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Chad L. Coleman in The Walking Dead season 4 episode 14 The Walking Dead: Dont Play With Dead Things

[This is a review of The Walking Dead season 4, episode 14. There will be SPOILERS.]

Over the past few weeks, The Walking Dead has been on something of an upswing, in terms of finding a better balance in its overall tone and in the characterization department. There has been the purposeful nature of the incredibly welcome, but sadly little-seen Abraham Ford to shine a bit of a light on things. Then there was the seemingly inextinguishable optimism and pro-togetherness of Bob, a recovering alcoholic who had given up his days of sipping NyQuil – while pointlessly staring at the dead – so that he could walk with the living, find purpose (there’s that word again) in maintaining a group, and possibly wind up in Terminus – where things will either be better or, in keeping with the show’s relentlessly nihilistic past, a whole lot worse.

As it turns out, all that supposed positivity and sense of intent was apparently in preparation for ‘The Grove’, an episode that, given its content, a lot of people will likely have a very strong reaction towards, one way or another.

The episode is no doubt a very heavy and dramatic one that focuses the entire hour on Carol, Tyreese, and the two young sisters in their care, Lizzie and Mika. (Judith is there, too, but aside from being a tragedy waiting to happen, her participation is fairly minimal.) Much of the story takes place a few days walk from Terminus – or so Tyreese and Carol seem to think. Tyreese is suffering from an infection from a cut on his arm, while Carol’s busy keeping three young kids alive in the wilderness. As folks on The Walking Dead are wont to do, the group stops at a semi-secluded house in the woods, so they can rest for a few days. But after clearing the house with minimal fuss, its relatively plentiful supply of pecans and clean water, and seemingly abundant deer in the area have them all thinking about setting up shop for the time being.

Chad L. Coleman and Brighton Sharbino in The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 14 The Walking Dead: Dont Play With Dead Things

As far as plots go, it’s fairly standard stuff for The Walking Dead, and Tyreese and Carol were certainly two characters deserving of some screen time. The only problem is, ‘The Grove’ so clearly wanted to (or had to, given what little time has actually been spent with Lizzie and Mika) set up its climactic Of Mice and Men-style ending that it became one of the most hackneyed and strained episodes in recent memory.

Perhaps a great deal of that has to do with the limits of the child actors, as that can always be a problem when it comes to delivering material intended to draw out a strong emotional response. And it does deliver a strong emotional response – if there’s anything about this episode that will likely come closest to reaching a consensus, it will almost certainly be that. Unfortunately, when you stop to consider the lack of work that’s been put in beforehand, the episode just doesn’t earn it. Lizzie’s sudden vocal objections to the killing of zombies felt like too far a jump in terms of her character’s established pro-walker stance. Meanwhile, Mika spent most of the episode talking to Carol about her moral objections to killing with a verbal dexterity slightly below that of a mildly inebriated first-year philosophy major. In other words: the show simply hadn’t given the characters enough time to arrive at the place they were emotionally and developmentally for most of the episode.

But it is somewhat difficult material to discuss, so let’s be clear: the issues addressed in this review aren’t necessarily over the content of the episode; The Walking Dead is what it is, and there’ll frequently be uncomfortable deaths to look at (or not) and analyze, as part of the endless stream of horrors these characters have to deal with in this particular world. The issue with the episode stems from the deliberately manipulative way in which ‘The Grove’ arrives at its two most resonant moments.

Melissa McBride in The Walking Dead season 4 episode 14 The Walking Dead: Dont Play With Dead Things

The thing is, creating a scenario that’s guaranteed to elicit such tremendous feelings is one thing, but it needs to be earned; it needs to come from a place where the end result doesn’t feel so telegraphed. Moreover, knowing that the climax of a story is going to cause a strong reaction in no way excuses the sheer amount of overwrought dialogue and overt handholding Scott Gimple put in to first reminding everyone of Carol’s deceased daughter, and then drawing a parallel between that and her inability to protect another girl without “a mean bone in her body,” when Lizzie kills Mika.

Now that doesn’t mean that ‘The Grove’ is without its powerful moments, or its great performances, because Melissa McBride and Chad L. Coleman are both terrific here. Carol’s ultimate decision to kill Lizzie, because the child’s mental state has her unable to “be around other people,” and Tyreese’s offer to forgive Carol for murdering the woman he cared for, wind up being two of the most impressive scenes this season that also happen to stand far above the more obvious content here.

