‘The Walking Dead’ Season 4 Premiere Review

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Andrew Lincoln in The Walking Dead Season 4 The Walking Dead Season 4 Premiere Review

Let the Scott M. Gimple era of The Walking Dead begin. With all the creative and behind-the-scenes changes the show has undergone over the last few years, wondering what will be different under a new showrunner has become one of the primary talking points for a show that is only now entering season 4. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing; the show has run into its fair share of storytelling issues, and bringing in a new showrunner gives the audience that same feeling devoted fans of a beloved, but beleaguered, sports team get when a new coach is announced.

Sometimes a little fresh blood is all that matters, and as we see in the early parts of the season 4 premiere, ’30 Days Without an Accident,’ fresh blood isn’t only welcome and promising from a behind-the-scenes perspective; it can give the onscreen story a sense of vibrancy as well. There are so many new faces being introduced and the setting of the prison just carries with it such a different vibe that watching Rick (Andrew Lincoln) quietly tend a garden while listening to an old country song is the least conspicuous tonal shift the premiere brings to the table. But along with slowly demonstrating Rick’s aversion to violence, Gimple and his crew also go to great lengths to make all the new faces and shifting circumstances feel pleasantly familiar. This is not a radical re-imagining of something that had stumbled at times creatively; it’s simply a necessary progression.

Instead of ghost Lori wandering around, there is a sense that last season’s superlative episode ‘Clear‘ is the real lingering presence on the show. Season 3 ended with a long shot featuring a busload of Woodburians walking solemnly into a prison. Many a discussion was had about the subtext of that image, in relation to exiting showrunner Glen Mazzara and what his feelings about the series and his situation with the network might have been. Whatever the case may be, Gimple’s first episode as new showrunner also seems interested in talking about the show, with more than one allusion being made about the past – and particularly, how the path Rick was headed down was a little wide of the mark. Interpretations aside, Gimple’s effort here is clearly intended to reiterate some of the ideas presented in ‘Clear,’ but tweak them just enough in the delivery that Rick finds himself looking for that speck of light at the end of the tunnel, rather than the endless expanse of inky darkness threatening to swallow him whole.

Chad L. Coleman in The Walking Dead 30 Days Without and Accident The Walking Dead Season 4 Premiere Review

That idea is felt in the scenes around the prison, too. This time, rather than a sense of despair in the survivors, the desperation is felt most strongly in the throngs of walkers crowding the fenced perimeter of the prison. For those inside, it’s a combination of pragmatism and cautious optimism. Beth’s (Emily Kinney) new squeeze Zach (Kyle Gallner) tellingly gets a kiss, but not a goodbye when he heads out on an ill-fated supply run with Daryl (Norman Reedus), Tyreese (Chad L. Coleman) and fellow newcomer Bob Stookey (Lawrence Gilliard Jr.). When Daryl returns with news of her beau’s demise, Beth observes the occasion by methodically setting the ‘days without accident’ board back to zero – a not-so-subtle shift in tone for the series as a whole. Zach was one of the first new characters in a long time who managed to instantly ingratiate himself, and feel like he could be a welcome addition to the cast. Instead, his death is a reminder that whatever changes have been made, The Walking Dead reserves the right to eliminate anyone at any time, regardless of how the audience might feel about that individual. Zach wasn’t around long enough to wind up on the audience’s hit list, but his immediate removal suggests the series isn’t interested in only getting rid of the characters nobody seems to like.

However, Beth’s reaction is also a sign of how repetitious story points and endless nihilism can just wear a person down – whether they’re in the story or just watching it. At a certain point, the show is going to have to offer up some sort of new wrinkle to make the stakes of the narrative engaging beyond the notion that anyone is potentially on the proverbial chopping block. Watching zombie heads explode is popular enough that it’s practically become a mid-October Sunday night pastime, but without some sense of hope in all that bleakness, the law of diminishing returns goes into effect on even the wildest of kills. The collapsing roof of the big box store made for a terrific set piece, as it provided some intense action – and the sight of zombies raining down from the ceiling was a nice bit of nightmare fuel. While it adequately demonstrated the continuing hostility of the show’s setting, it was, ultimately, another example of how hopeless the overall situation actually is.

Norman Reedus and Melissa McBride in The Walking Dead 30 Days Without and Accident The Walking Dead Season 4 Premiere Review

…Which is why Rick’s encounter in the woods works out to have some importance beyond underlining the character’s fluctuating mental health by demonstrating where it is he could end up (a point that had already been expressed far more poignantly in ‘Clear’). At any rate, when the despondent woman attacks Rick, she mentions how her zombified companion Eddie has begun to slow down on account of not having anything living or “fresh” to eat. While this detail may seem innocuous, it ties into the aforementioned notion of the living impaired being on the verge of desperation, and it gives the series that one tiny glimmer of hope on which it can pin its future.

Maybe these beings aren’t running on an endless battery. Despite their unexplained existence, perhaps even these walking dead have an expiration date. If that’s the case then it gives the idea of merely surviving, or simply getting by, more meaning. It’s a small hope that is still buried under an incredible amount of danger, suffering, and loss, but in a world in which hope is almost entirely absent it means everything.

It also makes spoiling that feeling of hope and calm – by killing off and resurrecting Patrick inside the prison – feel far more important and significant than it would have been, otherwise. Hopefully, that notion of creating calm and then shattering it to see what comes of the pieces will continue throughout the season.


