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The Walking Dead full cast image The Walking Dead Season Finale Review & Discussion

AMC’s The Walking Dead is officially a hit, and fans no doubt went into the season finale, “TS-19″, with an equal mix of anticipation and frustration; Anticipation to see what Rick Grimes and his fellow survivors uncover in the mysterious bunker at the Center for Disease Control – frustration at the fact that this sixth episode of The Walking Dead is the last in what now feels like a first season cut painfully short, just as  a promising new show is hitting its stride.

Well, “TS-19″ delivered a story that was at once moving, rich with new possibilities, thick on ominous foreshadowing and yes, slightly pointless in terms of its resolutions.


This season we’ve witnessed officer Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) awaken from a coma after a shootout gone bad, only to find himself in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. After help from a kind stranger (Lennie James), Rick set off for Atlanta to find his wife Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies) and son Carl (Chandler Riggs). Atlanta did not provide the salvation Rick hoped for; instead he found a metropolis overrun by zombies and would’ve perished if not for the help of fellow survivors Glenn (Steven Yeun), Andrea (Lorie Holden), T-Dog (IronE Singleton) and the not-so-friendly Merle Dixon (Michael Rooker). Rick made it out of Atlanta alive, only to find his wife, son, and best friend/cop partner Shane (Jon Bernthal) waiting at a survivors camp in the woods. The happy reunion didn’t last long: Rick’s group was forced to leave a drug-crazed Merle behind in Atlanta, and little did Rick know, Lori and Shane had become lovers since Rick was presumed dead – an affair Lori is having trouble keeping under wraps.

Merle’s brother Daryl (Norman Reedus) isn’t at all happy to hear his kin was abandoned, so Rick takes a group of men back into the city to find Merle. The group doesn’t find all of him, just the hand the hillbilly sawed off to escape. As the Merle search party returns to camp with a fresh supply of firearms, zombies attack, inflicting heavy casualties on the survivors, including Andrea’s sister, Amy (Emma Bell), who Andrea is forced to put down when she rises as a zombie. Andrea is understandably traumatized, with only surrogate father-figure Dale (Jeffery DeMunn) there to comfort her. Rick and Shane have it out about what the next best move is for their group, and after secretly pointing a gun at his best friend’s back, guilt-ridden Shane concedes that the group should follow Rick to the CDC facility in Atlanta in hopes of finding rescue. When they arrive at the CDC, the group is spotted by a lone doctor still operating the facility – the doctor opens the door and survivors enter into the unknown…

“TS-19″ REVIEW (Contains SPOILERS)

The Walking Dead season finale Rick The Walking Dead Season Finale Review & Discussion

“TS-19″ was a fairly good season finale episode. First and foremost, the episode dangled some new plot points to drive storylines for season 2 forward on both the over-arching and subplot levels. What was it that Dr. Jenner (Noah Emmerich) whispered in Rick’s ear just before the explosion? That question will likely keep fans busy for the next year, pitching speculation across chat room forums. (Was it a word of hope or a warning of doom? I’m betting doom.)

There’s also the bubbling, soon-to-be-boiling subplot of the Rick-Lori-Shane love triangle, which took a pretty drastic turn this week during Shane’s drunken assault/attempted rape of Lori. Flashback to one of the first scenes of the pilot – Rick and Shane’s talk about how to deal with women – and the Lori/Shane confrontation becomes an even more poignant foreshadow of what’s to come. We know Shane isn’t a man who gives up what he sees as his territory – and when Rick finds out that his best friend left him for dead (a great scene that kicked off this episode), slept with his wife, and has since tried to sleep with her again since his return… needless to say, the fallout is going to be epic, and bloody.

The Walking Dead season finale Shane The Walking Dead Season Finale Review & Discussion

This season 1 finale also touched on a  fantastic theme that I hope becomes the undercurrent of this show: how one sustains the will to live in the midst of hell. As much as I care about these characters, Dr. Jenner’s argument about how and when one chooses to die was deep enough to make me totally understand if Rick’s group just decided to end it all there in the CDC, rather than once again face the hell waiting outside. Total head trip. When Andrea stayed behind to die, broken by tragedy and hopelessness, and Dale plopped himself down in a chair committed to die with her, for a second I thought that Darabont and Co. might actually do the unthinkable and kill off two of the best characters, just as they were beginning to develop. Thankfully that was not the case. While I was sorry to see lovely mother-figure Jacqui (Jeryl Prescott) go, I think that we can all admit by now that Jacqui wasn’t really doing much besides taking up space (you too, Morales), so it’s understandable that she would be written out. I’m keeping fingers crossed that Jacqui’s departure is an indication that in season 2 the African-American female character slot will be filled by a rather popular name from The Walking Dead comic books icon wink The Walking Dead Season Finale Review & Discussion .We’ll see.