Ultimately though, all anyone’s going to really take away or remember from the episode is that two young girls died, and one of them was by the hand of a woman who was her ostensibly her surrogate mother. It’s resonant to be sure, but it was all delivered in such an unsubtle, deliberately manipulative way, you could all but see Gimple handing out the tissues, just in case someone needed to dab their eyes. Maybe if the season had spent more time with Lizzie and Mika, ‘The Grove’ would feel different, but in the end, it’s just the show dictating what the audience should be feeling, rather than giving them an honest reason to feel anything at all.


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  1. This show is getting really bad and boring, really fast. Couldn’t wait for the next episode, now I can barely finish watching it. Sure it was controversial and painful, but episodes without Rick are just filler episodes. Might not even watch next season if it doesn’t close strong.

  2. The episode last night was very good, like most of the episodes this season. The shock with the girl’s death was stunning…wasn’t expecting it at all. Show’s need something like this to keep the viewers on the edge of the seat. Very well played. Perhaps they didn’t have to show the gun be fired on the second girl though. Just show Carol come back, alone, and in tears, saying she did what she had to do.

  3. It took me an hour after the episode to realize that this incident had already occurred in the comic book, except it was Carl that chose to do the killing of another child that killed his twin brother.

  4. Thats WHY i love this show….its not sugar coated…it’s totally…”what would you do, how would you survive if this were to happen.”

    Im no killer…love children however in this instance I would have let the girl play with the walkers & have it her way since she was so determined to put the group in danger and let her (be like them)(if she were my own child, that might have been different). I felt terrible thinking this way & felt relief when Carol ended it before she hurt anyone else. Its just sad that the babysister had to die first…but thats what happens…your choices decide what happens in this game…take pity on someone & loose your life????

    You could see it in the girl…even back when someone was feeding the walkers in my heart I knew it was her…like Carol said “She had it in her”….

  5. Definitely a shocker – and an a great episode. Only 2 episodes left than a long wait till October…sigh

  6. Worst episode yet. Don’t want an hour of 3 kids, one if whom has obnoxious crying.

    • Sorry, but kids do exist in the real world. Stay inside your home so you don’t have to see them.

      • Agree with jen totally also I knew lizzie was psycho when they were living in the prison rubbing her shoe in a pool of blood like a normal child would with a water puddle

        • Is that really all you got, Harry: calling people children?
          You accused me of being young, now you’re here, doing the same thing to someone else.
          You sound like a kid who truly believes they’re exceptionally high on the maturity scale, so they desperately call everyone else “children” in order to boost their own ego…which is extremely immature.

          Your sad attempt to use grade school writer’s lingo to defend this episode completely gives you away.

          • No problem. Between my phone and desktop everything is pretty messed up- not to mention that in order to reply to a comment I have to fish for it- no direct link like in Disqus or Word Press.

            Have a good one.

      • The real world is full of people bored to death, totally satisfied with every average TV show they get served on TV directly to their couches and blustering about criticism about their beloved TV show.

        But do I want them to see in a TV show? Do I want to waste my time?


        So … pretty lame argument, don’t you think?

      • Poop exists in the real world too. What’s your point? You would like to watch someone poop for an hour? You would liked to be pooped on?

        • Are you a 14 year old child? You are comparing children to poop? Like it or not it is realistic to include kids on the show and to have stories on them. If you need a zombie killing flick go watch Resident Evil. When you grow up, come back and watch TWD.

          • Firstly, you must be very young because your insecurities about it are screaming through in your post. With time you will grow, so please, do not worry.

            Secondly I was pointing out the fallacy in the logic of the OP as just because something exists in real life doesn’t mean that everyone has to like it. I thought that was fairly clear but apparently you need it spelt out for you. Do you comprehend now?

            Finally, what does Resident Evil have to do with anything? Who said all I wanted was Zombie killing? Please stop putting words in my mouth. If you can’t come up with a decent argument, there is no need to resort to straw man tactics. I’m sure you can do better than that.

            I’m sorry if kid actors doing a $hitty acting job doesn’t “cut the mustard” for me. I’m glad you enjoy it, but please stop judging ME base off of your poor tastes, Harry.

            Thanks bro.

            • Wow are you incoherent and inconsistent with your arguments.

