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The Walking Dead full cast image The Walking Dead Season Finale Review & Discussion

AMC’s The Walking Dead is officially a hit, and fans no doubt went into the season finale, “TS-19″, with an equal mix of anticipation and frustration; Anticipation to see what Rick Grimes and his fellow survivors uncover in the mysterious bunker at the Center for Disease Control – frustration at the fact that this sixth episode of The Walking Dead is the last in what now feels like a first season cut painfully short, just as  a promising new show is hitting its stride.

Well, “TS-19″ delivered a story that was at once moving, rich with new possibilities, thick on ominous foreshadowing and yes, slightly pointless in terms of its resolutions.


This season we’ve witnessed officer Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) awaken from a coma after a shootout gone bad, only to find himself in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. After help from a kind stranger (Lennie James), Rick set off for Atlanta to find his wife Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies) and son Carl (Chandler Riggs). Atlanta did not provide the salvation Rick hoped for; instead he found a metropolis overrun by zombies and would’ve perished if not for the help of fellow survivors Glenn (Steven Yeun), Andrea (Lorie Holden), T-Dog (IronE Singleton) and the not-so-friendly Merle Dixon (Michael Rooker). Rick made it out of Atlanta alive, only to find his wife, son, and best friend/cop partner Shane (Jon Bernthal) waiting at a survivors camp in the woods. The happy reunion didn’t last long: Rick’s group was forced to leave a drug-crazed Merle behind in Atlanta, and little did Rick know, Lori and Shane had become lovers since Rick was presumed dead – an affair Lori is having trouble keeping under wraps.

Merle’s brother Daryl (Norman Reedus) isn’t at all happy to hear his kin was abandoned, so Rick takes a group of men back into the city to find Merle. The group doesn’t find all of him, just the hand the hillbilly sawed off to escape. As the Merle search party returns to camp with a fresh supply of firearms, zombies attack, inflicting heavy casualties on the survivors, including Andrea’s sister, Amy (Emma Bell), who Andrea is forced to put down when she rises as a zombie. Andrea is understandably traumatized, with only surrogate father-figure Dale (Jeffery DeMunn) there to comfort her. Rick and Shane have it out about what the next best move is for their group, and after secretly pointing a gun at his best friend’s back, guilt-ridden Shane concedes that the group should follow Rick to the CDC facility in Atlanta in hopes of finding rescue. When they arrive at the CDC, the group is spotted by a lone doctor still operating the facility – the doctor opens the door and survivors enter into the unknown…

“TS-19″ REVIEW (Contains SPOILERS)

The Walking Dead season finale Rick The Walking Dead Season Finale Review & Discussion

“TS-19″ was a fairly good season finale episode. First and foremost, the episode dangled some new plot points to drive storylines for season 2 forward on both the over-arching and subplot levels. What was it that Dr. Jenner (Noah Emmerich) whispered in Rick’s ear just before the explosion? That question will likely keep fans busy for the next year, pitching speculation across chat room forums. (Was it a word of hope or a warning of doom? I’m betting doom.)

There’s also the bubbling, soon-to-be-boiling subplot of the Rick-Lori-Shane love triangle, which took a pretty drastic turn this week during Shane’s drunken assault/attempted rape of Lori. Flashback to one of the first scenes of the pilot – Rick and Shane’s talk about how to deal with women – and the Lori/Shane confrontation becomes an even more poignant foreshadow of what’s to come. We know Shane isn’t a man who gives up what he sees as his territory – and when Rick finds out that his best friend left him for dead (a great scene that kicked off this episode), slept with his wife, and has since tried to sleep with her again since his return… needless to say, the fallout is going to be epic, and bloody.