The Walking Dead season finale The Walking Dead Season Finale Review & Discussion

Finally, the computer image of “Test Subject 19″ (Doctor Jenner’s scientist wife turned zombie) and Jenner’s speeches about the nature of humanity – while equally hammy and syrupy – made for some compelling television that at least tried to say more about the world than most other zombie tales do. And a big shout out to alcohol, which played a major part in this season finale! It was something that totally felt real to me: if I was stuck in the zombie apocalypse and had one night “off” from scrounging and surviving, I too would be boozing as much as I could. I also liked seeing Rick (in his private confession to Dr. Jenner) be something other than captain positivity and hope; it was good to see that deep down he’s human and real, just a guy scared out of his mind trying to get through each day. That type of complexity is freeing for writers, in that there are no “off limits” areas to explore with a character like Rick. He can truly keep us guessing.

However, for all of its positive aspects, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that  “TS-19″ and the whole CDC detour was a clunky bit of Deus Ex Machina, which didn’t even do a good job of resolving anything. In terms of the overarching story, The Walking Dead still hasn’t really defined itself as anything more than a vague survival story about the human condition – at this point it could be a serialized drama or an episode of the week, major twists at sweeps horror series. This first “season” was truthfully more like one long pilot that left us off in a place where not much ground has been covered, yes, but the road ahead is long, dark, winding and ultimately inviting.

Walking Dead AMC DVD Bluray The Walking Dead Season Finale Review & Discussion

It’s going to be a long wait until The Walking Dead season 2 premieres in Fall 2011, and in exchange for fans’ patience, I hope the writers take time to inject some more objectives into their story, so that we can get more episodes like “Guts”, which feel streamlined, focused and less meandering. However, in turning the zombie-horror sub-genre into the framework for one of the better dramas on TV, The Walking Dead has been nothing short of a miracle, and a refreshing one at that. I may nitpick, but you can be sure I’m one of those Dead-heads already chomping at the bit for season 2.

How did you like the Season finale of The Walking Dead? Have you enjoyed the season/show overall – or was it too short for your liking? What do you want to see in season 2 (which will premiere in Fall 2011)?

If you haven’t already seen it, we’ve put to together an all-star team of TV personalities who could survive The Walking Dead. It’s a great list. If you want to check out the show again in its entirety, keep a lookout for The Walking Dead season 1 on DVD/Blu-ray in the spring of 2011.

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  1. “When Andrea stayed behind to die, broken by tragedy and hopelessness, and Dale plopped himself down in a chair committed to die with her”

    That’s as solid a Father/Daughter moment as I’ve seen! One of the most moving moments in the series so far. A near stranger who has truly adopted her as his own. That’s not just good horror, that’s good drama!

    This show has all sorts of potential!!!

    • its not that dale acts as her father if you read the novel youd realize that he has other “interests” in mind such as tappin dat booty

  2. The finale didn’t really do much for me. After the fifth episode, I accepted that they won’t be following the comic too closely (unfortunately), but the finale still seemed “off” to me. Honestly, it left me feeling disappointed. I shouldn’t be laughing at dialog that isn’t supposed to be funny, you know? Maybe I need to distance myself from the comic’s story-line and just try to enjoy the show’s different direction. Did anyone else feel less compassionate about the characters?

  3. I am an incredibly huge fan of this intelligent writing. I saw a future in this show 10 mins. into it. I’ll always be a supporter. Laurie “ANDREA” Holden will be making her first-ever convention appearance in Baltimore in February and I’ll have a ton of questions to ask her about this marvelous show! I’m only sorry the AMC gods did not see far enough ahead to realize 6 eps only makes a zombie mad!!!

    • See how you defended your position? With examples? I like that. I don’t even agree with you, mostly, and I still like your comment.

      • What bit don’t you agree with? Just interested to get an alternative perspection.

