‘The Walking Dead’ Is Going To The End Of The Line

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Michael Cudlitz in The Walking Dead season 4 episode 15 The Walking Dead Is Going To The End Of The Line

[This is a review of The Walking Dead season 4, episode 15. There will be SPOILERS.]


When a show creates a goal for its characters, and then leaves it on the horizon for as long as The Walking Dead managed to do during this second half of season 4, it’s generally going to be a toss-up as to which way the reality of achieving that goal is going to pan out – both for the characters and the audience. Outside the mystery surrounding it, the truth of Terminus isn’t nearly as significant as what it has represented. On one hand, the destination was simply the way to drive the past seven episodes, and to funnel the core survivors into a convenient situation wherein characters like Glenn and Maggie could be happily reunited – so when the joy of the moment is inevitably flipped, there’ll be an extra talking point across the Internet the following morning.

In keeping with that idea of the importance of bringing these characters back together, the penultimate episode of season 4 finds itself underlining again and again the different ways in which people can be thought of as “together,” and the actions and reactions that serve to keep them that way. As ‘Us’ suggests, there’re many different reasons why groups gravitate toward, eventually cling to, and sometimes refuse to abandon one another. Sometimes, like with dinosaur/gaming enthusiast Dr. Eugene Porter (Josh McDermitt), the reasons for refusing to abandon members of his group don’t need to be made explicit; his reaction is like Glenn’s decision to stick by Tara in a tunnel that’s crawling with walkers: it’s just a reflection of who he is. So, in that regard, questions as to whether he actually knows what caused the zombie outbreak aside, Eugene has become incredibly important to this show; he seems to inherently be a good guy and, like Abraham (Michael Cudlitz), he brings a great deal of personality that The Walking Dead desperately needs at the moment.

Within the context of the narrative, Ford and Porter may ultimately wind up being on a fool’s errand, but outside of whatever the story has planned for them, the duo (and to a certain extent, Tara, Bob, and even Tyreese) represent the potential for the series to take a significant step forward in how the show thinks of its characters, and how it might begin building stories around them that add up to something more than mere survival.

Steven Yeun in The Walking Dead season 4 episode 15 The Walking Dead Is Going To The End Of The Line

In keeping with that line of thought, the secondary plot thread of ‘Us’ features Daryl and the Sons of Anarchy, as a representation of the very outmoded, every-man-for-himself philosophy that works in fundamental opposition to where characters like Ford and Porter could potentially take the show. Joe and his ragtag band of claimers outwardly exist as a unit, while inwardly they continue to live by that rule of survival of the fittest – which, ironically, is the one overarching viewpoint the show has done to death. In Joe’s eyes, this line of thinking is intended to simplify things, make it easier for men like him and Daryl to get by in the world, to coexist without surrendering that lone wolf spirit that drives them. But that sort of thinking only leads to grown men arguing over half a rabbit carcass and, eventually, more dead bodies. In this instance, the idea of a culture or a group or even a single person clinging to the idea of survival of the fittest only brings diminishing returns.

The Walking Dead‘s writers are further developing this notion by fixating on the core differences between these two groups. So far, it’s proven to be far more compelling to watch characters come together, and struggle to achieve something worthwhile and meaningful, than it is to watch them bicker and fight, so they can claim objects made intrinsically worthless by the simple fact that, if they keep going at the rate they’re going, there’ll be no one left to share these coveted objects with anyway.


The Walking Dead will conclude season 4 next Sunday with ‘A’ @9pm on AMC. Check out a sneak peek below:

Photos: Gene Page/AMC

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  1. Season 4 started off on a high note. Then it overused the flu plot line. It salvaged the first part of the season with an epic midseason finale which rivaled some of the series’ best episodes. The second half of Season 4 started with everyone separated. And after three episodes, it got old ridiculously fast. I’m beginning to lose faith in this series. I’ve stuck through it with the okay (season 3) and the bad (season 2), but season 4 has me questioning where this series is going. The writers are trying too hard to make this a character show by giving us super boring episodes with just talking. Then they try to please the fans with maybe one or two episodes in the season which are nerve wracking and thrilling. It gets old. I mean, we saw Rick for maybe four episodes in the second half of the season? So bad. They made a mistake by separating the group. If they ever try doing something like that again, I’m done.