The Walking Dead season finale Shane The Walking Dead Season Finale Review & Discussion

This season 1 finale also touched on a  fantastic theme that I hope becomes the undercurrent of this show: how one sustains the will to live in the midst of hell. As much as I care about these characters, Dr. Jenner’s argument about how and when one chooses to die was deep enough to make me totally understand if Rick’s group just decided to end it all there in the CDC, rather than once again face the hell waiting outside. Total head trip. When Andrea stayed behind to die, broken by tragedy and hopelessness, and Dale plopped himself down in a chair committed to die with her, for a second I thought that Darabont and Co. might actually do the unthinkable and kill off two of the best characters, just as they were beginning to develop. Thankfully that was not the case. While I was sorry to see lovely mother-figure Jacqui (Jeryl Prescott) go, I think that we can all admit by now that Jacqui wasn’t really doing much besides taking up space (you too, Morales), so it’s understandable that she would be written out. I’m keeping fingers crossed that Jacqui’s departure is an indication that in season 2 the African-American female character slot will be filled by a rather popular name from The Walking Dead comic books icon wink The Walking Dead Season Finale Review & Discussion .We’ll see.

The Walking Dead season finale The Walking Dead Season Finale Review & Discussion

Finally, the computer image of “Test Subject 19″ (Doctor Jenner’s scientist wife turned zombie) and Jenner’s speeches about the nature of humanity – while equally hammy and syrupy – made for some compelling television that at least tried to say more about the world than most other zombie tales do. And a big shout out to alcohol, which played a major part in this season finale! It was something that totally felt real to me: if I was stuck in the zombie apocalypse and had one night “off” from scrounging and surviving, I too would be boozing as much as I could. I also liked seeing Rick (in his private confession to Dr. Jenner) be something other than captain positivity and hope; it was good to see that deep down he’s human and real, just a guy scared out of his mind trying to get through each day. That type of complexity is freeing for writers, in that there are no “off limits” areas to explore with a character like Rick. He can truly keep us guessing.

However, for all of its positive aspects, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that  “TS-19″ and the whole CDC detour was a clunky bit of Deus Ex Machina, which didn’t even do a good job of resolving anything. In terms of the overarching story, The Walking Dead still hasn’t really defined itself as anything more than a vague survival story about the human condition – at this point it could be a serialized drama or an episode of the week, major twists at sweeps horror series. This first “season” was truthfully more like one long pilot that left us off in a place where not much ground has been covered, yes, but the road ahead is long, dark, winding and ultimately inviting.

Walking Dead AMC DVD Bluray The Walking Dead Season Finale Review & Discussion

It’s going to be a long wait until The Walking Dead season 2 premieres in Fall 2011, and in exchange for fans’ patience, I hope the writers take time to inject some more objectives into their story, so that we can get more episodes like “Guts”, which feel streamlined, focused and less meandering. However, in turning the zombie-horror sub-genre into the framework for one of the better dramas on TV, The Walking Dead has been nothing short of a miracle, and a refreshing one at that. I may nitpick, but you can be sure I’m one of those Dead-heads already chomping at the bit for season 2.

How did you like the Season finale of The Walking Dead? Have you enjoyed the season/show overall – or was it too short for your liking? What do you want to see in season 2 (which will premiere in Fall 2011)?

If you haven’t already seen it, we’ve put to together an all-star team of TV personalities who could survive The Walking Dead. It’s a great list. If you want to check out the show again in its entirety, keep a lookout for The Walking Dead season 1 on DVD/Blu-ray in the spring of 2011.

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  1. Ok so lastnights episode was filled with surprises mainly due to the fact that this was totally unscripted through the comic. We arrive on scene of the CDC to find out that the Doc isnt entirely insane, but his cookies are a little bit crumbled, and that building would eventually blow up due to the loses of fuel and containment. Now at my place the arguement was two fold why did the building explode and what did they Doc whisper to Rick. So I explained to my wife that this is a level 4 biohazard facility, and it only makes sense that failsafes would be inplace to prevent such diseases from escaping containment. The Second , What did the Doc Whisper, is Lori Preggers, or was it something else. I think it was something else, I think He told them that they where all infected. I do think we are going to the whole Lori is preggers but, with how Rick reacts after being told, I find it hard to beleive he would nt react atleast a little to being told that his wife is preggers.