        • Perspective even :) – my speed typing has an itchy Return finger.

          • @Derek,

            Mostly in order.

            There are no graphic novels of The Walking Dead. There are trade paper backs, collections and single issues.

            Jacqui (played by Jeryl Prescott) never had swords and was not to my knowledge in the comic book. You may be mistaking her for someone else.

            The scientist did not want to let them in. Then he felt bad and figured they may as well die in here quickly then prolong it outside. He was useless as he was just a worker bee and could not do what his wife could have probably done. What cure? However lets say he did find a cure it was all destroyed in the lock down before the survivors showed up. There are a lot of buildings within cities that are not as safe and do stuff you would think they shouldnt…. Also if they saw the virus coming they may have been working on stuff there as it was the best place with the best people. He said ther is no way out of the upper doors as those are locked down once the countdown starts.

            She went back to the truck to get her belongings like everyone else did at the start of the episode. The grenade was in her possession since the first episode I believe. Rick placed it next to the window they were beating on. A fragmentation grenade (which that appeared to be) does just that. It fragments ripping and shattering stuff with its fragments. It usually does not explode with “fire”. I think that little bit was for show so nothing else would be blown or smashed up that we would see.

            Did Lori ask is there anyone else because they walked into a large room that appeared to be empty when it could house quite a few people? Or did she ask becasue she was concerned about midgets? hmmmmm

            Shane was drunk when he assaulted Lori. While he may have thought about it while sober he kept himself in check until the liquor started talking to him. As for everyone noticing…. well you can go 2 ways. They were busy eating and being hung over to care or it is a giant elephant in the room and no one wants to address it. It happens. they know whats going on, the others know whats going on but no one wants to be the one to take the first step.

            Back to Jenner. Well he had (per your observations) a cure and lost it. It took him that long to get to that point and now he has no reason or ability to go on. Not to mention the timer working against him. He is at wits end and quite frankly believes it is best to pull his plug then to shamble on through life.

            ‘The show has no subtlety or mystery or any surprises.’ It must since I need to explain to you some of the stuff you apparently think is so readily there in front of you, yet is not.

            You then go on to mention the relationship missed between Dale and Andrea yet they show how much Dale cares for her when he is willing to not go on living without her. Some may see it as a Father Daughter thing or you may get what you get in the comic. We dont know yet now do we… or did you want them to wrap that up right away?

            Yes you missed quite a lot. You seem to want a faced paced show. (not that its a bad thing) However the show and comics were/are never this. If you are looking for a page by page translation you are not going to get it. It has been stated as such. So to completely try and compare the TV show characters with their comic book counter parts is an effort in futility.

            It is easy to sit back in the comfort of your home watching a movie/show and saying “DONT DO IT!!! or I would have done it that way” however it is never really that way. Ask a police officer or fireman, Soldier, etc. When the poop hits the fan and things go six ways to Sunday people act weird and do stuff that you would not think they could ever do. So before you judge the characters and what is happening with them you need to actually put yourself in their shoes, and while being a one man zombie wrecking crew looks great in the movies reality wise it would be a lot different.

            How is that for addressing your concerns? I took out some of my more smart mouth answers… :D and tried to calmly address the issues.

            • Best response ever. Cool to get another perspective. Two different views over the same thing, we might as well fight over religion. Don’t know why people get so anxie and protective over these things but your reply was awesome.

              You actually know what trade paperbacks are, usually when I say this all I get a questions as to what they are in my laymans I call them Graphic Novels and for noobs I call them Thick Comics :)

              Its the paces and padding thats killing me. I’m not looking for a gore fest, just something better. Seeing as Frank fired the writers from Series 1 maybe 2 will be better. Hopefully they complete the 13 episodes.

            • What I really dislike is when people like Derek spout off about a show when it’s clear he either never truly watched the show or just has a terrible attention span (ironic, since he accuses ‘fans’ of the same poor attention span). This isn’t a fanboy thing; I actually think the show is a little too obvious and cliche about some things. You just didn’t bother to even try researching the answers to your questions. And I’m replying now because of one particular missed plot point that was actually spelled out for everyone in the episode seconds before she hands Rick the grenade. Nobody accurately refuted it.