    • overused the flu plotline? It was around for like 3 episodes. You must be a hipster

    • Hey no offense, but God forbid we put our beloved characters in situations that require danger! or *gasp* dialogue! I dont understand some people’s complaints, but thats ok, thats why this show is so good. It has something for everybody. For example, I ‘m one of those few people who completely disagree with you in every way. I thought season 2 was the best. And seoson 3 dragged on for me, dont get me wrong I enjoyed it, but I thought it slipped a bit. Season 4 is far better. In my own personal opinion of course. And although I partially agree they did stretch the flu story out a bit, it was wrapped up nicely in less than half a season, as was the oft hated Sofia storyline, which i happened to love. And the season 2 mid season finale in my opinion was the best wow episode yet. But hey to each their own. I like seeing our characters talking with each other forminf relationships and alliances, it adds depth. Read the comic, there’s alot of talking and slow parts in it, yet its excellent. I think you will hate season 5 or 6 whenever a certain location comes into play that I wont spoil. Lots of down time. I persoannly loved the pacing of season 4 second half. Just enough zombie action to keep the braindead (pun intended) occupied, while offering wonderful character pieces like Daryl and beth’s episode to break it up now and then. The last two episodes were phenomenal. Oh well, hope it turns around for you. I’m loving it. Peace.

    • You do realise the separation of the group was an important plot arc from the original comics, right?

  2. what the hell.. is this even a review??? i see no narrative.. here we go again on giving a simple reader like me a lot of words that do not coexist with one another… geez guys.. your review last week I think is just a fluke..

    • @aeiou

      I think the confusion you’re experiencing is reading an ACTUAL REVIEW. Not just some Internet pundit’s recap with “I liked/disliked it” or “there were enough/not enough zombie kills” as the basis of the “critique.”

      Kevin actually reviews shows as we would films. You know, with actual critical analysis.

      • d’you think I came out the Lagan in the bubble??

        You gave me a read-and-time-worthy article last week and I was hoping you could give another 1 today…

        your review is becoming like an episode in TWD, 1 day it’s good and the other day it’s worst.

        • Perhaps you should add “and sometimes Y” to your screen name next time.

  3. The story is ludicrous. Ok yes its about a zombie apocalypse… yet the characters are some of the most idiotic I’ve ever seen.

    Abraham.. Ok I’m not going through that tunnel its full of zombies.

    Glen.. I’m going I don’t care

    Abraham.. Ok good luck cya

    Glen and the chick almost die in the tunnel. Abraham & co. come back and save glen and everyones ok with that.


    • did you even watch the episode? Abraham had no intention of going back. The ONLY reason he was in the area was because Eugene made the girl drive to where they should come out and the ONLY reason they went in the tunnel is because they happened to see maggie bob and sasha.

  4. Claimed.

    • Dang, you beat me to it. Guess I’m sleeping on the floor.

      I don’t remember, but in the house episode when we first saw Joe’s group. Did the guy who got the bed first tell the other guy that he “claimed” the bed already?

      I’m suspicious about them, for one, there are no females in their group and two, why wouldn’t they be interested in Terminus? The fact that the are going that way just to get even with Rick is strange.

      Terminus reminds me of some other z-book I read where there is a group of people who are HQ’d in a Costco-type warehouse but the “meat” they eat is actually people.

      • “Terminus reminds me of some other z-book I read where there is a group of people who are HQ’d in a Costco-type warehouse but the “meat” they eat is actually people.”

        This was my first thought when I saw the meat on the grill that lady was cooking.

        • its TWD nothing good every really happens to people for very long. I’m also guessing cannibals are at terminus and the signs are to get more food to walk right to them.

      • No he didn`t, that`s the lazy writers from TWD at work! No attention to detail. God i just wish Vince Gilligan and his team would take over this series so we can have decent and thoughtful drama going together with the walker-killing.

        • @Frank:

          Actually, he did “claim” it. Here is the transcript:


          You waking me up to see if I’m comfortable?

          I want to lie down.

          Two other bedrooms up here to choose.

          Them’s kids’ beds. I want this one.

          It’s claimed.</b.

          I didn't hear it.