The Walking Dead continues next Sunday with ‘Infected’ @9pm on AMC.

Photos: Gene Page & Frank Ockenfels/AMC

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  1. This is good solid journalism. Nicely written.

  2. First, Isn’t Hershel a farmer and a vet? Wouldn’t he know that pigs are dirty animals, requiring lots of food, water, mud and antibiotics? Keeping pigs so close to where you camp, using up your resources, isn’t a good idea! Wouldn’t it be easier to just grow more crops in that small plot of land, instead of raising pigs? The group would work less and end up with more food just growing more crops! And pigs have an oder and make loud noises, drawing more walkers close to the fence. Oh yeah, and pigs spread diseases too…imagine all of that pig, human and zombie sewage building up in the small pond next to the prison…yum! Maybe that Harry Potter looking kid drank from the wrong water source?

    Second…that army helicopter was on the roof of that grocery store for, I would say, 2 years or so…and it JUST NOW starts to cause the roof to collapse when the “hero” group arrives, and not a moment before. And how, and why, did those walkers get up on the roof anyway? Wouldn’t they have just jumped or fallen off the side, being that they’re not so smart? That scene just didn’t make any sense to me. The roof can hold the weight of a friggin’ army helicopter, but when a 200 lb. walker steps in the right spot, and at the right time, the walker falls through.

    Season 4 just doesn’t make any sense to me.

    • I like your realist POV of this episode. hopefully it is just a way to hook non-followers into the show as everything was too coincidental

      • Thanks Dell ..I do REALLY like the show, honest. But Season 1 set the bar very, very high. I don’t want to see Season 4 turn into the season the writers call for Rick to “jump the shark” like The Fonz did.

        Hmmm…zombie sharks in Season 5 maybe?

        • ZOMBSHARKNADO!!!

          • I called the Zombie Sharknado in a previous thread! It will happen eventually, maybe season 20 something.

            Season one is my favorite. Season two was the worst but did have the most epic moments in the series so far. Spending half the season looking for Sofia to lead up to the barn scene;
            Shane’s downward spiral; barn packed full of walkers; Rick and Shane’s final showdown; glimpse of Michonne with her zombie pets; fleeing the farm; poor Dale.

            Season three started strong but tailed off during the second half. Even with the outcome of Merle and Andrea and the Governor going crazy didn’t elevate the 2nd half of the season for me.

            High hopes for season 4! Run out of ammo and one of the new cast members makes a zombie catapult. Has there been a scene with a chainsaw yet?

    • @Drew:

      About the helicopter:

      Most likely a failed exfil or rescue. People trying to escape, walkers attacking pulls down the copter, crashes cuts up some of them, walkers take care of the rest and they are stuck up there walking around (no live people around to coax them off the roof).

      They probably aren’t moving at all, hear the scouts start running around fall into the weakened parts of the roof and once there are enough holes, it’s not enough to hold the weight of the copter.

      We’re talking zombies here so you have to suspend some belief (like Rick’s iPod still functioning 2 years later, even if they do have generators to charge, we know batteries in those things don’t have that long life).

      • I didn’t see what Rick had in his pocket. It could have been any kind of mp3 player.

      • I disagree about your theory about the choppers. Those zombies aren’t staying still…other episodes they are wandering. I agree the roof is holding together and all of a sudden it collapses…. For some, this was a cool moment in the show, but for others who have even part of a brain
        It is not believable! Those zombies move, all around. The roof would have collapsed long before!

        They have to start writing these story lines so they are believable. The first episode (season one), Morgan is in his home barricaded with his son, he is watching his wife , who is now a zombie, wander the streets.. He wants to put her out of her misery, but also realizes someone could develop a cure…. That first episode was what hooked me. It was believable. Even season one when Rick goes into the city’s was great!

        But it went down hill from there. The episodes are slow and there is no progress…stuck in the prison last year…and this season ….STILL STUCK in that stale dark and dreary prison while zombies wander outside the fence.

        The last episode I though , ok, they have an opportunity to show how s*** hits the fan … The zombies are bringing down the fence… But what happens … Ta daaaaaa….Irritating Carl and Rick take them down in one big gun battle. Sheesh really? A hundred of those zombies could have rushed irritating Carl and finished him off in five seconds….now I would have paid to see that….(oops I did pay).

        In a survival situation, this is not how people act. Food, shelter, water guns, medicine….it takes until season 4 that they realize they better have some drugs on hand for a epidemic? You would have thought the doc was on top of that one?

        In the prison, after someone dies….they know they better kill the person again or it becomes a zombie….so what do they do ….talk for a half hour and talk to each other on some stupid topic and ….oh surprise…. The corpse comes alive and wakes up as a zombie and bites someone…(I roll my eyes).
        This could be such a fantastic show, but its slow …the story lines are stupid… Like they were written by a 10 year old.

        They should be brain storming to come up with something realistic and have the story progress …ah here’s a thought …leave the prison!

        The scene of Rick banishing Carol….stupid! Would this happen in real life ….and getting upset with her for teaching kids how to fight the Zombies? Like really! I’d want my kids to know how to fight off a zombie….but i’d want michonne teaching them….she’s bad ass (she makes the show …her and Daryl!
        Where’s the pack of wild dogs left behind by their owners and you never see zombie kids, it never rains, no storms and lets at least get old model cars and not the 2013 models. Lets take a trip to the pharmacy, lets see Walmart lol and maybe some new characters (instead of killing them off each show! Lets talk about our plan to explore new frontiers, to boldly go where no man has ever gone….(sorry I got carried away…lol)
        Anyway …you get the point….

