‘The Walking Dead’ Tallies Up the Rest of the Survivors

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Norman Reedus and Emily Kinney in The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 10 The Walking Dead Tallies Up the Rest of the Survivors

[This is a review of The Walking Dead season 4, episode 10. There will be SPOILERS.]


There’s a brief instant in ‘Inmates’ where The Walking Dead comes close to having a team-building moment. Not the kind of thing where one person falls backwards into the waiting arms of a co-worker, so they know if the TPS report doesn’t get filed properly they can count on their “teammate” to help bail them out. No, instead, it’s the kind of team-building moment that normally takes place in works of fiction, where characters that were once at odds with one another, had gone missing, or were perhaps thought dead return. Shortly thereafter, everyone generally works together to achieve a difficult goal, and there’s (hopefully) a smile one the face of everyone watching at home.

There’s a chance that Carol’s return elicited a response that went something like that, even though her unexpected arrival will undoubtedly be riddled with conflict soon enough. But for now, Carol’s reunion with her surrogate kids is ostensibly a happy one, and not just for Judith (the second of three surprise survivors of the episode), who was nearly smothered by Lizzie – one of the likelier suspects in the rat flaying that was going on in the prison before the walls came down. As capable as Tyreese is, the poor guy seemed like he was on the verge of being overwhelmed with the responsibility of caring for three children – especially when one of them is little more than a pudgy dinner bell calling walkers to come grab a quick bite – so having the pragmatic hand of Carol there to assist was probably taken as a sign he’s still got some good karma coming his way.

While ‘Inmates’ didn’t quite get to the kind of storytelling last week’s satisfying ‘After‘ did, the episode did manage to play with the chronology of Daryl and Beth tracking Tyreese, Carol, and the kids in such a way that still managed to build some tension outside of people whacking zombies. The discovery of the sign marked with the not-at-all-ominous-sounding word “Terminus” being linked by the railroad tracks both sets of characters appeared to be on at least puts half the characters on the same page, even if they’re not there together. In that sense, the episode did a nice job of spreading the storylines out, without it feeling like a complete disconnect. While Maggie’s bloody search for Glenn didn’t get her, Sasha, and Bob any closer to the rest of the group, it did act as a nice bridge to the reveal of Glenn’s location.

Steven Yeun in The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 10 The Walking Dead Tallies Up the Rest of the Survivors

The third and final surprise survivor of the episode was Glenn’s discovery of Tara, who, like him, failed to escape the prison before it was overwhelmed by the undead. Looking back, Tara’s ethical conundrum during the mid-season finale, ‘Too Far Gone,’ was a good hint that she’d earn herself the chance at a redemptive arc – though all she’s really guilty of is being conned by the Governor…and maybe a little too gung-ho to start a preemptive attack on a group of strangers – so chances are, sticking with Glenn when Abraham Ford and his aggressive facial hair show up looking like more trouble than anyone needs at the moment, will be step one in Tara’s redemption.

Sure, if you’ve read the comics, you know what Ford’s deal is, but if there’s one thing The Walking Dead has trained its audience to expect, it’s that well-armed strangers who seem more organized than they have any right to be are not to be trusted…until they are.


The Walking Dead continues next Sunday with ‘Claimed’ @9pm on AMC. Check out a preview below:

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  1. My thoughts on last night:

    - The teaming up of Carol and Tyreese was an obvious future plot line, but I’m still excited to see what happens there.
    - Judith being alive was no surprise whatsoever.
    - Though the series has showed how the characters have progressed in an apocalyptic setting, I still feel Beth has yet to react the right way to her father’s head being chopped off.
    - The little girl Lizzie HAS GOT TO GO. She sucks. And she’s insane.
    - GREAT episode. Loved it. Really makes me excited for the rest of the fourth season.
    - Glad to see the introduction of new characters!!

  2. they said the second half of the episodes will focus on the characters deeper than ever.
    well, total b*******. it lasted one episode. Episode 9 was good because it did just that. episode 10 went right back to the old way of focusing just a little bit on each character. the walking dead is nothing more than people come, people go without really getting to know anyone. Episode 9 was really the only episode where you really get to know anyone. Walking Dead lies. this is why I have not bought a single season.

    • They’re only two episodes into the second half…

    • I got the feeling that this episode was to set up and let the audience know where all the characters were at then we can focus on individuals with the rest of the episodes

  3. I enjoyed the episode. Not as much as last week’s though.
    My thoughts:
    – It was a good set up type eps.
    – They are ALL heading toward Terminus.
    – Terminus was going to be the name of the city of Atlanta because it is where the railroad ended at the time. (As per Talking Dead last night)
    – Lizzie is batsh*t insane. And if not for Carol rescuing them she would have killed Judith like a nest full of bunnies.
    – Glenn is a bad*ss and would be a really good leader. He is a survivor.
    – The Tara/Maggie eventual meeting will be an interesting one.
    – Tyreese is a good man who often finds himeslf in situations for which he wasn’t made.
    – Looked like we were close to mentally losing Daryl & Maggie
    – Did I mention Lizzy may be more dangerous than the walkers … girl is crazy.