  2. I have not read the comics (let me get that out first), but I heard that they are not going by the comic, and I think that is kind of a good thing. Why watch what you have already read and know what will happen. The Governor character sounds cool and I really like the prison idea, but coming from a teen who grew up watching Zombie movies, I love that this show doesnt just look at the Zombies and leave out the character stories.

    I love the show and, yes, many fans will not wait and probably die off. I know I will stay and I will not give up on this show. I love it and it totally beats Hawaii Five-O and all the big shows I started watching.

    As for the doc’s comment to Rick, I wouldnt mind to see the whole Lori pregger stunt, but as for the “We’re all the walking Dead,” were would that get, knowing that they are all going to die? Why not tell him of a safe place to go (like i read in an ealier post)? That would be smart. Doc wouldn’t go bc of the promise to his wife. Maybe he could help what was left of the living. Idk

    I really dont know where the second season will go but I will not give up. I love the 1st “season” and I cant wait for a longer one next year.

  3. Years ago bored w/ TV I watched a new type of TV show called “Reality TV”. The show was Survivors the first season. I thought this kind of TV was groundbreaking and interesting (I know MTV did it first- but this was weeknight TV -something new). After a few years reality TV just became horribly boring and once again I rarely watched TV. Started watching
    The Walking Dead (1st episode) because my husband had it on and I realized right away how much we (TV watchers) needed a return to well written fiction. Yeah!!! I am entertained by real actors and an interesting plot instead of being disgusted by the things people will do for 15 minutes of fame! I hope the success of this show brings a return to some entertaining “non-reality” real old fashioned TV series!!!

    • ^? Really? Moron? For what? Enjoying an entertaining show on television? You are ignorant! The ratings for this gem of a show disagree with your “OPINION”. And the fact that you would disrespect someone behind a cliche name says all we need to know about you. Keep rollin i-net gangsta.

      I love this show, can’t wait for season 2. The finale asked some really good questions about how a person would handle those types of situations. If my daughters died, I probably would have opted out. But if they were alive I don’t know what I would have done (hopefully I never have to make the choice =D).

      I’m racking my brain trying to think of an actor that would be a good fit for the show. I like it just the way it is. A doctor would be a nice addition, or a soldier (there has to be some of those left).

      I’m thinking they should have taken some of those nice weapons and some ammo with them, but they were short on time and life is more important.

      • David,

        Ignore that gentleman. His comments have been deleted and he’s been added to the blacklist.


  4. loved episode 6, but I was really hoping Merle would show up again as an antagonistic character. kinda left that too open for my taste.

    • what about the man and his son whom Rick met early one. Where are they?

  5. I really wanted Andrea to die. We cheered when she decided to stay behind. She sucks.

    • Who is we? Could you elaborate on why you think she sucks? The character? The actor?

      • “We” was me and the six other people watching with me. When her sister was bitten and died she sat by her and caressng her dead infected body and remained there even when she was waking up as a zombie. I know it’s her sister and it was supposed to be sad and all, but knowing she was going to turn to a zombie should’ve made her a) keep her distance and b) just taken care of her before she turned. That episode was frustrating. That made me hate that character. Maybe It’s because I’m not really invested in these characters yet. I was with Daryl in that episode.

        • Meh… I know I would probably do the same with my wife or son if something like that happened.

          I would not want them up and walking around. I would want to be the one that makes sure they dont get up and walk around. I would want to make sure they are dead/dead.

          It was her younger sister she probably feels very responsible for what happened. Felt like she should have done something more, felt like a failure. So to be with her sister to the very end and tie it up seems very responsible and understanding.

          It is not like she closed her eyes snuggled up next to her and went to sleep.. ;D

          It also creates a better connection for her and Dale AND possibly getting her mad on to do what she does best in the books.

          Dont be invested in the characters as much as the feelings the characters have. She is portraying loss, responsibility for that lost and a love for a younger sibling. After you see that and understand her what she does and how she does it later will seem a lot easier to understand.