    • Ummmm…does it really matter about the realism of the roof top? I mean, the show’s about zombies.

    • Hershel wasn’t there to observe, take notes or make medical judgements about poor Violet’s condition. So dissing Hershel is ridiculous. Apparently there is a viral outbreak that Violet and Patrick died from – and in Patrick’s case has now turned and inside ‘Block D’. I suspect either Ebola or Cholera, which produces blood leaking from ears, eyes, nose and all other orifices of the human body.
      The obvious crash of the helicopter was full of evacuees, thus explaining walkers on the roof of the store. The crash could have diminished the integrity of the roof, and it didn’t take a lot for the walkers to fall through an already damaged one.
      Maybe The Walking Dead isn’t a show for you if it causes you distress and confusion as to what’s happening and doesn’t make sense to you. – try the Disney Channel.

    • Hershel wasn’t there to observe, take notes or make medical judgements about poor Violet’s condition. So dissing Hershel is ridiculous. Apparently there is a viral outbreak that Violet and Patrick died from – and in Patrick’s case has now turned and inside ‘Block D’. I suspect either Ebola or Cholera, which produces blood leaking from ears, eyes, nose and all other orifices of the human body.
      The obvious crash of the helicopter was full of evacuees, thus explaining walkers on the roof of the store. The crash could have diminished the integrity of the roof, and it didn’t take a lot for the walkers to fall through an already damaged one.
      Maybe The Walking Dead isn’t a show for you if it causes you distress and confusion as to what’s happening and doesn’t make sense to you. – try the Disney Channel.

    • Now someone’s hear is using his head, all this is due to bad writing, witch the walking dead is relentlessly bad for, just conjuring up just random incidence to help the story along, or to make a problem, worst of all is the writers having the characters written so badly and in such a way that makes this feel more like a ABC TV show and less like Braking Bad or Mad Men… Oh wait that’s right, it’s because those two shows where co-owned by other company’s like Loinsgate and Sony, wile the walking dead is all owned by AMC witch CUT its budget in the second season and fired the man that basically handed AMC this show on a plater, and that’s how AMC treats its cash cow.
      Can zombies stop being the new Twilight now… Please, I would like my genre back know if its done being used as a bandwagon.

    • Yes but it’s the zombie apocalypse…and still bacon. Most all of us would risk it for bacon ;-p

  3. I wonder if the life stock is infected some how. Why did that kid turn if he was not bit or maybe he was really sick and died of natural causes.

    • everybody turns when they die

    • I don’t mean to be rude but…have you been watching? It’s a running theme that spans back as far as the CDC.


      Everyone is infected. Anyone still alive at this point can turn by dying. Their brain activity is the only thing stopping the infection kick-starting them into walkers. If they die without the brain being destroyed, then they can turn.

      It begins with a whisper to Rick, then second-guessing when they find turned walkers that aren’t bit. Then it’s confirmed by Shane’s resurrection and Lori begging Carl to kill her if she dies in childbirth. It was even picked up on in the season 4 premiere with the woman Rick finds. After attacking Rick, she assumes she’s dead. She stabs herself hoping Rick will just let her die naturally (no head shot), so she can turn and be with her husband.

      Again, sorry to be rude, but surely you picked up on this whilst you were watching?

      • I think Emma means to say isn’t the live stock infected with some NEW zoonotic disease…which is bound to happen without modern sanitation protocols and antibiotics.

        • Thank u drew perhaps my wording was a little off. That is what I meant maybe there is some other type of infection that we don’t know about yet.

      • Did the woman not realize that once she zombified, she wouldn’t care about her husband.

        • No of course she didn’t realize that, she was batshit. She was talking to someone who wasn’t there and looking for a way to feed zombie him

      • Also, a zomb… sorry. A walker’s bite would cause a severe sickness with very high fever, causing rapid death, followed by the undeading. I’m thinking the virus has mutated and can now infect in other ways. The close-up shots of the water barrels may be a clue as to this theoretical new cause of death.

  4. Excellent review. Season Four has started with a bang and showed intriguing potential for what might be in store in future episodes. I was initially getting a little overwhelmed by the introduction of so many new characters but found their presence seamlessly woven into the fabric of the existing premise. Based on this episode, I feel the decision to continue with the prison as the backdrop was a smart one and not repetitive as some had feared due to the fact that the prison setting is now nothing like it was in season 3.

    • you should write your own reviews

  5. Third, don’t you think that if you offer a yummy sandwich, all wrapped in foil and everything, to a starving, dirty Irish woman in the woods who “hasn’t eaten in days”…and she doesn’t devour the sandwich right away…that maybe, just maybe…she’s lying to you?

    I mean, really Rick? He should have asked his 3 questions BEFORE heading back to her camp!

    And why was she in a dress anyway? Couldn’t she have found some trousers, a gun, and some better shoes in the 2 years since the outbreak? She made it through winter in a men’s dress coat and a ugly summer dress! Ha!

    Guess Irish people are just tougher than Americans.

  6. Patrick thanked Daryl for the deer he brought back+dying pig+dead boar in the woods = the virus is in the water & animals/food. I’m sure there’s some creek/river somewhere they might be using for water, and not know that there are dead walkers just floating in it down the creek. Plus, Patrick coughed up his germs in the shower water supply. This aren’t looking up for the prison group.