  4. Last thought:

    After watching Lizzie practically suffocate Judith and shoot the girl in head in the mid season finale..

    ..it’s far fetched but could there be a chance that Lizzie is the one who killed Tyreeses girlfriend and the other guy? She’s becoming increasingly insane and it’s very plausible that Carol knew and was only protecting the little girl. And after Lizzie’s cold comment about Sasha being gone, Tyreese could begin to grow hostile against her. I know it seems very crazy but I think it could be a possibility!

    • Interesting theory but I don’ think she is strong enough to drag them out.

    • Although I guess she could have killed them and Carol cleaned up the mess.

      • That’s what my thoughts are. Lizzie killed them and Carol burned them to help clean up the act.

        • I like where you’re going with that. Hadn’t given it much thought, but yeah, since Carol is the Optimus Prime of maternal instinct then it would make sense to sacrifice herself from the group so Lizzie wouldn’t be an outcast. Tyrese vs Lizzie would kind of be a one sided beat down. And I mean that Lizzie would go at him like a spider-monkey on Mountain Dew, grab that hammer from him and tear him a new one.

          Girl got Game.

          • @ big fudge

            I like your thinking there…could be a cool plot twist. And on your thought earlier abouth Beth not responding like she should be…well the world is not as it should be so we have to think outside the confort zone. Survival comes first and it could also be that she is in shock or denail….just be patient, its still early….emotions dont have perameters in this apocalyptic world….
            She will maybe deal with it when they are “safe”.

    • I also agree that Lizzie is the Rat Flayer and possible the one who killed Sasha.

    • I believe it was Lizzie who killed them. Carol entered scene, then helped remove the bodies and took the blame for Lizzie. Cause that’s just the type of person carol is.

  5. It’s obvious that Lizzie and Mika are the tv version of Ben and Billy from the comics. Let’s just hope they don’t turn out like them.

  6. Best episode in a long time! The new direction from the director is a hundred times better than what the show use to be. It is no longer a soap opera with zombies but a show with emotion, drama and horror!!! The show hasn’t been this good since the first season. The scene when Glenn breaks down in the jail cell…amazing!!! It is good to have the group on the run and separated, it creates better stories. It no longer feels that certain characters are untouchable and not able to possibly die. Way to go AMC you finally got Walking Dead to what made it a great show because it was nose diving for awhile.

  7. Lovers turn your collective heads. I’m just posting my thoughts.

    The BAD

    - Carol. No, just no. Am I to believe she has just been walking aimlessly through the woods? Just happens to come across the girls at the perfect time. That’s just lazy writing. At least show me Carol in the woods for some reason before hand.

    - Glenn back at the Prison. How does he get there, up there? Again, the guy was half dead on the bus. This is Prison Break level writing here.

    - Lizzy must have gone to same acting school as Harrison Morgan from Dexter, horrible. I hate Carl, but even he isn’t this bad.

    - Third episode this season without Rick, show me three episodes of Breaking Bad with out Walter White you just can’t take the heart and soul of the show out for three episodes!!

    - Beth “crying” Bwahaha and the zombie just chilling instead of biting her.

    The Good

    - Maggie separated from Carl, maybe some more character depth on her.

    - Tyrese and Carol…. uh oh!

    - The three new characters at the end means we will probably lose some of the cast members we have now.

    • Carol was in the right place at the right time because she heard exactly what Tyreese heard (Screaming), and then she heard the Gunshot from Mika and ran over to them.
      Glenn explained why he went back to the prison. He got off the bus because he wanted to help but instead passed out.

      • @Nick

        Yes I know what Glenn said, it’s just I don’t like the explanation. The guy was on deaths door laying down on the floor the bus. Maggie had to help him to even get on the bus. The bus speeds away. So he got healthy, got up walked off the bus in the seconds before it speeds off, grabs a random gun, and the “passes” out on a ledge. It doesn’t make any sense, logically.

        • I took it as he was up on that walkway when the bridge got hit by tank fire. Knocked him out.

        • @movieB

          As you saw Glenn woke up and at the end he collapsed….the will to safe Maggie got him the strenght to get out of the bus and look for her….but willpower alone doesnt get him there and he collapses on the walkway. Or like was said below, got knocked out by the tank blowing the walkway up.