              It is not my fault that you are unable to construct working analogies.

              As for acting, are you serious? Those 2 kids were superb, especially Lizzie. Somehow it unnerves you to see kids on TV.

              • Basement lol, how original. Just keep being an wrong as you obviously have nothing of substance for your side of the argument.

              • Bwahahaha. Now you are just too much. Do you always resort to making stuff up when you can’t think of anything.

                Everything you put forth is a straw man argument. Wo said I was unnerved by kids?

                Please, Harry for your sake and everyone else’s please stick to the topic at hand. Stop making stuff up(Resident Evil, etc.) so you can continue to babble on about whatever it is you were trying to prove in the first place.

                At this point it’s embarrassing to both families, really.

            • Ooops you are the OP. Your logic is flawed, Harry.

              • Aww, playing “did not- did too”. I’m so sorry you can’t make a logical argument.

                Good riddance child.

                • What are you blathering about you simpleton? Playing what? You’re just embarrassing yourself now, Harry. Your cards are on the table and we can all see that you don’t have $hit.

                  I made a logical argument and you could not counter. Such a shame. The you say good riddance like you bested me or something. Yet here I am, still pointing out the foolishness of your statement. Heck, even other posters are catching on to your act and are calling you our too.

                  Thanks for letting us know more about you though, so you are young and live in a basement. Big deal, you’ll get out of there someday. Good luck a-hole :)

                  • +1

                  • Funny, you and Cranium have been calling people names in almost every comment, then get offended when the ball is on the other side of the court.

                    At least Cranium had some arguments- as wrong as they were.

                    But you only had a rant about poo and the inability to formulate a working analogy.

                    Aww, someone does not like to be called on his own poo.

                    • You’re out of your element, Harry

                    • Again, Harry you are making stuff up. Who exactly did I call names on this thread. Besides yourself after you poked me. Are you still hung up on the poop analogy? Geez, I’m sorry that when your logic is held up to a microscope it doesn’t pass the sniff test, but please stop ripping on my clearly clever poop comment.

                      The best part is all I have to do is respond and you will undoubtedly write back and make yourself out to be even dumber then any of us thought possible.

                      What is it with your obsession with children? It’s actually become quite creepy now.

  7. I think this review is far too critical.

    If more time was spent exploring these characters in order to foster a greater sense of compassion we would have been forced to endure many more tedious scenes than were necessary – case in point, carl episodes are cringe worthy for all the wrong reasons.

    Just enough time was invested in making the transitions in this episode believable & the climax was brilliantly chilling. As for those commenters complaining about the death of children in a zombie apocalypse, what the hell did you think you were watching? perhaps you should stick to disney movies.

    • Too critical? Come on. Sometimes I consider Screenrant on the payroll of AMC for praising this season still … ridicolous … this season is the weakest season ever. I don’t agree with all said in the article (Lizzies development was clear to me), but it’s not too critical … the show is constantly going down … so more criticism is needed!

      • I was wondering if my girlfriend and I were alone in thinking this has been the weakest season! I only find praise for it!
        But I’m very close to giving up on the show! I almost did a few months ago with those grueling episodes about the Governor but then I liked the mid season finale (finally some damn action!) and I was excited and thought “wow they could go very Game of Thrones with several simultaneous plots each episode” …WRONG! just one slow plot per episode; forget the action! we’ve got character development! …does that really benefit the show? when we still can’t empathize with anyone?
        Now I’m kinda hoping that the finale is bad so that I finally quit. Probably it will just cool enough to make me continue watching.

        • Agreed!
          I just watch hoping it will get better … but it doesn’t. Of course I’m almost thankful when an episode is a bit better again, but overall I guess I’ve lost hope that this show will get the right direction again. Most of all because I don’t think its unintended. AMC obviously wants to do it this way: milk the huge success of the show with stretching the main plot and saving production costs with so boring “wandering the woods” episodes. And Kirkman seems to have no idea how to adapt his comic book to TV or he hasn’t enough influence.
          Too bad. What a wasted opportunity.

      • I don’t disagree that this season has been particularly lacklustre but I don’t think this episode itself deserves the same contempt as the rest of the season.

  8. I saw this coming way back at the prison. Come on, are people really distressed over the only sensible resolution based on there circumstances?