  7. Could there have been anymore commercials? Seems like there was a commercial break every 5 mins. Real annoying…

  8. Maybe these beings aren’t running on an endless battery, but Rick’s mobile music device sure does. I want to know what brand he’s using so I can get some for emergencies. It’s been roughly two years and they are still going strong.

    • Product placement? lol

    • They go on supply runs. Don’t you think it’s possible that he has changed batteries without them having to show scenes of this occurring? We don’t need to see scenes of them constantly filling up the tanks of their vehicles to figure out that they siphon gas whenever they can find it. Right?

      • Think about what you said and read my comment again: It’s been roughly two years. What is the average shelf life of a battery? How many years has it been since new batteries have been produced? How many years have people been scavenging? (Hint: the beginning time frame would have the most scavenging leaving things more sparse as time goes on).

        In the event that the device is rechargeable (see my issues with this below), how long would a device like that even hold a charge? Given that the rechargeable batteries in things like cell phones, cordless phones, and many other mobile devices stop really holding a charge for long and generally need to be replaced after about… oh, I don’t know… roughly two years…

        Don’t get me started on the gas issue. We certainly don’t need to see it and we can certainly assume this occurs off screen. What we can’t assume is that even ideally stored gasoline has a shelf life (air tight container with preservative and stabilizer, no water / moisture contamination even from open air).

        Note that even a pinhole in any sealed tank (newer vehicles) will be enough to let air in, effectively reducing the life of the gasoline to the same as any open air container. Many of these vehicles have been exposed and uncared for (including not having been run) for years. This would cause issues with corrosion and seals (including from dry rot).

        These are things that may not be essential to the narrative but, in a show where you can quote them in the last Talking Dead as saying “because we have zombies, the rest of the show needs to be as realistic as possible in order for people to suspend disbelief” there’s a slight problem.

        I adore the show, and I can suspend some amount of disbelief, but I also notice issues like these.

        • I find it amazing that the green Subaru station wagon they drive is always spotless…not a speck of dirt on it.

          $ Product placement $ again.

          • You mean the ugly mint colored Hyundai Tucson SUV? Because there is no Subaru on Walking Dead.

            • yeah, that one…whoopps….wrong brand of car there! thanks for the clarification!

        • I notice some of these things as well. I just don’t let them bother me when the show is just so damn entertaining. Also I bought a cell battery last month and it was marked with a use buy date of 2017. By the way, it hasn’t been YEARS that have passed. It’s really only been about 3. Not enough years yet to have all the detrimental effects on the things you are talking about. Love your passion for the show, though.

        • Just FYI, im still using the first generation ipod nano given to me 8 years ago. It still works perfectly during my daily morn run.

    • I have to say, and this is totally no joke… I bought my iPod back in April or May of 2005, when they still had mechanical hard drives inside and not solid state like now. And my iPod’s battery gets almost a full charge to this day.

      I admit, I charge it regularly through my car hook-up so maybe that has something to do with extending its life. So, I conclude that Rick is using the automobiles for charging his ipod!

      Also, let’s all agree, Rick doesn’t actually need to HEAR music as seeing he can talk on a phone without somebody being on the other end! :-P

  9. I wear eyeglasses…and when I splash water on my face or take a shower, I take them off instictively. That Harry Potter looking kid just splashed dirty barrel water all over himself with his glasses still on! Idiot! He looked smart, yet wasn’t bright enough to go find medical help when his eyeballs started to bleedout! He could have gone to find Hershel, or that new medic guy…but no, he just got his eyeglasses all dirty with barrel water and died.

    Heck, if I get even a small bellyache after eating one of Daryl’s deer, I would be looking for the Pepto! At least take your dang eyeglasses off boy before dumping water on your head! The prison group is much better off without that dummy.

    And where were his parents???

    • Good point. As a fellow four-eyes, I agree….but shows is shows. They don’t really give a shiite muslim about reality

  10. It’s completely plausible that iPods and other electronics could be charged with generators, so I didn’t have a problem with that. I asked the same question about how the walkers got on the roof of the big box store, however I think it’s definitely possible they were in the store when the crap went down and tried to hide on the top of the roof, and after a failed rescue attempt by the military by helicopter, died and/or turned up there. As for Rick, I’m wondering how he could have let his guard down so easily with the crazy chick in the woods, and why he left her and her hubby in a bag to be possible threats later on. Finally, I’m thinking the pigs and Patrick and the walker at the fence with the bloody eyes all died of the zombie virus finally mutating enough to jump to animals, possibly crossing with swine flu or Ebola since one of Ebola’s symptoms is bleeding from the eyes. Either way an awesome episode. The zombies raining from the sky was killer!

    • I probably should have been more specific… generators require fuel and while I completely agree that it would be a possibility, I wouldn’t see it as plausible in that charging devices requires siphoning off energy that would be better spent elsewhere. While charging one device may not make an impact, there is the aspect of human nature to consider that allowing these particular leisure devices to be charged (whatever they may be) means others would want their particular leisure devices to be charges as well.

      That may work with using clippers for your beard, like Michonne brought back for Rick, because it could be argued a necessity… music players and non-community entertainment would be a whole other issue given the limits on their resources. Not a big deal overall, in terms of the story, but something to note.

      As for Rick’s crazy woman issue, I’m not sure a head in a bag is much of a threat but I can see where not implementing a quick jab of a knife to that head seems uncharacteristic of Rick as we knew him… but I think Carl’s reaction to the kid last season may have changed Rick’s perspective for better or worse. Leaving her to come back is also a bit off, but it may be a simple thing of “What’s one more?”