    • You guys don’t like her because you didn’t read the comic. She, after Rick and Michonne, is the most badass character…
      As for the television series in general I didn’t hate the show, I don’t think it was a disappointment, but it was not like i was expecting. I still think is the best series in the air right now, but it could be so much better. Season 2 for the win!

    • @Chris

      She has a slow start in the comic too, but shes a bad ass dont you worry.

  6. Jenner whispered to Rick grimes that he is infected. This can only mean that rick’s blood is the only hope humanity has for a cure, because so far he has been able to keep the infection from taking him over.
    Did Shane really not hear a heart beat? Probably not if Rick was really dead at the time. Although I didn’t care for the weak flashback at the beginning of TS-19. They could have made it a little more convincing.
    season 2 won’t get here soon enough.

    First battalion ninth marines- the walking dead
    Walk on brothers

    • Knowing who Rick is if he had any reason to believe he was infected and had any chance of infecting the others he would leave the group.

      Above all else he wants the people to survive. We dont kill the living. If he was infected he would be the catalyst to do what he does not want done.

      I believe the weak flashback was to try and paint Shane a little better then how we are seeing him currently. This time in the books he was already not in the group. I believe now they want to keep him around a little/lot longer.

    • OMG! @sinister! That is really great thinking. The whole heartbeat thing. I flipped when I read your post bc you could be so right.

    • For the record, I’d like to predict that Jenner whispered to Rick that his wife is pregnant, a little discovery that came to light with the blood tests. He wasn’t going to say anything since he assumed they would all die, but felt compelled to tell Rick when they were finally free to make their escape and have a chance at life. We all know who the baby daddy is, of course… except Rick.

      • Rick is not as naive as you think he is. ;)

    • And his wife who he has been having sex with on a regular basis would not have noticed by now that his heart doesn’t beat? Or do these zombies’ hearts beat?

      • @ Tank
        Rick is not a Zombie……

        • I never said he was.

  7. Disappointing and premature season finale.

    For the record, I’d like to predict that Jenner whispered to Rick that his wife is pregnant, a little discovery that came to light with the blood tests. He wasn’t going to say anything since he assumed they would all die, but felt compelled to tell Rick when they were finally free to make their escape and have a chance at life. We all know who the baby daddy is, of course… except Rick.

    But back to the finale…

    Character development was just getting under way on this show and the finale left me still ambivalent about most of them. I’m not really rooting for anybody yet… except maybe a little for the redneck and the old guy.

    I thought the writers would come full circle with the little girl Rick shot at the gas station at the beginning of the pilot. Or that we’d hear from Merle or even the dude and his son back at the old neighborhood.

    One episode at the CDC was just not enough so it felt forced and cliched. The building is going to explode one day after their arrival? Come on. Oh and look… a handy dandy grenade… how convenient.

    It’s a good thing I set up a series recording on my DVR… otherwise, I’ll forget about this show by fall of next year.

    • In the back of all of the comics Robert Kirkman(the creator)discusses the comic and show with fans.He was really nervous about how the general public would react to a zombie t.v. series.So he really did not think this would be an ongoing thing,although every father wants to see their child grow into a successful entity.A 6 episode season is very bizarre,even for a pilot season.There was no real way to truly develop any characters in those time constraints.There wasn’t time enough to really develop a true sense of the world,let alone a resolution.Imagine if the show had only become a cult hit and it ended at episode 6.It wouldn’t have made a bit of sense.I do applaud what Frank Darabount(director) was able to achieve within those confines.It’s like keeping an whale in a swimming pool.Whoever replied that Andrea sucks and they want her to die,she does suck right now,but soon she becomes a bad ass.Well she becomes a younger Dale at least.For those of you that wants a zombie fix in the meantime,there is a british zombie series that is pretty awesome that only made 6 episodes.It’s called Dead Set,has a really cool plot device,and has a 28 weeks later feel to the zombies.Enjoy!

      • Shane should have died at the hand of Rick’s boy as he did at the end of the first comic. That ending was powerful and set up the entire rest of the series. This ending sucked. There was nothing strong about it.