              Jacqui explicitly mentions when she takes out the grenade that she found it in Rick’s clothes when she was washing them (with the other women during the scene when Ed starts manhandling his wife for giggling when talking about vibrators with the other women and not letting him in on it). In fact, I had been wondering what happened to this grenade and was actually anticipating its use in the second episode. Rick finds it in the tank he takes refuge in at the end of the first episode and sticks it in his pocket. I recall noticing the camerawork when he took the grenade was emphasizing that it was/would be important, and I thought since the walkers were all mainly clustered together around the horse the damage and noise might cause enough damage and “confusion” to let him escape. They’re sensitive to sound so if they hear a loud boom it might be deafening and if they don’t know where it came from they might focus on the origin of the detonation rather than the origin of the grenade itself.

              • Sorry, I meant to say Carol mentions taking the grenade from his clothes, not Jacqui.

              • Thanks for explaining that in detail. I remembered it happening but not so clearly, but clearly enough for it to be reasonable to me when she pulled the grenade out at the end of ep 6.

    • When did Jacqui have swords? Are you thinking of Michonne from the comic book?

      When did Jenner have the “cure” in episode 5? It showed him working on dead flesh in his lab.

      The previous dialogue established that Jenner could access other areas of the facility, but could not open the front doors because at that point they were under computer control.

      All your complaints have to do with minutiae that is easily explained in bits of dialogue and common sense.

      • She didn’t, but she’s the only black woman so far. I at this stage Michonne should have been introduced, I’m hoping they aren’t taking artistic licence on the character names too. I pray that if they do remember Michonne that they justify her character by casting someone appropriate for the part and NOT a “just for TV”, stereotypical, skinny version of Queen latifa…. spurting stuff like “you go girlfriend” or “yo mama” or “MmmmHmmmmm, thats right”, (while fixing her hair or looking at her nails) you know that fake 1990′s wanna-be-cool-in-da-hood talk.

        Thanks for reminding me of “the scientists” name, Jenner. Yes in ep5 they went to the CSI MIAMI graphics department to show us two mutated cells coming together switching RNA and seperating it into what looked like one “good cell” and one “bad cell” (it looked bad because it didn’t look like DNA string you’d see in a school childs book). He’s obviously not that stupid if he can actually use the equipment and get results. It was good that they didn’t explain that part of the reason Jenner was screaming was because it was bits of his wife incinerated not just the experiment (“Ooooh, Yeah!…. how did I miss that?”)…… BUT that would be giving the writers credit and to be honest, I think the writers actually forgot too. I wouldn’t like to work for CDC, if you were to spill your coffee they’d burn the canteen.
        Since we’re on ep5 I hated the way they tied Jim to a tree because he was digging a few holes and everyone got scared … YET … after he gets bit they all manage to “suck it up” and put him in a bed unsupervised “MmmmHmmmmm, thats right. I’d have slapped them up-side the head”.

        That last statement is a bit unfair, I do have common sense. I take it when you use the word minutiae, you’re implying there are small details or instances I’m missing. I wish this were true, I want to be thinking about whats going on, I want a twist. In a way I’d like to miss a minutiae so later on I can go “Ooooh, Yeah!…. how did I miss that?”. Your closing statement is a bit insulting, yet completely vague and open to interpretation. Perhaps you could elaborate? Where have you noticed evidence of minutiae?

        The show is following the path of LOST. Please don’t hop on me because I hate the last couple of series of LOST but its a show that when you think about it feels like it was thrown together by a few 5yr olds and a crayon storyboard. Too many writers and a director asleep at the wheel.

        It should be just made like the Novel. It takes no brains. The novel is effectively the storyboard, the cast are animated, just get some cameras and a set. Stop all the nonsense (as much as you can stop in a zombie show).

        I could write on about the issues I have with this show but I will give one casting credit, Chandler Riggs as Carl looks like he was taken from the Graphic Novel.

        • Any now by this point you are complaining for the sake of complaining. Six episodes is a short season, but it’s also terribly long for someone who claims to hate the show. So why did you watch all six eps (including the parts you dreamed up)?

          • I’m complaining (or ranting, as in screen rant) because it should be way better especially for the budget and I’ve been waiting an age for this. I even wrote an article that got printed in a mag, requesting this to be made years ago.
            At no point did I say I hated the show as a whole, just hate the last couple of episodes. It started awesome ep1 was cool. Rather then attack me can you even tell me what you think is good about it?
            What parts had you in suspense? What parts surprised you?
            Did you experience any interesting twists in the storyline?