      There’s definitely some psychological issue going on there and I have a feeling we’ll see choices like this play out this season if Gimple’s comments are any indication.

      • Whether or not the MP3 player worked, would you want to be using something like that in a place surrounded by walkers? I get the argument that you’d want to drown out their moaning, but if you have your ears plugged up and your eyes on the dirt, anything could happen without you noticing. And I’m sure there are some lookouts keeping an eye on things, but what if they couldn’t get his attention because he was listening to music? Seems like Rick has grown almost unrealistically comfortable. I’d think the dozens of walkers on the fence would keep you ready for anything. If it was a wall like Woodberry, I’d get letting your guard down, but the walkers are always visable at the prison.

    • Can we all take a moment to remember how Dale died? An indirect result of Carl having a interaction with a walker and letting it go. Said walker then stumbles onto the farm and buh-bye sweet ol’ Dale. So Rick’s decision to turn a blind eye to one more walker scares me. Why didn’t Rick care to take a look into the bag to see the head etc? Am I the only one that thinks the Irish woman shared some physical characteristics with Laurie? Also, why was there an army camp setup outside of the market?

  11. So in terms of episodes and premieres this one was certainly good. We get a good feel how everyone has been since we last saw them. Rick isn’t crazy any more and is hesitant and forward thinking. Carl wants to be considered an adult yet his still yearns to be a child (reading his comics, wanting to go to the kids reading club). Carol is also forward thinking by teaching the kids how to defend themselves but I can see something bad (an accidental stabbing) coming from this. Daryl is still cool and I was surprised to see him using both his crossbow and a gun. Glen is still overprotective of Maggie and Michonne is out for revenge it seems with her hunt for the governor.

    In terms of plot we get introduced to some new faces and some of the newer crew (Tyreese, Sasha) are still contributing. There is definitely three levels to the group: the original group, the newer crew, and then the people from Woodbury. I liked the whole scene on the supply run and found it hilarious that it was raining zombies. Besides the ridiculousness of the raining zombies it was pretty intense scene with lots of cool looking zombies and gore. Also, I liked the scene with Rick and Clara (who looked so much like a walker). The ending scene with Patrick was cool and opens up to a whole lot of problems for the prison. With Patrick being sick and the sick pick (zombie pigs next?) I think a new problem for the group might not be from other survivors or from the walkers but from infection/a virus.

    I rate this episode 8 out of 10.

    • Maybe Carole’s teaching will pay off and one of the kids will stab zombie Patrick ?!?!

  12. There was water leak and damage on the roof and when the shelves fell over the zombies heard it and all moved to that one weakened area by the roof where the helicopter and the water damage was and that was all the roof could take!

    • Thank you! I feel no one else was watching this scene properly. A water leak was evident, it weakend the roof and the shelving to the point that when he put the bottle down quite violently it made the shelf collapse, collapsing the entire unit, attracting the walkers to the area and voila.

      • That shelf wasn’t connected to the ceiling…it was a free standing grocery store shelf.

        Wouldn’t the crew have stepped into some puddles on the floor, warning them of a weaked ceiling?

        Curious, the holes in the roof were just the right size and shape for a zombie to fall through.

        • Why would puddles on the floor warn anyone of anything? There were holes in the ceiling already and by the way they weren’t just the right size. As the zombies crashed through more of the ceiling would collapse. You seem content to do a great deal of inconsequential nitpicking. Did you find anything you thought they did right?

          • Yes! I liked the new Beth character being much darker than before…and Hershel has always been my favorite. I liked how they showed his missing stump.

            But Michone on a horse…priceless.

            • Good! I believe season four shows a whole lot of promise based on this episode. I only asked you because last season saw a whole lot of haters posting on this sight just to b**** about how lousy a show The Walking Dead was. There were many who offered constructive criticism for a show that they cared about but unfortunately there were those that simply hated the show and posted to put down those who supported the show.

              • I just wish I had been in the room when the wrote that script…I could have saved them from making dumb mistakes by pointing out simple solutions to provide some plausibility.

                I love the show, but I don’t want to see more of “The A-team” style improbable action sequences for the sake of having an action sequence.

  13. Just heard the news that premiere night ratings were 16.1 million viewers making it TVs most watched drama and crushing the predictions of last seasons naysayer posters who were convinced people were going to stop watching after the let down of season 3.

    • It’s pretty impressive considering it also shattered the ratings of any Breaking Bad episode including the series finale of 10.6 million. It seems the more doubt there is about this series the higher the ratings, LOL. The popularity of this show is really amazing and reaching the levels of a GOT, not in material, but in popularity. About 95% of the people I work with has heard/watched an episode or watch TWD which is crazy because the only other series that is like this is really GOT. With Breaking Bad, I would say it was more around the 80% of people who watch it, heard of it/watched an episode, or heard and has no interest. Also for it to beat out Sunday night football is also a big deal as well. Not bad for a show that had a very bad season 3 finale.

      • Game of Thrones highest viewership was 5.5 million. While less people subscribe to HBO that is still a LOT less than Walking Dead. I wouldn’t use a show’s popularity at your work as a gauge for how popular it is in the general population. And I am saying this as someone who thinks GOT is WAY better than Walking Dead.