        • @ Patrick
          Dood not everyone has read the comics man so dont spoil stuff, and secondly if you have read the comics you would realize that they arent sticking to the main story arch. When Kirkman wrote the Walking Dead comic he didnt know the CDC was in Atlanta. So now he has the ability to go back and add things in the show.

  8. You guys posted some great ideas. It sucks that season 2 is so far off and im curious why season 1 had to be so short. Six episodes only? Weird. I think that Dr. Jenner told Rick that the zombie disease is going airborne so eventuallly everybody is going to be zombie, but who knows. Hope rick finds out about the Shane situation soon, would love to see them go at it!

  9. For everyone saying the grenade was random it wasn’t. It only means you were not paying attention close enough.

    In the first episode when he is about to leave the tank, the camera zooms on the grenade. Rick says yes in amusement and continues to leave. Every since he picked it up I have always seen opertunites for him to use it, but he never did. When he got back to camp, the lady found the grenade while washing his clothes.

    Awesome story telling, awesome finale.

    • I said it was convenient, not random.

      • I thought it was a good story telling payoff. All season I was wondering when it would come into play. I expected it in vatos but I liked this payoff equally

      • im with you on this one… so many modern conveniences… so few obstructed by dumb luck and random notions

  10. I liked the episode but was VERY disappointed they never returned to Morgan (Lennie James) and his son. They could have spent a few minutes to let us know where they are! Almost looks as if they are leaving them behind which would make me very sad because I like James. Would also have liked to know where the hell Merle is, if just briefly (I also wanna know how they are going to handle him missing a hand; cheezy extra long arm or CGI removal?)

    All in all it felt like what it was……6 episodes in desperate need of 6 more to flesh out even a few things and complete some of the small story arcs going on. The CDC exploded real nice though :D

    • If they go by the comics you will see Morgan and his son in season 4 or 5.

  11. I was pretty impressed with the finale last night. I read the comics religiously and the CDC was a nice little aside plot to explain in a little more detail the zombie apocalypse. The comic is in it’s 70s for issues and still hasn’t brought about any solutions. (not that it is the main point of the comic, however.)

    But I’m glad they did it for tv, because, let’s face it, people read comics for the ongoing stories and plots that are almost never ending. TV watchers watch the episodes and feel cheated if there is no resolution in sight. The CDC gives the viewers at home a glimmer of hope that a solution could actually be out there.

    I also loved that the building was gong to self destruct. Think about it, they are safe and snug underground with food, provisions, and places to sleep. Doesn’t make for interesting TV. And for the group to demand to be let out when Jenner was so dead set on…well, being dead, just shows the natural human instinct to survive. I love that aspect of zombie films and books, etc. Humans are genetically driven to survive and prosper, and to portray it in such a way with two opposite sides of the spectrum is just good watching.

    As for the whisper, yep! Most of you have guessed it! I’m 99.9% positive that they’re introducing the Lori prego scenario into the mix! And for those who are wondering why Jenner waited to tell Rick, well, let’s think about the episode as a whole. Jenner told them specifically that the doors wouldn’t open after they got in, and he played ignorance to the fact that the group had no idea what he meant. He had his death planned out and simply added the group to his plans nonchalantly; so why tell Rick a kid is on the way when they were only going to die less than 24 hours later?

    In addition, Rick was wasted! No dad wants to find out about that when he’s tanked! Especially since it is most likely not his! And yes, Rick is a smart guy, he will eventually put two and two together, if he hasn’t already. The blood test was a clever way of showing it, since she’s shown no signs in the episodes and most doctor’s, when testing a woman’s blood, will always notice the pregnancy hormone in the blood.

    This episode has left me craving for more! Yes it was a cliffhanger, and yes it didnt’ follow the comic, but this way they are going to dive into the characters that died quickly in the comic more deeply, and I like that! Although Shane is a victim of circumstance, he didn’t get enough face time in the comic to really show how this can affect a man’s psyche.

    It sucks that we have to wait, but I truly think that the fan base will stay strong. We might forget about the first season next year, but hey, clever company will have the Blu Ray ready for us to refresh our memories!