            What parts did I dream up?

            Your above statement is just condescending, with an assumption and a question (which I answered). If we disagree so be it, its evident neither of us are going to convince the other otherwise.

            If you added some fresh content rather then chipping away at others that would also be cool, hence my questions above.

            • Swords. Cures. These things didn’t happen in the show -> “dreamed up”.

              Condescension is not an “attack” and yes I’m being condescending because your bizarrely inaccurate comments which you have framed as rational criticisms deserve nothing better.

    • Actually, I take my praise back. What show are you complaining about? Because it’s not The Walking Dead. You’re complaining about things that did not happen.

      The black lady never had swords. A different black female character in the comic has/had swords. Jaqui worked in an office.

      Jenner never had a cure. They threw up some biological-looking animation that you didn’t like. Fine. He still never had a cure.

      I could go on but there’s not much point…you’d just imagine more stuff to complain about.

  4. OMG ! I love this series. I thought the season finale was rather touching, seeing Jacqui and Jenner go out together, and I thought it was nice that they weren’t alone that they had each other. I loved that Dale just didn’t want to continue without Andrea and that convinced her to keep living, and that together they could overcome her heartbreak. It was kind of like a father-daughter moment. I loved when before Dale had told Andrea that she & Amy were the reason why he kept going after his wife died. And the whole Shane-Rick-Lori thing is just going to become even more intense, so that should be awesome. I’d like a little back story on Glenn, like see how he managed to get with the group & survive the outbreak. I like Glenn because he’s smart, quick thinking, and he’s got a lot of heart. I connected with him when he insisted that they don’t burn their dead, that they bury them instead. I just wanted to hug him when he got emotional. This whole season has been amazing, and I’m sorry it wasn’t longer, but I understand why they did it like that. Frank Darabont has done some great work, same with Gale Anne Hurd. This is one show I can’t wait to see the next season of. Hopefully it’ll be a lot longer, and fill us in on some more things, and flesh out some more characters. This is truly a great show :)

  5. Excellent recap! Your thoughtful appraisal of season one was spot-on and mirrors my own. And yes, while the pacing of the series at times has felt unnecessarily slow, and doesn’t employ any of the tricks now pervasive on television to move the story forward quickly, the reward for viewers
    are more believable characters, motives, etc.
    I lost this show and am especially grateful since Lost and 24 are no longer in production.
    And as for the whisper, I think the kind doctor shared a hopeful next destination.

  6. “A big shout out to alcohol.” Haha. Literally laughed out loud.

  7. I think Jenner whispers the location of another lab or something for him to go for. I don’t know, maybe, I just think it is something of importance to the plot of the second season.

    And while it’s true most people love booze, I don’t drink, and if I were in that situation, I still wouldn’t drink. Don’t like the taste and like being completely lucid and in control of my actions. Especially since if I were in that situation, I will always be armed, even while indoors, because you never know, like at the camp when people thought they were safe, but weren’t. And I do not believe in mixing firearms and alcohol simply for safety’s sake. Too bad there are no characters like that which I can better relate to in that sense. I’m sure in real life there should have been at least one…

    • “Too bad there are no characters like that which I can better relate to in that sense. I’m sure in real life there should have been at least one…”

      That’s cause they all died in the first wave. :D Im kidding. Did everyone drink?

      Quite frankly in that situation you HAVE to find a time to relax and unwind or that person that is always armed and always expecting trouble may be a bigger issue then the situation you are in at that time… ;)

      • So you HAVE to drink to unwind? I’m not at all a “wound up” person, I’m very relaxed, I can unwind just fine without the help of alcohol. Sit me in a la-z-boy and I’m golden…

        And I’m not “always expecting trouble” just always ready for trouble. I’m no danger to anyone except anyone I WANT to be a danger to. See how being in complete control of one-self is a good thing? I’m pretty sure someone who is armed AND drunk off his ass will be a much greater threat to the group… But that’s just my crazy opinion. ;-)

          • I never said that none of them should drink, I was saying that out of all of them, I would have thought there would have been maybe one person who doesn’t. I know the majority thinks drinking is cool or whatever, but I know I’m not the only person who chooses not to drink.