  14. The set design and inside the store was embarrassingly bad. The holes in the ceiling were almost all identical, wobbly cut outs…with the Zombies suddenly falling through weak points in the ceiling all at once – and conveniently right between the ceiling tiles. There was even a shot of an exploding Zombie falling from the roof that was edited horribly – did not synch with the rest of the scene. I usually love the show, but this scene was just poorly done, especially for a season premier. It is time they introduced a new strain or disease that results in fast zombies. This “shambling” zombie stuff is just wore out.

    • I found the scene to be one of the best in ratcheting up tension and suspense.

      • Michonne pushing a grocery cart…also priceless!

  15. Hershel, Daryl, Rick — they all have beards.

    But where’s Glen’s beard? Shouldn’t he have at least some peach fuzz?

    Unless Glen’s hiding all the shaving cream for himself?

    • Asian males don’t have as much facial hair as Caucasiansl

      • this is true..

  16. I truly hope rick is going to go on some crazy binge again turn back come on…his hesitations has been getting people killed…a leader should be strong and stable at least most of the time…and what’s up with him trying to turn Carl into some type of teeny bopper that ship sailed a long time ago…too many characters why are they not searching for a cure ..because one scientist said there wasn’t a cure..I think we need a second opinion..lol

  17. I mean I know it’s a show by why are they never looking or sleeping on boats I’m sure zombies can’t swim..just another plothole…I mean why stay in hell….explore…there possibly could be islands and the can go back to land for runs..I’m tired of prison

    • Your boat suggestion is an interesting concept but doesn’t qualify as a plot hole by any definition. I don’t get the sense that there are many bodies of water anywhere nearby and I for one feel the prison has become vastly more interesting with the changes they have made since the end of season three.

      • That’s my point they are not searching anywere question did u find it more interesting when they were on the move with a purpose? I’m sure everyone doesn’t agree but I would rather die trying to get somewhere rather then just waiting to die in prison…this is how a lot of people felt in season 1 …but if your shooting for 7 seasons I see not migrating so often

        • I see where you are coming from but I don’t see them as waiting to die in the prison, I see them as trying to establish a new sense of community and fighting to survive. Frankly when they were constantly on the move looking for refuge they were more at risk. They have found refuge albeit one with many risks but still one that is better than no refuge at all.

          • I hear your point maybe they can keep the prison and send a few out ..to check around..but can always come back to the prison to rest and be with family

            • That would work for me.

    • Daryl, Michone, and Rick find a boat, and leave for a 3 hour tour…a 3 hour tour…

      If they find an island, I guess Glenn would become the new Gilligan?

      • Yessss!!!

      • Lol..I guess I’m thinking too hard but a boat just seems super safe too me…maybe there are islands not infected who knows…but all of a sudden nobody cares to find out…remember they only had one opinoin of a coward scientist

  18. Anyone else notice that the walker Rick saw near the fence had the same “bleeding eyes” issue as the kid who died in the shower?

    The “walker” infectious disease may have mutated when passed through animals DNA, it happened with bird flu and many other disease strains in reality. It seems that maybe he had been infected with the new mutated strain from the Pig, and then that strain does not just lay dormant in the host, but instead actively kills the host- the Pig and the Kid in this case. Remember the kid filled in cooking earlier that day- so I would be concerned for other folks in the Prison….they may have to not just worry about walkers and other hostile people- NOW a much more aggressive “walker” disease invades their not so healthy and controlled world.

    • Back when there was the Anthrax scare (2001) there was a story of hunters who caught Anthrax back in the 30s from deer meat. This reminded me of that. The virus mutates and affects animals who die, but it does not make them zombies as such. The bleeding eyes is also a hemoraghic disease (like Ebola) that causes the host to bleed out. The virus is able to spread very effectively through this method, but it also means that the host often dies too quickly for the virus to survive for long. So, this mutation could be a short-lived thing that could wreak havoc but pass. Or, it could be a new way to transport the virus as suggested by the CDC person. Someone mentioned the reference to the Andromeda Strain. In this story, the bacteria is caused by extraterrestrial and is also anti-coagulent, causing bleeding of the host.

      I think there is something up and there is a species jump with the strain. It would be pretty bad, too, because there goes a food source. From the previews, it would seem that someone puts meat out for the zombies. Is the crazy Irish woman giving us a “taste” of something else that could be up with these people. Maybe like her someone is feeding a “loved one.” Or, could someone be snacking on rats because he/she is starting to turn and changes in a behavioral way as well as with symptoms. Hmmmm…..what do y’all think?

  19. I follow walking dead and like all actor

  20. Am I the only person disappointed with the roof scene? The zombies were pacing back and forth on the roof for months.. Why would the roof suddenly fail just as the team goes in? I’d expect more from such a good show.

    • I can hear the narrator in my head saying:

      “In today’s episode of TWD – Daryl, Michonne and 2 brand new guys go grocery shopping and it rains zombies! Which ones are going to make it out alive? Stay tuned and find out on this week’s exciting new episode!”


      • Lol..that’s why all these new people are pointless..only ones I think are safe are tyrese and his sister

    • I hear you convenience..that didn’t bother me as much as other thingsb like rick still a great show tho..compared to the crap ontv now especially

  21. Hope: zombies perhaps, can die
    Bad news: new disease rearing ugly head?

  22. Another Lost bs crappy story.

    • More or less LOST with bad British actors and zombies

  23. I wonder if the early Abraham casting news is meant to cushion the blow for a possible Daryl death this season? with the death of several newcomers on sunday, I get the sense several regulars would be making it out alive this year.