  12. Take the pregnancy thing a step further. Yes Lori is pregnant but by some chance say Jenner was able to get a blood test on the baby and determine that Rick is not the father………

    Maybe that is what he meant when Rick thanked him for giving them a chance and Jenner said you will not be thanking me later. Pointing towards the future conflict between the three stooges…

    I know the baby blood test is not likely but a possible twist.

  13. I completley understand why this series only 6 episodes long,The creator didnt want to invest money into a dud.A zombie tv series has never been tried and succsessful and who wants to lose heaps of cash if it was a fail series?Look on the bright side season 2 will have more then 6 episodes,its a great series.

    I Enjoyed this series alot and it kept me entertained and on the edge of my seat all the way through,I think the bloke that lost his arm had somthing to do with the zombies showing up at their camp in the forest.

    The last episode could have been better but it was good work for the directer to develop the Caracters and create the scene in only 6 episodes.GREAT WORK!

  14. I enjoyed this episode, if just to see this weary band enjoy a night without care, with hot showers, food and safety.

    I was wondering though, why use guns to take the zombies out one at a time. Wouldn’t flame throwers be more efficient? One could take out dozens of zombies. And would colder climates be more resistant? If a zombie freezes, unless they thawed, wouldn’t that pretty much end their running around?

    Hate the season was so short.

    • A flamethrower would not destroy the brain. A good thought though.

      At the end of Episode 5, they talked about having hardly any gas left. Then at the end of episode 6, they take off in 5 different cars!!! WTH?! they should’ve car pooled to save gas!

    • the fire would kill-kill?- the zombies, but the gun kills them instantly if they are shot at the head. If they are just on fire, they cant feel it, it would just slow them down until they burned to death.

      read the book called Zombies: A Record of the Year of Infection. it will tell you everything you need to know about zombies, hahaha.

      • Good one… agreed. Also, the Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks :)

        • I was going to say the same thing, haha.

  15. LisaM: The only thing worse than a zombie is a zombie on fire.

  16. i was so frustrated at the end of the episode when there were literally hundreds of machine guns and other weapons laying around on dead soldiers and they just drive off without even picking up one

    • hahahahaha Yeah that 50 cal looked very appealing to me, it would have made it to the top of the RV.

    • seriously… if youre willing to risk a huge crew for a sack of guns why not pick up a stack on the way out? poor planning

      • What huge crew? It was only 4 that went after the sack of guns? Also planning had nothing to do with it. A building was going to blow up first priority is getting to safety.

        However after the explosion I would have taken a few to survey the weapons laying around, the humvees etc. However they were probably spooked and wanted to get out of there. This has (?) only been going on for about 2 months? So they are still getting a feel.

        (general post to thread)

  17. First let me start out by saying that I’m a die hard fan of the comic and it honestly is the best thing on the shelves right now.

    Now my take on the show:
    Not a huge fan yet. I think the comic is fine the way it is and this whole cdc plot didn’t need to be done. I’ve read the interviews and I get why it was done but you don’t fix what’s not broke. If you’re a fan of the comic then its pretty much obvious what dr.jenner said to rick. They did blood tests. HELLO?! I also don’t like that shane’s still alive cause honestly the whole rick knowing but just not saying it in the comics is great in my opinion. I was actually ready to be completely done with this show if andrea and dale had remained at the cdc. That would have been the final straw for me.

    What I like:
    The characters are great. Especially Merle. I was apprehensive about a new main character but if they’re smart they’ll know what a lot of fans want with merle. I think the cast is amazing and aside from my problems with the changes, it still has a good plot and keeps me engaged.

    I really hope the whole france thing is dropped quickly cause there’s no need for it and I really hope we see tyreese and michonne sooner rather than later. Also, let’s gets andrea a gun already and make her the bad ass sniper of the group.

    • As someone who read the comic as well… how could you accept Shane still being alive? That is unbelievable. I’d be interested to see whatever interviews you read that made that at all acceptable.

