‘The Walking Dead’ Season 4 Teaser: The Walls Come Down

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Since the plot of The Walking Dead frequently diverges from the comics upon which it’s based, and the end of season 3 in particular took a significant detour, nothing can be taken for granted as fans steel themselves for the arrival of season 4 and the renewed danger that all our favorite characters will be placed in.

The full-length trailer for The Walking Dead season 4 that debuted at Comic-Con gave a definite sense that the survivors’ safety at the prison compound is going to be threatened, and perhaps even removed entirely, in the next season. There were scenes of a walker attack inside the prison walls, evidence of someone deliberately feeding the walkers to attract them to the fences, and Hershel mentions that fourteen people have died in one fell swoop (though he didn’t specify whether they were Woodbury refugees or members of the main cast). All in all, things aren’t looking too promising for Rick Grimes and Co.

A new 15-second teaser for season 4 of The Walking Dead uses one of Hershel’s ominous lines from the full-length trailer: “Everything we’ve been working so hard to keep out just found its way in.” It’s natural to assume that he’s talking directly about the walkers, since the show’s producers have promised plenty more undead action on the way, but The Walking Dead has consistently shown that living people in desperate situations can be just as dangerous, if not more so, than the walkers.

Hershel in The Walking Dead The Walking Dead Season 4 Teaser: The Walls Come Down

The obvious assumption is that the Governor has returned and is deliberately causing trouble for the group in an effort to get revenge, but actor Lauren Cohan, who plays Maggie, hinted in a featurette that the big danger in season 4 won’t be walkers or other living humans, but something new entirely, and writer/executive producer Robert Kirkman added that this new threat “could be more deadly than the other two combined.” We’re not saying it’s aliens, but…

Many fans were expecting the survivors’ time at the prison to be over by the end of The Walking Dead season 3. Now that they’ve driven off the immediate threat and begun to put down roots, do you think that they could still be there by season 5, or will the events of season 4 leave them scattered to the four winds? Tell us in the comments what you’re hoping (or dreading) will happen next as the series continues.


The Walking Dead returns to AMC on Sunday, October 13th.

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  1. patiently waiting for this to start gahhh

  2. Carl feeds his mother and the leftovers get loose. imo

    I really hope this season picks up the pace.

  3. Time to move out of the prison. The story is getting stagnant there.

    • I agree.

    • you haven’t even seen season 4, so how do you know that?

      • There are some that feel that the prison was outliving its excitement towards the end of Season 3.

  4. Interesting, “the big danger in season 4 won’t be walkers or other living humans, but something new entirely.” I can imagine the scene…

    Rick yells, “Carl, get inside, NOW!”
    Carl remains frozen and stutters, “W-w-what is t-that?!”
    Daryl runs forward and grabs Carl, ushering him inside, “It’s a fricken tornado, kid! Don’t you know anything?!”
    “I know it’s a tornado but what’s it carrying? They look like… Sharks… Zombie-sharks…”

    I will still watch it.

    • LoL!!

  5. I wonder if parts of Andrea are scattered outside the prison, compliments of The Governor.

    • Please, no more Andrea.

      • I had enough of Andrea after Season 3 myself.

  6. Does anybody know where I can watch season 3 online?? I haven’t had the chance to watch the recent season. :[[[

  7. Not to spoil anything, but the next big thing in the comic books is a group called The Hunters. They’re a gang of cannibals, so that might be a thing. But I guess they still aren’t what Lauren Cohan was describing, so who knows?

  8. this show is showing its age…how many ways to kill a zombie….time to wrap it up

    • Oh so this is a show about Zombie killing? Man Ive been looking at it all wrong. I always thought it was a drama about the way the human mind and spirit can over come (or fail) adversity.

      Ive yet to see a Zombie dispatched via Wood chipper, candy cane (the red and white originals not those fake ones), animal (unless one did based on the horse it ate), Frank’s Hot Sauce I put the **** on everything….

      Watching a drama…. you’re doing it wrong.

      • thanks i didnt notice…..

        • Yeah dude the zombie kills are cool but its not the main focus of the show.

        • The zombie kills are cool but it’s not the main focus of the series. That’s like saying there’s not enough battles in GOT, LOL. Yes, they focus on some of those things but it’s not the main focus of the story

  9. Well, I would think that one of the most logical things that could threaten them now is disease. Think of it, millions of dead ROTTING corpses walking around and mingling could not be good for human health.

  10. Maybe some kind of air borne virus.

  11. I agree, they should move away from the prison. They spent way too long at the farm. It gets boring to see the same thing over and over again.

    • If I would have to guess, I would say about 8-10 episodes will be “prison based” type of stories but will eventually move out of there towards the end.

  12. What I hope (and think, and have thought they should have done at the end of season 3) that there will be a kind of battle, (or not) where the original group (carl, rick, michone, daryl, maggie, glenn,) go back to hershals farm where there are just a few walkers left, but just enough to where they get over run, and right at the last second a gun goes off, and we see three small figures in the background who are helping the group fend off the zombies, and at the end of it all we see large military grade boots walking through the gore towards rick. The camera then pans in on ricks face, then we flip to his savior who turns out to be Abraham from the comics. We pan in on his face then cut to black. Roll credits, and wait for october. That’s what they should have done at the end of season 3 if there was a slaughter by the governor, and that’s what they should do at the end of season 4. haters gonna hate.

  13. I may be seeing things here, but the last silhouette of maybe a Zombie or slow rising person before the title card… Was that Daryl?