  24. It’s quite amazing how this show has little to no regard about the little things that pull you right out of the show and keep kicking you back into reality, but with this kind of mindless following, what can you expect.
    It’s just sad seeing my genre get drug threw the dirt like this, I’m a Remero original fan, and was a fan of the the walking dead comic book back in 2004, before zombie where the NEW twilight, yah I had hopes for this show… Then it keeps going down hill after season 1 I bought season 2(stuck on a farm) my hopes sunk deeper and season 3( I really don’t know what to call this abomination) I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel of hope, season 4 does look promising but it’s going to take a lot to bring my out look on this show back up to semi hopeful.
    The real sad part is that they followed the comics characters in stead of starting fresh with a all new story instead of just re-using one that had a following, more or less what Tell Tale Games The Walking Dead did, I think this show really missed out on one of the best parts of the story… The first days, really this is BIG, they skipped the best part of any zombie outbreak and the start the show with Rick waking up after 60 days with out water, a diaper or someone to keep him from getting bed sores AKA the little things.
    Why pollute the Image of what the comic book fans remember of Rick and the rest of the crew and mutate the story beyond recognition, all just to pander to the bandwagon crowd.
    They had one chance to get this right but blew it, long after this show is either canceled or it ends, it will be one of two things, a show like FireFly that still has a live and active following, or a show like LOST where a lot of ppl loved it and followed it wile it was a hit, but the day it ended was tossed to the way side for the next big thing.
    The Walking Dead is alienating its genre and its fans for the sake of money, it’s not the cast, crew, writers, actors or detectors that made The Walking Dead a Hit… It was Zombies, that’s the only resign its still hear if it was anything else this wouldn’t even be a thing, but it doesn’t mater how good these ppl act, just throw a zombie on screen and its now a hit TV show!!!

    • If it was just zombies you would get a small cult audience. It is the quality of the show that has built this large of a fan base.

    • It’s not that it is a zombie show that makes it popular but that’s it’s a drama show with zombies. I actually like the fact that they changed some things up from the comics because to me it makes things interesting and you really don’t know who is going to die next. I loved the comics and am also a Romero fan but I also like the way this show is handling things(this season so far) and therefore will give this show it’s due.

      • Agreed! This is a show whose strength is in making us care about how the events surrounding a zombie apocalypse affect a group of average humans as they struggle to survive and attempt to reestablish some level of normalcy in their lives. It is the exact thing many other zombie related movies have lacked. Romero did it well. If you care about more than just some cool zombie related carnage (not that it’s not an essential element in any zombie themed story) than this series delivers.

      • So what your saying is you like this new Rick, a man that will sale out his own group for a enemy that has none of his best interest in mind, a man that really is no better then the governor, and speaking of the Governor, why the hell did the writers try and make the audience relate in anyway to the Gov in stead of just being a true villain like prince Joffrey in game of thrones.
        If you remember the Governor of the comic was just plan evil someone your love to hate, and when he dies you applaud the event so see such evil go, he wasn’t just a half like character just turned bad guy by Rick and the other groups actions, with his pore zombified daughter, you see all of this is due to bad writing, Kerkman had a perfect thing you don’t mess with something that’s not broken.

      • Yah so it’s not the zombies that pull in the numbers every week, because if you take away the zombies the show WILL. Collapse, their is no other show to compleat with the walking dead, name one other TV show on air that is about a zombie Apocalypse… Oh I’ll wait…. Yep that’s what I thought.
        And if the death of anyone characteristic just keeps you so in tuned with the show, then it must have been genuinely surprised when Zack died instead of Daryl or Michonne… Really this show keeps you on the eage of your set? I’m guessing you where really surprised when Loki turned out to be the bad guy in Thor?
        You just struck me as that kind of person.

        • What I meant is that it is NOT just the zombies. If it was…only a tiny per cent of the viewing public(me included) would watch. The zombies certainly draw people in but it has deliver on more levels than that. And this show does. I really have no argument with your point of view. It is as valid as anyones’. I do question your need to insult or belittle others who have a different take on things. Usually when one resorts to put downs instead of valid points it’s because they don’t have any valid points to make.

          • Yes, people view it for the zombie aspect but that’s not the main reason nor was it when it first started. Yes, the show has issues and what show doesn’t. Anyone who expected it to be like the comics needs to give it up as Kirkman and Tony Moore said from the beginning he would keep some aspects of the comics but wanted to change others so it would be a 50/50 thing. The people that I talk to anyways love the show because they are drawn to the events that surround the human aspect during dark times. They are drawn to a Rick because of his emotions or a Daryl because of his past and his change in character from the beginning to now. They are drawn to the Glenn and Maggie relationship in a dark world or to a Michonne who was a badass but even she is starting to show that she is human

  25. Season Four did not in my opinion start off with a bang! more like a thud!!!!! Big waste of time…
    I love Nick’s SPFX work, not sure I like his direction at all! Bring the old show runner back, kick some arse in the writing dept and hire some seasoned directors…..yah thats a good re-start…..in my opinion.

  26. oh…… and don’t forget the ZOMBIEEEESSS, that’s what im here for

    • There have been zombies galore so far this season so don’t know what your complaint is. Also, series is at 93% on the tomatometer with media critics and being watched by up to 16 million viewers so yours is a minority opinion. Doesn’t make it wrong (and of course for you it isn’t wrong) but I am most assuredly in the majority camp with this one.