    • Amen! To draw it out would have been asinine. I think it’s been “realistic” that it will take all kinds and I hate to refer to it, but it will be survival of the fittest. It’s unrealistic to assume that with the zombie apocalypse that there will no longer be mental illness, immaturity, selfishness, and any number of proclivities is unrealistic. So, how else do you deal with a psychotic child and one unwilling to defend herself unless it was a walker, both was weak in their own way. I’m glad it wasn’t a lengthy affair and that the writers/director/actors dealt with it head on, b/c let’s be honest, were were you gonna lock up Lizzie? The only humane thing to do for her and the dwindling human population is to handle it the way Carol did. Also, Carol had to take her own advice at that point too. I enjoyed the epi b/c it was direct, it is brutal, but such is life and to think everything is gonna be sunshine and roses in that environment is ludicrous.

  9. I have to admit that this episode is better than the last one and it really tied up some lose ends. Therefore I can’t follow the article. Lizzie’s development is clear for me. So that’s not the point.

    Everything that happened in those 6 episodes since the fall of the prison could – and most of all – should have been told in just half of the time. Yes, I’m absolutely sure that 3 episodes would have made all the stories and characters developments even better and the pacing of the show SO MUCH MUCH MUCH better. Of course also the first half could and should have been told in half the episodes.

    The problem of this season and the writing staff under the new show runner is the exceeding overlong story telling. The more the writers try to write in a way (pseudo-)literarily or (pseudo-)poetical or with depth and meaning – the more it gets flat, lukewarm and boring.
    The start scene of this episode alone was so wannabe-poetical-b*******. Even the killing of Mika was nothing (it should have been the strongest moment of the episode, but it wasn’t … the crying of Lizzie when Carol killed the Walker girl was stronger, but still just repeating … so maybe the scenes before were unneeded?) compared to such strong moments as (for example) when Carl saw the deer in season 2 and suddenly got shot … or the strong scene when finally Sophia came out of the barn in season 2 … also a very slow season, but not so full of pseudo-meaning and wannabe-poetry.

    So I agree with the article in this part:
    ” The only problem is, ‘The Grove’ so clearly wanted to set up its climactic Of Mice and Men-style ending that it became one of the most hackneyed and strained episodes in recent memory.”

    To save this season is too late. If the show runner and the writing stuff (and also Kirkman) doesn’t remember that its all about the group around Rick and Carl and their interaction and not about single characters (just connected and interacting within the group), the show is done and will go down. This I’m sure about …

    • Regardless how outstanding one piece of literature is there will always be people that don’t like it for want to over analyze it. I for one am seriously enjoying getting to know all the characters. It will make their eventual deaths all the more gut wrenching.

      • “Eventual deaths” … funny … because everyone will die in this show sooner or later with the exception of Rick and Carl. They are all sidekicks and character development which doesn’t take place within the group and forms the group (like in season 2) will not serve the TV show and direction of the show overall. It’s all about the group … and all these interaction between characters should take place within a group plot. Of course it’s easier and much cheaper to let just 2 – 4 actors walk in the midst of some woods over 6 episodes. AMC can produce much cheaper, has more episodes to fill with advertising and stretches the main plot.

        Of course there are reasons … but for sure its not good writting or good producing of a show. It’s just wasting opportunities.

  10. I think that it was a tough decision for carol to make. Sge couldnt leave her on her own to protect her self. She would have killed judith and maybe even carol and tyrese. Thr child was s psycho path. And she had been before the apocalypse. It was either kill or be killed. The child could not and would not underunderstand what was going on. She could not be around people period. It was sad how it happened. But in a world a such there was absolutely no help for a child/person ad such.

  11. I think that it was a tough decision for carol to make. Sge couldnt leave her on her own to protect her self. She would have killed judith and maybe even carol and tyrese. Thr child was s psycho path. And she had been before the apocalypse. It was either kill or be killed. The child could not and would not underunderstand what was going on. She could not be around people period. It was sad how it happened. But in a world a such there was absolutely no help for a child/person ad such. Until the next episode. I also thought carol had balls to tell tyrese she killed the love of his life.