          You gonna have to lay claim somewhere else.

          Then they start fighting. And you can hear the men downstairs saying “Claim!”. Even the title of the episode is “Claimed”.

          Google is awesome.

      • Well if you have read the comics, you may know what might be coming next!

      • wonder if the meat on the grill was beths ?!

  5. I don’t get why Abraham didn’t flip out on Glen for wasting their time & putting themselves at risk by deciding to go it alone in tunnel.

    • Because it seems like he takes orders from Eugene. This was mentioned on Talking Dead, I believe. It was Eugene’s decision to loop around to the other end of the tunnel and also notice how quickly Abraham submitted when Eugene said they are going to Terminus? He doesn’t do that with any of the other characters.

      • You have revealed one of the largest flaws with this series, as much as I enjoy it. Plot threads and explanations should be dealt with within the actual narrative. Never should one have to rely on anything outside the narrative, like a post-premiere talk show, to get a relevant explanation or revelation on any narrative plot threads.

        More often than not, when I see someone legitimately confused or at a loss over something within the show, the inevitable response I see is along the lines of “well, on Talking Dead they said…”

        This does not bode well for measurement of writer’s room skill.

  6. I kind if agree with aeiou; while I love the site, I feel like it has sacrificed good dynamic articles in order to produce more articles.

    • I agree 100%. The quality of the reviews on this site are very sporadic. But with that said it won’t stop me from reading. :) It just disappoints me from time to time because I love this site so much.

      • Likewise. I just miss the In depth breakdowns that each article would have that made this site stand out. No offense to kofi or anyone in the ScreenRant crew

  7. I don’t get why everybody has been hating this half of the season. The show can’t just be killing people left and right, there would be no point. The show is trying to make you understand these characters, so when it comes time for one of them to drop, you care. If Beth died at the prison. Nobody would care. After the Episodes with her and Daryl, she has a fan base. Just relax, you’ll get your action soon enough

    • It might have something to do with producers on record as saying the second half of season four would be “insane”, “intense”, and “amped up”. With one episode left, it would seem they failed to deliver on that.

  8. So in the sneak peek of next week’s episode Rick is describing how to set a trap for a rabbit but is unknowningly describing Terminus?
    I really hope the finale delivers.

    • @Lucas:

      My thoughts exactly. You can’t help but think it’s a trap.

      And who is that screaming and why would Carl run so fast towards it? Silly rabbit.

  9. The analysis of what the show is doing seems spot on. Good article, thanks.

    • alternick…

  10. This episode was the epitome of boring.

  11. its character driven and boring? Its a drama that occasionally has intense action. Its not like Zombie films we’re used to where Ving Rhames comes in and tears s*** up for 90 minutes w/a solid group. Each individual is messed up, viruses will spread, children could have psychotic breaks, they could get lost, etc. Give up or get over it.

  12. Great episode! All the pieces have fallen into place. For those who have read the comics, I think we all know what Terminus really is now, and what’s become of Beth…

    Can’t wait for next weeks, looks like it’s going to be a big finale :)

    • LOL. The whole Terminus thing threw me off for a bit at first but as the story went forward I see where it’s all heading and I can’t wait. Also Gareth is finally revealed in the finally so I am pretty excited to see that and how they play that character. If it plays out like I think it will then things are about to get crazy this finale and I can’t wait

  13. This has been the most schizophrenic batch of episodes for a TV series I can ever remember.

    Last weeks episode was pretty bad IMO and this weeks was pretty good and that has been the trend since the mid-season break.
    Sadly though that means next week will be bad but I’ll cross my fingers that for once the trend will be broken.

    • Well, the good news is there’s only one episode left in this farce of a season. Anything is possible for season 5, but I’m starting to feel like this is Dexter all over again. Hoping for something to return that never does.

      Glad Rick got 5 seconds of screen time. Oh and Michone, she doesn’t need anymore than 5 seconds of screen time either I guess. I think the show forgets that she is one of, if not the best characters they have. Totally under used this season much like Rick.

      Bottom line, the season should have been 10 episodes. Long winded character episodes don’t necessarily equal character building. Especially when most of these characters are making stupid decisions and not adding any depth.