      • Just because a MAJORITY likes something doesn’t make it good, Twilight was watched by a large number of people was liked by a good majority and even liked by some critics, now with that said it was still dog s*** with bad acting and writing.
        This show has NO COMPETITOR!!!
        Their is no other show for people to compare this to.
        It’s like competing it a category in the Olympics with no other competitors “lets see who wins this year!!”
        Cop dramas have other cop dramas, Med dramas have other Med dramas, family, high school, teen, mob/criminal and even vampire, at least their is other shows to gage good ones to ones that just suck, the walking dead(aka new twilight) any other zombie show to compete with the walking dead?… Anyone? No? That’s what I thought, all I can gage it off of is what I know about screen writing, acting and detecting… Oh and a host of other zombie media that came out long before zombies where the new HIP thing to be in to, this shows acting and writing skills are up to Par with ABC’s Revaluation(witch also have really no competitors aka Apocalypse) acting, writing and story all lack but this show did have a predecessor Jericho and at lest it was good, I mean the writers of the walking dead do their jobs as well and brain dead monkeys typing out Shakespeare wile being fed Laxative injected bananas… And yet throw zombies in it and let the Herds of fans call it the best show on TV.
        I say this again I wanted this show to be good I really did just like I wanted WWZ to be good and Revolution but they are what they are and as fans you can over look these but dont start calling it something it’s not.

        • Dan, your hypothesis is quite flawed as you don’t compare similar themed shows against one another, you gauge by their direct competition which is what they are scheduled against and on Sunday nights, The Walking Dead is pitted against some of TVs highest rating getters including what is most often the highest rated show of the week, Sunday Night Football and in this regard, TWD is excelling (this episode actually outperformed Sunday Night Football in the ratings, especially in the 18 to 49 demo that is so precious to the networks). Even if we go by your standards, TWD is in the horror genre of which there is much of on TV including American Horror Story, Grimm, Haven, Supernatural, Almost Human, Vampire Diaries, Sleepy Hollow, Lost Girl. Bates Motel, etc and with the exception of American Horror Story, TWD stands tall among what you consider it’s competition. You adamantly claim in your post that just because people like it doesn’t mean it is good and use the old chestnut of an example Twilight to prove your point. Well, the flipside of that my friend is that just because you hate it doesn’t mean it’s bad and 93% of the professional media critics who use all the criteria you espouse to use in your post do review The Walking Dead positively (yes, They like it!). Sorry you are so disappointed in the show. Hope you have better luck next zombie apocalypse show that comes down the pike.

  27. Reading your comments on realism on a zombie show is a joke; Find and watch The Colony (series) There you will find a realistic glimpse of survival through after-apocalyptic events. Not zombies, but the daly survival challenges clearly shows that in TWD the realism is left out. Unprocessed water on a infection scenario? Food for 15 people over 2 years out of a 10sq ft crop? Cooked in what? fire out of? matches? Nobody even scratches and infects a toenail? Not a single antibiotic? come on.. realism is the last thing you should expect on TWD.

    • The colony was as real is the WWF, but yah who cares about realism, really I mean why don’t they just show them using dirt for gas, rocks in their guns and eat grass, oh and it someone’s Bitten why not just have someone find a magical spell in a prison cell that Heals bites of the dead? I’m mean really who cares about making any plausible resign for character development or posing those characters with any plausible problems you might find in a world like this so that they might over come them.


      Just watch this, this guy explains better then I do the problems on screen and off why this show sucks, I’v held this point of view since season 2 and long before this guy, he just explains the problems.
      If you like the show by all means like it, but by no means tell me this show is good, that the acting is good, the writing is good or the directing is good, go take a story writing class or a film class and then tell me this is a work of art.

      • I took creative writing and screenplay writing as well as film studies in college and aced them all and quite frankly I’m not telling you anything but am in fact just expressing my opinion of the show. You need not pay any attention to what I have to say. IMO show is well written, acted and executed. The professional media critics (which apparently you know better than) also find it to be a quality show (93% on the grand ol’tomatometer). None of this negates your opinion. It is as valid as mine or anyone elses. You would get more respect for your opinion if you weren’t so disrespectful of those who don’t share it.

        • What he ^ said.

          Dan, it’s the WWE now. WWF is the World Wildlife Foundation.

        • Just because a Majority thinks something is ok or good done not make it so, I recal a childerns story about a king and some tailors that made him a invisible garment, thus I feel like the child say “he has no clothes” but every one else defending the king.
          I presume you disagree that this show is badly written, and directed? That things are placed in the show for the sake of just to place a check in the box.
          I’m guessing if some well known and populer chef cooked you a crap sandwich regardless of how it was made and tasted you would say “best sandwich I’v ever tasted”.
          I like move Postal by no means was it good, but it was funny and I could laugh at some of the jokes, but it was what it was and if I wanted to try and defend it I really couldn’t, it was crap, I knew what it was and I don’t care what ppl think, but if some said its crap yah I can’t disagree.

          • And just because YOU say something is crap doesn’t mean it is. However, I agree with you, Postal was crap. And I love the horrible syfy original movies because they make me laugh. They are crap! IMO (and many others) TWD is quality television or to put it in a way you can appreciate anti-crap!

          • by the way, your assumptions are crap! I hate gourmet food.

    • It’s called “suspension of disbelief”.

      It allows you to enjoy more things in life.
      I think you might need some.

  28. Good episode http://thisgamesite.weebly.com/tv-reviews.html

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