  12. Who’s the guy writing the review? Has he watched any of the previous seasons? Just wondering how he got this gig


  14. Tyreese and Carol have an obligation to protect Judith, so for the greater good, crazy little Lizzie had to get whacked…

  15. I agree they should’ve shown more light on Mika and Lizzie.. But if they were to be killed off, there wasn’t a point.. The one critique I give this episode is, I wish it had been later in the season.. I was not prepared to even fathom
    This episode

  16. I seen something was going to go wrong with Lizzie after she mutilated the bunnies, then tried to suffocate Judith. I figured she could be watched closely and used as a secret weapon, but to kill Mika? I see the point she was trying to make, and I am grateful the state of Mika’s body was not revealed (showed class). Lizzie was a murder waiting for a place to happen, but, did she really have to off Mika? I sat with my jaw open while the scene unfolded down to where Carol had to kill Lizzie..No one has to fear Lizzie anymore, and face it guys; it is just a show! I just did not see the point to kill off Mika, she was learning to protect herself. Go TWD!

  17. Did Anyone notice that in the last part there were 3 graves (2 bigs, and one small)… and that Carol and Tyresse didnt have Judith in their arms?

    • Actually, there were 4 graves. Two of them had new dirt over it, two of them had old dirt. And at the end, Tyrese had the baby on his back wrapped in the blanket like those new baby backpack things. It was completely covered though, most likely the real baby was not available for shooting that day, so they just put a pillow in a blanket…

    • There were two new graves for the girls and two old graves, presumably two members of the former residents of the home. They didn’t have Judith in their arms, yes, but Judith was in the backpack bjorn on Carol’s back. Judith is small and this a large backpack with other things on it, like pieces of survival gear, but Judith is there. Just not easy to see. This was confirmed by Melissa McBride (Carol) and host Chris Hardwich on “The Talking Dead.”

      • Actually as someone already pointed out, Tyreese had the baby on his back. And yes. Two of the graves were already there. They showed it several times before the end of the episode. One of them had baby shoes hanging from a makeshift cross.

    • there was a grave when they first got to the house

  18. thumbs up from me. great job by scott gimple this season. looking forward to the rest of the season.

  19. I thought it was heartbreaking, I also had nightmares about it.

  20. I don’t think the reviewer watches the show.

  21. has anyone figured out why Tryeese and Carol didn’t check out the fire, Zommies don’t start fires,people do.

    • I think the fire might have been started from Beth and Daryl. Just my opinion. :)

    • Actually, a lot of things start fires. Fires are not only natural, but essential to continued life. Some species of pine trees actually cannot reproduce without fires. Most of the time things like lightning will start a forest fire that will burn itself out.

      But in this instance, it’s probably that moonshine shack Darryl and Beth burned down…

  22. I am glad this episode was the way it was. The person who wrote the review is thinking too much rather than having an emotional feeling towards it. Blogs..psh! The bathroom stall of the internet!

  23. In my opinion this article is CRAP and the Grove episode as well as the entire show is fantastic and just keeps getting better and better. I love how the writers have a mix of some of the actual characters from the comics and then blend several characters together to form one character in other ways. I believe that way we as an audience cannot always tell what is going to happen and they always keep us on the edge of our seat and coming back for more.
    I don’t think that this episode was too much to watch. It was very well written & directed by writer Scott Gimple and director Michael Satrazemis and I think Melissa McBride, Chad Coleman, Kyla Kennedy, & Brighton Sharbino did an outstanding job. This episode finally tied up some lose ends on the fine line of being a psychopath or just doing what you have to to keep everyone safe for the long haul.

  24. I think The writer here is over analyzing this episode. Me personally, I couldn’t put my jaw back up. I even knew that Lizzie was gonna die, and by Carol’s hands, but I was still in shock. One of the best episodes yet. I see this guy is complaining cause we didn’t have more episodes to tell the stories of these two girls, and I also see people complaining that they have over stretched episodes, You all are way over analyzing this show. Nitpicking this and that, And people who have read the comics complaining that the show is not following the comics, GTFOI. The writers and Director said in the beginning that they were gonna stray from them to let the series take on its own life while still keeping the core idea intact, I think it’s been great. Keep hating on the show and it will get cancelled. I have seen episodes that I didn’t think were all that good, but you have to expect that. Can’t top yourself every week, That would be a setup for failure. This is the only series of its kind, Lets enjoy it, I know I am.

