borrowing” almost the exact same beginning as 28 Days later, at least they have the zombies right…….they should be the walking dead and not crazed infected that run fast. I can quickly forgive the opener however (and have done so for so many other shows)that, as long as the show itself is great I will be happy.

    I also applaud AMC for taking the risk and be willing to bring this type show to the small screen. It would never have flown on the major networks but hopefully AMC will give it a chance and not bail if it isn’t a runaway hit after 8 episodes ( /spits on ABC for never giving Defying Gravity a chance)

    I look forward to exploring a world populated by zombies and not just some 2 hour movie that always manages to wrap things up in a cute package at the end. It will be interesting to see how they progress the show.

    • just wanted to point out,
      The walking dead intro was written BEFORE the intro to 28 days later came out, there was a pretty big fuss over it. if anyone ripped anyone off, it was 28 days later “borrowing” from the comic.

      (and this is indeed coming from a fan of 28 days later) :)

      • haha, I suspected that might be the case which is why it really doesn’t bother me (plus I liked the opening idea regardless)

  18. This doesnt look any different to every other zombie film. Unoriginal.

    • trust me dude,the driving point of the show isnt the zombies,its the people.The way the people handle the zombie epidemic makes this one of the best graphic novels on the market.It makes you question whether the monsters outside are the worst,or the are the people who are alive are to be feared.Plus,its in a TV show format which hasnt been done before in the states.Great Britain had a show in the format of a spoof to big brother with zombies involved.Cant remember the name

    • The walking dead isn’t entirely a reference to the zombies. It is fully realized later in the comics in a brilliant speech, but the difference between this and any other zombie movies is the fact that the zombies are more part of the environment, background really compared to everything the group encounters

  19. @ the truth. The show is called “dead set” as i mentioned in an earlier comment :)

  20. I agree that it does look like just any other Zombie film. I would also agree that I would like to see how this story will play out in a series. I will watch at least a few episodes then make my decision. I like the trailer.

    • yes the premise isn’t exactly original…..deadly virus kills 99.9% of the population, that population turns into the undead and the remaining .1% are left to survive. Sure we have seen this scenario play out many many times BUT this time we get to see what happens after the first “2 movie hrs”. We get to find out what that .1% does after they have banded together. Kind of like “I am Legend” but with a few more people. Personally I was more intrigued in the survival aspect of the lead character than I ever was about the infected.

      I see it being a lot like the short lived TV show Jericho (which strangely also had Lennie James in it) only with less survivors but with the omnipresent zombie population always lurking in the background.

      Will probably be the most interesting TV show for me since LOST.

  21. Most of the zombie movies of late have just been “How many ways can you kill a zombie or how many ways can a zombie kill you” variety. Also they’ve gotten a little too campy.

    This looks a little more dramatic and thoughtful.

  22. You can download the clip here.


  23. F* the country restriction, Just 2 minutes are needed to get around that problem.