      One thing that has been bugging me. Is anyone going to ask Eugene what caused this? It’s bordering on asinine that nobody is asking him. In reality that is the first thing anyone would say when someone claims to know what cause a Zombie Apocalypse, I mean seriously?!

      • You know Ricks Kid should finaly die, because he yelled at his comatose Father to “Die cause he couldnt save anyone blablabla” when he was laying in a Pretty Weak State on that Sofa.
        I was sitting here and thinking – “well, i really hope he heard that and f@cks that little kid up” but sadly HE DIDNT HEAR THAT.
        This Season is slightly behind Season 2 and Season 2 was Atrocious as Hell.

    • Oh, sorry negacrowbar. That wasn’t meant to be a response to you. Just a post. Ooops.

  14. *SPOILERS*

    I have a feeling that Terminus is going to be the cannibal story-line from the comics. And the group may unknowingly be feasting on Beth.


      What a delicious notion!

      Yeah, I am thinking this is going to be the cannibal story. The set up all seems to be suggesting it. Joe’s new group (aka – TWD “Red Shirts”), the sneak preview on AMC with Rick setting a trap and Carl running off, the lone woman grilling meat.

      Too bad Dale is already dead. Can’t wait to see if they are going to do the ole “infected meat” bit with the cannibals.

      • I was wondering if they were going to bring the cannibals into the story, though i feel like non-comic fans might think it too over the top or farfetched.

        I was thinking when we were first introduced to the “Claimed” guys that they were the cannibals and Terminus may be the community the group finds on their way to DC after Eugene confesses he was lying. But after the last episode, i thought right away when i saw the grill that she maybe cooking meat, and i KNEW when she said “Let me make you a plate” it was probably the cannibal story line. if it is the cannibals, things are about to get very interesting.

        • I agree. I thought Daryl’s group was the “hunters” at first but now it’s looking like they are just add ons to the story. When Glenn and the others made it to Terminus it looked like she was cooking something. Could it be that Beth is now taking over a certain someone’s spot from the comics?

        • I agree. I thought at first that the “hunters” would end up being the cannibals but that is not turning out to be the case. They seem to be more of an add on storyline. Also when Glen’s group got to Terminus, wasn’t the lady cooking something? Could it be that Beth took over someone’s spot from the comics? Either way, it’s going to be interesting to see how they handle the cannibal storyline. I have a feeling that we are going to get the “hunters” storyline and then lead into the cannibals at the end with the intro to Gareth. Hopefully this finale doesn’t disapoint like last seasons finale.

          • Given that some of what Joe was saying fits in with the original Hunters, it seems to me that what they have done is take the single concept of “The Hunters” and split that concept between two different groups: Joe’s group and (if revealed as such) the Terminus people.

            TWD has a very particular way of keeping people who have read the comics guessing. Unfortunately, they are so particular about it that it becomes easy to predict where they are going with many particular plot threads with some degree of accuracy.

  15. the second half of this season has become very disappointing and snooze fest.

    • AGREED!
      Unfortunately the second half just continued the snooze fest of the first half. Overall a really disappointing season.

      You know the running gag about the structure a TWD episode back then in season 1 and 2:
      - First 5 minutes you see the solution for the last episode. The danger is over. They carry on (with whatever they’re doing) and nothing happens.
      - Then nothing happens. Some soap opera dialogues.
      - Some sidekick walkers get killed. Nothing really happens.
      - It’s 10 to 5 minutes to the end of the episode: Somebody, or especially Rick, is doing something really stupid and suddenly walkers or danger is everywhere. End! Cliffhanger!
      - Preview next episode.

      Now the whole season is built this way: Solution of the cliffhanger of last season. Nothing really happens. Cliffhanger for next season.

      I wonder if I will still care about this show in one year … this season I watched every episode just because of hope it will find back to the quality it delivered in season 1,2 and parts of season 3. But it didn’t. It got even worse every episode.

      • I can’t help but smile as I read that last post. It was like deja vu as you’ve written the same thing in posts over the last couple of seasons. Yet you continue to watch. Really? Must be something more than a hope for something getting better that brings you back time and again. If you really are as let down as you profess then you should pack away your unrealized hopes and move on to more satisfying endeavors.