            And I don’t care if the whole world is about to explode, I still won’t drink. Like I said, I don’t LIKE the taste OR the effects of drinking, so there’s really no reason for me to make myself suffer anymore just because the situation is dire. I never had to “TRY” to stop drinking, never had to overcome and urges to. I drank when I was younger because that was the cool thing to do. Once the cool factor wore off, I didn’t feel the need to impress anyone anymore, so I simply stopped.

            But anyhow, it’s not a big issue, just a passing observation. Like I said though, never said they all shouldn’t drink, that definitely would be unrealistic, I know in any real life situation the majority of the people in a group will drink either socially or otherwise. But to have 100% of anything is a stretch in either direction I think. Meaning everyone drinks or everyone doesn’t drink, there really should be a mix, unless all of them met at a wine tasting festival or something, lol…

            What annoys me is when people try to press me to drink… Does it make them feel better if I drink? I mean, can’t they enjoy their drink without worrying about if I’m drinking or not? Call me stubborn, but no matter how annoying they get, I never agree. Sometimes it’s funny how it bothers people that I don’t drink. I don’t make it an issue that they are drinking, don’t know why they make it an issue that I don’t. Some people are so eager to believe that everyone is like them or something, but maybe one day they’ll realize that they don’t set the standards for everyone else to follow… :-D

        • hell, i’m drunk right now!!! *hIC* *falls off bed*

  8. Do you think there might be a chance that Rick’s wife couldbe pregnant with Shanes baby, since they did what they did back in episode 2?

  9. I liked season one for the most part. Hated the finale unfortunately. I felt it was ridiculous and really last minute thinking. (they would never have survived that..) :P

  10. i love the show when is it coming back on????

    • Justine,

      Next Fall.


  11. Good show which seems to have just started… Like a six-episode pilot. I’m not a big fan of the zombie sub-genre, but I love end-of-the-world post-apocalyptic stories, and I like the fact that the zombie thing is the background for an interesting character-driven plot about survival in extreme circumstances. But I don’t find zombies as frightening as several other possibilities (all-out war, natural/environmental disasters, asteroid impacts, etc, which are more likely than zombies!!). Still, a great show. And maybe the zombie thing is just an overblown metaphor for epidemics/pollution-related disasters…

  12. Wow.. it’s a long wait till the next season. *sigh* Just when you have a good show to see.

    Anyway, just guessing about that whisper the doc did to Rick. I bet it’s Lori’s pregnancy. Remember, doc tested all their blood.

    Rick maybe looked real shock when doc tells him how long Lori’s pregnancy is and he knows he wasn’t back by those time.

    Just guessing.

    • you are so right i have been trying to figure out what he said but i cant find out but your guess is probably the most accurate

  13. I love this series i just watch the last episode without knowing it was the last so i think that gives me a bit of an advantage.

    I have always said that there is a vast amount of potential in fiction regarding Apocalypse, there are the empty supermarkets the free stuff everywhere, all the amazing cars you could take, and i think the walking dead could dig more into this.
    I agree with some comments i read about how the season was just like a massive pilot, there is just nothing concrete about the show, i was expecting more of a back story of how the virus came to be (experiment in a lab trying to cure cancer, some BS like that).
    Over all its a GREAT show that if improve it would not only be great but legendary, the characters seemed real in so many ways but the lack of facts about the story line is just not good, i hope the the second season will be better and have a solid story line

      • YOU ARE A GENIUS, i was thinking around the lines of, there is no cure, or telling him a place he can try and go to but that is probably the truth.

  14. Hey just wanted to say thanks to the person who put out that info on the zombie pod cast that is sweet I listen to it whent I donate plasma perfect time for it thanks a bunch

  15. Can’t wait can’t wait

  16. I think that season 2 will be alot better then the first. Like guy said, the season finale left alot of unanswered questions. I hope to be seeing them questions answered when season 2 comes on. Some of that stuff on there makes you think, thats for sure. Who would honestly no how to react if something like that happened? I no I wouldn’t know. I guess I would just grab the guns I do own && go to town. :P.