      • See my link on the other page. Better yet I will link it for you.

        Q: What was the thought process behind deciding to have the Shane subplot go on longer? — Joshua Beane

        A: Well that is a good example of fixing something that I should have done in the comic book. When I was writing it, I didn’t know if the book would last six issues or twelve issues or three issues. etc. You can read more.

        So based on that he wanted to have Shane live in the books. However since he did not know the life of the books he wanted to speed some stuff up an doffed Shane earlier then he wanted to.

        If people have not read the comic what does it matter if the show is not following the comic? I mean my wife was upset when I couldn’t tell her about what was happening in the CDC even though I have read the comic. Granted I try to not blatantly state stuff from the books however in the long run we dont know what from the books will make it to the small screen.

        Especially when you can read interviews etc that more or less spoils it.

    • @ Jess
      Why are you spoiling things for people who havent read the comic? If you like the comic then trust Kirkman. Its only been 6 episodes and the audience for a TV show is much larger than the comics. You have to change things a bit for TV. So far I think they have done a great job. The CDC would have been in the comic if he knew if was there when he first wrote it, he said that himself.

  18. Good finale. In and of itself it was an excellent way to wrap up the first season, but I liked that it presented some thought-provoking issues for what’s ahead, most notably the inevitable confrontation between Rick and Shane over Lori. And yes, the most likely reason for ‘the whisper’ is Lori’s pregnancy, which should make things even more intense once Rick and Shane duke it out. Shane more and more is being portrayed as a real slug of a character and I’m guessing he won’t make it out of season 2 alive. As far as Lori goes, I can’t sympathize with her much; I mean, even if she thought Rick was dead, she sure didn’t mourn him for very long, did she? That should make for some more drama ahead, also. Overall I am not a big fan of zombie stories, but I have been glued to the set ever since this series started. The acting and writing is what sets it apart from what I’ve seen before, and I’m already looking forward to next season ( especially when the great Michael Rooker shows up again, you know he will ).

  19. Anyone have any ideas/thoughts on what Dr. Jenner whispered to Rick at the end right before he left? It’s killing me that I have to wait so long to find out what it is.

    Judging by Rick’s reaction.. it’s probably something horrible. I think that Jenner was telling him how there is no one left alive in the world. Or so he thinks. Thoughts?

    • My guess is that Jenner discovered Rick’s wife was pregnant when he ran the blood tests.

  20. I’m betting Jenner whispered to Rick about Shane’s attempt to rape Lori. I’d be surprised if the CDC didn’t have cameras, etc. everywhere, and it’s not hard to imagine that maybe Jenner saw what went down.

    Either that or it’s a totally new plot point designed to drive the next season forward, but in that case there’s really very little we can do to guess what the new plot point is…

    • I thought about that also. I mean the tension (IMO) would be to great if she was preggers and Shane remains in the group.

      I mean I can see him “forgiving” his wife and friend. However to have to be around him all the time would strain that.

    • I think the doctor’s secret is that he was pregnant.

  21. I think he told Rick that his wife is pregnant.

  22. I agree with Harold the facility was suited with more than enough CCTV and judging by the reaction Rick gave when jenner whispered into his ear it did not seem that of someone who was just told his wife was pregnant it was more of disgust.

  23. I think Merle will become the governor since he lost his hand although it was suppose to be Rick.
    It’s actually gonna be a while before they actually find Morgan again, i mean if they follow the timeline of the comic

  24. Where’s Merle? what about Merel? left without a hand and all alone… i hope he comes back, you always need a bad guy.

  25. I hate the show. It is way to predictable. “Oh, he’s digging human sized holes.. I wonder what they’re for?” And I find myself not caring about the characters like I did in the comic. It’s just one of those shows that everyone likes because it’s the thing to do. Like twilight. They just can’t admit that the movies suck.

    • bog bob,

      I think the question was more along the lines of “WHY are you digging graves?”


    • Sorry! Don’t agree. This is one of the few modern horror attempts that’s actually had me yelling at the screen, “No No! Put her down and walk away!” I Loved it!