        • Well, your perception of reality is maybe a bit distorted … since I don’t write postings about The Walking Dead “over the last couple of seasons”. I guess, at the earliest I started posting on this board after the disappointing season 3 final. But then nearly every episode since this season started … so in your perception of reality it seems to be much longer.

          I didn’t even know Screenrant before. I guess, I googled reviews of the season 3 final. And then shared my disappointment about the development of this show and expressed my critical thoughts. In fact that’s what reviews and review blogs are there for. I really can’t follow people (like you) who always think in black-white-patterns: criticise a show means you hate the show – praising a show means loving it. In fact most critics love the things they criticise in general, just want to make some things better … in fact nothing would be great or awesome or amazing … without criticism!

          The first season is amazing! I couldn’t stop watching the whole season in one, every episode was great and the cliffhanger just jaw-dropping (and the dialogues much better, the suspense much less artifical, the story much less stretched). Season 2 is great too. Totally different. Breathtakingly slow! But it was character development within the group. No stretching. No stand-alone episodes. Watching a group forming.

          Then season 3 started really good and had some awesome episodes. But somewhen in the second half the show lost direction and focus …

          … and of course I watched season 4 always with the hope it will get better. As I described before in another post. Hope dies last, you know.

          It’s just annoying what AMC did to this show and what an opportunity got lost (just because cost savings and milking a cash cow). Imagine what HBO could have made out of this opportunity.

          I know you’re totally pleased with what AMC serves you … as so many others … good for you. And you’re right: Fortunately there are some other amazing shows out there. But that doesn’t save this show. Too bad!

          • @Frobin:

            I didn’t think Season 1 was very good actually. What cliffhanger are you talking about?

            Did you binge watch any of the seasons? I usually find that people’s opinions of shows are better when they binge watch rather than waiting for it week-by-week. That usually make is “slower” to the viewer and the payoff on hints from previous episodes aren’t as impactful because you forget about them.

            For example, as I posted earlier, I couldn’t remember if “claimed” was something used in their first appearance and it turns out it was, the episode was even titled “Claimed”.

            • Yes, I binge watched the first season … then I startend watching it weekly, which isn’t so smart, I guess … since I agree: you get more into and more out of a TV show binge watching it.

              And I started reading the comic book after watching season 1 (though I’m totally into comic books, I usually hate and ignore zombie stuff).

              No cliffhangers? Just remember the first (or second?) with Rick in the tank surounded by walkers. Also a good example for great adaptation for TV (the tank). I also considered the CDC a good adaptation on TV. There was also a great cliffhanger in front of the CDC building before getting dark …

              However, it also happened more between the cliffhangers, there was a consistent group plot line and a direction and (especially as seen in season 2) no isolated character development, but within the group and always connected with the group. The character development always connected to the role development within the group. Now we have single or couple focused, self- not group-centered stand alones.

          • You did post in season 3. I looked back. You have repeated that if it doesn’t get better….I’m giving up. Most people do not continue to watch shows they find so bad. Finally, TWD doesn’t need saving. Thank God!

            • So if you’re such a fan of mine, you should also remember me posting, how well made this show was or sometimes still is. Especially season 3 was a constant up and down … amazing episodes, great building and then nothing.

              However, … black-white-patterns …

              • Actually I do enjoy your posts and if you remember have said so in the past. Whether you are being positive or negative, whether I agree or disagree, you ARE articulate and I appreciate that. I just can’t wrap my head around folks (and it’s not just you) who continue to watch a show that they have so emphatically pronounced as garbage. For me, when a show really disappoints me, I stop watching.

                • For me that would be AOS, LOL

  16. It’s pretty obvious that Terminus is a trap for desperate and weary travelers longing for a safe haven. Terminus has all the bells and whistles of it being a shady place. No guards on duty? gates unlocked? No bood? No zombies? Entering Terminus has all the illusions to catch people off guard. Flowers, washing station, water, a dining area, etc. She is cooking meat on a grill, but where’s the life stock and cattle? Sure, they might be on the other side of the building, but still… And I love Mary’s line… “lets get you settled and make YOU a plate.”

