‘The Walking Dead’ Videos Recap Season 3 Finale & Preview Season 4 Premiere

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With some major loose ends left untied from the end of the last season and only a few days to go until the season 4 premiere of The Walking Dead, fans are gearing up for a continuation of the grim ongoing story with a mix of anticipation and dread. As the title of the episode suggests, “30 Days Without an Accident” will pick up after a period of relative calm.

A new teaser clip from AMC shows Rick doing a bit of farming whilst listening to some tunes on his MP3 player, suggesting that maybe things have settled down for the survivors. Then again, maybe not; Rick finds a lot more than potatoes with his hoe. It definitely looks like he comes across the gun by accident rather than recovering it after burying it himself, and it’s possible that it was planted there by someone in the camp who intends to betray them.

Those who have had the luxury of a lot of spare time on their hands this week may have already been getting caught up with the last three seasons of The Walking Dead, thanks to a week-long marathon currently on AMC of every single episode so far. If the thought of watching 35 episodes in under a week just for the sake of getting caught up doesn’t appeal, then there’s always this handy recap of the season 3 finale, which sums up the emotional states of some of the major characters by the end of last season (spoilers, obviously).

Daryl Dixon is one of the best fighting assets that the group has, and not just because he’s very tough in a brawl. He owns a crossbow, which is the group’s only weapon that can kill walkers silently at long range and also has retrievable ammo – two very desirable qualities when trying to survive in a zombie apocalypse. As such, he’s probably the guy you’d go to for advice on how to be badass when everything around is falling to pieces, and that’s just what AMC did in this final promo video. Sort of, anyway; Daryl is a fictional character, so they asked Norman Reedus instead.

In short, the advice is to stay calm, keep low, hit hard, learn how to shoot straight and don’t try to hard to look cool. It probably also helps if you ride a motorcycle and eschew sleeves.

The current group includes fairly weak characters who have managed to survive almost the entire series, and we’ve also seen strong fighters get taken out by the walkers or by other humans, so Daryl’s badassness doesn’t necessarily guarantee his safety. Since the series has already gone off-script from the comic books, tell us in the comments which characters you think are most likely to get killed off this season, and which ones are most likely to survive.


The Walking Dead returns with the season 4 premiere “30 Days Without an Accident” on Sunday October 13th @9/8c.

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  1. Norman gives a badass description of how to be a badass.
    Acting and looking like a badass is the least effective way.

  2. This show is getting worse each season. Don’t know why people think it is worth the watch. The governor was pathetic. poor writing poor acting dumb fans.

    • To make an unqualified declaration calling fans of The Walking Dead dumb
      is an absurdity, an impossibility on its face, and a rather dumb thing to say.

    • Calling fans of the show dumb shows your intellect. Yet you waste your time bashing the show on here. Whatever point you have against the show or it’s fans, no one will care on your point of view.

    • So why are watching this show on the fist place ? Millions fan love it but I guess they all dumb like your self. You don’t like ,this is your right so why continue to watch it, this is the question.

  3. i bet when it ends it worse than dexter.

  4. Not everyone who post here is American.
    Plus the show has an international following.
    Making your comment stupid. And just dumb.

    • Azza is gone. I won’t stand for people – 1) Laughing at school shootings, 2)Laughing at my country, 3)Antagonizing our readers.

      Paul Young – Moderator

  5. anybody else want to see Carl get smacked HARD and REPEATEDLY? Besides shooting that kid who appeared to be putting his weapon down, he was a little jerk and very disrespectful of his father.

    • Carl was already an annoying little brat before he wasted that kid.
      He is pretty much universally disliked if not despised at this stage.
      The writers should put him on the list of expendable characters.

    • @ Vicki

      Little harsh thinking of Carl don’t you think? For someone his age the kid was thinking rational on choices his father made or was gonna make during past season. Lori & Andrea could of used a smack to the face aswell imo.

  6. Lol what country you from azza?

    • Little azza conspicuously refuses to disclose that.

      • azza can dish it, but can’t take it seems.

  7. American is capitalized. As is Robert. And Palmarm which is spelled ending in ar not er.
    Self-evidently, as far as schools are concerned, it is clear you need to attend one.

  8. Plus it’s you’re not your. Just too many ignorant errors by you to count.

    • @ Robert he must not know what country he/she is from if my question can’t be answered.

      • Or he’s too embarrassed to admit where he’s from.

  9. Anyways, id like to move on from azza & onto Walking Dead some more.

    • I am surprised Walking Dead didn’t really do too many trailers or anything since Comicon. I had to google when the webisode was even coming out. then I watched it on AMC and man, it was lackluster. I don’t even remember it! In fact, I didn’t even look forward to season 4 because i’d mostly forgotten about it due to pretty much no attention. Screen rant didn’t help either. I am indifferent as to the future of Walking Dead.

      • Promotion has been low key this year. Plus the show has an odd schedule,
        starting later than others and with that long break in the middle of the season.

        • @ Robert

          Do you know why there’s a break within the season?

          • I am not sure, Frank, however I think they stumbled
            upon it by accident the first time when scheduling
            actors was a problem and then decided to keep
            the break in later seasons since it worked.

  10. Right, Frank. I think we’ve all had enough of dear little azza.

  11. I think it’s cool how Daryl does check point on newcomers to the prison. Keep supposedly the bad ones out.

    • Daryl is most definitely cool and you cite an excellent example.
      I appreciated how Norman mentioned Eastwood as a model for cool.

      • @ Robert

        I agree. I can see how Norman would mention Eastwood as a model. At the end of season 3, part of me wished Meryl lived little longer as it seemed he wanted to earn his place but didn’t know how. Aside he had personal score im betting with The Governor in his mind & had he lived- who knows.

  12. And getting back to the subject at hand,
    the sense from preview clips is they are cranking
    up the zombie action quite a bit from last season and
    I do hope it is not overdone as the show is character driven.

  13. I wonder if it’s possible if a kid could aswell as a adult could betray the people within the prison after seeing the trailers carefully.

  14. My sense is something happens soon at the prison, maybe
    precipitated by betrayal, but I think that base is not
    going to last too long and the gang moves on.

  15. I wonder where they would go next after the prison. Even in season 3, it didn’t seem safe enough with the brick wall down.

  16. The prison does seem insecure now and practically speaking
    there cannot be another entire season featuring the prison.
    Where they go is a challenge and who stays with whom.

    • They are going to go away from the prison.

  17. @ Robert

    What do you think of the Wolverine helmet & gloves never used in the picture above? Looks pretty good to me.

    • For some reason Frank the picture you refer
      to is not displayed on the page for me.
      Maybe it has been replaced.

  18. I’m pretty sure the reason for the break is because they do filming and post production sometimes as late as Dec for the second half of the season. Last year they did reshoots in Dec for the finale.

  19. Hey Paul while I agree with points 1 and 3 that guy was a real jerk you realize the rest of the civilized world is laughing at your country. So you might have to start making an exception for that one. I believe team america summed up your people perfectly America F Yeah. Anyway lets hope this season of Walking dead is better than the last.