    • The Walking Dead tv show and comic have nothing in common with Twilight other than being works of fiction. Clearly you have not seen either one.

    • trolls be trollin’

    • the show was great bloody and clever!i loved andrew lincoln he really hadnt done much except the movie love actually

  26. Everything i hear about this show is good, so I won’t be reading this article in order to avoid any spoilers. But i would like to say that it is driving me bloody insane that no channel here in Australia has picked it up. The US is raving about it, and all we can do is wonder what’s going on.

    • You own a computer connected to the internet, dude. C’mon. Google “bit torrent” and then go to Pirate Bay.

      • also you can try “Project Free TV”

  27. I simply love the fact that this is a television show about relationships within a zombie apocalypse, not about zombies themselves. It’s a different take on the genre and it’s done extremely well, which is why people are enjoying it so much.

    • That’s exactly why I DON’T like the show. I thought I would like it at first, but it’s just sooo boring. I want to see zombies chasing and eating people. Dead Set (UK, 2008 ) did a much better job of keeping the action going. If the 1st season of Walking Dead set the standard for what the show will flow like in future seasons, then I’m not sure I can watch it anymore. Waaaaaayyyyy overhyped for what it delivered.

      • The name of the show is The Walking Dead, but this does not refer to the zombies but rather the survivors. This show, and the comic, are much less about the undead than it is about the hopelessness of attempting to merely survive in an undead apocalypse.

        Again, like the comic, it’s not high on chase em down, shoot em up action. It’s about characters and the human condition.

        Also, Dead Set was trash.

      • Yeah, your right. Just get the graphic novels, well worth it even if your not into that sort of thing. The show is moving at a glacial pace and just laced with padding or filling scenes. I’d hate to add up the amount of pointless filming and extra footage, it’d probably be an hour or two…… Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaawan!.

        Series one down, a miserable 6 episodes. At this rate there would have to be 100 series. They are milking the life out of the story. I know the show is doing well but i mainly but it down to hype created by fans of the novel like myself. Its also people like me waiting for it to get good. I’ll soon be turning it off, I’ll give it season two if thats as bad as season 1, “GOOD LUCK”.

      • I know, right? Who wants icky character development getting in the way of seeing the same zombie film we’ve seen over and over and over again.

        If you want to be able to care, and I mean really care about a group of characters, you’re going to have to devote some serious amount of screen time to letting that happen.

        I happend to catch one episode of ‘Dead Set’, and quite frankly thought there was nothing much new being offered save for the not-so-subtle bit of irony in the survivors being trapped in a ‘Big-Brother’ type studio, which at least for the episode I caught wasn’t an idea that was exploited by the script very well.

  28. Loving the TV series,and just started the graphic novel which will hopefully see me through till season 2. I think Ep 2 was the best for shear suspense and survival horror. I hope they can recreate that sort of tension. I like the human element to it, and I think Season 2 will revolve around the psycological effect on the ‘human’ survivors and there will be other more factions that in their desperation have become primal and evil…cannibalism/cults/warlords etc.

    With regard to what Jenner whispered in Ricks ear, I reckon it’s that Lori is pregnant…well he did do a blood test on all of them, which will kick off season two with the love triangle even more in the new season.

    • In regards to What Jenner whispered in Ricks ear i was thinking how obvious it was that he told him about his wifes run in with Ricks Partner, Stating that they had an affair but your thoughts sound spot on as they made 2 obvious references in the finale. Her being the only one shown giving blood and the obvious puking in the toilet.

      However he could easily have told both things.

      I love the show but i’m not sure that women carrying a hand grenade in her purse is realistic???

  29. Loving the show but a few questions? Lori started sleeping with Shane just a month after her husbands death?? Was she already cheating beforehand ? Also, the CDC in France and the US was out of power after just a month and had no alternative energy source (solar? something)- especially if there is just one guy drawing power? Finally – how long can a body survive in a coma without food, water, nutrition, etc…? Of course I ignore all this because it is a sci-fi zombie show so no complaints.