      • i think they kinda foreshadowed cannibalism with the shot of the lady with “steaks” cooking over her shoulder

  17. 7 episodes since the fall of the prison and this one was the first gleam of hope … ok, it was far from being good, but it got some direction again. Of course there are still some pretty dumb moments like the tunnel scene: Tara jamming her leg just for artificial suspense and of course it’s impossible to lift the stone … come on … it’s so hackneyed, so lukewarm … just bad writting.

    At least 4 or better 5 of these super-lame, mega-boring stand-alone episodes should have been made like this one: watching the splinter groups parallel in one episode and cutting the stretched “2-3 person stories” of 5 episodes into 2 or 3.

    And funny: Where do all those forecasts about cannibals come from? NOOOO, of course you never read and heard of the comic book. :D

    However, if this is the TV adaptation of “The Hunters”, I really hope the show runners don’t mess it up like the Governor story arc. In my opinion, The Hunters story arc had a very important role in the overall character development of Rick as well as the forming of the group. So I really hope they do it well.

    Still I’m totally disappointed of this season. I really hoped after the endless stretching of the Governor story arc till midseason final, the second half of the season would tell the Hunters story arc and the cliffhanger of season 4 would be the beginning of the Alexandria Safe Zone story arc.
    Now I’m afraid, we’ll see the Hunters story arc next season. And I really, really hope they rush with the pacing of this annoyingly slow show next season.

  18. Anyone thinks Daryl will break away from the group he’s with & Will we see Beth at all during the season finale?

  19. Before seeing Terminus, I thought it’s too good to be true of a place sheltering survivors. Now seeing what the place looks like…… No guards? They welcome anyone in without knowing who they are? Yup, it’s worse than Woodbury. I guess the place is run by cannibals and possibly be “The Hunters”.

  20. I thought I was down on this show, but if you guys hated season 2, you should’ve given up then! I loved season 1, 2 and 3, all though the governor became annoying. So, when season 4 came in, I was thrilled. Unfortunately, they began doing things that the viewer could see were bad decisions in the making. The Prison flu lasted too long. Anyone with an inch of smarts knew that the Lizzie girl was bad news, Was that her name? As soon as she wanted to stab her dad in the head, they shoulda’ quarantined her. Then, dealing with a small group each ep, seemed like a waste! I agree waith an above statement, only ten to twelve eps a season! One other thing has me annoyed at the show. After 4 seasons, I want to see a glimpse of hope for some of these characters, because all we’re getting is the inevitability of a horrible death for each of them. I don’t know if I’m sticking around for all that. I guess next week will tell.

    • LOL, hate to break it to you but there is no hope unless they go completely away from the comics

  21. Great episode. Great season. I’ve stayed out of the fray this 2nd half of season 4 as I find myself enjoying the show even more when i don’t debate with folks who for reasons that defy logic continue to watch a show they hate just so they can post their venomous negativity on sites like these. Everyone has a right to their own opinions but why do you folks waste your precious time (and we all know time is short for us all) with things you don’t enjoy? Surely there are other shows that you do find to be of good quality that you can be spending your time watching so that your life has a more positive experience. At what point do you say enough and make TWD part of your past?

    • yeah robert, everyone sure has a right to their opinion. but will this season be the final one for those on here that haven’t enjoyed any of it since about season two, as they say? that season four has been the dumps? wouldn’t be any point of continuing past this season, as the show’s critics have touched on other shows airing that have brought them greater satisfaction, like Vikings, game of thrones, orphan black, etc. and there’s no issue with that.

      I’ve really enjoyed this season and the job scott gimple has done, minus ” still ” in my opinion. sure can’t wait for next week.

      • I agree. While I don’t think this show is anywhere near the quality of a Game of Thrones or Vikings, it’s still a good show. Now with that said, the “hunters/cannibals” storyline will either make it or break it for a lot of people because it is an important storyline in how these characters develop going forward.

  22. BUB RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BUB is in the tunnel and he is even wearing ,the remains of a chain around his neck.

    From Day of the dead to walking dead

    Bub rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I saw that zombie that looked like Bub right away also. I was surprised that it wasn’t mentioned on The Talking Dead. Definitely was Bub and I thought it was very cool.

  23. Anyone thinks Daryl will break away from the group he’s with. Or see Beth again before the season raps up? And what does everyone think of Terminus, could it be another Woodbury or worse?