    • I was hoping for the show to be like the comic but I guess this will due

  17. Although I am dieing to see more of “The Walking Dead” I am willing to wait. I dont know how long it took or how much work they put into the first season but each episode, each conversation, each scene kept me guessing and wanting more. And the next season is going to have some crazy expectations so they need to take their time to make the best season they possibly can. I’m dieing to know if Merle Dixon is still alive and wanting revenge. I also want to know whats going on with Lennie James’ character. In the previews to the show he was in most of the scenes, but yet he only appeared in part of the first episode. There is so much more they can do with this show and i cant wait to see the outcome. I just hope they give it a 110% and make season 2 as suspenseful, scary, humorous, exciting, gloomy, and just plain good as season one was.

  18. I know what the doctor whispered to rick. Email me if u want to know (its my guess but it makes perfect sense)

    • Email me what you think I’d like to here it

  19. I think the thing I’m looking forward to the most is how they bring lennie back into the game and how they work out their next destination. Really, it makes sense to have them chase government organizations, it would make sense to have a little military presence built into the show, as we all know the US pushes the envelope with conspiracy and shady presence of secret organizations and such. Too bad Jenner was a two episode guy, it would have been fun watching him try to fight zombies! Anywhoo, really looking forward to next season, can’t wait!!!!!

  20. I enjoy this show… but really… since the zombies all clump together as they’re drawn to sound and the scent of the living… wouldn’t it have been easy to have drawn all of them into a Zombie Zapper?

  21. It’s been 8 months since I last posted here! And season 2 is finally here!
    Im over the moon.
    Now, curious about that whisper by the doc. Lori will have a lot of explaining to do. :)

    P.S. How many episodes are we expecting this season? Last season is too short for my liking. Me wants more zombie action.

  22. Okay, I’ve had it with this show. The only reason why I watched the season 2 premier was to find out what the doctor whispered to Rick in the season finale. Viewers were made to wait almost an entire year to find out. And then… Wheat Rick almost tell Morgan over the wallow talkie, and then reneg. That was it… We never find out what it is in the season 2 opener. It was like that fat &$@! Robert Kirkman giving all of us a slap in the face and saying, “ha! I got you suckers to watch the how and now I’m not going to Tell you the big secret you were waiting to hear!”

    What a rip off. I guess the Fat man knows that beyond the big whispered secret that Dr. Jennings tells Rick, there really isn’t a reason to watch this Night-of-the-Living-dead rip-off.

    Sorry Kirkman, not only is weight watchers not working for you, but now you lost a viewer. I Cared all summer about it, you had a season premier to tell us what tis, and you blew it. We refuse to be ripped off, and now we just don’t give a s#$&; what Jenner told Ricknor about the show. Kirkman is the biggest loser-in more then one way. Screw you Kirkman. I hope you get fired.

  23. The season opener of TWD was outstanding! Equal parts quaity story and zombie mayhem!!
    Keep up the first class work.

  24. Just saw season one walking dead on dvd. Did not yet see season 2 episodes.
    But my theory to what the scientist whispered in Rick’s ear is that from the blood samples he took he found out that Rick’s wife is pregnant??? Dilemma whose baby is it????

  25. The show went so far off the comics it is hard not to be upset soe of the charecter profiles don’t even fit. Toss in the filler episodes such as the cdc which was a pointless event charecters that didn’t exist to create drama that they don’t need. Shanes still alive… Andrea omfg if they could of made her any older she would of been her sisters mom and she is doing a terrible job acting with the same grimaced distraught look on her face they made her weak and overly emotional when in the comic she is strong woman around 25. I do have to agree that Michonne should not be in this show yet, she is far too strong of a character for this weakened show maybe in season two. Hmm what else the wife lori needs to get a grip everyone does have a right to be judgmental of her. her and her husband keep putting people in harms way and I can’t wait until the prison which i know they will drag out until the final episode of season 2. Even in the comics i got tired of Ricks self righteous humanity is all that matters bs. It’s dangerous. Of course ill have people say but its not the comics and its necessary blah blah blah. But i have read every issue and watched every episode and it’s just bad writing hence why the writers have been canned. the only good addition is the redneck brothers well darrel.

  26. Tell me why the heck did they only let darrell go looking for sophia with a crossbow and not give the guy a gun come on give me a break

  27. george romero is a genius I love everything he has directed and produced just keep doing what you’re doing.
    oh yeah thank you for the series, it’s awesome

  28. honestly.. these last episodes basically got rid of all the african-americans.. they left one black guy… LOL. subtle racism. LOL.