          -Carol promised to keep the girls safe so she must have been close to watch the prison. but her explanation was ok she heard all the commotion and went to investigate. A tank fireing makes a lot of noise that can be heard from a big distance.

          -Lizzy is just messed up, thats her role and she does it really good.

          -Comparing the walking dead with breaking bad is comaring apples and oranges. I like it when a show doesnt focus on a single character….lately the show has been the The walking Rick show….finaly some time for other characters to shine.

    • Carol said she drove up to the prison at the end of the battle. She saw Tyrese heading into the woods but he was too far away. She left her car and was following them. That’s how they met up.

      • One thing, though. We see the battlefield after the fight is over. There’s no abandoned car there. And we know what she was driving. Looks like she’s lying.

        • Could be, but the area is large, and they may not have shown it. We didn’t see the overturned bus by the gate where the governor was killed either. I’m not totally convinced that Lilly died. She could have crawled into that bus and then took Carol’s car.

  8. Sgt. Randall!

    • I think you mean Randleman, but yep. I don’t know that he’s gonna pull off an overly muscled Super Soldier. But Cudlitz is a good actor and he sure did a good job as a Sargent in Band Of Brothers. Here’s hoping.

  9. I absolutely loved last night’s episode! I totally nerded out when Abraham showed up with his crew :D

    Out of all the segments, Glenn’s was probably my favorite. It’s been a while since we’ve seen an episode with him as the guy who thinks fast and knows how to get out of tight situations on his own. But I did really like the stuff with Tyrese too. As much as I’ve loved season 4, I was a little disappointed with the direction they took him in the first half. But this episode really brought the character up a few notches for me.

    One thing I really loved about this one was how well everything was set up: Tyrese saving Judith and meeting up with carol (expected, yeah, but I really like that they went this direction) and Bob’s drink, it’s the little things that were great. I also enjoyed the non linear style, it reminded me a lot of Memento (having each next scene going backwards to explain what happened, while keeping the audience guessing as to what exactly is going on). Having all of the characters split up worked amazingly well for this episode, I can’t wait for next weeks.

  10. So, Carol walks through the woods for no reason hoping to find people she knows? Yeah, okay.

    • You really need to pay attention to the dialogue. Carol said she went back to the prison in time to see the end of the battle. She started looking for survivors from there. So she was not walking in the woods and just so happen to run into Tyrese and the kids.

      • Yeah, sorry, I explained a bit more in my first post but it was delayed for some reason. Too me it’s just last writing. Everything is so convenient to move the plot forwards.

        I’ll be honest, I did miss the part where she said that. I still think it’s lazy writing. Since she was supposed to be “watching” them, why didn’t she come out sooner? It’s just creating drama for drama’s sake.

        But yes, lazy watching on my part.

  11. Seriously guys,how can`t any of you admit that the show has sucked since the second half of season 3? The drama has been dumb and slow,the deaths predictable,the characters are getting progressively worse as they seem to do things that don`t make sense. I mean, episode 409 has got to be the worst in the whole series, i really wanted to kill Carl with my bare hands while watching it,nothing he did was smart/badass as it was said before the episode aired, he kept whining and screaming absolutely unfair statements like he didn`t even know who Rick was,that was TERRIBLE to watch. Carol comes back out of nowhere because she was `watching`the prison right at the time the Governor attacked? And the fact that the show doesn`t have the guts to kill off Judith when she`s already gone in the comics? Pathetic.

    • “Seriously guys,how can`t any of you admit that the show has sucked since the second half of season 3? ”

      Everyone has different likes/dislikes and opinions when it comes to entertainment. You are free to have yours, just like everyone else.

    • The fact that some people can’t respect the opinions of others? Pathetic.

  12. To everyone thinking Carol was wondering aimlessly. She herself said to Tyreese that she was heading back to the prison on her own and saw things unfold. She saw the end of the battle at the prison. She was obviously looking for the girls and she said she saw them leave from far away. She was following them.

  13. Questions why light campfires in warm weather at night when fire /light attracts zombies?
    so everyone on bus was from ,prison and somehow they were trapped in the closed bus and turned to zombies, I know they were looking for Glenn ,but wasn’t there one turned person they knew? No reaction to any? Shure didn’t look like recently turned people.
    Maggie is now super strong ?,she slams a recently turned zombie ,3 times into the side of the bus and its face is gone?
    How did Glenn end up out cold on that catwalk?
    Glenn makes the most sensible decision made on this show in memory ,by suiting up in riot gear, but ruins it by wading right into the zombies, did he forget the first season when he and rickie avoided death by wearing zombie guts?

  14. Two things:
    I agree with the earlier posting about the Glenn arch. It’s been a while since we saw his quick thinking escape skills and when he put the armor on and trucked the zombies was awesome.