  24. It just seems like if Terminus is what it looks like then they are really starting to telegraph these stories. For me it just feels not far removed enough from what just happened with Woodbury and having the Governor attack the prison twice (after tricking another group of gullible people into buying into his story).

    Everyone from the prison group should be skeptical as hell about any strangers and the Ford character really does not seem like he would just walk into a Hills Have Eyes ambush. The group Daryl is with is clearly unstable and I think they are either just random road bandits or steering people toward Terminus since all of this seems to be happening within the same area. The creepy funeral home and whoever kidnapped Beth I am not sure about at this point.

    • Don’t think the group Darryl is with are from Terminus because they just left that guy they beat to death to rot instead of taking his meat.

      • I was just thinking about the cannibals in the Telltale Walking Dead game. The crew Daryl is with might not know 100% what is going at Terminus and they might be running people toward the area for trade.

  25. I liked that episode for the largest part. I seriously laughed out loud when Tara sprained her ankle. That situation was just ridiculous in how non-threatening it was, yet all the characters toppled over another. I still don’t like Eugene. But then again, i generally find autistic people creepy. That’s just the way it is.

    What i really didn’t like was Darryl beginning to pick up that SoA b*******. He has come to far and had too much chracter growth to not see through the hollow reasoning of those asses.

    Terminus felt a bit too good to be true. And it’s probably worse than anything so far.

  26. Man, this is the show people love to complain about… It’s like the next-gen LOST, which was, itself, the next-gen Alias. The shows that fans love to trample in the end.

    Here’s the thing, a show like LOST I can understand being frustrated with. The whole series was about mystery for seven straight years, and the culminating final act was, in my opinion, horrible.

    But The Walking Dead? It’s a show about people trying to survive a zombie apocalypse. On top of the zombie kills we get each week, we also get psychotic kids, sociopath community organizers, delusional cops, and even a little SAMCRO. All in one show?? We should be so lucky!!

    I think most people are complaining without knowing what they actually want in the end. I’ve said this before: my sole complaint about the series is that I want the entire focus to be on finding a solution to the problem, not just surviving.

    Any other complaint is really just not appreciating the fact that we get a new zombie outbreak episode every week. I especially don’t understand the complaint that there isn’t enough zombie action. I personally think we get just the right amount without walker kills being way too redundant every week.

    (And you better believe, if we got tons of zombie chaos every episode, people would complain about the lack of breathing room – damned if ya do, damned if ya don’t.)

    I’m certainly hoping the spin-off takes the problem-solution route. But ya know what? Even if it doesn’t, I’ll watch it anyway. It’s zombies and situations without source material. I wouldn’t be surprised if the spin-off becomes more popular than the original simply because it doesn’t have spoiler-rich source material.

    All that being said, complain all you want — this is a ranting blog after all =)

    • as for samcro, they even through in mayor hale.

    • I have to agree with you. Is this the best show out there? No, but is it a show that has the popularity that consists of that of Lost? Yes, absolutely. Yes, the show has it’s issues but they also know what keeps the audience coming back for more. The comics fans in us can do without the emo side of the story but the general audience side love it which is why each year the show keeps increasing its popularity. I love GOT and Vikings and think they are far superior but I also know the ratings/marketing/popularity of these shows are good but not at the level of TWD. This is why I just laugh when people say this show is going to get cancelled soon. Have they checked out the ratings lately? I mean, ABC/NBC has even admitted they would love to have the kind of ratings TWD has. Yeah, this show isn’t going anywhere unless there is a dramatic drop in ratings which I just don’t see happening anytime soon or at least for the next couple of seasons

  27. I know the ratings of the show and – while I don’t think the show will be around in 2022 (like forecasted in a Screenrant article) – when I speak of the show “going down”, I just mean the quality (of consistent story telling, not necessarily writing). I think AMC is milking the show with cost saving stand-alone episodes and stretching of the plot. The changes of the show runners aren’t good for the quality (despite there are worse shows, there are also better ones – and TWD could be one of the best).

    Its just a bit annoying to watch such potential wasted, but I’m sure AMC will keep the show running as long as possible. And with these ratings there are no end in sight. But ratings are one thing, a great show is another.