  25. I disgree with just about every point you made in your review. You looked at it from a place of horror when what you need to do is think of it as any viewer of this show by this point knows. Doing what has to be done has been at the core of this season. And it home and it’s in this episode with Carol literally doing what they had to do. Lizzie was too far gone there was no way that she could go on with them on this trip. They couldn’t sleep, they wouldn’t be able to relax, it was just impossible.
    And to your point of there not being too much work put in ahead of time, I’m wondering have you been watching the show at all? Have you been paying attention? It doesn’t seem so because they been setting this up for quite some time.
    I honestly think that whoever wrote this review just really doesn’t watch the show.

  26. I think the reason some people found this episode so shocking is because it is the first time non-Walker kids have been shown getting killed. The first episode showed Rick shooting a little girl Walker dead and they repeated it with Carol and the Governors daughters.

    The lack of build the reviewer is talking about may have something to do with how much time has passed since the prison events that they had to mention again in detail to remind everyone of the context of Lizzie’s breakdown. The attempt at building some of the ancillary characters at this point and then killing some of them off might be turning some viewers off. It looks at times like they are just clearing the books to make room for the new characters who they have just showed glimpses of with only two episodes left this season.

  27. I’d consider the episode great if it weren’t a blatant rip-off of John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men, right down to the last technique.

  28. I thought this may have been the best episode of the series. It’s certainly not shock for shock’ sake. I think the episode DOES earn all its dramatic moments, though to be fair I have made the “didn’t earn” complaint on episodes other fans loved so I know what you’re saying, and I also groaned when Carol found Tyrese in inmates because it was so theatrically convenient but I was over that to start this week’s episode. The sustained tension through the entire episode.

    Part of what made this so powerful to me is was to see Carol’ s decision to kill Karen and David applied to a person Carol really did love dearly. I thought killing Karen and David was not Carol’ s decision to make and I still think Rick was smart to send her away (for several different reasons, not just making the call I’m also convinced Tyrese would have flipped out back then) but as a viewer this is the episode where it came full circle and, like Tyrese, I find Im ready to forgive her too after the events of this episode. This episode really changed how I look at Carol. I saw a lot of growth in her even just from the beginning of the episode to the end. I went from thinking Carol is a b**** to loving her, strange as that may seem.

    She didn’t think Mica would actually die, just “change”. She loved her sister, that’s what made the episode heartbreaking. She thought that when Mica reanimated she wouldn’t bite Lizzie, just be different and look gross. She never saw someone she loved become a walker. You’re right that something is “off” about Lizzie, but she did NOT value walkers more than her human companions. She thought her human companions didn’t understand walkers and she was trying to demonstrate their humanity by making Mica a walker. What she was mistakenly trying to hold on to is the idea walkers retain their humanity after reanimating. She was as wrong as you can get, but I don’t think it’s crazy to imagine an average 12 year old could see it that way because walkers do appear to be alive–the supporting observation being they must be alive because they still roam around. They don’t act dead, in Lizzie’ s mind. Hell, Hershel felt the same way for a while.

  29. Am I a sociopath or somehow flawed if I wasn’t disturbed by the killings of the 2 kids in yesterday’s episode?
    Sophia’s death destroyed me, in comparison, but I just didn’t feel anything for those 2 little girls yesterday.
    1) Lizze HAD to get killed, and that was the only way to do it.
    2) Mica was kind of irritating with her “everything works out”, can’t kill live humans mentality.
    I mean, things didn’t work out so well for her Mom, so let’s be a little skeptical already.
    3) I didn’t feel close to either of those girls. In contrast, I was fully vested in “We have to find Sophia, we’re getting close”.
    4) Let’s face it, we all knew Mica’s days were numbered. I already had a suspicion that Lizzie might do it. I wasn’t expecting so soon, though.
    I do admit, I was just SOOO relieved when Lizzie didn’t kill baby Judith. That would have destroyed me.
    Mica and Lizzie were both just red-shirts after all. Sophie and Judith both represented “Hope”.

    Now, am I a sociopath?

    • Fully agree with ths season 2 comparsions, especially Sophia … but you could also take the great moment when Carl got shot (Rick wanted to give him a beautiful moment … and BANG!). In season 2 the characters development took place within the group, parallel and not in stand-alone episodes isolated from the main plot of the group. And because it was all connected within the group it was much more involving.

      And it was well written! Not full of repeating and plot stretching. Now the writers obviously want to show how good they are … but the more they get into pseudo-meaning and pseudo-poetic, the more it get lukewarm and hackneyed. Maybe its not the best idea to make one of the writers show runner?