    To the multiple posters complaining about carol randomly finding the kids obviously took a collective bathroom break during the part of the episode where carol said she saw them leave the prison and had been following them ever since. Sheesh it was explained in the dialogue.

    Really enjoyed this episode.

    • Well said.

  15. Is no one else going to talk about how Maggie all of a sudden had an accent? Like she forgot to “turn it off” while the cameras were rolling or something.

    Also, I enjoyed the episode, certainly more-so than last weeks.

  16. I really enjoyed the beginning of the episode. Beth’s diary voice-over was fantastic.

  17. For me it seems as if we are at the point in the series where I had stopped reading the Comic or at least pretty close to it.
    I didn’t stop reading because I didn’t like it, I stopped after reading 6 or 7 issues after the Governor attacked the prison and haven’t had the chance to go back and catch up. So, unless I’m forgetting something I don’t remember a character named Abraham Ford which means that from here on out I can watch the show without comparing it to what I read and to be honest I think that’s a good thing.

    • Abraham Ford and his group (Eugene and Rosita) appear pretty soon after the prison arc, you stopped reading not too long before they appear. They are some of my favorite characters from the comics and I’d highly recommend to keep reading (if you want to, of course).

      • @ Robert W.

        I just went and looked back at the last few issues I read and I did read the issues with Ford and his group, I just forgot the names but quickly remembered what happens. YIKES!!! ;)

    • I hope that doesn’t mean the show is not going to be interesting anymore since the governor was killed. I really think they made a mistake turning his character back to a madman and killing him off. Everything doesn’t have to be exactly as the comics, does it? That would make it all too predictable.

  18. ohh this ep was so good. Cant wait see more of Abraham. And Rosita!! So hot

  19. Great show in my mind. Think the carol and tyreese pairing was a no question when he left the prison with the two girls. Glenn is a badA**, no doubt about it. I think bob’s gonna kick the bucket, and some else that has been with the show since the farm, just dont know who. As far as the lil girls go, I think the older sister (aka the crazie) is gonna kill the younger one while shes crying in fear. Not sure how the show is gonna kill off a crazie kid, because lets face it, shes still a kid. I see Daryl and Beth linking up with carol and Tyreese, while Maggie’s group meets up with Glenn and Abraham. Also think later on in the show, Either Maggie or Beth is gonna kill Tara, i dont care if you sorry or not, She had no reason believing a One Eye nut job, lol. It might even be Glenn, after saying he didnt want her help, he NEEDED it. Now that hes with Abraham, he can pull a page out of lizzie’s book, better yet the Gov. when he killed Martinez..

  20. I love the approach scott gimple took with some of the characters, specifically tyreese and glenn, post prison. putting both in awkward and uncomfortable situations, tyreese being a caretaker ( forcing him to work through his grief, and prioritizing the youngsters ), and glenn in taking a practical approach in dealing with tara ( it figures her blank state and fully loaded clip served her well here ).

    I’ve loved this season and the job gimple has done, once again. having smaller groups dealing with different dilemmas, rather than having the entire group herded into similar situations. this is where I’ve felt they strayed from season one ( the groups journeying into Atlanta, rick and the jones family, the cdc trip ).

    the bit when glenn stepped out from the smoke, and the pov shot of his rush through the walker mob, was killer.

  21. I think you are all being a bit harsh on Lizzie. I personally think her story so far has been quite compelling. Her acting is terrific. I look forward to seeing were they take her character.

    • Ironically that same girl is playing the younger daughter of Woody Harrelson’s character on True Detective later on in the story.

  22. Better pacing and variety for this episode, probably a better idea to spread things out then to get hung up on two or three characters coming off of cliff hanger. They really do not need to do things that might be seen as filler.

    One of the things that bugs me this season is the use of timing and scale as far as encounters with other survivors and settlements. How are the groups from the prison so close to this new town and the Army trio and nobody ever ran into each other? It was kind of like how the Governor ran into Michonne and Hershel while wandering out in the woods, but nobody from the prison ever found the settlement he took over.


    Does anyone know who murdered the group of survivors the governor encountered in episodes 7. While out in the woods with Mitch.

    • Either walkers or another group of survivors looking for supplies (or both).

  24. I don’t understand how Tara deserved a shot at redemption because she changed her mind, but Lilly had to die even though she was the the only one in the governor’s camp to argue against attacking the prison.

  25. The best thing about episode 10 ‘Inmates’ was seing Glenn back in action :D He is at his best when he has a mission and purpose. The whole first half of Season 4 Glenn was essentially sidelined by the disease that was causing havoc for many in thier community. Glenn is (probably) my favorite character from the Tv series and comic book. Damn glad to see him back in action!